Tickled Pink

Chapter 3

by GigglingGoblin

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Bryan stared up, lower lip quivering, as Adeline bounced her breasts playfully within her lacy pink bodice. It was such a... flattering outfit, he had to admit, despite how almost sickeningly sugary and feminine it was compared even to the pretty outfits of the five other fleece sprites who currently had him trapped in their den, caught in a great bed of soft pink fluff, pinned and helpless to escape their teasing advances.

He swallowed. The pink-haired sheepgirl pouted down at him, her big pretty eyes heavy-lidded, sultry and flirtatious.

"He spiraled so eeeasily down to us," Calliste sang, planting more sweet kisses along Bryan's jawline. "His mind melted so niiiice."

Adeline's fingers slowly crawled up his thighs, her fluffy mittens tickling and rubbing ever-so-softly, ever-so-unbearably at Bryan's bare, exposed skin. Bryan stared up at her, briefly uncomprehending, too overwhelmed by the six gorgeous sprites kissing and stroking all over his exposed form to understand why she was... what she was... just what it was 'Little Miss Princess' Adeline had planned.

Or why her bratty smirk made him feel so molten and weak inside.

Or why his cock just. Wouldn't. Stop. Twitching.

"Of course he did," Vestere said sweetly, stroking a silken-gloved finger over his trembling lips. "Lonely boys get so brainless when pretty girls are around to smooch them..." She kissed his cheek. "And hold them..." She gripped his arm possessively. "... and remind them what fuzzy-wuzzy dreamy needy playthings they really are!"

Those hot-pink lips curving upwards in that sly, knowing smile...

"'Cause it feels so goooood," Calliste cooed, pressing her breasts—so fluffy in that gorgeous crop top—up against his side, "feels so good to just drop under some pretty girls' spell and obey pretty girls every whim..."

Obey pretty girls. Those words echoed in Bryan's mind, even as he tried to fight them. The sprites' voices were so sweet, dripping with love, dripping with poisonous mind-melting honey, and he felt like his mind got a bit more hot and molten with every breath he took in...

And Bryan's train of thought hit another snag as Adeline's fingers glided ever-so-subtly over his cock, her fluffy touches almost, but not quite, imperceptible through the fabric.

Her smile widened as his cock involuntarily twitched beneath her touch, and his heart went cold with dread even as his cheeks felt as though they might melt into magma.

"Well?" Vestere asked sweetly, taking his cheek and forcing him to stare into her eyes—even as out of the corner of his vision, he could see Adeline bouncing with excitement, and he could feel her fingers... oh, gods, no no no, she was sneaking a hand up under his underwear, surely someone would see— "Is that true, sweetie? Do you just wanna be our cute little helpless boytoy?"

Bryan squirmed and swallowed as he felt Adeline's fluffy pink glove—oh, gods, so soft, so fluffy, like a tickly cotton cloud—sliding under his last vestige of modesty, and he snuck a terrified glance at her and saw her smirking down, so pleased with herself, so absolutely aware of what she was doing to him...

"We could make you cum... and cum... and cuuuum," Calliste sang, punctuating her words with sweet smooches on his cheek. "All boysloooove being taken care of by pretty girls, don't they? Pampered and pleasured?"

"Wlel, almost all boys," Adeline piped up, and she beamed innocently down at Bryan as he squirmed. Bryan's very soul quaked as he felt her fluffy fingers slowly wrap around his cock. He trembled, barely able to hold in his unwilling laughter. No, he couldn't... he mustn't...

"Ooh, really?" Vestere beamed, eyes sparkling with amusement. She smooshed his cheeks together with one hand, forcing his lips to part, almost forcing him to breathe in deeper... "And whatever do you mean, Adeline?"

"Oh, well..." Adeline hummed innocently, bouncing her head from side to side as if she had not a care or thought in the world. Only Bryan noticed the way her smile widened a little as her secret grip tightened and he squirmed helplessly. "Like, I dunnoooo.." She gave a bubbly, airheaded little giggle.

"Ooh," Calliste said softly, tilting Bryan to face her and kissing him on the lips—her lips almost as soft as the silky red hair tickling his face as she moaned, her breasts bouncing and jiggling against his pinned arm, so fluffy and tickly. She pulled back, licking her lips. Bryan's world seemed to blur for a moment as he gasped for clean air and only received more mind-melting puffs of perfume and pheromone. Gods, their kisses were so draining... so... breathtaking... "Maybe our little boytoy doesn't wanna cum?" Her lashes fluttered.

"Ooh, you think?" cooed the twins in tandem, pausing in their kissing along his sides and their tender stroking along his bare chest to look up at him with big, curious eyes.

"Mm," he protested, shaking his head—or trying to, but held as he was, movement was so difficult... especially since his every motion caused the bed of fluffy wool to tickle his neck unbearably, caused him to sink just a little bit deeper...

"Maybe you're right, Calliste!" Vestere said sweetly, turning him back to kiss his cheek and tickling under his chin. "Coming is soooo, like, boring sometimes."

"Ooh, but it feels so niiiice," the twins moaned, exchanging sly looks as they rubbed against him. Bryan bit his lip to hold in a cry. "Just coming and coming and coming...endless pleasure..."

"Ooh, yes, sooooo muchpleasure," Adeline cooed, grinning wickedly, knowingly. "But cumming is for strong boys who need to be melted into ooey-gooey messes, remember?" Her hand gave him another squeeze. Bryan barely held in a mewl at the soft, fluffy sheathe he'd been trapped in.

"Ooh, you're right!" Vestere giggled. She stroked Bryan's hair with a sly smirk. "And he's already being so good for us~"

"We could skip right to the fun part," the blonde sang, ruffling his hair.

"Ooh, yes, the fun part!" Calliste agreed.

"M-Mm?" Bryan looked between the six gorgeous, finely dressed women with wide, nervous eyes. Fear bubbled alongside dizzy confusion and helpless humiliation at being totally naked save for hiss underwear beneath them. And a new emotion, one he didn't dare think about, tickled just under the surface...

"Edging!" the sprites squealed down at him, eyes alight with glee.

They moved around him rapidly, almost startling him into giving in and giggling right then and there as they pressed in tighter, pushing him deeper into his bed of tickling fluff. Adeline wriggled gleefully atop him as Calliste and Vestere sandwiched him tighter between them, as the Twins tightened their grip on his legs and the blonde set his head right in the lap of her fluffy, fuzzy booty shorts...

"Edging feels sooo good," Calliste cooed in his ear, and gave it a playful little nibble before kissing his cheek. "You get to just keep getting hornier and hornier and hornier..."

"Just our little wrigglingtoy," Vestere cooed in his other ear, caressing his cheek, "pleeeading for pretty girls to let you cum like a good needy boytoy!"

"Caught helplessly in sweet," the pair purred in unison, "ad-dic-tive denial~"

"Nnnn!" Bryan squirmed, heart pounding as he looked between them and saw nothing like mercy in their beautiful rosy heart-filled eyes. Just love. Wicked, intoxicating, deliciously sinister love.

"And that's, like, perfect for you!" exclaimed the blonde, her big, brilliant blue eyes locked on his. She patted his head, pushing him a little deeper into the fluff cloud as she did so, and her plump red lips curved upwards in an eager smile. "Because a silly boy like you just likes struggling so we can tease you!"

"Ooh, yeah," the twins purred, planting twin kisses on his stomach, "that explains it!"

"Such a cute little loveslave," Vestere teased in his ear, "playing hard-to-get just so we'll torment you!"

"Nn! NNNnnnngh!" Pure panic was hitting Bryan now, and he shook his head, whimpering as the motion caused the fluff to tickle all around his sensitive neck. Why were words suddenly so hard?


Why was...

He whimpered in confused shame.

"Hm?" Calliste nuzzled his underarm, eliciting the tiniest of unheard squeaks. "What was that, sweetie? You like that?"

Bryan swallowed, steeled his will, and opened his mouth to speak—

And he was abruptly reminded of Adeline's presence as her fluffy hand gave his cock a little playful squeeze.

His words melted into a helpless, "EEhee!"

He shut his mouth instantly, cheeks burning red-hot.

The sprites cooed with glee.

"Aww, I think that's a yes!" Vestere sang. "I knew it! Soooo cute~"

Adeline's eyes bored into Bryan's, wicked and triumphant and filled to the brim with liquid pink sugar.

I own you, those pretty eyes cooed smugly. This is all it takes to control you.

Bryan bit his lip, holding back a whimper and giggle as Calliste nuzzled him again—and as the hand began to very delicately, daintily stroke his captive cock. He had to hold on, he told himself desperately. If the other fleece sprites noticed... if they realized how unbearably hard the tickling and teasing was making him...

"I think you're right, Vestere!" Calliste bubbled, and smooshed her chest against his side as she hugged him tight—he felt his cock twitch at the ticklish sensation, and saw Adeline's eyes light up in understanding. "What a good boy! I bet he just wants to be edged nonstop like a melty mindless mewling toy!"

Bryan wanted desperately to object. But unfortunately, every single ounce of his attention was currently trained on Adeline's pretty eyes, on her bouncing breasts, on her little smile as he fingers played so expertly along his shaft.

He watched those hot pink lips mouth sensuously down at him, Tickle-tickle! Tickle-tickle!

And his cheeks flared as he and Adeline both felt his captive cock twitching at the sight.

It was unbearable. He was Bryan Graves, a seasoned bounty hunter, a hardened hiresword. He'd faced so much worse. And yet here he was, trying to hold in his whimpers at the attentions of this... this mere girl.

"I'm not hearing a no~" Vestere sang, patting his cheek.

Bryan felt himself sinking a little deeper into the fluff.

The seasoned bounty hunter's lower lip trembled, a giggle so eager to escape...

Adeline smirked and put a finger to those beestung lips of hers. With her other hand, the touches continued. Long, slow strokes... a fingertip swirling around his twitching tip...

"And maybe..." Vestere's voice dropped to a husky purr. "... he wants us to play with him?" Her fingers crept down his chest, down his side, and he struggled to contain his squirms and giggles, struggled to manage a single clear breath of air. "We haven't seen that cute cock of his yet... maybe he does wanna cum?"

Bryan gulped. He shook his head again desperately. No. No! Adeline was concealing his cock right now, but if they realized how unbearably horny he was... oh, gods, the... his heartrate quickened... the humiliation...

They'd never, ever let him go.

And at the thought, totally independent of Adeline's touches... his cock gave an eager twitch.

Horror and panic flooded him in an instant, and it surged as Vestere started to reach toward his lap. "No!" he cried. "NonoNONO!" He thrashed helplessly in their grasp as Vestere's hand approached his underwear—still mostly hidden beneath the pink-haired princess currently straddling him. "I-I—I—"

"Hm?" Vestere paused, blinking big, innocent eyes down at him. She sat up a little, leaning on one hand so she could examine his red-faced state. She tilted her head slightly. "You... don't wanna cum, sweetie?" Her pouty lips quirked upwards in a smile.

"Aw, sweetie!" Calliste cooed, kissing along his jawline with a giggle. "How come? Our touches feel sooooo nice!"

"So soft," the Twins purred, kissing all over his chest. "So gentle~"

"So delicate," Adeline teased with a smirk, and her fingers tickled wickedly along his sensitive shaft. He nearly giggled aloud, but bit it back. "My goodness, girls, if he wanted us to, we could milk that needy—" tickle "—aching—" stroke "—sens-it-ive—" squeeeeze "—cock of his until he was nothing but a happy bliss-dumb little moaning puddle!"

Bryan quivered, trembled, on the very edge of crying out—of squealing with laughter—of gasping and panting and giggling and bucking and revealing just how desperate he was for that treatment as he stared helplessly into Adeline's pretty pink gaze. He tried to plead with his eyes, plead for mercy, for pity, for anything.

She stared right back, gave a bratty smirk, and tickled her fingertip right over his tip until a tiny mewl escaped him. The tiniest, weakest, most kittenish little...


Even this sound was too much. Instantly, the fleece sprites were cooing their delight, their amusement, their raw, wicked glee, showering him with kisses and strokes and pets and nuzzles until he thought he was about to explode with laughter. It took every ounce of his remaining self-control to hold it in, and he melted with humiliation at it all.

"'No'?" Vestere cooed, grinning ear to ear. "Is that what you said, silly boy?"

His eyes widened, suddenly registering what he'd said. "Nnn!"

"Aw, I think it is!" Calliste sang, giving him a pitying little pout. "I think our brave, strong man doesn't want to cum!"

Bryan squirmed nervously. He did not like the way the sprites' eyes were starting to blaze with new wicked delight.

"He doesn't wanna be milked," the Twins hissed, exchanging sly grins. "He's way too tough for cumming and cumming and cumming!"

Bryan panted. No, he... he... he wanted to object, but he didn't know what to say, couldn't bring himself to say it, and... and every time he opened his mouth to speak, Adeline would give a little tickle or tug or stroke or squeeze, force him to close his mouth to hold in the sounds she kept teasing out of him...

He stared up at her, the pretty princess squirming atop him, and he saw no pity in those eyes—only the bratty, entitled, smug and insufferable certainty that he was going to do exactly what she wanted him to.

And right now, it seemed, she wanted him to squirm.

"He wants to keep his underwear on," Calliste said sweetly, reaching down to tug at the meager strap. "Keep his dignity. But silly boys don't need that."

"Yeah!" Vestere giggled and wriggled up against him. Bryan felt himself sinking a little deeper into the fluff cloud. "We're all just so comfy here, it seems silly to get all formal."

Bryan looked around dizzily at the six gorgeous women, all dressed in elegant dresses and lavish sweaters and silken pajamas. He bit his lip, feeling his cheeks going redder and redder and redder.

"Are you sure, sweetie?" Calliste cooed. She squished her massive breasts up against him, and he let out a squeak as her fuzzy lingerie rubbed and tickled unbearably against his face. "Wouldn't you like to be totally naked with us girls... so we could have some fuuuun?"

Totally naked in the arms of these teasing temptresses. Bryan swallowed at the thought. Adeline's eyebrow raised, and she gave an innocent little pout... and gave him a squeeze.

"Nnn!" he let out, unable to hold it in. He instantly shut his mouth tight and bit his lip hard.

"What was that?" Vestere teased. Her hand stroked down his side, making him flinch. "Was that another yes?"

Bryan panted and shook his head frantically, even as his mind filled with fluffy clouds of rosy perfume. He couldn't let them see—he couldn't let them realize—he had to hold on—he stared up at Adeline pleadingly, not knowing what to do, what to say—

And Adeline beamed down at him and batted her eyelashes. "Aww, let him keep his dignity, Vestere!" she sang. She smiled down at him, her eyes alight and cheeks aglow with innocent fondness. "A silly boy like him can't spare much of it~"

She wriggled in his lap. He mewled softly, but this time it went thankfully unnoticed. He stared up at her in wide-eyed confusion. Had... had she finally shown mercy?

"Aw, okay, Adeline!" Vestere sighed. "If you say so."

Adeline giggled and cooed wordlessly. Despite it all, staring up at her bouncing breasts and pretty sunset eyes and gorgeous heart-shaped face... Bryan found himself feeling a strange rush of gratitude.

Even as a squeeze to his cock made him gasp and take in more of that sweet, girly, heady perfume of hers.

Adeline had saved him.

Vestere was smirking knowingly down at him as he stared. "Looks like the Princess likes you, baby," she teased.

Adeline was helping him, after all, Bryan supposed, squirming as she tickled her fingers over her shaft. And she was so... so... pretty... angelic, even...

"Aww, what's wrong, sweetie?" Vestere teased, watching him squirm. She poked him in the side. "Don't tell me you're still a little ticklish?"

Bryan immediately went still as his remaining pride angrily reasserted itself. The rosy glow around Adeline turned into a pink haze of temptation as she smiled brightly at this remark. No, he told himself desperately. No, Adeline was not on his side. She was trying to... trying to... tame him.

He forced his little giggles back down as she ran her fingers up and down his shaft. He kept his mouth tightly shut, too, forcing his breathing to regulate. But these efforts only seemed to delight Adeline. She pouted, eyes sparkling.

Almost like he was...

He gulped. A challenge.

As Bryan lay hopelessly trapped in the clutches of the sprites, Adeline began to step up her torment. Her squeezes and strokes grew more bold. Her fingertips danced in their fluffy, excruciatingly soft gloves over the tip of his cock, teasing and toying with the throbbing tip until he felt like he was about to explode.

It was like his underwear was filled with wool, with soft, fluffy down, his cock trapped in a bed of ticklish fleece. The torment was exquisite. Intoxicating.

And all the while, her eyes never left his. And he felt all the more naked beneath them. The Princess's eyes never left his as he felt his face growing hotter and hotter, his cock more and more sensitive with every breath he took in. He was panting, gasping.

Bryan was in hell—sweet, soft, hot pink, girly teasing hell. His cock was getting so hard, so sensitive, and the sprites wouldn't let up for a second. The hand in his underwear was almost the least of his worries, with these fully-dressed temptresses sandwiching him between them, kissing and nuzzling and stroking and petting every inch of his body, the slowest, most delicate torment...

And every single twitch of his hardening cock was noticed by the smirking, bratty seductress above him.

How was he so turned on by this, he wondered wretchedly, as he barely held in another little squeak. How could any part of him be enjoying this?

Vestere and Calliste took turns planting kisses on his cheeks and neck, cooing at how red he was getting. He held in a whine.

The Twins nuzzled his bare chest, pushing him deeper, deeper into the soft fluffy bed, kissing his sides and stroking his nipples and giggling at his squirms. He bit back a mewl.

The blonde stroked his hair, ran her silken fingers delicately along the back of his neck, cradled him in her lap and beamed vapidly at his confused, helpless expression. He swallowed a cry.

Adeline giggled, wriggled... and stroked up his erection, up, up, up, to swirl a fluffy gloved finger daintily around his tip... squeezed and tickled and stroked and toyed and—and

And that was it.

Bryan just couldn't hold it in anymore.

Bryan Graves burst out in uncontrollable, gasping laughter, squealing with giggles and thrashing desperately, bucking his hips futilely to escape the hand. He tried to plead, to beg, to cry for mercy, but all that came out was panting giggles and mewls and squeals of humiliation.

He stared helplessly all the while into Adeline's shining, triumphant eyes. Her fingers danced and stroked and tickled all over his throbbing, sensitized cock. His lips quivered. He desperately searched for words.

But all that came out was giggling laughter.

Bryan gasped and wheezed and writhed against the fleece sprites' grasp, eyes screwing shut. Tears streamed down his cheeks. He knew with every gasp he was breathing in more perfume, more pheromones, and whimpers and whines suffused his laughter—but he couldn't stop. He couldn't control himself.

Adeline could.

"Oh my gosh!" cooed Vestere.

"Oh my goodness!" sang Calliste.

"Look at this!" the Twins exclaimed, as their fingers began to tickle along his sides once again. "Tickle-tickle-tickle!"

"N-N—eeheeHEHEHEHEE!" he mewled, words drowned in laughter as their silky gloves slid with the grace of dozens of ballet dancers along his stomach, his sides, his armpits, his whole naked body finally truly at their mercy. "NnNNNEEHEHEHEHEE!!!!"

"Ooh, he is ticklish!" Calliste exclaimed, leaning in to plant kiss after kiss on his neck. His screams of laughter only grew as her hands, so fluffy and downy with the wool, caressed around where she kissed—oh, gods, he was so sensitive— "He loooves this!" Her massive breasts squished against his side, joining the Twins' fingers with her fuzzy, tickly crop top.

He looked around frantically, panting and laughing, immersed in their fluff. Trapped on all sides in ticklish softness.

"Of course he does!" Vestere purred, crawling gracefully down to sit behind Adeline. "Adeline, sweetie, is his underwear off yet under you?" She spoke smoothly, silkily, easily cutting through Bryan's frantic giggling and tortured breathing.

Adeline giggled. "Oh, heavens, should I?" Her eyes bored wickedly into Bryan as her hand toyed delicately along his shaft. So soft. So dainty and deliberate. "Should I, sweetie?"

He tried to object, stammering, gasping, pleading with his eyes, his whines..

She smirked and gave his tip a little teasing squeeze. He squealed.

His mind was swarming with pink butterflies with every breath he took. He could barely even breathe, and his head spun and swirled helplessly with the sweetness of the scents suffusing him.

The other sprites still had no idea what she was up to, he realized, cheeks burning with humiliation. They had no idea just why he'd suddenly started giggling like this.

But oh, gods, did they love it.

Oh, gods, did they love having him helpless and humiliated, squirming and laughing like their hopeless ticklish sex toy.

"So much for the big, tough bounty hunter," Calliste whispered in his ear, her plump lips tickling his cheek.

He whimpered. It was like she could read his mind.

His cheeks felt hot enough that she probably didn't need to, he thought in anguish, as he gasped in another flood of perfumed air and felt his head swirl in hot pink clouds.

He couldn't cope. He couldn't endure. He stared wide-eyed at Adeline, who gave him a smile filled with love—as her other hand, in its soft, fluffy pink glove, started to tickle his inner thighs. He could barely breathe between his laughter.

And then Vestere's fingers found his feet, and Bryan's breath caught.

"Oh," he heard Vestere say softly, sweetly, in mock innocence. The fingers paused. "Are his feet... ticklish, too?"

And her fingers began to dance.

Bryan's laughter went almost soundless as he panted and gasped, flailed, whined. It was too much—so much sensation, so much touching, and he just couldn't take it. He felt his face going redder and redder—now not just from embarrassment as they cooed and teased his thrashing form, but from lack of air.

He couldn't breathe. The world was beginning to blur into a pink haze as the pretty girls tormented their helpless captive boy into a squealing, panting molten mess. Bryan could do nothing but giggle and squirm and gasp for air. He knew he was drugging himself more and more with every breath, but gods, they were tickling every ounce of energy out of him like he'd been running a marathon.

And they just. Wouldn't. Stop.

"Aww," Vestere cooed, fingers toying over the toes of one foot, "he likes it! Look at that smile!"

Tears of laughter streamed from his eyes as he gasped and giggled, almost no sound emerging anymore. He couldn't even close his eyes. Adeline held his gaze imperiously, her pink lips curved up in that sly, knowing smile, as he wordlessly begged her to stop.

"He looooves it," gushed the blonde, tickling the sole of the other foot, her every touch like a thousand wicked feathers. "Look at that big smiiile!"

"Aww, what a good boy," purred Calliste, smirking as her fingers tickled over his neck, her nuzzles almost as unbearable as the kisses. "He's in love with this!"

"In love with being our toy," the Twins sang, exchanging sly grins as they held his arms up for endless tickling.

The bounty hunter couldn't object. He couldn't plead. He couldn't get away. He couldn't even stop laughing, stop smiling, stop his cock's needy twitching. He could only thrash in a vain attempt to cover himself as he stared into Adeline's shimmering pink orbs, gasping in more and more of her sweet, intoxicating perfume, feeling his whole body becoming ever-more-sensitive as he felt her fingers tickling and toying expertly between his legs.

The Princess smirked brattily down at him. "Of course he is," she said sweetly. Smugly. "He's a boy, after all." Her fingertips hovered over his tip. "And boys." tickle "Do." tickle "As." tickle "Pretty." tickle "Girls." tickle "say."

He squealed in unwanted 'delight' as a little precum dripped out, and Adeline smiled triumphantly.

Good boy, she mouthed with a smirk.

He stared back at her, her form misty and angelic through his hazy vision, and managed a whimpered, mouthed, "yes."

He couldn't help it anymore. Couldn't help himself. He'd say anything she wanted if it meant mercy. Anything this pretty girl asked for. Any humiliating admission this gorgeous, insolent, overconfident, saccharinely feminine temptress desired of him.

And the temptress's eyes glittered with a question.

Have you learned your lesson? Aren't I the prettiest girl you've ever seen?

"yes," he mouthed desperately, unable even to nod, unable even to form coherent sounds, "yes, yes, yes..."

Adeline giggled and innocently, at long, long, last withdrew her hand. He shuddered with relief— and shame at his weakness.

"Aw, what was that?" Calliste purred in his ear, tickling underneath his chin. "We didn't quite catch that, silly boy!"

"Did the silly boy say something?" Vestere asked, as her fingertips darted over and under his toes. "I didn't hear!"

"Aww, I think we've tickled him half-to-death!" Calliste said sweetly. "The poor thing!" Her fingers crept down to tickle his armpits, eliciting squealing laughter.

"Silly bunny's all out of air," the Twins sang.

"Really?" Adeline's lashes fluttered. "Are you getting worn out, sweetiepie?"

'Silly bunny'. 'Sweetiepie'. With the brief reprieve for his still-achingly-hard cock, Bryan managed to muster some indignation, some humiliated rage at these... these shameless pet names.

"Nnn!" he protested desperately, embarrassed at how difficult even that sound was to get out. He couldn't show weakness, he couldn't, he mustn't—

"Well, something's stolen his breath away," Vestere said in singsong, her words in time with the stroking back-and-forth of her feathery touches along his feet.

Adeline's eyes glimmered as she gave a smug little pout down at him, raising her eyebrows innocently. "Gosh, I wonder what?"

The Twins stopped tickling his sides, giving him a moment's almost-relief—until he noticed them exchanging sly glances.

Moving in tandem, their hands skittered down his waist—eliciting a fresh bout of helpless laughter from their captive plaything—and delicate fingers grasped his underwear.

His eyes widened. His anger melted into terror in seconds. "No," he pleaded, "please, don't—anything but that—"

Only giggling at his pleas, in one almost playful motion, the Twins tore his underwear away from him and tossed it aside.

"There we go!" Vestere said smugly, as Adeline shifted, still the picture of wide-eyed innocence, to allow his massive, sensitive, tormented cock to spring free. "I thought so!"

"Oh my goodness," Adeline breathed, eyes as big as twin sunrises, "he's so hard!"

"Aww, look at that!" Calliste cooed in his ear, tickling under his chin. Did just our little tickling do that?"

Bryan flushed and stammered. No, he—he wasn't, he didn't, it was Adeline's fault! His face burned as he struggled for words. He knew how they were looking at him now, knew they thought he'd gotten this hard just from being tickled, and the embarrassment was unbearable—he had no choice, he had to tell them—

But Adeline smirked down at him, her fingers gliding over his inner thighs. She bounced back and forth, drawing his eyes to her bouncing, jiggling breasts. She knew he couldn't help it. He stared helplessly as he giggled and wriggled, and he... he just couldn't find the breath to speak in his defense.

"Such an adorable thing!" Calliste whispered, leaning over—her own massive tits bouncing right in his face, flooding him with her scent and tickling his cheeks—to get a closer look. "My, my!"

He squirmed. "I-I don't—"

"It's almost like he's, like, enjoying this!" the blonde enthused, eyes as wide as saucers.

"I'm not—"

"None of us even touched him down there!" Vestere cooed, eyes glimmering with delight. "He must really, really like being tickled!"

"It's—not—nnng—" As he squirmed and spasmed, Bryan noticed something sparkling out of the corner of his eye. Adeline's eyes sparkled, too, as she reached over and picked up the item. Suddenly, all her attention seemed to settle onto this new shiny thing, and she crawled off of him to examine...

... his locket.

Even enduring the Twins' and the blonde's tireless teasing, Bryan went still.

"Ooh," Adeline breathed, eyes as wide as saucers. "What's this? It's so... pretty."

"D-Don't touch that," he muttered, with every ounce of dignity left to his quivering voice.

They ignored him. Calliste and Vestere gave little oohs of curiosity. The Twins' heads tilted in opposite directions.

"What's in it?"

"Can you open it? Let me see it!"

"S-Stop!" he cried, suddenly panicking. He couldn't let them touch it! What if... what if...

But they ignored his concerns. Tainted by the Deep Evergreen or no, they were still fey at the core, it seemed, and these fey had found a shiny new thing to wonder at for the moment.

They ignored him.

Bryan blinked slowly.

They... were ignoring him.

His heart lurched right into his lungs as he sprang to his feet and bolted.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say he scrambled about a second, struggling to regain his footing in the thick, heavy fuzzy cloud, before rolling off and struggling, head spinning, suppressing little giggles at the sensations, to his feet, and stumbling away.

He heard indignant remarks from behind him. They'd noticed his escape. He didn't look back. Bryan raced with every bit of focus he had left, nearly tripping over his own feet in his panic.

"Hey!" Vestere said sharply. "Don't let him—"

"Stop him—"

Bryan made it to the door handle and, with a silent prayer, tried to turn it.

It turned.

His heart leaped. He swung the door open and, hearing the sprites rising to give chase, raced inside.

"Don't!" Calliste called, and he heard their feet racing towards him.

He slammed the door behind him and slid the deadbolt across just as the doorknob started rattling.

"Aww, c'mon!" called the blonde's voice from the other side of the door. "Open up! We promise we'll be nicer."

Giggling echoed the pledge.

Bryan stared at the shut door and took a step back. His head was still spinning. He was panting like he'd just run from one end of the continent to the other.

Would it hold?

He leaned against a dresser, struggling to catch his breath. Gods, that had been... so, so, so close. Even now, he could barely stand. Every inch of his body tingled with sensitized torture. Not... painful sensitivity.

Not at all painful.

But he knew somehow that now even the slightest touch from one of those silky or fluffy gloved fingers would bring him right back to his knees and steal the air from his laughing lips once again.

Recovering himself a little, Bryan Graves straightened and turned to examine his new shelter.

It was like he had fled into a dollhouse. An extremely pastel pink dollhouse. White and red hearts and sparkling stars were scattered across the pink walls and pink ceiling. The massive four-poster bed was white with delicate pink designs across the fluffy feather comforter and pillows, the canopy a deep pink sunrise. The massive dresser, laden with makeup boxes and perfume bottles, bore a large heart-shaped vanity.

There was no other exit. No doors. No ladders, no trapdoors—except for the little door on the other side of the room that obviously led into a walk-in closet.

Bryan stumbled nervously toward the wardrobe and noticed the delicate lacy engraving on the largest makeup box—a pink kiss mark and the name, in hot pink paint, Princess Adeline.

The color scheme left no doubt in his heart.

Bryan had just entered Adeline's personal bedroom.

As he stared in growing dread and worry at the box, he heard a giggle behind him, and spotted movement in the mirror. He spun, lunging for a knife he had long since been stripped of.

Four pretty fleece sprites had emerged from the closet, and regarded him with looks of bright-eyed, eager curiosity and excitement. Their hair was, like Adeline's, a brilliant pastel pink. They were shorter than the other fleece sprites he'd encountered—almost like lesser sprites, or perhaps less advanced in power and presence. Two of them had bright blue eyes, and two of them had bright sunset-red eyes like Adeline herself. All four wore elegant, delicate pink babydolls, diaphanous save for fuzzy pink fluff over the chests and lining the fringes... and just underneath, he could see their frilly pink panties, as delicately ruffly as rose petals.

Bryan had escaped Adeline's attentions only to run into four smaller clones of Adeline herself. Her... servants? Her apprentices? His heart started to race.

"H-Hi," he said, voice trembling with sudden fear—fear of these gorgeous women, so slight compared to him, so utterly nonthreatening, with their big, innocent bubbly smiles and fluttering thick lashes and bright pink and blue irises and gorgeous curly pink hair and pretty negligee that looked so very elegant and dignified... at least, compared to his totally nude state before them.

That was no doubt the reason they were giggling.

His eyes darted down nervously to note their beautiful, dainty fingers. Each of them wore identical silky pink satin gloves.

They giggled.

"Hiiiiii," they cooed in unison, bobbing with excitement, their breasts bouncing as they stared at him with big, gleeful smiles. "What's your name?"

Bryan swallowed, squirmed, and tried in vain to hide his erection.


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