Life of a Magus

Taken for a test drive

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #cw:violence #D/s #fantasy #furry #multiple_partners #pov:top #ritual_of_the_familiar #sadomasochism

Warning:  There be smut ahead.  Because what else will someone who just survived a life and death battle and now has their own familiar who is LITERALLY shaped according to their subconscious fantasies do?


Patting her hand.   “We can only pack one room at a time and I still need to get dressed.” 

I put on my training pants, blouse, and doublet. Looking between a skirt and blouse and then at Lara. “Hmmm, neither really match your color”, and I shrugged. “The blouse won’t fit anyway.”  Tossing it to the bed and holding the skirt up, I looked at her. “And neither will the skirt. Hold it though. I like that skirt.” Tossing it onto the bed, my eyes never left the spot previously obscured by the skirt. 

Tempting, but I knew if I start now, we’d be here for hours. Best to wait till we’re in my new rooms.

One quick feel couldn’t hurt. I pet Lara’s outer folds until they spread, petaling open with arousal. Slipping a finger inside, i felt Lara clench. Pushing her back to the bed, I worked in a second finger. Reaching up I grabbed a breast and squeezed as I pulled down to the nipple. 

One foot over her tail, I straddled her. Better angle, both fingers, thumb circling her clit, circling it. “Trill. Trill for me.”


I nodded as I squeezed into the room with Mistress.  Coiling up, I made sure that I leave enough room for Her to move around, which is a new experience.  I’ve never had to make sure to leave a tail out of the way.  I grinned, tongue flickering in and out.  "No, Missstresss.  That wouldn't fit over ove thessse new titssss.  Which, thank you.  I wasss alwayssss a bit sssself consciousss about thossse."  Cocking my head curiously as she looked at me, I wondered how I was going to use a skirt, when She came close.  "But do we need clothesss, Missstresss?  We're your familiar now.  Human expectationssss don't...umm...they don't exissst for usss anymore.  Not unlesss you want them to."

Petting us, we moaned as Her touch brought a new pleasure, a shuddering breath let out.  Suddenly I could feel something inside me, the finger small inside my now augmented core, but new muscles quivered and clenched, grabbing  hold of Mistress's finger.  Regardless of the size difference, we couldn’t resist, didn't resist, as Mistress pushed me back.  Moaning as she sat astride me and another finger was added, my slick aiding it.  "Mmmmm, feelsss sss'good", I whimpered, Her touch overwhelming, what she's doing filling my mind with pleasure.  My own fingers never felt this good, and even the one or two lovers in the past didn't come close.  

I trilled as I came, loudly, not caring who could hear, as She began to play with my clit, new sensations alight as my tail quivered, shaking and writhing.  Then I trilled again, the sound filling the air.  My tail began to thump the floor, over and over.


“The clothes aren’t for others. They’re for me. The longer I look, the more I want to touch you.” 

I want another orgasm from her, then to the new rooms. 

Leaning in I took an entire nipple and areola into my mouth and bit. Tongue swirling the nipple as I pulled back, my left hand pulled Lara’s other nipple.  HARD.

I crammed two fingers of my right hand in, thumb lying alongside her clit and sent a jolt of magic in. I could feel the magic set her off again, her body jolting. Her slick dripped down my hand as she trilled, wailing.  I kept it going, sending more magic into her. Longer than I thought. Not long enough? I don’t know.  But she’s MINE.

Stopping, I pulled my hand out and reached up behind her head, brought her down for a kiss.  When I’ve quit shaking with need, I pulled away. 

Reaching into the pack I pulled out a long scarf and wrapped it around Lara’s hips as a makeshift sarong. 

I know all new magi use their familiars almost constantly. I always though it was them celebrating winning, or attraction to their familiar’s new form, or just somebody to fuck. But I don’t remember anyone talking about this low level all encompassing need. 

Thinking about it brought up a set of memories.  But not mine, they were Lara’s. Pausing I perused them, but nothing specific popped out. There is a general attraction, a sense of power and control, but nothing substantial from that intro course at least.

Less than an hour later, from the point of Lara’s last Trill at least, I’ve my entire room packed. Two trunks, the larger for clothes and the smaller for supplies, the pack and a basket. The only things not stuffed in there were a small glass figuring sitting on the window sill and a small potted cactus. 

I carefully wrapped the figurine and placed it and the cactus in the basket, to make sure they won’t shift.

“Can you manage everything? We can always come back.”

We went to the front desk for the new assignment. Turns out, it’s a short walk to the new building across campus.


"That makessss sssenssse, Missstresss", I said, smiling.  "I think you'd look good in that."

Moaning again as Mistress played with my tits, I trilled again, the teeth and pressure somehow feeling amazing.  The way that She's just using me is something that I'd never been into but now I couldn't get enough of, something that another familiar in the class I'd taken told me could happen.  How a Magus's touch and need would always be something their familiar would crave, their kinks and wants merging with the being of the familiar.  How mages used that to bind their familiars closer, almost like training an animal of sorts.  I'd never understood, thinking that I'd be the trainer. But now I knew better.  I was the familiar, Mistress (why couldn't I think of her name, why was she only Mistress?) using me.  And I loved it.  This is good, so good it's almost worth the pain it took to get here.  Suddenly full again, I trilled loudly, thumping the floor as She used me again, time stopping as She made me trill.

Time restarts eventually, as I blinked, whining as I'm suddenly empty again, reaching up to Her for the kiss.  I moaned into her mouth, letting this new tongue dance over Hers, little flickers, letting Her get used to it.  I could feel Her, and Her need, and I whined, wanting nothing more than to care for Her.  To please Her, but She stopped me.  Raising my torso as she draped some cloth around me, we twisted, our coils rising, letting us move in a dizzying pattern.

"Thank you, Missstresss", I said, smiling at her, eyes glinting in the light.  Easily carrying Her belongings with the multiple arms, I smiled and nodded.  "I'm ok, Missstresss.  I follow where you lead."  I followed Her to the new building, still marveling over the way these arms and coils worked.

The person at the desk looked up as Mistress and I entered the building.  There were other Magii and their familiars sitting in the lobby of the building, talking.  Their eyes widened as they saw me, and the talking slowly stopped.  The other familiars are a mix of beings, some in human form, many not.  Many are some sort of animal, a few catgirls, and at least one with gorgeous butterfly wings.

"Oh!! you must be Magus Whisperwind.  We heard about your duel.  Congratulations on your Graduation and your advancement."  Nothing is said to me, he paid no attention to me as he spoke to Her.  "Your rooms have been keyed to your aura.  Is there anything you need?" 


“How long do I have to clear out her old room? And food, can I. . .”

Before I even finish, the desk attendant, shakes her head. “No, at least not for the first month. We here at the Academy want to ensure new Magi grow socially, spending time with other Magii. While the bond with a new familiar is very important, we feel it can overshadow other concerns.” Smiling, “Besides, you’ve got classes and making you leave to eat means you’ll have to at least take a break. Once you’ve proven control, the bans are lifted.”

She continued. “You’ve got the rest of today and tomorrow. The next group of students begin arriving the day after.” Leaning down over the counter, she motioned and I drew closer. “My advice, if you can, clean out her room now.” 

I glanced back at Lara who was carrying everything. “Probably best.” 

In the new rooms, I directed Lara to put everything down. I’m careful of the basket, but otherwise I didn’t even take the time to look around before we headed to Lara’lia’s old room. 

I grabbed one of her hands as we walked. Maybe she didn’t have much.


I stood there as Mistress talked to the attendant, making sure my tail wasn't in anyone's way.  Looking at the other familiars, I nodded at them, getting nods in return.  One magical being to another.  Later, I'd ask Mistress for permission to talk to them.  For now, we just smiled at each other.  The girl with antenna and gorgeous wings fluttered them, and squealed as we shifted, coils moving and looping, the colors shifting.

We followed Mistress to Her room, the door actually a portal.  The rooms were...large.  Far larger than what Mistress or I or any other apprentice had before.  Carefully laying everything down, we immediately followed Mistress, taking her hand.  "I can feel you, Missstresss.  Sssomething bothering you?", I ask as we walked/slithered to the rooms we once had.

They're small, an Apprentices room.  A few books of fiction, some tools from when we made our focii, and study books about enchantment and Air skills. Clothing that didn't fit us anymore were neatly folded.  Clearly, past us had not expected to come back as anything other than Magus.  Silly me.

"Missstresss...what do you want to keep?"


“Just pack everything for now. I’ll go through it later.” Looking around the room, I spoted two already packed trunks with a third ready to take most of the rest. The tools are put in a case and packed along with the books. The clothes, those just got crammed in where they’d fit.  I indicated the largest chest and Lara took it with ease. “Don’t drop it.” I leaned in for a kiss, feeling her tongue stretch and wrap around mine. My hips hit the trunk and I pulled back. “Mmmmm.  That tongue….”

I indicate the second trunk. Lara rose up and then almost folded over in double to grab the second. Straightening back up, i watched, thinking.  This was something we’ll definitely have to explore.  With two trunks in the way, I had to stretch this time, meaning it was a short kiss.

I picked up the third, and Lara lowered and I slid it on top. The stack is up to her chin. I use my healer's sight and checked her arms. She wasn’t straining an ounce. 

Instead of heading back, we headed to the magus cafeteria. Most of the Magii there were sitting around eating and quietly talking. The new magii are easy to pick out.  I spotted a new dogboy, yet another cat-girl, and a faunus.

I pointed to an empty table. “There, you can set the trunks on the other end of the table, easier to pick up later. Oh, and stay by them.” I laid my hand on her middle set of arms and scanned again. All good. “Right back.”

I got in line and overloaded the plate, since I didn’t plan on leaving the room again today.  I brought the plate back to the table but spent all the time studying Lara. When I finally look down, the plate is empty and the noise of the room intrudes. Both catgirls had disappeared under their respective tables. Both the dogboy and his master looked satisfied and the faunus was hand feeding her mistress.

Back in the rooms, the portal closed. Leaning against the wall I managed to get one boot of. “Put those by the others.” A few steps down and I managed to drop the other boot as I heard the last trunk being put down. I’m untying the pants when Lara appears. “Help me with my doublet and blouse.” 

A few long seconds later, one pant leg still on, we’re on the couch and I’m sucking on her tongue as a jolt went through me. Taking a breath, I pushed her down.


"Yessss, Missstresss", I said, and quickly packed everything.  The trunks might have been a problem when I was human.  But now?  Mistress gave me muscles and a body that was designed for...well, designed for whatever she wanted it for, and I was happy and overjoyed to use it.  There was something to be said for feeling good just obeying.  And then we felt a little hint of something through the Bond, some sense of wonder and interest, and we curled over, literally, looking at Mistress.  Oh.  These new coils....they could...well now, as we turned in mid-air, our torso three feet off the ground, showing off for Her.  Feeling Her interest as we began to flex.  Carrying the trunks was easy as we left what had once been my room.  Now it would belong to someone else.

We followed her to the Magus-only cafeteria, and put the trunks down where she told us to.  Nodding again to the newly made familiars, we saw a faunus, a tattooed black furred catgirl, and another colored orange.  A dog boy, and we looked around, staying with the trunks as She went to get food.  ‘She sure packed quite a bit’, and I felt Her watching us, so I put on a show for her.  Flexing, letting our tongue flicker in and out, smell/tasting the room.  Even seeing the range of motion on the new arms She gave me.  And we can hear sounds coming from underneath the other tables as the catgirls  vanished.  They were...Oh.  OH  I blushed as I were able to smell/taste it in the air, shifting around.  Apparently this forked tongue was good for many things. 

 I wasn't sure if Mistress could imagine what they were doing, but I felt like she did, especially when the faunus started hand feeding her Mistress, and I smiled.  "You know, Missstresss, sssix armsss can be VERY good at sssomething like that", and She blushed.  Lifting everything and following Her back to the rooms, I nodded and put the trunks in the corner with the others.  "My pleasssure, Missstresss", I say, helping her get undressed.  But She didn't even let me finish before she somehow had me on the couch.  All of her is on top of me, Her touch electrifying as She kissed me.  Moaning, she flipped over, the Bond letting me feel Her desire.

Looking up and smiling, my yellow eyes turned green, I smiled and began to let my tongue play over Her nipples, little short licks, letting the forked tip catch and flick.  Feeling Her pleasure through the Bond, learning how best to please Her. 


That tongue! ‘That tongue is phenomenal’. Lara played it around my breasts, so smooth in one direction and slightly rough the other.  Watching her eyes darken as she continued, I needed to hold something. I reached out, grabbing her upper hands. 

Stretching, I twisted and scooted back on the couch, one leg thrown up with my foot resting along the top. The other, with the pants still on, laid off the edge. I could feel the air,  the moisture coating my thighs, the couch fabric.  Everything was more, somehow. 

Panting, “Show me what you can do.” 

I tightened my grip as she put her middle set of hands to work, exploring, kneading.  I felt her lower set of hands land on my thighs, the angle a bit awkward. She scooped my moisture onto one hand and worked a couple of fingers around.  Rubbing, touching. 

“Now, I need, before I.” Though I can’t finish, she understood and pressed inward. Her other hand tugged my inner lips, stretching. Moments that feel an eternity later, I’m bucking on her hands and explode. Everything, the Challenge, the Duel, being treated like a person, a magus, and Lara’s sheer beauty, all came screaming out.

She didn’t stop. I ascend one crest then another, until I’m just weakly moving.  So much, never had this much.

Coming back to myself, I cupped her chin to bring her to me. After all of that, I found that the pants are long gone, we’re laying on a rug in front of the couch and the room is dark.

Catching my breath, I muttered, “I need some water.” Lara starts to pull back. “And lights.”


It seemed like this tongue was VERY good for making Mistress happy, which is good because that's what I'm going to use it for.  Her skin tasted like honey and light, an intoxicating blend that I've never experienced before and I simply can't get enough off.  Sucking in a nipple, I found that the fangs are absolutely PERFECT for framing the hard nub and giving Her nipple something to strain against, letting me flick and suck as much as I want to.  And as She told me to show her, I looked up, eyes darkening and grinned.  "Your wish issss my command, Missstressss."

A pair of hands went up to hold hers, giving Her something to hold on to.  The middle began to touch Her, exploring her body in a way that i'd never have expected as a human, and the bottom hold onto the couch, keeping it from moving.  She's so soft in places where I was once hard, all curves where I was angles.  Not stopping my tongue from playing with Her nipple, it's consciousness has expanded to encompass everything that has to do with Her, but has shrunk to be ONLY Her.  Nothing else mattered except making Her happy.  Not my own pleasure, not anything else, even as I noticed that part of my brain seemed to be focused on the room and keeping her safe.  Almost keeping an ear out?  Is that something else that She instilled in me when She remade me?

Wrapping my tail around the legs of the couch to keep it from moving, my lower hands held her thighs, beginning to use her own slick to slide into her, similar to how she had used mine .  But different, since I have a good idea how to make Her happy, how she likes it.  Her orgasm is like fireworks in my brain, pleasure felt through the Bond so much that I'd cum if i wasn't totally focused on Her.  Which is fine, because this is Her pleasure, Her time.  I didn't stop, somehow knowing exactly how to keep going but keep from overstimulating her.

Over and over I kept licking and sucking, wringing orgasm after orgasm from Her until I could tell that she's tired.  "Yessss, Missstressss", and suddenly I put her down in front of the hearth, covering Her with a throw blanket that was on the couch.  Looping over myself, I knew exactly how to move to not tangle my coils, ther magic giving me the knowledge.  I made short work of lighting the candles that I can see.  It gave the room a homey glow, and then I realized that I didn't need it.  I was able to "see" Her, to smell/taste Her in the air.  The candles too.  It's I was able to see the heat from other beings.  HuhInteresting.  I remember to mention that to Mistress as I slithered into kitchen, bringing back an ever-filled jug of cold water and pouring her a cup.  Waiting until she'd finished drinking, I smiled, and let my tongue flicker out.  "Let me show you more, Missstresss."

The rest of the night passed in a blur.  At one point, I was holding Her completely in the air, cunt in my face as I licked and sucked, all six arms holding Her up.  She tasted so good, especially on this new tongue, and the fork caught Her clit just right.  Worshiping her pussy.  Putting Her down on a bed of my coils, I once again covered Her and brought water, making sure that She's taken care off.  Hearth lit, the room took on a warmth that soon let me take the blanket away, and resume my activities.

Morning found Her exhausted, skin covered in hickeys and little bites.  My own clit was throbbing, but ignored.  Mistress had played with it, but hadn't let me cum, letting me edge a few times while she caught her breath.  "Good morn, Missstresss", I hissed.  I could feel Her hunger, and Her tiredness.  Sadly, I can't give her any of the stamina that the Ritual has brought me, but that balanced out.  What good is a familiar who gets tired?  " may I sssserve you?"


Groaning, I held one hand up to block the light streaming in the window. Morning already, No, that window faces the enchantments building. That’s west, no… southwest of here. I do remember that. Must be afternoon then. No wonder my mouth is so dry. 

I sat up and noticed the long tail. I scooted back and laid on its length, my head reaching her abdomen. Blinking, “Water, if you can reach it.” 

I’m on my third cup when I realized I’ve more pressing needs. A quick trip to the restroom and I’m beginning to feel more like myself. Stepping back into the room, I noticed Lara as my stomach grumbles. 

Reaching out I grabbed just behind her nipples and pulled Lara toward me. “Last night and today was amazing, but I didn’t get to try out any of my ideas. However, you just gave me another idea.” Using my healers scan, I sensed the nerves in her breasts from the nipple to the sides of her breasts. I strengthened some, making the skin more sensitive. And tested it all by continuing to pull, tug and occasionally pinch. When I’m done, I leaned my forehead against hers. Trill. I felt her cum through the Bond, even as I felt it with my body.  Her pleasure was almost like mine, but different.  Like thoughts that I didn’t think.  I kept it up and watch the buildup, the increased activity and finally a jolt from her breasts to her lower brain stem. I trigger a smaller jolt from her pussy, forcing her to orgasm again. The next wave I forced an overlap, magic stimulating both clit and nipples.  Trill.   The one after that I linked them together. The one after that I watched because it was fascinating.  Watching her nerves fire, the muscles twitching…fascinating.

My stomach grumbled loud enough that I knew others could hear it. I glanced out the window to see that the he sun was significantly lower. 

“I’m going to clean up a bit. My other pants should be in that large trunk. See if you can find them. I need to eat before I collapse.”

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