A collection of shorts

A dark, chilly night

by Ellie Lobelia

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #humiliation #hypnosis #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #exhibitionism #fantasy #microfiction #mind_control #sadomasochism #urban_fantasy #vampire

CW: Biting, blood, vampires, anxiety, fear

As you walk back home, late in the evening, cool breeze chilling you. You forgot to bring a jacket, so you rub your arms with your hands to try and warm yourself up.

You decided to take a different route than usual to get home faster. It's a cool night and you'd rather be home, wrapped in a blanket or something. Warming yourself up. You've never really taken that route in the dark before, but you know the way. It's familiar to you. And yet...there's something in the air you can't quite place. Something that builds up a little anxiety within you. You feel...observed. You start walking a little faster, looking around to make sure no one is following you. There's little illumination on that street. Seems like the streetlights have given up. Seems like you are on your own...so you pick up the pace. It almost feels as if you are running.

As as you turn a corner, there she is. The one who had been observing you, all this time. Tall, long silky black hair. She pins you to the brick wall behind you with a hand, and stares deeply into your eyes. You can see....pure hunger in her eyes. Visceral, primal, chilling your very bones. She smirks, her red eyes fixed on yours.

"Whoever said I shouldn't play with my food had no idea how much fun it can be...and you, prey, will make for a delicious meal!"

And as she finishes, pointy teeth sink into the soft flesh of your neck, puncturing your skin. A seething pain spreads, and yet, pleasure seems to follow. Your body feels week, as your lifeforce is being drained away by this creature. How could you not feel in awe by such a powerful presence? She holds you strong as your squirm in her grasp. She stops...and licks the wound closed. Total darkness follows, as you awake in your bed, in the morning, unsure if this was all just a dream....

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