In the Vines of Magic

Adora makes a friend

by Hopeschains

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good morning, all you wonderful sophonts!!!!  I hope that you're having an awesome day!!!  Enjoy this offering I leave to you, and feel free to drop me a comment since they give me life!!!

A few ‘days’ later

Adora stood in the kitchen, twisting her hands nervously.  Miss Alystra was due to arrive soon with her mageling, who Ivy assured her was excited to meet her.  It had been a wonderful few days, if Adora was being honest.  The working out was not only fun, but it was a really good way to get her tension out.  Ivy continued to insist that she be fed while being held, with those silly taps.  Adora would have protested some more, but the way that Ivy rewarded her for behaving was just too good to pass up.  Her studies had progressed to the point where Ivy had told her that she didn't need the mask anymore.  No, she was now able to calm her mind so well that Ivy had instituted some new training methods.

For one thing, Ivy started playing music during her training sessions.  And secondly…well, this was the part that made her blush and nearly get another punishment.  She now knelt, during her training, on a pillow that seemed even softer than before.  But that wasn't the end.  As she knelt, it changed, engulfing her knees as it flowed up.  A long dildo slid inside her as the pillow changed shape.  Something attached itself over her clit and her rosebud, and each time she was able to empty her mind, they would lick her until she was a writhing mess.  Squealing, begging to cum, shuddering as she was denied. 

 So it turned out that Miss Alystra was NOT dressing her magepet, and Ivy had decided that she wouldn't be getting clothing.  But Ivy had grinned after having some sort of magical conversation with Alystra.  "So her magepet is further along, and working on her telekinesis.  She'll have some gear on….so I'll have you in yours as well."  So she was wearing the Fifty Shades straps, and blushing the whole time.  She stood there, fussing, trying to pick at straps that were not budging from her skin.  Like that ‘silencer’ thing that she’d had in her mouth when she got here, these seemed like they’d been made part of her skin, even though she knew that they weren’t.  

Ivy had done her pet's hair up in a pet's style, her vines tugging and pulling as they wove, the feeling alone enough to make her pet swoon.  And swoon she had, laying there with glazed eyes as Ivy cooed, a few vines doing nothing but gently squeezing her pet's neck in what was now becoming a familiar rhythm.  “There’s my good girl”, she’d cooed.  And as her pet squirmed and gasped, Ivy decided to play with her a bit more, happy that she’d gotten her into Leandra’s Corset  first, so she didn’t have to worry about silly things like stopping just to edge her pet.  She could play with her until the stars burned out and her pet wouldn’t cum.  Couldn’t cum.  Ivy tore herself from the recollection and smiled.  “They’ll be here any moment, pet”, she said, and watched as Adora looked up, excited.

The front door shivered as someone knocked, and a loud BONG filled the air.  Adora looked up excitedly, wondering when they’d gotten a front door, and watched as Ivy walked over and opened the front door.  A bit of a trilling language and then Ivy was stepping back, ushering another vine-made being inside.  “Welcome, Alystra.  Enter freely of your own will and leave some of the happiness that you bring”, Ivy said as Adora blushed.  Miss Alystra was pretty, but that wasn’t why she was blushing.  On her chest was another girl, moaning and strapped in like she had been when Ivy brought her here.

No…not like her.  This girl had straps across her chest and shoulders, above and below her breasts.  Framing them.  Her eyes were closed, moaning as Miss Alystra walked, due to the large vine-cock that was supporting her lower half by being buried inside her, in addition to the support that she got from her legs being stuck in Miss Alystras vines.  Adora blushed as she saw the size of…’Oh damn..that thing must be hitting her lungs’, she thought.  ‘And where are her arms?’  THAT was answered as Miss Alystra lifted her up.  The vines around her chest slithered off, the girl moaning as they did, but the ones around her shoulders and one over her tits didn’t.  Which is when Adora realized that must be the gear that Ivy was saying.  Miss Alystra held her, nuzzling her for a bit, the girl laughing after she slowly became more aware of her surroundings, and then nodded.  

“Yes, Mistress.  I can stand”, she said clearly, and then was put down.  She turned, and saw Miss Ivy's new magepet looking at her.  And she was gorgeous.  Wearing…oh, was that Leandras Corset?  So she was new into her training, then.  Blue hair turning to green done in criss-crossing braids…very pretty.  And the rest of her was as well.  “Hi!!!  I’m Faye, it’s nice to meet you!!”, she said excitedly.  “I’d shake your hand, but…well”, and she shrugged.  “But you can hug me if you’d like”, she said helpfully.

Adora was a bit confused.  Why couldn’t she…..oh.  Faye had turned around and had shown off the gear she was wearing.  It looked like a sleeve that was covering her from elbow to elbow, holding her arms together.  “Does that hurt?”, she asked.

“This?  No, not at all!!  Mistress enchanted it for long term wear.  I could wear this for a century and wouldn’t even notice.”  Faye smiled as she spoke, and sighed lustily as she looked back.  

Adora followed her eyes and blinked.  Ivy had become her succubus form, and Miss Alystra….well, she had become something…different.  Miss Alystra now bore the form of a  very tall, slim woman with long silver hair. A VERY PRETTY very tall, very slim woman.  “I am SO gay,” was whispered with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer on porcelain.  Miss Alystra’s skin was pale, her eyes vibrant pools of silver.  She was naked, her voluptuous body gleaming with jewelry.  Blue stones gleamed on her silver bracelets, on her rich silver necklace, on her silver earrings and piercings in her delicately pointed ears as well.  Her large, impala-like gray horns also had rings on them with blue stones glimmering, as did her nipple rings.  Adora squeaked and turned away, blushing as Miss Alystra caught her staring and slowly cocked an eyebrow.

“Your new pet seems to be blushing quite a bit”, Alystra said to Ivy.  “It’s flattering, but is she looking at you or me?”

Does it matter?”, Ivy asked.  “What matters is that she’s all flustered.  Isn’t it cute?”  Alystra nodded, and then fixed both magepets with a wicked smile.  And  grinned as both blushed.  “Girls, why don’t you go see Adoras room?”, Ivy asked.

“Faye, my darkling, you know the rules”, Alystra said.  “Feel free to repeat them for me, and for Adora.  I don’t want you getting in trouble because she doesn't know what she’s not allowed to do.  And neither do you.”

“Yes, Mistress”, Faye said, blushing.  “My cunt and my pleasure belongs to Mistress.  If I want to cum, I need her permission.  I’m not allowed to use my hands for anything.  If I want to eat, I must use my magic, or ask to be fed.  Furniture is for people, not pets, and I am a pet.”

“Well done, my darkling.  Well, scamper off, you two!!! Have fun!!!”, Alystra said, shooing them off.  “Go do whatever it is that little magepets do!!”  

Ivy added, “Just not each other!!!”, with a grin.

Adora blushed as she led Faye towards her room, hearing Miss Alystra ask, “So, how’s her training coming along?”  She wasn’t quite sure WHY she was feeling shy about it.  If Faye was using the power of her mind to lift things, then she was certainly much more advanced than she.  AND she was naked, whereas Adora was busy wearing this collection of leathery duct tape.  “So…umm…This is my room.  Bed, pillows…Can you sit on a beanbag?  It’s not a chair, it’s a beanbag…and those…umm..I still have no idea what that thing is”, she said, pointing at this weird bicycle-seat looking thing.  “We can watch something, but I have so many questions!!”  Adora cocked her head, confused as Faye blushed when she saw the bicycle thing.  “Do you know what that is?”

Faye nodded, squirming.  “I..umm….you’ll know what it’s for when you need to.  Let’s just say that…umm…yea”, she said, and knelt gracefully down, to sit crosslegged.  “I don’t want to take a chance on the beanbag chairs.  The last time I assumed I was wrong and I don’t need that punishment ever again.  No..I'll just stay here.  Or we can go into your little cute nest, if you’d like.”  She looked over at a pillow and frowned.  The pillow rose up shakily, and after moving about four inches towards Faye dropped as Faye gasped and shook her head.  

“You ok?  Do you…umm…Do you want me to just bring it over?”, Adora  asked, and was a bit surprised when Faye shook her head.

“I don’t know Miss Ivy’s training methods, but if she’s anything like Mistress, then she’s very much a ‘here’s the tools you need, now keep working until you get it and you can ask for advice but I believe in you.’  All with a pat on the head, and with being made to repeat my Mantra.”  She smiled.  “I’ll get it in the end.”

“Yea, she’s kind of like that.  Umm…What’s your Mantra?”, Adora asked,

“Ahhh.  Well, it changed once I was able to cast a spell.  At first it was “As I have a Master, I shall master my Magic.”  Then it was, “A spell requires will, focus, and thought.  I will have all, or none.” “  Faye smiled as she remembered something.  “THAT one took me a while…I was reciting it so long that I actually said it one morning instead of ‘good morning’, if you can believe it.  Recently it became ‘I have the tools and the will.  I can do it.’  It’s nice that She believes in me, you know?”

Adora nodded.  Then she asked the burning question that was on her mind.  "So what's it like?  You know…to use magic?"

"It's the coolest thing.  Hard, because you need to train your mind.  But once you get the hang of it?  There's almost nothing like it."  Faye smiled.  "But enough about the boring stuff.  Tell me more about you.  How did you come to be here, and how are you liking it?”

Adora blushed, and ducked her head.  “I…I found this book.  At a garage sale, and it looked interesting so I bought it and brought it home.  And then one thing led to another and here i am.  It’s…ummm”, and she blushed, waving to herself.  “It’s been a interesting ride.  The training is…ummm”, and she blushed.

“Oh yes.  The training is”, and Faye shuddered as a flashback hit.  “It gets..umm…pretty intense.”  She swallowed hard, and then smiled.  “A garage sale.  I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never been to one.  Are they fun?”

“Never been to one?”, Adora asked, confused.  “Ever?”

“Adora, how old do you think I am?”

Adora looked at her, confused.  “I don’t know…twenty four?  Twenty three, maybe?  Let me guess, you're really sixty four?”, and didn’t understand why Faye was giggling.

“The Book you spoke of was called ‘Il libro dell'ombra vivente e delle arti invisibili’, and just speaking its name in front of certain people was enough to get you hauled before your Confessor.  Robert the Third had just ascended the Throne of Scotland, and Ottoman Turks were sweeping through the land, conquering everything in their path.”  She smiled as Adora looked at her, head cocked in an angle of confusion.  “My Majordomo brought me a trader of rare spellbooks who sold me this book in the Year of Our Lord One thousand three hundred and ninety.”

“’re…umm…”, Adora blinked as Faye laughed, trying to do the math.  “You’re over six hundred years old?!?!?!”, she said as Faye laughed.  “What???  How??? Girl, you don’t look a day over twenty three!!!!”

“Magic, you silly”, Faye said, giggling.  “Not just mine, but Mistress’s.  She keeps me young, just like yours will as well.  When She says that she’s going to keep me forever, she means it.”

Outside the room, the two immortal spirits spoke, all while shamelessly eavesdropping on their pets.  “She seems to be coming along nicely”, Alystra said to Ivy.  “I like what you did with those tattoos on her wrists.  Control?”

“Oh yes.  She’s a delight.  A bit of a brat, and I’m going to enjoy letting that side flourish…carefully.  Taming brats is always such a delight.  Speaking of”, and Ivy held up her hand, swirling her fingers and a spell-form took shape.  She held it up for Alystra’s approval, who inspected it carefully, eyebrows rising, and then she nodded.  With a single word, the form evaporated, the magic taking shape and flooding through the apartment.  Ivy snickered, a sound that was echoed by Alystra.  

“Really, I can’t believe that you’re stooping to such measures, Ivy”, Alystra said in mock horror and disapproval.  As if she wasn’t going to enjoy every single step of this.

“Well, it’s not my fault.  I’m just helping things along.  Ok, maybe I AM at fault.    But you know we’re going to enjoy what happens”, Ivy said with a grin.  Then the conversation moved on to the next item, which turned out to be a different spirit actually freeing their pet, who then took their newfound freedom and forced their old Master to take them again.  “Just goes to show you that magepets don’t want freedom.  Not if they’re trained the right way, and if they aren’t, then they need to be taken away from that spirit and re-broken.”  Alystra agreed, and then they began to discuss training techniques.

I hope that you all enjoy this little bit of Adoras adventure!!  Let me know what you think.  don't forget to drink your water, take your meds, and get some sleep.

Remember:  There's magic in the universe, and it's you.


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