Curse Of The Castle Of The Lamia!


by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #beaten_up #blood #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #comic_book #corruption #degradation #dehumanization #demotion_fetish #deprogramming #dom:vampire #drones #drugged #drugs #f/nb #fighting #halloween #horror #humiliation #multiple_partners #sadomasochism #tech_control #vampire

After taking a few turns and twists the girls came across what seemed to be a bunkhouse that was already teeming with vampires, already waiting with sticks and bats.

"You won't escape!" cackled one woman as she made her way to the front of the vampires. "I'm Twenty-Seven, and I follow the will of the Lamia Queen! Here blood and spirit shall bless us all!"

"I'm not playing anymore," growled Ulla as she reached into her jacket and pulled out her system. "You have one chance to get out of my way."

"You will clean my boots," retorted Twenty-Seven. Ulla didn't respond. Instead, she pressed the system to her waist. The belt quickly wrapped around Ulla's waist before making a loud click. She then reached into her other pocket and produced a ticket.

Without saying a word, she slotted it into her belt and pulled the handle. Alicia knew full well what was about to happen and got into position. As the handle closed, a flash filled the room as the sound of moving metal echoed around.

When the flash cleared, Ulla was in her armor. "I said. Get out. Of. My. Way." Ulla commanded firmly.

"Never!" Twenty-Seven replied, "Feel the will of the Lamia Queen, my darlings!" At that moment, all of the vampires started to groan and spasm. As they did their eyes went blood red, a red so deep it totally blotted out their pupils.

"I've seen this before! It's mind control!" shouted Alicia as she moved next to Ulla.

"You will be devoured! All of you!" screeched Twenty-Seven as the mob stumbled forward, lunging and scratching at Alicia and Ulla. However, something about them was odd. They were shambling and uncoordinated and lashing out weirdly.

Alicia was easily able to dodge around the blows and throw the vampires off her. They were even weaker than the vampires that Alicia had fought previously. As she threw one into the wall, Alicia saw Ulla out of the corner of her eye.

She was walking forward with purpose, several of the vampires hanging off of her. They kept trying to bite her, but it was useless. They couldn't penetrate the heavy metal of her armor.

When she got within a few feet of Twenty-Seven, Ulla dashed forward and grappled the woman, spinning around and throwing her back towards Mara and sending several vampires flying as she did.

As Twenty-Seven hit the floor with a thud, Mara ran across the room to smash into a vampire before it could get close to Ulla. As the vampire collided with the wall, Mara turned and looked around.

However, Twenty-Seven quickly pushed herself off the ground and grabbed Mara by the neck. "Mara!" Shouted Ulla.

"Don't move!" hissed Twenty-Seven as Mara struggled weakly. "You move and I'll bite her! She'll become like those other vampires!" Twenty-Seven bared her white fangs.

Alicia's heart started to pound as she rocked her wrists a little bit, feeling the bracelets vibrate as her powers changed. She had seen her Mom use hypnosis in situations like this, but she wasn't sure if she could get Twenty-Seven to make eye contact from this angle.

As she tried to work it out, she saw that Mara had stopped struggling. To Alicia's surprise, Mara looked very calm as she quickly blinked twice. Ulla instantly charged forward.

Twenty-Seven swung her head in to take a bite but as she did, Mara's hand moved inside her pocket. "Emergency, Armor On!" She shouted as a flash filled the room. Metal formed around Mara just as Twenty-Seven's teeth came down.

On contact with the metal, a sick sloppy crunching noise which filled the air came resounding from Twenty-Seven’s teeth. Twenty-Seven screamed as she fell back holding her mouth.

"My fangs! My fangs!" she gurgled as she kicked her feet against the floor.

"I'm not a hostage," huffed Mara as she grabbed the fangs off the floor. Ulla and Alicia continued to sweep the area but all of the vampires were on the floor, their eyes now normal as opposed to blood red.

Mara looked at the fangs as Ulla grabbed some sheets and used them to tie Twenty-Seven to one of the beds. "Interesting," Mara noted to herself.

"What is it?" asked Ulla as she started to restrain the other vampires.

"These are not biological," explained Mara. "They're grafted on, but they're injectors. They inject a substance of some form, likely stored in the gums."

"I have a feeling I know what it does," replied Alicia, "it makes people into those zombies with the red eyes."

"Yeah," nodded Mara.

"Though, the Lamia Queen's gaze did the same thing," remarked Alicia.

Mara inserted the fangs into a slot in her suit. "I'll see if I can make heads or tails of the data. Maybe it maps to a chemical we know of?"

"Right," replied Alicia as she turned to face Ulla. Ulla was in the process of turning out the pockets of all the vampires. "Anything?"

"Not a thing," sighed Ulla. "We'll keep moving. Emergency, stay armored."

"Got it," replied Mara as she followed Ulla through the bunkhouse. However, as they entered the next corridor, the voice crackled through the speakers again.

"You want your girl," chuckled the Courtesan.

"Don't taunt me," growled Ulla.

"There is an exit to the right. The Lamia Queen is willing to bargain. Don't pass up this chance. I've never seen her offer such mercy before," giggled the Courtesan.

"This is a trap," said Mara firmly.

"Yep," Ulla nodded, "but more vampires mean more chances to get some good info."

"Fair enough," nodded Mara as she patted Ulla on the back. "Let's do it."

"Falcon! Dragon! Fusion Complete!" chirped Alicia's bracelets as she swapped her powers.

"Ready for a fight?" Ulla asked her companions.

"Yeah," replied Alicia.

"Let's go," finished Ulla as they slowly moved through the corridor. There was more filth in this area suggesting that a lot of people had moved through it.

A little way down, the girls found the exit they had been promised. It was a small utility door that was marked as an Emergency Exit. Ulla pushed it open and looked up.

"It leads out," she said before stepping up. As the girls walked up, they slowly exited into another part of the park. Alicia could only guess that this area was a lovely scenic garden during the park’s heyday, but now it was a horribly overgrown mess with ivy clinging to every statue and weeds pushing up through the path.

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