by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #f/f

Identical twins Samantha and April are sick of being hounded by their father for their mediocre grades. All they want to do is use the new meditation app they found, one that’s giving them strange thoughts towards each that other they’re finding increasingly hard to resist…

Samantha pulled into the parking lot of her college dormitory, putting the car into park when her phone rang. She looked at the screen, nestled in its pink case, and saw that it was her dad calling. She sighed and accepted the call.

"Hey, Daddy!" she said. "What's up?"

"I saw your grades," her father's voice intoned with his low, rumbling voice. "Yours and your sister's. I'm disappointed in you two."

Samantha rolled her eyes, her thin wrists resting on the steering wheel. "We made 'B's', Daddy. It's not a big deal."

"Big deal," he grunted. "What was it I told you girls when I paid for your exorbitant tuition?"

"That we'd better get either good grades or good husbands..."

"That's right," he said. "So I'm left curious as to what the situation with your suitors is."

Samantha popped open the door of her compact car. "And nothing more romantic than talking about 'suitors' with my dad."

Her father snorted. "Romance has nothing to do with it. I sent you to a school rife with prospective lawyers, doctors, and politicians. I had best not hear either of you playing at being the fraternity tramp!"

"Gross, Dad!" Samantha groaned, grabbing a handful of her dark red hair in frustration. "We've not dated anyone! We've mostly been... you know... meditating and stuff..."

"New-age horse shit. If I wanted my girls ending up like granola eaters out of some commune, I'd have sent you two to art school. I expect you to stop wasting your time with that nonsense and start networking with your sorority."

Samantha walked past several students lounging on the stairs leading up to the dorm. She paused in front of the door, pressing her head down against the brick wall as she said, "Sure, Daddy. Whatever you say. This has been such a lovely conversation. Shall we talk again soon, or will it be the customary six months before you reach out again?"

"Don't be smart with me. Do as I say. I expect each of your grades to improve, and to hear you've garnered interest from someone with high standing."

Clenching her teeth, Samantha moved to press the button to end the call.

"And cut the hippy bull crap!" he barked out of phone just as the call ended.

Samantha stuck her tongue out at her phone, then tossed it in her purse. "Goddammit!" she muttered under her breath.

A group of boys sitting around a table in the hallway laughed. She felt their eyes on her as she moved to the lift, making her freckled face blush. She kept her head down as the elevator doors closed.

As she stepped out on her floor and walked towards her dorm, she worked to cast off the foul mood her dad always left her with, but it was no easy thing. Her father had somehow managed both of the bad parenting extremes, both absent controlling.

Samantha knew it was no good brooding. What she needed was some time with her meditation app. The 'hippy bullcrap' had the dual benefit of calming her down and flagrantly disobeying his wishes, both of which did her a world of good.

Inside her dorm, she found her identical sister April sitting cross-legged on her pink yoga mat, already deep in her meditation. Her petite body, pale skin and lightly freckled face were a mirror of Samantha's, as was her short, red hair. She had a large pair of wireless headphones covering her ears, breathing deeply with her eyes firmly closed.

April sat oblivious as Samantha came and tossed her tiny purse on the dorm's dingy gray couch. She stood over her sister, feeling a twinge of jealousy that she had gotten to spend all morning using the special meditation app they had discovered last semester.

She could see her sister's eyes moving beneath her lids, entranced by the guided meditation flowing through her ears. April shivered lightly, and a soft moan rose from her lips.

The sound sent a fluttering down from Samantha's stomach and made her yearn for her turn all the more. She knelt down to take April's phone, the meditation app softly pulsing away on the screen. Her eyes flicked up to her sister, and she could see her nipples hard against the fabric of her pale halter top.

Samantha bit her lip, imagining herself pulling her thin top down and kissing her sister's cute nips. With a shiver, she shook off the thought. She'd had these strange thoughts like that more and more lately, and with increasing intensity.

And her sister had been having them, too.

"Silly," she said to herself, rolling her eyes. It's not like either of them would ever act on those thoughts.

Not again, anyway. Now that they had rules.

Samantha hit the button on the app to end April's session. When she did, her sister arched her back, making soft mewling gasps as the app administered the meditative climax that always came at the end of the sessions.

"Ooooh," April crooned, her cute, perky breasts shivering from post meditation bliss.

"Have a good session, sis?" Samantha said, smirking at her panting twin.

"Mmmm hmm," April murmured, her eyes hooded and dreamy.

Samantha's smile widened. "Good, because it's my turn now."

"Awww..." she said with a small giggle. "And I was just on a roll. You sure you don't have more registration stuff to deal with?"

"Nope!" Samantha said. "I get the app the rest of the afternoon, just like we agreed."

April picked herself up from the floor. As she did, her fingertips traced lines up the pale skin of Samantha's leg. She giggled playfully when her fingers encountered goosebumps.

"Ah! Come on, April," Samantha teased, reaching out and tickling her sister's ribs. "You're supposed to be relaxing after your session. The app said so, remember?"

The identical twins laughed and grabbed at one another, their hands exploring one another as they wrestled.

Eventually, April won the wrestling match and pinned her sister's arms against the couch. She leaned down gently and kissed her neck. "Why don't we use the app together again?"

The butterflies beneath Samantha's stomach fluttered again. The warmth between her thighs rose in intensity, making itself fully known.

"Not a good idea, sis," she said, trying to ignore her beating heart. "You remember what happened last time..."

April bit her lip. "I know," she said, letting her go. "It's just felt so weird these past few days. The bad thoughts.. they've been getting worse whenever I watch you..."

Samantha knew exactly what she meant. She had grown increasingly aware of the wet heat in her loins that flared whenever she heard her sister moaning softly through her turn at using the app.

And the app didn't help. "Remember," the gentle, feminine voice that led the app's guided meditation would say during every session. "Individual practice can be helpful, but your meditation journey is always better with a partner!"

Memories of the one and only time she and her sister had taken a meditative 'journey' together rose unbidden in her mind, only increasing the slickness between Samantha's thighs.

"No," Samantha said, forcing a stern voice. "We stick to the rules. I'll go this afternoon, then you can have the evening. We'll reverse tomorrow, like we normal."

April took a long breath, running her hands over her face to calm herself. "Right. You're right. We have to be careful."

"Yeah. It's already bad enough we..."

Samantha trailed off, her face growing hot at the thought. Seeing her sister's rosy cheeks, she knew she mirrored her sentiment.

Lost our virginity to each other, she finished, but only in her head.

The meditation session had been so good. Transcendent, even. She didn't remember what her meditation guide had said, but her entire body had felt electric, like lightning running up her spine, the rest of her going loose and liquid.

There had been the feeling of pressure. Wonderful, pleasurable pressure, and of the fiery feeling of silk on her fingers.

The session had ended, and she came back to herself only to find she was screaming in a chorus of ecstasy with her sister. They found their hands, slick and bloody, pushed deep into each other's tight vaginas.

That had come together, their newly penetrated pussies clenching and pulsing on each other's fingers. The sensation had been so new, so intense, so wrong.

And so very, very hot.

Now April was staring at her with an expression she couldn't read. A look of confusion? An emotion Samantha wasn't used to seeing on her pretty twin sister's face.

"Hey, sis," she asked, her tone strangely light. "You should go ahead and take your turn. I'll make us some food. I know I haven't eaten today."

"Neither have I," Samantha admitted. It was easy to forget to eat these days. The meditation sessions were so much more important. And when the app was done with her, food was usually the last thing on her mind.

But she knew she would need to eat, and it would give her sister something to occupy her mind while Samantha took her turn. "OK," she said. "Sounds good."

April smiled sweetly. "Great. I'm gonna grab a shower first, though. You should go get started."

Her sister moved to get up, but before she did, as if without thinking, April leaned in and kissed Samantha on the lips. Her mouth opened slightly, and Samantha felt their tongues dancing together, sending a warm thrill racing through her body.

When the kiss broke apart, Samantha felt flushed, her legs shaking. She stared at her sister in surprise. Smiling as if pleased with herself, April rose and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind herself.

Samantha's heart pounded in her chest. The kiss had made her own nipples hard, had made her already slick sex ache. In that moment, she realized just how badly she wanted her twin sister's body.

She didn't know when it had happened, or how it had grown so strong. The one time they had... fucked, it had been a fluke. An accident. Just a byproduct of how good meditation felt.

But now she felt the deep urge to follow her sister and join her in the shower. No headphones. No meditation guiding them. Just the two twin sisters, naked and wet, fucking each other like horny rabbits.

With quivering hands, she took the headphones and put them over her ears. The meditation would take her mind off her feelings for her sister. The meditation took her mind off of everything. That's what made meditation so wonderful. Whenever the session would start, it took away every worry they felt. Every fear.

Every thought.

The guided meditations took it all and dissolved it down into nothing, leaving their bodies in a state of pure, pleasured bliss.

It may have started small when April had discovered the app so many months ago, an offer from an ad she had almost discarded as spam. Her sister had laughed when she downloaded it, thinking it some a fun little thing to try.

But each session had felt better, and stronger, and more encompassing. With each passing day it became easier and easier to do longer sessions. It became hard not to do them, really. The past month, it had been all either of them had wanted to do. The only problem had been their accident. After that, they had resolved to take turns with extended deep sessions throughout the day.

Her heart already racing in anticipation, Samantha took April's phone and opened her own profile on the app. The soft pink lights of the app pulsed, welcoming her back.

The developer name, Somnus Software, shone in glittering letters before the app presented her with her assigned session for the day. Seeing the icon pop up sent a surge of joy through her. The app always had a special guided meditation ready, just for her alone.

Samantha clicked open the guided meditation. As usual, it began with calming music, followed by a soothing female voice telling her she could let her worries float away as she entered the meditative trance.

"Let everything go," the lilting voice said into her ears, the voice shifting from one ear to the other in erratic patterns that forced her to focus. "Just relax and breathe deeply. Let your mind roam. Let all your troubling thoughts fade into nothingness."

As she listened, the voice grew more and more distant until finally it faded entirely, replaced with the sound of flowing water. The gurgling sound seemed to pour into her ears, filling her senses completely.

Samantha breathed slowly and deeply, following the instructions, letting her mind drift. She felt the tension leave her muscles. She felt the stress drain from her mind. Soon, even her worries vanished. All she felt was the waterfall, flowing over her skin, teasing it, stimulating it in a way that soothed even as it excited.

Then suddenly, the sensation changed. Instead of being poured upon her, it flowed around her, moving inward toward her core. It felt good. It rose gently in her mind, filling her steadily like a mold.

The sensations built, though, becoming more and more intense as it roamed over her skin. Th gentle pressure ran over her, stimulating her entire body before settling with a sharp jolt against clit. The pleasure became a fire in her body, sending wave after tingling wave through her pussy.

She heard herself moan, but it sounded so distant, almost like another person.

I have no worries, said a voice in her mind while the pleasure slipped deeper and deeper into her sex. All I can think about is this perfect, pleasurable journey of meditation.

Another wave of pleasure washed over her, tingling her nipples and running like a trickling fire down her sides. Her hips quivered against the imaginary force that was pressing into her.

I am perfect. This pleasure is perfect. Sinking down deeply into it is all that matters.

And then she felt warm, wet lips press against hers. It felt good. It felt right. Samantha shivered, and her eyes fluttered open to reveal April facing her. Kissing her. Touching her.

Her sister was naked, with only her own pair of headphones on. One hand had moved into her shorts and under her panties. The other had pulled up her shirt and was caressing her chest.

The feeling of her sister's fingers sliding along her sex sent a jolt through her body. Samantha moaned softly, unable to stop herself. Her hips thrust forward involuntarily, meeting April's fingers as they slid in and out of her.

She gasped softly as her sister broke off her kiss. "April, we have to stop," she mewled weakly. "This is wrong..."

"I'm sorry, sis," April said, her other hand groping her pert breasts, her slender thumb running back and forth over her still nipples. "It said we needed to do it together. It's how it's supposed to be."

Samantha let out a quivering moan as her sister's fingers massaged her g-spot, causing her to rise slightly. "Aaaaah..."

Fucking my sister is natural, said the voice in her head. It's the best feeling in the world. Was it her voice, or someone else's? She couldn't tell. It doesn't matter.

"You hear it too," April whispered. "I know you do. The app knows what's best for us, Samantha. We have to listen to it..."

"I... I..." Samantha tried to refuse. Tried to deny the truth inside her.

This is what I want. To fuck, listen, and obey.

But she couldn't.

April sister pulled her sister's shirt up over her head, taking off her headphones just long enough to do so. Samantha discarded her shorts and panties as well, leaving both sisters naked in each other's embrace. They kissed deeply, their petite chests pressing together as their legs split wide to allow their mounds to meet between them.

They rubbed their pussies against each other, moaning softly. April reached down and cupped Samantha's breast, squeezing her nipple gently.

"It feels so good..." Samantha moaned.

We are one heart. One soul. One body. Sweet. Horny. Obedient.

"Yeesss...." She couldn't deny it anymore. Couldn't fight it. Their guided mediation had shown them who they were and what their purpose was.

Their shared desire for each other had been their true nature all along. The app had shown them how to bring their dark needs to fruition. Their shared desire had brought them there, and there was no going back.

The feeling of her twin sister's cunt sliding against hers was like heaven, a heaven even more intense with the knowledge it was her cunt, too. They were perfect replicas of each other, down to the smallest details, and that understanding made her feel closer than she'd ever felt for anyone.

Together, they pushed their hips upward, grinding their twats together as they ground themselves against the floor beneath them. Samantha held onto April tightly, pulling her close to keep from losing her balance. Both women cried out, moaning loudly as their pleasure peaked into a mutual climax that ripped through their bodies and left them clenching each other tighter than ever.

And all the while, the soft sound of flowing water played into Samantha's ears, the soft-spoken words unheard, seeping straight into her mind.

Fuck. Cum. Obey.

"We'll be good!" Samantha mewled, her entire body spasming with pleasure.

"We'll obey!" April joined, her face pressed against her sister's shoulder, her hot sex still grinding against her sister's.

Don't stop. Never stop. We'll be picked up soon to be taken to our new life. Everything will be better. Everything will be perfect.

"Aaah," sighed Samantha. "I'm going to... I'm going to cum again..."

"Fuuuck," moaned April, gripping Samantha's ass cheeks tight in her hands.

The climax flooded their minds with pleasure they neither thought themselves capable of feeling. They couldn't stop themselves. They couldn't control themselves.

And they didn't want to.

Thanks so much for reading my story! If you enjoyed it, maybe come on over to my subreddit r/LibraryOfCaine for more deviant, mind-controll-y goodness!

This story was an attempt to fill in the backstory of some characters in a longer work of mine. If you want to find out the lucky fates of our two girls, check out the Brother Reclaimed series at Smashwords!


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