Life of a Magus

A new body, a new life

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #cw:violence #D/s #fantasy #furry #multiple_partners #pov:top #ritual_of_the_familiar #sadomasochism

Hello!!  Welcome to another chapter of our story.  We hope that you enjoy it.  Now we begin the smutty fun, the slices of life, and learning what a Magus does once they're now a magus.

A/N all words in italics are private thoughts, and anything between < > is a thought shared between Magus and Familiar


I watched as Lara’lias legs began growing. They reached twice their original length before the flesh began fusing together, her vulva shifting forward, the outer lips plumping, petaling open slightly. With my healers sight I watched her organs shift to support her new physiology.  Bones grew and split and rearranged to support her new tail as it continued growing, wet cracking noises audible. When it reached about three times her original height it stopped, and the scales started forming along its length. 

The scales ran high up what used to be her thighs to her waist, but stopped well short of the new placement of both her vulva and anus.  A gorgeous shimmering green and purple that edged into a yellowish white on her underside.  Her torso haad also lengthened. Looking inside, what appeared to be two new sets of clavicles had formed along with the shoulder blades for each overlapping the one below. 

As her new arms grow, I thought. ‘Mercy? She did promise not to erase me or change me too much. I know the initial change is more sub-consciously directed, but at least she thought about it.  And she did mention the circle by Evon’s Hut, because she knew i hate crowds and attention. ‘

Looking around, I can see I’m in the main square. My clothes? I’m naked in the main square!  Hunching down set off another round of pain from partially healed wounds. Tapping into my new mana pool I cast <general heal> until the pain stopped. Using the blood I tried to form clothes but there wasn't enough, so I compressed and reshaped it. I end up with at least my nipples covered and a ribbon of blood leading down over my privates. 

Lara’lia’s transformation complete. I lean in, putting my mouth by her now pointed ear. “Lara, for now you’re Lara, Now, let's get out of here.”



Pain, as my body began to change, more and more.  Suddenly new feelings flood my mind as my legs suddenly get longer, bones breaking, and yet somehow i knew that this is Her will.  And i can take it, it's what She wants, and i can obey.  i will obey, because that's my purpose now.  And as my toes feel like they're getting numb, new muscles growing as my chest feels odd, i begin sobbing as the spot in my mind, my soul, where my magic was is's gone.  Gone, but not gone...but behind a fence, hidden in mist.  Mine, but not.  It's Hers, and part of me is ecstatic, happy to have served, even as the rest of me howls in anguish.  Dizzy, I fell over, suddenly a new weight on my torso dragging as my new arms waved.  ‘Arms?  i…i have…i have six arms!?!?!’

Changes in me, physical and mental, moved faster, even faster than the feeling of my skin forming into smooth scales.  i could never harm Her, the thought as anathema as a turtle flying.   New arms brough new sensations, as did my tail as it began to curl and i blinked, suddenly tasting the air differently as my tongue was now...i wonder what i looked like.  Her voice was ambrosia and music in my ears, and i somehow understood how this new body works.  Like the Ritual had given me the knowledge because She needed me to know it.  This new body, gifted to me by Her.

Lara.  I'm now Lara.  My battle as Lara'lia was now a dream, something that faded and vanished even as I tried to remember it.  "Yesss, Missstressss", I whispered, my tongue flickering in and out past fangs and turned, the crowd whispering and gasping as I rose up.  Holy hells, my tits are huge, and what's...Feeling Her embarrassment, i blinked.  "I can hold you and keep you covered, Missstresss", i whispered as my tail!?!?!!  Mistress gave me a tail?!?!?!  i knew i had a tail but now it hit me.  Fully hit me.  i looked down at Her as my tail propelled me faster than i could have ever run on two legs.  My vision was different, almost an overlay as I can also somehow sense the heat of everything.  And taste them as my tongue slipped in and out, almost a flicker.


I grabbed an arm as Lara stood and let her pull me up. In an almost angry whisper, I said, “I will not be carried out of here by my familiar.” I squeezed in tight to her and grabbed an arm to pull around and cover myself. 

“There,” pointing. “Grab my bag as we go by.” 

Holding my head up, my hair mostly an ash covered fuzz, fresh pink skin showing through in some places, others still nothing but flaking burnt skin, blood tracks throughout, I led us out of the Circle. 

“Back to my room and then we’ll clean up.”


Letting Her use me to stand, I nodded, bowing in a sinous gesture, something that was somehow ingrained into this new body.  Into me.  "Yesss, Missstresss", i whispered, feeling shame almost as  physical pain at the thought of having disobeyed her.  Moving around her, i quickly grabbed Her bag, smelling odd ingredients and Her scent/taste on it.  Going back to Her side, i slithered, my scales hissing and whispering on the stone as i followed Her.

"Yesss, Missstresss", i whispered.  Around us, the crowd parted, people talking, conversation buzzing.  i could hear them ask “what technique was that?”, and “what kind of spell was able to make a sword, and what did she use?”.  And “what kind of mage fights with a weapon?”


As the buzz of the crowd faded, I leaned into Lara more. Glancing up at the sky. Not even noon. Muttering, “Room, shower, clothes, food.” Leaning into Lara, I raised my voice, “Rest, and getting to know my new familiar.” 

I perked up as we reached the Apprentice dorm. I’m on the second step of the entrance stairs as it hit me and I looked over to Lara. “Stairs? My room is on the third floor.”  Looking down and back along the length of her muscular tail. 

Two students came out of the building, stopped and stared at Lara. Then they glanced at me with a double take as recognition set in. “Solona!” one said, pointing. 

The second wide-eyed student: “What? She’s the healer? You said she couldn’t.” 

“Shhh, shhhh.” Frantically waving and glancing fearfully at Lara.


Somehow knowing how to work this new body, the magic that animated me gave me the knowledge of how to use it.  i somehow knew that unless Mistress didn't want me to know, i'd know this or any other body as easily as if i'd been born to it.  "Yesss, Misstress", i said, as i moved to cover more of Her, knowing her wishes instinctually.  And while i felt that there was some wiggle room, this was easy enough.  The stairs didn't pose a problem, the new body simply balancing my upper body even as my coils moved.  I could feel muscles moving, keeping me upright, and i marveled, and showed Her.  "Not a problem, Missstresss", i said, tongue flickering as i turned, flexing my back and multiple arms to show Her the musculature that now helped keep me upright.  Coiling my tail and moving me up the stairs was as simple as extending, pulling up, and coiling, the length making it easy.

Two Apprentices stopped and looked at Her, and then at me, and then back at Her.  Bloody but unbowed, and clearly possessing a fierce familiar, She was now a Magus.  Above them in almost every way that mattered in magical and mundane society, and i look at them and then at Mistress.  "Your will, Misstress?", i hissed, flexing my arms again and letting my tongue slip out, as  i balanced on coils that slowly moved me from side to side, rising almost eight feet up.  Almost like a snake getting ready to strike.


“Dewal wasn’t the only one looking.” 

I could feel Lara raise up high enough to glare over my head at the two. They stepped back and flattened themselves against the wall. 

Ignoring the two,  I squeezed Lara, “I need to get clean.” I motioned to Lara to open the door, and we walked into the building. Taking a left and up the stairs to the third floor to my room. “Wait.” I tossed the pack into my room and grabbed my toiletries. Exiting, I grabbed a hand and led us to the main baths downstairs. 

Activating the rune for the hot water, it came splashing down onto the floor and into the drain. I released the blood and stepped in as it flowed down the drain. Stepping in, shaking my head to get the worst of the ash out, I could feel the charred skin flake off and slide down. My back tightened with the scars. 

Back over my shoulder, I said, “Wash me.”

Using the magic at my disposal now, I cast  <scan> on myself and with my new control I target the healing.


"Yesss, Missstressss", i hissed, following Her.  The bliss that Her touch gave was enough to make a small ripple of....hmmm.  Odd.  i opened the door for Her, and followed, making sure not to crowd Her.  i waited for Her, and then took her hand, following Her.  Even this simple touch is enough to bring bliss, a deep seated feeling of rightness.  This is what i'm now made for, to serve Her, and the magic wants me to enjoy serving Her.  Or perhaps She was kind and wanted me to enjoy it.  Either way, it felt good.  i followed, unconcerned with any of the other students who looked, and began whispering.

i gazed with awe, knowing Mistress could feel it through the Bond as she let the blood go.  So strong...such an interesting power.  "Yessss, Misstress", i hissed, one hand taking the soap, two taking sponges and clothes.  Reverently, i began to wash Her, overjoyed to be able to obey.  The water felt good against my front, but the scales on my tail now...I can't feel the water like i did, but I can smell/taste it in the air, i can feel the pressure.  So many new sensations and feelings….Wincing as She hissed, i bowed my head, wet hair narrowing my vision.  "i'm sssorry, Missstressss", I whispered.  "i'm sssorry i hurt you."  Regret and pain filled the Bond, my heart breaking at the thought that I'd caused this.  That I’d hurt Her.


“Umm…not your fault. Those cuts were deep. Having to basically heal them from the inside outward, which pushes the scar tissue and”.   Shifting my back to show her, “Sand and gravel? Lots of sand.” The sand is quickly expelled and vanishes down the drain but the gravel takes longer to exit my skin along with the scar tissue. 

Minutes later another shudder traveled through me as the last piece of gravel was expelled from my back. I stretched and shifted again. “Think that’s all.” With Lara so close, my back pushed against her breasts. “Oh.”  Realization hit. I’m alive and I’ve got a familiar. 

Spinning around, I grabbed Lara and pulled her close, giving her a quick hug. Looking up I noticed her mouth partially open, “Ah, you got fangs. And your ears.” Reaching up I slide my right thumb from across the top of her ear from her head all the way to the pointed tip and watched her shudder. 

I cupped her breast with my left hand. Wait is that? Ears forgotten for the moment. “Your nipples, they’re almost the same color as your scales.”

Circling her areolas with the fingers of my right hand, I saw it, and her nipples, visibly darken.


"Thank you, Missstresss", i said, feeling better now that She didn't blame me.  And i knew that the stars would burn to cinders before i'd ever hurt Her again.  "You're a ssstrong Healer, Missstresss.  i knew that before, but ssseeing it is...impresssive."  i kept washing Her, going  over Her back as debris spilled from her skin.  Each touch just felt…i didn’t have words for it.  As She backed up, she pressed into me, and i smiled at the simple contact.  Then Missstresss hugged me, and a set of arms hugged her back, my eyes fluttering closed as Mistress played with my ear, which was apparently a new..."Oohhhhhhh", i breathed, feeling all sorts of new feelings, a shudder running through me, even into my tail.

" made me, Missstresss.  The Ritual...this issss all based on....mmmmm....Your wishessss and needssss, Missstresss", i panted.  My upper arms went out, holding onto the walls of the stall so that I could stay put, letting Mistress inspect me as She wished.


Giddy with excitement, I played with Lara. Spreading her arms and examining between. How her tail flared out as it reached her hips and the scales climbed the sides without obscuring the front or the back. 

Minutes later, having worked my way down.

I ran my finger along her outer lips, from bottom to top and back. Feeling them plump up. I spread them open and her inner lips are the same color as her nipples. Yes. Running one finger between the lips I watched her clit expand, growing erect. That as well. Breathing over it, “I like that”, as Lara shuddered.

Standing I quickly deactivated the water rune. Stepping out and around her. “I should have some scissors and a comb in my bag.” Reaching up to ruffle my hair, I felt its varied length and how burnt it is in places, even close to my scalp. 

“Cut it all. Then, I’ll grow it out and you can even it off." ‘Need a new look anyway’


i could feel Her excitement as She touched me, spreading my arms and bringing my tail closer for Her to examine.  Preening under Her gaze, i nearly lost my grip on the sides of the shower as She began to examine the cunt she made for me.  FAR more responsive than it was before (i think), or possibly just far more responsive to Her.  i'm not sure...but Mistress hasn't erased me, She's letting me think, and that's something i appreciate immensely.  And i have my memories, which is more than most familiars get,

My lips petaled open at Her touch, arousal making me moan, another moan filling the as Her breath on my clit ignites nerve endings.  Pride/happiness/submission.  I could taste/smell myself as my tongue lashed out quickly.  "Thank you, Missstresss."  Looking at her, I noded and grabbed the bag and the scissors.  "Yesss, Missstresss", as I began to carefully cut Mistress's hair.  Using two hands to gently move Her head, I'm soon done.  "All finished, Misstresss", I say, feeling pride in a job well done.


Running my fingers through my hair, I headed to a mirror. Short, really short on the sides. ‘Lets grow that middle section out, oh a fingers length or so, and sweep it to one side.‘

Leaning toward the mirror for a closer look. I could see the roots are lighter, almost like Lara’lia’s hair. I think. Mine were never that color. 

Lost in thought, I started gathering everything back up. I handed Lara the bag and took the robe she held out. Taking one of her nipples in each hand, I squeezed and tugged. They still hadn’t faded completely from earlier. 

‘I could see making her a quivering mess permanently. All magus use their familiars, but some keep theirs in an almost permanent estrus. I can see the appeal, but I’d want her back, eventually.’ 

Stepping back, I pulled her along with me. Watching around her as her tail slithered back and forth. Reaching the door, I released my hold and spun around causing the robe to fly open. 

“Eeep!!!!” There are people in the hallway and room beyond!!! Lots of people. Grabbing the sides of the robe I clasped it shut. Deep breath to calm down. “To the room.” Everything seemed to stop as we stepped fully into the hallway.  I took one of Lara’s lower hands and placed it on my shoulder, knowing she’d rear up. A scary sound rumbled from over my shoulder.  Suddenly there is a clear path through the hallway.

I took the stairs slowly, not running or trying to blend into the background. Letting their comments roll off me.  A couple more spellsharks, a few residents, but most of the students were here to clean out their old room, or the old room of their new familiar. 


i watched as Mistress looked at the mirror,  Her hair growing as i watched.  i can feel her using magic, almost like this odd pulling sensation.  But it made me feel good, knowing that i could help and be useful.  Like i have a purpose.  I'm tugged out of my reverie by Mistress who pulled on my nipples, the answering jolt of bliss enough ro make my eyes open wide, coils slapping the floor as i moaned.  "Missstresss!!! Feelssss good!!!", I moan. Torso swaying as She uses them as a leash to pull me along, we exited the room.

Following Her, i could feel Her embarrassment and nod at Her, then I reared up again.  Releasing a loud hiss/roar, everyone got the hint and suddenly moved away.  i'd taken a class called Familiar 101 when i had realized that i'd have to care for a familiar, and i knew that Magii were responsible for any damages or harm that their familiar caused.  But these other students had no idea that i knew that, or that since i knew it, Mistress knew.

Slowly following Mistress down the hallway, I took up as much room as was needed to keep Mistress unbothered.  "Missstresss, i jussst remembered.  My old now own all my old sssstuff."

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