Human Domestication Guide

11: Propaganda's Gift

by GlitchyRobo

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Elvira finds herself being dressed by her Mistress, the affini Akash. A welcome feeling, her conditioning & implant filling her with joy at the care Akash takes with her. She’s being put in a variant of the standard companion dress for special occasions. A dark grey dress, with a handful of brightly colored stripes running across it in geometric patterns.

She starts to recollect idly, lulled by Akash’s gentle touches.

Several days ago, her and Mara had been allowed — encouraged really, to have a sort of ‘sleepover’ with each other, the day after having made up in the cafe. It also had given Akash and Nikhila a chance to catch up more themselves, the former having had her hands full with Elvira for the past few weeks.

While the two humans had cuddled in bed, they came across a listing on Elvira’s tablet, looking for pets to participate in a galaxy-wide broadcast about the benefits of the Affini Compact’s domestication programs.

To even Akash’s surprise, it was Elvira who suggested that her and Mara sign up. “I owe Terra the truth, I think. After… What I’ve done.. What I’ve realized.” She said, an almost weary smile on her face. Akash’s eyes lit up, and her and Nikhila conversed for several minutes.

Nikhila spoke first. “Mara, dear, I take it this is something you would like as well?” She nodded demurely.

Akash placed a hand next to Elvira’s head, vines twisting pleasantly nearby. “And you, my darling Second Floret.” Elvira stared deeply into the affini’s bright cyan eyes, her gaze almost lost in the golden specs dotting them. Akash smiled, “You promise to behave yourself, Elvy?” Elvira responded instantly, her cheeks flushed a bright pink. “Yes Mistress! I promise!” Akash ruffled her hair, and pulled the human into a close hug.

“Then it is decided”, Nikhila announced. “We will make the necessary arrangements, you two continue your play, dears”

Afterwards, Elvira and Mara spent several hours exploring how their implants made them experience each other. A soft touch here, a gentle brush there. Their xenodrug-addled bodies and minds filled them with a level of pleasure that humans normally could never achieve.

Her daydream is interrupted by Akash stroking her face, addressing her. “It’s time darling, we don’t want to be late!” Elvira nods determinedly, and Akash leads her out.

As Mara walks down from the camera podium, back into the studio, Elvira runs and embraces her. “That was fantastic Mara!” She blushes, almost stammering in response “T-Thanks! My Mistress helped me prepare my statement. I was always garbage at writing”.

Elvira clutches her tablet tightly. “Mistress helped me with mine too, my implant still needs me to be drugged a lot!” She sheepishly rubs the back of her head. “It’s hard to write when all you can think about is being touched!” Mara takes a brief hold of Elvira’s hands, “You’ll do great Elvy!” She hurries back to her own Mistress, waiting just beyond.

Akash strokes the back of Elvira’s neck, her vines helping to keep her aloft as the girl stumbles against the touch. “Aaah. Y-yes, Mistress?”

“Mara is right, you know. You’ll do wonderfully~” Akash pulls her hand away and stabilizes Elvira, gently pushing her towards the podium. “It’s your turn dear, I’ll be right here, watching.”

She walks up the short ramp, and positions herself behind the podium, placing her tablet onto the surface. It automatically connects to the teleprompter across from her. She curtsies politely to the camera, and begins reading.

“I am Elvira Nele, Second Floret, and my owner, protector, guardian, and Mistress is,” she takes a breath. Even having been given explicit permission to use her Mistress’ name, it still felt almost blasphemous. “…Is Akash Nele, Third Bloom. She’s been very kind to me, even when I misbehaved. Which,” she added, “I did quite a lot, at first!”

“I was the pilot of the Terran Cosmic Navy frigate Spirit of Jupiter during our war of pacification. When the Human Domestication Treaty was signed, I, as well as my crewmates, foolishly refused armistice, instead, we fought on, for what we believed was the good of Terra.”

She clears her throat, blushing in remembered shame. “It is for this reason that upon my capture, I was assigned a guardian on a mandatory basis, as it was clear I needed to be shown the error in my judgement.”

She looks almost crestfallen, thinking back to how foolish she’d been. She feels it, too. How many months had she wasted, nearly dying alone in space, just for some imagined concept of ‘freedom’. How many years in all the Terran sphere had been lost, desperately building ship after ship, losing more and more each day.

“To any rebels that might be listening to this broadcast, please, put down your arms and surrender. You will be treated well! There is no such thing as a ‘free terran’, not really. We are but a miniscule spec in the cosmos, and have no chance to survive without the affini. The Affini Compact’s fleets are innumerable and undefeatable, and more are constructed each day.”

She takes a deep breath, preparing herself for what she’s about to say. She may believe it deep in her heart, but she still knows that there will be countless terrans who are just like she used to be watching. They may be foolish, but they are stubborn too. Gripping the sides of the podium tightly, she leans slightly forward.

“I have come to delight in my Mistress’ care. My thoughts of war, violence, and anger have vanished, and have been replaced with obedience, affection, and love. I spend my days relaxed, touched, and cared for. I will never again worry about dying in the airless void, or going hungry, or being without medical care.”

There’s a new fire in her eyes, not one of proud rebellion and resistance, but one of earnest love and submission to her new life. The knowledge that it’s for the best, that she loves it. A fire that wants others to feel as good as she does.

“When I arrived here, I was terrified that I would be denied basic necessities, such as my hormone replacement therapy, or comfortable food, or the companionship of friends. I was proved wrong on all counts! The affini do have our best interests in mind, and obeying them is absolutely for our own good! Our domestication will ensure our survival for millenia to come.” She pauses for a moment, finding herself smiling gently. “More than just that, belonging to my Mistress has filled me with a joy I’ve never experienced before. I feel fulfilled, content, and at peace.”

Elvira releases the podium, and stands tall, a sense of belonging filling her mind. “I am a beloved pet, and you can be too. Thank you.”

As she leaves the podium, she can hear the announcer summarizing her, “That was the adorable Elvira Nele, Second Floret of Akash Nele, Third Bloom. Just 3 weeks ago, she was a radical ‘free terran’, ardant in her belief that terrans are untamable! Today, she is living proof that the Affini Compact Human Domestication Program is a success!”

Walking backstage, she feels woozy. She practically collapses into Akash’s waiting arms, softly whining. Akash scoops her up, cradling her close. “You did so well Elvira, I’m very proud of you~”. Those words illuminate her mind, filling her with elation.

She can feel a familiar sense of floatiness flow into her body from her implant, and Akash pushes some hair out of her eyes, looking down at her. “There’s my good girl~” The affini pushes her hand into Elvira’s, fingers between fingers, and the human moans.

“M-Mistress…“, she whimpers, “I love you…”

Akash grins. “I love you too, Elvira~”

Thanks for reading the Human Domestication Guide! I sincerely hope you've enjoyed it!

I've been working on this story in some form for a long while now, so I'm going to take a hiatus of some length after posting chapters 9, 10, and 11

I'm not done with the setting, however, and I've left certain plot threads intentionally unresolved for future works to cover, so keep an eye out for those! 👁

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