GreyFalcon (@GreyFalcon)

Hiya to all! I've been writing for my own enjoyment for some time but at the urging of an acquaintance I've decided to start editing and uploadign some of my stories her for others to lay eyes on. I primarily enjoy hypnosis and brainwashing, drone and robot transformation in whatever form that may take, petrification, romantic and consensual/dubcon situations. I also like having queer characters take prominent roles in my stories.

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Entangled Heart
by GreyFalcon
(6387 words)
#dollification #dom:male #fantasy #personality_change #sub:female #urban_fantasy (click to see all tags) #fae #magic #objectification #puppet #romance #self_hypnosis

Olive and Ray are students at a college taking a magic elective program. While Ray works hard to make a puppet that can dance on its own, Olive begins to wonder if she could use magic to change herself in order to win his heart. But perhaps its her own heart she should listen to.

A Late Christmas Gift
by GreyFalcon
(3888 words)
#D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #scifi #sub:female (click to see all tags) #Consensual #robots #romance

In the near future, Vivienne is preparing for the return of her troubled girlfriend Allie for the holidays. She is taken by surprise when a beautiful but strangely familiar Drone walks through the door instead.

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