Monstrous Ranch

Chapter 9

by GigglingGoblin

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Jerrod was, by most measures, quite a brawny man.

The stockman had built up his strength helping the ship's brimstone mage roll around barrels and get the pipes set up. Helping mages kill people was good exercise. He'd never been much of a warrior, really—he could hold his own, as could any pirate who faced regular resistance, but he'd mostly been in charge of moving things around. It made it extra-hard to get work after being branded. Nobody would hire him as an honest laborer, but he didn't exactly know how to hold his own around proper mercenaries. As such, he always ended up the runt, and a man Jerrod's size wasn't accustomed to being the runt.

That was why this job really was a dream come true. Bobbin's job offer had been persuasive, to say the least: "Come work for us, help with the harvest, and fuck a babe with kitty ears or a snake tail every now and then. He was a big guy. It was nice to have honest work that played to his strengths.

Still, every now and then he wished he'd learned some... proper criminal skills.

Like how to break down a door.

The Thriae built them sturdy, as it turned out.

He rammed into the wooden door again, grunting with effort. He heard the beembos giggling from up above in the clover trees, but he couldn't pay them any heed. All it would take was one look. Not that they could mind control him, obviously—not with his amulet—but he couldn't afford any distractions right now.

Damn it, who built a cottage door this solid? And where the hell was Bobbin? He needed her help. She could just blast this door off its hinges, no doubt, or... well, she might also have the key, considering she was fucking these particular babes just about every day at her leisure.

He ran at the door again, groaning as his shoulder cracked slightly from the impact. It wasn't a broken bone—he just didn't stretch often enough. He'd have to ask the scarecrows about that later.

Speaking of which, he looked over at Seven. "Anything you can do?" he snapped. "This door ain't going down anytime soon, and we need to get in there! Shit knows what they're getting up to in there!"

Seven shrugged. "There's always the chimney."

"Do I look like a smoke hag?"

She giggled. "I was gonna say you'd make a nice gift sprite, but..." She gestured at the door. "Let me try."

Jerrod stepped out of the way as the curvaceous, silver button-eyed woman advanced, rolling her shoulders in a way he initially took to be flirtatious. She was a slight young thing, with baggy, patchy clothes covering a very thin frame—straw was stuffed in her trousers, her sleeves, and under her breasts just to keep to her clothes from slipping off. A scythe was strapped to her back, but her petite form looked barely capable of understanding the purpose of such an instrument, let alone wielding it in melee. "Yeah, sure." He snorted. "I'm sure you can—"

She grabbed the doorkob and twisted downwards, snapping it out of the wooden door in one sharp motion.

Jerrod blinked. "Right. Magic construct lady."

Seven winked at him. "Mostly lady. But you know that!"

Grinning, Jerrod pulled open the door and slowly advanced. There was no one in the entrance room, but he could hear sounds coming from the back of the cottage—the bedroom, no doubt. Giggling. Sexual sounds. Moaning. That wasn't so bad.

Then he heard splashing sounds, and he swallowed. That was bad.

He started to move forward, but Seven grabbed his arm and tugged him back. "There's mead, I think," she whispered. Jerrod's head swam as he belatedly recognized it, too—a sneaky, spicy odor that was very good at slipping beneath a human's guard. "The amulet will protect you from their control, but not the drug. Careful, J."

Jerrod nodded, stepped outside, and took a deep breath.

He clutched his nose and rushed back in. This would have to be quick.

The scarecrow sauntered after him, not so much unconcerned as she was simply excited. She really was the most wanton of her number—Jerrod would have to reward her for fetching him after this. Or was that the horniness from the mead telling him that? Shit, ever since he'd started eating that prisoner fruit, he just didn't know anymore...

The sexual sounds got louder as they hurried through the door entered the kitchen/parlor area. The parlor was heady and hot. One of the Thriae's favorite tricks—heating up the dwelling to make the victim more receptive. Bobbin told him that was a popular hypnosis technique.

Then there was the Master's Chair—an ironically named chair that Jerrod himself had once unwisely sat in. It was practically covered in honey now. Not good.

Damn it, how had Senya been left alone this long? Bobbin knew better than this! Jerrod would've understood if it was the holstaur—Bobbin had made it very clear to him that she could not resist that creature—but she always had the Thriae eating out of her hand.

The scarecrow kept her mouth and nose uncovered as she made her way towards the bedroom. Jerrod let her lead the way—the scarecrows were imbued with a lot of advantages to help them handle the monster girls, and he was in no mood to tell her how to do her job. The mead smell wouldn't affect her one bit.

Though... therewas a certain sway to her hips, now that he noticed it. Seven didn't exactly have Thriae hips, but she always put on that sensual sway when she was feeling needy. He'd learned to recognize it pretty quickly after meeting her.

She came to the doorway and stopped. The blonde scarecrow glanced back at him, button eyes frowning. Her legs rubbed together, almost unconsciously, and there was a familiar quiver to her lips. "I feel funny," she whispered. "There's a... a field."

"A what?" Jerrod stared at her blankly, mumbling beneath his hand. "Know y'can be real whore sometimes, bu' hol' off for just five minutes and I'll fuck your brains out. Or wha'ever 'tis scarecrows got."

"I... I can't..." Her voice was very small, but growing higher-pitched. She started to rub her body, moaning. "Oh, they... oh, they were planning for todaaaAAYY—"

"Shh!" Jerrod rushed forward and put his hand over her lips, smothering her moan as she spilled into his arms. She started kissing his hand, sucking on his fingers—she was clearly desperate for attention. "Shit, what's gotten into you?"

"H-horny," she moaned. "Oh, they... she's so good... mm..."

Jerrod stared dumbly as the scarecrow sucked his thumb like a cock. The act seemed to be bringing her almost orgasmic levels of pleasure, but at least she was being quieter now. The wet sounds of her sucking weren't too noticeable, nor were her little moans and whimpers. Still... "Maybe you should wait outside?" he murmured, trying not to use up too much breath. One built up a good lung capacity after a few days with the spritelion, but he wasn't sure how much longer he had in him.

"Mmm..." She looked up at him, lashes fluttering, button eyes shimmering with lust. She licked her lips, long tongue sensuously lingering over soft skin. Don't mind me, that tongue said. Just act like I'm not here.

Jerrod swallowed and made his way onwards, allowing her to cling to his arm. She started kissing his neck, moaning just a little bit louder. So they put up some kinda lust field? he thought, puzzled. Why? And targeting who? Damn it, this ain't the Thriae's kinda magic!

Thriae weren't much for mind control, aside from the buzzing and the poison. The buzzing and the poison were usually quite enough. He was getting a very ominous feeling. It was the same feeling he'd had on tht last voyage, when Captain Marian had told the helmswoman to steer the ship between the Mountain Reefs. The Black Boats had been waiting for them on the other side.

And then he came to the bedroom, and his jaw dropped.

The bed—that enormous, squishy, silk sheet-laden honeybed—was covered in spilled honey. Poor Senya lay sprawled out atop it, stuck on his back, and his whole naked body was just as messy. His eyes had gone a bright gold, the gold that showed he was fully under the Thriae's spell.

Lala was straddling him and bouncing, squealing with glee. Lata sat on the pillows at the head, offering her lap to him as a cushion as she poured the contents of a little clay pitcher down his throat. He was obediently gulping it all down. Even with his nose plugged, Jerrod could taste it on the air.

Mead. Worst case scenario.

The Thriae were clearly delighted with their prize, cooing and giggling over him like a shiny necklace they'd just acquired. "Drinky-drinky!" Lata sang. "Drink all that yummy-nummy up, stud, while she fucks your brains out! Oooh, you love it, don't you?"

"Stop this!" Jerrod snarled, rushing into the room. His head swam—the air was thick with mead in here. He grabbed Lata by the shoulder and jerked her back, causing the mead pitcher to fall and spill its contents all over the bed. "You goddamn honeywhores!"

"Ooh!" Lala beamed up at him, continuing to rise up and down on Senya's member. Her eyes gleamed golden. "Jerrod! You—unh—didn't say you'd be c-coming!" She squeaked the last word, shaking violently atop her 'Master'. Senya was crying out in shared bliss.

"Get off your Master!" he commanded, leaning against Seven for support. She was quite eager to hold him up, in fact, hungrily kissing his neck. "That's an order!"

Lala gave a happy sigh, still recovering from the orgasm. "S-silly stockman."

"You don't give orders!" Lata climbed off the bed and sauntered around him, coming to stand at his back. "You follow them." He felt her kissing his neck. "Why don't you—mm—get on the bed with him, big boy, and we can have some fun with you, too? Give you lots of sexy orders."

Jerrod's cock was tenting his trousers fiercely, but he swallowed his lust. "That won't work on me," he grunted, turning to face her. "And you can't attack me an' force me to drink. Th-that definitely goes against the rules."

She giggled. "I don't gotta attack you!" She leaned in, letting him smell her honeyed breath. Gods, she reeked of sweetness. It was almost disgusting, how saccharine it all was, but he knew he'd crave this sweetness soon enough. Jerrod's head was swimming. "You're gonna attack me," she purred.

Jerrod resisted the urge to take a deep breath to steady himself. He knew what was happening. He was getting hornier and hornier from the mead. They couldn't command him, but how horny could he get before he'd do whatever they told him just to cum? Behind, he could still hear Senya getting his brains fucked out by Lala. That could be him.

No fucking way. It was all well and good playing with the alraune or the scarecrows, but when these girls got in the mood... well, Thriae were Thriae. Jerrod bit his lip hard and gave Lata a hard shove, sending her flying back into the corner. She was so surprised, she just fell backwards and landed on her ass with an "Oof!"

He turned and, with one hand, grabbed Senya's hand. With the other, he grabbed Lala's shoulder and prepared to shove her off the man. "C'mon, Master, we're gonna—augh!"

Without warning, Seven had lowered to the floor and ripped off his trousers with the same strength she'd shown dealing with the doorknob. She moaned, staring at his tented underpants. "Can't think," she whispered, as though spellbound. "Gotta... fuck..."

He heard Lata laughing. "Ooh, what's her deal? I like this new scarecrow!"

"Like you don't know!" he snarled, grabbing Seven and trying to hold her at bay as her tongue shot out, eager to sample the growing stain in his undergarment. "Damn it, Eight, g-get ahold of your... yourself..."

And then Lata was right behind him again, wrapping her arms around his torso. "Good boy," she cooed, kissing his neck. He was tingling all over now. He knew, consciously, that he had to fight this, but his head felt like it was moving at half its normal speed. And these fey were moving as swiftly as ever to seduce him.

"Get off," he said, but his voice sounded weaker, even to him. Her kisses felt so nice. It was getting harder and harder to hold Seven back, too. Especially when he looked down at her wide, hypnotized eyes. He'd had her mouth before, but never like this.

"Don't you wanna take her?" Lata hissed in his ear. "Look at her, that little slut. You could make her your toy, not Bobbi's. Make her yours forever." She kissed long and wetly along his neck, nibbling at his lobe. "She'd do... anything for you right now." She breathed out the word like a gasping moan.

Jerrod was trembling—actually, seriously trembling. But he tried to hold on. "You can't hypnotize me," he growled.

"I don't have to, silly!" Lata licked the back of his neck. The gesture was... strangely dominant. "Mm. You want this. I can tell. So can she."

Seven smiled up at him. "Master," she breathed. "Be my Master? Lemme fuck you?"

Oh, fuck. It felt so good to hear her say that.

No! Jerrod forced his arms clear of Lata's embrace. She didn't try to hold them down, but the second his arms were free, there she was, slipping her arms underneath to caress his sides, holding him even tighter. And he was too weak now. Before his eyes, Seven slowly pushed forward against his weakening grasp, drooling with desire, and came to his underpants. She started to lick through the fabric, tasting his precum. Through the cloth, he could feel her tongue bathing his cock in loving licks.

And she was moaning like it was the best fucking she'd ever had.

"Imagine how she'd feel if you actually fucked her," Lata said, giggling.

Jerrod... couldn't help but imagine.

Slowly, the scarecrow pulled the cloth down, and his cock sprang free.

Jerrod's mind was melting into goo as she licked her lips and slowly began a long, perfect kiss.


Bobbin made her way through the underbrush, cursing under her breath. This was not normal. Something was goddamned happening. Not on her watch. It did not end like this.

As she cast her gaze about and tried to sniff out the familiar scent of honey, she mentally compiled a list of important events.

Item One: Sylvia was missing. Now, Sylvia was the least imaginative of the Thriae when it came to seduction—whereas Lata and Lala sort of went back and forth over who was the chief domme, Sylvia was the sub of the three, no doubt about it—but she was a brilliant alchemist. Bobbin literally had no idea what she could be up to, and that terrified her. She could even meddle with the fey-bewares, maybe, if she really had gone rogue.

Item Two: Sylvia had gone missing after Bobbin had seen her, but before Bobbin had gotten back to... well, okay, Bobbin had been about to play a little with her, but then she'd been planning to bring her back to Senya. This had meant she'd wasted precious time looking for Sylvia in the nearby area, assuming she'd just lost sight of her. She'd assumed it was one of Sylvia's cute little games. Gods, she'd been so horny... horny and stupid. Why had she been so horny and stupid?

Item Three: Luckily, Bobbin had found two scarecrows and sent them off to fetch Jerrod, Valina, and the scarecrows. If the Thriae were rebelling, they needed all the help they could get to contain it.

Item Four: The Thriae weren't rebelling, they couldn't be rebelling. The wards on them were very strong! Trying to seduce a new Master, fine, but anything this covert and pre-arrayed? This was a masterstroke. If they were free-willed enough to plan anything like this...

Item five: Bobbin had really been very strangely horny when she'd left the house. Disoriented, even. But the Thriae couldn't have caused that, not without buzzing. And it hadn't affected Senya—he'd been horny, but anything that could make Bobbin horny would make poor Master molten beeswax in their claws. She'd have noticed. So why had Bobbin been so horny?

Item six...

"Oh! Oh, yes!"

Bobbin froze.

She was close to the wall, now, amid a large cluster of bushes and bamboo, perhaps ten minutes' walk from the hill—a quicker run, with Bobbin's legs. She was, as far as she could see, totally alone out here. The nearest other livestock cell was the spritelion pit, and even the pit was nowhere near as close as this sounded.

So where was that moaning coming from? And why did it sound so... familiar?

"Oh! Nnn! Mew!"

Bobbin froze. Was that... mewing?

Her eyes narrowed. Someone was getting denied.

Valina had always been a favorite of the Masters. She was a valuable warrior, being a trained veteran of multiple Eastern Feywilds, but she was also a catgirl, and catgirl fetishes ran in the family. Senya's great-great-great-grandfather had placed numerous triggers on her, including a truly sadistic denial trigger: If she ever sought pleasure without the Master's, stockman's or Bobbin's permission, she would be unable to come. And the longer she went without coming, the more she'd...

"Mew! MEWWWW!"

Even as her suspicions rose, Bobbin couldn't help but grin. The Kitten also had a lot of horniness-related triggers. The paper she'd given Senya didn't even list most of them—the old Master had never remembered to tell Bobbin them, so she'd worked out what she had through... trial and error. The mewing was one of the funnier ones, and it was a very unreliable trigger. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. The hornier she got, the more reliable the trigger became.

If Bobbin had to guess, Valina had been pleasuring someone else. Making other people cum made her cum, normally, but if it wasn't with permission... it would just deny her. Bobbin remembered how Senya's great-uncle had delighted in having Kitten service him for hours at a time. He would cum dozens of times in a row, but never allow her to do the same. The catgirl had always been reduced to a mewing mess by the end of things. It really was something to see.

It was then that it hit Bobbin: The bunkers!

Senya's fifth-great uncle had built quite a large number of "bedded bunkers" to enable short-notice couplings. The last two Masters hadn't used them, as they never had the patience or chivalry to move to a bed before making their pets bend over, so most of them had become quite overgrown. But Bobbin was certain there'd been one near here!

Experimentally, Bobbin stomped around a bit. She only felt moss and gravel beneath her feet, but she kept feeling her way around. After a couple minutes of mewling that was, frankly, making Bobbin incredibly horny and giving her a lot of ideas about punishments, she stomped on something hollow.

So, Valina, she thought, using her hands to rapidly unearth the trapdoor from the moss and sand and dirt, just what have you engineered today? And how badly do I want to punish you?

She'd been hearing Valine whimper and mewl and beg for permission for about two minutes now. Bobbin was pretty sure she knew how badly.

~~~~ ~~~~

Seven pulled her head back, a little line of drool connecting her plush lips to his cock. She smiled up at Jerrod, whose head was currently sinking into a drugged afterglow stupor.

He couldn't remember what he'd been so worried about. Lala and Lata wanted to fuck his brains out, to turn him into their toy, but... that kinda sounded really nice. He felt like he'd just drunk a whole barrel of the best brandy he'd ever tasted. His head was spinning, spun, sinking and dull and slow and so many other things, and all he could think about was how good Seven was at head, how good Lata would be at it.

"You want more, Master?" Seven whimpered. Jerrod shivered at the promise in her voice, soft and sweet. And being called Master. That sounded really good coming from her. The scarecrows had always taunted him, teased him with their ultimate loyalty to Bobbin. Now...

"She could be yours," Lata teased in his ear. "You would be ours, but she would be yours."

"I..." His head was so foggy. "Can't think..."

"No," she agreed with a giggle. "Because it feels too good to think, sweetie! Imagine how good it'll feel when you let me get your cock allll honeyed up."

"Bobbin... Bobbin wants..."

"Who cares what Bobbin wants?" She nibbled his ear, making him whimper softly. "She can get a new stockman! We'll make you feel soooo good." She rubbed her thigh against his leg, and he felt her tingly juices trail and drip down his leg.

"Mm..." His cock was hard, already eager for another penetration. It sounded nice indeed.

"There's just one thing we need to do first!" she said, her voice as sweet and thick as caramel. "Take off that silly amulet for me, babe."

Jerrod reached up, barely even thinking, and took the clasp.

He hesitated.

He looked down at Seven, who had begun dedicatedly licking away all the stray cum from his cock. Her tongue sent little jolts of pleasure firing through his whole body with every lick.

He looked at the new Master, now facefirst in Lala's cunt, moaning and drinking as she screamed and taunted him, degraded him. She looked down at Senya with such triumph. He knew Lata had to be looking at him that way right now. Triumph. He was her triumph.

It was like he was moving through molasses. He turned to Lata, hands on the clasp, entire body trembling with need. She beamed at him, nodding encouragingly. Good boy, those eyes whispered, so full of delight and... triumph. Her lips turned upward in a smirk. You're my toy now!

This amulet stood between him and perfect pleasure, perfect submission. Her lips were made to suck—he knew how good it would feel to give in, but somehow knew it would be even better when she went down on him. When she claimed his cock within those pillowy, cocksucking lips.

And then he would be hers.

He reached down, eyes dreamy and distant, and grasped her hips. She blinked, eyelashes fluttering. Her lips parted in slight surprise.

In one, swift motion, he picked her up and impaled her on his shaft.

Her eyes widened. "Oh!' she screamed. "F-fuck!"

Growling, he turned back, still holding her up by her wide hips, and steered her toward the bed. Lata could do nothing but bubble and squeal, so patient had she been, so pent-up was her lust.

Lala was still clutching Senya's head between her legs when she looked up in surprise. "Lata, honey," she said in surprise and annoyance, "can't m-my silly slut even—"

Jerrod pushed Lata onto the bed and crashed down into her, shoving Lala off of Senya in the process. His arm stretched out, holding Lala down momentarily as he rose up and drilled back down into Lata. She squealed again, louder. His cock throbbed, already ready to disgorge its payload.

As Lala started to struggle, he quickly moved his hand over—and beckoned. "S-Seven!" he gasped. "Lickytimes!"

Lala's eyes widened, and she shoved his arm away. "Oh, no you—"

"Ooh, yes!" Seven bounded onto the bed. The scarecrow was totally naked now, exposing her ridiculously petite build and abnormally large, flawless breasts. Her eyes were wide as she tackled the prone Lala. Lala struggled, but Seven held her down easily, almost casually. She took a moment to coo over her prize, studying the pussy, studying Lala's beautiful golden eyes... then flipped around, so her thighs were wrapped around Lala's head, and descended on Lala's dripping pussy.

"N—oh!" Lala started to squirm, but Seven was a generous lover. Jerrod couldn't tell if her squirms were struggles to escape or simple pleasured wriggling—and it didn't matter, because her fey instincts were already kicking in, guiding her to lick. "Oh, mmf! Mmf! Mmmm..."

As the scarecrow and Thriae cried out in unison, Jerrod rammed down, rose up, and down again. He seized Lata's breasts roughly, gasping for breath. "You like that?" he moaned. "Th-this enough for you?"

"Yes!" Lata whimpered, writhing in his grasp. "Th-this'll do!"

She tried to reach up, tried to kiss him, but he wouldn't let her. Not this time. He just drilled into her, desperate to fill her, to overwhelm her, to... satisfy her. His mind was emptying again. Only one singular urge remained. He gazed into her shimmering, almost tearful golden eyes, and was lost.

And as she came around him, and he came into her, his mind went blank with pleasure.

And as she was filled, he was emptied.


"Really, you're both very lucky you still have brains at all."

Bobbin swayed her hips slightly as she walked over to where Senya lay on... his bed.

No, not his bed. Senya blinked blearily as reality came trickling back to him. He did not know this bed. His puppies weren't here. It felt... wrong waking up without them. Like he was breaking the rules. Abandoning them. He looked around, immediately on-edge.

He was in a bed, alright—a fancy king-sized bed, in fact. Bobbin's pert ass was planted on the bedpost. They were in... some sort of cellar, it looked like, with rough stone walls, a ceiling of high-quality hardwood, a ladder in the corner leading up to a trapdoor, and a pretty green stained glass window that filtered all the light in the room to a greenish hue. In this light, with her green eyes glittering, Bobbin looked more fey than ever before. She was dressed very simply—white underwear and a white bra, revealing fluffy-looking tufts of blonde fur around her breasts. And she just sat there and watched him.

The house fey stroked a sideburn thoughtfully. "How do you feel, Master?"

"How do I feel?" Senya sat up, frowning at her. "I feel like... like I just slept for eight hours." He shrugged, despite his lingering unease at his puppyless state. "I feel fine, I guess."

"Mm. Not quite." Bobbin smirked. "Only two."

"What... what happened?" He rubbed his forehead. This wasn't morning. Something was off. What was he forgetting? He remembered watching the beembos, taking tea with Lala and Lata, and then... oh.

"How much do you remember?"

"I... I remember meeting the Thriae. Lala and Lata."

"Ah, they got you to come up with that nickname, too, then." Bobbin chuckled, hopping off the bedpost. "They like to make their lovers think those nicknames were made up by them, but in truth, it's what they go by with everyone. Fake intimacy. They're good at faking intimacy."

"W-what?" Senya clutched his head. He remembered drinking. They'd tricked him—no hypnosis, just... just sleight of hand. While he'd been staring at Lala's fucking boobs. Stupid.

"How do you feel, Master?" Bobbin raised an eyebrow. "Hungry?"

"I..." Senya licked his lips. The moment he tried to think about eating, the distant memory of mead filled his mind. He licked his lips again, still tasting some of the residue. Molten gold. Spicy, sweet, gooey. Melting on the tongue like butter... drowning in it... licking it off a pussy, suckling it from a nipple, kissing Lata, begging to immerse his cock in it...

"I thought so." Bobbin pursed her lips. "Stop stroking yourself, Master."

Senya gave a start. He hadn't realized he'd even started masturbating beneath the quilt. The lust had risen to the forefront of his mind and just as quickly consumed it in need. He licked his lips again. "H-hungry," he croaked. "Thirsty. But... but I, um..."

"Second stage addiction." Bobbin sighed. "I'd hoped to avoid this. I'd really hoped it was first stage."

"First... what?" Senya stared at her, his mind racing to recall what he knew about Thriae. "Wait. Honey addiction; I know this. First stage is wanting more honey. Second stage is... is full obedience, isn't it?"

"Not quite, but close." Bobbin walked over and sat down on the bed next to him. Senya felt himself harden slightly at her proximity—especially since she was barely dressed. Then, to his surprise, she put a hand on his shoulder and fixed him with a look that was... hard to place. "Many don't know this, but I am not many. There are four stages to mead addiction, not three. You are locked into the second: Subliminal submission. 'Subsub', the Thriae call it. Bitches."

He swallowed. Licked his lips again. "Can we... is there..."

"No, Master. No cure. I'm sure you know how it works, you're a clever boy." Bobbin rolled her eyes. "Rest assured, Jerrod and I will never leave you alone with them again. He was lucky to get away with only the first stage, which he already had, anyways. Dumbass." She squeezed his shoulder. "But until you get that amulet, frankly, I don't want you anywhere near their house. Which is why it's even more important you not think about the beembos."


"Those six are vipers, Senya." Bobbin snorted. "It's how beembos work. They will poison your brain and make you long to return to them. And they are too close to the Thriae for my liking—geographically-speaking, I mean. So answer me honestly:" She leaned in, her voice lowering to a husky whisper. "Did you dream about them?"

Senya understood that this was important, so he tried very hard. He thought carefully. Sifted through shadows. Finally, he shook his head. "Sorry. I don't remember my dreams."

"Hm. Well, I'll see if I can't help mitigate some of this. Stay sensible about things." Bobbin seemed to be talking to herself. "No use in you having... bad memories about today. We'll have to make sure... make sure this day went well."


Bobbin bit her lip. "Let me be clear, Master: This isn't your fault. Someone tried very hard to break you today, Master. A few more minutes, and you'd have been in the Third Stage."

"What would have happened then? To Ambrosia Ranch, I mean?"

Bobbin looked at him a moment, then took his hand and led him out of the bed and towards the ladder. "With a Master incapable of resisting his charges, we'd... well, you have no viable heirs, correct?"

"Um, that's right." He cracked a smile. "As far as I know."

"I know you're probably kidding, Master, but any such indiscretions would actually be really helpful to us. Are you sure?"

"No, I'm sure." Senya shook his head. "I've had a total of two sexual relationships with humans. One was with a guy, and the other... well, we were careful. Trust me. I don't have any kids." He paused. "Wait, if I did, would you have just..."

"If you were in Stage Three addiction?" Bobbin turned to look at him, her eyes suddenly impossibly old. She sucked in a deep breath through her sharp teeth. "We would do what needed to be done to save the Ranch. Master, this place is important. Your great-uncle saw that. So do you, I think."

Senya shifted uncomfortably beneath that stare.

Bobbin cleared her throat. "Anyways, what matters is you remain relatively free." She started climbing up the ladder, giving Senya a good view of her lithe physique as she ascended above him. He tried not to look, but he was still wound up. "And we need to get back to work."

As he climbed after her, carefully eying the ladder rungs, Senya coughed. "So... did someone set this up on purpose?"

"Oh, yes." Bobbin's voice was unsettlingly nonchalant as she pushed open the trapdoor "This was engineered, all of it. Even the Thriae were being played. A powerful magical field was in that cottage that targeted my spirit. I'm pretty resistant, obviously—" She pulled herself up and offered her hand to Senya to help him out as well. "But it made me just horny enough to get caught up looking for Sylvia. I never would have left you alone otherwise. I was just... well, you know how it can get. Lust makes sport of us all, be we fey, mortal or demon."

Senya climbed out on his own, ignoring Bobbin's hand, and found himself in a densely-packed area of green brush and bamboo. The sun was still out. He realized he could hear gasps and moans from nearby, and frowned.

"So who placed that... field?" he asked Bobbin.

Bobbin only smiled and beckoned, pushing some branches aside and gesturing for him to walk ahead of her.

Senya exited the area of brush and saw Jerrod. The brawny man was leaned over, arms wrapped around a nubile female form. Before Senya's eyes, Jerrod pounded in, pulled out with a grunt, and pounded in again. His virility was impressive, considering how fiercely he'd satisfied Lata earlier.

Senya somehow knew what he would see before he even looked around, but he stepped to the side to get a better look anyways.

Sure enough, it was Valina. The black-haired catgirl's ears were flattened against her hair, and her eyes were closed in flushed lust as she stood on all fours and took Jerrod's girth. She was mewling with pleasure—no, she was mewing, like a kitten. Senya stared, stunned.

But there was something else. Senya heard Jerrod muttering something under his breath, and strained his ears to hear.

"Don't come," he heard Jerrod whispering. "Don't come. Don't come. Don't you come!"

And Senya realized that Valina was not just mewling with pleasure. She was mewling with need, with denial, with torment. Somehow, she was being subjected to massive erotic sensation and not being allowed to cum, being kept at the very precipice.

Bobbin came up behind him gave his ass a little squeeze "It's okay to get hard from this, you know," she whispered in his ear. "She was a very bad girl." At these words, Senya saw Valina shudder slightly. So those triggers still applied, even now.

"This was her doing?" he whispered back. It felt strange to stare at Valina as she was 'punished', but he found he really couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Mm." Bobbin wrapped an arm around him, pulling him close. Her body was quite hot. Senya realized then that the hob was extremely turned on right now. "She's a pretty gifted mage. Illusions, sensory magic... It wasn't hard to leave a field, then seduce Sylvia away from the cottage. Especially since she's pretty fucking sexy, huh?"

"Uh, yeah." Senya swallowed. "So... are you gonna let her cum eventually, or..."

"Oh, yeah." Bobbin was practically moaning in his ear now. "That's the best way to reinforce the conditioning." She placed long, soft kisses on his neck. Senya realized with a flash of nervousness that he was being seduced. "We've been building her up for the last two hours. Poor Jerrod needed me to substitute for him every now and then—he does get tired, the poor dear—but don't worry. She's gonna come very soon. And when she does, she should go right back to being our obedient little Kitten!" She giggled. "You can play with her all you like then." She gave his neck several little licks. Kittenish licks. She made her voice very small. "Or maybe... we can share her?"

"Uh..." Senya was practically melting into Bobbin's arms. "M-maybe..."

Bobbin paused in her licks. "Maybe?"

Senya felt his face heating up. "I... I mean..."

Bobbin took his face in her hands—rough hands, but with a tenderness to their touches that surprised Senya—and had him turn to look into her bright green eyes. "You... aren't into this, are you?" She gestured to Valina. "Her getting punished, I mean. You aren't nearly as hard as you got watching the beembos."

Senya bit his lip, unsure how to respond. It was a deeply personal question, and Bobbin was being... well, deeply personal right now. Once again, he was getting the weird that this was not how employees normally treated their employees.. "I mean... it's hot, sure."

"Damn right it is," Bobbin purred. "Little slut." She stooped slightly, beaming up at him. "Don't you love that? The idea of your own personal whore?" She reached down, and he realized she was reaching down into her pants and stroking herself, right in front of him. Her voice turned husky. "You realize you could have me do anything, right? An-y-thing. And I want you to. You could make me your little pet slut. Make me your kitten. All you have to do is give the order."

Senya's heart was pounding. In the background, muted by the heartbeats, he could hear Valina's mews heightening, hear Jerrod's grunts and moans speeding up slightly. "I..."

Bobbin put her hands up in the air like paws, as if begging. Her voice was small and kittenish. "Please, Master? Please make your slutty house fey your slutty little pet? All you have to do is give the order." She moaned out the words. "Don't you want to give the orders? Make me drop to my knees? I can do so much for you, Master. I'm such a good slut for my Masters."

Senya was trembling. He stared down at her, practically kneeling him, her big, orange eyes half-lidded with arousal, her fingers toying beneath her panties, the slickness evident on her hands. Take me, her eyes whispered. Use me. "Um..."

Bobbin stared at him a long moment.

At long last, she sighed, straightening. "I thought so. You... you don't like controlling as much, do you?"

It took Senya a moment to realize he was running out of air, and then he let out the breath he'd been holding and took in another. He bit his lip. "N-not... not really, I guess? I mean..." He searched for the words. "I did, once. I mean, I used to not really care. But... lately, I guess. I've never..." Never been dominated like this, a small, sibilant voice whispered in his mind. Never had my mind stolen from me. Never been made to submit to creatures like this.

"You enjoy the submission." Bobbin pouted slightly. Valina's mews started to get higher-pitched behind them; Jerrod was building toward the finish, it seemed. "We've never had a Master like that. Your great-uncle loved to bend me over his knee and..." She shrugged. "Well, you don't want the details."

Senya gave a nervous laugh. Her arm was still around him. He was still very close to her hot body. He could still smell her arousal. "Right."

"Mind you, it's not all bad." Bobbin gave a fierce grin. "I'm good either way, you see. And..." She reached down and ran her fingers over his cock—possessively, this time, teasing his sensitive head. He flinched reflexively. "... There might be some benefits to a Master who likes to... kneel."

Senya felt himself sinking into the grass. He stared up at Bobbin, who smiled kindly down at him. "Not to fret, Master." She winked. "I'm just helping... relieve some tension. All I want is to make you happy."

She slowly pulled down her panties. Senya leaned in unthinkingly, inhaling her musky scent. "So I can indulge you a little," she panted. Gods, she was wet. "We'll see... see if we can make this work. Lick, boy."

Senya leaned in and started to lick. As he did, she started to gasp. "Good boy. G-good boy! Good boy!"

He licked mindlessly, whimpering at the praise. She tasted good—bitter and spicy, almost like hazelnuts. His mind was abuzz with strange tingles, and gods, it felt so good to be a—

"G-good little toy!" Bobbin cried. She bucked against his tongue as he lapped over her clit. "Oh, fuck!" She clutched his head, moaning louder. "Fuck! Mm! Oh! Yes! Yes!

Nearby, he heard Valina starting to scream, losing the capacity even to mew as Jerrod fucked her past her breaking point. And then, suddenly, Bobbin issued a single command:


Ungodly pleasure swept through his whole mind, washing it clean like ocean tides. Nearby, Valina's squeals added to his own as she, too, hit a climax like no other, a climax to shatter minds. And all he could see was Bobbin, gorgeous, wonderful Bobbin, smiling down at him. "Forget," she cooed. "Forget and sleep for me, baby. Forget it all..."

"Sure that's necessary?" he heard Jerrod grunt.

"Mmm... yes. For now." Bobbin stooped to eye level, smiling at Senya. Her fingers found his cock and began to stroke him, stoking the fires of his lust, scattering any resistance he might have managed. His head spun as his mind sank into her pretty green eyes. "For now, Senya, you must forget what happened here, what happened on the hill. Sleep, Senya. Sleep for Bobbin." As she stroked him, she leaned on for one final kiss. "Let me wipe it all away," she whispered.


Valina the catgirl watched from nearby as Master's mind was wiped clean of errant thought. Despite her state, lying in the grass, panting for breath from a mind-ending orgasm, she gave a weak smile. "Nn."

The breeding had stripped away much of her will to fight once more. She felt the triggers working, telling her to be calm, be happy, be Kitten once more. The collar made her head tingle with blissful dreams, and knew it would soon lull her into a pleasant, trancing slumber. When she awoke, she would be Kitten, and she would be a good slut, and that would be all that mattered.

But those triggers could only last so long, with the Master still unestablished. Until his position was finalized, they would be fragile. Bendable. Just like Sylvia had been, she thought with a grin.

And in the meantime...

Valina licked her lips, eyes half-closing, and purred.

What Master didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

In fact, she planned to make sure it would do the very exact opposite.

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