Abduction Seduction

The Seduction

by Etherealust

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Chapter 2

The Seduction

Dealing with humans rarely went as intended. Xey’sa knew that, and she’d heard countless stories of unexpected behaviour. There were multiple cases of them assuming the Uvel’s were some sort of deity. Even more of them were certain that a war was coming or their planet's resources were in demand. Xey’sa’s own Xeno-sensitivity professor had once described an encounter where the human thought the entire thing was a prank, and was never convinced he was talking to an actual extraterrestrial.

But none of those compared to the situation Xey’sa found herself in. Chantelle was strapped down to an examination table, stripped to her underwear, staring up at the Flickerlight. A thin sheen of sweat covered her body. She was utterly convinced that they were going to use her body for their freakish and sexual experiments. Although she was determined to stay as professional as possible, Xey’sa couldn’t deny she was feeling her own arousal start to grow as well.

On the other hand, Gropni appeared to have no such moral qualms with their situation. If anything she was enjoying herself a little too much while they got their patient ready. She was taking things slowly, using a rather ‘hands on’ approach with Chantelle. The human wasn’t able to protest, and even if she could, Xey’sa wasn’t sure if she would have. Evidently she still had a lot to learn about the species. And her own, for that matter.

“You planning to join in, or are you just going to stay and watch?” Gropni’s playful tone wasn’t quite getting on her nerves, but it was quickly approaching that point. 

Xey’sa rolled her eyes at her assistant. “I’m just getting ready to give her the jab. It’s what we came here to do in the first place.” Her eyes widened as she realised what she had said. “Um, I mean, I’m getting ready to inject the human with an aphrodisiac so we can harvest her sexual fluids. To power our ship. Since that is what we use as a fuel source.” 

They’d worked hard to establish their lie, and Xey’sa didn’t want it to come crumbling down from a slip of the tongue. Somehow, despite what any logic or scientific evidence would suggest, Chantelle was in the calmest state she’d been in since her abduction. Her heart rate was at a normal resting pace, which was important for ensuring the medicine was safe. However, Gropni just laughed at her attempts at escalating the lie.

“Don’t worry, she’s completely under. She can’t hear a thing we say. At least not in her conscious mind.” She waved her hand in front of Chantelle’s face. “You’re not really in there, right? You’re completely in a trance.”

“I am not really here. I am completely in a trance.” Chantelle’s expression remained statuesque while she spoke. “I am held captive under your superior technology, and am unable to resist any orders.”

Xey’sa was still a bit hesitant about the whole scenario. “Well if she’s fully entranced, there’s no need to keep pretending. Let’s just give her the dosage and let her go.” She tried to sound sure of herself, but in truth, Xey’sa was feeling conflicted. While the notion of using the sexual fluids of a human to fuel their ship was insane, she couldn’t deny it was a hot idea. Had Chantelle come up with it on her own, or was it a widely spread rumour among her people? Just how far away from the bell curve was their patient?

While she was lost in thought, Gropni draped her arm around her shoulder, pressing her body inwards. “Come on, don’t be like that. We should be having a bit of fun! What’s the harm in giving the girl what she expects?”

As fun as it was to imagine, Xey’sa was feeling the need to put her foot down. “The harm is that if word gets out, we’ll both be in unfathomable amounts of trouble. This is already toeing the line of what could be considered workplace appropriate.”

“Ugh, geez. You really need to pull that stick out of your ass.” Gropni ushered her supervisor towards Chatelle, so they were both overlooking her restrained body. “We are literally light-years away from anyone vaguely resembling our bosses. And even if they did somehow find out, do you really think anyone would believe it?” She did have a good point. Before today, Xey’sa would never have guessed that the Flickerlight could be used on a willing party.

“Let me put it to you this way,” Gropni continued. She circled behind Xey’sa and began massaging her shoulders. “In front of you is a human. She clearly has the fantasy in her brain of us being dominating perverts who want to enslave humanity as our personal sex toys. And right now, she’s hiding away, deep in that brain of hers. Vaguely able to feel what’s happening and little else.”

Although she had a good point, Xey’sa still wasn’t convinced. “Hey, Chantelle? Can you hear me?” Chantelle didn’t respond, but Xey’sa continued anyway. “Tell me what you’re thinking. I mean, um, your consciousness that’s trapped in there. What’s it thinking right now?” 

She wasn’t sure if the question made sense, or if she’d get a proper answer. But much to her own relief, Chantelle did responde, in the same robotic tone as before. “The mind of this body is excited about what’s going to happen. She is wondering why you haven’t begun harvesting her sexual fluids, but she suspects that making her wait is part of the process.”

Of all the answers she could’ve heard, that was possibly the last thing Xey’sa would’ve guessed. Although given how things had been going she shouldn’t have been surprised. Gropni had a knowing grin, but she kept silent. The unspoken I told you so was loud enough.

Xey’sa threw her hands up in exasperation. “You know what? Fine. You win. You all want me to be some perverted sex fiend who torments innocent humans for pleasure? Then that’s what you’ll get. I’m tired of trying to be civil.”

There was a squee of excitement as Gropni jumped up and down. “Oh fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! I knew you had it in you, boss.” 

Her celebration was cut short by a harsh glare from Xey’sa. “Quiet, you dirty slut. You’re just as bad as our captive here.” Gropni snapped to attention, a shudder running through her body from being yelled at. “Now, come here and walk me through some things. I’m going to wake the human from her trance soon, and I want things to be adequately prepared for her.”


The harsh lights burned into Chantelle’s retinas as she returned to the waking world. She was laying horizontally on a medical table of sorts, and after testing her limbs, found that she was strapped down in place. Her memories were… foggy, to say the least. She remembered being abducted, and their conversations afterwards. Then she’d been forced to look into their powerful hypnosis device, and from there, it was all a blur. 

At best Chantelle had a vague recollection of feeling fuzzy. People were talking to her, she was talking back, and they had done things with her body. But it had all been beyond her consciousness. A wave of lust shot through her spine at the thought of being turned into a mindless drone for the alien invaders. 

“Wakey wakey, my puny little test subject. We’re about to start the main event.” Chantelle jolted at the harsh words of her captors. The two aliens from before were standing over her, any false pretences of coming in peace clearly forsaken. “You were clever enough to see through our plans, but unfortunately, it’s not going to do you any good.” 

Chantelle gasped. “You mean you are actually planning to torment my pussy until I leak so much I can’t think straight and utilise it for your own cruel and selfish purposes?”

The tall alien leaned over her prone and helpless body. “Oh, my sweet stupid human. You’re using the wrong tense. What do you think we’ve been doing while you were unconscious?” Chantelle looked down at her body, covered in sweat and completely exposed. She did feel strangely tired, and there was a tingling sensation in her cunt, as if it had been recently used.

“But… but I don’t remember anything. You really used me like an object while I was totally unaware, trapped in a drone-like state and forced to follow your orders?” 

Xey’sa smiled. She had expected this to be difficult, to keep a straight face while hamming things up, but Chantelle was making this all too easy for her. If nobody wanted her to be the kind and benevolent do-gooder, why not step into the role of the villain? “That’s right, little human. We’ve already turned you into our perfect battery and had you running for several hours. But I’ve decided that it would be too nice to finish your torment without you even knowing. So instead, my partner and I have prepared a little something for you.”

Right on cue, Gropni walked back into the room. “I’ve got the medicine all prepared doc. She’s gonna be in for a wild ride with this one.” In her arms was an oversized syringe, filled to the brim with a bright pink liquid. “One injection of this stuff and the human will be begging for more.”

“What did I tell you about addressing me in such a casual manner!” It wasn’t a question, so much as a fierce order Xey’sa barked at her assistant. They hadn’t rehearsed this, but she felt like having a little fun. 

Thankfully, Gropni caught on immediately. “Right. Um, sorry Ma’am. It won’t happen again.” A smile was tugging at the edges of her cheeks, making it obvious how much she was enjoying Xey’sa’s new attitude. “In any case, the mind melting aphrodisiac is ready for injection. Once it’s in her system she’ll be hornier than a wild stagmyte in mating season.”

Chantelle pulled against her restraints, to absolutely no avail. “Let me go you monsters! If you don’t release me I’ll-”

“You’ll do what exactly? It’s not like you have any bargaining power here.” Xey’sa’s response was quick and uncaring. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re going to be our perfectly obedient Xenoslut for as long as we want.”

Chantelle tried to respond, but the Uvel cut her off with a snap of her fingers. Instantly the human found herself saying something very different. “I’m your obedient little Xenoslut.” She gasped, eyes wide at her own words. “What was that? How did you make me- I’m your obedient little Xenoslut.”

Xey’sa laughed as she snapped her fingers again, forcing the human to repeat her phrase. “Well if you admit it so easily, I don't see the problem here.” Her eyes narrowed, taking on a more serious look. “And that’s not the only post-hypnotic implant we left in your brain. Human, it’s time for you to be a good girl.”

The moment the words were spoken, Chantelle felt her entire body go limp. It felt a little unnecessary, given that she was already strapped down, but now she couldn’t even push or pull at her bindings. However, the reason soon became apparent as Gropni approached with the needle. Chantelle was forced to lay perfectly still as the bright pink fluid was injected directly into her thigh.

“Don’t worry, this will make you feel so much better,” her captor taunted as she pressed the needle downwards. The fluid pushed its way inwards, leaving a strange numbing sensation as it entered. “This powerful aphrodisiac will utterly melt what’s left of your brain until the only thing you can think of is sex. But that doesn’t sound so bad, right?”

Internally, Xey’sa was wondering if this would even work. Their entire strategy was based on theatrics and letting the human believe it was real. They hadn’t “toyed with her body for hours” while she was unconscious, they just left her there for about twenty minutes while setting up the triggers. The triggers themselves weren’t even forcing anything, they were just suggestions given to her subconsciousness. And now, they’d finally given her the treatment for her infection that they had planned this entire trip for. Anything it did to her personality would be entirely based on the placebo effect.

She got her answer soon enough. Xey’sa clapped her hands, allowing Chantelle to move again. “So tell me, how is my test subject feeling now that the poison of lust is flowing through your veins?” Chantelle was already starting to breathe heavily, a light sweat breaking out over her body. 

“I… this…” She began shifting in place, as if trying to get comfortable. “What have you done to me? I’ve never felt anything like this, my pussy needs it.” Sure enough, her vulva was already glistening with the telltale signs of arousal. “I don’t know what it needs. Something. Anything. Are you really just going to torment me like this?”

Xey’sa had to do her best to hold in her laughter. “Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of tools for you. We’ve got a wide variety of cocks to fuck you with, each based on a viscious creatures from around the galaxy.” She grabbed a medical tool from her side table. It was called a sturod, and it was basically a glorified stethoscope for species that had multiple hearts. The main difference was that  it happened to be vaguely rod-shaped with a few bumps along the side. “This is a direct replica of the dreaded Mizulchan from the swamp planet of Extros. Its gigantic cock should be perfect for a Xenoslut like you.”

“I’m your obedient little Xenoslut!” Chantelle’s response was just as swift as before, but it sounded much more genuine. She was beginning to thrust her hips into the air. “I’ll sell out my species, I’ll betray the human race to be your ship’s battery. But right now I NEED this!” 

It was a request Xey’sa was happy to oblige. She thrust the metal ‘dildo’ into her captives' dripping pussy, the human showing no resistance whatsoever. “Well, if you want it so bad, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.” Chantelle cried out in pleasure as she was penetrated, the makeshift cock filling her up as she was held in place.

Over to the side, Xey’sa noticed that Gropni was enjoying the show. Her assistant was standing just out of the human’s view, and was idly rubbing between her legs with a smug grin on her face. Xey’sa had half a mind to drag her back into things, but they were at the most delicate part of their charade. The antibodies had been injected, and all they needed to do was keep Chantelle satisfied until they were settled. Complicating things would only make things worse.

Unfortunately, Gropni didn’t seem to have the same intentions. “Sure, she’s enjoying it now, but how do you think she’ll react when she learns about the orgasm block?” Xey’sa glared at her partner, trying to get her to shut up, but either she didn’t get the message or just didn’t care. “You know that she can’t cum until you say the phrase. And once she’s been lingering on the edge that pleasure will turn to pain real fast.”

It was too late to take anything back. Now that it had been said, Chantelle would fully believe her, and her orgasm would be impossible until Xey’sa said the code word. Only, there was no code word. Xey’sa didn’t know how to Chantelle the relief she craved. Despite this, she kept pumping with the sturod, bringing the human to even greater levels of pleasure.

“Tell me, how does it feel, human? Does the knowledge that you won’t get to cum unless I let you fill you with excitement or dread?” Chantelle’s body shook under her. 

“I.. I… How can you be so cruel!” It wasn’t a question so much as an angry shout. For a moment, Xey’sa was worried she’d taken things too far, but Chantelle continued with her rant. “First of all, that aphrodisiac you gave me is something else. I’ve never felt so fucking horny in my life. Secondly that- oh yeah that’s the spot- dildo you’re using is clearly designed for tormenting human pussy. None of my favourite toys at home will even compare to this anymore.” 

Xey’sa opened her mouth to respond, but the human kept going, the occasional moan entering her words. “I can already feel it. Your block. No matter how badly I want to cum, I just can’t. You’ve trapped me on the absolute brink of pleasure, and all I can do is leak my valuable human sex juices all over the place. Oh yes, fuck me harder! You must be the most fiendish species in the galaxy.”

While the Uvel were far from perfect, Xey’sa felt a brief spark of indignation at the insult to her species. They were generally known as a peacekeeping planet, and while she was admittedly biassed due to her own conservation mission, she really was just trying to help the Humans. The fact that this specific human was more interested in getting fucked by her medical equipment was just a strange side effect. 

Still, she did feel a little bad for Chantelle. Not bad enough to slow down her pace as she pumped the sturod in and out, but she felt some guilt while doing it. Chantelle was trapped in her own mind, and because she believed she was feeling the most intense lust of her life, the placebo effect had turned her into a wanton slut. It stood to reason that she wouldn’t be able to cum either. By this point, Xey’sa was ready to let her orgasm and finish their game, but she literally couldn’t.

An idea crossed her mind. “Beg for it, you lowly human filth. Tell me just how pathetic your species is while you squirm in my grasp and maybe I’ll be nice.” Anything that helped her stall was good, and this would put the ball back in Chantelle’s court.

Chantelle was clearly panting, her tongue hanging out of her mouth. “Humans are your batteries! Your slaves! Your- shit that feels good, I really need to cum- perverted toys! You can keep me hooked up here and cause my mind to go blank whenever I cum, forever preventing me from feeling any real orgasms again!” She was proclaiming it with such enthusiasm, Xey’sa was starting to think she really believed it. The whole situation was getting her plenty worked up as well, but she had to remain professional. At least, relatively professional, given the circumstances. 

There was something about Chantelle’s words that especially caught Xey’sa’s attention. The lust and desire in her voice when she talked about being denied. This human clearly didn’t have a set of values that was standard with the rest of her species, that much was obvious. Operating on the assumption that her end goal was to cum might just be another folley. Even though she didn’t realise it, Chantelle was the one in complete control. Pushing her a bit farther to see just what happened might be exactly what they needed.

“You’ve got it spot on. We’re going to keep you here, forever on the brink of orgasm and utterly mad with lust, but I won’t say the word for you.” She sped up her pace, pumping the sturod out at a furious pace, to a degree that she knew would be enough for a climax under normal circumstances. While keeping her arm steady, Xey’sa leaned over so her breasts were hanging over the bound human’s and their lips were nearly touching. “You’ll never get to cum again.”

Chantelle’s eyes went wide. “I… that’s… oh. OH FUCK!” Her body began convulsing, shuddering with pleasure as an orgasm clearly rocked through her. She began squirting as well, utterly drenching Xey’sa’s forearm with her fluids and even spraying the medical table around her. Gropni began clapping her hands, giving her a cheer. 

On the other hand, Xey’sa was completely bewildered. She stopped fucking the human with her makeshift dildo, looking over her and checking her vitals on the monitor. Naturally she had an elevated heart rate, but her mental state was completely calm and thoroughly satisfied. Perfect conditions for the antibodies to sink in. 

“I can’t believe you,” Chantelle began. “You really went through such an elaborate lie, just for my sake.”

A chill ran down Xey’sa’s spines. “Wha- what do you mean? What lie?” If she had really known about this all along… she really didn’t want to think about that.

“About the orgasm trigger. Chantelle was speaking in a very matter-of-fact tone. The key phrase that let me cum was you telling me that I’d never be allowed to again. You knew teasing me like that would be the hottest thing imaginable, and you made it so I’d only cum when you told me I’d be denied.”

The room was silent for what felt like an eternity. It was such a baffling and counter-intuitive line of thought. And yet, that was exactly the sort of mentality she’d come to expect from the human. “You know what? Yes. That’s exactly what happened. It was all a part of our elaborate plan to make you squirt more, so we can fuel our interstellar spaceship with your cum.”

Chantelle gasped. “Oh no, so much of it spilled! Is it really okay to waste this much?”

Thankfully, Gropni had stopped fondling herself and stepped in once again. “Don’t worry about it, the nanomachines will clean it up.” Xey’sa cocked an eyebrow at that. It was yet another bold faced lie, but she knew humans had this weird belief that nanomachines could do literally anything. “As for more pressing matters,” Gropni continued, “we’ve just received new orders from high command. Apparently they’re not ready to start the full scale invasion just yet. So you know what that means, boss.”

Xey’sa turned to her, facing away from the human to ensure she didn’t see that her straight face was crumbling. “Yes, the invasion of the human planet. Of course I know exactly what calling it off means. You go ahead and tell the human while I get the paperwork ready.”

“It means that we’ll have to let this subject go. We can’t fully abduct her just yet.” Thankfully, Gropni was starting to make sense again. Xey’sa was relieved she was helping to resolve the situation instead of continuing to escalate it. Now that they were finished, they had to get ready to return Chantelle to her home. 

Chantelle let out a victorious laugh. “Looks like you won’t be keeping me today, you vile invaders! But be warned - when you do come for us, humans are a resilient and unpredictable folk. You’ll need to bring everything you’ve got if you want to conquer us.”

Strangely enough, this was a sentiment Xey’sa fully agreed with. Humans were certainly unpredictable, that much had been proven many times today. And even if they did for some reason want to take over the earth, it would be an insanely difficult task. Although it wasn’t specifically because of humans. Controlling an entire foreign planet was just a logistical nightmare, and even the most sophisticated of interplanetary alliances found it was usually more trouble than it was worth. 

“Well, in any case, we’ve harvested what we need from you.” Xey’sa was determined not to break character until the very end. “You can go back to your puny little planet, unsure if what you experienced was real or just a dream.” She turned on the flickerlight again, getting ready to put her back into a trance. “In the meantime, you can tell anyone you like about the species from beyond the stars that’s preparing to enslave humanity. It’s not like anyone will believe you.”

Chantelle grinned as her eyes started to grow vacant. “You would be surprised at what people like me are willing to believe.” Xey’sa stared at her, trying to find if there was a hidden meaning in her words. Had she been fully aware of things this whole time? She shook her head. Their job was done, and there was no point in dwelling on it.

“I gotta say boss, that was one hell of a conservation mission.” Gropni was grinning from ear to ear as Chantelle fully slipped into her trane. “It was really fun seeing that side of you though.”

Xey’sa just shook her head. “Prepare the landing beam, we’ll teleport her right back into her room. We’ll stay here in orbit for a day or two to make sure she’s okay.”

Gropni’s grin only grew larger. “Aww, is somebody developing feelings? You know, we can always pay her another visit if we happen to be in this corner of the galaxy.” 

The possibility did ignite a spark in Xey’sa. While there were regulations against making large-scale contact with undeveloped species, things were different for humans that had already been exposed. 

“You know what Gropni? After everything I’ve learned today, anything could be possible. Clearly I’ve got a lot to learn.”

Gropni moved in and rubbed her hand on her partner’s shoulder. “And I’ll be happy to teach you all about it, boss.”


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