The Orc Chief

Chapter 5: The Lovers

by HypnoBlack

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #orcs #sub:female #cw:misogyny #f/f #fantasy #harem #love #magic #monstergirl #romantic #slow_burn #wholesome
See spoiler tags : #goblin #impregnation #tiefling

Months later, after a summer air had settled over the land making the days hotter longer, Mercer had completely become used to living among the orcs. He had finally picked up enough of their language that it was almost all he spoke these days. His head hair had grown long and his facial became unkempt. He wore the skins of animals he had killed instead of his old clothes. Mercer was always a strong man, but these last few months have made him unrecognizably toned and muscular under his newly tanned skin. He had also become more accustomed to their ways, even taking part in the casual nudity that was common among the tribe as it became warmer. Sights such as being naked most of the time and having public sex throughout the camp seemed completely normal these days.
He spent every night wrapped tightly in the arms of one of his gorgeous orc women and spent his days ensuring that everyone had enough to eat and keeping them safe. He had implemented a rotation system that guaranteed there were always hunters and gatherers to ensure there was always enough food and water. He also reduced the amount of violence between tribesmen, making the entire village even safer. Everyone contributed to the success of the tribe and respected the land in which they lived; it was a perfect balance. All this, along with his leadership skills and incredible strength, drew many followers to him within the tribe. The tribe was now thriving, with plenty of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and grain.
They did not waste anything. Their population continued growing, adding more warriors and children to the tribe. It was clear to everyone that Mercer was indeed a worthy leader for the Orc.

Mercer sat on a log next to his hut, enjoying the cool air coming off the nearby river. He watched as some men went fishing upstream while others gathered firewood downriver. Footsteps notified someone's approach, and he recognized the gait as belonging to one of his wives, Vo. Mercer smiled when she approached him and bent down to kiss him.
"Rasha is joining me along my route today to do some hunting. We will most likely not be back until mid-day tomorrow." Vo said.
Mercer nodded before kissing her again. "Just be careful, the both of you," Mercer replied. "I still think you need to reconsider and think about starting to take it easy." He added, putting a hand on Vo's slightly swollen belly. It had been just under three months now since Vo had realized she was pregnant. Rasha learned the same about herself just a couple of weeks later.
"We will be fine, love. Orcs are strong." she smiled, trying not to be dismissive of his worries.
"But they are only half-orcs." he sighed.
"True enough. But I take comfort in knowing exactly how strong this human is," she said, giving him another peck on the lips.
He opened his mouth to respond but stopped himself. Instead, he leaned in and kissed her harder. As their tongues danced inside each other's mouths, he felt his cock begin to stir. His hands made their way down Vo's arms, then around her waist. They soon found themselves lifting her onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against his chest. Her breasts pressed against him as their bodies moved together.
Vo gasped as his fingers slid underneath her leather skirt. She moaned as he began to massage her pussy through her undergarments. In no time at all, they were both breathing heavily.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard when you get back," he whispered into her ear.
"You'd better," she breathed back, fighting the urge to not mount him right here. Knowing Rasha was waiting for her outside of town was the only thing that was keeping her clothes on. Reluctantly she pulled away, giving Mercer one last lustful look before jogging out of town, her wolf companion Kaya following close behind.

Mercer returned to his tent sporting an erection he could not hide if he tried. Elia and Kotane took notice of their frustrated Chief, and followed him inside. Once Kotane saw the tent in his pants, she immediately began undressing what little she had on. Elia just sighed and waited.
"What's wrong, sir?" Kotane cooed, gently pulling his face into her naked breasts. Kotane had taken to calling him 'sir' ever since she noticed how aroused he'd become when Rasha did.
"Nothing," he groaned, trying to ignore his throbbing member with little success.
"He is just mopey because his wives have left him for the day." Elia chuckled.
Kotane gasped. "Oh no, my poor Chief!" she moaned. "Is there anything we can do to make it better?" She teased her nipple against his lips.
"We?" Elia laughed. "I don't know about you, but I think someone should be guarding the Chief. Not that it doesn't sound fun," she admitted, before getting up to leave.
"Nonsense Elia, I insist you stay!" Kotane picked up her wand from her pile of clothes and aimed it at Elia. A bolt of purple light fired out of it and struck Elia in the back of the head. She turned around suddenly, but then her eyes glazed over, glowing with a purple light, and her arms fell to her side. Elia turned to Mercer and smiled wickedly.
"I know how much you like enchantment magics, so I have been working on this spell for you. Watch!" She giggled excitedly, turning her attention once more to Elia.
"I am your Mistress, and this is your Master. Strip off your clothes and repeat," Kotane commanded.
Elia was too dizzy to think for herself, and Kotane's suggestion just seemed like exactly what she wanted to do; the only thing she could even think to do. The spell had worked! She removed her clothes slowly, repeating over and over "You are my Mistress and my Master," while enjoying the sensation of her clothes falling off. When she was finally nude, Kotane commanded her to come and stand before her Master and she obeyed. He had to admit, the sight of this cougar reduced to a drooling obedient mess before he did not help his arousal.
It took all he had to not take advantage of her then and there. "Kotane, maybe let Elia go. She sounded like she wasn't interested."
"Not interested? I doubt that. Watch, I didn't tell her to do this," Kotane looked over again at Elia. "Show your Master how turned on you are," she commanded.
"Yes, Mistress," Elia moaned softly, her hands moving down between her legs, rubbing her finger between her slit. She lifted her hand away obediently to show Mercer the wetness between her fingers.
"Good girl," Kotane praised quietly. "Now be a good little slut and suck your Master's cock."

Elia immediately dropped to her knees and began sucking on his head, sliding her mouth back and forth, making sure she got every inch of him inside her. Mercer was still a little unsure of the nature of this spell, but he had to admit this felt good.
Kotane noted how blank and expressionless she looked. "Don't be afraid to put a little feeling into it, slave! Show your Master what a needy slut you are for his cock."
Elia suddenly looked hungry for more of her Master. A deep throaty moan escaped, and her mindless sucking suddenly became an enthusiastic and needy blowjob. Her eyes remained fixed on his face while her tongue slid around his shaft. When she felt his balls against her chin, she pulled off his dick and took them both into her mouth, sucking them gently while she jerked him off.
Kotane was impressed. "That's better! Don't forget to reward yourself for being such an obedient pet. But don't you dare cum without my permission." One of Elia's hands found its way between her legs her hips and she began grinding her needy soaking-wet cunt into her hand. But truthfully, she didn't care about anything else, not even her own pleasure, she just wanted this now. She wanted Him, and His seed.
"Good girl," Kotane said encouragingly. "How about you stop now before you end our fun too early."
She nodded eagerly, releasing her Master's balls from her lips as she did so. They were glistening wet with spit and pre-cum. She swallowed them quickly, savoring their taste. Then she licked her lips clean as she looked back up at him. Her green eyes stared directly into his, begging him to fuck her again. Mercer tried his best to calm his breathing, which had become ragged with desire.
"How about you take a seat on the bed, sir?" Kotane whispered to him. "I think I can make you happy if you'll let me try." She knelt just behind Elia, both of these gorgeous orc women on their knees before him.
Mercer couldn't help but smile at her. He had never met someone like Kotane before. She was so submissive, yet so eager to please him. And she seemed to be enjoying every second of it.
He sat down on the edge of the bed, excitedly watching Kotane crawl forward slowly, her perky tits swaying gently underneath her. As soon as she reached his knees, she took his dick in her hand, stroking it lovingly.
"Mmmm... I love your cock," she purred. "Do you want me to suck you off? I know how much you love my mouth." She leaned forward, licking the entire length of his shaft. "Or would you prefer me to ride your cock? Or do you want to fuck me senseless?" she asked and giggled with a lustful gaze beneath her long eyelashes.
"But what about Elia?" Mercer asked looking over at her. Elia was still fingering herself desperately unable to bring herself to completion, though you could tell she was very close.
"Don't worry about it, sir," Kotane shrugged. "She seems pretty happy to me."
"I have a better idea. Come over to the bed and lay on your back, Elia." Mercer patted the space next to him, and Elia crawled up onto the furs, lying down on her back and facing her Master. Her breasts were large and firm, her big dark nipples standing erect. He leaned forward and kissed each of them softly before moving to kiss her neck, working his way downward. He took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked, causing Elia to moan and arch her back.
Mercer pulled away, "Keep feeling up your tits for me, Elia." She did as instructed, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples between her fingers. He moved down further, stopping at her hip, where he planted kisses and licked along her thigh, before finally coming to her wet slit. Mercer slid a few fingers into her with ease to continue to tease her, but then suddenly turned back to Kotane.
"I want you right here, Kotane. How about you use your mouth to show Elia how much you appreciate her being a slave for us today?" he insisted.
Kotane gasped looking a bit offended. "You want me to eat her out? She should be eating me out!"
Mercer simply shrugged. "If you want to get fucked by me, you have to help me thank our little servant here. Those are the terms."
"Fine," Kotane grunted in defeat, sitting down on the bed next to Elia. "What do I do?" Kotane asked, looking confusedly at Elia's sex.
Elia giggled nervously, "Just... just start with my clit, Mistress."
Kotane leaned forward and sucked Elia's clit into her mouth, flicking her tongue against it. It felt very strange having a woman suck her pussy lips apart with such force, but Elia couldn't deny that it felt good too. She moaned loudly, her head falling back onto the mattress. Her legs were spread wide open now, giving Kotane better access to her sensitive flesh.
"Oh thank you, Mistress! Thank you thank you!" Elia's shouted as she continued kneading her breasts as instructed.
As Kotane swirled her tongue around Elia's clit, Kotane was caught off guard by the feeling of Mercer, shoving his cock into her from behind. He began thrusting roughly into her, causing her to gasp and moan louder, her pussy squeezing tightly around his shaft. His groin made a slapping sound against her ass cheeks as he thrust into her again and again. Her pleasure distracted her for a minute, leaving Elia groaning for more.
"Grab her by the hair, Elia. Don't you let her stop for a second," Mercer commanded. She nodded obediently and shoved Kotane into her cunt, while Mercer continued to fuck her from behind.
Mercer could tell that Elia was close because of how hard she was breathing and how roughly she was pinching her nipples. "Please let me cum! I've been such a good girl! I need to cum so bad!" she moaned out.
"What do you think 'Mistress'? Has she earned it" Mercer asked before rapidly shoving his dick in and out of her. Kotane could not hold the moan of ecstasy as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.
"I think that's a yes. Cum for me then, Elia. Cum hard." Mercer said through gritted teeth.
Elia screamed as she came, her body shook violently and she cried out in ecstasy as she was forced to climax. The sight of Elia's face contorting into ecstasy turned her on so much, her own orgasm threatened to rip through her. "I'm going to cum soon too. Please, sir, don't stop fucking me!" she begged.
She slammed herself down onto him, trying desperately to feel every inch of Mercer's throbbing member. Her head fell back, her mouth opened wide, her eyes closed, and she bit down on her lip to muffle her screams of pleasure. She felt her cunt clamp down around Mercer's dick, coating him with her juices.
"Yes sir, yes sir, YES SIR!" she shouted as she ground her hips into him.
Finally, Kotane's pleasure was pushed over the edge. She stopped yelling quite suddenly, unable to take in a breath as her body spasmed on Mercer's cock and she rode out her orgasm to completion before dropping back onto Elia's crotch, exhausted.
Elia was still bathing in the afterglow of her orgasm, but she could not stop feeling her breasts in one hand and running her fingers through Kotane's hair with the other. She had never seen them like this before; they were both completely out of control. It made her insides tingle with excitement.
Mercer leaned forward, pulling his cock out of Kotane's pussy and rolling onto the bed beside her. He pulled her onto his lap, placing his hands on either side of her face and kissing her deeply, their tongues dancing together. His hands slid up her sides and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them tightly. Kotane moaned and squirmed under his touch, loving how he played with her tits. When his tongue slipped inside her mouth, she sucked on it eagerly.
She briefly pulled away from the kiss and looked over at Elia, Mercer continued his assault on her neck while she spoke. "Finish off your Master now with a blowjob, you've been such a good slut, I think you've earned a face full of cum." she instructed before eagerly returning to her kiss.
Elia smiled happily and opened her mouth wide, sliding down the bed until her lips once again found her Master's cock. She hungrily took him deep into her throat. Her eyes were closed and her hands gripped his legs, holding him tight against her face as she bobbed up and down on his shaft, taking every inch of his length inside her hot mouth, tasting the lingering juices of Mistress on him.
Mercer was already close when Elia got down there, and after just a couple of minutes, he began to shoot his load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly, trying to get as much of his cum down her throat as possible. When he finished, she pulled back and licked her lips clean.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed, trying desperately to catch their breath. "Alright Kotane, release Elia from your spell." Elia looked incredibly relaxed like she was drifting off to sleep, but she forced herself up and pouted.
"Do I have to? I was going to make her eat me out to return the favor!" She whined.
"No, Kotane. Now." Mercer commanded. Kotane let out a quick huff before waving her hand and releasing Elia from the charm effect. Elia's eyes opened wide as the brain fog was lifted and her judgment returned.
She sat up in bed and glared at Kotane. "Mistress? Really? You had to do that?"
Kotane shrugged, "Did you not enjoy yourself?" She smiled and shrugged innocently.
"Of course I did, who wouldn't! But I still don't want you doing that again without my permission." Elia said sternly. Kotane laughed and blew her a kiss.
She then crawled under the blankets and snuggled next to Mercer as Elia started to get dressed again.
"I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again." Kotane mumbled innocently, "That was so hot though." She whispered into his ear. Mercer chuckled and kissed her forehead, catching an eye roll from Elia.
As Elia finished getting dressed and started to don her armor, Kotane broke the silence. "How come we aren't married yet, sir?" She asked quietly.
Mercer nearly choked on his saliva and sat up abruptly. "You too? Gods, does the whole tribe want to marry me? How about you Elia, wanna get hitched?" He joked while she shook her head.
"Nope," she replied with a cackle. "My days of being anyone's wife are over."
Mercer smirked. Kotane almost looked sad to have not been taken seriously, her eyes still fixed on him.
"How long have you been thinking about this?" he asked in a much more serious tone.
She blushed slightly before answering. "Since... since our first night together. After I saw how excited you were when talking about your marriage with Vo." Her voice trailed off as she realized just how deep her feelings ran for him.
Elia rolled her eyes dramatically. "Yeah, like you two ever got along outside of sex."
Kotane shot a glare at Elia, making her chuckle softly.
"Even if that is so, Mercer deserves someone completely devoted to his pleasure in his harem. Plus," Kotane paused as she shuffled off the bed and went over to her bag, pulling out a ring, "I am the only one who could give you a human engagement." The ring was gold, engraved with intricate runes that glowed faintly blue. He recognized it instantly as the same ring Maldor wore that shielded his mind from him. "Don't worry, it'll shrink to fit you," she continued, "I just figured you deserved to have it." She slid it onto his finger gently. Closing his hand into a fist around it, he watched it shrink to fit him perfectly.
He stared at the glowing runes, a single word entering his mind that he did not know how he could read. "Protect," he read aloud.
"Yes," Kotane said simply. "So, do you accept my proposal?"
Mercer looked up at her, unable to hide his smile. "Of course I will. I'd be honored to have you."
She smiled happily. "Good. Then let us get married!"
The two lovers embraced, in another passionate kiss.
Elia lingered at the door and smiled, happy for her Chief. "Congratulations, sincerely." she chimed before excusing herself and returning to her work.
Kotane pulled back, looking into his eyes. "I'm yours now forever, Mercer." With a gentle push, she pushed him down on the bed. "Lie down and relax," she ordered, crawling across the sheets toward him.
Mercer obeyed, smiling as he felt her silky smooth legs straddle his hips, and the two privately enjoyed the rest of the day together.


The next morning, Mercer and Kotane were awoken to the sound of Sorana and Elia hurrying into the tent.
"Chief!" Sorana shouted. Mercer sat up instantly.
"What is it? What's wrong?" He quaked, his eyes still adjusting to the early morning light.
Sorana said nothing, she simply held forward a garment gripped loosely in her hands. A blood-soaked binder, Rasha's binder.
Mercer looked over at Elia, who was standing at the doorway looking at her feet. She held a greatsword and Vo's staff in her arms.
"Oh gods, no..."

My name is Mr. Black, I hope you enjoy. I am new to the world of writing erotic fiction, so feel free to let me know how I can improve.

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