Monstrous Ranch

Chapter 14

by GigglingGoblin

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Senya's mind slowly sank into honey as the Thriae looked on with delight. It was almost humiliating. It was almost shameful. But it felt so, so good.

And it was inevitable, really. Senya knew he could no more easily resist than he could ever look away from Sylvia's beautiful golden eyes. Which would be resisting. Which he couldn't do. And wasn't that why he was here?

The longer Sylvia spoke, the more aroused she seemed to get. The more aroused Sylvia got, the more aroused Senya got. The more aroused Senya got, the harder it got to tear his eyes away from her eyes. And he needed to watch her eyes. She'd told him it was very important to watch her eyes.

"That's right," the petite, wasp-waisted fey cooed at him, golden curls bouncing around her heart-shaped face as she put a hand to her mouth to hide her giggles. "Juuuust keep, like, lookin' at my pretty eyes, cutie. Good boy. Gooood boy."

Senya's head swayed. Sylvia seemed utterly delighted with him, and he felt utterly delighted with her. With her beautiful eyes. With her smooth, curvy body. He could smell the aroma of her spicy private mead even now, and unconsciously licked his lips.

"Now," Sylvia whispered, leaning just a little bit closer, "let's get started."


My dear brother,

Man, that postal system's a bummer, huh? Still waiting to hear from you—haven't gotten anything since you arrived at the inn. How'd that milk taste?

So, I kinda started doing my own homework while I've been waiting. Work's slow, and I can afford to be idle. And, uh, I've read some freaky stuff about that area. Still no record of an 'Ambrosia Ranch', but there are these records that indicate a Thriae hive in the area. We both know not to fuck with them. Those human-haters would break you like a twig if given the chance, and they could do it, too.

Also, I found some records talking about some sort of ancient fey prison run by the natives? It's in the area, too. That ranch might be in a bit of danger if it's near the prison. Hopefully Uncle Yvun wasn't up to anything too shady. No, you know what? I can't even say that jokey-joke.

Getting a bit worried, to be honest. I know it hasn't been super long, but we usually write pretty regularly, and these are weird situations.

Are you even receiving these?


"Deeper," Sylvia breathed. "Deeper, boytoy. Mm..."

Senya was as deep as he could go. Sylvia's face was inches away from his. He could smell her sweet breath, could almost taste her lips on his. She would be so sweet and syrupy...

"Okay!" she giggled. "Now, I want you to look away from my eyes..."

Impossible. Absurd. He could never look away from her beautiful, perfect, amber

"...and look at this instead!"

His eyes locked on a dangling glass heart. The heart shimmered, and he realized it was filled with what looked like liquid silver. Quicksilver. But it was reflecting everything around it right now, and so it was gold.

His eyes sank into it easily. The glass heart dangled from a thin golden chain. It was like staring into a Thriae's eyes.

And something about it made him feel... warm.

"This is your heart," Sylvia said, beaming at him. She twirled the chain, causing the heart to flash and sparkle. Senya gasped in wonder. "I hold it, see?"

There was a murmur from next to Senya, but he didn't understand what it was. Only Sylvia mattered right now. Sylvia, Lala and Lata, and Lata and Lala were just watching him, slowly stroking themselves, smiling, licking their lips like examining a delicious future meal...

His eyes flickered back onto the heart.

"Sorry, Bobbi," Sylvia said, biting her lip. "Sometimes I just can't help myself, y'know? I'm such a ditz, I see this sexy little sub and I'm like, o-m-g, gotta fuck his brains out!" She giggled.

"Ah?" Senya vaguely registered what she was saying, but not consciously. Instead, it just sank into his open, receiving head.

Can't help myself.

Sexy little sub.

Fuck brains out.

Gods, she's so beautiful...

"Master," cooed Sylvia, returning his attention to her words. He watched to stare at her fulsome yellow lips, watch the way they embraced the word, watch the way they curved upward in a smirk at the end of it, but that was totally outside his abilities. He had to look at the heart. had to let her hold his heart and just... drift... into it... "I'm holding your heart, and your heart's holding your attention, so that means I have your attention, 'kay?"

"'kay..." Senya was drooling a little, but he barely noticed it. Someone wiped it away with a napkin. He still barely noticed. Behind the heart, he vaguely registered Lala and Lata moving to sit on Sylvia's left side so they could kiss and grope and fondle one another more easily.

"Good boy," Sylvia breathed, and Senya shivered at her words. "So nice to just give in, to give it all in. Give it all in."

"Give it all in," he repeated dully.

"Yes!" she said happily. "Give it all in. Give it all in to the heart, let it all sink in there. I'm gonna ask you some stuff, so we can make your heart beat okay. Sound good?"

"Mm..." Senya smiled dreamily. "Yes, Sylvia."

"Yay! 'Kay, so, like, first off:" The heart began to slowly swing, like a pendulum. it felt like Senya's whole mind was being sent reeling, and he felt a little dizzy. "Like, what's your name, Master?"

"Senya Wetherdean." The words spilled out of him like... like sand from a sieve. And the, he realized, they were gone.

He couldn't remember.

He couldn't remember his own name.

He had a momentary bout of panic, but Sylvia smiled, and this sent his thoughts receding like waves after an earthquake. "Easy," she breathed. "Shh. Shh. It's okay. I'm just borrowing those cute little thoughts so your brain can, like, work for me instead of for you. Sound good?"


The heart swung back and forth. Back and forth.


"Good boy," Sylvia said, delighted. "Next question: What's your favorite kinda girl to fuck?"

The crudeness of the question didn't even make him blink—not that he could, with the heart captivating him. Still, embarrassment burned in him as the words slipped out unbidden, working around his own conscious understanding and delving deeper still. "Strong," he whimpered. "Girly. Ditzy, but smarter than me. Claims what she wants. Generous. So, so generous..."

"Ooh." Sylvia was very quiet now. She was still inches from him, and she looked very bothered. "And... what's she look like?"

"... big breasts... big butt..." Senya couldn't stop the words from flowing out. "Big eyes... eyes that captivate, that control me... big, soft lips..."

Sylvia seemed to be leaning in closer—almost close enough to disrupt Senya's swinging heart. "Why, Master," she whispered, tongue darting out and licking across his lips, causing syrupy sweetness to blossom on his tongue, "this girl sounds a little bit like... me."

Senya panted as the flavor coursed through him.

"Is it me?' she cooed sweetly.


There was a long pause, and Senya thought that Sylvia was about to tackle him. She was panting, eyes wide and almost feral.

Lala moaned something amid her lovemaking with Lata, and Sylvia seemed to give a start. She leaned back a little, though she was still very close to him, and it was still very warm. "Next question," she said, and Senya realized he could scarcely remember what she'd just asked. His ideal woman? Who could that be?

He stared at the girly, ditzy, dominant wasp-waisted blonde across from him, and felt her big eyes drowning him in his own desire. He couldn't possibly guess. Not anymore.

"Who controls you?" she cooed.

"You do."

"Mm." She pursed her lips. "Shoulda been more specific! Heehee! Okay, nevermind that one." Senya realized he could once again remember his answer. That was good. He'd hate to forget how easily this gorgeous Thriae controlled him. "Aside from me, who's normally in charge of you, stud?"

"I am."

"Ding-ding-ding!" She beamed at him. "Good boy! Can you, like, repeat that for me?"

Senya stared at her. He still felt the lingering pleasure from her praise, and he longed to obey. But...

... he found he didn't know.

"Well? Who controls you?" She batted her eyelashes as the heart swung back and forth, awash in reflected gold.

"I don't know," he whispered.

"Good boy!"

There was another brief bout of external murmuring. Sylvia looked to the side, over Senya's shoulder. "Just one more, Bobbi. This is important." Sylvia turned back to Senya. "Okay. One more question: Who's the most important person in your life? Aside from us honey babes, I mean." She winked.

"My sister, Anya."

"Oooh." She arched her eyebrows. "Now that's a fun one!"

More murmuring, this time sharp enough to make Lata and Lala stop kissing and look over with heavy-lidded amber eyes. The murmdering was actually quite loud this time, and Sylvia flinched. Senya was glad he didn't need to pay it any heed.

"He'll get it all back," the Thriae said sulkily. More murmuring. "Well, as long as he wears, it, yeah! I gotta ask these questions, Bobbi-baby, Jerrod, sweetie. It won't work otherwise! Please don't be mad?" She gave big puppydog eyes over Senya's shoulder. Senya wasn't even their target, but he melted all the same. How could anyone be mad at wonderful Sylvia?

There was a pause, and Sylvia relaxed. "Okay. Let's move on." She locked eyes with Senya again—or tried to, anyways. Senya was still staring deep into the heart amulet. Was it somehow more sparkly now?

Oh. Sylvia's eyes were glowing now. A very bright glittering metallic gold.

"Senya Wetherdean," she said softly, "this heart is going to embody you at your very-very-very strongest. It's gonna be a reservoir of willpower that can't be broken, so that no matter what, nothing can get a hold on your cute, weak little mind. So I'm gonna need you to be super-duper good for me now and focus all those tiny little thoughts you have left into what I say, okay?"

"Okay," he repeated, his mind numb.

Sylvia smiled brightly. "Okay! Now, first off:I need to be strong. Can you think that? I need to be strong."

Senya felt the words sinking into him, and his conscious and subconscious absorbed them and processed them.

I need to be strong, he thought. Need to be strong. Need to resist. Can't let them control me. Can't let them break me! I need to be strong!

And the second he thought it, it all vanished. Senya was left disoriented, staring into a swinging heart. Had he... had he done it? What had he done?

"Good boy!" Sylvia chirped, and he let out a moan of pleasure. It felt so good to be weak sometimes, to just let her praise wash over him. His cock was so hard, and all three of the Thriae were staring at it now and licking their lips. They could master him, he knew. There was no chance he wouldn't let them put those wonderful tongues and lips all over his cock. Though it had never happened to him before, he could almost imagine exactly what it would feel like, and the not-memory was almost enough to make him faint now that Sylvia was so close to him. "Now, think this: I do not trust those who seek to control me.

I do not trust those who seek to control me, he thought. This thought was harder—he wanted to trust Sylvia, after all, and she had just spent the last ten minutes filling him with obedient thoughts—but he found that her little tinkerings slipped away when he focused on this thought. His conscious mind remained strong, guided in purpose by her mastery over him. I do not trust them. I cannot trust them. They are trying to control me. Without my consent. I do not trust those who seek to control me!

And again, the thought clicked and vanished. Senya felt rather like an air bladder that had slowly been leaked of air. Emptied. He couldn't hold onto these thoughts, whatever they were. Hopefully they weren't important.

"Yay!" Sylvia squirmed slightly, and he felt a warm hand grasp his cock and begin to slowly stroke him. "Okay, and just one more, and then it's gonna feel so good. 'Kay?"

"Mm... 'kay..."

Sylvia's eyes bored through the amulet as it swung before her face, bathing him in her radiance. Pleasure from her fingers began to sparkle into his mind, filling him up with Sylvia's will, like she was slowly, sensually pumping his brains out. "I do not want to be dominated."

Senya rocked back and forth as she edged him. "NNnuh..." he managed.

"Teehee!" Sylvia's eyes gleamed. "Those are, like, super sweet sounds, but I need you to try really hard now! C'mon, boy. You can do it."

I do not want to... Senya felt his mind slipping back into that conscious state, and the pleasure, the lost memories, all of it faded away. Only Sylvia's guidance remained.

I do not want to be... do not want to be...

So why was he still having trouble?

He screwed up his strength. I do not want to be dominated, he thought, but the thought was limp. He swallowed.

"Go on, stud," Sylvia cooed. "Channel your will. Be a good boy."

"Maybe you drank too much milk," Nun said, sighing. The enchantress smirked slightly, her eyes flashing with amusement. "Is that the problem? Were you thirsty, my good boy?"

Senya giggled. Everything felt so nice and soft in his mind right now. He looked up and saw her holding up a mug.

"You drink," she said. "Drink, now. Finish. Submit. And then I will give you all the pleasure you want."

"Go on," Sylvia whispered. "Channel! It'll feel so good! Just one thought, and then you can have so much fun." Her thumb stroked his slick glans for emphasis, causing him to let out a groan.

The alraune smiled down at him, just a foot or two away now. "Your will is mine, Master." He tried to speak, but he was immersed in her will. He only stammered. "Yes, tell me what you want," she whispered. "Tell me what you need. I exist to serve you. To bring you..."

Her finger played over his lips, and he tasted sweetness when his tongue came out of its own accord to lick it. She giggled. "...pleasure."

"C'mon, Master," Sylvia hissed, her tone almost mocking. "Don't you wanna resist?"

"Does my darling master want to stroke?"

"Feels good to be a good slut. Good sluts always obey. Good boys and girls always beg Mistress Tricin for pleasure!"

"Would you like to suckle me, baby? Just a sip. Just a little suck. Wouldn't that be nice? You know how good I taste. You know you'll feel soooo much better."

"Can't believe we caught you so easy."

"Such a good boy."

"Yeah, you let her suck your stupid dick until it's doing aaaaall the thinking for you, and then we're gonna fuck those brains out until we're doing the thinking for you."

"When I put my lips on your cock, I am going to kiss all your cares away! I will suck your mind away from you, and I will take very good care of it, okay, Pet?"

"Master?" Sylvia whispered. "Master, be a good boy. Don't you want to resist?"

"It is very important to me that this is what you want," Miss Scarlet cooed, as her wonderful lips descended upon his cock and began to suck his brains out.

"I..." Senya's mouth was dry. His cock was throbbing with need. "I... I w-want..."

The amulet shattered.


When Senya came to, it was to absolute delight and pleasure. He let out a happy moan as he came into a warm, wet crevice, squirming within the soft, warm armchair. "Ah! Thank you, Mistress!" he cried.



He looked down, vision still bleary, and saw none other than Sylvia bobbing up and down on his cock. Her lips smacked with every motion, and she was letting out happy moans and whines as she visibly swallowed his load with a lust sprite's eagerness. She beamed at him around his cock, batting her eyelashes.

He was sitting in the armchair again—well, sitting wasn't exactly the right word. He was sinking into it. It was warm and squishy and soft, and his head was buzzing happily. He let out a moan as he felt Sylvia's tongue start to run mercilessly over his head, and he started to buck and cry out. It was too much sensation, too quick, too soon after—he had to get away, had to push her off, had to—had to—

But it was no use. Lying in this armchair, he might as well have had a cinder block on his chest. He limply tried to rise up, but it was so comfortable, and so... heavy. The cushions seemed to hold him down. He could only squirm and gasp and moan as another orgasm spurted out of him.

Sylvia was giggling. So were Lata and Lala, he saw, who were each kneeling at the feet of a lithe woman whose back was to Senya, licking between her furry legs. But they saw him, and their eyes smoldered with equal parts amusement and desire.

Sylvia was still sucking him, and still running her tongue over his glans, when he felt a firm hand on his shoulder. "Go on, then," said the gruff voice of Jerrod. "Send her on her way."

"C-can't..." Senya whined, trembling as he felt a third orgasm building up. The way her tongue was running over his cock right now was excruciatingly slow and sensuous, like she wanted to savor every inch of it. "H-honey..."

And it was true. He knew he couldn't move even if he tried. The honey had filled his mind with lust, with submissiveness, with the urge to submit. However Sylvia had managed to trick him into letting her suck him, he was hers now. There was no point in fighting.

"We had her cleanse her mouth first," Jerrod said, sighing. "There's no honey. You ain't mind controlled, Master."

Senya blinked.

Sylvia slowly pulled off his cock, lips leaving slick saliva. A little string of it connected her mouth to his cock for a moment before breaking as she smacked her lips, satisfied, and beamed at him. "You taste sooooo good," she burbled. "Haven't had a Master who gave in to the slime girls like you did in, like, forever! It makes you taste kinda like cherries." She winked at him.

Senya felt vaguely queasy. His memories were slowly returning, in bits and pieces. He'd come here with Bobbin and Jerrod, of course, to... to get the amulet!

And then Sylvia had hypnotized him. Willingly, he realized. They'd said... what had they said?

"We need to get you in the right state of mind," Bobbin said, with a thin smile. "On your own, mustering the, uh... well, the will, it might not work. But if she's helping you along, you should be able to do whatever she wants you to do."

"Ooh, yeah!" Sylvia licked her lips. "Like, I could make you suckle my titties, or lick my pussy, or—" She giggled as Bobbin scowled at her. "Or do whatever my sweet Bobbi wants," she cooed.

"Remember, Sylvia" Bobbin said, her frown giving way to a smirk, "if this works, I'll lick you out until you can't tell gold from tin."

Sylvia's eyes shone.

"Uh, wait," Senya said, looking between the fey, "I'm not sure... I mean, isn't this counter-intuitive? I thought we wanted to make me... not get mind controlled anymore?"

Lata and Lala licked their lips. "Are you sure you want that, cutie?" Lala asked.

"Sure we don't want more of us instead?" Lata purred, cupping her breasts in her thin, tight-fitting white t-shirt.

Senya bit his lip. He didn't know what had him feeling so strange about this place, but something was... was off. He felt unbearably horny just looking at these women—er, moreso than he usually did from looking at the women of the Ranch—but he didn't know why. It was like something in his head unconsciously registered them as synonymous with pleasure. Was that fey magic? It almost felt like... like something he couldn't quite put his finger on.

Déjà vu.

He felt Bobbin's hand on his shoulder. "It's for the best," Bobbin said easily. "I'll be right here, as will the stockman.

"We won't let her try anything."

Senya rubbed his forehead. "I... didn't you promise..."

"Right." Jerrod chewed his upper lip as Sylvia leaned back and rose to her feet. She swayed her hips sensually as she sauntered over to the kitchen. Senya found his eyes trailing after her, admiring her toned legs and pert ass. "Well... she said she had one more thing she could try. She said she wanted to test you once more. We figured, hey, we came this far."

"Right, but..." Senya still felt dizzy and tired. It's the chair, he realized numbly. He tried to rise, but every time he rose, the softness and warmth he was immersed in seemed to heighten, baking his brain in comfort, and he went limp again. "... but I was unconscious," he finished weakly. "I... I didn't say it was okay for her to... do that."

"Well, are you complaining?" Jerrod laughed. "Sylvia gives fuckin' amazing head, Master."

Senya frowned, struggling through the murk of his mind. He sort of wanted to argue the point further, but he was cut off by the slightly high-pitched voice of Bobbin.

"S-Sylvia!" the hob cried, clutching each of her Thriae lovers' heads, fingers twining into their honey-blonde hair. "Y-you—mm, yes—find anythiIIING?" Her knees slowly buckled as she came, squeaking and whimpering, clearly struggling with all her might to retain some composure even as she collapsed into the Thriae's arms.

"Yes," Sylvia said, biting her lip as she watched Bobbin enjoy herself. The need and desire was clear on her face. It's like just being around Bobbin gets them turned on, Senya thought, and he was promptly uncertain just where this oddly specific notion had come from. "I found stuff, yeah!"

"Do share," Jerrod said, his voice terse. He seemed quite uncomfortable to be here, Senya realized. Wary.

"Well..." Sylvia giggled, coming back over—this time with a cup of steaming tea. Just the sight of it made Senya stiffen in more ways than one. "... he's a stud, Jerry."


"A stud. A slut. A horny mess." Sylvia dropped down into the couch and slid the mug across the table to Senya. She rested her chin on her index finger and thumb and smiled wistfully at Senya. "If we, like, had just a good hour with you, honey... gosh, we could turn you into the best toy ever."

Senya reached weakly for the mug. "But... the amulet?"

Jerrod reached forward and took the mug, immediately pouring its contents out on the floor. Sylvia let out an indignant squeal. "You needed to channel your will to make the amulet. You, uh... you didn't quite manage that. We'll have to work out something else."

Senya shivered as Bobbin's moans took on an increasingly higher pitch. The three entwined fey had rolled right behind Sylvia's couch, and he could tell she was even more bothered than he by the proximity. She kept squirming and idly stroking at her breasts and pussy, half-glancing back over her shoulder.

"So I don't have an amulet," Senya said at last.

"Ooh, no." Sylvia beamed at him. "You broke yours, silly! You're too much of a stud to resist anything."


"Wh—what!" Bobbin screamed from behind the couch. "Wh-wha're you sayin'? Ah! Oh, fuck! Yes! YES!"

"Master." Sylvia locked eyes with him. "When I sucked your big ol' dick, I was actually doin' some really really teensy alchemy on you. I was studying you!" She giggled. "You're really sexy and cute. I loved studying you. I loved studying you, Master."

"Um. Thank you." Senya's cheeks were burning. Her eyes poured into him, filling his mind in moments.

"You're welcome!" She winked, momentarily halving his world. "But I saw your little holdup. And I think you saw it, too. You're never gonna get an amulet if you can't get past that!"

Senya swallowed.

"What?" Jerrod asked. "What is it?"

Sylvia stuck her tongue out at him. "Like, he can tell you if he wants to, big guy. Some of us respect personal agency."

"Bullshit," the stockman said flatly.

"Yeah, bullshit." Sylvia tittered. "But I think it's more fun if he gets to work it out this way! Of course, if he really wants to humiliate himself..." And she turned and locked eyes with Senya again, making his cock throb needily. "...and tell everyone, well, he can feel free to see to his... needs."

Senya bit his lip so hard it bled a little. He winced.

"Sy-Sylvia!" cried Bobbin's voice from behind the couch. She was clearly barely restraining herself from outright screams at this point. "T-tell—tell me—tellmetelmteemeeee—"

"Nah." Sylvia got up and sauntered toward the bedroom, pouting. "You don't give orders, Bobbi, and if I don't get to fuck your brains out, well, oh well." She glanced back as she entered the bedroom, blowing Senya a kiss. "But if you wanna follow me in here, cutie..." She giggled and closed the door.


Senya's head was adrift in gold. He was halfway to his feet when Jerrod grabbed his shoulder. "Not a good idea," he said in a low tone of voice. "Unless you wanna get honeyed ag—unless you wanna get honeyed real bad."

Senya swayed for a moment, staring longingly at the door. "But..." With a pang, he realized he kind of did. Something about the honey sounded utterly intoxicating.

He found himself trying to move towards the door, but Jerrod squeezed his shoulder tight. "Nah."

And Jerrod bodily dragged Senya out of the cabin.


The rest of the day passed by surprisingly uneventfully, though there was a slightly tense undertone to it all. Bobbin and Jerrod had not asked about Senya's reason for failing, and he had not told them. He half-suspected Bobbin knew, anyways.

They did the chores without too much trouble—the slime girls were eager for trouble, of course, but after a few fuckings, Senya managed to get Sluk in line. He took some comfort in that, though in truth, a part of him wished he could just give in. As eager as Sluk was to oblige him now—she seemed to have given up on enslaving him—part of him desperately wanted her to claim him, as she'd tried to do before.

That was the problem.

Sylvia had seen what he had suspected ever since the incident with Brigitte. He wanted to lose. He hungered to be claimed, to be brainwashed, to be mind controlled. Nothing had ever felt so good, so pure, so... humiliating.

"Come back anytime," Sluk moaned, her form once again a rosy pink after being filled. He smiled dreamily back at her as Jerrod tugged him away.

That night, they took dinner as Kitten crawled around on the floor, licking up her cream from a bowl. Kitten was playful and submissive again, but Senya didn't give in to her charms.

Well, he let her suck his cock a few times. Twice. Whatever. She'd sort of insisted, and he never seemed to be able to say no to that kittenish voice.

Dinner was plain—fruit, cheese and some old venison preserves. Bobbin seemed elsewhere—her mind was straying distant, and Jerrod, though an endless supply of sexist jokes, was mostly interested in discussing the impending 'market day'. Apparently, they'd be shearing the fleece sprites soon.

As he was heading upstairs, Senya paused and glanced back at Bobbin. "Bobbin?"

"Mm?" Bobbin glanced over and smiled at him.

"I have a letter I forgot to give you this yesterday." Senya gestured. "On account of... well. It's been a hectic couple of days. It's up in the study."

"Oh!" Bobbin giggled. "Right. I'm surprised the puppies still let you write letters!"

"What do you mean?"

Bobbin waved a hand. "Oh, they can just be very... possessive. So you want me to send off the letter tomorrow?"

"Tonight would be good, actually." Senya glanced back up towards the study, biting his lip. "Y'know, I'm trying to send them every day. I know the birds don't fly too well during the night, but, well..."

Bobbin's eyes crinkled slightly as she laughed. "You're very attentive with these!"

"Well..." Senya bit his lip. "It's my sister, and she worries," and I'm starting to get scared that I'll never leave this place with my mind intact, and I haven't gotten any letters from her yet, and...

"Say no more." Bobbin got to her feet. "Want me to help you get the letter?"

"No need." Senya gave a weak smile. "I'll just pop in and grab it." He turned and started up the stairs.

"Okay." He heard Bobbin sit down again. "And otherwise, well, I'll just send it in the morning."

Senya frowned, unsure what she meant by that. He reached the top of the stairs and walked to his bedroom door, opening it wide.

A gorgeous redhead with perky puppydog ears, big puppydog eyes, and a wagging bushy tails looked up at him. She licked her lips with a long tongue. "Master's home!" she squealed, grabbing his hand and tugging him inside.

He felt the familiar lust waves settle over him, and he smiled. "Hello, girls," he slurred, as he fell onto the bed. Face-first.

He heard the puppy sprites giggling as they sprang onto the bed and rolled him onto his back. Two of them grabbed his arms and started kissing him, two of them grabbed his legs and started tickling his toes with their tongues, and the rest descended, almost drooling, onto his cock.

As their wet, lolling tongues went to work, his eyes rolled up into his skull, and he let out a long moan. He couldn't remember what he'd been planning to do just now. Surely this was it. And if not... who cared? "Good girls," he gasped. "Good puppies, good girls, good—goodgoodgood—" He was cut off by a long, wet kiss from the redhead that stole his mind away into pure pleasure once again.

It would be a very long night.


Bobbin smiled as she watched through the keyhole. "Oh, Master. You do indulge."

She straightened and made her way back downstairs, where Jerrod was thrusting into a mewling Valina from behind in his favorite position—her on the floor, hands and knees, ass up to receive. "Kitten, cum," she chirped.

"Aaaah!" Valina squealed, bucking and writhing in Jerrod's grip. "AAAAAH!"

Jerrod let out one last groan as he came, bucking brutally into the catgirl and making her squeals all the more wild. Then he pulled out, cock dripping with her lubricant juices, and shot Bobbin a cross look. "I wasn't done yet," he groused, grabbing Valina by the head and moving her around so she could start licking his cock clean.

"You could keep fucking her, you know." Bobbin rolled her eyes. "Women can cum more than once, especially fey. Especially livestock. Especially that livestock."

"Eh." Jerrod shrugged, pulling Valina's head closer so she could start deepthroating him. "These last few weeks I been here, I—nn—found it's better to leave 'em wanting."

"She'll always be wanting." Bobbin smirked down at the catgirl, who could only see Bobbin out of the corner of her eyes. Kitten whined. "That's kinda the point, stockman. Anyways, I want to talk to you, so get your dick out of there and come over here."

Jerrod snorted. "Fat chance, bitch. I'll finish this, at least."

Oh. The stockman was getting feisty, was he? Bobbin's eyes narrowed. "We employ you to follow orders."

"Nah." Jerrod gestured upstairs. "Technically, he employs me."

Bobbin's eyebrows arched. She considered working some magic on Valina to punish Jerrod properly, but with Valina acting up of late, that seemed less than wise. Instead, she sauntered up to Jerrod and caressed his neck. "Why, yes, he does."

Jerrod suddenly looked a bit uneasy. But he was still thrusting, so Bobbin leaned in and kissed his neck softly. He moaned. "But do you really think he'll go against me, Jerrod? You know how he can be."

"Unh... I..." Jerrod was panting.

Bobbin wrapped her arms around him and nibbled his earlobe. "He looooves following orders," she cooed in Jerrod's ear. "If I really wanted to fire you, do you really think he could go against me?"

Jerrod bit his lip. "I... ah..."

With one swift motion, Bobbin's grip around Jerrod tightened, and she yanked him right out of Kitten's mouth. Kitten mewed and tried to follow, but Bobbin gently kicked her away. "Easy, Kitten," she chirped. "Jerrod and I just need to have a grownup talk. Go play with your toys."

As she led Jerrod to the table, she kicked over one of Kitten's favorite toys—a feather duster with bells on it. And by 'favorite', Bobbin meant her favorite. Bobbin watched with delight as Kitten's eyes locked on it. The catgirl slowly crawled up, barely resisting, and took it in her mouth. She started to swish it over her breasts, whimpering and giggling and squirming.

"Gods, Bobbi," Jerrod grumbled. "You can be a real cockblock, y'know that?"

"It's Bobbin" Bobbin squeezed him slightly, then set him down by a chair. She sprung nimbly over the table and took a seat. "And I have a job to do, Jerrod. Are you on my side or not?"

"Hey, easy." Jerrod held up his hands. "Fully on-board with the 'keep the fey from taking over the Ranch and brainfucking us all' team. Don't worry about me. I just screw around with you, boss."

"Good." Bobbin rolled her eyes. "It's getting worse, you know. We may have to adjust plans. Senya may never work as the dominant Master that the Ranch needs."

"Yeah, and I bet you fucking his brains out twice has nothing to do with that," Jerrod mumbled.

Bobbin grimaced. "Okay, so I indulge. Sue me. I doubt I'm exactly the straw boss that broke this hump-happy camel's back." She clasped her hands together. "Nobody's this weak-willed, Jerrod. He loses to slime girls. Fucking slime girls! There's gotta be some other influence here. I've been thinking about the enchantress."

"But we killed her," Jerrod protested.

Bobbin snorted. "That you think an arrow to the stomach was enough to kill a mage that versatile is a pretty good explanation for how your pirate ship got downed, stockman." She steepled her fingers. "I think she stuck Master with some... lingering disadvantages. On purpose. She was being way too tedious with that brainwashing."

"What do you mean? Like... she deliberately let us get him?"

"No, I think she definitely wanted to brainwash him properly." Bobbin winked. "But I bet she had a contingency plan for being interrupted. She must have... have put in triggers, have made him submissive. It's the only explanation."

"Huh." Jerrod stuck his tongue into his cheek. He glanced back, following Bobbin's gaze. Kitten had started tickling her pussy with the duster, showing rather remarkable flexibility. She was whimpering and giggling nonstop, helpless to the toy trigger.

"Why don't you turn up your sensitivity, Kitten?" Bobbin asked sweetly. "If you'd be so kind."

Kitten looked up at her with an expression of tearful joy mixed with horror, but she could only obey and work the magic.

The squeals and laughter grew louder and louder.

Bobbin smiled and got up, sauntering over to Jerrod. Jerrod let out a surprised "Oof!" as she suddenly sat down in his lap, still watching Kitten's plight. "Y-you sure we should—"

"Just fuck me," Bobbin moaned, sliding onto his shaft and starting to bounce. "Master won't hear."

"You sure?" But Jerrod's eyes were already glazing over with lust as he stared at Kitten. He grabbed Bobbin's tight ass and began to aid in her bounces, bucking up into her.

"Nn!" Bobbin squirmed around his cock, relishing his moans. "Y-yes! I'm sure!" She let out a hoarse, husky moan.

She watched as Kitten writhed helplessly on the ground, once again mewing like a lusty sex kitten. Which she was. The catgirl had gotten her pussy lips open and was now tickling her clit, which with the heightened sensitivity, had to be torture. Bobbin would be mewing, too, if she was in Kitten's position.

Which she wasn't. Bobbin got to watch, and that was how it should be. Bobbin grinned as Jerrod leaned in to kiss her.

"M-Master won't be hearing much of anything for a while," she purred.

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