The Orc Chief

Chapter 4: The Fruits of Victory

by HypnoBlack

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #orcs #sub:female #cw:misogyny #f/f #fantasy #harem #love #magic #monstergirl #romantic #slow_burn #wholesome
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Here is where the smut starts up for those of you who may have been waiting! Enjoy!

It had been several months since the death of Maldor, and spring was finally in the air. The last of the snow had melted in the valley, and nature had begun its rebirth. When Mercer woke that morning from his slumber, he felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Walking over to the water basin near the entrance of the tent, Mercer washed his hands and face thoroughly. He peaked outside briefly to look around the orc village, his village, admiring all of the changes he had made.
The largest of which was removing the chief's inherent ownership of every woman in the village. Though many still considered it to be a great honor to be asked by the chief to be a wife, all of them had the option to decline without fear of repercussion, social or physical. It took a while for many of the members of the tribe to get used to this idea, and Mercer still had to be careful about how he spoke to some of the women, making sure they knew what rights they had.
Secondly, Mercer ended the forced exile of young adult men from the tribe. While the chief still had the power to exile anyone, he should reserve this power mainly for removing problematic individuals. Men were even allowed to return to the village once more, provided they met with the chief, who (using the gemstone) "helped" the young men understand the new rules. Only a handful of orcs had even dared to get close enough to the village to be informed in the first place, but the number of reintroduced was slowly growing.
Finally, Mercer also opened the gates to the village to outsiders. Previously, when someone came through the gate, they were either forced to meet with the chief or they were killed. Now, any curious adventurers or traders can come through the gate and stay overnight if they wish. No "civilized races" had made their way this far north yet, so the visitors they got were mostly their neighbors. Goblinoids, centaurs, and even orcs from some other tribes. All these changes together made life better for those within his community. The increased trade with neighboring settlements helped make the tribe more wealthy and brought innovations to the people. Overall the village was prospering more than it ever had in recent memory, but more importantly than that, the people seemed happy too.

Heading back to bed, Mercer watched as the large naked figure of Vo begin to stir awake. She stretched her arms wide and let out a bestial yawn before settling back into the bed, taking in the sight of her new husband and chief & showing off her naked self in the hopes she might coax him back into bed. Mercer was not like any other mate Vo had even fantasized about, but there was just something about him that made her feel different than she ever had before. He was kind, caring, and gentle, yet strong enough to still protect her and the village. She was thankful for everything he did for her people, and she intended to show him just how thankful she was.
Vo looked directly into Mercer's eyes and began to touch herself, moving her hands all over her body and letting out the smallest of moans.
Mercer became aroused almost instantly. Without saying a word, he let the fur draped over his shoulders fall to the ground as he crawled back into bed. Vo was much larger than him, but in the bedroom, she submitted to his every desire. After months of getting to know each other intimately, both knew exactly what the other wanted.

Mercer laid onto his back, and Vo climbed on top with her back to him, slipping his cock inside of her sex with ease. His cock filled up her tight pussy, causing her to gasp loudly. Mercer watched as Vo slowly rode him, her thick, toned body jiggling with every downward thrust. She knew how much he loved her ass, and teased him with the sight of it slowly moving up and down the complete length of him. Mercer could take the torture no longer, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her quickly as well as spanking her, eliciting a yelp and a giggle from Vo who increased her pace.
Her big round breasts bounced wildly while she moved quickly up and down, determined to please her Chief. She glanced over her shoulder to see his face. The new Chief never looked more bestial than when he was in the middle of a good fuck, and she loved it. She loved how after getting him all worked up he would just take her for his sexual pleasure.
Vo began to bounce harder and faster, grinding her wet pussy against Mercer's cock. She could feel the sweat dripping down his muscular form. Mercer's breaths quickened and his muscles tensed. Vo was also feeling her pleasure build, and she leaned back slightly so he could grab her tits from behind. Mercer eagerly took one of the heavy mounds between his fingers and squeezed hard, making Vo scream. Her orgasm washed over her, and she shuddered uncontrollably. The feeling of her pussy spasming and milking his cock for all it was worth was too much for him. Mercer couldn't hold back anymore. He let loose his load, filling her insides with cum. Vo slid off his cock and fell onto the bed to try to catch her breath. She had to rationalize not going to sleep again right then and there, feeling a need to recover from such an intense orgasm.
Vo turned around to look at Mercer. With a smile, she said, "I love you." in her native orcish language.
"And I love you," Mercer was still getting used to speaking orc, so his reply was heavily accented and a little jarring, but it was also completely genuine. He had fallen in love with her.

The two lovers reluctantly pulled themselves out of bed and set about on starting their day. Vo had to go ensure the Guardians were all on schedule with their new duties. Since the mountain no longer needed protecting, the Guardians' role these days was mainly patrol missions and keeping the peace.
As she exited the tent she ran into Rasha standing guard. Rasha teased Vo with a knowing look, prompting Vo to roll her eyes at her friend.
"Morning Vo, did you sleep much?" Rasha inquired, taking a bite out of an apple.
"Morning Rasha," Vo said with a smile refusing to answer her question. "Quiet night?"
"Not in the slightest," Rasha responded. "but nothing to report from out here."
Vo chuckled and shook her head at her crass friend. "So, are you going to talk to him today?" she inquired.
Letting out an involuntary grunt, Rasha sighed. "I am planning on it."
"It'll be fine, I'm sure he will say yes." Vo put a hand on her shoulder. Rasha simply smiled and nodded her head.
Vo left to start her day and Rasha stood up and made her way into her Chief's tent. She found Mercer sitting on the edge of his cot starting to get dressed.
"Good morning, sir." Rasha greeted him warmly. "How was your rest last night? Did you manage to get any sleep or were you busy with other duties?"
Mercer sat up straighter. "Yes, thankfully my mind was able to shut itself off for a few hours."
Rasha looked over her Chief's half-naked body and admired how much he had bulked up these last few months. She had begun combat training with him shortly after he took the position of Chief, and the results spoke for themselves. She wasn't sure what it was about him, but recently she had begun developing strange feelings for the Chief that she did not have before. Sure Mercer had taken Rasha to bed here and there over the last few months, but as her feelings began to develop Rasha realized she wanted something more. Something deeper.
She cleared her throat awkwardly. "Well, if you weren't busy, maybe we can spend some time together this afternoon instead of me having to stand guard duty."
Mercer paused in thought for a moment as he considered her offer. He continued dressing while looking at her. "Alright then, did you have some more training in mind?"
Rasha blushed, catching herself acting like a young girl once again. "I had another far more peaceful idea. If you're free..." She trailed off, unsure of where exactly she should take things next.
Mercer watched her intently. "What would you like to do?"
Rasha bit her lip and looked down at the ground. "I think it'd be best if I show you." She looked up at him expectantly.
Mercer gave her a nod, indicating he was ready. "Lead the way."

They walked outside and across the village before heading toward the nearby woods.
"Where exactly are we headed?" The Chief asked.
"Just follow me," Rasha answered.
They traversed through several trails before finally coming upon a secluded hot spring tucked from view.
"This is where I come when I need to clear my thoughts," Rasha explained, "and I wanted to show it to you."
Mercer took in the sights of this gorgeous corner of the world. There was no doubt that this place was special. It was surrounded by towering snow-tipped evergreens and colorful aspens. The air was warm and smelled clean and fresh, filled with the scent of pine needles and grasses. A small stream flowed past the shoreline, creating a bubbling waterfall along its course. It was easy to understand what was so peacable about this place.
In his peripherals, Mercer caught sight of Rasha undressing to complete nudity before stepping into the warm hot spring waters. The first time he saw Rasha naked, he was surprised to learn that the massive tits he thought she had were covered by a tight binder and were surprisingly even larger. Catching him ogling at her, Rasha regained his attention. "Come on sir. it's more fun in here, I promise." she beckoned.
Mercer stripped down as well and stepped inside with her. They sank beneath the surface until they reached the bottom of the spring, which was deep enough that Mercer had to tiptoe to keep his head above water.
Steadying himself on an outcropping of rock, Mercer let out a long sigh as the warmth enveloped them. The temperature felt amazing, soothing his tired muscles. "I don't know about you, but I feel so relaxed right now."
Rasha leaned against the wall of the spring. Her eyes closed and her brow furrowed as she focused on breathing deeply. "Yeah. I've been feeling kind of stressed lately."
"Why is that, Rasha?" Mercer asked worriedly. Rasha did not answer immediately, clearly struggling to find the words to explain how she was feeling.
"We don't need to hide anything from each other," Mercer assured her, "You've proven yourself trustworthy many times now." He paused, watching her reaction closely. "You know that right?"
Rasha gulped nervously. "Yes, sir." She felt relieved to hear her Chief trusted her.
He gestured her forward. "Come here."
Rasha moved closer to him until they were very close together. Mercer reached out and gently stroked her cheek with his fingers. "I trust you Rasha. I really do." He leaned in and kissed her softly.

Rasha closed her eyes as their lips met. He felt her strong arms wrap around him and pull him tight against her chest. Mercer deepened their kiss and the two of them made out passionately in the waters. After several minutes, they broke apart breathlessly. "You're amazing," Mercer whispered.
Rasha smiled. "Thank you, sir. You are pretty incredible too."
Mercer let go of her, relaxing once more. "Tell me what it is you wanted to say."
She took in one deep breath and spoke plainly and without fear. "I have grown fond of you, sir. I do not know how else to say it, but I am in love with you. And I want us to be more."
Mercer froze. His heart pounded in his chest as he stared back at her. "I'm- I'm flattered Rasha, truly! I know Vo has said she is fine with me hooking up with girls now and then, but I'm not sure she'd be okay with me having another relationship."
"But she would be!" Rasha realized her interruption and then sheepishly turned away. "Apologies, sir. I have already spoken with Vo, and she encouraged me to speak with you about it." Her eyes met his, and his soft expression comforted her. "If you'd have me of course. I know in human cultures it is considered strange for a human to have more than one wife. In orc culture, it is strange for a man to devote himself to only one woman. Not that you should have more than one if you do not want it."
Mercer took a second to consider what she was telling him. Rasha grew anxious at his lack of response and nervously began to fill the silence.
"I just think I would be a good woman for you. I will continue to protect you of course! And I would give you mighty children, and pleasure you however you wish, and-" her rambling was silenced by another long kiss from Mercer. When they finally separated, Mercer looked deep into Rasha's eyes before he spoke.
"Rasha'kala, will you do me the honor of being one of my wives?"
Her face lit up with joyful excitement. "Oh gods yes, sir!" She hugged him tightly again, this time kissing him passionately.

Their embrace briefly ended as the two of them climbed out of the deep pool and onto the shoreline nearby before they rejoined again in the soft grass and continued their make-out session. Rasha's hand moved as if it had a mind of its own toward Mercer's manhood. She gripped his quickly hardening member tightly and began to vigorously stroke her new fiancé.
"Mmmm!" Mercer moaned as he accepted Rasha's ministrations. "That feels so good!"
Rasha pulled herself up on top of him and began to grind her hips against his thighs. "I want you inside me!" As soon as she uttered those words, Mercer obliged her and entered. She gasped loudly as she sank down onto him completely. The feeling of fullness was indescribable!
"Fuck, Rasha!" Mercer grunted as he began thrusting his cock into her. "You feel so fucking good!"
Rasha began to rock her hips faster. "I need you deeper inside me!" Mercer complied immediately and began to pump harder into her.
"Ugh! Yes! Fuck!! Oh, gods!!" Rasha became incoherent in the best of ways.
Mercer echoed her cries as he continued to fuck her mercilessly. "Oh fuck Rasha, you're so gorgeous!"
Rasha's giant tits swayed violently as she rode her lover. Mercer couldn't help but look at them and admire the way they bounced around as she got fucked. His hand found one of them in the chaos. Squeezing onto it tightly, his hand sunk deep into her perfect mounds.
"Oohhhh godddds!" Rasha screamed. "I'm close sir, I'm so fucking close!" Mercer could not respond and simply pumped harder and faster into her desperate cunt before filling her with a load of cum just as her world exploded. Her tight pussy spasmed around Mercer's shaft, sending wave after wave of ecstasy through her body. Her legs shook uncontrollably as she rode out her orgasm. After several minutes of blissful pleasure, she collapsed onto Mercer knocking the wind out of him a bit. Not wanting to smother her new fiancé, she rolled off him and both lay there for some time catching their breaths.
Eventually, Rasha sat up and leaned over Mercer, breathing heavily.
"Thank you, sir," she whispered into his ear.
"For what? You made me cum also." He laughed between deep breaths.
"No sir, thank you for wanting to marry me. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life... this life."
Mercer looked down at her and smiled softly.
"I love you, Rasha."
"I know. And I love you too..."
She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. It was a sweet kiss and Mercer returned it just as heartily. They lay together holding each other for some time, spending the rest of that morning relaxing in the wonderful pools of warm water, or fucking like rabbits. Eventually, however, Mercer figured they should return to the village, which they did walking hand in hand. After clearing the tree line of the forest before arriving at the village, Mercer noticed Sorana exit the woods not too far behind them. As Mercer marveled at that woman's terrifying ability to go completely unnoticed, he wondered just how much she had seen.

Upon arriving in the village proper, Mercer was surprised to see a small gathering of warriors in the village at the dining hall. It became clear to him that some sort of engagement party had been put together while they were gone. Upon entering, the room fell into silence, waiting to hear the news.
"My friends, I would like to introduce you to my future bride. This is Rasha'kala, wife to the Chief!"
The announcement was greeted with many cheers from the tribe, Vo was the first to come up and give Mercer a right hug. "Many blessings, my Chief. Rasha will make a good wife for you." She smiled genuinely. Elia and Kotane were also quick to extend their congratulations, while Sorana just nodded and drank from a distance.
Mercer did his best to push his preconceived notions aside, and accept that he now had two very happy brides. The next few hours were spent eating, drinking, and dancing. Many of the women of the tribe and even several men came up to offer their congratulations and gifts to the couple. It wasn't until after midnight that everyone began to head off to bed. The Mercer, Vo, and Rasha quickly undressed and collapsed after such a long day on their bed of furs. Mercer embraced his lovers and snuggled between both of their beautiful naked bodies, and the three of them quickly drifted off to sleep.

Just as the light of the next day was causing Mercer to stir awake, he felt multiple hands exploring his body and coaxing his shaft into becoming erect. He looked down and saw his two gorgeous, naked brides staring back at him. Each of their eyes filled with desire for him. Both Vo and Rasha looked incredibly eager to get their mouths around his cock, smiling widely and eagerly licking their lips. Their tongues darted forward and wrapped themselves around the head of his cock, able to take more of his length into their mouths more easily than any human could. Each of them took turns sharing him, competing to see who could receive the prize of his seed. Mercer enjoyed a blissful ten straight minutes of this before he began to feel himself getting close and he could no longer hide it. Vo's mouth was currently wrapped around his cock, and seeing victory on the horizon she increased her pace, swirling her tongue around him. Just before he erupted inside of her, Mercer guided her away from his cock. She gave him a pleading, disappointed look.
He rose from his bed and stood up off to the side of the bed. Both women lay on their backs, waiting to see what their lover was planning.
"Stay on the bed, just like that." He ordered, "Open your mouths loves, I'm going to cum all over your faces."
Vo and Rasha snapped open their mouths and waited expectantly. Mercer grabbed his cock again and aimed it directly at the pair of beautiful orc women, stroking fervently. The first stream of semen flew through the air and landed on each of their faces. It splattered against their cheeks and dripped slowly down their chins. A second rope shot towards them and hit Vo right across the forehead, leaving a large chunk of cum dripping down her face. Another third shot went past Vo's cheek and landed squarely on Rasha's nose. Both women looked grateful to be receiving a share of his load, and greedily ate up as much of him off of each other as they could. Mercer stepped back from the bed and admired the view. How could his life get any better?

As soon as the two women were done, Mercer collapsed back onto the bed with them, enjoying their warmth. "Not that I am complaining, but what was that for?" he asked, still lost in bliss.
"A celebration," Rasha stated before giving Vo a spank. Vo glared back at her with a stony but playful expression.
"Because we are to be wedded soon?" Mercer inquired.
"No my love," Vo sat up to speak. "because I am finally pregnant."

My name is Mr. Black, I hope you enjoy. I am new to the world of writing erotic fiction, so feel free to let me know how I can improve.

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