Sea Slimes

Chapter 6

by GigglingGoblin

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Chrysa basked in the joy of her conquest: Both in the conquest of her prey, and the conquest of herself.

She had won. And lost. Her will had broken down the will of her captive. Her will had broken down. And it was all too deliciously, gloriously steeped in ecstasy for the jelly maid to tell the difference.

She sucked at the cock between her pale lips, flicking her little stinging tongue twice over his glans. She had always made the boys happy. She had always known how to touch them until they felt good. So good. She looked up, eyes glowing with triumph. The wispy white tendrils that served as her “hair” had long since stopped stinging him. Now they just wafted above her, brushing along his belly and continuing to lightly tickle.

Her captive’s eyes were screwed tightly shut. She slowly ran her lips up and down along his shaft, savoring the feeling of hardness inside her. It was starting to throb again. She loved this part.

Chrysa remembered back before. Before she had met her mistress. She had once loved to go all down on her lovers, deep-throating with the skill of one who did not breathe through lungs. The sensation of being as filled as a mermaid could possibly be had brought her to orgasm time and time again. But not anymore. Now she was more full than ever, thanks to her mistress. And she wanted to taste him. She moaned as another spurt of salty cum shot onto her eager tongue.

This jelly maid had been given a very important job: Milking the male human. She giggled. He had been the one who would put up a fight, her mistresses had said. Chrysa had to milk him dry. Make him weak. Make him hers. Make him cum.

It had been even easier than she’d expected. And he was so delicious! She closed her eyes with bliss as her tongue teased a bit of extra cum out of him. She reached up and tapped his chest, getting him to open his eyes and look at her. She made sure he saw her swallow.

She loved being like this. They had made her love being like this. She ran her tongue around his cock, briefly sliding her lips all the way down until her lower lip brushed his testicles. She took the it all down her throat, adoring the sensation. It felt so good, being slutty, being pliant. She knew with every suck, every swallow, every moan, she was fucking her own brain more. Making herself more slutty, more pliant. A better bimbo for her beautiful mistresses. Just like they wanted.

Her head rose back up, and she sighed into him. Her prey had come at least four times now. She was so good at making him happy. He bucked against her, and she stared up at him with joy. He wanted her!

For a moment, she wished she was a mortal. She wished she had a pussy that she could wrap around his eager shaft, wished she had legs instead of tentacles to wrap around him and feel him inside her. She wished she could buck and moan and scream on top of him like a common landwhore. She wished she could make him lick her out, make him look up at her, taste her, and realize that she was his goddess. She wished she could orgasm with him.

But she was nothing but the plaything of her mistresses. She would come at their pleasure, and not before.

She squealed as he started thrashing and bucking for a fifth time, her breasts heaving from the effort of milking. It felt so good to lose. He would learn that soon enough.

* * *

For a few strange seconds, Larya was made of stone.

As the druidess glided through solid rock, she felt the layers, the cracks and crevices, the streaks of pure ore and the grains of odd mineral. She felt the earth beneath her, felt its grinding progress as it ate away at itself, the crust descending and ascending and descending again like a serpent biting its own tail.

All earth was fluid, if you could find something denser, and she knew the world’s crust floated upon oceans of stone. This dark, dull stone was no less alive than fire. Larya felt the World Base in it, just as she felt it in trees and animals.

When she emerged on the other side of the wall, she realized she’d gotten a little wet. Which was still a weird sensation when she was thousands of meters underwater. This spell was bizarre. It let her pussy get moist, but it didn’t let her fingers get pruny. So weird.

She took a look at her folded clothes. Mylio had ordered her to undress before lying down for him, and she was currently buck-naked. It almost felt silly to be going around dressed when she was thousands of meters underwater, spell or no spell.

Then she remembered that look in Nerka’s eye. That lusty, predatory, inhuman look. Something was seriously wrong here, and she did not want to tempt fate. Or mermaids.

She donned the shirt and skirt as she walked. They were completely dry, thanks to the spell, and it felt a bit surreal to be wearing them again. She considered her underwear, then tossed it aside. There was no time. Besides, her panties were still slick with juices. It wouldn’t do. Some merfolk had really good senses of smell.

As she hurried down the dark tunnel, Larya caught a glimpse of something drifting through the water. She frowned. It was of a bright grass-green hue, and stood out quite sharply against the dark, clear water. Even without the spell allowing her to see in deep waters, it was clearly slightly luminescent.

She stopped walking and stared at it. It was a liquid, or maybe a jelly of some kind. It swirled in a way that was almost ...

...almost ...

Larya inclined her head. It was so pretty, shimmering in the darkness ...

...swirling, spiraling, rising and dipping like a slow, sensuous wave ...

...Nerka’s breasts had been heaving as Mylio had sucked at one nipple, just begging for a second mouth to fasten around the other ...

The jelly slowly descended into a crack in the wall. Larya’s eyes followed it as it squished its way through, navigating almost like a tentacle. Like Mylio’s tail, thrashing helplessly in Nerka’s solid grip ...

As it vanished from sight, Larya realized had been been staring at a single wisp of passing algae for a full minute. She gave a start. What’s wrong with me?

She tried not to think about the fact that she’d gotten even wetter doing it as she continued running.

* * *

Chrysa’s first warning to be on the lookout was a little sexy sigh in her ear, and her eyes rolled up into her skull with sheer pleasure. Her mistress was speaking to her again. She found herself shaking with repressed orgasm, even as she determinedly kept sucking—her paralyzed prisoner still needed to be milked. She still had more to drink before she would be satisfied. She was so overcome, she didn’t even hear what her mistress actually said.

Her second warning was a quarterstaff being put in front of her throat and jerked backwards. “Oh!” the jelly maid managed before being yanked backwards. She felt a knee press into her back.

The quarterstaff continued pressing against her neck, and she struggled desperately against the firm grip. It hurt! And she had been forced off of her plaything!

Chrysa spent a few seconds flailing wildly, her mind racing in a blind panic. The pain and shock made her lose control of her senses. She didn’t know what was going on, but it hurt and she wanted to be free. What was going on? Was the figure going to kill her? Why couldn’t she go back to milking?

As she continued to struggle, though, and nothing changed, the panic slowly dulled. The pain did, too, and the figure didn’t seem to be planning to break her neck anytime soon. Understanding dawned on Chrysa: The figure was trying to strangle her.

She kept fighting, but less sincerely, as a grin started to spread over her face. She felt the soft skin against her back. Heard the little gasps and grunts from the figure trying to choke her. Smelled the sexual frustration in the water.

Jelly maids didn’t breathe through their lungs, or even their gills. They breathed through the pale flesh of their tentacles, and the rest of their skin to a lesser extent. The pressure against her neck hurt, but that was it. The figure had made a grave error. A wonderful error she would come to be so, so happy she’d made.

Oh, Chrysa knew exactly who was trying to choke her.

No paralysis this time. She loved making boys happy. But girls deserved to be happy, too.

“Hi!” she whispered. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.“

“What?” came the voice from behind her. Perfect! Chrysa had needed her to speak to be sure where she was; she would only get one shot.

Giggling, she directed one of her lower tentacles to leap up. She felt it scurry up the druid’s leg and climb right into that slick pussy. Bulls-eye. She was wearing a skirt, but no panties. No barrier to Chrysa. Clearly, this druidess was more eager than she would admit!

“Oh!” The voice of the druidess was surprised. Startled. Very aroused. Chrysa beamed. This would be fun.

She told her tentacle to give just a little sting.

Aah!” The pressure against Chrysa’s throat vanished, though the quarterstaff did not release her. “Aah—ahaaha! Stop—oh, goddesses, that tickles—“

The druidess was wriggling behind her, trying to get the tentacle out without letting go of the staff, but she was being so helpful in telling Chrysa where she was with all this noise. Chrysa had three more tentacles shoot up. Two joined the first in rubbing inside her cunt. The third started tickling between her legs.

Aahahaha! Heeheeheehee! Stop it!” The pressure returned on Chrysa’s throat, but only for a second before growing weak again. “S-s-s-staaah!

Chrysa kept stinging. She could hear the voice of her mistress in her ear again. “Drown her in touch,” the voice hissed. “Ooh, make her beg to be nursed. Make her beg to be our slut, just like you are!“

Chrysa longed to turn around and behold the face of the druidess, who was now squealing with giggles and arousal. But the staff still held her firm. So she just looked straight ahead, keeping an eye on her previous paralyzed plaything. She couldn’t wait to get back to milking him. She pictured having this druidess suckle at her teat as she did so and couldn’t help but let out a little squeal of her own.

It was time to step up her game. Experimentally, Chrysa leaned back. She felt a womanly chest behind her. There was a shirt, but no bra. Perfect. Oh, so perfect.

Heeheehee—wha—oh, no, no, no—“

She grinned evilly and set her hair tendrils to work. They crawled under the collar and ran over the druidess’s breasts, instilling them with new sensation. More sensation than a human breast was meant to contain. She teased her tendrils over those hard nipples, tickling them until she could feel the warm breasts heaving and swelling against the back of her head. “Isn’t this nice?” she sang.

“Y—n—hee hee hee hee!

“I thought so!” Chrysa giggled, feeling almost as tickled as her hot little new captive. She reached back with one hand. “So how about you let me go and I can make you feel even nicer?“


Chrysa was impressed. This druidess was still holding the quarterstaff against her neck, even with a jelly maid tickling her clit, thighs and breasts without mercy. But it was time to show her who was really in charge. “I think,” she said silkily, “you feel too good to hold onto this big, heavy staff now!“

She sped up her tentacles’ ministrations. She could feel the druidess starting to twitch and quiver. Soon she would be outright thrashing underneath Chrysa’s loving touches.

“Make her scream!” whispered the voice, which itself sounded on the verge of orgasm. “Ooh, yes, she’s just gotta beg to become our sexy little bimbo.“

Chysa raised the hand up and inserted one finger between her own tentacles, stroking inside the druidess’s smooth, shaven pussy. “Isn’t this nice?” she cooed. “Don’t you want more?“

“Ah—ah—” The druidess’s knees were starting to buckle.

Chrysa laughed. “Ooh! That sounded like a ye-e-e-es!“

“N-no—AAAH!” The druidess fell to the floor as Chrysa thrust two fingers in. The fingers clutching the quarterstaff went limp. Chrysa pushed it away with her free hand, chuckling.

She turned and fixed the druidess with a loving smile. The druidess looked up at her, eyes wide and wild with desire. “I win,” Chrysa whispered. She leaned forward and grabbed the druidess in a sloppy, passionate kiss. She nibbled on her lower lip, then thrust her tongue inside, filling the druidess’s mouth with an electric tingling.

“Make her cum.”

Without hesitation, Chrysa jammed the two fingers in all the way. She turned the stinging up to maximum as she rubbed the clit at a frightening speed. She was so good at touching. So good at making boys and girls happy. So good at touching.

“Get her ready,” the voice said. “Remember when we made you drink us? She needs to drink you now. Make her ours. But first, make her beg!”

Chrysa broke off the kiss and listened to her plaything scream.

“Beg me for more!” she cooed.

“Please!” The druidess was thrashing, but the tentacles held her tightly now. She was Chrysa’s. ”Pleeeeease!” Body and mind.

“You wanna be our slut?”

Yes! Yes—heehee—more, more, more, please!

Chrysa brought her lips down to the druidess’s round, pale breasts, to those pointy, dark nipples. So pretty. So sensitive. She grinned and started licking, listening to the screams as the druidess at last hit her orgasm. “Mine!” she sang over the screams. “You’re—shlup—Chrysa’s now! You’re mine, mine, mine!“

Yours! Yours! Oh, yours, yes, please, I’m—I’ll be—“ Chrysa heard the voice in her head again, but the druidess’s screams were so delicious, so wonderfully slutty, that she couldn’t imagine hearing anything else. She let the screams drown the words of her mistress out. She felt those slender little fingers running frantic spirals over her skin. Felt her own nerves start to skyrocket into pleasure. Holy shit. Holy shit holy shit yes yes fuck yes yes.

Her eyes bugged out of her skull as she started to come. She gripped her captive all the tighter as she joined in the lusty cries. Chrysa fastened her lips around a nipple and started to suck, remembering the feelings she had felt when she’d started drinking, when they’d started drinking her, when she’d been claimed.

It had felt so good to drink then, just like it felt good now. But it was time to let go and let the druidess start suckling. This human needed to drink her now. Oh, it had felt so good to drink. She truly envied this druidess. It would feel so good.

She had to make this druidess do the same. Had to nurse her. Had to nurse.

She frowned. No, had to make her nurse. She was getting confused and horny. The spirals on her skin were making her too hot to think straight. Suckle. Had to suckle. No, had to make the druidess suckle. Stop suckling and start . . . suckling . . . had to obey her mistresses, but fuck, this was so—so—

She became vaguely cognizant of the water around her becoming very, very empty all of a sudden. Airless. Hollow saltwater. No oxygen. But she couldn’t stop nursing. Couldn’t stop fingering and licking and suckling and cumming. Couldn’t stop suckling. Couldn’t remember what else she would ever want to do.

It felt so good to lose.

The world went black.

Chrysa kept right on cumming.

* * *

“She’ll have a bad headache when she wakes up,” Larya said after a while, almost to herself. She finally managed to persuade herself to pull those still-sucking lips off her tit. They came off with a plop.

She rolled the jelly maid off her body and let out a great shuddering sigh, still feeling the tingling in her breasts and cunt. Even after Chrysa had passed out, Larya had spent a few minutes more feeling the unconscious fey continue to try to drink her. Fey dreams were closer to the fabric of wakefulness than most. ‘Sleepwalking’ was common. So, it seemed, was sleepsucking.

Wow, Larya thought to herself, lying flat on her back. She had felt like she’d been covered in thousands of tiny little tongues. She still sort of felt like that. The druidess pushed herself to her feet. “Wow,” she breathed. “So that’s ... a jelly maid.“

It had not been easy to convince herself to cast the spell. Even after cumming—and she’d been waiting so long today for an orgasm—the pleasure had almost been great enough to convince her to just give in to one more orgasm. But she knew ‘one more’ would have turned into ‘five more’. And then ‘ten more’. And then ...

The jelly maid had been trying to do something, Larya knew, before Larya had overwhelmed her in orgasms of her own. This hadn’t been idle seduction. There was something seriously off with her. She’d had a specific goal, just like Nerka had.

It was then that she remembered Alrek.

She turned and walked over, looking down at the twitching, naked form of her adventuring partner with one eyebrow raised. His penis was still fully erect.

Larya had seen Alrek naked before. In their world of fey, demons and enchanters, two adventurers traveling the land together were bound to learn a lot about each other, one way or another. The sight of Alrek unclad and aroused was nothing new. That said, it never failed to weird her out.

Alrek wasn’t ugly. Actually, speaking objectively, he was fairly cute—he had a fit, muscular body, curly dark hair, a strong chin, a sort of sulky countenance some would call ‘brooding’, and dark brown eyes that glittered with what could easily be mistaken for passion.

But Larya knew him pretty well by now. And knowing Alrek’s inner self, knowing all the petulance and selfishness and greed and confusion that lay within him ... well, seeing him naked was just uncomfortable. She was not interested in that sight. She’d only recently gotten used to considering him a partner, and she knew he still wasn’t exactly on-board with that.

“So,” she said, “paralyzed, huh?”


“I mean, I figured.” She shrugged. “If you weren’t paralyzed, you would be yelling at me for taking so long.” She leaned down and picked up her oaken staff. “I’ll try to get rid of the poison, but you’ve been in her grip for a while. And don’t give me that look. I know I’m late, but I’m not the one who got taken up and sucked dry by a jelly maid with some tickly tendrils.“

She dropped to her knees and pressed the staff against his crotch. His eyes widened, but she wanted to get this part over with first. She was tired of his ... other head staring right up at her. She felt the grains of the oaken staff, used them to transport her back to a nature she understood. And from there, she entered the World Base. The worldly essence every druid and druidess needed to reach to use their powers.

She started draining the poison from him. He had been stung there most of all, of course. Lots of stings on the member. Remembering how it had felt inside her vagina, she winced in sympathy. “Listen, Alrek, there’s some serious crap going down here. Nerka’s changed. She’s … I don’t know, but she’s doing something to Mylio. I barely got away. I think what happened to her is the same thing that happened to that jelly maid.” Finishing with the crotch, she moved her staff over his legs. Might as well put off him being able to talk again as long as possible.


“Her eyes were the same shade of pink. It’s like something’s ... entered her, I guess you’d say.” She snorted. “No, Alrek, that’s not just what jelly maids are like normally. Jelly maids are supposed to be very, er, accommodating in general. They drift in big swarms and help sailors, um, ‘while away the dull hours’.”

“Nn.” Alrek rolled his eyes.

“But consensually! Lim told me there’re actually some, like, socio-economic problems going on with it.” Alrek managed a scowl at the mention of Lim. As he started to stretch his legs, she moved up to drain the arms. Gods, the more she probed, the more poison she found. He’d been in the grasp of that woman for at least an hour. This was almost to overdose levels. “Like, sailors taking advantage of them, netting them and selling them, that sort of thing. Treating them like lust sprites. Putting them in private ‘petting zoos’. That’s how willing they are to, er, please—they were so eager, people got the idea that they basically existed to pleasure humans. It’s really kind of awful.”

“Nnn.” Alrek did not appear to give a shit about the socio-economic woes of jellyfish maids.

“My point is, they aren’t usually prone to... this." Larya rolled her eyes. She reached over and rolled Alrek over to drain some toxin from his back. “Seriously, how are you even alive, let alone conscious? Jelly maid poison really is fascinating!”

“Nn nn.” I bet, his eyes said. Larya went red and finished his detoxification in silence.

Alrek was surprisingly quiet when she finally addressed the matter of his mouth and vocal chords. She’d expected him to enter one of his rants, but he just sat there for a few minutes, breathing heavily.

“You okay?” she asked. “We should really get moving.”

“’Course.” He scowled. He started to rise, then fell back down. “Just ... gimme a sec’. I still feel a bit weak. How’d you knock her out, anyways?”

Larya glanced back at the jelly maid. She was still unconscious, fortunately. “I screwed up at first. Tried to choke her. Jelly maids breathe through their skin, so obviously that didn’t do anything but bruise her neck and embarrass me.”

“Huh.” She waited for him to make a smartass comment, but for once he stayed quiet. He actually did look pretty exhausted. It seemed the jelly maid had, well, ‘taken a lot out of him’ in more ways than one.

Or perhaps in exactly one way. Perhaps the ejaculations had weakened him somehow? No, it was probably just the lingering aftereffects of the poison.

She coughed. “But after my mind finally cleared up for a moment from, uh, cumming, I was able to work out what I did wrong and try something else.” She grinned, still feeling a bit proud of herself. “I removed all the oxygen in the water around us for just a few seconds. It wasn’t that hard. There’s not much down here to begin with.” She cocked her head, considering another theory. “Maybe that’s why you’re feeling faint?”

Alrek frowned. “I don’t feel faint. I feel ... drained.” He looked up at her. “Wait, if you removed the air nearby, shouldn’t that have suffocated you, too?“

“Oh, yes. I couldn’t breathe at all until the spell ended.” She stood up, handing him one of his spears. “Here. You should use that to walk. We’ve gotta hurry.”

“Right. Right.” Leaning on the staff, he struggled to his feet. Alrek hobbled like a man twenty years older. “So how’d you ... How’d you stay conscious even after she passed out? How'd you... hold your breath that...”

Larya turned and flashed him a mischievous grin as she made her way back into the main tunnel.

“Oh, fuck off.” But Larya was sure Alrek was suppressing a smile.

She giggled. They hurried out of the chamber, leaving the jelly maid where she lay. Glancing back, Larya could have sworn she saw a pink-colored blob of fluid gathering around the jelly maid’s body. But then Alrek tripped, and she had to help him to his feet.

When she looked back, the blob was gone. And so was the maid.

“We’ve really gotta move,” she whispered.

* * *

Chrysa’s wakefulness did not come with her opening her eyes.

Jelly maid skin was renowned for its softness. Their lips were about as pillow-like as it could get; their breasts were supple and smooth. This was because jelly maids actually breathed through the skin. They could also see through it, albeit dimly, and so Chrysa did not need to open her eyes to know that she could not see anything at all.

Chrysa’s wakefulness came with the pounding realization of pain in her head. She let out a little whimper, raising one hand to her forehead. Memories were stuttering back, now. The druidess. The man. The ... the girl.

She realized then that she was moving in the water. Something cool and slick was holding her by the wrist and slowly dragging her along. She remembered what that feeling meant and let out another little whimper.

“Ooh! You’re not supposed to be awake yet, cutie.” The voice was breathy, wispy, girlish. And horribly familiar. “You poor thing. Don’t you worry, though! We’ll take good care of you.“

Down. They were moving down. Chrysa swallowed. “No. Let me go.”

“Heehee! Don’t be silly! We know what you really want.”

“I take it back!” she cried. “I didn’t—I wasn’t in control!”

“Ooh, we milked your slutty little titties dry, didn’t we? You loved it! But not as much as ‘milking’ me, I guess. Oh, well. I shouldn’t have expected your bimbo brain to do everything right. You still did really well! You’re such a good girl!“


The voice giggled again. Chrysa felt the slick, squishy substance running along her arm, covering her sensitive mermaid flesh in delightful sensation. She moaned despite herself, and couldn’t help but yelp when the slime touched her right breast.

A glowing, shimmering, rose-pink face appeared above her as she descended down into the depths. “I think somebody needs a reminder!” her Mistress cooed.


The face pouted. “You were so happy a minute ago! I’m so sorry I had to go outside of you, but it was the only way I could get you out of there.” She brightened. “But you’re awake now, so I’m gonna make it all better! I can go back inside you now!”

The face started to move closer. The stimulation of Chrysa’s breast became stronger as the slime started to expand to cover her whole chest.

Aah! No! Let me go!” Chrysa struggled, but already she could feel her body crying out in relief. The headache was fading, and sweet, sweet pleasure was moving into its place. “Let me gmmff!“

Her Mistress had locked lips with her. Slick, sweet slime oozed between her lips. She could feel her breasts starting to tingle, could feel the lactation beginning once more. “Just gonna make you aaaallll empty for me again,” the voice whispered. “So it’s just you and me again! Won’t that be nice?”

Chrysa moaned into the consuming ‘kiss’ as her whole upper body became immersed in the slime. She could see a light now in the distant below. It was getting brighter and brighter as they moved further down. “Nn . . .”

“Oh, hush, now, silly girl. Don’t forget! You gave me permission!”

Chrysa could only moan again as her breasts started to release little droplets of mermilk.

“Teehee! Ooh! Be a good slut for us, now, little bimbo girl . . .”

Chrysa’s eyes screwed shut as the pleasure rose within her, swelling like a balloon, driving out all other thought as it went until she felt totally empty—and totally fulfilled at the same time. Her breasts started to swell with it as new sensation crawled over her from all sides. She started to scream, inhaling the slime as she did so, feeling it coating her and making her horny and pliable once more. She felt the last thoughts of rebellion slip out as syrupy corruption took their place.

And then her eyes opened, and two oceans of rose-pink stared out into the black.

* * *

Larya pressed her hand against the stone floor, calling upon her druidic magics to smooth a particularly difficult dip. It was driving her crazy inside to be staying so close to the World Base for so long, but her magic was needed. Alrek’s weakness wasn’t going away, and he couldn’t clear the rougher patches of stone without help.

“So what do you think’s going on here?” Alrek asked as he moved over the newly evened threshold. “You think those two assholes conned us?”

“I dunno.” She bit her lip. “I don’t think either of them planned this. I think whatever’s here is brainwashing them. Merfolk in general, I mean.”

“Huh.” He raised an eyebrow. “Or ... y’know, maybe they just conned us, and we should just get the fuck out of here. Just an idea.”

“Why would they go to this much trouble, Alrek?” she snapped. “Are you just looking for an excuse?”

He grimaced, sending her an irritated look. “Look, just saying. Either way, we ain’t getting paid enough for this. Especially if the people paying us both got, like, eaten. I feel like shit, Larya. I feel like I don’t want to see what happens to us if they get their claws in you. And it’s not like we like these people anyways. This ... this ain’t a good place to die.”

Larya turned to him and scowled. Her fellow adventurer was still only half-clad—Chrysa had evidently ripped open his shirt in her frenzy to reach bare skin earlier, so they’d left it behind. Despite his weakness and embarrassing state of dress, though, he’d clearly regained his energy for complaints. “We might be able to cure them still. Maybe all of them, all of these people.”

“Fey,” Alrek snapped.

People. We owe it to these people to give it a shot. It’s our responsibility now—don’t try to weasel out of it.”

“Owe it to them?” Alrek stopped in his tracks, apparently just to bluster over this for a moment. Larya kept walking. “That’s fucking ridiculous! They hired us! They’ve been nothing but assholes to us, too. You’re fucking nuts, druid.“

Larya rounded the corner and froze. She stared ahead of her at the bizarre sight, her mind racing for meanings. “Stop talking.”

“Oh my god.” Alrek had evidently taken this as an insult. “No! Can you see what I’m trying to do? I’m trying to keep you and I from getting—“

“Stop talking and look at this!“

Alrek stopped talking and hobbled over. “Oh, fuck me.”

Mylio lay sprawled on the floor in front of them, his ray-like tail twitching feebly. His eyes were closed. He looked to be unconscious.

Larya took a step forwards and felt a rough hand grab her by the wrist. She turned to Alrek, scowling. “Hey!”

“Trap,” he hissed. “Trap trap trap trap trap.”

“You don’t know it’s a—“

“Trap trap trap.”

“He could be injured, or—”

“Trap trap trap chirp charp.” Alrek grimaced. “Fuck, it’s hard to say that word again and again like that.”

She yanked her arm out of his grasp. “Even if it’s a trap, this is the only way out of the cave. And we need to check on him. What if he’s hurt? What if this is some sort of succubus spirit?”

“Then the last thing we need is you getting near it.“

“Then you go check on him!“

“I will!” Alrek appeared to register too late what he’d agreed to. He opened his mouth, probably to curse, then closed it. He turned and crept over, clutching one of his spears—clearly as much for support as for defense. He reached down and took the man’s pulse. “Wow. Gills are really weird-looking.”

“Uh, so are lungs. Is he okay?”

“Uh . . .”

“Oh, forget him.” Larya’s heart gave a jolt as she heard the voice. She spun around. Nerka floated before her, just two meters away, her eyes a glimmering rose-pink. The mermaid had evidently emerged from one of the forking paths—one of the paths they’d been sure were dead ends. Nerka smiled, raising a glob of something bright pink and slimy in her left hand. “He’s nothing compared to the prize you will be.“

She hurled the glob. Larya swung her staff to deflect, but all she succeeded in was splashing away a bit of it. The rest caught her right in the throat, taking her down to the ground. “Alrek!” she cried.

“Fuck!” Alrek came stumbling around the corner. He looked down at Larya as she struggled with the goo. It wasn’t exactly strangling her, but with her magical gills obstructed, her air was taking on a strangely sweet scent that had her worried. And it felt like it had glued her to the floor.

He looked up at Nerka, who flashed him a disarming smile. “I’m not after you, Snatch,” she said sweetly. “And you look like you’ve already been through quite an ordeal. Maybe you should let us have some ‘girl time’.”

Alrek brought the spear down towards Larya. Before she knew what he was doing, the coral tip slashed into the slime, cutting a side swath of it away. She realized she was no longer fastened to the floor.

“Okay, then!” she heard Nerka say, just as sugary-sweet. A salmon blur streaked above her, slamming into Alrek and bearing him down to the floor. “Let’s have some girl-boy talk first, then.”

Larya pushed herself away from the floor and struggled with the slime, even as she felt herself getting woozy. Oh, fuck, she thought. It’s giving me bad air.

Her head spun at the very realization. She felt herself falling back to the floor. It’s easier here. Don’t want to fall over; I might hit my head and get all silly! She giggled.

She immediately stopped giggling, pushed herself up again, and grabbed her staff. It’s getting to me. Not good. Nearby, she heard Nerka speaking in low, crooning tones. “You’re just so weak, aren’t you? And it feels so nice when I touch you through your clothes, doesn’t it?“

“Fuck off.” Alrek’s voice sounded feeble. Whatever Chrysa had done to him had left him weak in more ways than one, Larya realized.

“Oh, what a naughty boy. Would you rather I put my hand under? I know you’re just so weak and sleepy. Maybe you should let your head go to sleep and let your little man do the thinking. Doesn’t that sound easier?“

“Fuck. Agh! No. Stop it. Stop it.”

Larya looked over as she started channeling the World Base. She was getting really horny, she realized. Too much druid magic. And something about the air. Making her hot. Sexy. Sleepy. It felt so good to just keep channeling. Feel the World Base rush through her. A little smile started to form on her face as she watched Nerka work, waiting for the moment to strike.

Nerka had landed on top of Alrek. One hand was on his chest, pushing him down against the floor. The other was slipping under his pants. Her face was centimeters from his. She smiled smugly, planting a little kiss on his cheek. “Silly boy. I think you want to help me put dear Larya in her place, don’t you? You’re so stubborn. Just relax.“

Alrek’s struggles were getting feebler and feebler as Nerka visibly started to stroke. He’d gotten hard instantly. Larya realized she was actually approaching an orgasm. Why hadn’t she cast yet? Why had she started channeling in the first place? Had she had a plan, or was she just . . .

Larya cut off the spell. No. The World Base could not help her right now. Not against this.

“I just need you to hold her down,” Nerka cooed. “Be a good boy for us and hold her for me. Doesn’t obedience feel nice?”

“Fuck . . .” Alrek gasped. “Fuck you . . . oh . . .”

Ignoring the slime around her neck, Larya ran forward and shoved Nerka with all her might. The mermaid went drifting off, solid pink eyes wide in surprise, bounteous breasts jiggling with the motion.

Larya leaped over Alrek and swung forward with her quarterstaff. Nerka twisted, but not quick enough to avoid a smack in the side. “Hey, Nerka, I thought you weren’t interested in him?” Behind her, she heard Alrek struggle to his feet. “Come on, Alrek. We can flank—”

“Sorry,” he said. She heard him break into a stumbling sprint as he ran for the exit.

It was a casual, gruff sort of ‘sorry’. The sort one would say out of obligation. Larya didn’t know if that was because he was holding the guilt in or if he was literally incapable of feeling guilt at all. She just didn’t know anymore.

“Fuck you, Snatch,” she muttered.

Nerka grinned. Larya felt the slime rising around her head. “Well, that works too.”

“You know what? I don’t—mmf!” Larya’s eyes widened as the slime suddenly surged up. The color pink filled her vision. She started choking—purely out of reflex, since she breathed through her gills now—as some of it oozed into her mouth. The slime tasted horribly sweet.

“You see?” Nerka beamed, swimming in a zigzag pattern towards her. Larya was having trouble focusing on the pretty mermaid. Her head was swimming in cotton candy now. None of it felt substantial on its own, but but it was like a web: She couldn’t push it all out at once, and it was clogging everything she needed access to. She spent critical focus just trying to register that the poison of the slime was even more potent when ingested orally.

That focus had previously been focused on allowing her to stand.

The slime seemed to cushion her head against the stone. She didn’t feel the impact, at least. She stared up into the suddenly rosy world, a beatific smile forming on her face. She couldn’t help it. It was reflex at that point.

Nerka appeared above her, tail swishing almost hypnotically. She smiled down at her. “Sorry, Larya. I’m afraid there’s not enough here to fill you. I’m not even sure it works on humans, to be honest.” The mermaid moved closer. Her breasts were bouncing together in a way that seemed to draw Larya’s eyes back and forth between them. “But I think I can still make you understand just why you need to come with us.“

“Mmmm,” Larya said. Her entire thought process made her feel like she was staring through a distant telescope at what was happening here. A telescope with a pink lens. She giggled, accidentally swallowing a bit more of the slime.

“Good girl!” Nerka cooed. Her breasts were pressing against Larya’s now. “Keep swallowing. My Mistress can only fill one vessel at a time, but I’ll bet her lovely, oozy, gooey slime is making you reconsider fighting us, right?”

“Mm.” Larya was pretty sure she was saying ‘no’.

“Good girl!” Nerka exclaimed.

“Mm mm,” Larya protested. She hadn’t said ‘yes’, she knew that much.

“Good girl!” Nerka said again, laughing. “Doesn’t it feel nice to obey?”

It did feel nice. Larya felt the slime slipping beneath her shirt, over her breasts. It left a curious tingling sensation wherever it went, and her nipples were quickly abuzz with pleasure. She found herself opening her mouth to swallow a bit more of the delicious slime. She’d thought it too sweet at first, but now she realized it was delicious. It was so obvious now.

No! Her mind rebelled. She had work to do here. She had to save the merfolk, had to . . . save Nerka. She bubbled something into the slime.

“Ooh!” said a voice in her ear. “I’ll bet I have an idea for how you can save her!”

Larya blinked. Who was that voice? They sounded smart, whoever they were. And really hot and sexy. She stared up at Nerka’s pretty pink eyes. They were so close now. Nerka was moving through the slime, she realized, to kiss her.

“She’s possessed by that yummy slime, right? So all you have to do is get her to give you more of it!” The voice giggled, though Larya didn’t know what was so funny. “If she fills you up with it, there won’t be any left for her, and she’ll be free of me! Of it, I mean. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Larya blinked again, slower. Nerka’s lips were brushing against hers, teasing her. Larya extended her tongue and licked along Nerka’s upper lip. Nerka’s eyes widened at the sensation. Just kiss me, Larya thought. Get it over with.

“All you have to do,” sang the voice in her ear, “is fuck her brains out! And let her fuck your brains out!”

Larya couldn’t keep track of why that would work anymore. Her entire world was delicious slimy syrup and sweet mermaid kisses as Nerka moved into her embrace. But it made sense. She reached her hands up, feeling Nerka’s breasts. So big. So full. It made sense that she had to fuck Nerka. Because she wanted to fuck Nerka. Why wouldn’t she?

She started to knead the breasts, listening to Nerka moan into the kiss. She rubbed her legs together. She felt so horny. She needed something between them, now. She broke off the kiss and stared into Nerka’s eyes, then looked down.

Nerka looked at her with an unmistakable hunger. The mermaid started to swim down. Larya felt Nerka’s long, platinum locks brush over her feet as the mermaid’s head rose from beneath her skirt, and nearly squealed with anticipation. Thank goodness she had opted not to bother with the panties.

Something dark flashed above her. As Nerka’s lush lips started to lay teasing kisses along Larya’s inner thighs, a large, leathery thing came down, smacking against the pink slime that now covered Larya’s face. As though from far off, she heard a splashing sound. The slime was being splattered away.

The leathery thing rose up again. Below, Larya felt Nerka’s lips start to kiss over her own, and she let out a single squeak.

The leathery thing struck down again. Slime splattered everywhere, and Larya felt the wing smack her in the face. “Ow!” she cried.

Then the cool, stagnant water hit her skin with a frigid clarity. Her heart skipped into overdrive. Frantically, she raised her hands up, clawing the slime away from her neck and gills. Cool, clean air flooded into her chest.

“Hey!” she heard Nerka protest, as the mermaid realized what was happening. Adrenaline driving her ahead, Larya brought her foot up and kicked downwards. Her heel connected with something soft. She heard a cry as Nerka fell away, out from under her skirt, clutching a bleeding nose.

Larya’s pussy was still tingling with need, and the slime was still on her breasts. And inside me, she thought nervously. But she leaped to her feet, still trying to wipe the remainder off her, and looked down at her ‘savior’.

Mylio the merman lay on the ground, facing away from her. He had crawled over to swat the slime off of her. He craned his neck weakly to look up at her, his eyes tired and desperate.

Larya stripped off her shirt and bra to wipe the slime off her breasts. She looked back—Nerka was still clutching her nose, momentarily stunned. The goo Larya had removed from herself was starting to mass around Nerka in a way that made Larya suspect that she needed to move.

“Help … me...” Mylio whispered.

She looked down at him. Mylio. His bare chest still made her heart flutter, but his eyes had lost that piercing quality that had once drawn her to him. He looked truly wretched. His skin was pale. His eyes were dull. This was the merman who had had her blushing and trembling at his lightest touches.

He was such an asshole.

Larya reached down and scooped him up in her arms. In the dense water, he felt remarkably light. “Let’s go.”

She took off running after Alrek.

* * *

“You brought him, huh.”

“Yeah. I did.”

Larya hadn’t said anything about him running. Snatch hadn’t, either.

He’d been waiting at the entrance when she arrived, a spear in each hand. He hadn’t really expected her to come out, and certainly not with Mylio cradled in her arms like a sad baby seal.

She let go of Mylio, allowing him to drift peaceably in the water next to them, and scowled down at her empty hands. Snatch blinked.

“Your staff,” he said, realizing.

“Had to leave it behind,” she muttered.

“You’ve had that since—”

“It doesn’t matter.” Her tone was unmistakably sharp. She raised her hands up in the air. “We need to close the entrance.”

He could hear shouting from deeper in. “Yeah. No way we’re getting away with her coming after us.” He eyed Larya skeptically. “Can you do it without your staff?”

“Of course I can,” Larya snapped. Her eyes closed. She swayed her hips in slow circles, humming to herself, and pressed a hand against the cave entrance. As she did so, Snatch’s keen night vision made out Nerka swimming towards them. At the rate she was going, she was only a few seconds away from the exit.

Larya finished the spell. Snatch had expected an earthquake, or at least a cave-in. Instead, the cave entrance just . . . collapsed inward. Like tinfoil. It was sharp, and quick, and sounded sort of like two mountains grinding past one another.

In mere seconds, the cave entrance looked like it had never existed. Snatch heard a muffled shout from inside. Nerka had been too late. He tried to whistle. It was impossible to whistle underwater. He’d finally found a limitation of the spell, it seemed. “Nice one.”

“Hmph.” Larya turned to him, eyes narrowed, mouth opening for some remark. She froze. Her voice came out clipped and small. “Oh.”

Snatch turned. He felt himself swallow. “Oh.”

At least a dozen beautiful mermaids floated in the water before them, cornering them against what was now solid wall. They had moved in almost silently. Their eyes glowed with solid green light, save a few with a familiar rose-pink hue. Universally, their breasts were very large, and so were their smiles.

The one at their head had a tail like that of a slender eel. Her long hair was of a brilliant scarlet shade. She tapped her fingers together excitedly, green eyes flashing with mischief.

“We’re gonna take good care of you.”

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