Subroutine Manager

A New App

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

“Yo, Lina. You just about ready for your checkup?” Kay’s voice called out to me from our living room. She was always eager with her projects. And once a month, that project happened to be me. 

“Yeah, give me five minutes and I’ll be out there.” Dating as an android was always difficult to navigate. A few years ago we were given full rights as sentient beings, and as nice as it had been, there were still plenty of humans who didn’t see us that way. So many people were hesitant to interact with a robot let alone get romantically involved.

When Kay and I first started dating, I was nervous about her leaving me almost every day. I thought it would take one slip up for her to see me as a machine without my own feelings. Having Kay poke around in my brain was the worst for this. Nothing screams ‘I’m not really human’ as much as seeing the literal code of my existence. Thankfully, over time I’d come to realize it made little difference to Kay. She treated it as no different from a doctor’s appointment, and in all the years we’d been dating, not once did she imply that I was less of a person than she was. Her being transgender meant she could weirdly relate to my struggles, and I to hers.

So now instead of existential anxiety I was filled with regular doctor visit anxiety.

My body was in its usual form. A lean frame, small-ish chest, and a cute bubble butt to sit on. As well as a glistening slit between my legs. Most of that was malleable when hooked up to the right program. Underneath my skin was a fancy gel of some sort that could contract and expand, with the nice bonus of making me squishy. Pretty nice stuff even for the standards of a sex doll. 

Although I hadn’t asked for it, I was pretty grateful for having a high end chassis. Since this body was literally built for sex, it was mostly similar to a living human. My genitals in particular were spot on. I could even pop off my crotch plate to equip something more phallic, but that was more for special occasions. I didn’t mess around with my form too much though. My pink skin was an indicator of what this body was made for, and the last thing I wanted was people on the street asking how much I charged.

I stepped out into the living room, completely nude, and watched as Kay continued to hammer at her keyboard. She was an absolute savant with computers. As much as these checkups annoyed me, it was nice to see her in her element. And I had to admit it was nice to be cared for so much. Kay spun around in her chair, a goofy smile breaking out on her face when she saw me. “Took you long enough, gorgeous. Why must you always drag your feet through this process?”

Kay was wearing her typical “doctor” outfit. Her white lab coat was a stark contrast against her dark skin, and her oversized circular glasses gave her a manic look. Underneath she was just wearing her bra and panties, plus of course a pair of programming socks. Altogether she looked like a mad scientist. A mad scientist who was blatantly staring at my tits. 

“Well I might be a bit more eager if you weren’t such a damn perv about it.” Although my response was harsh, we both knew it was in jest. “I swear, it’s like you’ve never seen a sex-bot before.”

“Oh honey, I love you for so much more than your perfectly erotic body.” Kay made zero effort to make eye contact while she spoke. “Now get your cute butt over here so we can get you hooked up. You know there’s been a virus going around.”

It was strange how human viruses and electronic viruses were completely separate, yet they had similar effects on us. And Kay was right. There had been a nasty malware spreading about, and while I felt confident I was safe, it never hurt to have a tech expert check anyway.

Plugging in to the computer was always a unique experience. There was a charging port on the back of my neck, and connecting made a light tingle run through my body. Kay turned to me, her diagnostic program ready to roll. “It’s all set up Lina. Let me know when to begin.”

I nodded and took a seat on the floor. From this position I could see her just fine, but I couldn’t read the computer screen. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” Kay hit a button on the keyboard, and my entire body went limp. My motor functions from the neck down were disabled for the process. I could still feel everything just fine, but until we were done, I was stuck in place. 

As much as I liked to gripe about it, the process didn’t really bother me anymore. Being a paralyzed immobile lump had been terrifying at first, and if it was anyone else taking care of me, I’d still be panicking under the surface. But I always felt safe with Kay, no matter where we were. I have no problem trusting her with my life. 

The real reason I was so reluctant these days was a bit more embarrassing. Here I was, naked, unable to move, sitting at the feet of the most beautiful girl on the planet. It made me fucking aroused. There was something I found so erotic about the whole process that I couldn’t ignore. If Kay found out, she’d tease me for the rest of my life. I didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing, and that made me even more scared. 

“Huh, that’s odd.” Kay’s usually chipper voice was a bit more cautious. “No viruses or malware of any sort, and you appear to be in perfect health. But there’s a new app that’s been installed.” 

Apps were pretty common for most androids, but I wasn’t a big fan of them. It was easy to get carried away and become overly reliant on them, and I’d heard plenty of horror stories before. Download an app to be a great chef, wow your friends with it, and then you’re getting charged out the ass and you look like an idiot to everyone else. “What kind of app is it? I don’t recall installing anything new recently.”

Kay tapped at her keyboard for a moment. “It’s called ‘Subroutine Manager.’ Scary name. Want me to delete it?”

Deleting it would probably be the safe option. But if we did, then there would be no way to figure out who sent it or how it got installed. Not to mention I was wondering what would happen. After a moment of contemplation, morbid curiosity got the better of me. “You said it’s perfectly safe, right? I think you should open it.”

There was a pause before Kay responded. “Are you sure? If you don’t know how it got there, who knows what could be on it?” She hit a few more keys before continuing. “It’s not being flagged even by the most advanced cyber-security program I’ve got. Still pretty suspicious though.”

As odd as it sounded, I was only more curious to see what was in the app. “Kay, I trust your software wholeheartedly. If it’s dangerous enough to bypass your security, it wouldn’t matter if we opened it or not. I think you should go ahead and see what this ‘Subroutine Manager’ is all about.”

Kay got up from her chair, knelt down to the floor, and gave me a great big hug. “Thank you for trusting me so much, it means a lot. I won’t let you down.” With my body disabled I wasn’t able to return her gesture, but I nuzzled my head into the nape of her neck. 

After our embrace, Kay was back into work mode. “Alright, I’m going to open this sucker up. Hopefully it doesn’t activate a self-destruct sequence.” I wasn’t able to see, but I listened as she double clicked on something and then waited. My body was starting to get jittery, with a mix of nervousness and excitement. Kay only stared at the monitor. Right as I was about to ask what it was, she spoke up. “It’s… a readout. It’s filled with information about you.”

My heart sank a little. “That’s it? Just a diagnostics report.”

“No, you don’t understand.” A diagnostics report would just have your vitals and a few specific bits of info. This gives me a complete list of everything. It’s got your anxiety levels, what you’re in the mood to watch, and your willingness to output effort. Which I suppose is just how lazy you are. It even shows me how - oh my.” 

A million thoughts were racing through my mind. From what it sounded like, this program was the real deal. It was tapping deep into my personal code, the very essence of my being, and giving all sorts of information. And Kay had found something that surprised her. There were so many implications to this, and I was stuck on the floor unable to move. “What is it? What did you see?”

“Apparently these checkups are more enjoyable than I thought. Your arousal level is through the roof.”

Oh. That made sense. A twinge of shame ran through me, knowing that Kay would be able to monitor exactly how horny I felt. Which of course started a nasty cycle of turning me on even more, and knowing she was watching it. A string of laughter rang out from the computer chair. “Wow, that’s certainly not the reaction I was expecting.” 

My cheeks started to blush. Because naturally, of all the human responses that were programmed in me, I had the one that would only increase my embarrassment. Normally I liked that my body could show the full range of human emotions, but this time I could’ve done without. “Shut up,” I grumbled, too flustered to think of a clever response. 

Kay only giggled in response before going back to the program. “Let’s see here, there are a few tools in the program I haven’t explored yet. A very nice search function, some sorting methods, and…” Her voice trailed off. “Babe, this might be a bit more serious than I thought. There’s an ‘editing’ tool in here.”

Her words sunk in as my eyes went wide with shock. “Wait, when you say edit, do you mean the values for everything listed there? As in you can manually change my fucking brain?” If the app could really change everything listed, the implications were impossibly huge. Words couldn’t even describe the power that could give someone over the user. 

“Lina, it’s okay. Calm down for a moment. I’m not going to start changing things.” Kay’s voice was soft and reassuring. “If you want, I’ll close the app and we’ll never touch it again. This is some serious stuff, and we don’t even know how you got in in the first place.”

I shook my head. “No, the fact that it’s so powerful is exactly why we should test it.” I let my circuits flow, the equivalent of breathing deeply, and let my nerves die down a little. “It would be wasteful not to at least test it, right? We have no idea if the edit function works or not. At least we should try to find out.” Which unfortunately meant using me as a guinea pig, but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. “This thing could pose a huge danger for androids everywhere. If nothing else, we owe it to them to see if there’s a threat incoming.”

Kay turned to look at me, a soft smile on her face. “Aww, sweetie, that’s a wonderful sentiment. If you’re sure then we’ll go through with it.” She spun back around to the computer monitor. “It was such a nice sentiment that I won’t comment on how your excitement is spiking.” 

I cursed under my breath. The readout alone was borderline telepathy, since Kay could see what exactly I was feeling. 

“Hmmm. In order to use the editor, you need to ‘grant user permission.’ I wonder what exactly that could mean?”  Kay punched a few keys in, but her frustrated expression remained. “It’s not giving me access. Not even with full admin power. Who on earth are they referring to?”

A thought crossed my mind. I wasn’t the computer expert here, but maybe that’s where I was at an advantage. This app was unlike anything we’d seen, so conventional logic wouldn’t always work. “It can measure all of my emotions and sensations, right? Hold on, let me try something.” After a moment of concentration, Kay gasped. “Did it work?”

“Yes, I’m in! How on earth did you do that?”

I couldn’t help but grin. “It asked for user permission, right? Well, I’m ultimately the user. I bet there’s a checkbox somewhere that determines if the editor can be used.”

Kay tapped her chin. “I suppose that makes sense. The safety precautions are a green flag, but it also increases the credibility. You wouldn’t program that in for a dud feature.” She paused before continuing. “Well, I probably would because I’m an idiot, but this app has been nothing but slick. It most certainly was not made by an idiot.”

“I don’t think you’re an idiot,” I countered. 

Kay responded with a sympathetic look. “That’s because you’re not a programmer and you can’t read my garbage code.” She scrolled through the app again, looking for something specific. “It’s make or break time. I’m about to edit your leg to make it feel warm. Are you certain you’re ready to try this?”

This was the moment of truth. To see if the app had a way to rewrite my perception of the world and how I responded. “Ready as I’ll ever be. Go ahead.”

The click of the mouse echoed through the room. At first nothing happened. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to work or not. Technology like this would be revolutionary in the right hands, but devastating in the wrong ones. But if it was just a fake, there was nothing to worry about.

Then my right leg began heating up.

“Um, Kay?” My leg had reached a modest heat. Not unpleasant, but enough to keep warm. As if it had been resting in the sun. But most importantly, it was hotter than the rest of my body. “It’s working.”

Kay stared at me in disbelief. Her eyes were almost as wide as her glasses, and her mouth was completely agape. “Oh my Gods. So that means…” She began frantically scrolling through the program, scanning all the readouts about me. “All of this is malleable.”

I was just as speechless as she was. Perhaps even more so. Kay had absolute power over me. Knowing her, she wanted to continue experimenting just as much as I did, but she was afraid to overstep any boundaries. Which was fair. Any reasonable person would close the program and never open it again. 

But I wasn’t feeling reasonable. I was feeling turned on.

“So, um, you going to change anything else? My leg is still feeling a bit warm.”

Kay blinked for a moment, then shook her head. “Of course! Here, let me just fix you up.” She typed away at the keyboard, and I could feel my temperature beginning to change. Only instead of my leg cooling down, the rest of my body was heating up to match it. “Now how does that feel?”

Now that I was heating up all over, it wasn’t just like being out in the sun. It was more like the flush of heat that hits during foreplay. Or maybe that was just my filthy mind getting ahead of itself. “Yeah, it feels nice.” It did feel nice, although I knew my energy consumption had quadrupled. Not that it mattered, since I was still plugged in. “I might need a way to burn off this energy though.”

Kay’s reply was swift. “Don’t worry, I’ve got a good idea for what we can use as heatsinks.” I pondered what she meant, but a familiar sensation soon clued me in. The gel beneath my skin layer was expanding, remaining soft and cushiony while growing in size. Specifically, the area in my chest.

In other words my tits were growing.

“Oh, real mature,” I snarked as the expansion finished. I usually kept them at a small B cup, but now they were a perky set of DD’s, with plenty of jiggle to match. “You know if you wanted me to look like your favourite porn star you could’ve just asked.”

Once again, Kay responded without even pretending to make eye contact. “What, you know how much I like boobies. I like mine, I like yours, and I like our cleaning lady’s. What’s wrong with getting a bit more to look at?” She continued staring at my enlarged chest. “But it is nice to know that physical proportions are adaptable as well. I’ll file that away with things to experiment with further at a later time.”

Hearing her talk about experimentations was worrying, but I had to admit I was curious as well. We were dipping our toes into a completely new world, and there could be all sorts of risks involved. If she wanted to, Kay could alter my entire personality and functionally wipe me from existence. Not that she ever would, but the possibility was scary. 

But as scary as it was, a couple other feelings were stirring up further. Now that we knew this program worked, I wanted to push it to its limits to see what we could really achieve.

“Hey, so I just want to check in with you first.” Kay’s voice was back in serious mode. “This is pretty intensive stuff, and I’m glad you trust me, but I want to make sure you’re really okay with all this.”

It was sweet of her to ask, but her worries were unfounded. “This is literally the hottest fucking thing that’s ever happened in my entire goddamned life. If I could move I’d be furiously masturbating like you wouldn’t believe.”

Her smile turned a bit more sinister. “Well then I guess I don’t need to hold back or feel bad about this.” A few moments passed, and I felt a strange tingling sensation in my chest. “I’ve found exactly what I was looking for. You’ve always been a sucker for nipple play, so how do you think they’ll feel at double sensitivity?”

I shivered at the thought, but Kay wasn’t done yet. “Next, let’s crank that exhibition up a little. It’s already pretty high, but you should be getting off on me watching you get off.” Could she really do that? Was it suddenly so easy to implant new kinks into my mind? I had my answer as a new wave of arousal shot through my system. Here I was, naked and defenseless, and Kay was just staring at me. Seeing exactly what a horny ball of lust I was. I’d gotten a kick out of it before, but nothing like this. The sheer act of being watched caused me to moan.

“Holy fuck, Kay, are you nearly done?” My voice was shaky, and the apprehension could be heard. 

This time Kay didn’t even bother looking at me. “Just about. I’m testing whether or not this ‘self designation’ thing works like I think it will. Lina, what’s your name?”

That was an odd question. “What do you mean? Of course it’s Your Slave.” I gasped. If I could move my hands, they’d be covering my mouth from the shock. “My name is Your Slave. I am Your Slave. What the fuck is happening?” The name ‘Lina’ Existed in my mind with perfect clarity. But whenever I tried to say it out loud, it was as if a barrier forced the words to come out differently. “So I guess I have to be Your Slave now. Wait, damn it!”

Kay simply laughed at my plight before leaping out of her chair. “Hang on, I’m going to get a few things. You stay right there and don’t move, my darling slave.” She bounced into our bedroom, leaving me naked and alone with my own thoughts. My body was hot, my chest was big and extra sensitive, and the thought of anyone seeing me like this was an unbelievable rush. And we hadn’t even gotten the main act yet.

When Kay returned, I knew exactly what sort of ideas she had in mind. The time for clever teasing was over. In one hand she held a pair of nipple clamps, harsh metal things with rubber tips at the end. In her other hand was our magic wand. It was a rather potent vibrator, one that both me and Kay had gotten off with many times before. Sometimes we both used it at once. Needless to say, it was great for bringing out an intense climax.

“Let’s get you set up with this,” Kay began as she approached. I was still all worked up, and my breasts were quivering in anticipation. Literally. Their sensitivity was cranked up so high that just sitting here with my nipples exposed had the gel constantly trembling. But that was nothing compared to when the clamps pinched down.

“OOOOOHHHHH!” I screamed at the top of my voice box, flinching at the pain and pleasure. It was a good thing I couldn’t move or I would have collapsed on the spot. “Holy FUCK that’s intense.”

“Hopefully not too intense, because there’s another one coming.” I didn’t get a chance to brace myself before she attached the second clamp. Once again I howled in pain, but as much as the clamps bit into my tender skin, I couldn’t deny how good it felt. After being exposed for so long, where even the lightest touch was magnified tenfold, the pressure was mind blowing. It felt incredible, and as much as I hated it, I loved it even more.

“Now let’s get you going down here as well.” My legs were already spread, and due to the erotic nature of our evening, my cunt was nice and damp. Kay traced her fingers around, feeling how eager I was for her to continue. “I guess that’s enough of the teasing for now.” She gave my clit a little rub before turning on the magic wand, laying it down so the large head was pressing against my vulva.

It wasn’t on full blast, but it was strong enough. I moaned with pleasure as the vibrations ran through my body. The constant buzz provided some much needed stimulation, and when mixed with the heat radiating from my body and the sharp pain on my nipples, it was nearly enough to block out any rational thought. But not quite enough. 

I still had enough presence of mind to notice Kay, sitting in her computer chair again, smirking at me. I was trapped in a lewd and pleasurable state, unable to move, merely providing entertainment for her. “Wha… what are you planning to do?” It was a struggle to get the words out, but I knew Kay fully intended to get herself off as well. The only question was how.

“Me? I think I’ve got some wonderful entertainment right here.” She pulled her panties to the side, letting her rapidly growing cock slide out. “You just sit there and look pretty while I rub one out, okay?” 

As she started stroking herself, something strange clicked in my mind. She was watching me. She was watching my shameful state, and using that to help pleasure herself. The knowledge that I was being tormented for the sole purpose of her entertainment just made everything so much more erotic. A part of my brain knew I only felt that way because of my increased exhibitionism, but that didn’t even matter anymore. 

All that mattered was what I saw and what I felt. I could feel the stinging bite of the clamps, tormenting my sensitive nipples while bringing them to new levels of pleasure. I could feel the wand, its wide head steadily bringing me towards a glorious climax. And most importantly I could see Kay, the most wonderful girl on the planet. Sitting with her lab coat spread wide and her underwear fully exposed. Rubbing her cock while watching me beneath her. I wanted to grab that cock, to grab her, and indulge all of her fantasies and desires, letting her use my body however she desired. But I was stuck here on the floor beneath her. She wanted me to only be viewed, and so that’s what I had to do.

It was impossible to tell how much time we spent like that. It couldn’t have been too long, but it felt like eternity. Kay was making the face she always made when she was about to cum, and I knew I wasn’t far behind. “I’m getting close babe. You ready for this?” 

“Yes! Yes, paint Your Slave with your cum!”

Kay jerked herself faster, rubbing her breast with one hand while using the other to aim her cock towards me. She cried out, and sticky ropes of cum went flying on to her and all over my chest. 

Normally, her cumming on my tits was pretty hot, but nothing overly noteworthy. But I hadn’t thought about how overly sensitive my tits were. Feeling her warm sticky climax spraying over my chest was enough to tip me over the edge myself, and I gave in to the overwhelming pleasure. It was all too much. I could hear myself moaning, feel myself squirting, and embraced the rush of chemicals flooding my reward center, letting me know I’d done good. It was unlike any orgasm I’d had in my life.

Although my eyes were closed, I felt the clamps being removed and the vibrator turned off. I sucked in a breath of air, enjoying the calmness that followed the storm. A warm embrace wrapped itself around my head and a gentle voice pierced my mind. “You feeling okay?”

My eyes opened, but I couldn’t see anything. Kay had pulled me tight into herself for a hug. “I feel incredible,” came my lazy response. “We have to do that again at some point.” Although we hadn’t exactly been the most vanilla couple before this, having the app opened up countless doors that we hadn’t realized were closed in the first place.

“I’m going to set everything back and disconnect you so you can move again. Then, if you’re as tired as I am, we can crawl into bed. Okay?” I nodded in affirmation, and Kay returned to the computer. My body soon returned to its normal temperature and I stopped feeling overly vulnerable about being nude. A few minutes later, a small click could be heard, and I was in control of my body again. I shook my hands, recalibrating the rest of my nervous system. 

Connecting to the computer for diagnostics always left me a bit shaky, but this time it was even more than usual. It might’ve been from the program working itself deep into my core, or the intense physical stimuli I’d been exposed to while inanimate. Or some combination thereof. Whatever the reason, I found myself leaning on Kay while we stumbled towards our bed. 

Once we were finally laying down, I did a quick check to see if everything really was set back to normal. “My name is Lina.” I smiled while Kay punched me in the shoulder. 

“Did you really think I would take advantage of you and change things while you were unable to notice?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Hey, I did give you full permission, after all. And I can’t help but notice you kept my big boobs.” 

There was the sound of a palm smacking a forehead. “Crap, I legitimately forgot about that. Do you want to do it yourself or hook up to the computer again?”

I thought about it for a moment before responding. “Actually, I think I’m fine with them like this.” Kay rolled over to look at me, a surprised expression on her face. “To be honest I never had much preference about my body type. If we’re gonna be doing more of this, why not just let you take control of that as well, right?” 

Kay simply grinned in response. “No complaints here. Just don’t start complaining when your booty grows so big you can’t fit your favourite pants anymore.” She reached over and slapped my butt for good measure. “And to be honest, I did tweak a few things before we left. Nothing that you’ll notice right away, but enough to surprise you once we get going again.”

“Seriously?” I’d been half joking, but the knowledge that Kay had actually made some changes was interesting. I’d probably drive myself mad trying to figure them out in the morning. “What the hell did you do to me?” 

Of course, Kay wasn’t feeling nice enough to just tell me. She closed her eyes and pulled the cover up above us. “You’ll just have to wait and find out for yourself.”

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