The Dungeon of Deviancy

Three Days Later

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #f/nb #fantasy #humor #multiple_partners #pov:top #sub:male #sub:nb

Three Days Later

Everything was running smoothly for a change. Once the situation had been explained, every single one of her employees agreed to the changes. And much to Malia’s appreciation, they had eagerly stepped to the challenge. The walkway over the tentacle pit had been widened, enchanted staircases were replaced with enchanted ramps, and the heads of each quadrant received training on how to spar against opponents with mobility restrictions - not to go easy on them, by any means, but to fight at full force without exploiting any weak areas. She’d even gone over the puzzles and made sure they had audio cues and symbols instead of relying on colour.

All in all, this was the most functional her dungeon had been in years. Malia couldn’t remember the last time her staff were motivated to improve this much. She almost wanted to thank the fighter in the wheelchair, who she’d learned was named Joyce, for expanding her own horizons. The Dungeon of Deviancy was now a much better place and Joyce was largely responsible for it. At the moment, however, she wasn’t in much of a position to appreciate Malia’s gratitude. 

“Ooh, you’re like sooooo sensitive there, aren’t you?” Joyce was sitting on the floor, legs spread wide, her clothes discarded with a vacant expression on her face. A half dozen demonic women surrounded her, their skin bright pink and their tits extra large and perky. The succubimbo’s giggled as they teased her, a pair of them sucking on her breasts while another fingered her dripping cunt. Two of them alternated between tickling her sides and showering her body in sloppy kisses. The last simply held Joyce in place, letting the fighter lean against her chest while she stroked her hair. “Thinking is so hard, isn’t it. You should totally be a brainless bimbo like us!”

Joyce’s only response was a manic laughter, the sensations overwhelming her body as her mind slowly melted away, putty in the hands of her captors. Malia watched the whole ordeal from her crystal ball, relishing in the entertainment being provided. But the last detail was what really brought a smile to her face.

A few meters away from the fighter was her wheelchair, carefully secured until it was needed.

In a local tavern, amidst the chorus of angry brawls and drunken songs, a bulletin board displayed a wide variety of requests. Adventurers from near and far could see who needed help, what was in danger, and where they could find the best loot. One such flier advertised the Dungeon of Deviancy, a place for only the bravest of adventurers. The flier spoke of all the lustful traps and monsters that had defeated many such adventurers before, and the perverse fates that awaited them. The danger was immeasurable, but the rewards were far beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But only for those strong enough to defeat the dark sorceress Malia.

The flier had a recent addition as well. On the corner a message was written in bright pink lipstick. “NOW WITH FULL WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY.”

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