Negotiations on shaky vines

chapter 8- A house of cards (rewritten)

by Exhausted_ambition

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #petplay #pov:bottom #scifi #anxiety #cw:violence #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #ownership_dynamics #sensation_play #sub:capitalism #sub:female #trans_egg #transgender_characters

Warning for this chapter: violence, torture, hidden suicide, and attempted suicide. This is not a pretty chapter, but I think you know what is about to happen. The comments have been really helpful and inspiring for continuing.  

Nora was tired, she had been guarding Hendrik for the last 15 hours without rest. It was then that he decided that despite the plan going off flawlessly, that he needed to do some cleanup and work in his office.
She swore that if he did not go to bed or relieve her for the day soon, that she would knock him unconscious. He would probably do wonders for his health to sleep ‘naturally’ for once.
Just as Nora was grumbling and lazily watching the lifeless marble corridor, she heard something. It was far away, but someone was coming. Several people based on the weight of the sound. Almost by reflex she took her rifle from her back and loaded in a plasma charge. She lowered into a crouch.
She was about to give a digital signal to Henrik when she noticed something strange about the sound. It was in the background, rising with the increasing proximity of the sound. It was something calming and familiar, her shoulders lost their tension.
Just as Nora betrayed every reflex she had acquired the last half of her life, the affini from the delegation rounded the corner and moved rapidly across the shining floor. What the hell are they doing here? She traced her memory, there had been no agreement for a meeting. “Hold, you can’t enter without a previous arrangement” the words felt a bit silly.
Serla stopped in front of her and leaned down “don’t worry sweetie, we just want to talk to your president for a bit”. Nora nodded softly and stepped aside. She could trust Serla, hopefully the president wouldn’t be mad.
The affini opened the door and Nora followed. On the other side of the room, lit up by the bluish light of the moon, the president sat at his disk.
Covering the desk were large papers filled with diagrams and unknown language. The president was holding a pen in his right hand, it was slightly trembling over the paper. In the other hand he was holding a com-unit. His hair was sweaty and ruffled, his back curved. His mouth was a straight short line, the bags under sunken eyes were large and almost black in appearance. His green-gray eyes were still clear and looking straight forward, lines of red were more present than the white.
He had yet to notice the affini “all the liquidated subjects are to be transferred onto transport ships and sent to terra…then use some military ships…good…understood…when you are done send units to keep watch over the refugees. They will try to make a move soon but should be disorganized. when the ti-“ Mertha imitated some clearing their throat.
The president looked up “why are you here, we don’t have a meeting before tomorrow, I have work to do”. His voice was calm and low, the venom in his voice was thick.
“What have you done?!” Martha’s words were filled with hurt. she was clearly upset and Serla was only slightly more calm
The president scowled “I have removed the corps and the criminal families from The Game. You should thank me. The risk of violence is now substantially lower. Affini technology will also provide everyone with health and power” Hendriks seemed to try to stand up for a second before he just adjusted himself in his chair.
Serla stepped forward “You never cared for helping your fellow humans, you just used our tech to gain more power.” Serla words were laced with anger, Nora could feel there was also some sadness there.
The president just stared at them “And? Our agreements never specified anything of such sort. My shadow division is effective, there were no casualties. You can have the prisoners of my last victory as a gift.” His words were almost taunting now, Mertha stepped forward.
“You used us, you lied!” Mertha was towering over Hendrik. She could have crushed him in a second. Nora knew Mertha would never do that, but she still felt her instinct telling her to hide, these things could not be fought.
The president looked up, his body shook for a second, before he began laughing. It was a hollow and cruel laugh. Nora felt a shiver up her spine as the affini recoiled. “I lied? Are you upset that I lied?” His words were filled with callus cruelty “The almighty affini are hurt because a human lied to them? I knew you were naïve, but this is too much” the laugh faded.
Mertha looked shocked “I thought I could trust you. What is your plan now? Hurt more people in a pointless quest for power? I don’t believe you want to do that. We can help, the compact can help. You don’t need to do this anymore” Mertha almost sounded like she was pleading.
The President looked at Mertha “if you trusted me, even for a second then you are even more naïve than I could imagine.” His gaze lowered until he looked at them all. There was no light or spark, just cold iron determination “pointless? The Game is all that there is, all that there will ever be. you don’t seem to understand my position. I will not be stopped! Not by bureaucrats, not assassins, not capitalists, not criminals, not admirals, not even affini! I WILL RULE THIS SECTOR! and I will gladly watch parts of it burn to see that through.”  
Nora recoiled against the wall, there was something in his voice. this was not the boy that had helped her and her sister. The one that had played chess with her during breaks or allowed her to study art in her free time. It was something else, not Hendrik, Just the president. Fear ran down her spine like lightning.
For a second it seemed like the President's body collapsed. He heaved innards before he slowly raised up. His eyes met her, and he looked..... confused? “Nora why are you-?”
Hendrik looked up at the clock on the wall and back at her. He looked apologetic “I’m sorry it’s far too late. I should not have kept you waiting for so long. I don’t have any other guards on standby…..if you escort me to my room you will be relieved.”
looking at the affini like it was the first time he realized they were there “we can discuss any disagreements tomorrow. My bodyguard needs to sleep…. And so do I. Good night”.
Following the president Nora could only give an apologetic look as they left the choked affini.
He needed to sleep, that outburst was unacceptable. The already frayed trust he had built up with the affini would doubtless be in tatters. Tomorrow he would need to apologize, he would need some way to bring them back to his side. When the plan to neutralize the Terran refugees was completed he would have no shield to hide behind.
What he needed was an affini ship! The plan had already run through his mind, but now it was clear. If he could get a warship that could harm the affini then he would have the promise or at least risk of casualties on their mind. They would be cautious and that would give him more time. When he had a fleet of such ships, he could defend his throne from the plants.
But why stop there, another plan was beginning to develop. When he had a fleet that could rival the affini, he could perhaps take back some of the old Terran accord territory. Perhaps in time even Terra would be his. And after that he might-
the radio in his ear interrupted his thoughts. It was cold and controlled “this is unit 34-x, the Terran refugees have mobilized an armed uprising.” What? NO! Not now! how? When? His mind spiraled.
His throat was sore “Unit 34-x, this is the president, please repeat!” Perhaps it was a mere illusion of his sleep deprived brain.
The voice returned “I repeat, the Terran refugees are rebelling, they have seized several docking bays and are fighting to gain entrance to the presidential residence. We are holding them off, but the garrison has yet to be mobilized. They must have sabotaged internal communication.” The voice on the other end was still calm, just as it had been conditioned to be.
Fuck! This was very, very bad. How could this have happened?!
He spun around, the affini must not know! “Nora, go to the quarters of the affini delegation and make sure they stay inside and are distracted”. Nora seemed to hesitate for a moment before she ran towards the affini quarters.
He turned on his radio “this is the president, your main priority is to secure the affini and make sure that they don’t leave or learn of the situation. There can be no exceptions.”
He did not wait for a reply, he started to run back towards his office. There he had a communication board with access to the entire Federation. If he got there quickly enough, he could mobilize the garrison and crush the fanatics before the affini learned anything.
He ran as fast as his body would allow him. The adrenaline pumping into his blood forced his body onwards. He got to the door and let out a heavy breath. He made it. He opened the door to his office and rushed in. The command panel was next to his desk. It would all be fine. He was still fine.  
A voice snaped out “That is far enough plant-fucker!” Sitting in his chair was that middle-aged admiral from the academy. He was flanked by four soldiers. Hendrik tried to step back only to feel an intense pain in his chest as he was knocked to the floor. The door closed behind him and two guards blocked the way.
How could they? “What is the meaning of this, are you insane!” Hendrik managed to get up from the floor, he felt his body ache.
The admiral sounded pleased “Far from it, we are putting a stop to you selling us out to those monsters” the admiral was looking at him with anger and disgust.
He had yet to do that plan “Sell you out?! I saved this planet from occupation. All you could do was run and hide. I stopped them!” If he survived this he would see these men hang, just like old Terran tradition.
The admiral stood up “Don’t you dare lie to me traitor! You have brought the affini here, you called them friends and allies!” The admirals spat the last words.
The admiral walked around the desk “I know what kind of person you are: a snake! You would betray every human in the galaxy if it meant you could hold power.” The admiral shouted
before his voice lowered to a whisper “At least the affini just follow their monstrous instincts. you have abandoned your humanity and betrayed your species. You are worse than Xeno filth.” How had they pulled this off? They should not have been able to pull this off this fast. He was supposed to still have time!
The admiral laughed “Ha, I see you are a confused boy. Well, I can tell you a secret. 4 days ago, one of my men almost blew himself up on some faulty equipment. Luckily for him and unluckily for you one of your ‘friends’ could not stand to see him die so it healed him. We found out 3 hours later. We have known of your betrayal for long enough. You were too busy stabbing fellow human backs to notice us coming.” The admiral and guards let out a round of laughter.
The abyss was opening up under him, he felt cold and sick. how could he not have noticed? Where was the flaw in his plan? Why had he allowed them to land?
The admiral spat on the ground “Well, this has been fun but seeing you still live turns my stomach. '' The admiral snapped his finger and the guard to his left raised his gun and aimed at his head. “Any last words, snake?” oh stars! he was going to die.
He was being pushed into the abyss, he was falling! He needed something to grab onto. A lie, a trick, something to give him more time. There! an idea, a vine to save him, it would not last long, but it was all that he had.
He looked the admiral straight in the eyes, all emotions leaving him, for now determination to survive was all he had. His voice was calm “If I die you are going to regret it” the admiral raised an eyebrow.
He got their attention! “Inside my brain, heart and arm there are nanochips that will detect my death. If that happens the microbombs that I have loaded onto your fleets fuel-tanks will explode. And so will every one of your ships still in this system.” The admiral's smile faded and was replaced with a scowl.
The admiral returned a cruel smile “Of course, you had a last card to play! it won’t save you, in fact you’ll regret not dying now.”
He gestured to the two soldiers behind him “take this trash to the prisons underneath the building. Have your fun with him but make sure he survives, when you receive my signal: Kill him!” Hendrik heard movement behind him, a terrible pain in the back of his neck and then the world went black.
Hendrik woke, a thumping pain shook through his head. Where was he? what was going on. The floor was so cold, there was blood in his mouth. He heard voices and then a terrible burning pain erupted from his chest.
He heard laughing and then the pain continued. Kicks, punches, shocks, he was pummeled with them for what felt like forever. He felt something sharp and cold enter his side. The pain was like a burning iron. He felt his body fight to stay alive, just for one more moment.
For a second  the torture abated “I think that’s enough for now, we don’t wat the traitor to die before the fleet has warped.” Someone pulled his head up by his hear “don’t worry, plant-fucker! you’ll soon get what you deserve.” Hendrik felt another knock to his head and blacked out again.
He woke once more, his mouth tasted of metal. His face felt bloated, his limbs ached, and his side still hurt like hell. His thoughts began to return just in time for the sound of gunshots and screams to be heard. He looked up, suddenly wide awake.
He was sitting in a reinforced metal prison cell, one that he had designed. The corridor was empty, he had emptied the prison days ago. But the gunshots! The garrison must have been mobilized. That was probably a squad from the shadow division coming to save him! He was going to give them some fancy medals for this.
If everything else had gone to plan he would still have control, power. If not then it would all be over…his body felt so weak.
He tried to stand up but had to lean against the cold metal wall to even stand. There was another loud noise coming from the door. For a second his mind tortured him with the possibility that a Terran fanatic would come through and end it all.
Then the door bent inwards before it was torn off the hinges completely. Through the dust and dim light he saw Nora! And... Martha?.......Why was she here?
Nora pointed at him and the affini soon tore open the 15cm iron bars of the cell with frightening strength. They both looked at him with concern. Why was the affini here!?
This could not be real “What is happening?” His voice was shaking.
Mertha stepped forward “don’t worry little one, the Agraria has arrived in the system. Most of those Terran ferals that tried to harm you escaped, but we are securing the planet now.” no, no, no, no! no! this could not be happening!
Had he worked so hard for it all to go wrong “What are you talking about, the treaty explicitly forbids-“ He felt his body shake but managed to stand up fully.
Mertha looked worried “People were dying. Please remain calm, you are very hurt. We will make sure that everything is alright.” Hendrik stumbled out of the cell.
 The affini tried to touch him with a vine. He smacked it away, his hand stung, it was like striking a metal wire.
All he had sacrificed “this is my planet! I have worked too long! Sacrificed too much!” he was screaming, he felt his side with his hand, it was wet with blood. The affini looked mortified.
Martha started to speak “The agreement stated tha-'' What utter garbage!
He would not lose his life's work just because some piece of paper told him so!
All he had done, for nothing! “Fuck the agreement!” He raised his finger at the affini.
His body was collapsing under him “You can’t do this!”
Mertha came closer “We need to help you, you are dying!” the words of the affini were almost begging.
It was over, if the affini had landed there was no way to get them away. It was so unfair. A pit began to grow in his stomach. How could it have happened? how could he have let it slip away?
Nora was suddenly close, he had not even noticed her. She put a hand on his shoulder “Please Hendrik! It's going to be okay. You can still live a good life. Just please let us help you!” Henrik heard the words like they were a galaxy away.
It was a cold summer day. Hendrik walked towards the huge stone building. Behind him he heard the boots of 34 guards. He was glad that Nora was visiting her sister, this was not something he was going to be proud of.
He still felt guilty about what he had to do, but there was no other way. Shivar would understand, he had to. The siege of the Central administrative building had lasted for 4 days, today it will end.
He walked confidently through the front gates, the soldiers from the other conspirators gave him a brief salute. The price for his treason had been high, it still stung but it was either this or sinking with his mentor.
He was handed a receiver to the building's broadcast system. When the defenders understood that there would be no reinforcement to save them, they would surrender.
He spoke with all the authority he could muster “Attention all forces fighting for Governor Shivar. This is Hendrik Hansen, there will be no relief! I understand that you were fighting for what you thought was right. Surrender now and you will all be granted amnesty, if you don’t, I will not be able to protect you.” He hoped that would work, he had met many of those soldiers. They did not deserve to die for his mentors’ mistakes.
An hour later and the entire defending garrison had surrendered. Apparently, Shivar had barricaded himself in the governor’s office. He would have to offer the terms to the old many personally.
Soon it would finally be over. He should take a vacation after this. Nora really wanted to see the art museums on alpha centauri three. It would be fun, he would not have a lot of time for vacation when he was governor.
The double wooden door was barricaded from the inside, nothing the soldiers couldn’t breach but Shivar still deserved respect. He hoped his mentor could hear him “Shivar, it’s me. Please surrender!”
His mentor's voice from behind the door was almost taunting “and why would I do that, boy?”
He took up the papers he had arranged “I have arranged for you to be set under house arrest on Cebrex V. There is a beautiful vacation home there in the countryside. As long as you surrender and confess guilty you can still live a good life.” There was a hollow lough from the other side of the door.
His mentor's voice sounded…afraid “Let this be your last lesson boy. This how one leaves The Game with dignity” there was a small pause. What did that mean?
A loud bang rang from inside the room.
Hendrik looked at Nora, even with the visor he could see the concern and compassion in her eyes. He nodded and she relaxed, he knew what he had to do.
With a single motion he grabbed the gun strapped to her hip and took a few rapid steps back. The metal of the barrel felt cold against his temple. He looked straight at the affini.
Mertha and Nora froze in shock “I might have lost…but if I lose I’m going to do so with dignity. Help me? You have destroyed everything!” The gun almost slipped from his bloody hand.
Mertha pleaded with him “Please don’t do this. Think about what you are doing!” he spat on the ground, most of it was blood.
He hated her “don’t pretend like you care. You have ruined everything that I had! You have taken everything, but I will not let you have the satisfaction of humiliating me in defeat. I hope you empi-“ His vision turned red as an intense pain cascaded from his hand.
He landed on the floor with a crunch, the gun slid across the room. He tried to reach for it, but his hand was a broken mess, a vine quickly snapped up the gun. He was dying, his body was giving out!
He looked up at Nora, her arm still extended from when she had punched him, her armored glove covered in blood. They both looked at each other in shock. Then vines engulfed them both and he finally fell into the abyss

So, it all comes tumbling down. the affini have arrived and the game is over. Drastic lack of sleep and overwork can’t have helped either. Hendriks metal state is far from good, and the next chapters will really delve into that. Hopefully he can get some help. See you next chapter!

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