Tickled Pink

Chapter 2

by GigglingGoblin

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Bryan's world had melted into a soft, luxurious sunset of fluff.

"Silly boy!" cooed the bright-eyed fleece sprite who'd lured him down here, her shimmering snow-white hair like a glowing halo behind her head. She smirked as she held him down with naught but a fingertip on his bare chest. A fingertip clad in a fluffy white woolen glove, the mere touch from which made him want to whimper. "You jumped right down here! I didn't even have to ask!"

"N-No!" Bryan protested, squirming as the sheepgirls giggled down at his struggling frame. He felt so weak as he kept breathing in their scent, the scent of the corrupted forest around him. This was bad. This was very bad. "I-I didn't—" He nearly squeaked as he felt dainty silken gloves slipping under his trousers to pull away his boots. Two of the sprites, a nearly identical pair of brunettes, beamed up at him... then exchanged sly smirks. "Stop!"

The two sprites just giggled again. "Silly boy!" they sang in tandem. "Boys mustn't be wearing these boring old boots in the Fleece Den!"

"Oh, no, of course not," agreed a redhead to his left. Bryan's heart fluttered as he felt one of the sprites' tickling fluffy-gloved fingers guide his head back down into the bed of unbearably ticklish pink fluffy wool he'd fallen in.

Unwillingly, he found himself staring up at the redhead's bosom.

He didn't mean to. It was just... they were right above him. And her breasts were so big and bouncy, so fluffy in what looked like a tight-fitting white sweater that bared her midriff and only barely contained her chest. His eyes widened, watching them bouncing closer.

She winked down at him. "Where's the fun in being overdressed? We mustn't have that in the Fleece Den!"

Her hands smooshed her cleavage together as her gloved fingers traced over the fluffy material, then released her tits to bounce and jiggle above him enticingly.

Bryan whimpered. "But... but you're..." His words left him briefly as the redhead gave her tits another playful, indulgent squeeze.

They were all fully-clothed. Or at least, they seemed to be. It was hard to tell with their wool, but at the very least, they all wore fluffy crop tops and very fluffy short shorts, as well as stockings, gloves and mittens. Some wore elegant nightgowns, some wore sweaters, some wore extravagant dresses. But they were all fully-clothed. He swallowed, watching the breasts squish and jiggle.

And here he was, shirtless and... and...

He whimpered and kicked futilely as he felt them pulling away his socks next. They were merciless. His embarrassment was unbearable as he heard the twins cooing over his feet... but that wasn't why he struggled.

His feet were ticklish.

And every ounce of Bryan's will as a hardened bounty hunter, a seasoned adventurer, warned him that they would never let him endure if they heard him let out even one little giggle. He had to pray the sprite who'd lured him would forget to tell them...

"That's right," the redhead cooed, bouncing her breasts to a slow, steady rhythm, "ust watch Calliste's pretty boobies like a good boy! Suuuch a silly boy, trying to think about things other than boobies. Boys like boobies!"

Bounce-bounce-bounce. Bryan's heart quickened. "No," he gasped. "I... I..." But all the insults and bitter curses he knew seemed to leave him as he watched the tits' gentle motion.

"No?" purred a new voice. Bryan couldn't quite tear his gaze away—not with Calliste's breasts so... so soft, so glimmery, so pearlescent and easy to watch squish and bounce and... and...

He couldn't tear his gaze away, but out of the corner of his eye, Bryan saw a fleece sprite clad in a beautiful, almost unbearably, saccharinely, sugar-drippingly girly pink ballgown lean over him, resting on the balls of her hands. Her eyes were bright and eager, her lips pouty and hot pink—as pink as her dress, as pink as her flowing wavy hair, as pink as her fluffy pink mittens.

"You mean," she asked, her voice as wispy and delicate as pink cotton candy, "you don't like boobies?"

"I-I—I..." Bryan's brain stuttered and stopped for a moment. He was too concentrated on not giggling, not kicking too wildly as the sprites pulled his socks off and his sensitive toes touched open air, not breathing in too much of the intoxicating pheromones and perfumes hanging around him, not drooling and staring too stupidly at the bouncing breasts... to fully put his words together.

"You don't like her breasts?" the pink-haired sprite cooed, not concealing her smug grin. "Then my goodness, why are you staring at them like a silly little boytoy?"

Bryan gasped unwillingly as his socks were pulled off and, ever-so-briefly, silky fingertips grazed across his soles. More pink fog entered his mind as he breathed in sweet perfume, and he realized that this new sprite smelled even sweeter than the rest. His heart raced in panic. Oh, gods, he was getting so woozy—so... sensitive...

"Don't be mean, Adeline," Calliste said, her smile radiant as she kept bouncing. "It's soooo hard to look away from my boobies! Especially for a cutie like this! Aww, Vestere, look at him squirm!"

"Right?" Vestere—the one who'd lured him here in the first place—smirked down at him as the twins went for his gloves.

"I-I'm not—" Bryan tried and failed to clench his fists hard enough to keep himself from being further disrobed. His cheeks burned in shame. He'd gone from fully armed and ready for combat to—to—

His heart started to race as he felt those delicate fingers toying with his belt buckle.

"Ooh, and you know why he's squirming, too, right?" Vestere shot him a sly look through bedroom eyes. His eyes widened in panic. "I bet he wants me to tell you~"

"N-No!" Bryan cried, flustered at how weak his voice suddenly sounded to him, how desperately his voice cracked on the word. "Don't!"

"Ooh, tell me, Vestere!" Adeline's eyes lit up in excitement. She grinned down at Bryan's struggling frame. One of her hands caressed his bare chest, and Bryan had to bite his lip hard to keep from crying out—her gloves were unspeakably fluffy and soft, like masses of downy feathers. Half-immersed in the feathery wool, it was almost more than he could bear. "Tell me! Tell me!"

"D-Don't—" Bryan thrashed as the twins started tugging his trousers down. No! He couldn't allow these mere girls to render him so close to totally naked—but he couldn't even look away from Calliste's jiggling tits long enough to think straight—

"Oh, it's nothing special." Vestere's eyes glimmered evilly. She was relishing Bryan's panic, relishing the torturous few seconds as the other sprites waited eagerly. "He's such a cute thing, maybe I shouldn't be mean to him~"

The twins cooed in delight, and Bryan realized in humiliation that they had just seen his slightly tented undergarments. Vestere and Calliste both glanced down, and as one, they grinned ear-to-ear down at him. Bryan gulped, desperately trying to hold in his cries as the twins' fingers brushed over his hardness and his cock twitched needily, desperate to be released—and plunged into a more solid sheathe.

But Adeline was relentless. She was watching his eyes, beaming at his reddening face, her own eyes shining as if she knew exactly what he was struggling to contain. "Tell me now!" she demanded, her tone ringing with bratty entitlement. "Tell me!"

She almost seemed to be asking him, which made Bryan's heart race in confusion. As—as if he'd ever tell her anything!

"Well..." Vestere giggled, reaching down to caress his cheek, her fluffy fingertips brushing down towards his neck. "This silly boy... has a certain loooove..."

"N-No!" he cried, squirming, feeling every hair on his body stand on edge, tearing his gaze from the bouncing breasts to look frantically for an exit—but seeing only rosy-pink fluff and pretty girls in beautiful dresses, seeing only Adeline's expectant pout, Calliste's increasingly delighted smile— "D-Don't—I—I'm not—"

The fingers grazed daintily down his neck to where it met his shoulder, and Bryan couldn't help it any longer.

He flinched, trying to tilt his head to protect his sensitive neck... and let out a helpless little giggle.

A chorus of giggles echoed his, and instantly he knew his mistake.

"... for tickling!" Vestere sang.

Bryan went stiff as a board. His heart started pounding with panic.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness!" Adeline's eyes shone like twin pink moons. "Really?" She leaned down over him, her lips parted in pure excitement. "Is that sooooo?"

"I-I—" He tried to force his breaths to come slower, desperate to avoid breathing in any more of her thick, sweet perfume than he had to. "No, it's—it's not—"

Adeline's fluffy glove descended to tickle under his chin., and he couldn't help but flinch and cry out.

"Oh, my!" Calliste cooed, pausing in her bouncing. She put her finger to her lips, eyes wide with sudden excitement. "You barely touched him!"

"I know!" Vestere grinned down at Bryan. Bryan squirmed. "He's, like... suuuch a ticklish boy!"

"Wow," the twins exclaimed, and Bryan gasped and felt his mind spinning with more sweet perfume as their fingers glided along his thighs, "what a little tickletoy!"

"N-no!" he panted, thrashing in vain. His cheeks burned in humiliation. His struggles only seemed to make him sink deeper and deeper into the silken fluffy fibers around him, but he couldn't stop.

Why couldn't he get away? He knew he was stronger than them, but these curvy temptresses seemed to have no difficulty handling him with their mere fingertips. It was almost as humiliating as the treatment itself—the way these mere girls were able to hold him down, subdue his struggles, keep him beneath them and fully at the mercy of their delicate touches...

It didn't help, he thought, gulping, that he couldn't seem to muster his full strength. Was... was it their perfume? Every breath he took in seemed to make his head sink deeper into the wooly fog. Every breath he took in made his senses tingle. Was the perfume... weakening him somehow?

Or... was he not even really trying to escape?

He bit his lip. It had to be the first one. Just the latter. He couldn't possibly be... be tempted by th—

He let out a yelp as, apparently bored with his reverie, Adeline reached over and tickled his side with her dainty silken fingers. He forced his mouth shut, only the smallest of whines escaping as she beamed in satisfaction. Her fingers skittered from his hip to his underarm. He felt like he was about to explode in laughter.

"Look at him blushing," Calliste teased, caressing his cheek with her silken white glove. "Aww, is that nice, cutie?"

"N-No—" He barely held in another giggle as he sank a little deeper into the fluff cloud, the soft pink wool rising up to his jawline and tickling all over his neck.

"He loooves this," sang Vestere, smirking down at him, stroking his hair fondly. "No wonder you jumped down here, lemon drop! Like, I bet a silly boy like you can't even help himself!"

He shook his head desperately, struggling to keep his giggles under control. Above him, Adeline gave a bratty smirk and kept her fingers dancing across his bare sides. It was all he could do to keep himself in check.

He knew he was in danger. They knew he was ticklish. But... but they didn't need to know... how ticklish. If he could just hold it in...

But Adeline was having none of it. The pretty pink-haired sprite's eyes shone with rosy hearts as her fingers just kept up their merciless play—and whenever he squirmed to cover one part of his sensitive body, she would only shift to tickling somewhere else newly-exposed. "Well, duuuh," she cooed, batting her eyelashes sweetly down at him. "Boys like him always just wanna go deeeeper and deeeeeper!" She leaned in close, pretty sunset eyes filling his vision as her tickly touches filled his awareness, so delicate, so playful, so pretty and shimmering and almost sickeningly girly— "Isn't that right, sweetie?"

He stared up at her, trembling, as silken fingers tickled up to his underarms, closer, closer, until—

Her eyes glimmered. "Well?"

And then she was upon him.

Bryan was giggling uncontrollably within seconds. He thrashed and cried and giggled as her fingers attacked his armpits without mercy, skittering across his sensitive skin faster than he could think to react, and he couldn't close his arms to escape it. He was gasping for air—for sweet, perfumed air—oh, gods, his head was spinning—

"I—" He struggled to shake his head, flinching as Calliste's fingers glided over his neck, gasping and breathing in deeper anddeeper—"N-No, I—heehee—no, s-see—"

He couldn't even muster an objection over his cries of unwanted 'delight' at the ticklish torture. He could barely even breathe.

He forced his mouth shut, urgently trying to regain control. He needed...needed to focus on breathing slowly, couldn't breathe in too much of her sugary pheromones too quickly...

"Aww, look how red you're getting!" Adeline's head bobbed playfully from side to side as spoke, as if she was speaking to a small pet. "It's like you've never seen a pretty girl before! Or..." Her eyes sparkled with a sudden idea. "Or maybe you've never seen a girl as pretty as me?"

He whimpered, biting his inner cheek with his efforts..

Adeline cocked her head, pouting slightly. "Well?"

He stared up at her, feeling strangely powerless in those pretty, sunset-pink, expectant eyes.

"Uh-oh!" Vestere murmured, voice dripping with amusement as she dropped low to whisper in his ear. "Someone's attracted Little Miss Princess Adeline's attention."

He blinked. Adeline's pout grew even more dramatic, more demanding. She folded her arms.

"Adeline's the silliest, fluffiest one of us, silly boy," Calliste purred in his other ear. "A big, tough bounty hunter likeyou shouldn't have any trouble saying no to her... but she can be such a brat sometimes."

"Isn't that right, sweetie?" Adeline repeated, her voice ringing like windchimes. She beamed, tickling under his chin. He winced, lower lip quivering. "Aren't I soooo pretty?"

"Just ignore her," Vestere said silkily as her fingertips glided over his bare chest. "Focus on breathing in and out.Thaaat's it. Innnn and ouutt. Good boy."

Bryan realized with a start that he'd started unconsciously following her instructions. He felt his cheeks burn hotter still, and the sprites giggled, clearly recognizing his embarrassment.

"Aren't I pretty, sweetiepie?" Adeline's voice was like sweet birdsong as she leaned in closer.

Bryan squirmed. Her scent was intoxicating. But as she leaned in, his heart leaped, spotting something they'd missed over her shoulder—one of his daggers had fallen just behind her, just within reach!

Then his view of it was blocked as, like a demanding cat, Adeline moved her face and her shimmering eyes back in the path of his vision. "A silly, horny boy like you just can't help himself around pretty girls... and aren't I the prettiest one of all?" Her lashes fluttered.

"She is really pretty," Calliste said slyly, smirking down at him. She stroked his cheek with two delicate fingers. "And a silly boy like you had best not encourage her by blushing like that!"

Bryan's cheeks grew even hotter—but not out of embarrassment, he wanted to protest! He was trying to hold his breath, and it was getting harder and harder to hold in the—to not react to the...

"Aww! Teehee!" Adeline put her hand to her pretty pink lips, batting her eyelashes coquettishly. "Maybe you being such ablushy boy answers my question~"

Bryan started to shake his head.

And he froze as he saw her fingers descending towards his thighs.

"But I wanna see," Adeline said sweetly, waggling her fingers for his view, "how blushy I can get him!"

"N-Nooo!" he burst out, all semblance of dignity lost as he thrashed wildly—and realized that his captresses had all been distracted cooing over his flushed face, and he was briefly free.

Despite his surprise, Bryan's bounty hunter instincts took over quickly. He lunged for his dagger, pushing past Adeline and the startled twins to grasp the hilt. His heart raced as he plucked it from the fluffy wool bed, took a risky breath and prepared to—

"No, no, no!" giggled Vestere, and Bryan let out an involuntary cry as a fluffy fleece 'rope'—practically a feather boa—looped around his neck.

Just as Bryan was poised to spring to his feet, he was abruptly yanked back.

There was no time to react. No time to struggle. Bryan found himself being effortlessly handled once again by the fleece sprites, their giggling and cooing filling his ears with unbearable amusement. And somehow, he was too weak to do more than squirm and cry out.

Before he even fully understood what had happened, Bryan's face was shoved right between a pair of soft, warm, fluffy breasts.

He squirmed and screamed helplessly into Calliste's cleavage. Her strawberry scent flooded his lungs, and he struggled harder, his futile thrashing only seeming to pull him deeper into the fluff cloud. Calliste held him captive with ease. Her soft, fluffy crop top was unbearably ticklish against his neck. He felt as well as heard her amused laughter. "Naughty boy still thinks he's a some kind of warrior!" she cooed.

"Teehee!" He heard Adeline's glee as her fingers took his knife arm, and she and the twins started—started—started mercilessly tickling his arms. Adeline had swapped to a pair of the fuzzy mittens somehow when he hadn't been looking, and the combination of silken delicacy and fluffy, ticklish wool suddenly immersing his poor, trapped limbs...

Bryan screwed all his courage and strength. He had to not breathe in too much, he told himself furiously, even as his mind spun. He needed to keep his head. He couldn't... mustn't...

He felt fingers gliding along the sides of his neck. His stomach. His sides. His underarms. So much touching, all with him sinking ever-deeper once again into this fluffy cocoon...

Bryan quaked and thrashed and whimpered and giggled like a wretched tickletoy. He breathed in Calliste's scent, drowned in it, lost himself to it...

And when Calliste finally released him, he could barely remember what he'd just tried to do. He stared up at them, wide eyed, helpless, disoriented.

He knew how he must look to them. The thought only made his cheeks burn hotter in shame. Practically naked, stripped to his underwear, squirming and whimpering and biting his lip just to hold in the helpless giggles threatening to slip from him as these six gorgeous, elegantly-dressed sprites held him utterly captive, made short work of his modesty and dignity with their delicate gloved fingertips.

And the thought made his cock twitch.

Adeline's eyes lit up.

Bryan's breath caught. She—she couldn't have seen, could she?

She slowly smiled. His heart started to race. Her fingers drew long, slow strokes up his arm, down his side... "A warrior? But cute little tickletoys," she cooed, wagging a finger down at him—then tickling beneath his chin—"can't be anything but needy gasping squirming messes, can they?" Her eyes shimmered with hearts.

"Like aaaalll boys are when they meet..." She leaned in close. "... apretty girl."

Her finger grazed his hips, and he bucked senselessly and gasped.

And the dagger fell from his fingers.

His heart stopped.

He'd forgotten he even had it in his hand, he realized. His head spun with guilt and shame and confusion. How had he forgotten?

The sprites didn't react. They just smiled, as if they'd always known he would drop it. As if he'd never posed any threat at all.

The only acknowledgement of his weakness, in fact, was Adeline smirking as he gasped—and breathed in more of her sweet pheromones. "Good boy." she said sweetly. "That's better~"

"N-Nuh—" He stared up at her helplessly as the fleece sprites all around cuddled and nuzzled his almost naked body, stimulating him, kissing him, encasing him. He was trapped in their embrace. He was lost in their grasp. And he could barely... he was so close to starting to giggle, so close to giving himself away completely—if they realized how hard this was making him, they'd never—never—

"I think that's enough tickling, girls," Adeline chirped, with a girlish giggle. "I don't think he likes it."

He blinked.

Just like that, the tickling ebbed. The Twins seemed to get bored, and started just nuzzling and kissing him. Vestere went back to stroking his hair. Bryan panted, finally free from the exhausting effort of holding it in—and immediately regretted it as more of Adeline's sweet perfume entered his lungs.

He stared up at the pretty pink-haired girl, eyes wide with confusion. Had... had she just... saved him?

Gratitude warred with wariness warred with exhausted, desperate longing for some good news as he stared into her shining rosy eyes. She'd known. Why... why had she told them to stop if she knew?

"Such a cute boytoy you found, Vestere," Calliste hummed, nuzzling up close as she pinned his right arm down. Bryan sweated, feeling her nuzzling terrifyingly close to his underarm—but she only kissed his neck, and her silken fingertips only slightly grazed his chest as she cuddled him tighter to her.

"I know, right?" Vestere giggled, nuzzling on his other side. Bryan whined helplessly as she kissed him on the cheek fondly. "Let's keep him! Like, a subby toy like this obviously needs to be pampered and controlled by pretty girls. It's clearly what he wants! Since he's not trying to leave."

They all giggled. Bryan desperately wanted to object, even as he squirmed with a strange sense of delight as the sprites touched and stroked and kissed all over his body. It was all he could do to keep from giggling. It wasn't as ticklish as the previous torment, but it was still... gods, they were so soft and fluffy and cuddly...

As they shifted around him, Adeline rising to sit right between his legs—at her height, she had to lean over almost flat atop him just to reach his chin—Bryan again caught a glimpse of something behind her.

A door. A door on the other side of this fluff-drowned room. Despite everything that had just happened, a tiny spark of hope flared in his heart. This wasn't just a burrow. There might be a way out! And even if not, if he could just get that door between himself and these bubbly beauties...

Somehow, he had concealed just how ticklish he really was, he told himself. It was the only rational explanation.. His heart raced at the thought of being truly... discovered.

He had to keep his head. Even though he'd dropped his only weapon and was now all-but-naked and unarmed in their clutches. If he could just find another opening...

"Silly, needy thing," Vestere cooed in his ear, and he trembled at how her soft hair brushed against his shoulder and neck as she spoke, how her plump lips tickled his earlobe. "Look at how eeeasy he fell for us! He must know he's gonna have so much fun!"

"Don't be mean, Vestere," Calliste purred in his other ear. "It's soooo hard to say no to pretty girls, you know."

Adeline finished her move and straightened, smirking down at Bryan.

Bryan felt a tiny seed of worry prickling through his sense of her benevolence, or of his ability to hide his reaction. Especially with her up there, straddling his thighs in her fluffy, angora-soft, exquisitely ticklish ballgown.

"Especially for a needy, powerless boytoy like him!" Vestere teased, and she and Calliste giggled. "Aww, and looook how he blushes at that~"

Bryan stared up, lower lip quivering, as Adeline bounced her breasts playfully within her lacy pink bodice. It was such a... flattering outfit, he had to admit, despite how almost sickeningly sugary and feminine it was compared even to the other fleece sprites' outfits. She pouted down at him, sultry and flirtatious.

"He spiraled so eeeasily down to us," Calliste sang, planting more sweet kisses along Bryan's jawline. "His mind melted so niiiice."

Adeline's fingers slowly crawled up his thighs, her fluffy mittens tickling and rubbing ever-so-softly, ever-so-unbearably at Bryan's bare, exposed skin. Bryan stared up at her, briefly uncomprehending, too overwhelmed by the six gorgeous sprites kissing and stroking all over his exposed form to understand why she was... what she was... just what it was 'Little Miss Princess' Adeline had planned.

Or why her bratty smirk made him feel so molten and weak inside.

Or why his cock just. Wouldn't. Stop. Twitching.


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