The Dungeon of Deviancy

A New Challenger

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #f/nb #fantasy #humor #multiple_partners #pov:top #sub:male #sub:nb

Running a dungeon wasn’t easy, but moments like this made it all worth it for Lady Malia. She was seated in the heart of it all, surrounded by vast treasures and powerful artifacts that adventurers desperately craved. Not only was Malia the most powerful sorceress in the past century, she made sure everyone knew just how weak they were compared to herself. 

The Dungeon of Deviancy was her pride and joy, a gauntlet of traps and monsters designed to turn the roughest of adventurers into pathetic sluts begging to be abused. Many bands of warriors had stormed her sanctum in a vain attempt to get their hands on her treasures. From the Staff of Binding to the Circlet of the Fifth Eye, there were all sorts of powerful tools one could potentially plunder. But for all the brave adventurers who tried to take it, none had succeeded. Malia ensured that everyone had an equal chance of taking her down, but thanks to her skill for planning and unparalleled magical talent, few even made it to her chambers. And those who did were met with the harsh reality that they never stood a chance.

Currently Malia was relaxing on her throne, watching over the rooms of her dungeon with a crystal ball, letting her most recent acquisition eat her out. Pepper used to be a rogue, and she’d tried to bypass most of the chambers. She had even made it further than most. Unfortunately for her, she was caught by a sneaky mimic disguised as a treasure chest. After being pulled inside the chest and spending the next several hours with her holes plugged and vibed, Pepper decided her place was on her knees at the feet of her Mistress. Now she spent her days locked in a chastity belt, using her mouth in hopes that someone will reward her by turning up the vibes trapped inside of her. 

The dungeon was lively as ever. Malia was watching her lieutenants patrol the corridors when a voice brought her back to reality. “Urgent news, Lady Malia, from the front entrance!” Malia glanced up from her scrying orb to see her head assistant. Few members of her dungeon were allowed to address her with such informality, but Tayo had proven their competence enough times. Normally they would ask for permission to speak, and the fact that they hadn’t was enough to cause alarm. 

Whatever the situation was, it had to be serious. Malia set down her crystal ball, and while Pepper’s tongue was still deep inside of her, she gave her assistant full attention. “What are we dealing with? Is anyone in danger, and do we need to start emergency procedures?”

Tayo shook their head in response. “Everyone’s fine, but I’m afraid this will require direct action. There’s someone outside the steps who you need to speak with. I’d explain it to you, but… it would be best if you saw for yourself. I can assure you that dealing with this person takes precedence over everything else we have planned for the day.”

Malia’s brow furrowed in confusion. Who could be outside that would warrant such a response? Maybe it was another sorcerer with skills on par with her own, or a large-scale revolt from the nearby town. But in either of those cases Tayo would’ve simply informed her of such. “Very well, I’m on my way to the entrance.” She waved her hand towards her assistant, causing them to shudder as their magical buttplug hummed to life. Tayo moaned as their precum dripped from their cock and onto the floor. “Keep things running smoothly until I return.” 

Tayo saluted in response as the Dungeon Mistress stood up. Pepper moved back, and although she wanted to ask something, she knew better than to speak out of turn. Malia adjusted her robes, recast a magical ward for the area, and began the journey towards the entrance. As she closed the door behind her, Tayo’s voice could be heard. “Come here Pepper, let me give you a few more pointers on cunnilingus. Mistress will need some good stress relief when she returns.”

The dungeon itself was rather large. It was filled with multiple sections, each with their own twists and turns, and anyone who didn’t know the way would find themselves running in circles. Lady Malia was taking the most direct route to the entrance, which meant going through one of her favourite areas. The mechanized sector. The corridors were lined with gears and levers, with steam pumping out of valves here and there. It wasn’t uncommon for adventurers to hear she was a mage and assume the dungeon was purely magical, only to be caught with the wonders of science.

Malia’s thoughts were interrupted by a cry of warning. “Woah boss, watch your step! I just set up a new wave of traps, give me a moment to turn them off.” The sorceress paused while the sounds of hammers and wrenches filled the room. Malia cast a simple detection spell to see for herself what was happening. Sure enough, the chamber she’d been about to enter was filled with pressure plates, tripwires, and sensory runes. One more step and the room would’ve been chaos.

After some more banging and a particularly loud THUD, the engineer behind it all crawled out from her alcove. Keensa was a busty little goblin with a particular knack for machinery, and she was always inventing new ways to deal with intruders. “Sorry about that,” she began, wiping the oil and grime from her hands onto her equally filthy apron. “I’ve been going a little nuts with this place, and it’s not properly rigged up just yet. Right now it’s just as dangerous for us as our enemies.”

The sorceress raised an eyebrow. “And you were concerned for my safety? Come now, did you really think you had something powerful enough to trap me?”

Keensa barked with laughter. “It’s not you I’m worried about, boss. I doubt there’s a single mechanic on this continent that could build something capable of restraining you.” She kicked a loose piece of metal between them. “I’m more worried about my babies getting hurt. These suckers take a long time to set up, and I’m not planning to stress test them against your destructive power. I’m good, but I’m not that good.” Keensa sighed, a frustrated expression on her face. “Besides, some idiot came through here about an hour ago. Set off most of the traps prematurely, while I was still setting the rest of them up. Another setback is the last thing I want.”

The last point caught Malia’s interest. “Anything unusual? There’s been a potential red alert, and I want everyone to be particularly diligent.”

The goblin tapped her chin, contemplating the probabilities. “I’m not sure, but I doubt it. Truthfully, I don’t even know who I caught. You can see for yourself.” Keensa ran off to the side of the room to pull a hidden lever. A system of pulleys along the ceiling began to whirr, and after a moment a bound form swung down into the room. 

It was impossible to tell who - or what - exactly was trapped inside. The figure was undeniably feminine, but it was thoroughly wrapped in a series of bandages, comparable to a mummy. It wriggled in midair, suspended by a hook from the ceiling, completely unidentifiable. “Sorry, let me just…” Keensa trailed off as she fiddled with the controls a bit more. With a click the bandages fell away, but given what was underneath, it made little difference.

Beneath the mummification was a thick set of black leather restraints. Her arms were in a tight armbinder and her legs were secured together by a series of belts. Between the combination of her catsuit, a hood, a blindfold and a shiny red ballgag, not an inch of skin was showing. Keensa had a sheepish expression. “Look, I told you she set off a whole bunch of traps. For all I know, it could be a member of our team. I was planning to leave her like this until I had everything back to normal, but I can let her out early if you want.”

Malia waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “That won’t be necessary. If she was related to the problem in any fashion, I highly doubt she’s a threat anymore.” The sorceress stared directly at the bound woman, raising her voice to ensure her next point got across. “And if it happens to be a member of our team under there, then she deserves to be up there even more. Learn to deal with the consequences of your carelessness.”

The trapped woman squirmed in place, though it was impossible to tell whether it was in response to Malia’s words or just a coincidence. Keensa made her way back to the control panel. “Right then, I’ll keep her here until the room is set up nicely again.” She pressed a button, and a muffled scream could immediately be heard from her victim, as well as a firm buzzing noise. “Whoops, wrong button.” Keensa fiddled with the controls a bit more, and the pulleys began to whir, pulling their hooked captive away behind the scenes. Although the buzzing sounds continued behind the scenes. “Good luck with the situation boss, whatever it ends up being!”

Keensa went back to her workshop as Lady Malia continued on her way. She kept a careful eye out for further traps, but her mind continued to wander about who could be at the entrance. The situation was important, but not urgent. It was a problem worth immediate attention, but not one that put the dungeon itself in danger. Perhaps something went wrong with the warding spell? The entire dungeon was protected with a wide variety of protection charms, ranging from basic defenses to a ward that prevents children from entering. But for all of their skills, Tayo was no magical expert, and the intricacies of the spells around the dungeon were far beyond their knowledge. It must be related to the individual person waiting outside of her steps.

”Maliaaaaaaa.” A whiney voice echoed through the corridor. The Dungeon Mistress groaned as she realized who was coming. A fairy the size of her hand was flitting towards her, still complaining as she traveled. “Bruna won’t let me play with the paladin, and she keeps trying to mess with my boy toy, even though she promised I could have him.”

A lumbering figure trailed behind the fairy. Bruna was a large and muscular orc, even by her own species standards, and an unconscious body was slung over her shoulder. “That’s not true, Vecks. I promised the next stud we captured would be yours.” The bulky woman caught up to the other two, dumping a man dressed in only a loincloth between them. “You saw how quickly he went down. This one deserves the full feminizing treatment, not to become one of our meatheads.”

Lady Malia rubbed the bridge of her nose. Bruna and Vecks were her heads of security, and if she excluded herself, they were by far the strongest forces in the dungeon. Vecks was a spellcasting prodigy, specialising in mental magic and brainwashing her opponents into obedient slaves. Bruna, on the other hand, was unparalleled in her physical prowess. She was a master with every weapon imaginable, and that was ignoring all the ways she could win a fight with her bare hands. The two of them together were nearly unstoppable, and it was extremely common for entire parties of experienced adventurers to be completely wiped by the pair. 

Unfortunately the two of them made a point to bicker about EVERYTHING. Whether it was who had the better haircut, or whose turn it was to feed the succubimbo’s, the two would argue until the ends of the earth. It didn’t help that both of them were the switchiest of switches Malia had ever met. Last week Vecks had trussed Bruna up as a ponygirl, dragging her by a leash around the dungeon. The week before that Bruna had trapped the fairy inside of a dildo and spent the entire day fucking herself with Vecks stuck inside. And so on and so forth for as many weeks as anyone could remember.

“It’s not fair though,” Vecks continued to pout. “You always turn them into little sissy bitches. It’s been ages since we’ve had a dumb musclehead with a cock big enough to sleep on.” One of the Vecks’s favourite pastimes was using her size to tease those much bigger than herself. Even if they couldn’t fit inside her (at least not without a special spell), she would often use her pint sized body to literally wrap her arms around their erection. 

Bruna shook her head. “You know how men are about their dick sizes. If word gets out that we treat such pitiful fighting in such a way, they’ll see it as a reward. You can have the next man who poses a proper challenge, this one deserves to have his tiny cock locked away and scrubbing the halls as our new maid.”

A quiet moan came from the floor, and all three women looked to see the paladin regaining consciousness. He groggily stared at his captors. “Do… do I get a say in any of this?” He was met with two powerful spells and a swift kick to the stomach in response. 

Malia could feel the frustration building inside of her. These were her two best soldiers, but their arguing was annoying at best and detrimental at worst. Today in particular she didn’t have the time or the patience to deal with their problems. “Here’s what’s going to happen.” Malia spoke in an imposing tone, one that caused her subordinates to immediately snap to attention. “You’re going to take him to the transformation room, and start the typical sissification process.” Vecks began to protest, but she was quickly cut off. “However, instead of shrinking his cock, you’re going to grow it out. He’ll be a slender femboy that’s hung like the biggest of the suds we’ve had. Bruna will lock it away in chastity, and when he’s done with his chores, Vecks can let it out to play with. Okay?”

Neither of them looked particularly happy about the arrangement, but they both nodded their heads in agreement. “Good. Because if I hear a single word of complaint from either of you, you’ll be joining him as our newest maids.” She didn’t know how big of a threat that was, since knowing the two they’d probably enjoy it, but that didn’t matter at the moment. Her security chiefs could fight it out or fuck it out later. For now, she still needed to get a move on. 

“And by the way, the two of you should be on extra high alert.” Vecks and Bruna both turned to face her. “You know I’m typically pretty lenient about how you guard the place, but there’s been a situation. Until we  know exactly what’s going on, I want both of you to be ready for a fight.” The two of them nodded. Bruna twirled her trusty mace, while sparks of energy cackled between Vecks’s fingertips. 

“A threat that you’re acknowledging?” Bruna’s voice carried a hint of admiration. “Now you’ve got me curious. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure not to go easy on the next group we meet.”

Vecks giggled in response. “It has been a while since we were able to go all out. Should I make the next person freeze in place, turn on their allies, or run screaming like a baby?”

The two of them were difficult to deal with at times, but when push came to shove, they had proven themselves time and time again. Vecks and Bruna were pillars of her dungeon, and there was nobody Malia would rather have at her back when things got serious. She almost felt bad for anyone who happened to run into them, now that they were fired up. Almost.

There was only one area left that Malia had to go through on her way to the entrance, but it was a place that always gave her a headache. The botanical caverns were particularly nasty to oncoming adventurers and often managed to snag the careless and clumsy. However, they required a lot of maintenance to function properly, which could be a headache to schedule. The plant life here was rather exotic, and keeping the temperature and humidity levels appropriate without being too obvious was a difficult balancing act.

The walls of the cavern were lined with a wide variety of exotic flora, and there was a density in the air that differed from the rest of the dungeon. A series of moans and whimpers could be heard from nearby, and there was a thick aroma in the air. Malia raised her guard as she realized what was likely happening.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she reached the source of the noises, and the area with the thickest scent. A group of five adventurers were laying on the ground, stripped down of all clothing, gently rubbing themselves and each other all over. Two of them were passionately making out, one was grinding his cunt into his partner's face, and the last was jerking herself off while watching the whole ordeal. All of them had dilated pupils, and they stared vacantly into the distance while pawing at their partner’s bodies. The walls were lined with pretty blue flowers. They looked innocent enough, but anyone who examined them closely would notice the toxins that were constantly seeping into the air.

Malia felt the spores inside of her as well. It wasn’t nearly capable of rendering her useless like the other victims in the room, but it was enough to noticeably impact her thoughts. And that was enough for her to draw the line. “Knock it off, Drissie. You know the rules fully well.” A particularly large mass of plant life began to shift. From the flowers an alraune rose up, with light green skin and cyan hair to match the flowers.

“Geez, lighten up will you?” The plant woman emerged from her hiding spot, her bare torso protruding from the tangle of vines and flowers. She paid no attention to the orgy happening on the floor around her. “I mean, can you really blame me for trying to help you relax a little?”

The sorceress frowned. “I can and will blame you. Drissie, you know you’re still on probation after what happened last month. You’re not to use your perfume on anyone on our side without express permission.” Drissie was a playful one, but she had a bad habit of taking her pranks too far. A while back she’d managed to sneak her toxins into the food supply, resulting in her entire crew being more brainless and horny than usual. Which wasn’t a major problem, until adventurers started waltzing past the glassy eyed monsters idly rubbing themselves instead of fighting. Malia had worked overtime to personally deal with entire parties.

Instead of getting upset, she took a deep breath. “Drissie, I know you mean well. Everyone loves your party tricks and most of our team is happy to get blitzed out on your intoxicants.” She spoke in a kind yet firm voice, one that showed her  years of expertise in management. “But you need to fully understand the time and place. Overdosing these pitiful do-gooders so that they can’t think or feel anything but each other's tongues is fine. Trying to do the same to your boss without asking is not. Do I make myself clear?

Malia expected to be met with a pout or an eye roll, but to her surprise, Drissie’s eyes were downcast in shame. “I just have a hard time understanding you animal types,” she said in an uncharacteristically dour tone. “All I want is to make people happy. My pollen makes people happy. Why does everyone keep getting angry at me.?”

For once, Malia saw her employee from a different perspective. Drissie had grown up in the jungles with other Alraune, and was still getting used to interacting with different species. Malia gestured towards the pile of humanoids on the ground, a chorus of moaning with no rational thoughts beyond feeling pleasure. “Think about it this way. You gassed them without asking first, forcing them into this mindless state of lust. Do they look happy to you?” One of the girls cried out as her partner started rimming her asshole while another ate her out. “Of course they’re happy. This is exactly where they’re meant to be. I built this dungeon so we can help other adventurers feel that way.”

A smile was growing on Drissie’s face as Malia continued. “But in order to do that, we need to be thinking clearly. We must bear the burden of not rolling around in a ball of horniness so that others can submit to it.” The alraune looked rather pleased with herself. “And don’t you worry. There will be plenty of opportunities for your co-workers to feel the same way, so long as you’re patient.” As much as others were cautious around her, office parties where Drissie failed to show just weren’t the same. 

“Alright, I think I understand.” The alraune moved back towards her hiding spot on the wall. “Although if I’m not using my pollen on my friends, that just means more for the adventurers. I’ll wait until you leave to up the dosage though.”

It was all about tempering the right balance between letting her subordinates fool around while ensuring they did their jobs properly. But that was her duty as Dungeon Mistress, and it was one she happily carried out when needed. The plants here were high maintenance, but that just meant with a little extra love and care, they could stand out above the rest and be even more beautiful.

With the Alraune properly handled, Malia was free to reach her destination. The entrance. And waiting for her there would be someone who needed to speak with her, for one reason or another. The humid and thick air of the botanical section was replaced with a cold breeze that could only mean one thing. She was almost outside.

At long last, Malia had reached the entrance of her dungeon. She was hit with a sweet wave of fresh air, but it did little to soothe her nerves. This dungeon was her pride and joy, somewhere all sorts of adventurers could be broken down and reshaped as her own playthings. Even the strongest of warriors would fall at her feet, and she was ready to defend her dungeon and her servants inside of it at any cost. 

“Welcome to the Dungeon of Deviancy,” she announced with a magically amplified voice. Her words rang out far and wide, full of confidence and sensuality. “If you think you’re brave enough, you’re welcome to test your own prowess.” Malia spoke with a commanding presence for everyone to hear, but once she saw who was outside, all of that bravado crumbled away in a heartbeat.

She stuttered in place when she saw who was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps. In a horrifying instant, she realized everything Tayo had meant. Her face went pale, and a nervous sweat began to rise. This was something she hadn’t prepared for. This was a terrible oversight, one that made her sick to her stomach. All at once Malia was struck with how badly she had messed up and just how awful the consequences were.

At the bottom of the steps was a fairly normal looking adventurer. She was wearing a thin layer of chainmail, with a crossbow strapped to her back. But her eyes were glaring with a righteous fury that made the sorceress feel weak in the knees.

The adventurer sat in her wheelchair, at the bottom of the steps, with an unamused expression on her face.

“Oh my gods,” Malia began. “I’m so so sorry for this. I really didn’t think-”

“No, you didn’t think, did you.” The dungeon Mistress flinched at the harsh words, her eyes downcast. “I’ve traveled a long way to find this dungeon,” the adventurer continued. “I heard it had mind blowing experiences, with the best minions and unforgettable encounters.” Every word sunk into Malia’s chest like a dagger. “All of my friends have been gushing about spending the week as a cunt worshipping lezzie slut or getting their ass fucked so hard they forget their names. And what do I find when I get here?” She rolled her wheelchair forward, bumping into the bottom step. The whole time she maintained eye contact. “I thought we were better than this by now.”

It took a moment for Malia to compose herself. Yes, she had messed up. Her dungeon was supposed to be for everyone, no matter what their unique circumstances. At the moment she had failed to meet that goal. But even though she’d made mistakes in the past, she was aware of the problem now. “You’re right, this mistake was my fault and my responsibility. I offer you my deepest apologies.” It wasn’t often that Malia bowed her head to an adventurer, but in this scenario it was warranted. “Please allow me the opportunity to make things right.”

The fighter’s gaze softened as she listened to the apology. “It’s alright, I just get worked up about these sorts of things.”

Malia held up her hand. “No, you have every right to be upset. It’s not right that you were denied access because of your mobility aid, and I have no intention of letting it happen again.” She spoke truthfully and from her heart. The whole point of her dungeon was to prove that none of the pitiful intruders were above each other, and all were equally her slaves. Denying somebody that option went against the core of her being.

The markswoman wheeled herself backwards, ready to return to town. “I suppose I can wait for you to fix things up a bit. Is it alright if I come back here in a week?”

Thoughts of what needed to be done filled the dungeon Mistress’s mind. It wasn’t just the entrance either. Some of the traps and challenges would have to be altered, and entire sections of her dungeon would need to be reworked. Word would have to go around, and she’d need to talk with all her minions to ensure they were up to the challenge as well. All before this girl returned.

“I think you’re vastly miscalculating my abilities,” she responded. “Give me three days.”

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