Subroutine Manager

Testing the Waters

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

I woke up in the morning feeling surprisingly well-rested. Although androids like myself technically didn’t need to spend eight hours a night in sleep mode, running your processors for too long greatly increased the risk of literal burnout. Besides, it helped me feel more attuned with humans, and sleeping at night with Kay was something I never wanted to give up.

This morning, however, I woke up alone in our bed. Kay was already getting started with her day. I could hear the sizzle of a pan, as well as Kay’s out of tune humming. She must’ve been in a good mood after everything that happened last night.

The memories came rushing back to me. Last night had been both dangerous and exhilarating. It was a mind bending experience, and I was eager to go back and try it some more. But we needed to talk about serious stuff first. As fun as it was to let my girlfriend take absolute control of my body and soul (provided I had a soul), I had to factor her feelings in as well. It was a lot of responsibility to give someone, and the last thing I wanted was to stress her out.

I slipped on a loose t-shirt and panties, grumbling as I noticed how my newly enlarged chest stretched it out. Maybe I would end up regretting giving her control of my body size. Or maybe it could be an excuse to buy a whole bunch of clothes. 

Kay was still humming as I strode into the kitchen. She was making her signature omelet, with some fancy cheese and various spices. For the millionth time, I wished that I could eat her food and taste her cooking. But I held my tongue. Kay was in a great mood, and I didn’t want to bring her down. 

“Hey you,” she began, dancing over to give me a big hug. “Did you sleep well last night? Or at least have a good resting state?”

I returned the hug, stroking her hair in the process. “I did, actually. And from the looks of things, so did you. I thought you hated mornings?”

Kay grinned from ear to ear. “Not when there’s science to be done. Today we’ve got so much to do, and I just couldn’t wait to get started.” She broke free from my hug and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Go check the computer while I finish making breakfast.” 

In the living room, our computer screen was filled with over a dozen different programs. Most of them had a loading bar, with varying levels of completion. And behind it all in the background was Subroutine Manager. “I’m hitting this thing with every type of analysis I’ve got,” Kay explained from the kitchen. “Not just virus scans. I’m trying to get details on who made this thing, where it came from, how it works, and what kind of access it has. Everything we can possibly learn about it.”

I let out a low whistle. Kay was really attacking this with every tool in her arsenal. Ironically I wasn’t great with computers, so most of it went over my head, but it looked rather impressive. Although I was glad of her eagerness, it caused a sinking feeling to grow in my core. I still needed to talk with her about boundaries, and make sure I hadn’t gone too far with my fantasies. “I’m glad you’re all fired up for this. Really, I am. But I think we need to talk about limits first.” 

Kay poked her head around the corner. She was holding the plate with her breakfast in one hand, a concerned expression on her face. “Crap, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed you were ready again. Is this about the stuff I left in you? I can set everything back if you like.”

Once again, Kay was only concerned about me. I held up my palms. “No, I love this whole thing. I’m just worried I put a bit too much responsibility on you.” I considered my next words carefully, mulling over the best way to phrase it. “This is a brilliant fantasy for me, and I have no problem putting myself in danger, but you also need to be okay with it. I’d hate for you to be stressing about accidentally wiping my personality or something.”

Kay was still for a moment before responding. “Here, let me show you something.” She scooted over to the computer chair, bringing the Subroutine Manager to the front. “One of the first things I discovered this morning was an emergency restore function. A ‘failsafe’, if you will.” She brought up a menu with a restore option. “From what I can tell, this will set everything back to how it was before we first used it. It should go to the parameters from when you granted permission to edit.”

I nodded in understanding. “So no matter what happens, you can’t permanently fuck up my brain on accident. This thing offers a baseline of protection no matter what.” Here I’d been worried about protecting my girlfriend from my desires and she’d already found a solution.

“I’ll admit, this morning I was worried about the same things you said.” Kay spoke between bites of her omelet. “Once the edit feature was active I could just change your mind to agree with anything I wanted and completely rewrite your personality.” I shivered at the thought of it, though not for the reason any sane android would have. “I’d be a lot more nervous as well, but weirdly enough I trust this app. I get the feeling it was designed by someone who truly had the best intentions for all electronic beings. I don’t think it was made as a weapon.”

Her reasoning made sense. “Yeah, I did have to grant permission in the first place to use it to its full capacity. Someone who just saw me as an object wouldn’t have bothered.” Now that we had a safety net, a huge weight was lifted from my mind. “So I guess we can just go nuts with this thing then?”

Instead of agreeing, Kay grimmaced in response. “Hold that thought for a moment. The emergency reset is something that we should avoid using unless it’s an actual emergency.” She clicked around and brought up a screen filled with techno-babble, none of which I understood. “You remember how I said it would bring you back to how you were when you first granted permission? There’s a possibility that includes your memories back as well.” She paused to let the words sink in. “There’s another even worse possibility. I’m assuming the app is using your first access as the reset point, but there’s no guarantee. It could be when the app was first installed, and we have no idea when that was.”

A chill ran down my spine. “So in other words, it could delete my memories back to some unknown point in time.” Neither of us needed to explain why that would be a horrible idea. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing even the one night we’d spent together with it, and the longer time went on the greater the risk would be.

“Like I said, something to use in case of emergency. If the option is between you losing some memories or having your personality permanently wiped out, obviously it’s the better option. But not by a whole lot.” She clapped her hands, returning to her exuberant tone. “Still, that’s far better than we thought it would be! I still plan to push this thing to its absolute limits, really see how far we can go. Presuming you’re still up for it of course.”

I grinned at the thought of it. Already I was getting turned on at the thought of it. “You bet your ass I am.” I couldn’t wait to hear what sort of depraved ideas she had in mind. “So what’s up first, and do I need to get plugged in again?”

Instead of launching into sexy time, Kay thrust her empty plate into my hands. “Now you need to go clean up. We’re not using this app today.”

My metaphorical heart sank in my chest. “What the hell do you mean? Then what was the point of all this?”

“Hey, we’re still gonna use it. But I want these scans completely finished before we try anything fancy, and that should be at least a few hours. Then I’m going to be working on some backend stuff.” She brought up another program and went back to typing away. “Right now you’d have to be plugged in for me to edit anything, and that just seems impractical for the long run. We’ll take a day or two and get everything in proper order before we fully dive into things. Okay?”

It was hard to argue against her. Not only had I asked her to take charge of my fantasies, but she was the tech expert. If she wanted to do computer stuff then we had to wait until she did computer stuff. “Fine, but why do I have to do your dishes? I didn’t even eat anything.” It was a weak comeback, but I was feeling petty.

“Because you love me and you’re happy to make reasonable sacrifices for the benefit of us as a couple. Also you forgot to take out the trash last week, so now you’re making up for it.” I gulped. I’d been hoping to make it up in a sexy way, not like this. 

“Alright fine,” I pouted. “But just for the record it’s only because I think you’re cute.” I snatched her plate away and went back into the kitchen.

The boiling hot water did help me refocus. My skin layer was heat resistant, so I had no issues plunging my hands into scalding heat. As I scrubbed the plates and the pans clean, I started thinking about all the options Kay might go for. Last night she had made my nipples ultra sensitive, but could she do that for other body parts? Could anywhere be turned into a full erogenous zone? And with the mental aspects, she could functionally change my personality around at will. If she wanted someone meek and subservient, she would have it. I could be made completely shameful or shameless and I had no idea which was worse. And that’s before getting into the countless options for sex itself. 

With a start I realized it was entirely possible she’d done something already. Kay had told me she left a few changes in there, but I didn’t know what they were. Is that why I’d gone along with her? Had she already wiped my ability to argue, forcing me to obey her every word? Just the thought of it had me getting horny. I was panting for breath, and a damp spot was quickly forming beneath my panties.

Actually, I was getting really worked up for someone just fantasizing. I let out a moan as a wave of pleasure rolled over me, causing me to drop the pan into the soapy water. Something was definitely up. “Kay? Can you, uh, come in here for a minute?”

Kay waltzed in behind me, an innocent smile on her face. “Yes dear? Is something the matter?”

My cheeks were a deep crimson. The arousal inside of me was slowly dying down, but it still lingered between my thighs. “Would you care to explain to me why doing your chores felt like masturbating?”

Kay gasped in mock surprise. “My dear Lina, I had no idea you felt that way! I suppose if you insist I’ll let you do all the work around here.” She did her best to keep up the facade, but I could see the twitch of her lips. She had a terrible poker face.

“Cut the crap,” I said in retort. “We both know this isn’t normal. I thought you said we weren’t using the app today?”

“And I’m not using it. I’m still trying to get everything in order.” I gave her a blank stare, waiting for her to crack. “Alright, alright. You remember how last night I tweaked a few things? This is kinda sorta one of them.”

I let out a deep sigh. “So you made it so I get horny from housework, like one of those cheesy maid-dolls. Got it. It’s great to hear your first fantasy was making me do your share of the work.”

“Nothing so crass! You can give me a bit more credit than that.” Kay was quick to defend herself. “I just made it so doing housework activates your pleasure responses. It’s not like I’m forcing you to do anything.” She paused for a moment before continuing. “Besides, don’t pretend you aren’t enjoying it. You told me a few weeks ago how hot being treated like a ‘cheesy maid-doll’ makes you.”

I gave her my best withering death glare. “Sometimes I really hate you. You know that?”

“But not as much as you love me.” She gave me a firm spank on the ass. “Now back to work with you.”

It felt strange going back to cleaning. The moment I thrust my hands into the soapy water, the familiar tingle of pleasure started running through my systems. There wasn’t any direct physical stimulation. It was a bit more nuanced, as if doing the chore was a pleasurable act in and of itself. Although it wasn’t the most intense feeling in the world, and it certainly wasn’t close to making me cum, it was more than enough to get me all hot and bothered.

Thankfully there weren’t too many dishes this time. I rinsed off the last pan and got started on the drying, my artificial lungs pumping in and out. They didn’t have any functionality, but the assholes who designed my body had decided it looked sexy, and that the appearance of breathing was important for mimicking humans. Kay certainly didn’t mind it when I got all flustered. 

Thinking of Kay didn’t help me cool down. Although she wasn’t watching me, she was in the other room, and she knew everything that was happening. She was happy to leave me here to suffer, content in knowing how worked up I was getting. And that only turned me on even more. The longer I stayed here, the closer I would get to breaking down and just masturbating on the spot. I needed to finish up so I could take a cold shower. Or a very steamy one. 

With the last of the dishes done, the pleasure welling up inside of me started to die down. My hands were shaky from the feelings it had brought. “Dishes are all cleaned up,” I said, marching back into our living room. 

Kay looked like she was holding in laughter. “Now how did that feel? Interested in doing some dusting as well?”

I let out an exasperated sigh. “That wasn’t even sexy cleaning. That was just, I don’t know, regular housework that you made me think was sexy. Is that really all you had in mind?”

Kay raised an eyebrow. “You really want to poke the bear here? Alright, let’s step things up a notch.” She tossed me a shiny metal object, and I caught it midair. It was one of our buttplugs. “I had a feeling you might want something like this,” she explained. “Go ahead and put it in. I’ve got lube here if you need it.”

The two of us spent a moment staring at each other, daring the other to blink first. Kay had offered a challenge. I didn’t know what it was, or what her goals were, but I recognized the challenge nonetheless. 

“Fine,” I conceded. “To be honest I was planning to rub one out in the shower, so a buttplug isn’t that far out of the way.” I slid my panties to the side, added a squirt of lube, and began pushing it inside. 

Ass play was something I always enjoyed. I wasn’t as much of a buttslut as some of our friends, and I didn’t have a prostate to work with, but having something in my rear end was satisfying in its own unique way. Maybe it was the fact that it doubled as a secondary charging port. Kay and I had played around with that a few times, but she found it more hilarious than erotic. It didn’t change the fact that I was typically eager enough to have something shoved up my ass.

This time, however, something changed the moment the buttplug slid inside. With the familiar pressure in my rear end, an electric jolt ran through my circuits. It wasn’t just the normal pleasant sensation. It was like… something. Thinking of how to describe it was hard. In fact, thinking in general was hard. 

I looked at Kay, a slack jawed expression on my face. She was responsible for this. Why did I know she had something to do with this? I fought with my memories for a moment before remembering the program. “Why does the buttplug make me feel funny?”

Kay broke out into laughter at my response. “Feeling it hit you yet?” I slowly nodded, my brain taking time to process each new piece of information it acquired. “Turns out you can add if-then statements. ‘If something is inside of your ass, then your central processing unit slows down and reduces capacity. The bigger it is, the larger the effect.”

My only response was to blink at her. I should know what her words meant, but I just couldn’t make sense of them. “So, you made me think slowly?” I tried to wrap my head around what she said, but I just got more confused. “But, like, why does the buttplug make me feel funny?”

The sound of a facepalm rang out through the room. “For fucks sake that’s not even a big one,” Kay muttered under her breath. She sucked in a deep breath before continuing. “When your asshole is occupied, you get stupid. Your asshole is currently occupied. Understand?”

I nodded. The mystery was all starting to come together. “So right now I’m dumb, and it’s because I have something up my butt. Right?” Kay gave me a round of applause, and I felt somewhat pleased with myself. Even if it was hard to think clearly, I’d still figured out her trick, which meant my intelligence wasn’t affected that much. “What’s next then?”

Kay’s expression shifted to something more sinister. “Well, that’s obvious,” she began. “You remember how doing housework made you feel good, right? Why don’t you do some more?”

The memories slowly made their way to the surface. Doing chores was something that felt nice. I wanted to feel nice. And therefore… “I should go do some more chores!” I cried out the answer, an excited expression on my face. “You think you made me stupid, but I still remember that much. Nice try, but now I’m going to clean our entire apartment.”

“Drat, Lina, you’ve figured me out.” Kay shook her fist, which I recognized as a sign of anger and defeat. “I guess I can only sit back and watch you get off by scrubbing the floors.”

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