The Royal Fall

Chapter 12 - Reunited

by Etherealust

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #humiliation #scifi #sub:female #clothing #fantasy #latex #magic
See spoiler tags : #betrayal

The soft silk sheets were heavenly against Cherry’s bare naked skin. She enjoyed the warmth of the sun radiating throughout her room, but more than that she relished the warmth of her companion. Bellwyn was still asleep under the covers next to her. It had been a long and passionate night of lovemaking, the kind that they rarely got thanks to Cherry’s duties as Princess. But as nice as those intense nights were, it was the tender moments afterwards that she valued more than anything. 

Bellwyn snorted as a lock of hair fell in front of her nose. She bolted upright in place, rapidly blinking as she scrambled in bed. Cherry couldn’t help but laugh at her girlfriend. “Hey you, did you have a nice sleep?”

Now that she had come to her senses again, Bellwyn’s posture slowly relaxed. “Every sleep is a nice sleep when it’s with you.” She lay back down and pulled the covers up. “Although I wouldn’t mind staying here a little longer.”

Cherry nestled back into bed next to her lover. “The brave and noble scout who often travels on the go? I would’ve thought that you’d be up at the crack of dawn.”

“S’different when I’m out in the field.” Bellwyn mumbled in response. “I don’t get many opportunities to sleep in a luxurious bed like this, so I’ve gotta take advantage of it when I can.” Although she usually spoke in a more refined tone, occasionally she slipped back into her country accent. “My Ma always said to make the most of what you can while you still can, so that’s what I’m doing.”

There was something Cherry found delightfully charming about Bellwyn when she was sleepy. “Well, you can enjoy this luxurious bed as long as you like, but I have to go get started on my duties.”

She tried to get up, but Bellwyn’s hand grabbed her and gently pulled her back. “It’s not the bed that’s nice, it’s the fact that you’re in it.” She started moving her hands along Cherry’s body. “Besides, I know there’s nothing overly important today. We can wait a bit longer.” She tried to protest, but Bellwyn started covering her chest in kisses and all resistance melted away.”

“I, ah, I suppose I can put off being a Princess for a little longer.” Cherry was grateful for all the things she’d been given in her life, and she tried not to take anything for granted. But in moments like this she couldn’t help but put her own pleasure first. Some things were just more important than that. Or rather, some people. “I love you, Bellwyn.” 

“I love you too.” Bellwyn’s hands lowered down and started playing with Cherry’s nether region. She slipped a pair of fingers inside her dripping pussy. “You just lay back and let me take care of you.”

Bellwyn was a master of dexterity, in all aspects of her life. Cherry knew this well. And with all the experience they’d had together, Bellwyn knew all of her most sensitive areas. “Oh fuck, that’s the spot. I’m getting close, Bellwyn. Don’t slow down!” Her girlfriend maintained her firm and steady pace, taking advantage of Cherry’s weak points. “Right there! Keep going!”

Only instead of speeding up for the climax, Bellwyn’s fingers just continued to bring her right to the edge, only to move away to other parts. Cherry squirmed in place, ready for the imminent orgasm that never seemed to arrive. “Come on, Bellwyn! Enough games already. I’m so close… I’m so close… I’m so close…”

“I’m so close… I’m so close…” The dream faded away as Cherry found herself back in the dungeon. Instead of a warm sun beaming down to a soft bed, she was on a rough mattress in a dimly lit cell. The tattered remains of her clothes lay discarded in the corner. Tears openly streaked down her eyes as the phantom sensation of fingers continued to toy with her.

Time had lost its purpose for her. Cherry didn’t know if it had been days, weeks, or months since Zenith had left her. It felt like it had been ages. At this point, she had nothing left to give. She had surrendered. Openly given up all resistance and begged to serve her. Hours had been spent screaming at the walls, knowing fully well that the sorceress was listening. But nothing ever happened to bring her relief. 

There was only one thing that occasionally changed. On the other side of the bars, the pedestal where her talisman had resided was currently empty. It was a while ago that it had disappeared, the artificial replica of a torso that held her real cunt. At first Cherry had thought it was a sign of change, that Zenith was planning to bring her somewhere. She felt someone using her, but it was much more authentic. Naturally it still never let her reach the orgasm she craved.

Since then it had come and gone seemingly at random. The only constant was that when it was gone, it genuinely felt like someone else was treating her body like a toy. Zenith’s spells all had a very rhythmic and calculated approach to pleasure. Cherry had to wonder if Zenith was loaning out her body to be used without even letting her know. There was no way of knowing what stranger was taking advantage of her, or if they knew what they were doing. It was yet another factor that was completely out of Cherry’s realm of control.

The sound of a loud POP broke her train of thought. Cherry jumped in place as a small burlap sack appeared in the middle of her cell. Her heart began to race in anticipation. It felt like aeons ago that she’d given up, that she’d fully pledged herself to Zenith. The frustration at having her surrender accomplished nothing at all had been unbearable. Any kind of a change, regardless of what it looked like, had to be a good thing. With shaking hands, Cherry pulled out the contents. Surely this had to be the next step of Zenith’s plan. And once she realized what sack was carrying she knew exactly what was expected of her. “Are you… are you fucking kidding me?”

Cherry stared at the latex bodysuit she had pulled out. It was covered in orange and purple diamonds, a bright contrast that almost hurt to look at. The ends of the sleeves were tapered together towards a single point, creating a mitten of sorts that would render her fingers useless. A single bell dangled from the tip of each hand. There were a number of other bells as well, two hanging right around the chest area, one at the end of each tip of the shoes, and a handful more surrounding the collar. There were also a pair of ludicrous shoes with curled tips, and a shiny jester’s hood with even more bells to complete the outfit.

There was no question of what to do. Cherry knew she was expected to wear it, and although some small part of her wanted to resist, she knew that it was futile. Zenith wanted her to resist and fight back. As contradictory as it felt, playing the role of the amusing jester might just be the least interesting thing she could do. There was no resisting Zenith, not if she wanted the orgasm she so desperately craved. Sex was the only thing she could really think about anymore, in her waking moments or in her sleep. Even now she felt a pair of soft hands still molesting her, teasing her with reckless abandon from another place entirely.

The suit was tight, but Cherry wasn’t surprised in the slightest that it was essentially a perfect fit. She slipped her legs inside, letting the smooth material press against her skin. An extra insult was that the space over her pelvis was clear, allowing everyone to see the smooth and blank area where her cunt should be.

Next, the shoes and the hood went on, while she still had use of her fingers. The jingling of the bells rang out as the hood was secured. Cherry was wondering how exactly the final touches would work. She finally slipped her hands through the sleeves, letting them reach their restrictive prison beneath the material. Once they were secured, the back of the suit began to constrict, the seam closing together to seal her tight. She didn’t need to feel her back to know that there was no way for her to get the suit off anymore. Not that she could have without her hands.

Even though Cherry couldn’t see herself, she knew that she looked ridiculous. The bells were jingling with every slight movement, mixing with the ever present squeak of rubber. This had to be exactly how Zenith wanted her. A pitiful facade of her former self, a Princess reduced to a fetishised joke.

The door to her cell swung open. For all the horrible punishment she’d been suffering, at least this was a sign to something better. A way for Zenith to accept her surrender. Cherry realised she’d been holding onto the fear that even after donning the jester’s outfit, she’d still be trapped in her cell. But thankfully she was being called upon. Although she was certain that whatever fresh hell awaited her at the top of the stairs would carry its own fair share of pain. Regardless, Cherry had no option but to obey. She knew that now. Fighting back was useless, and the only thing left was to do as she was told.

Every step upwards as she left the dungeon felt massive. She had no idea what state her castle was in, or how her servants were being treated. Although she’d been briefly reunited with Bellwyn, only to see how much her girlfriend was suffering, there were still plenty of variables. It was impossible to guess what Zenith was doing with Jinta, Valia, or her own Mother. There was no doubt that the Queen was no longer the one in charge.

At the top of the stairs, it was immediately apparent just how much things had  changed. Guards were no longer wearing proper suits of armour, instead wearing skintight outfits decorated with a strange and perverse new emblem. They were much more “hands on” with each other as well. The two guards stationed at the entrance to the dungeon were in a slow makeout session, lines of drool trailing between each other's lips.Even though the bells were ringing as she walked, none of them paid her a single glance. Cherry didn’t know whether that was a bad or a good thing.

Although she had no explicit instructions, Cherry was fairly certain she knew where to go. The throne room. Earlier on this would’ve been her opportunity to bolt for the exit, to try and escape, but those days were long gone. What would be the point? Where would she go? She didn’t even know if she still had any political allies outside the Kingdom. Or inside it, for that matter. So instead, she kept her head down and made her way to the throne room, legs quaking in fear of what she would find.

Sure enough, as she neared the massive double doors to the throne room, they slid open to grant her entrance. Cherry held her breath as she tentatively walked inside. There were only two occupants in the room. One of them was Zenith herself, sitting smugly atop the throne. The throne itself had some special new cushioning that propped her up even higher. Zenith had always been imposing and dominant, but now that Cherry could see her in a direct position of power, it was hard to deny that she filled the role quite well. However, Zenith wasn’t the person Cherry found her gaze being drawn to.

The other person was Meredith, her own mother. The former Queen. Only she looked so different Cherry almost didn’t recognize her. Meredith was squatting down at Zenith’s feet, wearing a bikini that went in a V shape down her breasts over her groin. Her breasts were massive, even more so than they had been, and they were almost completely exposed. In fact, much of her body overall looked larger - a wider rear and thicker thighs only made her look extra jiggly. There was also an extremely obvious bulge between her legs. She was sporting some kind of a cock, barely restrained underneath the bikini. And from what she could tell it was a hefty one at that. However, what was changed the most was her expression. Instead of the composed and mature face she was used to, Meredith had her tongue hanging out as she stared upwards towards the woman sitting in her throne. There was no trace of the intelligence and sharp mind she was famous for.

Zenith patted Meredith’s head as she finally spoke up. “Princess Cherry, how nice of you to join us! I was wondering if you’d make your way up here.” She shifted in place, and Cherry noticed that she had a new type of padding underneath her seat. “My lieutenant had her doubts, but I told her you’d be here. And just in time as well. We’ll be starting the ceremony soon, and although you look the part, we need to make sure you’re prepared for your role.”

There were so many questions swimming about in Cherry’s mind. She wanted to make a witty retort, to demand an answer about what had happened to her mother, and to inquire about the ceremony. But ultimately it was something else that fully caught her attention. “What do you mean ‘Lieutenant'? You can’t possibly need any help.”

Zenith chuckled in response. “Of course not, but that doesn’t mean I won’t accept it when offered. In fact, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to get the whole crew reunited with each other.” She looked down towards Meredith. “There she is. Aren’t you so proud of your daughter? She’s volunteered to provide us with entertainment! And doesn’t she just look lovely?”

Instead of just responding, Meredith moaned in sheer arousal. “Oh she just looks so juicy! You did a great job with her Mommy, it’s making me even hornier.”

Cherry was astounded at the revelation. “Mom! What’s… what’s gotten into you? If she’s using her mind control spells, you have to fight it!”

There was a deep chuckle from Zenith. “Oh that’s rich, coming from you. Nobody forced you to leave that cell, did they? You came here of your own free will. I haven’t forced your mother to do anything.” She smiled at her own comment. “Although, perhaps my choice of words was a bit off. You haven’t ‘cum’ at all recently, have you? She certainly has. And I think she’s much happier this way.”

Tears were forming in Cherry’s eyes. She was torn between the sight of her disgraced mother and the woman responsible for their torment. “Is that… is that true Mom? Are you really like that by your own choice?” There was a time she would’ve found it unthinkable, but now she found it was hard to find anything out of the question. 

Still, even if her Mother was a lost cause, she still had to at least see the others. “What about Bellwyn? Is she alright?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself? Although I’m afraid you’ll find she won’t be able to answer.” Although Zenith explained herself with total authority, she remained in place on her throne. Cherry half expected the doors to swing open for Bellwyn to be brought inside, but no such occurrence happened. She was almost starting to wonder if Zenith had been wrong about something when the sorcerer spoke up again. “I suppose in this case I can’t really blame you for not noticing her. Even though she's been in front of you all along.” Zenith parted her legs and smacked the shiny latex padding beneath her. 

With a start, Cherry saw exactly what Zenith was talking about. She wasn’t just sitting on some ordinary cushion, it was a pair of rubber clad buttcheeks. The ass of someone bent over, lying beneath Zenith atop the throne. Now that she looked closer, Cherry could see how they were bent over with their thighs up to their chest and legs going up the back of the seat. And it was obvious who Zenith had trapped there. “Bellwyn.”

“She’s so comfy. I can see why you like her so much. Isn’t that right dear?” Meredith eagerly nodded at the comment.

“She’s like so fun to play with! I love all the funny noises when I press on her parts. And I love painting her with my cum!” Meredith looked up at her Mistress. “By the way, is this going to take long? Can we go fuck again soon?”

Zenith chuckled once again. “Be patient, my dear. I know it’s tough for you, but we’ve still got some more people to meet. After all, the head maid of the castle deserves some proper recognition, does she not? Don’t worry Cherry, I think you’ll be quite pleased with the adjustments I’ve made to her new role.”

The words stung Cherry like a dagger. “Valia…” Her voice trailed off, unable to finish her train of thought. Valia had always been there for her. She was always so reliable, and it pained Cherry to think of what had become of her most trusted and loyal servant. “Just… just tell me you went easy on her.” As desperate as it sounded, it was the only thing she could say. “She didn’t deserve this.”

“How very touching, for you to still be concerned over your friend like that.” Zenith’s honeyed words did nothing to alleviate Cherry’s worries. “You should know that I hardly did anything to her. It’s what my lieutenant did that you should be concerned about. After all, not all of your friends are so deserving of your trust.” Her smile grew even wider. “Do you know how I was able to come here in the first place? For all my power, I did need a little extra help. A bit of sabotage from someone deep within the castle. And your dearest cousin was more than happy to oblige.”

Cherry’s eyes widened at the revelation. “No. That’s not… She wouldn’t.” Her panicked breathing was increasing in pace. “Jinta and I argue, but she wouldn’t fully betray me like that. She’s still one of us. You’re lying!”

“Really? You still believe that she wouldn’t sell you out in a heartbeat the moment she realised none of you would win? My dear, you should know that Jinta always wanted to come out on top over you. And she saw an opportunity with me.”

It was too much for Cherry to handle. “That’s not true. It can’t be true.” She didn’t know if she was talking to herself or Zenith at this point. “You’re just saying things, trying to mess with my head.” She was openly shaking by now, the bells on her collar ringing out with the motion. “Why bother? I’ve already surrendered, haven’t I? What’s the point in trying to manipulate me even further?”

Zenith just shook her head. “You really don’t believe me, do you. Even after all this time. Oh well, I guess I’ll let you ask her yourself. No point in burying the lede anymore.” Zenith snapped her fingers, and with a puff of acrid smoke, a figure dropped out of the air in front of the throne, landing right on her butt. She was wearing a fetishistic parody of a maid’s outfit, made entirely of shiny latex with excessive frills under the hem and around the sleeves with massive boots that laced all the way up her thighs.

“Ah dammit! For shit’s sake, do you really have to do that?” Jinta stood up, dusting off her maid’s uniform. Her face was all flushed and sweaty. She looked around, then scowled when she saw Cherry. “Oh great, you’re here. Nice getup by the way.”

Cherry was utterly lost for words. “I- but- Jinta, you’re alive!” She was still baffled at what had happened. “Zenith had said you joined her. What’s happened to you? Have you been managing Zenith’s punishments?”

Jinta shook her head. “Fuck, you really were kept in the dark. Fat load of good it would do to try and join that bitch anyway.” She gave an unsubtle stink eye towards Zenith before continuing. “Anyway, I hate to break it to you, but she’s not the one you need to worry about. She’s a hell of a lot nicer than the other absolute stuck-up cunt that-”

“MIND YOURSELF, YOU WORM.” The double doors to the throne room burst open with a gust of air. A chilling voice ran through the room, and Jinta immediately bolted upright, standing properly.

“Yes, forgive me Ma’am, I was just-”

“Silence.” The voice was much more subtle this time, but it still commanded just as much respect. And unfortunately, it was a voice that Cherry recognized. The echo of footsteps slowly grew louder and louder. “So, you finally decided to join us, Princess. I’ll admit, I didn’t think you would.” For the first time since leaving the dungeon, Cherry saw someone that was properly dressed for battle. A figure strode into the room, clad in thick black armour that covered every inch of her skin. A set of viscous looking daggers were looped around the belt. She pulled off her helmet to get a proper look at everyone directly.

“The preparations for the ceremony are complete, Lady Zenith. We’re all set for you to be crowned the new Queen of Tirencia.” She fixed her gaze towards Cherry, cold and emotionless and utterly devoid of compassion. “And I see you’ve done a fine job prepping the entertainment.”

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