The Lonely Dark Lady

The Thrill

by EllieKittycakes

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:vampire #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #vampire #cw:blood #D/s #hypnosis #urban_fantasy

A bit of a short chapter this time around. Life got busy, but I wanted to get this piece of the story done. 

After a good night's sleep, Marina awakes to a new day. Was last night a dream, or was it real?

Friday, January 6th 2023 - Orangeville, Ontario - Marina's apartment - 11:00 AM

Marina stirred in her bed. She could hear the sound of cars driving down the street from the window of her one bedroom apartment. That was such a strange dream. It was a dream, right? It can't be real.

She slowly got out of bed, dry mouth calling for water. She looked into the mirror on her bedroom door.

I look like such a mess. I need a vacation after all this. That's probably what that dream was about, a fantasy.

The day outside was nice. Sunny and relatively cool, she could go out for a bit. Her favorite bookstore just down on First Street would make for a nice outing. She needed new reading material. Then, she could go for some chicken across the street. Grab some groceries on the way home for dinner. That seemed like a good plan. Tomorrow, she would relax and stay inside. Maybe she could call her boss and ask for vacations? She was between assignments anyways.

Moving into the kitchen, she turned on the coffee maker and set for a caramel macchiato. While the machine did its job, she dropped two slices of gluten-free bread in the toaster and started making some scrambled eggs. Her mind drifted to the dream she had. That woman must have been so lonely, all alone in this massive mansion. And she had felt so enthralled in her presence. What was her mind trying to tell her? Was she so desperate for intimacy that her mind was now playing up scenarios in her dreams? That was so pathetic of her, and yet, it had felt so real, so nice, so safe.

Her reverie was broken off by the sweet smell of her coffee. That was sure to wake her from her daydreaming. As she sat at the table, she scrolled through her phone. Funny videos aside, she stumbled upon a news article that the heir of the McKinley family had arrived in town and claimed the old mansion. A woman by the name of...

Eleonore Anastasia McKinley?! That can't be...that was a dream! But how can I dream of a woman I have never heard of before?

As she kept scrolling through, she saw a photo of the a red suit! A text accompanied the photo.

"Eleonore Anastasia McKinley, the new magnate of the McKinley empire, CEO of McKinley Enterprises, left her role as CEO of McKinley Pharmaceuticals to head the family business after the passing of her mother 6 months ago. While young, her achievements speak for themselves. At merely 34, she boasts PhDs in Business Administration, Pharmacy, Philosophy and Medicine. She graduated high school at the age of 15 through a home schooling program..."

Okay, I'm still dreaming. This is all my imagination and I'm going to wake up any minute now......any....minute...

A text message notification rang on Marina's phone. She didn't recognize the number...

"I trust you had a restful night. I'll be waiting for you as planned tonight at 7:00 PM. We'll discuss the details of the commission then. I will have a meal ready."

I guess I really did score a job? thought Marina, dumbfounded. Okay, time to get moving if I want to be done in time for that appointment.

Friday, January 6th 2023 - Orangeville, Ontario - 1:00 PM

While out at the book store, she ventured towards the adult fiction section. More specifically, what was affectionately referred to as smut. That was her little guilty pleasure. She really enjoyed those stories involving a young woman being in service, in one way or another, to a powerful figure. Sometimes it was a queen, other times an evil sorceress. The theme was usually the same though. The main character ended up in a position of submission towards another. This time, she picked a story about a centuries old vampire ruling over a continent and the girls in her harem.

As usual, she also picked a tamer book to go along. That way, she wasn't seen as a complete degenerate when paying up at the register. She picked a cute high fantasy story about a fairy girl who went to a magic school. Once her purchases nicely stashed away in her bag, she left the book store to grab a quick lunch. Some Portuguese chicken with roasted potatoes. No matter what she did, the memories of her encounter with Eleonore were stuck in her mind. What was it about this woman that made her so interesting? She was so mysterious, so regal. There was this aura about her that made her feel safe, yet not.

I have to see this through, even if just to satisfy my curiosity about her, thought Marina.

Friday, January 6th 2023 - Orangeville, Ontario - Marina's apartment - 5:00 PM

It was finally time. Marina had piled up about a dozen outfit on her bed. She couldn't make up her mind on what to wear. She was meeting with a businesswoman. She had to show a certain level of professionalism, yet also showcase her creativity.

She decided to go for a pink skirt with a white shirt and a pink blazer. She tied her hair up in a high ponytail and put on modest pearl earrings. She went for a casual makeup style, just a little bit of eyeshadow, some light blush and a red wine lipstick. 

That only took what, an hour? I've already got it, she came to me for a commission. I'm not going for an interview. Why am I so nervous?

Marina grabbed her bag, her keys and made for the bus stop. 

Friday, January 6th 2023 - Orangeville, Ontario - McKinley Mansion - 6:45 PM

As Marina got off the bus, she considered going back home. Anyone in their right mind would run. It sounded dangerous, and that's what was so captivating. The thrill behind this proposition was pushing her forward. But, she also knew she was safe. So nothing bad would happen. She'd likely be making a lot of money. And she'd have access to top of the line supplies. That could be the start of a very positive business relationship for her. If she did a good job (or rather, if she could appreciate her terrible work, because she was an okay artist at best, or so the brain weasels said), she would likely talk to people she knows. She'd get lots of potential clients and might be able to focus on her art alone, without fear of being unable to feed herself for lack of work!

As Marina approached the gate, they opened up. Well, that's totally not unnerving at all, sarcastically thought Marina. As she walked towards the massive front door to her client's estate, she braced herself for whatever was going to happen. Not that anything bad would happen, since she is totally safe here. Marina rang the bell and the door opened to reveal Ellie in a black velvet robe, comb hairclip tying her hair behind her head and a beautiful golden necklace with a symbol she had never seen before.

"Marina, welcome back to my home! I am pleased to see you tonight. Come in!"


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