In the Vines of Magic

More training leads to...more training

by Hopeschains

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“Do I have to?”, Adora asked as Ivy pulled out the Fredericks of Hollywood reject.  “I mean, if that thing is supposed to take away my sense of touch, then why bother doing the tongue thing?”

“Good question!!  It actually blocks all touch that I specifically don’t let you have.  And since it’s a creation of the clerics of Leandra, it’s also impossible to cum while wearing it.  And you look good in it and I like seeing it on you”, Ivy said and smiled as Adora blushed.  “So come on over here and we can get it on you, darkling.”

Adora blushed again but stepped up as Ivy opened up the collar first and slipped it around her neck.  Once the collar was secure, Adora lifted up her arms and basically stood there as Ivy slipped her into the straps.  Tightening and adjusting them, she blushed when Ivy passed them over her crotch, the straps framing her labia.  Which wasn’t…’Get your mind out of the gutter, bitch!!!’  She blinked, and saw Ivy watching her with a smirk.  “Umm…everything ok over there?”, she asked.

“You know, dealing with intrusive thoughts like that is part of what this training is supposed to be helping you with”, ivy said as she tightened a strap.  “So the better your training goes, the easier a time you’ll have focusing and accessing your power when it's time.”  Once she was done, she turned back and smiled at Adora, turning her around with a single vine on her shoulder.  Her pet really WAS quite pretty, and even prettier with this on.  Ivy was strongly tempted to simply leave it on, but that was merely an idle daydream.  For now.  Conjuring the cuffs again, she smiled as Adora showed how her training was progressing and merely lifted her hands up.  

Adora was cuffed, and then blushed as she was gently put on her knees, the pillow under her so she was comfortable.  Once Ivy put the chain through the stanchion, she brought the hood over.  Adora looked up and sighed.  “Do I really still need that?”, and watched as Ivy nodded.  “Yes, my little mageling.  You’re nowhere near the place you need to be to maintain the level of clarity while not wearing this.  Eventually you’ll get there, but until then, you very much need it.  Don’t worry”, she said, lifting it and guiding onto Adoras head.  “The onlyfans pics will make some nice money”, as Adora looked up with surprise and began to yell.  Ivy giggled, and tapped Adora on the head.  “Because you’ve been doing so well,  I’m going to give you your sense of smell and taste back, ok?”

Adora heard Ivy, and then suddenly was able to smell again.  Licking her lips, she was able to taste again.  A sweet smell suddenly invaded her world, delicious and fragrant, the same thing she smelled last time.  And it was distracting.  Licking her lips again, she could taste strawberry jelly on her lips.  And she knew that Ivy was making a point.  If she couldn’t focus past this, then how could she clear her mind of everything else?

Adora knelt there.  She wasn’t sure how long she’d been there, the smell and the taste not going anywhere.  It made sense that Ivy wouldn’t give her something that she could just lick or swallow away.  She blinked and tried sending her mind to that place.  And she failed, miserably.  The scent was there, and the more she tried to NOT pay attention to it, the more she could smell it everywhere.  But she refused to give up.  Nope.  nope nope nope.  She was going to keep going.  

Ivy sat there and watched Adora.  Occasionally using her magic to heal and bolster her pets body, keeping it fed.  Time was subject to her will, so why not let her pet keep going until she felt she was done?  The ultimate in student-driven learning.  AND it would help boost her self esteem.

Failed attempt after failed attempt.  Adora was starting to get frustrated.  And that was upsetting since she SO wanted to succeed.  Getting fed up, she gritted her teeth, panting as her frustration grew.  Which is when she realized that she hadn’t been using her Mantra at all.  She felt stupid using it, but if it helped, then she’d try.  The first couple of repetitions were just…well, they certainly didn’t work.  But once she got into that rhythm that had worked before, she was pleasantly surprised to feel that tongue one again begin licking her.  Huh.  Maybe Ivy was onto something with that Mantra business.  Moaning as the pleasure grew, she whimpered when it left, but that just let her know that she was doing the right thing.

She didn’t know how long it took, but it didn’t matter.  It took as long as it took.  Eventually she got it, each time she felt the tongue on her cunt was a reward that she savored.  Soon it was staying for longer and longer.  She struggled to contain her pride, and after failing three times, she succeeded.  Moaning, she felt the tongue begin to lick her star, and not stop, just as she was getting close enough to feel the impending orgasm.  Something was blocking it, not allowing her to cum.  She was so close, it was right there!!!   “Noooooooo!!!!!!”, she howled, not wanting to get edged again.  She needed to cum, damnit!!!

She knelt there, ready to sob with frustration.  As her arousal slowly began to fade, she began to prepare to do her exercises again.  Maybe if she was good, maybe if she did them well, Ivy would let her cum.  She was edged another three times before her exercises were over.  Before she felt like she was done, her energy gone and the frustration making her shake.

A tap on her shoulder was the only indication that the session was done for today, and as her hood came off, she looked up at Ivy.  “Please”, she said, frantic with need.  “Don’t stop….come on, Ivy, you don’t….Please”, she begged.  “I need to cum so badly, please”, she whimpered in a broken voice.

Now THAT was a delightful sound, her pet begging.  And there was going to be quite a bit of that before she let her pet have the gift of an orgasm.  But not yet.  “Hmmm…have you given thought to the two questions I gave you the other day?”, Ivy asked her as she carefully laid her down.  Patting her hips, Ivy said, “Up, pet”, and then slipped a pillow under them in such a way that her pets hips were off the ground.  No sense letting her hump into the floor, even if Leandras straps prevented her from orgasm.  She wasn’t cruel enough to let her pet try to cum for hours.  Not yet, anyways.

“The…umm…which questions?”, Adora asked, and then moaned as skilled hands began to massage her legs.  They were sore and aching now, like she’d been kneeling for a week.  She didn’t care if she WAS kneeling for a week, she needed to cum so badly.

“The ones I gave you at breakfast, darkling.  Have you forgotten already?”, Ivy asked, smiling.  Well, she thought, it HAD been almost two days as humans measured time.  Her pet simply hadn’t noticed because there were no clocks and time was subject to Ivy’s will, like everything else.  

“No, sorry.  I don’t remember.  Can you remmmmmm”, she moaned as Ivy’s fingers found a knot and kneaded it, releasing it in a shower of bliss.  “Umm…re..remind me?”, she panted.

“Of course, my little mageling.  “The first question is ‘What is magic?’  and the second is “What is magic for?”

“Oh…umm…no.  Haven’t, to..mmm…be honest.”  Forget the Jackhammer of Souls.  Ivy’s fingers were treasures of the physical world and needed to be protected, Adora decided.  This was amazing, and if she could  get this every time she had this training, then this wouldn’t be so bad.

“Ahhh.  Well, to be honest, once you can answer the first question, you’ll get a reward.  Something that you will enjoy very very much.  I promise”, Ivy assured her.

“Is it The Force?”, Adora asked, slightly hopeful.  Ivy started laughing, but in a delighted way.

“THAT….is not a bad answer.  It’s not correct, but it’s not a bad answer.  The ability to manipulate an energy field created by all matter, sentient or not, is not a bad way to think of magic, but it’s not true.  It’s a small part of it.  Space wizards though the Sith and Jedi may be, they aren’t real.  Real, or real Wizards.  But the Sith were far better at their business than the Jedi.  So…try again.  BUT….that was a good effort.  So you get a treat.”

“A treat?  Better not be some milk bone or something”, she said, laughing at the thought.

“Oh no, darling.  Something way better.”  Ivy snapped her fingers, and leather straps slithered over Adoras body.  Adora squealed as they moved, covering her in criss-crossing ties.  When they were done, Adora stood there.  The leather straps wrapped around her crotch, covering everything as they became a pair of hipster panties, slid up to cup her breasts even as a strap went over her nipples, but was thin enough that it left her areolas visible, then climbed up to connect to a halter-style neck.  “There.  You wanted clothing, and now you have it.  For a time, anyways.  How’s that?”, Ivy said.

Adora was delighted.  ANY clothing was better than no clothing, even something that she was sure was also some kind of fetishwear.  But she didn't care.   A mirror shimmered into existence and she squeaked as she looked into it.  It looked good.  Like REALLY good.  “This is amazing!!! Thanks!!!!”, she squealed as she went to hug Ivy.  And that’s when she felt it.  Something was rubbing her clit and her nipples at the same time as she moved.  “Holy shitballs”, she gasped, bliss lighting up her mind as she stumbled, Ivy catching her.

“So…do they meet your approval?”, Ivy said with a nice wide smile.  “And they’re lined with Fleece of Lyrelle, so you don’t have to worry about having an orgasm you’re not allowed to.  But I’m guessing you know that already  You could run a marathon in this and not cum”, she said brightly, ignoring the way that Adora whined.  “Well, if you could make it more than a dozen feet before you fell to your knees trying to touch yourself.  Anyways, I’m gonna go make supper.  Since you’ve been good, I’ll let you have some free time to go do whatever it is that you want.  Read, watch some tv, mindlessly hump a pillow, whatever.  It’s your time, darkling.”  She gently took Adoras shoulder and led her from the Altar chamber and through the lab, Adora moaning and keening the whole time.  Hands scrabbled uselessly at the straps, Ivy letting her paw at them.  It wasn’t like she could actually lift them.  Adora would have an easier time trying to lift a planet than the straps.  

Every few steps she paused, panting as she moaned.  Ivy decided that this was going to be her new favorite reward for the girl.  Maybe.  She still had so many other toys.... 

Closing the door to the lab behind her, Ivy gave Adora a gentle pat on her butt.  “Ok, now.  Go have fun!!”  Then she walked off to the kitchen, debating what to cook.  Leaving Adora in the hallway to do what she wanted.

Adora stared at Ivy’s back as she walked away, and then gave in to the need.  But first it took her what felt like a month to walk to her room, since every time she moved that Fleece stuff rubbed her exactly the right way.  Diving onto a beanbag chair, she first tried prying the straps away from her cunt.  THAT didn’t work.  They were safety glued on or magically stapled to her or something.  Same thing with the nipple covering breast band.  She tried rubbing herself through the leather and dissolved into a puddle of moans when that worked spectacularly well.  She still couldn’t climax, held on the edge, but she could feel.

Ivy grinned from the kitchen.  Seemed like her pet was enjoying her new clothing.  “Play nicely”, she called back, and went back to frying Adoras dinner.

Adora didn’t hear her, she was too busy rubbing herself through the leather.  Moaning, she switched position, rolling to all fours as she panted, and then realized that she could get the same position AND have fun if she swung her hips.  Rutting into the leather panties, the Fleece rubbing her, she moaned even louder.  Hanging on the edge, unable to climax, no matter how hard she tried.  She had no idea how she could make it happen, but it felt so good.  Frustrating, but so good.

“Adora, dinner is ready”, Ivy called.  There was no answer, other than a loud moan.  Ivy giggled and walked to her magelings bedroom, which was really her bedroom simply on another level of reality, the two superimposed on one another like layers of cellophane to create art.  Not that Adora needed to know that.  Looking in, she saw a wonderful sight.  Her pet, on all fours, eyes closed as she rutted, pelvis rocking back and forth as she enjoyed the fleece.  Completely lost in the pleasure and the need to orgasm.  ‘Best part is the Fleece will soak up all that slick so she doesn’t make a mess.  AND delight dear Lyrelle.  Two for the price of one.’  Ivy walked over, and quietly knelt next to Adora, the lovely magepets eyes glazed over as she rutted.  “No thoughts, only obedience”, she whispered.  Letting that sink in, she waited a bit, letting Adora have more fun before standing and gently tapping her forehead three times.  “Come up for me, darkling.”

She had no idea how long it was, but Ivy was suddenly there in front of her, smiling at her.  “Dinner is ready”, she said.  Adora nodded, panting, mewling with need as she rolled over, unsure how she’d gotten onto her back.   

“Well, it seems like you certainly had some fun with that, Adora”, Ivy said happily as she brushed Adoras waist length green hair, then twisted it up into a ponytail.  “Now, I'll give you a minute to compose yourself, and then we can go have dinner.”  

Adora nodded, and tried to relax.  “Umm…this is”, and she mewled as she tried to stand and the fleece rubbed her.  “This is…ohhhh”, as her eyelids closed for a second.  “This is going to be really..umm…mmmm…distracting.  I..can…can you take it away?”

“Darling, the fleece isn’t going to go away.  If you’re wearing clothing, then you’ll be wearing the fleece”, Ivy answered, watching Adora carefully.  “Or at least an item with the fleece in it.”

“No…not that.  Umm…can…can you just take everything?  It’s…it’s too much and it’s distracting.  REALLY distracting”, she said, and then she was swept up into arms that were made of vines.  

“Good girl!!!!  Oh, such a good little mageling!!!!”, Ivy cried out as she hugged her little pet.  “Of course I can, I'm so proud of you!!!!”  A wave of a hand had the straps slithering off of Adora and vanishing into the space she kept all her toys.  A blink had Adora cleaned up, so she wouldn’t be dripping everywhere.  And as an afterthought she dialed her arousal levels down to normal levels.

“Umm…what…Not that i’m complaining cuz i like praise as much as the next girl, but..umm…what did I do?”, a thoroughly confused Adora said.

“You realized that something would have been too stimulating for you and you asked for it to be removed!!!  Good girl!!!!”  Ivy squealed and hugged the girl again, and cooed as she ran fingers through her hair.  Petting her like one would pet a cat.  Or a cute little kitten.  Hmmm, maybe Adora would look good with kitten ears…..  “Let’s go have dinner, how does that sound?”, she asked, picking the girl up.

“Sure that sounds…you know I can walk, right?”, she asked as Ivy walked into the kitchen.  Where a plate of some of the most amazing food awaited her.

“Oh, I know.  I just like holding you.”  Ivy smiled as she sat down at the table, tucked a napkin around her magelings neck, and began to cut the food.  “Chicken fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans almondine.  How does that sound?”

“That sounds amazing and it smells delicious”, she said, and squirmed a bit as Ivy sat down.  “I…I can eat myself, Ivy”, she said, blushing again.

“Of course you can”, Ivy said in a tone that said that she did NOT, in fact, believe that statement at all.  Cutting a piece, and lifting it up, she said, “You should blow o—-” and watched as Adora snapped her head forward and ate the piece.  Immediately she opened her mouth as she yelled “asshefasheasheashefash”, blowing on the food in her mouth and cooling it off before she chewed and swallowed.  “And that was what, exactly?”

“That was me being really excited to eat something”, Adora said, now realizing what it looked like.  A sip of water, and then she blushed as she saw Ivy looking at her, giving her the look.

“And burning your mouth at the same time?  See, this just proves my point”, Ivy said, sounding exasperated but quite happy with the way things turned out.  Not she that had forced Adoras hand, per se, but she just happened to know what her pet would do and arranged it so that it would happen.  “Honestly, I don’t know how you managed without me, but it’s a good thing I'm here”, she said as she seated Adora firmly in her vines.  Cutting another piece, she  blew on it, and then lifted it up to Adora.  


Adora fussed, but her mouth opened as soon as she felt the tap.  The next tap had her mouth closing and she chewed, moaning at the taste and texture.  The sauce was creamy with the perfect bit of peppery bite, the steak soft and perfectly fried.  It was divine.  That was the only word for it.


Mashed potatoes, fluffy and warm, perfectly seasoned with salt and a touch of garlic.  Heaven.  


Green beans, soft-crisp, a hint of nutty flavor.


Each time she was tapped, she would open or close her mouth, moaning as she was fed and Ivy gently played with her nipples.  Rewarding her for eating nicely.  The food was done far too quickly, with Adora pouting as she was set down.  

“I’m sorry, darling.  I didn’t make desert, but we can have desert tomorrow if you’re good”, Ivy said with a smile.  It was obvious that Adora wanted more.  But she was going to have to learn that she got what Ivy wanted her to have and nothing more.  “Why don’t you get some reading done, or some recreation before bed, hmm?  We have a big day coming up in a  few days and I want you to be prepared.”

“A big day?  What kind of big day?”, Adora asked suspiciously.  “Like a test or something?”

“What?  Oh goodness, no!!  My friend Alystra is coming to visit and she’s going to be bringing HER magepet over, so I figured it would be a nice chance for you to spend some time together.  Does that sound like fun?”

“Wait…I get to spend time with someone else?  Another person..umm…I mean another human?”, Adora asked, excited now.  “Umm…do…Do I get clothing?”, she asked.  

“Hmmm…that’s a good question”, Ivy said, tapping her chin.  “Maybe.  I’ll ask Alystra if she’s going to dress her mageling or not.  I wouldn’t want you to be clothed and her mageling not, then she’d feel bad.  Can’t have that, right?”, she said.

“I guess not”, Adora said, still blushing.  “But..umm..maybe if YOU give me clothes, then maybe Alystra will dress her mageling?”

“Hmmm…I’ll ask her.  But darkling, you’ll address her as Miss Alystra.  Understand?  Propriety is very important to some of my kin, and Alystra is one of them.  Understood?”

“Yea, I get ya.  Umm…Imma watch some tv and then go to sleep”, Adora said, and watched as Ivy got up, and stepped close, gently caressing her cheek with a hand.  

“Have a good sleep, darkling.  I’ll stop in and tuck you in later, ok?”, Ivy said and watched as Adora blushed and squirmed.  “Is everything ok?” 

“Ok, gonna go”, Adora said, and practically ran from the room, completely missing Ivy’s smile.  Reaching her room, she threw herself onto a beanbag chair, enjoying the bounce, and landed on her back.  Wiggling to get herself comfortable, she grabbed the remote and turned the tv on.  Flipping channels, amazed that Ivy was able to get every single channel including brand new movies that hadn’t been released, but not surprised by almost anything anymore.  After watching the first three Terminator movies, Adora was feeling a bit tired.  She closed her eyes for a moment, and the next thing she knew, she was being lifted up by strong vines.  

“Shhh, darkling.  Just me”, Ivy crooned, lifting her magepet up.  Gently putting her down in bed, Ivy covered her up, cooing as she burrowed deeper into her little nest.  “Sleep well, my little mageling”, Ivy said and saw Adora smile and nod before drifting off to sleep again.  Then Ivy vanished, off to her lab to get some more research done.

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