Monstrous Ranch

Chapter 5

by GigglingGoblin

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Senya's eyes were lost in green. His cries were muffled by the plush lips on his. His cock was bathed in pleasure. His ears were full of soft, happy whispers from all along him. And the moans from his lamia pet—or was she his lamia owner? He could no longer tell the difference. She probably could, though.

His mind was obedient. Because he was a good pet.

Tricin pulled back from the kiss and smiled at him. The lamia's coils continued to hold him tight, as her pussy, still locked around his cock, continued to gently milk him towards orgasm. It felt like she had been thus milking him for hours, and he still hadn't come. He didn't mind, though. This soft, steady pleasure was enough to totally drain him of cares. He could no longer remember what it meant that she was edging like this. He could no longer make out what the fairies were whispering in his ear. All he knew was her gaze, her voice, and her tight, warm embrace.

"I love you," she cooed. "And you love me, don't you?"

"Mm-hm," he said, lost in her gorgeous green gaze.

She smirked. "I think I'm starting to wake up a little," she breathed, giving his nose some tender little forked-tongue licks. "Mm. I'm gonna make you cumso hard. I'm gonna eat up all your yummy-nummy cum, Master. Do you want that?"


"Is that what you want, Master?" She batted her eyelashes at him. "Do you want to be my sweet little obedient Master and fill me with all your tasty cum, all your silly little thoughts for safekeeping? I'll keep such—" She kissed him on the nose. "—good—" She kissed him under the chin. "—care of them. Of you." She kissed him on the lips, drowning him again in lust.

"Mm-hm!" he moaned, thrusting into her. She was starting to move faster again. She was starting to bounce in his lap. He could feel his orgasm nearing—rising—

"Tricin, you are a bad girl."

Immediately, Tricin stiffened. She stared at Senya with wide eyes and trembled around him. Senya realized she was cumming, but it was a strange orgasm, one that seemed to be utterly overwhelming her. Tears sprang to her eyes, and she released him with a cry. The coils fell away limply.

He could only whimper. His cock twitched pathetically, longing for its final release. But his Mistress was occupied spasming on the ground like a kitten on catnip. Her eyes were closed at last. "Oooh..."

Senya looked up, eyelids drooping. A lithe, attractive woman with bushy sideburns and very furry feet stood over him, standing alongside a tall, fit man with blond hair. Bobbin and Jerrod, he realized after a moment.

Bobbin crossed her arms. "Bad girl," she repeated. Senya watched as Tricin whimpered, continuing to writhe.

"W-what—" Senya started as Jerrod grasped him by the shoulder and, with one hand, lifted him to his feet. The stockman grinned at him.

"Nothin' to be ashamed of, sir," he said, tipping a wide-brimmed straw hat—not unlike the ones the scarecrows wore, come to think of it. "Tricin's a tricky one. She's even got the drop on Bobbin in the past."

Senya heard Tricin mumble something through her hazy pleasure. It sounded suspiciously like, "B'not so easy, though."

Jerrod turned to Bobbin as Senya leaned on his arm, still blinking away the strange suggestions—and willing his needy erection to vanish. "Reckon she needs 'correction'?"

"No, that only works on a few." Bobbin grimaced. "Chalk it up to most of these safeguards being placed by Senya's family. Catgirls get 'corrected' because that's how Senya's great-great-great-uncle thought it was hot for his 'pet pussy' to get 'bred'."

"Isn't that also just how catgirls kinda work, though?"

"Well... sorta." Bobbin shrugged. She looked askance at Senya. "You alright, Master? I'm sorry I had to leave you like that. I meant to let you make an honest stab at resisting her, but I didn't mean to leave you vulnerable."

Senya rubbed his forehead. Something felt very off, but he couldn't put his finger on it just yet. "Um... she was, uh... her fairies..."

"She's a bad girl," Bobbin said, scowling, and Senya heard Tricin start moaning again. "I told her not to try that. Don't worry; those suggestions they placed will only work with her. She didn't make you vulnerable to anyone else." She chuckled. "She's a possessive one, our lamia. Still, well-behaved on average."

Senya looked over at the wriggling lamia. She was currently masturbating with her own tail, a blissful look on her face. She was drooling a little, and the fairies had begun to cover her, delighted.

"Are they—"

He was interrupted as a fairy fluttered by him. She paused, giggling. "We only get to play with Mistress once in a big while!" She zoomed off to join the swarm.

"Is that really a punishment?" he asked, biting his lip.

"Fairies are teases," Bobbin said flatly. "She's going to have trouble with them for a while. Hurts productivity, but, well... seriously, are you alright?"

Senya turned back to them. "Are you?"

He'd just noticed that the pair looked oddly scuffed up. Jerrod had some scratches on his forehead, and his arm was bandaged. Bobbin's hair was... slightly disheveled.

They exchanged looks.

"Crows," Bobbin said.

"We handled 'em," Jerrod said. "Well, the cat and the scarecrow are cleaning up, but we figured we should get back to the tour. It's gettin' late, and if it takes much longer, we may have to split the—"

"Wait, what?" Senya looked up, finally recognizing what was out of order. It was dark. It hadn't been dark before. How close was it to dusk? "But I was—how did it—"

"Time flies," Bobbin said drily. "Especially with Tricin. She loves making her prey sleepy and dreamy. Makes them easier to... condition." The house fey seemed to squirm a little, and there was a look in her eye that suggested she knew this from experience.

"Right." Senya swallowed. "So, about that... that fruit Brigitte made me eat. And her... conditioning."

"The conditioning will only apply to her," Brigitte repeated. "Which is problematic, yes, but we're going to address it soon enough."

Senya gave a nervous laugh. "And the... the fruit?"

"We'll be heading to the cranberry fields next," Bobbin said, turning away. "Look, I'm sorry, but we need to hurry. I want to be done with the tour before nightfall, and we still have multiple stops to make."

Senya shifted uneasily, hurrying after. He looked at Jerrod, and whispered, "Is she just not going to tell me about the fruit?"

"She's gonna," Jerrod whispered back. "She's got a way to things. But trust me, she's not out to screw you over. There's just... a way things hafta be done around here."

To Senya, that was little comfort. As they left the grapevines, he glanced back once more.

The lamia lay in the midst of hundreds of moaning fairies. She was screaming and giggling. They were tickling her mercilessly, and she was helpless to stop it.

For a moment, her eyes opened and locked on his. Senya's footsteps faltered.

Then one of the fairies must have sucked on her clit or something, because her eyes screwed shut again as she gave a lusty scream.

Senya hurried after the others.


The cranberry fields were essentially a vast, dark bog. The mud was deep, thick, and extremely smooth, and Senya, Bobbin and Jerrod were reduced to wading as they proceeded through. He wasn't sure if this was normal, or if it was just a trait of this particular bog. The shrubs grew all around, covered with bright red berries.

"Is this it?" he asked. The fields covered a few acres, and certainly weren't small, but he'd been worried about some sort of magical creature—everything else on Ambrosia Ranch had possessed fairly distinctive guardians or features. So far, all he'd seen was mud. And they'd been walking for a while.

"Not exactly," Bobbin said. Next to her, Jerrod gave a nasty laugh. "We're just trying to get to the center first."

"Why?" Senya studied the bushes, trying to remember what he knew about cranberry farms. He'd heard that they were flooded for harvest seasons, but this place seemed to be a perpetual marsh. "Is there something special about the berries? Are they, I don't know, poisonous? Magicked to mind control someone?"

"Not really." Jerrod shrugged. "Way I understand it, berry dryads are hard to come by."

"Right." Bobbin nodded. "They don't tend to do anything to merit being locked up, y'see. Fruit dryads are usually quite sweet and kind." She paused and pulled a face. "Except blackberry dryads."

"Okay. I wasn't asking about dryads, but... hey!" As they rounded a row, Senya spotted a large octagonal platform in the distance, and his legs cried out with relief. It was unbelievably exhausting slogging through this sea of mud. He didn't even have his shoes, for some reason; his feet squelched deep, deep down with every step he took. "Is that the center?"

"Yes," Bobbin said. "It's where they put the harvest for us to collect. Inconvenient, but we all know why they put it there. And we should probably get there before we..."

Bobbin froze mid-stride. She giggled, and her eye gave a slight twitch. "Oh, naughty girls," she murmured. "Is that you, Suds?"

There came a bubbling from beneath the peat. Senya stared at the bubbles, both confused and worried.

Then he gave a start as he felt it, too: A little tickle on his soles. "What was—"

He looked at Jerrod and Bobbin, who were both disrobing. His jaw dropped in amazement. "What are you two doing?"

Bobbin flashed him a grin and a wink. "The girls get lonely."

"What?" Senya cast about, searching for some sort of clue. He knew this had to be some sort of teasing fey, but what kind? And how worried did he need to be? "Who are you—"

He froze. There was a crimson shape emerging from the mud at his feet.

At first, he couldn't tell what it was. It rather looked like two orbs of red jelatin. They jiggled, and his cheeks heated up as he realized what it was he was ogling.

It was a butt.

Before his eyes, it seemed to wiggle a little.

"They're teasing you," Bobbin said, sounding amused. "You should just go ahead and touch it. Get the prank over with."

Senya stared at her, bewildered. But he found himself reaching down. His fingers touched the red slime. It felt smooth and firm, but it gave when he applied any kind of pressure.

The butt shook and quivered, and he suddenly felt a strange pull. Abruptly, his entire hand—almost up to the elbow—was sucked inside. He staggered slightly. Giggles came from all around him.

He looked around. As he did so, the form he had just inadvertently entered began to rise.

Senya found himself staring at two beautiful, bright red women. They each had long flowing 'hair', just a bit brighter than their translucent skin, as well as big eyes, incredibly lush lips, and melon-sized breasts that seemed to shake with every little wiggle of their hips.

For now, the pair had only emerged up to their waists. One of them had her back to him; she was the one his hand was currently stuck inside. She twisted around, giggling. "Ooh," she whispered, "am I eating your hand? So sorry, Mister!"

He felt a strange sucking sensation on his hand, like a thousand lips were kissing and licking along every inch of skin. With a loud pop, his hand was ejected.

In unison, the pair rose up from the muck.

They weren't... physical. They were made totally of slime. It was only mildly translucent, but Senya could tell that it was all they were made of. They stood on either side of him, beaming.

"Good morning, Sluk and Slik," Bobbin said, grinning. "This is Senya. He's our new Master."

The slime girls' eyes widened. They stared at Senya with a look that could only be described as worship.

"A new Master!" Sluk—or was it Slik?—breathed. "Finally! It's been sooo long! And he's been a good prisoner, hasn't he?"

"He has indeed." Bobbin chuckled. "Go easy on him."

"Ooh..." Slik—or was it Sluk—ran her hands over her strange form, caressing her prodigious curves. Her hips were wide, in a waspish hourglass figure. Her proportions were insane. "We can be... so easy. The boys always say so!"

"And the girls, too!" the other added, giggling. "But mostly the boys."

"We love boys," the first one gushed. "And they love us!"

They both entered giggling fits. Senya squirmed. He wasn't sure her liked how they were talking around him. Like he was a piece of meat.

"I know they do," Bobbin said. Senya looked at her and saw that she had a big smile on her face. She was totally naked, now. "But c'mere, Slik. I haven't given you a taste in a while. Just help me out real quick?"

Slik's eyes widened with delight. Senya watched as she glided over the surface of the mud to Bobbin. Bobbin calmly handed over the garments, and Slik took them and glided off towards the center. "Be right back!" she sang to the Hob, blowing a kiss behind her.

"Um..." Senya swallowed. "I don't know if..."

Jerrod let out a crude laugh. Senya looked over, and saw that a pair of green beauties had risen up around him. Jerrod had given one his own clothes and was seizing the other in his arms. She giggled, eyelashes fluttering with delight.

"They're just slime girls," Bobbin said smoothly, watching as Slik glided back towards her. "They handle the bog for us. Sweet things. Not too bright."

"Aw." Before him, Sluk pouted. "So mean, Bobbie."

"Oh, don't worry, Sluk. Your Master likes his bimbos."

"Ooh, really?" Sluk's sad expression instantly vanished, and she beamed at Senya. She cooed at him, as though addressing a child, "Is that true? Do we likes us bimbos?"

"But..." Senya felt confused. He looked at Bobbin, then at Sluk, feeling strangely lost.

"Just relax," the slime girl cooed. "I'm super easy. Aren't I?" She reached up and bounced her breasts together for emphasis. It was as though his eyes were glued to them.

"C'mere, Slik," he heard Bobbin say. "O-oh fuck. Don't worry, Senya. They don't h-have mind control or poison r anything. They're just... just... eagemmf!"

The rest of her words were lost in a slick embrace, but Senya didn't look up. He was too busy staring at the bouncing tits in front of him. They were so perfect. So... shiny. He could positively see his reflection in him.

Sluk seemed to have noticed something in his eyes, because she kept bouncing the breasts together. "Ooh. Do you like my boobies?"

"Y-yeah..." he rasped. "But, uh... I dunno if I should... if I want to, I mean." He realized he was drooling. He swallowed and looked back up, meeting her crimson eyes.

She beamed at him and leaned close. She bounced the breasts again, and he felt his eyes slip back down to them. "Then why're you naked for me?" she purred. "And... hard for me..." He felt her hand graze over his erect member. The little kisses came again, now on his cock head. His knees buckled a little as he moaned with pleasure.

"I-I am?" he heard himself say. "But..."

Oh. He was naked.

Why was he—

She moved closer, and he felt himself meet her, allowing her to wrap her arms around him. Her breasts pressed against his chest, and he felt the little kisses cover his front torso, tickling his nipples and lovingly nibbling his neck. He stared down, eyes wide. He couldn't even begin to think about any of this being a bad thing. He was lost in her jiggling tits.

"You're being so sweet!" she cooed in his ear. "You like my boobies, don't you?"


"Aw." She gave a loving little kiss on his forehead. The sensation was like six tongues running across his face. "You're such a darling! You wanna give me lots and lots of cum, huh?"

"Yeah..." That sounded nice. Give her lots of cum. Cum inside her. It'd feel so good.

He felt something wet and soft pressing against his cock. He moaned as the sensual kisses covered the very tip. His cock throbbed.

"Why..." he tried to find the words, but everything in his head was so quiet, and his cock was so loud. He felt himself trying to press inside, but she kept him at bay. Teased him. "Why'm I so..."

"Horny?" she suggested. "Naked? Ooh, I dunno. I'm like this all the time." Her hands caressed the small of his back, and he felt himself reflexively thrust again, but again she evaded him with a sly laugh. Her breasts continued to captivate him. "Maybe if you look even closer at my cute boobies, you'll understand?"

Senya blinked. He leaned down more. Tried to understand.

His lips were touching her breasts now. She tasted sweet. Like tangerines, or oranges and cream. He stared into her bouncy, jiggly breasts... and saw his reflection.

Saw his eyes.

Even in the red tint of her flesh, there were unmistakably bright pink hearts dancing in his pupils. Senya's heart gave a lurch. "Wha—"

Sluk's hands wrapped around the back of his head and unceremoniously shoved him into her tits.

Senya let out a startled moan as he felt her jello-like body encompass him. His head seemed to sink into her cleavage, and he tasted the orange cream again. He could feel her moans of pleasure. The strange wet kisses covered his face, as though he had a thousand lovers suckling every piece of his body. They kissed his worries away in mere milliseconds.

He mindlessly tried to thrust, but still she leaned out of reach, giggling.

"Silly thing," she cooed, and he felt her wet hands stroking his hair affectionately. "You ate a tasty wittle prisoner fruit, didn't you?" For a moment, her pussy moved towards his cock, and he whimpered as the sucking little touches graced his tip again. "Didn't you?"

"Mm-hm!" he managed. His whole mind was sinking into her body. His whole mind felt as strong as jelly right now. He was being smothered, and he didn't care.

"I thought so!" she purred. He felt her hands run over the small of his back again. "Those yummy little fruits make you so tasty and ripe for me! My sisters and I love the prisoner fruits!"

"Mm?" Through the haze of lust and pleasure, something about all of that sounded disturbing to Senya. He didn't like how she kept talking about him like something she was going to... eat. What did that mean?

And despite his worry, he knew his cock was still struggling to enter her, and she seemed utterly delighted by every futile attempt.

"They make you horny," she cooed, and he felt her thigh graze his cock. He gasped, inhaling more of her sweetness. He knew he should be thinking about what she was saying, but...

"And silly," she husked, and she ran her thigh over his cock again. The tiny little kisses were unbearable, and they were all concentrated on one small part of his body. His whole mind was melting into pudding.

"And make it so, so hard..." she breathed, giving his asscheek a squeeze, "to remember to wear wrappers."

He blinked.Wait, wh—

Sluk's legs wrapped around his thighs, and she impaled herself on his shaft.

Senya's cock was instantly bathed in... love. Wet, squishy, slick, gooey love. His eyes widened, and he moaned into her breasts. They jiggled all around him, filling his ears with slimy sounds that only partially muffled the sounds of her own screams.

The slime girl's cunt seemed designed to perfectly milk him, kissing and sucking and licking along every centimeter of skin. She didn't buck, or bounce. She didn't have to. She just clutched him to her bosom, screaming, as her pussy savored every portion of his hard member.

"Oh! Oh! Feed me!" Her screams filled his mind, filled him with lust, with purpose, with need. "Give me all your cum! Shoot it all up in me! Feed me! Feed me, Master!"

He came explosively with a smothered cry. Bliss filled him, and he trembled and shook, momentarily overwhelmed. At the same time, he felt her whole body shudder around him. A strange sort of spell seemed to come over her, and her pussy started sucking with a voracious passion. Sucking up every last droplet of cum.

Slowly, her screams gave way into sighs of simple ecstasy. His own screams had been almost totally swallowed by her breasts. He couldn't breathe, he realized. He was just breathing... her. Was that good for him?

How could anything of her be bad for him? Senya dismissed the silly notion as his cock pulsed inside her.

The orgasm gradually subsided. He felt exhausted, totally limp in her arms. He felt her slowly lift his face out of her breasts, and she smiled down at him. She seemed radiant.

"Thank you, Master!" she gushed, and she started planting kisses all over his face. He could only moan with pleasure, and this seemed to delight her. "Ooh, you love this, don't you?"

"Y... yeah..."

She seemed to stare down at him a moment. Her eyes were as dull and vapid as ever, but at that moment, he felt like even she had to be cleverer than him. He was just totally lost. Totally pleasure-drunk. Her pussy was still kissing along his shaft, and already, he was starting to rise again.

"You know..." she said, beaming at him, "... I love it, too!" She kissed him right on the lips, and he returned the kiss without thinking. It was like being bathed in the greatest kiss of all time. Her tongue-like pseudopod entered his mouth, and he felt it stimulating every nerve in his mouth with more soft little licks.

She broke off the kiss and licked his face happily. "I can give you more!" she squealed. "Ooh, it's been so long—I wanna give you so much more! I can make you cum forever, master!"

He blinked at her, his thoughts moving slower than molasses. "For... ever?"

"Uh-huh!" Her eyes seemed to consume him, gorgeous crimson orbs. He could see the hearts in his eyes reflected back at him, and felt a little dizzy looking at them. "You could just feel like this," she said, and he felt a strange pressure on his cock. He shook with bliss as the kisses seemed to increase in length and passion. "Forever!"

He stared up at her. "But... but I have work to... work to do?"

"Yeah!" She giggled. "But, uh... don't you wanna fuck my boobies?" She pressed her breasts together and looked at him coyly. "I know you like them! Don't you?"

"But... but I..."

"Don't you?" Her smile was positively angelic in its innocence. He felt lost in it. How could sweet Sluk ever steer him wrong? She was so smart! "Don't you like my boobies, Master?"

"But... but..."

"Ooh!" Her eyes lit up. "Do you like my butt better?"


Before he knew it, Sluk had released him. He staggered for purchase. She was now kneeling in the mud, presenting her big, full bubble butt for him. She glanced back over her shoulder at him and batted her eyelashes. "Take a good look! Boobs or butt?"

"Um..." Senya was confounded by this new choice. What had he been objecting to? His mouth felt dry, and tasted vaguely of orange. His head was spinning. His cock was missing her pussy already. He looked down at her pert, perfect ass. He was drooling again. "I..."

Her tits had been magnificent. But... but...

"Aw. Poor Master. It's so hard, isn't it? Don't worry!" She smiled broadly at him, then blew him a kiss. "We can do both!"

"We can?" Senya almost felt the kiss on his cheek, and whimpered, very faintly.

She tittered. "Uh-huh! Just, um... just follow me into the bushes, mm-kay?" She got up, curled a finger at him, and pranced toward the bushes.

Senya hesitated. Now that he was no longer in her embrace, he almost felt like... like he was making some kind of mistake. A part of him told him to turn around. That he needed to look around. Center himself. Work out what was going on.

But he was so horny. And she had promised so much to him. So much pleasure. Boobs... but he... but he... butt... butt or boobs?...

He staggered over to the bushes, his mind going dull again. He just wanted more. He could trust Sluk, couldn't he?

He almost collapsed just as he rounded the corner. Luckily, her breasts were there to catch him. For the second time, his head sank into his cleavage.

"Ooh!" Sluk laughed. "So we choose boobies! Good choice, Master!"

"Mm..." He sighed happily, nestling his face deeper in her breasts, relishing the sensation of thousands of little tongues caressing him.

And before he knew what was happening, she had propped him up against a nearby bush and dropped to her knees. He looked down at her, staring up at him demurely, cupping her goddess-like breasts together with an expression of ultimate arousal.

She slowly brought her breasts around his cock... and squashed them over his cock.

The kisses instantly returned, this time somehow wetter, more bouncy and sensuous. He cried out as she started sliding his cock up and down her cleavage, jiggling them around his length. The sensation was heavenly, but the look in her eyes... it went beyond heaven.

Hell beamed back at him, vapid and clueless. Delighting in his pleasure, even as he felt his wits slowly dribbling out of his member.

He was already close to cumming, but she leaned down and started kissing his head as it poked out of her breasts. She kissed it hungrily, reverently, like it was the tastiest candy she'd ever devoured. And she devoured it, wetly, noisily, moaning and sighing.

He could only hold on for so long with sighs and sounds like that.

He came into her mouth, and her moans hit a new octave. He watched her spasm, her hands speeding up, her breasts seeming to move almost of their own accord as they stretched his orgasm out longer and longer, until he thought he couldn't bear it... and still he kept coming. He watched her guzzle it all down, her lips and cheeks and throat all working.

He couldn't see his white cum in her translucent body, he realized. Where was it going? What was she doing with...

She pulled her lips off his cock with a lewd pop. "You taste so good, Master!" she squeaked, her voice airy and weak. She started to turn around, and he moaned, longing to plunge his cock back within her breasts, back into her mouth. Then he realized what she was doing, and he stood a little straighter.

"Time to finish you off," he heard her whisper.

"Wha'?" he asked, his thoughts fogged and blurred.

"I'm finishing your training, Master!" she sang.

"I..." He blinked. "Wh... but..."

"Yes, Master." She giggled. "Butt." She wiggled hers up in front of him invitingly.

Senya swallowed. He couldn't help himself. He slowly pushed forward, and with a rough moan, he felt his cock plunge into her ass. She was so tight, but so soft and yielding. And the sensations of her slick, sensuous slime on his member...

"T-training?" he managed.

She let out a moan. "Oh, yes, Master! I'm gonna make you nice and horny all the time. It's the best spell I have! The bestest!"

Senya knew something about that sounded wrong, but her hands were grasping his wrists, pulling them over so he'd grab her ass. His fingers sank into her soft, yielding flesh. His whole mind was drowning in pleasure. Smothered in it.

"Feed me, Master," she breathed.

Feed her.

Senya slammed into her. She cried out, and so did he as her butt seemed to almost vibrate around him. "Oh, yes, Master! Fill me up! Fill your slime slut up!" she squealed.

Lust totally took over, and he rammed into her again. She was so tight, he doubted he could pull out even if he wanted to. But why would he ever want to?

"Oh, s-such a good, kind master!" she cried. "So good to Sluk!"

A smile spread across his face as he rammed in and out of her, listening to her lusty moans rise higher and higher. Yes. He was her master. He should fill her. It was so simple, and so right.

She gyrated her ass around him, and his knees shook. He felt himself sinking to his knees in the mud. He was totally trapped. Totally immersed in lust.

He drove into her again, and again, and again. Her ass was always willing to receive him, and every time he rammed into her slickness, her cries got a little higher-pitched, until she was basically squealing as he fucked her with animalistic hunger.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck your slut, Master!"

He screamed as the orgasm hit him, and he came. Explosively. The pleasure blasted out of him like a volcano, and he shook, falling against her, wrapping his arms around her. He felt her whole body immerse him, wrap around him, consume him. His whole flesh tingled with kisses as he came, and came, and came.

And she was screaming, too. Screaming and gasping and pleading for more, more, more. And he was happy to oblige. He was happy to cum his brains out, to do whatever she said, to be her Master and hers alone.

His eyes closed as bliss devoured him. As Sluk devoured him.

"Master!" called a distant voice. Senya's eyes screwed tighter, trying to drown the voice out with Sluk's sweet cries. "Master!"

Reluctantly, his eyes opened.

He realized he was suffused in a reddish glow. Sluk was wrapped round him—his entire lower body was immersed within her, as her upper body's arms wrapped around him. She stared at him with a wide, rapturous smile, and he realized her screams and moans were chants in a language he did not know. With every scream and moan, he felt his head buzz, as though something were... pushing into his will. Breaking things down. Like acid dissolving metal.

Bobbin was watching him, he realized. She was being fucked by a pair of red slime girls—one sending pseudopods into her pussy and ass, the other's hands clasped on her breast and kissing her neck. Her face was flushed with arousal, but she watched him with semi-clear eyes. "R-resist!" she called, looking mildly cross. "Master her, dammit!"

He stared at her, barely comprehending. What?

Nearby, Jerrod was slamming his cock into the slime girl's ass, just as Senya had been doing a few seconds ago. He looked over at Bobbin. "Should—ung—should I get in there?"

Senya was being mind-fucked, he realized. She was brainwashing him—making him a slave. He struggled, but she held him fast, now. Sluk only giggled and cooed at his efforts. "Feels nice when you squirm," she whispered in his ear, making him shudder.

"Help!" he cried.

Bobbin wrapped her arms around one of the slime girls and pulled her close, rolling her eyes. "Don't help him, Jerrod."


"Bobbin!" he shouted. "I—I order you to—"

The slime girl's lips mashed against his own. His whole mind went numb.

"You got yourself into this mess," came the curt reply, "and you can get yourself out!

"Mmf!" he tried to protest, but it was clear that Sluk was not going to let him give any orders. Not until the spell was finished, anyway. Who knew what he'd think to order then.

"Remember the conditioning!" Bobbin called. "And—" sSe was cut off as she started kissing one of the slime girls passionately. Her eyebrows waggled at him.

Senya looked at Jerrod, but Jerrod was now lying atop two of the scarlet beauties.

He was on his own.

"You're all mine," he heard Sluk coo, though strangely, she was still kissing him. "All mine! I'm gonna be Master now, and you're gonna be so yummy! Heehee!"


Remember the conditioning.

Something clicked in Senya's mind. As he felt his mind growing fuzzier and fuzzier, he struggled to remember. What made Sluk come? Every time. Every time.

Oh, that was it.

If he wanted to disrupt her spell, he needed to fuck her.

He needed to... to feed her.

He thrust his cock forward. She gave a little gasp against his lips, pausing in her chants. "Ooh! Ooh, yeah, baby—"

No time for doubt. Senya screwed his eyes shut and rammed against her again. His cock throbbed, and her whole body shook like a forest in a hurricane.

Senya bucked and thrashed, trying to remember. Remember the sheepgirls' soft eyes, their suggestive smiles. Remember Brigitte's kisses, her sweet, sweet nectar. Remember Tricin's coils. He thought of submission, of being made to beg, of this slime girl's effortless seduction.

These thoughts made him hornier and hornier. His cock was pulsing. And as he bucked, Sluk was starting to gasp. The chanting was getting disjointed and muddled. Her form was becoming more human again. Her legs wrapped around him, and she embraced him as he fucked her pussy, but something in her eyes was finally registering worry. "Yes—um—wait—"

He did not wait. The lust and mental blocks she'd given him only made it easier. He slammed into her, again and again. She screamed every time. She was building—he was building—

"You—you gotta—" She was barely forming cogent words at this point. "I need to—need—wait, Master, I'm not done—not—not DONE OH FUCK YESSSS!" She screamed at an all-new octave as the orgasm tore through him, filling him with her pleasure. His cum surged into her, and he felt her spell fragmenting, felt his mind clearing.

He bore her down to the ground and fucked her pussy, growling, and she squealed and cooed and wriggled and writhed in his grip, helpless to resist her own lust.

He held the slime girl like that for a while, fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, and she could only scream her lust—until he switched to having her suck him off, anyway. His own mind was little better. Arousal had totally consumed him. But she couldn't cast.

She was fucked stupid, just like him. Only he hadn't needed spells for it.

Finally, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Bobbin smiled drowsily at him. "Enough, Master. We should be moving on."

Stunned, Senya found himself staring down at the slime girl—now a pale pink in hue. She curled up and giggled, licking a bit of cum off his still throbbing cock. "I'm a good girl," she breathed, sinking into the mud. "See you around, Master!"

She vanished from sight.

Senya looked down at himself. He was totally naked, sticky with slime residue, sweaty and fully erect. He felt his face heating up as he looked between Jerrod and the Hob. "I'm naked," he said.

"Observant as ever, Master," Bobbin said slyly.

"That fruit..." Senya found himself growing slightly angry. "That fruit your scarecrows fed me!"

"On my orders. Come, Master." Bobbin beckoned. "I think it's time to head out."


They waded through a shallow river on the way out, washing up. The slime girls delivered Bobbin's and Jerrod's clothes, freshly-washed. Senya, of course, received nothing.

"I'm sorry about it all," Bobbin said, though she didn't seem terribly sorry as she studied Senya's naked body with a smile. "The prisoner fruit is a necessary... a necessary evil."

"You drugged me," Senya said, his tone accusatory. "I've been getting raped here because you drugged me!"

"It's not a drug," the Hob said, her tone turning testy. "The prisoner fruit is not a drug. It's... well, it's multifaceted. But trust me, eating one does not affect your ability to resist mind control."

"It makes you horny, though," Jerrod said, pulling his trousers on. "Just one fruit a day is the best aid in the world. Keeps you virile so you can fuck all day long. Trust me, if you hadn't eaten that fruit earlier, Sluk woulda had your mind for baubles."

"But it makes me... naked!" Senya bit his lip. He felt even more naked now that he knew it. Now that Jerrod and Bobbin were clothed. The worst thing was, he still didn't feel naked. If he stopped thinking about it, even for a moment, he had a sense he'd forget about it all over again. It just wasn't... on his mind.

"It makes it harder to notice that sort of thing," Bobbin conceded. "Again, necessary evil."

She pinched the bridge of her nose and took a breath. "Look, there's something called orgasm fatigue. Fey are very good at it. If you cum once or twice, and normally wouldn't be able to cum again, the fey... can make you cum." She put a hand to her chest. "Even house fey can do it. And the more artificial orgasms you have, the weaker your mind gets. Eventually, they control all your pleasure. There's no escape from that."

Jerrod nodded. "It's why you need the prisoner fruit. Keeps 'em from taking over your body like that."

"... Okay." Senya gave a grudging nod. "I guess... I guess that makes sense. But hang on—you said slime girls didn't have mind control! She nearly brainwashed me!"

"Yeah. Sorry." Now Bobbin did have the grace to look ashamed. "I really didn't think... look, all fey, even slime dryads, have some hypnotic powers. But their... look, there's no easy way to say this. Slime girl mind control is so weak, I honestly didn't think you'd fall for it."

Senya felt his face heat up again. "Oh."

"And I mean weak." Bobin gestured to Jerrod. "Jerrod, before he got his amulet, was super easy, and even he was able to—"

"Okay, I get it!" Senya snapped. Then the words registered. "Wait, amulet?"

Jerrod grinned and reached under his collar. He pulled out a curious little wickerman hanging from a leather strip around his neck. The wickerman was about the size of a shrew, and bore an uncanny resemblance to Jerrod. "Ambrosia Amulet. Makes me immune to all the mind control powers of the prisoners here."

"Wait, really? Why haven't I gotten one of those yet?"

"Two reasons." Bobbin jabbed him in the chest, catching him off-guard with her aggressiveness. "One, you need to be able to resist these fey even without the amulet. You're gonna be their Master, Senya, and they are gonna do everyhting they can to get that amulet off you. Remember Valina? The fey are clever. They'll find a way. Jerrod's already lost his amulet twice with the sheepgirls."

Jerrod grinned bashfully. "What can I say? There's a lotta them."

"Second." Bobbin jabbed Senya again, causing him to flinch. "The amulet has to be geared toward your mind. These things aren't cheap, and only three mages exist in the area who, combined, have the power to make them. And we won't be able to visit the Thriae tonight."

"Th-Thriae?" Senya gulped. He looked up at the darkening sky.

"Nor the spritelion," Bobbin said, sounding annoyed as she walked off. "Nor the... well, nor the barn. Tomorrow, then. Meantime, we should get back to the cabin."

Senya looked at Jerrod, rubbing his neck. "This farm has Thriae enslaved?" The meadbrewers were legendarily dangerous, and famously vicious. Messing with a single Thriae was a good way to get a whole hive on you, potentially starting a hideous war in the process.

Jerrod laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. "I know you're eager, but tomorrow, Master. We're eatin' wholesomer food tonight."


As they approached the farmhouse, Senya saw the catgirl approaching. Valina's long black hair was currently done up in a ponytail, though as she drew near, she undid the twine and allowed the hair to spill down once more. Her catlike ears were pointed straight up, perky and cheerful. Her hips swayed with every step.

"Evening, Valina," Bobbin called. "All well?"

"Yes, Hob," Valina said curtly, and Senya noticed that she had a bloodied sword behind her back. She handed the sword to the Hob. "Two crows dead. None captured."


"Crows?" Senya asked, swallowing.

Valina looked up at him. Her eyes went half-lidded as she gave him a coy smile. "Hello, Master," she purred, sidling up beside him. Her hand drifted down before he could react, and he again remembered he was naked as her hand caressed his hard cock. "Ooh, Master needs me again! May I...?"

"Off, cat," Bobbin barked, shooing Valina to the back. "He doesn't need any more pussy just yet."

The catgirl sulked and filed into the farmhouse behind them. Senya licked his lips, unable to keep from watching her backside as she walked away from him. She seemed to put an extra little sauce into her movements. He wondered if she knew he was watching.

Judging by the size of his erection, it wasn't exactly a well-kept secret.


Dinner was short, but scrumptious. Bobbin claimed she'd cooked it, though Senya couldn't tell when she might have had time to do so. Quail eggs, cranberry sauce, strawberries and cream, roast pheasant, and some strange raw-fish-and-rice concoction Senya was too embarrassed to ask about.

And Senya was the only one who really seemed interested in making conversation. Valina lapped at a bowl of cream on the floor, and seemed quite content to do so with nothing but the odd mewl. Jerrod and Bobbin happily engaged with distant topics, like the Kingdom of the Chosen's ongoing war and recent dopterine fashions, but seemed quieter when he started talking about the farm. It didn't seem to interest them that much. Senya supposed this made sense—it was just a job to them.

When supper was done, Bobbin ushered him upstairs to his room. The door was marked with a very fancy-looking doorknob, and carved into the door was a single word: MASTER. Senya frowned, hearing rustling sounds from behind the door.

"You're free to say no," Bobbin said, her tone guarded. "If so, simply call me. I'll hear you and see to it."


She opened the bedroom door. "I don't think you'll want to, of course."

Senya looked inside the master bedroom.

The bedroom was decorated lavishly, of course. But it was its occupants that caught his attention as he entered.

Five gorgeous young women with long blonde, black and red hair lay curled up on the bed. They had big, floppy dog ears, and as they looked up at him, he saw nubby little horns atop their heads. They looked up at him with fascination, and little fluffy tails wagged. They were all naked, and their brown eyes widened with obvious lust.

Senya stepped into the doorway, his eyes wide, his mouth hanging open. Their eyes were trained on his cock, which was pointed directly at the nearest redhead.

In unison, the five women licked their lips with long, wet tongues.

"Have a good night," Bobbin said sweetly, and closed the door behind him.


"He's rough."

"He'll improve," Bobbin said.

"He's gonna have trouble, though."

"Yeah. Probably. But he just needs to hold out for the amulet. Then we can—" Bobbin was cut off by a banging sound from upstairs. She rolled her eyes and smiled.

Jerrod grinned. It was kinda sweet, the way she looked to the new Master.

Unable to resist, he reached forward and cupped Bobbin's pert ass. "Y'know, it sounds like he's too busy to notice much of anything. I bet we might..."

"Hands off, Jerrod." Bobbin's eyes narrowed at him.

Jerrod pulled away and sulked. Clearly, Bobbin was not in the mood.

"We'll need to be careful," she said levelly, eying the ceiling. "He's... very weak-willed. He barely even held up against the fucking slime girls, and they're barely even hypnotic!"

"Yeah, that's the real issue. It's almost like he wants to give in." Jerrod furrowed his brow. "'Course, who wouldn't?"

"Well, he seems to have a real weakness for—"

"Hob," Jerrod said warningly.

They both turned, as one, to the catgirl, who quickly went back to lapping at her bowl. Jerrod's eyes narrowed. "Little eavesdropping slut."

Valina bit her lip. "I wasn't—"

Jerrod reached down and grabbed a large dildo, waving it in the air. There were little bells attached to it, and they jingled as it moved. "See this?"

Valina clearly tried not to look. But Jerrod kept waving it, filling her ears with the seductive song. Soon, her eyes were unwillingly drawn to it, and she gazed at it with worshipful longing. Her mouth watered.

"Kitty likes toy?" he cooed mockingly. "Kitty likes toy?"

"Y-yes!" she burst out, batting at it with her hands. The conditioning had taken over. "Kitty wants toy!"

"Then fetch!" Jerrod threw the toy into the other room. They watched her race after it on all fours, grab it, and start sucking at it intently. Then, as though they'd been watching cows trot by, they returned to their conversation.

"Weak-willed," Bobbin repeated. "He barely fought off a slime girl."

"'Least he fought her off."

"Do you think he's really ready to face the holstaur?"

Jerrod bit his upper lip.

"Guess we'll find out in the morning," he said at last.

They both turned back to the catgirl, who was whimpering, her lush lips locked around the dildo. Jerrod saw a look in Bobbin's eye he recognized well. "I got her last time," he said grudgingly. "Your turn."

Bobbin grinned and got up, strutting to the other room to stand over Valina. Valina looked up with lust-tinged eyes. Bobbin glanced back and winked. "You're welcome to watch, stockman."

"Think I will." Jerrod grinned. He drew his cock out, masturbating openly as Bobbin knelt down and began to fuck the catgirl's face.


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