by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #corruption #demon

University TA Peter goes to check on his two best friends, cute twin sisters Lara and Megan, he arrives to find they’ve undergone a demonic transformation, and now they hold a deep, burning hunger for his pleasure. Can he help his friends while keeping his mind—and soul—intact?

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Peter walked down the steps from the Mathematics building, pausing at the bottom to check his phone. On his screen was a private chat room, all the messages over the past several days coming only from him.

Peter: Hey, you two. Are you all right?

Peter: Megan? Lara? The semester's about to start and you two disappear. Did something happen?

Peter: You guys didn't forget that classes start next week, did you?

Peter: Hey. I know you guys like to sneak off sometimes, but I'm starting to worry. Get back to me. Let me know you two are alive.

And so on, and so on. With a sigh, he typed out one last message.

Peter: Hey, you two. Classes started today, and you weren't there. I'm really concerned now. Seriously, is something up?

He sent the message, then pulled off his glasses and rubbed them clean with the hem of his shirt. Returning them to his face, he turned to look down the boulevard. At the far end—past the library and the student center—were the student dorms. He stood there, tapping his foot for a moment, adjusting the folder he carried with his TA assignment for the semester.

"Well," he said to himself at last with a sigh, "let's go check on them. Again."

It was a short walk, past crowds of excited and nervous students for the beginning of the spring semester. Peter fingered his collar, trying not to appear as awkward as he felt. Peter had only moved up to the graduate program last semester, but already he felt awkward around the undergrads.

He went past the larger dorms, turning down a smaller path towards the more expensive private dorms where Morgan and Lara stayed together. Finally, he came to the small teal building marking the twins' home away from home. Peter clenched and unclenched his hands as he stood there, looking at the shaded windows of their dorm apartment. Only then did he notice how clammy his palms were.

Why did he feel so nervous?

Shaking his head, Peter pushed onward towards the building, banishing the dark thoughts before they could creep into his consciousness. He knew the only thing to do was to see the truth of things.

He used the key they'd made him to unlock the door, but as his hand rested on the knob, he hesitated one last time. His ears pricked. Did he hear something inside? He shook his head, and called out, "Megan? Lara? I'm coming in. If you're, uh, naked or something, say something now or forever hold your decency."

After a count of three, and still only silence. Peter pushed his way into the apartment. As he moved into the black and white tile of their kitchen, it felt like he had physically stepped into something, something that now surrounded him. It made the space feel warm. Warm, but not unpleasant.


He took another step forward, moving towards the living room. When he reached the open, arched entrance, he pulled up short; his mouth falling open. Laying naked on the sofa was Lara, her body languidly stretched across the cushions. Kneeling between her spread legs was her sister Megan, just as naked, and running her tongue up and down her sister's slick, engorged sex.

Peter swallowed hard, trying to maintain his composure. He had always known the siblings—his best friends—had... complicated feelings for one another. It had been a point of discussion with the two of them, both together and apart. To his knowledge, they had never acted on their mutual desire for each other, but he always knew it was a possibility.

And yet, this wasn't what had drawn him up, frozen with surprise.

It was their faces. Lara's Korean features were serene, almost ethereal. Megan likewise was rapt by pleasure; blissful eyes glistening under half-closed lids. But it was those eyes that had given him pause, that made him momentarily doubt his own sanity.

For in the low light of the dorm living room, the eyes of the two girls literally glowed, the chocolate hazel irises seemed lit by something bright and ghostly from within.

Peter turned his back from the scene, wondering if they'd even noticed him. Wondering if he should just slip out. But then he heard Lara's familiar voice, but with a strange tone, like she was half asleep. Or drugged.

"Oh, hey, Pete..."

"Pete?" It was Megan's slightly lighter voice. "Pete, you... you picked a bad time..."

Peter cleared his throat. "I-I know, I'm sorry," he said. It was like he could feel the weight of their attention on him. "I didn't mean to intrude. I just got worried for you two and..."

Gooseflesh rose on Peter's skin. Part of him swore he felt something touching him, caressing him, but it had to just be the AC coming from the vent.

Lara's words were slow. Dreamy. "You need to leave, Pete. We... we didn't know it would get like this... didn't know it would be this hard..."

Peter shook his head, jerking when he thought he felt something silky-soft run over his shoulders. He grabbed the spot, but found nothing there. "I don't understand. What's happened? If you tell me, maybe I can help. Did you two take something? Did someone drug you?"

"Given something," Megan said softly. "Something naughty, naughty, naughty..."

Peter heard Lara let out a lewd moan as her sister went down on her again. "We've been here... staying a-away from... fuck... from everyone, but Pete... we can feel you... can feel your... your..."

There was no denying it now. Something was running along Peter's skin, under his clothes. But when he looked, there was nothing there. Not even his clothes moved.

Suddenly, he felt the sensation run along his thighs, seeking his crotch. With a sharp gasp, he felt that silky sensation hit his groin, and his penis immediately became erect. Confusion mixed with arousal as something smooth and warm and feathery light slid and curled along his shaft, seemingly unhindered by his clothing.

Peter half stumbled, half fell against the kitchen counter, turning to see Lara rise from her languid pose and sit up straight, propping her elbows against her knees. "It's been easier with each other... Easier to do the right thing. To let it end... end like this, together... But... but Pete, with you there... it's just..."

Megan turned, her eyes glowing brilliantly now. "We're just so hungry..."

"This... hah... this makes no sense!" Peter said, his breath deepening as the sensations on his manhood increased. Images arose in his mind. Ones that seemed to come from outside himself, but pressing themselves inside nonetheless. "H-how is this possible?"

In his mind, Peter was fucking his best friends; those two sweet-faced young twenty-years-olds. Their naked, glistening, shaved bodies writhing below him as he pushed his aching cock into them over and over again, their luminous eyes watching him with a glowing, inner light.

With great effort, he forced the outer fantasy away. The two petite, Korean-born girls had been his closest friends for since he started tutoring them in math their freshman year. He had always recognized their beauty, but had always kept things platonic—not least because he recognized the complicated feelings they had for one another.

But something seemed quite intent on altering those feelings inside himself. Peter could feel something pushing, probing into his mind, like it was trying to find some fissure or weakness. And all the while, that gentle, invisible force stroked and caressed and teased his shaft, making it harder and harder to think. Harder and harder to fight.

With sweat beading on his face, Peter looked over to see Megan had slipped off the couch and was crawling towards him on her hands and knees. She had the look of a predatory animal creeping up on wounded prey. "You've been so good to us, Pete... Always there for us... always willing to help..."

Her eyes were glazed, but as she drew closer to him, they came into laser focus on the straining bulge in Peter's pants. Then Lara's eyes joined hers; burning with hunger, like hungry animals scenting food.

"Do you want to help us now, Pete?"

Lara's voice seemed distant behind her sister. "Megan..."

"We can't feed on each other, Pete... You could help us... over, and over, and over again... We could make it so... good for you..."

The sensations along Peter's cock were growing maddeningly intense. His fingers gripped the edge of the counter as her hand slid over the hot bulge in his jeans. He knew he should do something. Say something. But between the assault on his mind, on the invisible force pleasuring his body, his body stood utterly paralyzed.

He felt the dark-haired girl pop open his jeans, pulling open his zipper to free his throbbing erection. A moan escaped his lips; his voice feeling like it was not even his own anymore. He felt her fingers, delicate and warm, take hold of his shaft. Peter felt his mind sinking. Felt the whole of his consciousness being subsumed by a dark, yearning force.

It felt good. It felt so goddamned good.

Peter closed his eyes, feeling his friend's hot breath on his shaft. And then, like a sudden douse of cold water, the force holding onto his mind and body let go.

His eyes shot open, and he saw Lara clasping Megan from behind. It was a loving embrace, but he saw they were both shaking.

"We promised, Megan," she whispered. "We promised we wouldn't. We can't go like the others did. And we can't do this to Pete. We just can't..."

Peter realized he was shaking, too. His erection throbbed with its hardness, but more than that, he felt a rawness in his head, like a vice had loosened off his skull. But when he looked down at Megan's naked body and saw she was crying, he felt a pain in his heart.

"I'm so hungry, sis..." she mewled softly. "So hungry... so empty..."

"I know," Lara said, her face buried in her sister's hair. "Me, too."

"Lara," Peter said, cringing with discomfort as he stowed his hardness back inside his pants. "Please. Tell me what's going on. None of this makes any sense."

He saw Lara's glimmering eyes peek up from her sister's mussed hair. "It's bad, Pete. Real bad. Do you... do you know those monster movies we all watch together? The ones with vampires and exorcisms and mind control cults?"

Peter furrowed his brow, but nodded. "I do..."

"It's like all that. But horny. Really, really horny."

It sounded insane, but Peter could feel the ache refusing to let up in his loins, and felt he could at least partially understand. "But how? What happened to you two?"

"She came to our dreams," Lara said with a soft shudder. "A... a..."

"A demon," Megan finished for her sister, pulling her Lara's arms more tightly around her. She seemed to take strength in their embrace. "She told us she could show us how to be together."

"I... see," Peter said. "And she... did this to you?"

"She messed with our heads," Lara said. "Us and two other girls. I... I think she was going to eat us or something. But this guy... he saved us."

"He also was the one who caused it, though, so he doesn't exactly get credit," Megan added.

"Yeah," Lara said, her tone dropping, then sighed. "And he also kind of didn't save us, either. Both him and the demon disappeared. But whatever it did to us... part of it stayed. We've been changing, Pete. Turning into..." she shrugged, squeezing her naked sister more tightly. "This."

"Sex vampires," Megan said in a small voice.

"Succubi," Lara corrected. "That's what the others called it."

Peter felt like he was going to faint. He took a breath and steadied himself. "This is... this is a lot."

"Welcome to our world," Megan said.

Not knowing what else to do, Peter went and pulled the blanket from the couch and wrapped it around the two. It seemed a feeble gesture, but the two girls snuggled around the fabric. He then sat himself on the tile floor across from them. He could still feel the tension in the air. It was like a palpable force; a heaviness pressing down on all of his senses.

Lara was the first one to speak. "The others have... fallen in line with things. Sarah was all in on it. Amanda tried not to, but... but it's really hard."

"How have you managed so far?"

An awkward smile came over both their lips. "We fucked each other," Megan said.

"It's what we wanted in the first place," Lara said. "To... to not care anymore. About what everyone else thought. About what they'd do if they found out. It's been easier to stay away from others when we've had each other. But..."

"But you can't... feed off each other?" Peter said, guessing the problem.

Lara shrugged. "It's like passing the same bit of... energy? It's like passing it back and forth. There's no new source of it. So... we're kind of starving here. We were... were..."

Lara faltered, her voice choking up slightly. Megan finished in a small voice, "We were going to stay in here together till..." she drew a line across her throat with her finger. "But then you showed up and I... I lost control." She looked at him with glowing eyes that were wet with tears. "Sorry..."

Peter sighed, trying to process all this new information as quickly as he could. He took his glasses off and wiped the perspiration from them. "It's OK," he said, putting them back on. "I don't see how you could have known... any of this. It's all crazy."

"Yeah..." the sisters said in unison.

"But you can't... can't..." and it was Peter who faltered this time. The words 'kill yourselves,' just wouldn't come out. His mind wouldn't allow it. "Can't just let yourselves give up like that."

He wanted to reach out, to take the hands of his two best friends, but thought better of it. He imagined right now his touch wouldn't make things easier for them. "Surely we can find another option somewhere? Somehow?"

Lara gave him a sad smile. "It's not easy to think when you're this..."

"Hungry?" he offered.

"Horny. But it's kind of the same thing for us now."

"And thinking wasn't exactly our thing," Megan added, looking up at him. "It's why you had to spend so long helping us through Calculus 101..."

"C'mon, now," Peter said. "That's not how I remember it. I remember two young ladies who never gave up, no matter how hard something was for them."

The two girls said nothing, but he saw their fingers lace more tightly into one another's.

"Look. I can't imagine what this is like. I don't think my mind has even come to terms with it." Peter leaned forward. "But I'm pretty sure there's got to be some other way we can handle this."

Both girls smiled, and even with their glowing, ethereal countenances, Peter saw the faces of the girls who always laughed and teased and made each other happy; the girls who always tried to have fun together with him. In his deepest core, he wanted to see the two girls have that again. And if he could do anything to help that happen, he would.

The twins looked into each other's eyes. "I think me and Megan need to talk," Lara said, turning her gaze slowly back to him. "Alone. For just a bit, at least." She bit her lip. "You're our best friend, Peter. We just couldn't live with ourselves if we... um..."

"If you what?"

"If we turned you into a sex zombie," Megan said, finishing her sister's sentence as they so often did.

"Oh. Right," Peter coughed. "No, I'd prefer not to have that happen, either."

Peter gave them a last look before he left their dorm apartment. They sat on the couch now, still wrapped together in the blanket. That glow was still about them. Strange, eerie, and still possessing of an otherworldly beauty. He didn't know what the answer was to their problem—he barely understood the problem itself—but he knew he didn't want that answer to be their end. He didn't want a world without those two silly, adorable girls in it.


As the hours dragged on and night fell, Peter desperately wished he had some kind of vice to lean on. He half considered buying a pack of cigarettes just to try something—anything—to help take his mind off the churning anxiety inside his head. He ended up sitting on a bench, looking out over a large pond with the Rocky Mountains stretching out in the far distance.

Just as the chill set in and he saw his slow, unsteady breath crystallize in the air before him, his phone chimed. His heart pounded as he extracted it from his pocket.

Lara: Hey.

Peter: Hey there. You two talked?

Lara: Yeah. We think we might have an idea. It's weird, though.

Peter's fingers paused as his mind churned through possibilities.

Peter: Define weird.

Lara: We can. Maybe in person, though? So we don't have a text record of everything? There was a smiling emoji with a sweat drop, as if to punctuate the nervousness in her words.

Peter considered pushed for more information, but thought better of it. Any idea had to be better than what they had first considered.

Peter: I'll be right there.

Lara sent a smiling emoji in response, but nothing more.

The nighttime walk back to their dorm did not ease Peter's nerves. But before he knocked on the door, he stopped and took a long, steadying breath to steel himself. The last time he'd done that, it was the night before the girls' final exam, where they'd studied together until well past 3:00 AM to ensure they understood the material well enough to pass.

He'd helped them through that crisis. He'd help them through this one, too.

As he entered back into their dorm, he could feel the shift. Any thought of this being some delusion or psychosis dissolved as he could feel the aura coming off the two girls. They had changed into something different, and now that they were fully awake and aware, it was impossible to deny.

They were waiting on him, both slender girls in cinched bathrobes. They both looked a little nervous. A little awkward. And something else. Expectant?

"So," he said, looking from one to the other. "Shall we talk ideas?"

"We've been talking," Lara said, as they sat down together; Peter in the chair, the girls on the couch they'd been making love on. She sighed. "There's so much that's hard to explain, but we'll do our best."

"Take your time," he said. "We'll take as long as you need."

"Easy for you to say," Megan said, sticking out her tongue. "You're not going crazy with hunger over here."

"Fair point," Peter said, rubbing his neck. "Please. Go on."

Lara poked her sister in the side, then continued. "The first thing is that's it has been different between us and the others. Sarah didn't even try to, and Amanda..."

"Amanda almost drained someone dry," Megan said, her eyes drifting away.

Peter didn't know what this meant, but it sounded terrifying. "OK," he said. "You mentioned that your... having each other helped this?"

Lara nodded. "Being able to finally be with each other made the hunger... not so bad. For a long while, at least."

Magan grinned weakly. "We had other things on our mind."

"It made it easier to control." Lara said, nudging shoulders with her sister. "I didn't really notice how much it helped until I was able to, uh, keep her from scrambling your brains earlier."

Megan blushed slightly, and Peter couldn't tell whether her glowing eyes added to or detracted from the look's cuteness. "Yeah... sorry about that."

He laughed nervously. "It's OK. Bullet dodged."

I hope, he added internally.

"That's actually what gave me the idea," Lara went on, rubbing Megan's knee. "I think there might be a way for us to, well, feed without having to do the, well..."

"Brain scrambling?" Peter offered.

"Yeah. But," she paused, and he could see the reticence on Lara's face. "You still might not like it..."

"Try me," Peter said, feeling his own nervousness but pushing past it. "Just... help me understand."

Lara ran her hands down her face. "It's complicated, because it's all feelings and instinct. We can... smell you. Or taste you."

"Smaste you," Megan said, offhand.

"Yeah, it's like a mix of stuff. Not your body, but your emotion. Your energy."

Megan's eyes glimmered. "And it smastes really fucking yummy."

Peter removed his glasses and cleaned them, giving his shaking hands something to do. "I take it that's a bad thing."

Lara nodded, her face somber. "It is, because if we... fed off of you, it would change you."

Megan sank into the couch. "Sex zombie."

"Sarah did it to someone," Lara went on. "Amanda, too, eventually. It made them weird. Like... like a pet."

She paused then, sighing. "We really don't want to do that to you."

"But you said you had an idea?" Peter said intently.

"When we're together," Lara said, taking her sister's hand again. "It's... easier. We can keep each other from... dipping down to the part that changes you."

Megan was blushing again, but she said, "Yeah. Less of a feeding and more a, you know, light tasting?"

Peter blinked, trying to digest everything. "And that would give you what you needed without the... zombie thing?"

They were both fidgeting. "We think so?" Lara said with less conviction than Peter would have liked.

Still, Peter laughed despite himself. This was all crazy, crazy to where if he suddenly woke up from all this, he wouldn't at all be surprised. He'd already pinched himself earlier in the evening, however, and it seemed this was as real as it got.

And so, as the two sisters-turned-succubi stared at him with slightly misty eyes, Peter took a breath and said, "OK. I'll do it."

The two girls-turned-succubi looked at each other, smiled, and when they looked back, it was as if a barely constrained mask had fallen away. With visages of pure, joyous lust, the twin sisters leapt at him.

Peter reared back in surprise in his chair as Megan landed on his lap, her robe discarded to reveal her naked body already glistening with desire. She straddled him, pushing her lips against him; shoving her tongue into his mouth as she sank into him. The heat rising from her was immediate and intoxicating. Her dark hair fell across his face like silken fingers stroking along the surface of water.

"We need you so badly," Lara murmured into his ear, wrapping her arms around his chest, her supple, perky breasts pressing into his arm. Peter's entire body shuddered as he felt the press of a kiss on the nape of his neck.

He felt their auras welling around him. Like liquid silk, it flowed over his body; invisible, but oh so tangible. It wasn't the wild, intense rush he felt the first time he had come in. It was steady. Slow. And, though he couldn't explain how he could feel it, he knew it wasn't seeping into his mind.

That didn't change how mindwrackingly intense it felt, however.

"You taste so good," Megan mewled as she broke the kiss, lines of saliva connecting their mouths. And then she was ripping at his clothes. Cloth tearing and buttons popping. Revealing Peter's toned chest and trim abs, a body kept fit with daily runs and regular marathons.

The feelings of pleasure were so strange and intense as to be alien. Nothing on Peter's body had ever felt as good as his tongue had when Megan's had danced along it. Nothing had tasted as sweet as her saliva. His cock was already hard. Already ready. The steady feeling of silk on his skin from their invisible will only added to the intensity.

Lara caressed his arm, her smooth fingers feeling almost unnatural in the sensations they sent through his skin. It wasn't supposed to do that. A single touch wasn't supposed to feel that good.

Peter hadn't expected this. Hadn't prepared for it.

"Lara," Peter said, his voice dry. "I'm... I'm a little scared here."

"Yeah," Lara breathed into his ear. "I can tell. I... I could turn it off. But I'd have to push into you, and if I did... I wouldn't be able to stop."

"We'll be good," Megan said, planting kisses down his neck. His chest. Teasing his nipples with her tongue, sending uncanny jolts of pleasure through his body.

Lara's voice was halting, and Peter could tell she was only barely restraining herself. "I... I wish I could say we... that we knew what we're doing, but this is as new for us as it is for you, Pete. But we'll... we'll do it right. I promise. Just... trust us. Please?"

Peter looked over into Lara's glowing eyes. He saw the soul-deep hunger there. The need. But he also saw his best friend. Saw her effort. Saw her care.

"OK," Peter said, and took her hand. "We'll get this right together."

The Korean girl's smile was like warm sunshine, and she met his lips with hers, more gently than Megan had, her tongue sliding like satin in to fill him again with that strange, alien ecstasy.

I'm going to cum, he thought, as her tongue pleasured his. I'm going to cum from this kiss alone...

But he didn't. It just went on and on, but as Megan fell lower, and he felt her literally rip open his pants to release his throbbing manhood, a new fearful thought arose.

If this is normal touch... what's it going to feel like down... down...

His vision went white as Megan's demon lips slid over the tip of Peter's shaft, her tongue acting like the switch on an electric chair of pleasure. His hands clutched at Lara; trying—and failing—to hold back the orgasmic rush of blissful sensations rushing through every fiber of his being. Lara moved up along his body so that her pert, round tits traced a devilish trail of delight along his skin.

Peter heard Lara's voice amid that hellish heaven. "Everything in us wants to suck you down. Down to your mind. Down to your soul. Suck you almost dry, then paint over the hollow with our power... with this stuff you're feeling on your skin but not seeing. Then all you'd want to do is serve us. To make more and more of the delicious energy we need. To shape the world for us."

Her voice shuddered, then steadied. Peter couldn't tell through the white ecstasy that was overwhelming him if he was hearing her, or sensing her words some other way.

"Everything wants that, except for who we actually are. The real us just want you to be you, Pete. The awesome guy who helped us actually pass calculus and showed us how to do laundry and cook something besides cereal. We want our best friend."

He felt her squeeze his hand.

"So we're just going to sip. Just off the top. The joy and pleasure and desire that flows out. That's all we'll take. Just a sip."

The whiteness faded slightly, just enough for Peter to feel Lara nuzzling against him. Just enough to feel the cool air on his cock as Megan took her mouth off him to look up.

"Are you OK, Pete?" Lara whispered.

"Yes. Yes, I'm OK." He took a breath. "What's the... what's the sip going to be, exactly?"

The two girls said nothing, only smiled. Lara moved to kiss him again, and the blaring over-saturation of sensation returned, only more. More intense. More overwhelming.

Peter came. Came harder than he ever had in his life. He felt every movement of Megan's tongue along his frenulum. Of her lips down his shaft. Of her hand on his base, stroking pulse after pulse of cum into her mouth. On and on, on for so long, it felt unnatural. So long it felt like he was going to pass out.

But he didn't. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the blinding pleasure ended, and he opened his eyes and saw Lara's and Megan's face, looking over him.

"Did we kill him?" Megan said, her lip trembling.

"I don't think so," Lara said.

Megan leaned in, studying him. "I felt his pulse down there. Are you sure we didn't kill him?"

Peter blinked, making Megan jump back in surprise. She wasn't the only one. In the fading afterimage, Peter saw the glowing outline of horns on the two girls. Blinking further, he could make tails, visibly swishing through the air and entwining with one another. Most notable, and perhaps most alarming, were their wings; wide, elegant wings made of neither feathers nor leather. Instead, he saw wide, ethereal wings of shadow, shifting and undulating within an aura that surrounded the two girls.

"Pete. Are you with us, Pete?"

Shadows from their auras sifted through the air and along the ground, moving like feelers of inky blackness. As the two girls looked upon him, those shadows lightly caressed him in slow, soothing movements. He could feel them; smooth and soft as silk.

All these things Peter saw, and his mind reeled, his thoughts a mix of shocked fascination and worry for his two friends.

"Don't be dead!" Megan grabbed his shoulders and shook him. Her grip was much stronger than it seemed it should be.

"Ah! I'm not dead. I'm not dead!" Panting, Peter put his hand on Megan's hand, drawing her away. "It's OK. That was just... a lot. Did... did you get what you needed?"

Please tell me you got what you needed. Anything more than that and they might just kill me after all...

They shared another glance, and then, smiling, crammed their slender bodies into the chair on either side of him to embrace him fully. Even just sitting there, their touch tingled on his skin, exciting the nerves underneath. Invisible, Peter could still feel their tails curling around his leg and waist, their shadowy wings curling around to nuzzle him.

"It did," Lara whispered, her voice thick with emotion, her spectral tail lightly squeezing his middle.

Megan let her head falling on his shoulder, the press of her invisible horns seeming to spark where they touched. "I can actually think again."

"As much as she ever did, anyway."

"Shut up."

Peter laughed. In joy at hearing his two friends teasing one another again. At having managed this... thing, whatever it was. At the sheer absurdity of it all.

He kissed the two girls on the cheek and rose. He stumbled as he did, his legs almost unable to hold him. His arms shot out, grabbing the table for support. The twins shot up immediately, stabilizing him.

"Well, I was going to get some water," he chuckled weakly.

"We might have still taken a bit too much," Lara said meekly.

"Nothing from inside, though. We did good!" Megan added with a note of pride.

Lara winced slightly. "That might have actually made it harder, now that we're through it all. I think when we... when we push in, our power actually would actually charge you up some. Give something back for what we took."

"Something that would make you more horny and obedient each time we did it, though..."

Lara nodded. "Yeah. That too. Without doing that, though, it might be kind of... uh draining?"

"Oh," Peter said weakly, then furrowed his brow. "Wait, if this was the first time doing this, how do you know it would do all that?"

Lara looked away. "We... hear things. Feel things from the others. Feel how they did it. Feel what they've done."

Megan frowned. "It's really weird."

"It rather sounds like it," Peter said, panting as they helped him to the couch. Megan went to fetch the water.

He smiled as he sipped the water, feeling some of his energy seeping back into him. "But you two did it differently. You did it your own way."

"Because we're awesome," Megan said, grinning.

"And because you helped." Lara ran her fingers along Peter's cheek, sending pleasurable jolts along his cheek before she realized what she was doing and stopped.

A shudder ran through Peter as the fresh memory of that 'help' sizzled through his brain. His nerves felt fried from it all; overloaded with the sheer gravity of it all.

It was then that a thought hit Peter, one that made his stomach sank and almost caused him to drop his glass. He set it down carefully with a shaking hand.

The twins noticed the shift in his expression. "Did we delayed reaction kill him?" Megan said in a small voice.

"No, no," Peter said, patting the air toward her. "It's just..." He looked at Lara. "You got... took what you could from that, right?"

Lara nodded, grinning. Her tail flicked happily through the air. "Yeah. It worked like a charm."

"That's good. Very good," Peter said, then hesitated. He considered stopping, but knew it would do no good. "But you didn't get what you would have if you'd have..."

"Dug deep?"

"Hollowed you out?"

He nodded to both of them. "Yes."

Lara shook her head. "We didn't. But we got enough, though! It's, like, the first time we've felt normal since this whole thing started."

"But... you'll have to do it again, won't you? We'll have to do... this again?"

Lara opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Peter realized then that this was the first time the twins had actually considered this. He looked at Megan, who was nibbling her lip. Looking at Lara, he saw a similar look, if a bit more restrained. And when he blinked, he could see their tails entwining tightly with one another like two snakes making love. He realized what he saw in their expression swasn't apprehension, but eagerness.

Eager for when they would next get to feed.

"How... how often will we need to do this, Lara? To keep you two healthy?"

The two sisters looked at each other for a long time, saying nothing, though their eyes seemed to glow all the more brightly. He realized—though he wasn't sure how he did—that they were talking directly to one another's minds. Had their feeding on him enabled that?

If so, what else had it granted them?

Finally, they turned back to him. He felt their glowing eyes on him. Eyes that would soon fill once again with the need for his pleasure. He could feel their shadows touching him. Lightly, and without intention, but in that touch he could feel the void that lay inside them. A deep, bottomless pit of yearning and lust.

"So... Yeah. We think... maybe... two or three times..."

The words hung there. Peter stared at his best friends. His best friends, who now relied on his sexual energy to survive. Energy they could only gain through enacting excruciating physical pleasure onto him. "I-I see—"

Lara coughed, interrupting him. "A day. Two or three times a day."

Peter clasped his hands to keep them from shaking.

In a choked voice, he said, "Oh. Is that all?"



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