The Vast and Infinite Possibilities of the Multiverse (and how to commit crime in it)

Chapter 1

by Etherealust

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #scifi #sub:female #bondage #latex #multiverse

Earth 581-B Epsilon. It was a place that the wider multiverse generally considered to be “cyberpunk,” with its most advanced technology hoarded and controlled by the wealthy while the majority of its citizens struggled. It was also where my target was hiding. And unfortunately, it happened to be a place where I was uniquely situated to catch her. 

“Mari! The client’s ready for you, just head on upstairs.” The booming voice of the Madame caught me off guard. Most brothel’s tried to keep things subtle and quiet, but for whatever reason, the one I worked at had no such values. Or rather, the one this universe's version of me worked at. 

I looked down at myself. My skimpy outfit left little to the imagination, with plenty of fishnets and a tight dress that showed ample amounts of cleavage. My makeup was well done, and unlike the outfit it was all my own skill. I took a deep breath and nodded towards the Madame, indicating that I was ready to see the client. And I was ready to see her. It’s just that we weren’t going to be having the usual type of session that the others here were used to, or that anyone in this universe would comprehend.

The Quantum Neuro-Transmitter, or Quent as people often called it, was an extremely potent and useful tool. It allowed the user to explore various alternate timelines and parallel realities, from places with miniscule changes to entirely different worlds. The user could jump into the body of other versions of themselves, effectively letting them travel the multiverse. Naturally, a device like the Quent was highly illegal and strictly forbidden to civilians. There was an entire task force dedicated to stopping multiversal crime. While I wasn’t a fully fledged member of the force, I was one of the best detectives around. Hopefully this time I would finally be able to prove it.

Up the stairs, around the corner, and third door from the left. Each escort had their own separate room, and I knew from muscle memory which one was mine. The Quent allowed the user to tap into their host's memories, both about their personal life and the history of the world. This also let the user gain access to any skills they had learned. It was one of the reasons going after rogue dimension hoppers was so dangerous - they could go to a dimension where they were a combat expert, while I was stuck with whatever talents I had in that universe. Which in this case, was seduction.

But seduction was hardly a skill to be laughed at. I knew that in this timeline I was damn good at what I did, and with the element of surprise at my disposal, I felt pretty damn confident that this would be the time I brought her in. I pushed open the door, letting the instincts of my host take over with regards to body language and posture. Swaying hips, gentle steps, and a smile that was known for melting hearts. 

A tall and slender woman sat on the bed. Her jet black hair was tied back in a bun, and she had an eager grin on her face. Her left arm was covered in a sleeve of tattoos. She always had tattoos. It didn’t matter what timeline we were in, or what level of technology, that much was always constant. In this universe her other arm was mechanical, which I knew was a fairly common occurrence for people here. 

“Well well, aren’t you a cutie. The lady up front told me you were the most highly requested person here, and just from looking at you I’m starting to see why.”

I responded with a flirtatious giggle. “Oh please. I know I’m pretty but people don’t hire me for my face.” As I spoke, I sat down in front of her on the bed, draping one arm over her shoulder while looking her in the eye. “Do you have a name? Or do you have a title you prefer to be called?”

Of course, I knew exactly who Astrid was. I probably knew more about her than anyone besides herself. She was notorious for being a master at dimension hopping, and she was a master at navigating the multiverse with her own Quent. When most officers tried to track her down she would start jumping all over the place, leaving her pursuer disoriented with their jumbled memories while she was five timelines away. However, unlike most rogue Quent users, her crimes were extremely petty and low-stakes. Which meant the task force was fine with letting her pretty much roam free. She just wasn’t worth the effort it would take to track her down, nor the risk of confronting her.

At least, most people thought of her that way. I was different. I’d been on her case for months, and although she’d always slipped away, this time I had a plan. A plan that required two things - Astrid to suspect nothing, and a little bit more time in the same room as her. And for both those things I needed to play my part in this timeline.

Thankfully, she appeared to be taking the bait. “You can call me Astrid. Although if you like, you’re more than welcome to call me Mistress. And you do look like the kind of girl who likes that, if I’m not mistaken.” She cocked her head. “Although perhaps you’re more the one who gets called Mistress by her clients?”

Although we were engaged in idle conversation, the conscious part of my mind was entirely focused on something else. The Quent was a neural implant, which meant all of its functions could be used from the brain alone, no physical device required. I was using a special tool to link mine to hers. If it was successful, either one of us jumping dimensions would drag the other one along with them. So not only would she be unable to escape, but I could bring her back to our prime universe in order to detain her. But the process of coupling our devices would take a few minutes, during which time there was nothing preventing her from fleeing.

“That all depends on what you like. If you’re in the mood for someone… assertive, I can certainly do that for you.” I was gently tracing a finger down her collarbone. “So what do you say? Feel like letting someone else take charge?”

Astrid responded in kind. “We’ll have to wait and see who ends up ‘in charge.’ For starters though, how about you relax and let me make you feel good?”

This was perfect. Astrid still thought she was talking to another naive version of me, while I had started the coupling of our devices. I spread my legs in invitation, pulling my panties aside to give her a clear view of my vulva. “She’s all yours.” 

I’d done plenty of distractions over the years, but this had to be my favourite. Astrid was extremely skilled with her fingers. It might’ve been a talent from this dimension, but I had a feeling even her prime form was plenty experienced. There wasn’t much need for foreplay, as I was already dripping with excitement just from her initial touch. As her fingers dove into me, Astrid smothered the side of my body with kisses, causing me to writhe in delight. I tore my dress off to give her easier access to my skin. It was designed to tear away, as part of the customer’s experience, and I knew it would be reimbursed. If nothing else, after we left my hosts body would appreciate the nice paycheck.

And thankfully we wouldn’t need to stay here much longer. My Quent was almost finished connecting to hers, and then I could bring her to justice. It was also the most precarious. If she caught wind of what I was doing now, Astrid would jump away and I’d be left with nothing. Above all else I needed to keep her focus on me.

“Oh a little higher, you’re almost at the perfect spot. I feel like I’m about to cum.” It was dirty talk to keep her distracted, but it was also partially the truth. Astrid had managed to hit my sweet spot. I wasn’t actually ready to cum, but I also just needed a few more seconds. “Don’t slow down now. Almost there… just a little more…”


The signal in my mind went off. Astrid would hear it in her head as well, but it was too late for her. I pulled away from her, my demeanour shifting as I took a more combative stance. “And there we have it! You can’t escape this time, Astrid, I’m here to bring you in.” I stood up straight, pointing at her and mustering as much authority as I could in my clothes torn to pieces and my body glistening with sweat. “This is Detective Mari from the Prime Universe, and I’m hereby placing you under arrest.”

I had expected her to respond with shock, or with anger and denial. However, Astrid didn’t even appear phased. “Oh no, how completely horrible and tragic. You’ve found me, and I’ve been caught in your little trap.” She raised her hand to her forehead to mimic a fainting motion. “Well now I suppose I’m completely at your mercy, aren’t I? Go on, why don’t you just warp us back to the Prime universe.”

My eyes narrowed. I’d been so sure that I was the one tricking her, but now it looked like I was the victim. That didn’t mean I was entirely behind though. “The linking device still worked, Astrid. You can’t escape me. And I can drag you wherever I want as well.” However, I knew her well enough to tell that she wasn’t bluffing. Astrid had something planned.

“Since you were nice enough to play the role of the good little escort in this timeline, I’ll do you a favour as well. Why don’t you check your own Quent?” A chill ran down my spine. “Because you were so focused on uploading your own special program, you didn’t even notice that I was doing the same.”

I brought up the status menu in the neuro-transmitter. Sure enough, Astrid had done her own nasty work, and I’d been so focused on my own trap that it had gone unnoticed. “I’d be careful warping back to the Prime universe if I were you,” she explained with a grin. “It’ll bring us to a timeline I specifically selected, just for you. And have a great time with you there.” 

My muscles were tense. Both our traps had been sprung, but regardless of what she thought, neither of us really had an advantage. “Then I’ll just have to take you out the old-fashioned way. Once I knock you out, I can take you to a secure universe and wait for backup. I’m not like those other two-bit officers, and you know how good of a verse-jumper I am.”

“Don’t worry, I’m fully expecting you to put up a fight. Honestly, you’ve got a real chance of bringing me in, that’s what makes it so much fun. And it’ll be so much more satisfying for me when I get you to submit.”

Before I could respond, a static BZZT filled my mind. The sound of my Quent activating. In the blink of an eye, both of us were whisked away to another universe.

The instant transportation was something that even experienced officers found disorientating. There was a reason most of the time dimension jumping was used in recon scenarios, where it was possible to pause and get your bearings before jumping into action. I didn’t have that luxury. It looked like I was in an office of some sort, a sleek and upscale place. The semi-formal work clothes I was wearing implied that I was some sort of employee. And of course, the other occupant of the room was a tall and slender woman with long dark hair and a formal suit. Her tattoo sleeve was just visible past her cuffs.

“Now then, you know your place here, don’t you? After all, you’d hate to lose your boss's favour so soon after getting this position.” Astrid was at least half a metre taller than me here, and it was difficult not to feel somewhat powerless. She stared down at me and adjusted her glasses. “We both know what you were really hired for.”

I was scanning my memories, trying to figure out what she meant when another shift happened. There was another light buzz as my Quent fired up, dragging me to a slightly different timeline. It was easier to jump to universes that were fundamentally similar, just with alternate variants. Where we had the same roles but with different dynamics. And it was clear right away just what the dynamic was here.

We were still in the office, but now I was kneeling down. A large ring gag held my mouth open, an armbinder attached to the floor holding me in place. “Uuugh! Euuh Aaashard!” I tried to swear at her, but it was futile. My memories were coming back to me. Although I’d been hired as an assistant, my boss had made it very clear what exactly I’d be assisting her with. In this timeline I was timid enough to go along with her perverse desires. 

Astrid sat down in her chair, parting her legs to give me a clear view up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties. “Time to earn that paycheck, don’t you think?” She pulled me in towards her cunt, but I was already planning the next move. Jumping universes required focus, and getting distracted could lead to disaster. Luckily I had found the perfect place to go. 

BZZT! Our Quent’s buzzed as we once again shifted dimensions. Although I was wearing the same outfit, this time I was the one in the chair, and Astrid was kneeling beneath me. She was bound like I had been, but she was completely and even more vulnerable. Her eyes widened in shock at the change in position. “Now now, did you really think you would be the one in charge all the time?” Admittedly, I was feeling pretty satisfied about where she’d ended up. “Who knew that fresh hire could turn things around for you if she’d just had a bit more backbone?” There was a small remote sitting on the desk, and thanks to my memories, I knew exactly what it was. I turned up a dial, and sure enough, Astrid shuddered as her vibrating plug increased in intensity. “Just kidding, we both know exactly how many things are possible.”

Astrid spat out the wad of panties in her mouth, and I cursed this version of me for not using a proper gag. “Oh we both know how this can end up. Don’t try to pretend otherwise.”

The world went fuzzy for a moment as timelines shifted once again. This time I found myself lying on my back, spread eagle with my limbs tied to the corners of a table. Only we weren’t alone this time. All around me were eager faces of office workers, looking down at me with ravenous hunger.

“You know the rules. Her entire body is free access, but make sure you use protection if you’re sticking anything inside.” I craned my neck and caught a glimpse of Astrid. Unlike everyone else, she was just as nude as I was, but she was standing freely at the head of what seemed to be a conference table. There were a number of charts and graphs projected against the wall behind her. “Remember, this is your reward for reaching this threshold of our quarterly goals. A free use session with the intern. Keep it up, and maybe you’ll even get a chance with the boss.” She gave a seductive wink at the last comment. “But for now, feel free to enjoy her. I know I certainly have been.”

Before I could protest, a dripping cunt was shoved into my face. I could feel their hands all over me, groping and pinching with reckless abandon. A tongue was playing with my asshole while cock entered inside me. I didn’t even want to think about the logistics of that, not that I could see anything with the meaty thighs in my face.

I had to get out of here. Out of this whole place. Astrid clearly had the upper hand, and a full change of scenery was needed. Hopefully I could throw her off balance. Right as a warm burst of cum splattered against my tits, I found it. The perfect dimension for us to jump to. I focused on my destination as once again, Astrid and I were pulled somewhere completely new. 


Smoke and ash. Not from the Quent, but from our new dimension. We were in a cramped room with wooden and stone architecture. A strong hint of sulphur filled the air. The only visibility came from candlelight - specifically, a ring of candles, all surrounding me. 

I grinned. I couldn’t help it, this form was wonderful. The black leather straps, the light pink skin, and of course, the classic horns and spade-tipped tail of a succubus. Not to mention an overwhelming amount of magic coursing through my system. “Well, would you look at that. You’ve managed a successful summoning.” Astrid was still coughing up a storm as the smoke cleared. “Not the dimensional travel I’m used to, but I can’t really complain, now can I?”

For her part, Astrid was finally starting to recover. “You… that’s…” She scuttled away from me, still on her butt while she backed away from the summoning circle. “You’re Glasya. Daughter of Lillith herself, and Princess of the Nine Hells.”

A seductive chuckle escaped my lips. “The one and only. And you, my dear, appear to be some fledgling sorceress who got in way over her head.” I cautiously took a step towards her. “Now, maybe this is wrong of me, but I think I’ll have some fun with you here before we move.” With my mind focused and the incredible powers of this body at my disposal, I was fully prepared to keep her strictly in this dimension.

Only a problem soon arose. As I stepped towards her, something tugged against my foot, as if pulling it away. I tried again, only to be met with the same result, even more forcefully. My demonic knowledge finally kicked in. I’d been summoned here by a vastly inexperienced sorceress, and yet against all the odds, she had done the ritual properly.

“Whew, that’s a bit of a relief.” Astrid spoke with a bit more assurance as she stood up, dusting herself off. “This is an interesting combination. I’ll fully admit, this summoning ritual had been done with every intention of submitting to whatever came through.” She stared at the summoning circle around me, a pentagram of salt with various candles and dried plants at the points. “But I still did a damn good job with the ritual. And now? Now you’re stuck here, and you’re bound to do what I say.”

I let out a dangerous growl. This was an extremely powerful form, one that could bend her mind to my will in an instant. “You can’t possibly think this will end well for you. I have the power to level nations in my hands.” I held out my palm, and a fireball quickly formed. The very air around it started to hum with energy. I wasn’t too experienced with magical dimensions, and ironically, my host wasn’t that skilled either. But she had enough raw power to dwarf any skill, and that was enough for me as well. “This can only end one way for you.”

“Correct, there is only one way this can end. Provided I don’t touch the circle.” Astrid moved closer, until her face was mere centimetres away from mine, the invisible barrier keeping her totally safe. “Put away that spell.”

Her words bore into my soul. So long as the ritual was intact, I was forced to do as she commanded. “Now, go ahead and put on a show. Pleasure yourself for me.” I felt my hands moving on their own. The leather soon fell away as my perfectly tidy pussy was exposed. 

Astrid still wasn’t finished. “Put that magic of yours to good use. You’re a succubus, you should be able to cast a powerful arousal spell, yes? Go ahead, use it on yourself.” Perhaps if I wasn’t intruding and was simply the Princess of Hell, I’d be able to find a clever loophole in the order. But as it was I found myself obeying. Sparks of pleasure ran through my body as my fingers entered my pussy. 

“Ooh fuck! Gods damn it, that’s intense.” The magic was pumping directly inside of me, and it felt good. Still not enough for me to fully drop my guard, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tempting. And from the looks of things, Astrid was enjoying herself as well. She was quickly shedding her robes and pulling out a small yet firm cock. 

“Yeah, that’s the stuff. Keep pleasuring yourself like that.” She was speaking in a husky tone as she began stroking, her body ever closer growing ever closer to mine. Dangerously close. I hid a smile as I exaggerated my own throes of passion. 

My hips were bucking against my fingers, my cries growing lewder and lewder. Yet I was slowly dimming down the spell - Astrid hadn’t given me any further instructions, so I was free to do as I wanted. And thankfully, she took the bait. Right when her cock was twitching, I felt a blast of fresh magic wash over me. I stopped masturbating myself. 

Astrid paused, noticing my shift in demeanour. “What are you doing? I ordered you to…” Her voice trailed off as she saw it. Her own foot had nudged the circle, creating a tiny break in the salt. But it was enough. I grabbed forwards, wrapping my hand around her throat. 

“Game over. Now it’s my turn, and I’m going to-”


The world shifted around us once again. I’d been so caught up in taking advantage of the dimension we were in, I hadn’t even considered jumping to another one.

My training kicked in, trying to deal with the sensory overload of gauging the setting and sorting through my past memories, all while being prepared for any sort of combat. This was a much more modern place - Holographic touchscreens, a few laser pistols along the walls, and plenty of blinking lights on the buttons and dials of what appeared to be a control panel. We were surrounded by windows, each showing the vast emptiness of space from our relatively small compartment. A spaceship then. 

Something cool and slimy pressed against my back. I jumped in place and spun around to see my first mate - no, Astrid - standing behind me. “I was a little worried there, Captain. But it looks like I got out in time.” That’s right, I was the captain. The brave and muscular human captain, one with a strong reputation for seducing alien babes. And Astrid was a gelatinous species, an ooze creature famous across the galaxy for their submissive nature. Although her skin was a translucent light blue, I could still make out a pattern of strange markings along her arm. 

“Not that you’re much better in this universe.” My memories were syncing up. “You’re the captain’s pet, aren’t you? Her to keep me nice and satisfied during our lengthy voyages across the stars.” I had so many memories of using her like a toy for relief, and hearing her beg for more. But as I reached my hand out to grab her, it went right through her ooze-like body.

“You know, there’s a funny thing about this species. Although we have a penchant for submission, we’re still one of the naturally most powerful species in the federation.” My hand had passed straight into her arm, but it was stuck in place. Although I tugged at it I was unable to break free. “When one of us gets the desire to be in control, you’d be amazed at what we can do.”

My host’s memories were telling me that this didn’t make sense. The slimes were known for being dumb and docile, and for allowing others to have their way with them. But the reality was that I was quickly becoming overrun. Astrid’s ooze began to creep up my arm, slipping under the sleeve of my bodysuit, and I felt her gel spreading across my skin. Along my torso and over my limbs, even on my most sensitive areas. I couldn’t move myself, she was like a second skin. “Isn’t this much better? What would your fans say if they saw you being toyed with by a simple slime girl like me?”

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t answer, as she covered my mouth and face. Fighting her here was proving impossible. My best hope was to use the Quent again, and go somewhere we could fight on more equal footing. But that brought its own dangers. One of the reasons Astrid was so hard to catch was that she was exceptional at adapting to her other selves, and she could adjust to brand new dimensions without getting disoriented or lost in her host's memories. I was the best on the force at it, but if I was being honest, Astrid was still better. If I jumped around too much she’d eventually wear me down.”

Evidently she was thinking the same thing. “How about we go on a special tour? There’s all sorts of fun sights in the multiverse, just waiting for us. Hope you’re ready for this.”


Everything went dark. Not the normal fuzziness of jumping through timelines, but a total inability to see. Likely there was something covering my eyes. My arms were folded in front of me, and when I tried to move, the only response was the firm squeak of rubber. My mouth was filled with an artificial phallic object, effectively keeping me gagged while forcing me to suck on something. And there was a rough pressure between my legs. No penetration, but more like my body weight was entirely on a ridge.

“This is a fun place, don’t you think? You being my perfectly obedient sex slave, and me abusing my pet for my own delight. There was a harsh CRACK as something whipped against my asscheeks, and I moaned into my gag. “Try to enjoy yourself as much as I am, sister dearest.”

My eyes went wide underneath the blindfold. The memories flowing in confirmed it - Astrid was my younger sister, but she’d managed to enslave me with some sort of a hypnotic pendant. This was a dangerous place to stay in.

A pair of hands wrapped around my head, and I felt the blindfold being lifted. The sudden influx of light was enough to break my focus. “Why don’t you get a nice look at yourself? This is a wonderful look for you, after all.” I was a bit thankful for my gag, because even if I wanted to spit back a response it would’ve been difficult. A large mirror was in front of us, and for the first time in this universe, I got a proper look at myself. I was in a shiny latex straightjacket, bright white in colour with pink frills all around. I was sitting atop a wooden horse that was nestled firmly between my thighs. Astrid, by comparison, was in a traditional dominatrix uniform, complete with a riding crop and a military hat.

She leaned in close, pressing her tits against my back as she whispered directly into my ear, both of us staring at our reflections. “What do you think, would this make for a nice family photo or what?” I struggled in place, but it was no use. Not that I was trying to escape either. If I could distract her for a bit, I could warp us somewhere else where I’d have the advantage again.

But right when I was about to activate the dimension jump, Astrid used her Quent at the same time. 


Both of us were wearing the same gear, but this time we were in a simple bedroom. Astrid was sitting on the bed, while I knelt before her, still bound in my straightjacket. Only I wasn’t alone this time. 

Kneeling next to me was a mature woman, dressed in a ridiculously skimpy and fetishistic maid’s outfit. It was disorienting to see her here, because I knew her in two different ways. The memories from this timeline were telling me that this was our mother, and she was a hypno-slave of Astrid just like I was. But my true memories knew her as well. She was my boss, the woman in charge of the interdimensional task force.

Thankfully I wasn’t gagged this time. “Astrid, what is- did you bring her here as well?” I was utterly baffled at seeing my boss next to me, staring up with a vacant expression on her face. Even more confusing was how much I instinctively wanted to call her ‘Mommy.’ Astrid just chuckled at my bewilderment.

“You know how vast the multiverse is. Just because she’s a big strong woman where we come from, doesn’t mean she can’t be an obedient little servant in another.” She pulled out a pendant and began swinging it back and forth in front of us. “Although really, neither of us know what she’s like behind closed doors. Maybe this is how she spends her spare time? Maybe this is the chief from our timeline, and she just happened to be taking a vacation here?”

I couldn’t even properly focus on her words. It was so difficult to pay attention while I needed to form an escape plan, and even that was secondary to her pendant. Swinging back and forth. Slowly swinging back and forth, while her voice droned on and on, causing me to sink deeper and deeper under the control of my sister…


The telltale sound of the Quent came as a shock. By all rights, Astrid should’ve won there. She had me trapped and under her sway. But now that we were in a new dimension, her influence was broken and I was free to act as normal. Maybe she’d gotten spooked, and wanted to shift dimensions before I got control. Or she just wanted to toy with me further.

In any case, my current situation wasn’t much better. I was surrounded by about a half dozen women who were all much taller than me. And not tall like Astrid tended to be, but at least double my height. They were all sitting around on chairs or a sofa. One was even on another’s lap. But even seated, everyone was looking down at me with a mix of superiority and amusement, like they knew I was beneath them. It was pretty much expected for a Goblin.

I shook my head. I was not a Goblin normally, just in this one timeline. Everything was starting to blend together. I needed to end this quickly before I lost track of who I was entirely. Which was easier said than done, considering Astrid had almost done me in just a moment ago, and this place didn’t look any more favourable.

“Aww, how’s our little fuckpig doing? Are you finally ready to dance for us?” My instincts were screaming at me to obey them. I was horny, but in a different way than usual. Goblins evidently had a natural baseline arousal that was almost constant, an inherent desire to fuck. And the group of Elvish women around me were happy to take advantage of this. “Go on, jiggle yourself as hard as you can.”

There was nothing magical compelling me to obey. A couple girls began snickering, laughing at my predicament. The one talking to me, acting as the leader of the group, had a set of runic markings along her arm. I had to take her down. But I was also thinking about just how pathetic I looked. 

Even though I couldn’t see myself, my memories filled in the blanks. My thick body had been decorated in full by a simple sharpie. All the girls had taken turns drawing on my green skin, calling me a whore and a cumdumpster and a fuckpig. There were plenty of lewd drawings and symbols as well. All across my tits, on my asscheeks, and right above my dripping cunt. And I loved it. Although I wanted to charge Astrid, to try and take her by surprise, the inner instincts of my host took over. 

“I’m a fuckpig, oink oink! I’m your slutty little goblin fuckpig!” My cheeks burned crimson as I spoke, both with shame and with arousal. The girls howled with laughter as I jumped up and down, letting my overly curvy body flop around. I turned around and bent over, spreading my legs apart and showing them my asshole. “Can somebody pretty please fill me up?” 

Something thick and heavy probed at my entrance. “Every good fuckpig deserves a proper tail.” I couldn’t see it, but I knew exactly what it was. A bright pink buttplug with a curly tail sticking out. I’d worn it many times before for their amusement. Next would be a nose hook to further cement my lower status. Finally, they would spend the evening forcing me to get off in the most humiliating ways possible, masturbating while licking their shoes and humping the edge of a chair with my face buried in their asscheeks. It was something we’d all done before, and if Astrid had her way, I’d be doing it again.

Something had to change. Anything. There wasn’t much more my mind could take, and above all else, I needed to get to a new dimension. If the total fuckfest started I would lose what little control I had left over my actions. With all the focus I could muster, I tried to bring us somewhere else. Anywhere. The consequences were something I could deal with later. 


Finally, I was free again. For the first time in what felt like ages my mind was normal and my limbs weren’t restrained by anything. In fact, I was more than just free - I was floating in the air. Although the air was cool up here, there was a warmth radiating all around me like a fire. I felt powerful. I was powerful. I was Sunburst, proud defender of Central City and the strongest member of the Legion of Righteousness. At least, in my opinion.

And floating in front of me was my arch-nemesis, the supervillain who caused me no end of troubles. Astralavia. The Lady of the Stars herself. She harnessed the dark powers of the cosmos, which made her a natural match for my own solar abilities. No matter how many times she tried, I always stopped her plans to-”

“Aargh!” I winced as I nursed my head in my palm. Every time we jumped, it became tougher to keep track of who I was. I was Mari, the detective tracking down Astrid. This wasn’t our home dimension. 

Thankfully, Astrid appeared to be having similar troubles. She was shaking her own head, hovering in place like I was. “You’re feeling it as well, aren’t you.” She didn’t need to elaborate. An orb of dark energy formed in her hands, and I responded with my own bright orange flame. 

“You can’t keep running forever, Astrid. I’m taking you in so you can finally pay for your crimes.” Memories were flowing inwards, and it was getting harder by the minute to keep track of who I really was. I knew I was Sunburst, and I thought of all the times I’d had vicious battles with Astralavia. 

With a roar of determination, Astrid fling a giant orb of dark energy towards me. I dodged out of the way and rushed forwards, catching her off guard with a swift punch to the gut. 


I had Astralavia wrapped up in a nice hogtie. She screamed obscenities at me through her gag, but her powers were drained thanks to the macguffinite. “You just stay nice and still here, the authorities will be here in just a few minutes.” I caressed my hand down her spine, letting it rest on her firm ass. “Although, we have some time before they arrive. You’ve caused me a looooot of trouble today, and I think I know the perfect way to work off some stress.”

Astralavia wasn’t done yet. She spat the gag out of her mouth, twisting around before I could punish her. “Not this time, Sunburst, your victory won’t come so easily!” She bit down on my forearm with all her might.


We were flying over the city again. Astrid’s magical fangs sunk into me, but rather than physical pain, they were draining my very essence. My energy was waning by the second. I gathered all my power in my core, then released it all in a massive explosion. The flames surrounded my body and burned away Astrid’s attack, giving me a moment to breathe. 

Or so I thought. The second the remaining flames of the explosion faded away, Astrid came flying towards me at a breakneck speed, her hand coated in a blade of dark energy. I didn’t have enough time to properly react and was left fully open as it pierced through my chest. It didn’t cause any physical damage, but I knew it was much worse. I screamed in pain as my body started to go limp.


Captured. By Astralavia, my own rival. I knew it was part of the job, a risk we all had to take when being a superhero. I was suspended in the air while a large vat of acid bubbled underneath. It was a weird choice, considering I was both able to fly and immune to acid.

“Well well now, look who decided to finally wake up.” Astralavia’s voice boomed from all around. “I was almost worried you were going to sleep through the whole show.”

I let out a low growl. “I’ve been awake this whole time, dumbass. You just used the paralytic dart.” I fixed my gaze at a large double-door in front of me. “And I literally just saw you walk out of there! I know you’re hiding behind that door so that you can make your dramatic entrance!”

Sure enough, the doors slid open, and a waft of smoke billowed out. A slow orchestral theme played from the speakers as Astralavia strode towards me. “We’ll see if you can keep that attitude of yours. I’ve got something special planned for today.” She pulled out a remote and pressed a button, and with a mechanical whir, my body slowly began to descend.

“Seriously? You think you can hurt me with acid?” I snorted in amusement. “Come on, you must be desperate for ideas. Why don’t you just admit that you can’t kill me?”

“Oh, but I’m not trying to kill you. And that isn’t acid.” I looked down at the pit of green fluid. Now that she mentioned it, it didn’t quite have the same smell. “That’s a powerful aphrodisiac. Once your body is submerged, you’ll be reborn as a wanton slut whose only thoughts are about rubbing herself silly!”

Part of me started to get worried. I wasn’t much of a science expert, so I had no way of knowing how my body would react. Fortunately I still had an ace up my sleeve. “Sounds interesting. How about I throw you in and see if your theory holds true?” I shot a burst of energy from my eyes, the concentrated beam of fire knocking her backwards.


My eye beams sent her flying back, spinning through the air as she went. Even Astrid had to be reaching her limit. “You can’t keep this up forever. Once I bring you back to the prime timeline, it’ll prove my skill as a detective. Even with the infinite possibilities of the multiverse, you can’t possibly keep me away from you.” 

I aimed a punch for her face, but she deflected and responded with a swift kick of her own, which I batted to the side. “See, that’s your problem. You’re still begging for approval from people who don’t even care about you. I’m the only person in all the godforsaken infinite universes who actually respects your talents. It’s only because I’m taking you seriously that I know I can beat you!” She hurled a large ball of energy my way, and I threw my own towards her. The mix of light and shadow cast a brilliant array of flashing lights all across the skyline. 

She flew towards me, hurling all sorts of energy bolts in an attempt to bring me down. I shot everything I had at her, our fists clashing, trading blows back and forth until we were- 


A tangle of limbs that collapsed on the bed. Astrid moaned as I furiously kissed her neck, and she practically ripped her own clothes off. With her arms flailing about, she knocked over a book from my nightstand, but I didn’t care. Our bodies were hot and sweaty and our moans were intense. The neighbours could file all the noise complaints they wanted.

It wasn’t the first time we’d met up like this. Each of our previous encounters had ended the same way - intense, hardcore fucking that lasted all throughout the night. Her strap game was impeccable, and my fingers knew all the spots that could make her scream. Not to mention the fact that she’d be covered in hickeys in the morning. 

Of course, she was always gone in the mornings. Or I would be, if we were at her place. Because when morning rolled around, it would be harder to pretend. Not pretending that I wasn’t one of the strongest superheroes on the planet during my spare time. That was easy, and I was used to keeping a double life. It would be harder for her to pretend that she didn’t know. And likewise, it would be harder to pretend that I didn’t know she didn’t spend her time as a dark villainess from beyond the stars. If morning came around and we had to face each other without the blaze of passion, it would be harder next time we fought to pretend that I really thought of her as an enemy.

But that was for the morning. Tonight she wasn’t a supervillain, and I wasn’t a hero either. For the rest of the night she and I would be an ordinary couple, forgetting that we were supposed to hate each other and pretending that there were no underlying feelings. We were-


A proud knight who put on a brave face in public and a squire who dominated her in private.


The priestess of an elder cult and a sacrifice being prepared for an eldritch ritual.


A mischievous fairy taking advantage of the vagrant who stumbled into her domain.


Some sort of alien plant creature and the human she kept as a pet.


An ancient and powerful spirit bound to the material realm by a relic that was currently being used as a dildo.


Two girls with poor social skills nervously admitting their feelings for each other.


It was exhausting at times, being the most powerful entity on the planet. I had entire legions at my beck and call, full of powerful monsters each capable of levelling empires. And yet, my work was never done. I nestled back in my throne, feeling the tentacles wriggling deeper inside of me. 

The door opened, and my first commander walked in. She also happened to be my daughter. Just like all the commanders, and the vast majority of my armies. Although she lost her arm in combat a few months ago, she had a brand new one made of demonic energy, and it was constantly glowing with runic magic. “You can’t possibly keep this up for much longer. You have to be about ready to give in.”

I moaned as the tentacle pushed even deeper inside of me, placing a hand on my large extended belly. “Astrid, honey, you should know better than to talk to Mommy like that. I’m tougher than I look, I’ll be fine.” Right as I finished speaking, the tentacle started pulsating, and one by one it began filling me up with its eggs. 

Astrid blinked in surprise. “Wait you don’t…” Her voice trailed off for a moment. “You’re the Mother of Monsters, right? You’re a constant gestation pod for all the fiendish creatures of the world, endlessly getting knocked up and birthing new monsters.”

I cocked my head towards her. “Honey, are you feeling alright? Did you hit your head in the last battle?” I grabbed onto my tit, giving it a little squeeze before continuing. “You sound like you could use a drink. You always were extra fond of my milk.” 

The tentacle retracted, having filled me with a fresh load, only to be replaced by another one. A bright purple tattoo above my pelvis started to glow. Astrid smiled, and she stripped out of her loincloth to expose her enormous cock. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer. And after that, how about I knock you up as well?”

That sounded good to me. I was the most powerful entity on the planet, and I had a responsibility to birth enough monsters to ensure anyone who tried to fight would fear me. And I had more than enough love to go around for my vast array of beautiful children.

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