Sea Slimes

Chapter 5

by GigglingGoblin

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Larya lay spread-eagled against the cold stone floor, several thousand meters beneath the ocean surface, moaning as she felt Mylio’s warm fingers running all over her naked body.

“Look at you,” the merman murmured. “You thought you were special. You thought you could resist me.”

Larya had never thought either of those things, exactly, but she was out of energy to argue.

“You’re just like any other landwhore.” He pinched both her nipples, and she whimpered. Every bone in her body ached, longed to thrust her fingers into her cunt and frig herself off for an hour. But she kept her arms obediently spread out, totally available for Mylio’s little touches. “You didn’t stand a chance.“

“No,” she gasped, as he brushed his finger by her lips. “You’re so strong … so smart ...”

She didn’t believe a word of it. But she would say anything to feel his fingers inside her again. He controlled her now, and didn’t that mean that what she said might as well be true? She twitched as one of his fingers flitted by her cunt. Stronger than her, anyways. Smarter than her. She was just his ... his ...

“Dumb landwhore.” He laughed again. He slipped a finger inside her, and she stared up at him, her lips forming an “O”, eyes wide with longing. He laughed at her expression. Please, she thought. Oh, please let me— “Beg me.“

Finally. “Ooh, please, Mylio,” she moaned, squirming, “please take me; make me yours. I need you so bad. You’re so hot, so strong—I need your touch, I need it, I need it.“

“What will you give me?” he asked smugly.

“Anything,” she breathed. She raised one finger and did a little spiral in the air meaningfully. He twitched, seeing the implication. The druidess’s fey spirals had brought him to a screaming orgasm just a few minutes ago. She could play him like a fiddle, and they both knew it. She smiled enticingly at him. “I’ll do anything.“

* * *

Mylio looked down at the landwhore and swallowed, suddenly unsure.

They were such sluts, the landwhores. He loved them. Such eager tongues, such easy-to-manipulate cunts. Mermaids had to be touched all over to really make them scream like he liked. With humans, all he had to do was stick enough fingers in. And oh, he planned to make this one scream, alright.

The trouble was, he was still giddy from the orgasms she had brought him earlier. Fey didn’t get satisfied by coming—they just got more aroused. Mylio’s tail twitched, ray-like wings flapping to keep their balance as a slight shudder of desire passed through him. He had once ‘persuaded’ two cecaelia prostitutes to entangle each other and just watched as they sank deeper and deeper into mindless need. He was meant to be the master.

The secret was control. Each type of merfolk had their subtle advantages, and Mylio, as a ray merfolk, was meant to lead. He took a deep breath of cold, dead sea water. Gods, but it was nightmarish this far down.

“What were you thinking?” he asked the landwhore. He needed time to calm himself. Control. He needed control. ”Coming down here.” He put special emphasis on the first word, enjoying the sight of her beautiful squirming body. But she obediently remained still. She had learned. “The Slick Trench is no place for females. They hunger for more, these mysterious creatures we hunt, and they want whores. Only a true slut would go down here in spite of that.” He leaned closer, his finger trailing lazy circles around one nipple. “Is that what you are?“

“Yes,” she whispered, eyes staring straight up at the ceiling and seeing nothing.

He gave the nipple a tweak. She gasped. “What are you?”

“A s—” She trembled under his grasp. ”Oh, please, oh, please, please, please...

“Well?” His other hand began to touch her down below, performing light caresses on her outer lips. “I brought you down here despite my better judgment, Larya.” He tried to make the formal address as contemptuous as possible. You want me to call you what you are, he thought, not who you think you are. “I can’t imagine why a messy little girl like you would come down here. Why, Larya? Why did you come here?“

The actual answer was irrelevant, and both of them knew it. She stared into his eyes, and he saw something in there utterly incomprehensible to him; something blue and vast and bottomless. He looked past it, beyond to what he understood, and saw sputtering fires of lust desperate for the slightest fuel.

“I wanna fuck,” she whimpered, bucking her hips up towards his teasing fingers. “I want your touch, I want—fuck, I want any touch. Please, I’m a slut, I’m your sexy, horny landwhore, I’m whatever you want me to be! I’m yours! Just let me feel! Let this slut feel you inside meEEE!“

Her voice came out as a squeal at the end as he pinched both her nipples at once. He laughed at his prize’s reaction. “That’s what I thought,” he said, nodding slowly as if this was a fascinating revelation. He began to knead her breasts, watching with delight as she started to pant. “You can’t help yourself. I have complete control over you now.”

She opened her mouth to say yes, or perhaps just to beg more. She was broken. She really would say anything.

But another voice, feminine and husky, cut her off. “Oh, my darling Mylio.“

Mylio spun around to see Nerka, his mate as of a few weeks ago. The nubile mermaid’s arms were crossed over her full, perky breasts, blocking his view in a way he didn’t think he liked. Her long white tresses were tangled and drifting behind her in the dense water, and her crimson tail flicked behind her with a curious wildness quite unlike it. Nerka was clearly in a strange mood, and her dreamy smile made Mylio feel oddly nervous. “Playing with the human again, hm?”

Mylio couldn’t suppress his irritation. He glared. “What are you doing here?”

Nerka giggled. She tilted her head to the side and shrugged. “Ooh, I don’t think my dear father would like you doing things like this. Naughty, naughty Mylio.”

Mylio advanced on her. With her tail in such a temper, she wouldn’t be able to control her movement well. Eyes narrowed, he grabbed her by the wrist and prepared to bodily fling her out of the chamber.

She was very warm. Her lashes fluttered. “…ooh. I love it when you get forceful, Mylio.”

He stared at her. Having drawn her arms away, did her ...

… Were her breasts larger than they had been before?

He found himself reaching for one of them without even thinking. They jiggled lightly as he touched them. Her flesh was soft and warm. She let out a faint moan as he touched her.

“You little slut,” he murmured. He realized he was smiling. He wrapped his other arm around her, still holding her breast possessively. “So needy you couldn’t wait, could you?”

He knew without even looking that Larya would stay where she was. She was too far in to refuse his commands now. She knew what the penalties for disobedience would be.

He leaned close, staring into Nerka’s solid pink eyes as they gazed up into his, so wide and helpless. As her tail began to wrap around his own, he chuckled to himself.

It was all about control.

* * *


Snatch’s entire body felt like it was being poked by baby hedgehogs, and the visual that gave him was almost stranger than the sensation. He couldn’t feel anything except the pins-and-needles. He couldn’t move. His eyelids fumbled several times before he managed to get one open.

A pair of gleaming rose-pink eyes stared back at him. There was something familiar about those eyes.

Snatch’s other eye slowly opened as well. If only he could … remember ...

“I thought you’d never wake up,” the jelly maid said, smiling widely. “I touched you all over earlier, though.” She winked.

The jelly maid drifted backwards, her long, jellyfish-like tentacles swaying around her waist like a diaphanous skirt. He noticed that her longest tentacles—the big, feathery, rope-like things that had stung his leg earlier—were lying all around him. And on top of him, he realized with alarm, seeing a couple lying lazily across his chest.

The jelly maid clasped her hands in front of a pair of very large, very pert breasts, her pale, blueish-tinted skin and insubstantial lower half making her look almost ghostlike in the dark waters. “I was so excited, is the thing,” she said, sounding guilty. “I was so excited to love you that I forgot how excited men get when I, um, touch them.“

“E-ex—” Snatch’s tongue felt like a sponge in his mouth.

“Oh, so excited!” She executed a graceful twirl. Her tentacles went everywhere as she did so, and he watched helplessly as one settled down slowly on top of his face.

“Nnn,” he managed.

“Oh, no!” The tentacle lifted up. Again, her solid pink eyes seemed to stare right through him. She smiled coyly at him. “Oh, but you didn’t mind, did you? Men always love it when I touch them.“

He glared at her.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I’m doing this.” She giggled. “After all, you ‘saved’ me, didn’t you?” The jelly maid ran her hands over her whole body, shivering with pleasure as she did so. “Sweet, angelic Chrysa, held in the grips of a horrific slime monster, rescued by her daring hero.” She tweaked one of her nipples as she ran her hands back up, somewhat weakening the ‘innocent’ look.

She turned back to him, eyelashes fluttering coquettishly. “Well, maybe I just want a chance to ‘thank’ you,” she said, leaning close. She trailed her fingers along his chest, dancing over him like he was a harp to play. He felt nothing. “Would you like that?” She leaned closer, her lips almost brushing against his own. “Men have always loved Chrysa’s thank yous,” she said, giggling. “Trust me. You’ll...come to understand.”

Snatch’s eyes narrowed. “You,” he wheezed. “Wha’...wron’ ih...”

“What’s wrong with me?” A hand flew to Chrysa’s mouth. She looked affronted and hurt. “Is … am I not enough as I am?” She cupped both her breasts together, giving him a closeup view. “I think I’m … very beautiful.” He couldn’t feel them as they brushed by his face, but just the sight of them was making him a little bit aroused. He had spent the entire first part of this mission staring at naked fey. It was exhausting and frustrating. “Don’t you?” She giggled.

Snatch realized he could now speak clearly. He realized this when he immediately swore at her.

“Oh!” She frowned. “How rude. I think you’re confused.”

He gave a start, or tried to. One of her tentacles had brushed by his side. He could feel it. It was tortuously...ticklish? He hadn’t been ticklish in years! The tentacle tickled down to his rear, then slowly circled around toward his groin.

“Luckily, I know just what you need!” she said, brightening. “You’re confused because you’re sad and angry.”

“S-stop it!” he hissed, clenching his teeth tightly shut to keep the giggles down. The tentacle was dancing around his waist, flitting about his paralyzed flesh with wicked abandon.

“You just need me to touch you, don’t you?” she cooed. “Oh, yes, that’s it. You need to smile.“

To his horror, he realized he had only been keeping track of one of her six tentacles. Another one had just touched the base of his member. It hadn’t even started to move, yet, and already he could feel the ticklish sensation awakening within him. He clenched his jaw hard enough to hurt later. That wasn’t just ticklish. He was starting to get hard. He prayed she didn’t notice.

“Isn’t this fun?” The tentacle began to flit along his length. He let out a little grunt, and she stared at him, a wider grin starting to form. “Ooh! Are we … ticklish?“

She pretended to consider this for a moment. Then she sprang into action. “Tickle tickle!” she sang, as the first tendril darted back up towards his chest. It gave his chest an experimental flutter.

Overwhelmed by the two sources of sensation, Snatch couldn’t stop a slight smile from flying past his featured. She noticed that instantly. “I knew it!” she crowed. Another tentacle swooped down, tickling the soles of his feet.

Snatch couldn’t even twitch as a faint giggle escaped him. “S-stop—”

“Oh, but doesn’t it feel so good to be touched?” she cooed. “I see that smile!” Snatch’s mouth skipped upwards a tic. She giggled gleefully, then took him in a soft, enveloping kiss.

He felt that, alright. He felt her plump lips pressing against his mouth and smacking gently, felt her warm body, felt her tongue sliding around his own, as if tasting him. She broke off and stared at him, her eyes full of mischief. “I make men feel good,” she said. “And it feels so good, doesn’t it?“

The tickling went down to his balls. Another tentacle started stroking under his arms. Snatch was going crazy. His body wanted to thrash and spasm; his mind wanted to fight back; but all he could release was a soft, helpless flow of giggles.

“Feels so good to be helpless,” she said, beaming. “Anything could happen to you here.” Her fingernails tickled over the side of his face.

Beneath all the teasing and tickling, Snatch felt his cock stand up at attention. He swallowed, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

Her eyes flitted downward. Her smile just got wider, more triumphant. Of course she noticed. “When you’re with me,” she said, slowly, as if explaining it to an infant, “you’re happy.” She kissed him again, her tongue twitching about in his mouth. It left a strange electric tingle wherever it touched, leaving his whole mouth buzzing as she withdrew. “And when you’re happy—” She reached down and gave his cock’s head a tiny squeeze between her slender fingers. He felt that, alright. “—you get hard.“


“Are you hard now?” she asked, smirking. “Oh, I think you are.” Her fingers kept stroking along his shaft. “Oh, you feel so hard, so needy for a soft pair of lips to touch it and just milk your cares away.“

That word. There was something strange about the way she emphasized that word. Snatch tried to think about it, but it was so hard to think with all this tickling, all this...touching.

“That’s right,” the jelly maid said, grinning ear to ear. Her solid pink eyes seemed to ripple, like a stone thrown down a deep, deep well. “Don’t even think about it.” Her tentacles flitted across his belly, making his stomach roll with suppressed tremors. “Just think about my touches, and about how happy you are. Ooh, there’s your neck, doesn’t that feel nice? There’s your little toes, and they’re so tickly! Hee hee!“

Her fingers ran up his shaft again, squeezing firmly at the head. He felt a bit of precum oozing out and let out a half-moan, half-laugh. She tittered. “Good! You’re doing so good! Now concentrate very hard.” She ran her fingers through his short dark hair, pulling him close for another stolen kiss. This time, he realized he was kissing back. This kiss was so tight, she broke away with an audible “mmwah” sound.

His whole mouth buzzed. His brain buzzed. He struggled to collect himself. “You’re hard,” she said proudly. Her fingers slid around his cock, using the precum as lubricant. Her tentacles kept tickling, creeping under his arms, around his neck, over his balls.

He realized she was not going to let up until he answered. He glared at her, or tried to—the muscle spasms made it difficult. “Y-y—ha—yes!” he admitted.

He couldn’t think anymore. He couldn’t concentrate on being angry, or on fighting, or on doing anything but trying not to giggle. Her tickling tendrils were everywhere, all over him. She seemed to know just where to touch him, and when they couldn’t access a part they wanted, they picked him up and started tickling from beneath him. He was totally exposed. He could conceal nothing.

“If you’re hard,” Chrysa said, leaning over to whisper into his ear, “it means you’re happy.” Her fingers squeezed his cock again. “I make men so happy. I always have. I did before I met the slimes, but now I can

She stopped stroking his cock. Her tentacles stopped tickling him.

In one fluid move, the jelly maid pulled back up and straddled him, her tentacles hovering just above his crotch. His eyes bugged out, but she wasn’t mounting him. She smiled down at the adventurer. “How’s it feel?” she asked, pouting her lips.

Snatch found he couldn’t speak anymore. He stared up at her, mouth hanging open.

She laughed. “I thought so. Men love me, you see.” She reached out an arm, and Snatch saw some sort of disturbance in the water moving towards her outstretched hand. “They love what I do to them.” It was transparent, but it was there. It massed around her arm and began to climb over her. He could see her hair shifting, her breasts twitching. Did something just pinch her nipple? He stared at it for a solid two seconds before snapping out of it.

“And now,” she said smugly, “I’m going to get you ready for milking.”

He couldn’t speak. His mind was a storm of curses, but he couldn’t speak.

“It’s gonna feel so good,” she whispered, moving down, off his crotch. At first he was relieved.

Then he realized what she was really doing as her face slowly moved down as well. He couldn’t see her anymore, but in his mind’s eye, it was clear as day.

The jelly maid’s fulsome lips were now suspended mere inches away from his throbbing, erect penis.

And a part of him really just wished she would just get on with it.

* * *

“Control,” Nerka gasped. Her solid pink orbs bored into Mylio. Her supple body was wrapped around him, her breasts rubbing against his chest, her every move accentuating his pleasure. “You control me, dearest. Don’t you?”

“Yes!” Mylio moaned as her fingers traced delicate lines in the small of his back. Pleasure arced through him. “You’re—you’re mine!”

“My father sent me here to keep watch over you,” the mermaid murmured. She grasped Mylio’s head and leaned in for a kiss. Two kisses. “How—mm—silly of him. Mm.

Her plush lips lay soft caresses all over his face. He trembled with pleasure from the stimulation. Gods, he was already horny as hell from the druidess. He couldn’t take much more of this.

“Yes,” he rasped. His back arched with pleasure as she ran the fingers over him again, petting him mercilessly. “You...he thought you could control me? You, his silly slut of a daughter? You’re m—” He let out a whimper as Nerka moved down and started sucking on his neck, making the most wonderful little sounds as she did so. “Mine. You’re horny and dumb and n-need me to control you.” He let out a laugh that got a bit high-pitched as she started licking his nipples. Mylio’s mate knew every trick to please him, he realized.

She had him in his grasp. But he controlled her.

Nerka wrapped her arms around her Master’s slender body. He felt her tail’s grip around his own tighten, felt those strangely large breasts push against his chest. His mate was overwhelming her Master with pleasure. He took a deep breath and issued a command.

“D-don’t you fucking dare stop!“

She looked up at him, licked her lips, and smiled.

* * *

Chrysa started touching Snatch with slow, humble motions, her luscious, sensuous lips daintily sucking at the top of his cock, her tongue darting out to taste his precum. He heard her giggle. “Mm. Yummy.”

A moment later, she let out a moan. A sibilant, feminine voice echoed in the dead, dark waters.

“Get on with it, slut.”

“Oh,” Chrysa gasped, “my...goddess, yes, keep touching those, oh, yes, pleeeease...“

“Do our will first. Take him under. Take him in.”

A pause. Snatch felt a strange sensation on his cock—almost a buzzing, like the feeling his head got when he drank a whiskey down too fast. The sensation was agonizingly erotic.

“Can’t you just...” The jelly maid’s voice was sly, but positively drenched in husky desire. “...take him yourself? I’d love to ... oh yes there, please, right there there Make him feeeEEEeel what I’” Her voice started to get squeaky.

Snatch braced himself. He had to fight this. Whatever was happening now. He squeezed his eyes shut and raised his walls. He had to section off his mind, keep it clear, keep it focused...

Milk him.

“Oh, yes...”

“Drain him.”

“I wiiiill...“


The voice rang in his head like a clapper in a bell, and Snatch was totally off his guard when three more buzzing things touched his cock. His walls came crashing down in a blaze of gunpowder as pure pleasure burst through him like lightning.

He felt the lips against his member again and gasped.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Chrysa’s voice was silkier than lamb’s-ear. “You see, my tentacles don’t all paralyze. My hair tentacles are touching you all over now, and doesn’t it feel gooooood?“

As she spoke the last word, one of the tentacles spiraled around his cock. They were all coursing around his member, rivers of poisonous pleasure, and he but a rowboat of wicker. It seeped through instantly and flooded his mind with pure ecstacy.

“Y-yes,” Snatch moaned, unable to stop himself. He heard her laugh. He felt her lips touch his cock, felt it throbbing with need, felt her give a little suckle.

And then she went all the way down, and the pleasure reached a point of no return. He screamed with joy as her tongue lapped around him, as her lips moved up and down his shaft. He was totally helpless, and right now, that just made it even hotter. Whenever her lips left his cock exposed, the tentacles would descend back down on it, covering it with more loving stings. There was no escape from her poison. There was no escape from her.

“You’re about to cum,” sighed the voice in his ear. It sounded like whoever it was was feeling just as much pleasure as him. He felt something brush along his neck—a tongue?

He heard Chrysa giggling, even through her deep-throating his member. Then her giggles started to get longer and hoarser. They turned into moans, squeals, gasps, cries, and then—

It was a tsunami against his rowboat’s sodden remains. Snatch didn’t stand a chance. His eyes shot open and he let out a hoarse moan that turned into a scream. The tentacles climbed down, stinging his balls and inner thighs, filling him with more and more of that tantalizing toxin. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t resist. He certainly couldn’t fight this perfect, wonderful creature, those lush lips, those wonderful stings. All he could do was come.

And come.

And come.

* * *

Larya couldn’t move.

Moving was against the rules. Moving was against what Mylio had told her. Moving would keep him from putting those fingers inside of her, and right now, she just really, REALLY needed to get off. It wasn’t a noble goal, but right now, after all the teasing and fey-pleasuring, it felt like the only thing that mattered.

Larya decided to use this time immobile to run a quick inventory.

First, she was, of course, extremely horny. To a druid, pleasuring fey just on its own was akin to masturbation. She’d been making merfolk come and come all day. Nerka, Mylio, Blue and Orange ... She swallowed. And then she’d worked multiple druidic spells, such as the ones to allow her friends to see, breathe, and generally survive this deep underwater. And that tapped her into the World Base. Tapping into that had much the same effect on her libido as all the teasing Mylio had been subjecting her to.

Druids were very sexual creatures, really. That was the way of the world, and who represented the world better than the druids?

Moving on. Second, they had a job to do. Mermaids were getting killed, or at least kidnapped. She quickly filed this way under “later”. She needed to be taken care of before she could go saving anyone.

Third was Mylio and Nerka. She listened intently, despite her better instincts—it wasn’t smart to get herself hornier listening, but she really couldn’t help herself. Mylio wasn’t nearly as strong a dom as he thought he was, and she had a feeling he was expecting things of her later that he wasn’t ever going to get. But that was how fey worked. And he was still hot as hell.

“You’re—mm—mine,” Mylio growled. She heard him wrestling with Nerka in a tight embrace. Heard her kissing all over him. Nerka sounded like she was concentrating solely on giving Mylio pleasure right now. “My property, my—oh—my birthright!“

“Yours,” moaned Nerka. Larya heard a sucking sound. ”Mm! Yours! You have all the control, Mylio! Use me! Use your whore!“

Judging by the sounds Mylio was making, whatever she was doing, it was working. Larya listened in fascination as his moans started to get louder. He started to cry out from orgasm, but she knew that one more wouldn’t slow a fey down. Even as he cried out, Nerka kept kissing, sucking, talking.

“Please, Master!” the mermaid cried. “Do whatever you want! Whatever you want.“

Larya blinked. That last part didn’t sound very submissive.

“Whatever...whatever I want.” Mylio’s voice was slurred with lust. “I want...I want...”





Larya heard a sucking sound. No, a suckling sound. Mylio wasn’t sucking her neck or arm. He was sucking Nerka’s bare, perky breast.

She heard Nerka let out a squeak. Larya was pretty sure she’d squeaked, herself. She only wished she could watch.

“Oh, yes,” Nerka said, her voice heavy. ”Yes, dearest Master. You’re so good. So...unh! control. Just right for a hot little slut like me.“

Larya realized her fingers were starting to creep downwards. She tried to stop herself. But the weak will cut both ways. For now, it would cut against Mylio, as she slipped a finger inside and started to rub her clit. She was already so wet. The druid spell allowed for sensations like that—she could feel her own wetness, and that of other things—but it still caught her off-guard that she could be so slick even down here in the deeps. It didn’t slow her down.

“You master me,” Nerka said, and Mylio moaned against her breast. “You do. You have me totally in your power.” Larya heard Mylio start to speak up through the tit. “Don’t stop sucking. Ooh, you don’t want to let up on a little whore like me.” Nerka laughed. “Remember those games we played? Me, the needy landwhore? Oh, I’m so hot for you. You have me totally under your power. Drink it down.

Larya started to pinch one of her nipples, mewling faintly. She slipped a second finger in, using her thumb to rub along her outer lip. She heard Nerka let out a yelp. “Yes! Fill yourself up, drink me, milk me—let it all go in, feel your mind start to buzz...“

Larya frowned. This sounded different. Merfolk didn’t normally lactate. She considered getting up to take a look. Fortunately, her wise pussy corrected that notion. She couldn’t get up without moving her fingers away from her tits and pussy, and she couldn’t possibly leave either unattended. Instead, she listened raptly, her heart thudding beneath her heaving breasts.

“Ooh, you’re so strong, so dominant...” Nerka’s voice was starting to sound mocking. “Feel it entering you. Feel it fill up your empty little brain, Master.“

Mylio moaned. It sounded like he was struggling against Nerka now, but the sucking sounds continued.

“Oh, Mylio, dearest.” Nerka laughed. She heard Mylio’s moans start to lengthen. “You can’t escape. You’ve never been able to escape.” Mylio whimpered. “The same mistakes. Every time. Oh, my sweet Mylio. Milk me. Taste that milk, you horny bastard, and feel our ... lust.” Nerka practically came as she said the word. Larya almost did, too. “You can’t fight. Never. Never.

Larya started to pant, all frowns and worries gone. She pushed them away, both hands diving between her legs. She needed more. She thrust her fingers in and masturbated for all she was worth, listening to the merfolk fuck. She needed to come. It was too much, too hot. She imagined Nerka holding her captive the way she now held Mylio—imagined those soft hands pressing her mouth against a big tit, imagine that pretty tongue between her legs—and couldn’t suppress her moans any more. “Aah! Oh! AAHH!

“You’re gonna fuck me so hard,” cooed Nerka. “And then we’ll, oh, we’ll take that slutty little fucking landwhore druidess, and we’ll—we’ll—oh, FUUUCK—

Larya let out a cry of joy as Nerka started to scream. She felt her juices spilling between her legs, lost to the salty ocean, felt her legs bucking and kicking, threw her head back, and bit her lip so hard it bled to contain a matching blissful scream. A faint squeal escaped her. The afterglow filled Larya like a swallowed ember, burning inside her and yearning for more.

But as she heard Mylio’s and Nerka’s moans start to subside, as she realized she was definitely next on the menu, she got up, took one look around, and took off running.

Her last glimpse of Mylio-As-He-Was echoed in her head as loud as a lightning flash. He was held within Nerka’s arms, his lips locked around the silver-haired mermaid’s enormous left breast. Her salmonlike tail was coiled around his, holding the merman immobile as he sucked with the hunger of a man possessed. Her left hand’s fingers skittered spiderlike over his back, prolonging his orgasm, even as her right stroked her other breast to make her own last as long as possible.

A part of Larya wished she could join them. She imagine jumping in. Imagined Mylio sucking her like that down below. Imagined Nerka directing Larya’s mouth towards that massive breast, making her milk the gorgeous mermaid for every last drop.

Then she cast a spell, leaped through the wall, and remembered she had a partner to save.

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