Intrepid Pawns

Chapter 2

by GigglingGoblin

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The humans called it ‘the Crags’. The elves called it ‘Waking Dream’ (translated from that strange, apostrophe-filled language that even they scarcely understood). Precious few of either kind called it home. The cold, rocky desert was an ugly bed of old cairns and entombed memories, and nobody was much inclined to dwell on what was past. Here rested the idols and ruins of dead gods, left to lie and rot and crumble. It forced those who walked through it to contemplate what once was—and to recall what had been lost.

Also, the place was really fucking creepy.

But the six giggling Thriae that zoomed through it now weren’t thinking about any of that. The wasp-waisted blond fey had much more exciting things on their minds: Like the four fetching prisoners they’d just captured.

Two of the semi-conscious humans were each being carried between a pair of the Thriae’s pony-sized bee mounts. The third was very slight of build, luckily, so she could be dangled from the fifth bee’s harness. The fourth human, however, was quite heavy. He was floating amid clouds of blueish vapor, tied to one bee’s harness by a crude leash to keep him trailing behind.

Thanks to one of the mounts dying in the fight, arrangements for transport had been somewhat awkward. It was also forcing a certain degree of closeness between the riders themselves—particularly their leader and her right-hand woman, who were stuck sharing a single bee.

The Thriae were enjoying this immensely.

Tsimpi moaned, clutching at the bristly hairs of her mount to keep from slipping out of her saddle. “Ooh, yes.” She leaned back, just barely not falling off. “More! More!

Between her legs was the troop’s red-faced ‘leader’, furiously licking away. Her blond curls were a mess of sticky ‘mead’, but she had no ability to stop herself at this point. Tsimpi couldn’t help but giggle at the lust-filled look in her eyes. Kentri controlled the patrol, but she controlled Kentri. Always. “Good girl! Keep it up!”

Kentri pulled up, gasping for breath. The bee beneath them buzzed irritably, struggling to accommodate two riders who refused to stay in the saddle. “Tsimpi—w-we should—”

Tsimpi raised her toes and wiggled them expectantly.

Kentri looked between the toes and Tsimpi’s grinning face. She licked her honey-covered lips, then took one of the feet and started delicately sucking the toes.

Tsimpi moaned, again tugging at the hairs. “Oh, yeah. Yeah, th-that’s—oh! That tickles! Hee!” She bounced up and down in the saddle, rubbing her already wet pussy against the phallic saddle pommel. “Oh—oh—kiss me, kiss m—”

Kentri obediently lowered the foot and grabbed Tsimpi, kissing her lips, kissing her neck and eyelids, and then surging into her mouth with her tongue. Tsimpi moaned into the kiss, releasing her hold on the bristles to grab Kentri around her little waist and pull her close, taking charge. She thrust in with her own tongue, tittering with delight as Kentri started moaning uncontrollably.

The bee gave a jolt. Tsimpi was bounced up roughly, then forced down almost right into the pommel. Onto the pommel.

Her eyes widened. She felt the sensation rising and couldn’t even try to fight it. Her body started to tremble. “Mm—mm—MMMMM!

She shook in Kentri’s grip as the orgasm claimed her body. Kentri was crying out, too, though Tsimpi knew she hadn’t come yet.

As the pleasure began to ebb, Tsimpi pulled away, smiled, and kissed Kentri on the cheek. “Thanks, Wise and Powerful Leader. I’m like putty in your strong, sexy claws. Rawr!”

Kentri blinked, clearly a bit dazed. She looked down, as did Tsimpi, noting Kentri’s own small pool of juices.

Tsimpi giggled, feigning embarrassment. “Oops! Did I do that?”

“I...” Kentri swallowed.

“What’s that?” Tsimpi crossed her arms over her barely-armored chest. She beamed indulgently, enjoying watching Tsimpi squirm. Literally.

“I...” Kentri gave a whimper. “P-please, I need—”

“We’re here!” sang one of the girls behind them. “Ytheri’s lair, we are here!” She paused. “Ooh, that rhymed!”

A part of Tsimpi was disappointed. She’d looked forward to letting her ‘leader’ stammer and stutter over the plea. But she knew she wouldn’t trade that horrified look on Kentri’s cute face for anything.

“O-oh.” Kentri swallowed again, awkwardly trying to turn in her saddle. “Land, everyone. Bring the lieutenant down.”

“You heard her, ladies!” Tsimpi called, giving Kentri a wide smirk. “Go down!”

Kentri awkwardly grasped the pommel of the saddle and, ignoring the wetness, guided the bee downwards.

* * *

Okino—once lieutenant, once the pride of the city guard, now little but a slave to lust—fell to the ground with an “oof”. Dust rose around him, temporarily obscuring his vision. He squinted, getting to his hands and knees.

A hand rested firmly on his shoulder. “That’s high enough, darling,” said one of the Thriae.

It wasn’t Tsimpi, but he didn’t care about that anymore. He smelled the honey on her hand and that was enough for him to obey. He didn’t try to stand.

As the dust settled, he looked up and saw his team. Brist and Ia lay on top of each other, both totally naked. The skinny wizard was whispering something in his sleep, his cock twitching. Ia, on the other hand, was totally still. Her wild hair covered her face like a pitch-black briar patch. And Yathi—sweet, beautiful Yathi—lay on her back nearby. She was also asleep, but even so, one of her fingers was idly petting one breast. The Thriae had taken special interest in the nubile team scout, and Okino knew she especially had been forced to drink much of their special mead. Her skintight leather armor had clearly been removed earlier and clumsily replaced. Evidently the fey thought Yathi looked just as good in that suit as Okino did.

Okino knew he should feel overwhelmed by guilt. Knew he should be upset, outraged. He had led them here. Let them get ambushed. And now they were all doomed.

Instead, he found himself fantasizing about Yathi’s honey-covered thighs draped around his head.

“Come on, ‘lieutenant’!” he heard Kentri calling. “Follow mistresses. Good boy.”

He was already following, crawling on his hands and knees. He knew he should feel ashamed, but it felt so good to obey. How could he even try to fight so much pleasure? He hurried to Kentri’s side, breathing deep of that sweet aroma that made his head spin with every sniff.

They walked for some ways. One Thriae guard, Kentri, and himself. He found after a while that time and distance were sort of blurring together. All that mattered were the gorgeous fey alongside him. All that mattered was obeying, and pleasing them, and smelling and breathing and tasting that wonderful, wonderful honey.

“Stop,” Kentri said. He halted and turned to look up at her. She smiled sweetly down at him. “You’ve been such a good boy, haven’t you?” His cock twitched at the praise. She smirked. “You’ve learned a lot today, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry.” Kentri cupped her ear. “What was that?”

“Humans are stupid and need to serve,” he said, louder. He shivered at the happy smile that formed on her perfect face at these words. “Fey are smarter and better. Humans just need to let fey fuck them. Humans are too stupid to control their lust otherwise.”

Kentri leaned down, taking his chin gently. “Good boy,” she said quietly. “What a good, dumb, horny human. I think you deserve a reward.”

“Oh, please, Mistress...”

Kentri glanced back at the other guard. “Not a word to Tsimpi.”

The guard smirked, zipped her lips, and nodded. She leaned against the wall and began stroking herself, watching unashamedly.

Okino spared her no mind as Kentri led him to the opposite wall. He pressed her against it with both arms. She moaned. “Oh, yeah. Yeah. Do it.”

He leaned close, sniffing hungrily. The honey’s wonderful smell was overpowering. He leaned closer.

Kentri shook in his hands. “J-just do it!” she gasped. “Lick me. Lick me, slave!”

He pressed his nose against her moist cunt, smelled once more—and he could resist no longer. He opened his mouth and began licking. She was already wet. So, so wet. And the honey was so sweet and delicious. It tasted like sex, like pleasure, like Kentri. He moaned against her, licking inside her slit, tonguing her clitoris, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, making her wetter and stickier with each flick of the tongue—and lapping over her pussy each time until it was clean. He swallowed the honey, feeling the tingling sensation the delectable nectar always brought him, and moaned. Surely, this could only be humanity’s original purpose.

He kept licking for what felt like only seconds but must have been at least a minute. Kentri had held up well, but now her knees were at last starting to buckle. She was gasping and moaning loud enough to ring in his ears, totally beyond words. Just clutching his hair in her sweaty hands and pressing him deeper, deeper, deeper—”

“A-hem,” said a voice.


“Hee.” The voice came closer. “Kentri, you’re such a little slut. Letting the human fuck you like this? If you’re such a bimbo, our wise and strong-willed leader, just imagine how hot we must be. You horny bimbo. You whining slut.”


“And you’re looking forward to coming, aren’t you?” the voice went on, taking on a velvety tone.


“Slave,” his mistress said, “Stop licking that whore.”

Okino didn’t even hesitate. He pulled back, licking his lips. He beamed stupidly up at Tsimpi, who smiled indulgently down at him. “Good boy. Go sit over there and don’t move at all.” She pointed.

Okino obeyed.

He sat facing away from Tsimpi and Kentri, but even in his lusty haze, he could make out arguing. Or... mockery, answered by desperate apologies and begging from Kentri. Except Tsimpi seemed to be totally subservient to Tsimpi. Everything she said was, anyway.

“...and I’m—teehee—totally sure you were just testing him out, Brilliant Leader.”

“I...I was, Tsimpi. Please. I’m sorry. But please...”

Next to Okino, the heart-shaped face of the Thriae guard came into his field of vision. She gave him a sultry smile, her fingers dancing down to his bare crotch.

He looked at her, eyes wide. She giggled. Held in her hand was a long feather.

“Oh, don’t apologize to me, Brilliant, Smart, Totally-In-Charge Leader. You know I’m in awe of your great leadership skills.”

“Oh...oh...please, please, Tsimpi, don’t pinch me there, pleeeeEEEASE...”

He bit his lip as the feather began to tickle his thigh. The Thriae kept giggling as the feather started moving upwards towards his balls. He started to shake. He tried to hold his breath. He bit his lip. Anything to keep the laughter in.

The feather brushed the bottom of his testicles. He let out a tiny whimper, and her grin widened. Her other hand began to creep down his neck and shoulders, crawling like a spider. She delighted in his barely-restrained squirming.

“Oh, I’m sorry, leader. I know you know best. Would you rather I pinch”

“No. No!” A moment later, in a smaller voice, “Yes. Oh yes.

“Well, which is it? Oh, dear me, I’m just so dweadfuwwy confused. I’m just a dumb bimbo. I don’t know what my bwave mistwess wants...”

The Thriae started tickling under his armpit as the feather started brushing alongside his cock. He couldn’t help himself. A quiet moan escaped. The guard’s eyes lit up. She leaned closer, letting him smell her as she redoubled her efforts. He was actively wriggling now, unable to stop from flinching as she mercilessly attacked his sensitive body.

“Oh, please, not that voice...”

“I’ll just have to do both at once!” Tsimpi sang.


The Thriae paused her attentions, watching over Okino’s shoulder. She looked back at him, eyebrows waggling. He heard squishy, slurping sounds from behind him.

And as the Thriae turned back to him, Okino saw something over the guard’s shoulder.

A tall woman, with flowing black hair, lush, moss-green lips, and skin even darker than Brist’s sauntered towards them in a conservative silver dress. Her eyes glimmered, but he couldn’t see the real color. Little shapes and flecks swirled around in front of them like tiny auroras.

She stopped walking and looked down at him, eyebrows arched. He looked up at her in a silent plea as the Thriae’s feather began to tickle towards the head.

She tsk’d, raising a finger and pointing it at the guard. She twirled it.

Instantly, the Thriae went still. Jerkily, almost mechanically, the feather lifted up and was dropped on the ground. Okino contained a relieved sigh. But the Thriae’s eyes were wide in confusion, her lips pouted and eyes straining to see what was behind her.

“How uncivil,” Ytheri sniffed. And Okino instantly knew that that was her name. What else could it possibly be? His cock throbbed as he made eye contact with Ytheri and she grinned at him. “Their toxins have certainly done a number on you.”

She twirled the finger further. With a yelp, the Thriae fell on her ass and landed belly-up. Her legs and arms spread.

In the same instant, Okino sprang up on his hands and knees and crawled quickly over to her. At first, he wasn’t sure why, but his lust only grew as he approached. He looked at the Thriae’s cunt and gasped—it felt as if a phantom hand had stroked smoothly along his shaft.

“Good,” Ytheri said, giggling. “Now.”

He knew what she wanted, and he wanted it too. He’d wanted it ever since setting eyes on this guard—since setting eyes on any Thriae. He crawled over her, ignoring her moans and whines of discomfort, and plunged his cock deep into her slick cunt.

Instantly, her moans and whines took on a different chord. And then they began to earnestly speed up. The Thriae stared at him, her golden eyes framed perfectly by her golden hair. He grabbed her by that hair, again heedless of her grunts as she feebly struggled against Ytheri’s magic—but no one could fight Ytheri, no one wanted to fight Ytheri—and took her into his mouth.

The honey poured into his mouth as he kissed her, and the guard instantly stopped struggling. One of her arms instead swung around, holding his head against hers as she started kissing back in earnest.

“My, my,” said Ytheri dryly. “This little slut thinks she’s clever.”

The guard giggled at this as she started bucking her hips upwards. She was so wet—so tight—Okino moaned, but kept pounding into her.

“She thinks she can poison you into submission,” Ytheri hissed, and now Okino realized she was crouched beside him. He slammed into the Thriae, eliciting a cry of glee. “But you’re mine right now. More poison just makes you more compliant to me.”

The Thriae must have heard this, because she let out a confused “Mm?” and started struggling again. But it was slower, now. Weaker. And her hips were still bucking, seemingly against her own will.

“Suck on her breasts,” Ytheri whispered. “I want to hear what she’s saying.”

Okino broke the kiss and trailed down to obey Ytheri. He began by licking one nipple.

“Oh! No, stop thi—ooh!” He switched to the other nipple. “Aah! Heehee! Oh, yes, but no, stop that! Do what I say! Obey mEEEE!” He gave the first a little nibble. “Oh, you bad boy. I’m gonna punish you when—ooh, yes, yes—when I’m free. Make! Fuck my brains out!” He began sucking on one, and the sweet honey came out, causing him to suck even harder. “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck yes, just like that, good b—no, I’m in control, stop it, oh, please, never stop it...”

The Thriae’s struggles began to slow, but her moans of protest didn’t. Ytheri sounded amused by them, and so this made Okino happy. He sucked eagerly. Drinking more would make him more compliant to Ytheri. And that would make her happy. Obedience meant pleasure.

“Mm...ooh! Fucky fucky yes! Hell yes, just, like, fuck that...that, uh...PUSSY! Pussy, cunt, hee, I forgot the—ohhhh yes keep sucking...” He pounded into her. “Oh, gods, yes, I’m yours, whatever, just don’t fucking stop I need it I need your cock I NEED it OOH FUCK MEEEEEE—”

Her whines at last devolved into squeals of glee as she came against him. And then he was coming, finally, finally, and cries of pure ecstasy escaped him. But he didn’t stop sucking. He just kept switching, back and forth, raising up and pounding into her, forcing her to keep crying out in those beautiful nonsense words of hers.

At last, though, they stopped. Because Ytheri willed it, he knew. He climbed off of the breathless Thriae. He himself was almost totally spent, but Ytheri wanted him on his knees looking at her.

The sorceress smiled down at him. “Isn’t that better?” she cooed.

He felt the Thriae shifting beside him. Her hand was slowly stroking his hard member. She was staring at it with a look of dazed reverence. “Y-yes,” he said.

“Look around you. Both of you.” The Thriae and he stopped looking at their assigned targets and did as instructed.

They were alone in the rocky desert. Fog swirled by—harmless stuff, not that it mattered after all he’d breathed earlier.

“They left you for me,” Ytheri said happily. “A present. Those Thriae, always leaving me such delicious treats.”

“Oh...” the Thriae breathed. “Fuck. I’m in sooooo much trouble.”

“Don’t speak,” Ytheri said, waving a hand. The Thriae closed her mouth and imediately looked confused at why she’d done so. Ytheri bowed down, stroking the fey’s hair. “Good girl! Isn’t that so much better?”

“Nnn,” the Thriae moaned. It looked as if her own head was suddenly an erogenous zone for her—or, perhaps, any part of her body that Ytheri touched was.

“I thought so,” Ytheri said silkily. “Now...” She put a finger to her lips, pouting slightly. “What to do with my tasty treats?”

She seemed to think for a moment before snapping her fingers. “Ooh! I’ve got it!”

She smiled as Okino and the Thriae slumped to the ground, both unconscious. The sand and pebbles beneath them began to slide, carrying them like a river of earth as she pointed towards a growing “whirlpool” in the sand and rock. They slipped down and instantly sank out of sight.

“I know I shouldn’t indulge myself so,” she said, sighing, “but I really can’t help myself. So much fun having these Thriae around.”

Eyes glimmering red, Ytheri jumped down after.

* * *

Tsimpi dragged Kentri along by the groin, her two hooked fingers gently directing her “commanding officer” along. She was trying to stop from giggling madly, but every time she looked back at Kentri’s whimpering face, at those sad puppydog eyes, she just burst out laughing again. Not even the loss of a guard to Ytheri could dull her spirits right now.

“Cheer up, ma’am,” she bubbled, leaning back and brushing her lips across Kentri’s neck. She felt her fellow fey shiver beneath her. “When we get back, we’ll...reward you.” Her eyes sparkled dangerously.

Kentri seemed to get the gist, because her eyes widened. She leaned against Tsimpi’s chest, whimpering. “Oh, no. N-no, Tsimpi, please, no more triggers...” She moaned as Tsimpi waggled the two fingers slightly.

“Oh, we’ll make the hot one lick you out, Kentri. Lick you like a tasty sweet, ’til you can’t even tell which way’s up or down.” She leaned close again, running her tongue along Kentri’s cheek and tasting the sweet perspiration. “And then, while your brains are being so fucked up you don’t even remember that you’re of course in charge and I’m your doting subordinate...” Her fingers spun a little, rubbing against Kentri’s clit. Kentri cried out. “Maybe I’ll leave some...suggestions.”

“B-but Kentri, you promised...” Kentri gasped as the fingers twirled again. “y-you promised, no more...”

“Did I?” Tsimpi arched her eyebrows. “Seeing you this hot and sexy and dominant must have scattered my memory, Fearless Leader. You know how silly and slutty I can be. No mind except downstairs. Mm.” She took out the fingers and raised them tauntingly in front of Kentri’s eyes. “What a shame.”

Kentri stared at the fingers, still dripping with juices. To her credit, she was still fighting it. Tsimpi marveled at their leader’s endurance—deep down, some part of her knew what Tsimpi was doing, knew she didn’t want it. But Tsimpi always won out. Already, Kentri was leaning forward slightly, her mouth just barely open in that adorable inviting ‘o’ Tsimpi had grown so used to seeing.

Tsimpi raised her knee between Kentri’s legs, allowing her fellow Thriae to start humping away, and beamed at her. “But it’s so hard for me to remember, isn’t it, when I’m soooo slutty, and soooo horny. Isn’t it, Kentri?”

Kentri’s mouth settled at the base of Tsimpi’s mead-covered index finger. Her eyes looked imploringly at Tsimpi. She was begging for mercy, and also for something else. Tsimpi nodded. Gave permission.

Kentri slowly started to suck and lick, gasping and sighing as Tsimpi’s leg started to shift slightly against her.

“And surely you wouldn’t mind a few little ideas,” Tsimpi hissed. “Just a few tasty notions.” She pulled the finger away slightly, forcing Kentri to lean in after it. “Suggestions. They’ll take the burden off, make your job soooo much easier. Doesn’t that sound so niiice? It’s so nice of me, isn’t it?”

“Mm...nnnnn...” Kentri couldn’t really respond. She was licking too hungrily, leaning over further and further to reach. She was actually close to losing her balance, since her hands were occupied touching her own breasts, pinching her nipples, tickling beneath them. Tsimpi giggled as she kept gradually withdrawing her hand, looking forward to Kentri spilling right into her arms. What a treat this always—

Kentri went still.

Tsimpi frowned. Was Kentri fighting it that well? Impossible. “Uh, Kentri?”

“Tsimpi,” Kentri mouthed, still in a daze but now looking quite shocked. And Tsimpi realized that something had knocked her out of trance. “Tsimpi...”

Tsimpi turned to where they’d left the other guards.

“Oh, mother-fucking-fucker.”

* * *

Brist’s eyes fluttered open. The young wizard shifted uncomfortably. He was looking down at the sand. It felt like there was a heavy weight of some kind on his back, pressing him into some rather jagged stones.

For some reason, he was naked. He tried to get up, but the weight on top of him felt utterly crushing. Where was he? And why was his penis so—

He instantly remembered. Remembered everything. The mission. Brash Lieutenant Okino, leading them on a high-stakes mission against the Thriae. Ia’s annoying yelling and ‘pranking’. The Crags. The Thriae ambush. The...battle.

He grimaced. They had lost that fight. Badly. And though they hadn’t done much with him while he was conscious—someone had knocked him over the head during the skirmish—he could still taste something sweet on his tongue.

The meadbrewers had got him. He’d drank of their poison. Already, he could feel the horrid lust within him. That probably explained the dreams he’d been having. Which was good, because while thinking about any of his coworkers in such a fashion would be inappropriate...

He stopped the train of thought right there. He did not want to think about that dream. His cock was already aching for more physical pleasures.

Though on that note, it occurred to him that he probably knew who was on top of him.

“Ia,” he hissed. “Ia!”

“Ooh, lookee here.” He felt slender fingers wrapping around his wrist. He craned his neck around to see a pair of well-toned nude legs. Their owner was currently kneeling, though despite his subconscious efforts he couldn’t quite make out anything past the thighs. “Our little sorcerer’s up, is he?”

“He’s been up for the last few hours,” said a similar voice, laughing. “Get it? ’Cause of that big dick of his!”

“Normal-sized, technically,” said the first voice disinterestedly. “The honey gets ’em extra horny for us, remember?”

“Hee! ‘Member’!” The third voice was slightly higher-pitched than the others, but otherwise identical.

“Yes, Kifina.” The first voice sounded a little bit annoyed, though mostly amused. “I liked honey-horny better, myself.”

“Ooh, does that rhyme?” said the second voice.

“It totally does!” squealed Kifina.

Brist had gone quiet when he’d realized he was being heard, but now it seemed like he was being ignored again. Experimentally, he poked the form above him in what he hoped was the belly. “Ia?” he whispered. “Are you awake?”

“Unh...not there, please, Uncle Barzle, not again...”

Brist’s eyes widened. “Oh. Oh, gods, no, I—”

He stopped, hearing Ia laughing very feebly above him. “Oh my gosh. You’re so gullible.”

“Ia, this is hardly the...” Brist stiffened. The three Thriae were still talking, but one of them was apparently looking for something to do with her hands. He whimpered as the fingers stroked up and down his sensitive cock.

“And so,” Kifina was saying, “I think that the queens should be giving us more honey. We deserve it! We bring ’em tons of tasty treats! Ooh, he’s whimpering.” Brist felt hot breath on his ear. Golden hair fell before his eyes. “I like it when you do that, boytoy. Whimper more!”

The fingers squeezed. Involuntarily, Brist let out a yelp.

“More! More!” Kifina was giggling like mad as she gleefully squeezed. Brist couldn’t help but cry out, twisting and shaking as strangely familiar sensations poured into his body like a monsoon of pleasure. He realized that the Thriae must have been toying with him as he slept, steeping him in these feelings, making him more vulnerable. That was the only reason he hadn’t come the second Kifina’s fingers touched him down there.

“Kifina, stop it,” one of the other Thriae said. Kifina did, and Brist went totally limp. He allowed himself a second of naïve confusion over this generosity before the other Thriae went on, “I’ve got a better idea.”

Hearing them moving around him, Brist struggled to look up. He managed to stretch his neck to be parallel to the ground. He could barely see a ragged dark green form crumbled against a rock. What was it? Was it...

“Brist,” he heard Ia whispering, “close your eyes.”


“Trust me. You don’t want to see—”

Too late. Brist regretted not trusting Ia for the first time in his life as the Thriae crouched down and began dragging the form towards him. It was Yathi—but a different Yathi. Her green armor was messily placed, as though someone else had clumsily redressed her without quite understanding the purpose of clothing. Her dark hair was covered in the sticky “mead” of the Thriae, as was her face. Her eyes were half-lidded with desire, and Brist knew if she opened them fully, they would be as yellow as Trys’s.

This was his fate, he realized. Yathi had been pumped full of honey—more than a human was meant to consume in so short a time, he guessed—because she was...well, she was really hot. Everyone knew it. He felt a pang as he remembered how bitter his fellow knight had always been about the sexualization. Now she was nothing but sex.

And the Thriae, he realized, were leading her straight towards him.

He screwed his eyes shut at last, but they’d already moved out of his line of sight. He heard Yathi moaning faintly, followed by licking sounds.

“O-oh! Ooh! Uh-huh...yeah, you little—”

“Kifina.” The voice was annoyed.

“Oh. Sorry. Mmm. Down, slut, down!” He felt them moving closer to him. Hands firmly gripped his ass, preventing him from squirming.

He felt hot breath again. This time further down.

“Do it,” the voice hissed. “Suck. Suck him.”

“N-no...” The voice was so small it nearly broke Brist’s heart. But he felt himself getting turned on despite it. His member quivered, likely making it an even more tempting target. The wizard hated himself for his weakness.

“Do it!” sang Kifina. “Suck! Suck! Suck! Slut! Slut! Slu—oh, good girl!

Brist felt quivering lips touch his cock.

Then, like a vacuum, Yathi was on him. All the way. He cried out, trapped beneath Ia, as the hot mouth started to suck.

His head was touching the back of her throat. He felt honey covering him, lubricating him, making him dizzy. Making him more like Yathi. He moaned.

“Suck! Slut! Suck! Slut! Mm...” He heard Kifina starting to pleasure herself. A moment later, honey-dripping fingers presented themselves in front of his mouth. “Do it, big boy. You knoooow you wanna.”

He groaned as Yathi’s tongue slurped along the base. She rose off his shaft, licking the head in earnest. His cock started to throb.

He realized his mouth was open and he was openly struggling to reach the fingers. They were just out of reach. He strained, unable to stop himself, but this only made Kifina giggle more. He was filled with shame as he struggled, tongue sticking out, trying to get even a taste of the drug that would destroy him. That had already destroyed his colleague. His colleague who was now giving him the first and best fellatio he’d ever had in his life.

“Feels good, huh?” said one of the Thriae, laughing. “Feels right.”

“If the Thriae win,” Kifina said happily, “all days will be like this! Just fucking and teasing and sucking and slutting.” Brist let out a loud moan as Yathi slurped all the way along his sensitive glans. “See? Isn’t that good?” Her voice turned soft and sweet. It was like poisoned honey, pouring into his head and filling him with confusion. “You know you—mm, yes, touch me right there, Skida—loooove it.”

“N-no—” he gasped. “I won’t—” Lick.

“—can’t—” Slurp.

“I—” Kiss.


Suck. Suck. Suck.

“...nnnnggghgGAAAAH!” He bucked madly against the laughing fey’s iron grip into the mouth of Yathi, who only moaned, swallowing his load with perfect ease—without even slowing the suction. And then the grip was gone, and he was just bucking into her moaning maw. “Oh, fuck, yes, YES, Y—n-no, nooooooOOOOOOH GOOOOODS...” He shook in the wild throws of bliss, for a moment not caring about the war, not caring about free will or dignity, not even caring about Ia’s survival. How could anyone not want to feel like this all the time? Beautiful, smart, perfect Kifina was right. He had to...had to...

Ia rolled off him. He barely noticed, save to grab Yathi’s head in his hands and force her against his cock, working her like a sex toy, his mind awash in gold. Yathi just kept moaning in pleasure, sucking up every last drop of cum from his pulsing manhood. They remained like that for at least a minute, thrusting and moaning and gasping Giving themselves, giving their dignity, their souls, their everything away to the feys’ desire.

As the orgasm finally began to ebb, though, he began to notice a few things.

First, he and Yathi were moving.

Second, the Thriae had all evidently been overcome by the display, because they were all fucking each other with wild abandon. One wide-eyed bee fey had her face gripped between the thighs of another and was furiously licking as the third sucked the former’s nipples, face covered in honey and fingers pistoning rapidly into her own cunt.

Third, he and Yathi were moving because someone was dragging them.

“Come on, Brist.” It took him a moment to register that it was Trys speaking. Trys! She was alive? “Get it out of your system. You’re too heavy to drag all the way. I think we have maybe one minute before they realize we’re gone and I do not wish to be nearby when that happens.”

“T-Trys?” He stared dimly up at the warrior woman. Yathi pulled off of his cock, though he couldn’t tell if it was willingly or if it was because Ia had dragged her off.

Trys glanced down at him and grinned. “We still have a job to do.”

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