Forever Sisters

by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #demon

Nina thought she had her feelings for her sister Claire under control, thought she had her dark desires pushed so far down they’d never come up again. But as the two inseparable sisters visit a strange bookstore, a dark force decides to see just how strong her desires can be!

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Nina and her sister Claire pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore, their voices still filling the car, half-harmonized to the song playing on the speakers. They were both smiling; their excitement growing—as it always did—when they were together. Claire's long, dark hair hung back in a ponytail, exposing her slender neck; and Nina wore her hair in a high ponytail just like her older sister.

As Claire stepped out of the car, she whistled low. "Wow, sis. You weren't lying about the Ivory Pages. They've taken over the entire building."

Nina laughed. "Yeah, it's pretty crazy, isn't it?"

Claire's eyes ran over the storefront as they walked to the door. "It looks different from the last time I was here. Before it had a dusty old charm to it." She tapped her foot as she looked at the storefront. "Now, though..."

The Ivory Page's present state was anything but dusty and old. The walls now bore a warm cream color; large frosted windows ran across the front, revealing only blurred shapes from within. The polished sign above the door bore the store name, illuminated by a gentle violet light.

Nina stole a glance over at her sister as she examined the door, her gaze roaming up and down the length of Claire's body. Her sister was wearing a red blouse; the sleeves pushed up to show off her slim arms and the tops of her shoulders. Her favorite black slacks hugged her hips and legs. Nina always thought they made her look like a panther, sexy and sleek and ready to take down her prey.

She tried to keep her eyes from lingering on Claire's ass. Tried—but failed.

The smooth, lilting sound of jazz met them as they stepped inside, a soothing groove that almost instantly made Nina feel at ease. The smell of coffee and paper on filled the place. As well as something Nina couldn't quite put her finger on.

Warm light shone from low hanging globe lights. It cast a moody glow to the sleek-looking shelves that ran like a maze through the greater part of the store. Tables, couches, and chairs filled nooks and corners; the furniture inviting—even enticing—those who sat upon it.

Nina saw individuals and couples sitting, lounging even, reading and chatting with one another.

And something else, too. Something she wasn't sure of. Looking in one low-lit corner were two girls and a boy, students from the university by their appearance. They were talking in murmuring tones, but the way their hands were moving... Were they playing a game or something? Nina stared for some time, all the while feeling a gentle pressure build in her head.

The sound of Claire's voice pulled her attention away from the scene. "Hey, come here, sis. Your collar is off." She felt herself being turned by her sister's gentle touch. "If you're going to dress like a tomboy, you should look the part."

Nina stuck her tongue out at her sister as Claire straightened the collar of her dark blazer. She could feel her gentle fingers smoothing the fabric along her shoulders, lightly caressing her neck. Her sister's scent filled her, warm and floral, and Nina had to work hard not to shudder under her sister's touch.

"So," Claire said, smiling as she ran her hands down her younger sister's sides, smoothing out the last of the wrinkles on her boat. "You think they'll actually have the books for your class here? This place seems less a used bookstore and more some kind of trendy hangout spot now. I don't like it."

Nina meant to answer, but her eyes kept falling to her sister's lovely full lips. The lips she dreamed about kissing. The lips she fantasized about so often going down in other places.

"Um... yeah," Nina said faintly, then screwed her eyes shut. "I mean, maybe. Who knows?"

When she opened them, Claire had taken a step back and was giving her an appraising look. "We OK, Nina?"

She swallowed and nodded quickly. "Yeah! I'm good."

"You're not getting weird on me, are you? Again?"

She drew herself up, looking her sister in the eyes. "Yeah, sis. I'm sorry. I promise, I'm good."

Claire's face softened. "OK, then. Let's get you a coffee, and then we can see if this place actually has books for sale, or if all this is for show."

Nina followed a few steps behind her sister as they went to the coffee bar positioned in the far corner of the shop. She wanted to slap herself. What was wrong with her?

Nina and Claire weren't just sisters. For as long as they could remember, they were the best of friends. They had been inseparable. Eternally Loyal. As close as two people could be.

Almost as close.

And that was the problem, or at least, it was Nina's problem. For reasons Claire could not understand and Nina could not explain, Nina had slowly developed not only romantic feelings for her sister, but intense sexual ones as well. Feelings that had grown to a fever pitch until Claire had—calmly and patiently—put her foot down. She had demanded Nina had to cut out her advances or risk losing their relationship altogether.

It had been a hard few months. They'd argued. They'd fought. Yelled. Cried. But in the end, Nina finally capitulated.

That had been over a year ago, and aside from a few slip-ups, Nina had kept her feelings inside. In exchange, she got to keep her bond with Claire, the thing she cared about most in the world. And all it cost was being able to express the singular, soul deep yearning she bore.

Nina pushed the thoughts away. There was no point in thinking about them now. She spent so much time working to not think about them. What was making them suddenly crop up?

She walked alongside her sister, decidedly not looking down at her hand dangling at her side. Clenching her fists, she stuck them in her pockets.

At the coffee counter stood a tan-skinned woman. She had curly, dark red hair and a light spattering of freckles below a button nose. Her lips spread in a warm, welcoming smile as they approached. There was something striking about the woman—not just because of her notable looks, but because of the way she seemed to be so completely comfortable; like she belonged there. Like she was happy.

While Claire looked over the menu, the barista cast a glance towards Nina, and her eyes almost seemed to glow in the warm, low light. Nina felt a strange sensation just below her stomach as she looked into those entrancing eyes. The intensity grew until she felt she needed to look away, but she found she could not at first.

"Well. I'm getting a latte. What are you feeling like, Nina?" Claire said, breaking the spell.

Nina looked at her older sister, trying to collect her thoughts. "I, uh, well..."

The barista tilted her head. "We have a lot of great options. If I were to suggest something, I'd say go with one of her sweet drinks." Her smile widened. "You look like you could use something sweet, ma'am."

Nina felt those eyes on her again; looking into her. Through her. "S-sure," she stammered. "I'll take a mocha."

"You're new here," the barista said conversationally as she whipped up the drinks. "What do you think?"

"How do you know we're new?" Claire said, arching an eyebrow.

The barista shrugged from behind the espresso machine. "We have a loyal clientele," she said amid the hiss of steam and the frothing of milk. "All of us here know our regulars."

She stepped around, holding their drinks. "And you're not them. That's not a bad thing, of course. I love meeting new people coming by!"

Claire took her latte, and then the barista leaned forward to hand Nina her mocha. "I made it special for you," she said with a wink. "Nice and sweet."

"Uh, thanks," Nina said, feeling the heat of the drink in her hand. As she looked from the drink to the barista, she noticed the girl had a skirt on that was almost scandalously short, just barely below her buttocks.

As they walked off towards the shelves, Claire drew close to Nina, speaking in a low tone. "Is it me, or is this place kind of weird?" She glanced back behind them. "Did you see the skirt on that coffee girl? She looked like she was about to go to a club or something!"

Nina nodded. "Yeah. Really weird," she said, taking a sip of her drink. Weird or not, the girl knew how to whip up a drink. It was rich, sweet, and smooth as silk as it slid down her throat. It must have had a dose of peppermint, too, because it left pleasant tingles all over her tongue and mouth.

"Mmmm," Nina said, taking another sip, feeling the tingling, sweet liquid run down her throat and into her stomach. It was a strange; she could almost feel it spreading out through her entire body.

It felt good. Really good. But as she walked, happily sipping her mocha, other thoughts rose in her mind. Dark ones that made her eyes go wide with their unbidden suddenness.

In Nina's mind, her sister lay naked upon her bed, her smooth creamy skin bare for Nina to see. Her legs spread wide, her sister smiled as her fingers teased her slippery sex. Claire beckoned her forward, spreading her labia with her fingers, offering herself to Nina—begging her to come and take her.

It was a fantasy that he flitted through her mind more times than Nina could count. One that still came in her dreams. She shook her head. She couldn't be thinking thoughts like this. Not now. Not like this.

She had to get rid of those thoughts; it was too dangerous. Too wrong...

It doesn't have to be...

The voice was soft, like a feather pleasantly tickling her brain.

"Maybe they're going for, like, a hooters thing?" Claire said, looking around as they walked. "But for bookstores? That doesn't seem like it would work, would it?"

Nina felt her heart speed up. She glanced back to see the barista leaning against the bar. Even from a distance, she could see the smile on her face. It looked strangely mischievous.

Do you think you just came here for books, Nina?

Nina blinked, the voice seeming to echo in her mind.

"Yeah..." Nina said, turning away from the girl. "I have no... no idea what they're going for."

More dirty thoughts arose in Nina's mind. Her sister's dark slacks sliding down to reveal her taut rear, nothing underneath but lace panties or a black thong.

She shivered, running ran her fingers along her temple. Why couldn't she concentrate? She'd spent so long hiding the fantasies away, so long training her mind to avoid the dirty thoughts. Why was it becoming so hard now?

The feel of her sister's naked body against her, her finger snaking down her belly, sliding beneath her waistband. The words, "It'll be our little secret," whispered in Nina's ear.

It felt too real. Like she could hear the words. Like she could feel her sister's seeking fingers. Nina felt herself getting wet. Wet like she was melting into a puddle of pure desire.

Nina shook her head. No. Not like this. She was a good girl; a good sister. She wasn't going to lose her best friend.

What if you didn't have to?

The words drew a whimper from Nina's lips. They were like snakes sliding into her mind, sliding in and out of her thoughts with treacherous temptation.

What was going on?

"Can I help you find anything?"

A tall, brown-haired girl in the same white blouse and the same skirt the Barista wore stood smiling at the two sisters, her hands clasped behind her back. Her smile was wide. Her teeth almost radiant. "You girls look new here. Our bookside is a bit meandering, so if you need some direction, I'm happy to be your guide!"

"Uh, no," Claire said slowly, eying the clerk suspiciously. "We were, uh, actually wondering if you guys still sold used books here? This place doesn't really seem the type anymore."

The clerk giggled, her ample chest jiggling lightly beneath the tight fabric of her blouse. "Of course, we still sell used books! We get shipments of them all the time. It's a bit of a venture to get to them, though. They're all the way in the back. Want me to lead you there?"

Her eyes flicked to Nina. We could lead her to something else, if you desired... Something to... open her up. Would you like to see her open up, Nina?

Nina shuddered; her mouth dry. She shook her head—hard.

"No thanks," Claire said quickly. "We'll figure it out on our own."

"Suit yourself," the clerk said, still smiling brightly.

They walked into the bookshelf maze, turning this way and that, down the warmly lit pathways made by the shelves. Nina knew she had to be hearing things. The soft murmurs. The pleasured moans. Gasps the rose in their urgency and desperation.

The whispers were like a lullaby; a sweet seduction. A promise of something dark and deviant and oh, so heavenly. She cast a furtive glance at her sister, who was sipping her drink as she cast her eyes along once shelf to the other. If she heard the voices, she didn't show it.

It wasn't just voices, though. She saw them in the shadowy corners. A clerk with her blouse pulled open to reveal her breasts. A customer with a hungry look in his eyes, holding her against the wall, his face buried in the luscious valley of her tits. Two men sitting at one couch, an elegantly dressed woman sitting across from them watching as theirs hands disappeared between each other's legs.

And Claire seemed blind to it all. She walked right by the customer and the clerk, ignoring the man's pleasured, slightly muffled sounds.

I'm crazy. I'm going crazy, she thought to herself as she struggled to keep up with her sister.

What is your sanity worth to you? said a voice, low and smooth as velvet. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere; from the walls, from the floor—even from the air itself.

Nina froze, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

Claire glanced back at her, her dimples showing as she smiled. "I think I found the section. Though good luck to us on finding out way out of here..."

Despite Nina's attempts to fight back the fantasies, they flowed through her mind freely now. She couldn't stop them; they came on her like a torrent. She felt like she was drowning. Drowning in a sea of desire. A sea of lust.

The curves of her sister's body. Her beautiful hazel eyes. Her cupid's bow mouth and button nose. Flashes of image and thought and sensation. Flesh pressing and touching and kissing and grinding together in a dripping storm of incestuous need.

"I'll... I'll be right back," Nina said, her mouth watering from sheer want. "I... I need to find a restroom."

She didn't wait for Claire to respond; didn't even care if her sister heard her—she was gone before she could finish the sentence. She was already walking down the hallway, past the shelves of books, past the coffee bar counter, and towards the bathroom door.

As she turned the handle, she looked to see the tan-skinned barista smirking at her with her chin resting on her hand. Her eyes glowed as if a moon shone out from behind them. She blew Nina a little kiss as she breathlessly pushed into the restroom and locked it behind her.

Nina leaned against the wall; her hands shaking. She felt like she was going to pass out—and yet, she felt so alive. She could feel the blood pumping through her veins, the heat of her skin, the ache in her loins.

Her voice was sharp and plaintive in her own ears. "This is insane. I have to stop this. I have to stop. I have to."

Do you want to stop? asked the voice; the voice that was like a gentle whisper on the wind.

Nina shuddered. She wanted to stop. She wanted to run and hide from the feelings she was having. "I don't want to," she said, breaking into a sob. "I don't want to lose my sister!"

And what if you didn't have to?

She tried to hold herself back. To keep from touching herself. But the hunger—the hunger was like a beast inside her; it was a fire burning in her belly. A fire that threatened to consume her.

Unable to resist any longer, she popped open the button on her jeans and slid her fingers down her belly, snaking them under her panties. She didn't want to touch herself. But if she didn't, she felt like she was going to die.

She gasped. Moaned. She closed her eyes as she rubbed herself steadily, teasing her clit and labia. Her sex was so wet, she could feel her juices soaking her panties.

"Claire..." she whimpered, her own touch igniting the fantasies in her brain, turning them to hot, molten lust. "Claire, I—I need you. I need you to make me feel better. Please. Please make me feel better..."

Nina was panting now, tears streaking down her cheeks. She was rubbing herself faster and faster.

"I can't live without you... without your body... oh, fuck... I've tried so hard to be good..."

Her hips bucked; her fingers moved faster and faster. She was moaning now. Whimpering. Crying. Begging for her sister's touch. For her sister's warmth. For her sister's love.

Poor girl. Forced to exist between the worlds of sisterly and sensual love... It breaks my heart...

Nina gasped; her hips bucking wildly as she came—hard. Hot, thick spurts of her pleasure coated her fingers like glue. She cried her sister's name as her cunt squeezed and squeezed her fingers.

She could feel a presence with her, feel it like an aura around her. She felt it touching her in smooth, wavelike caresses that sent gentle pleasure rolling through her.

"Wha-what's going on?" she panted, the ethereal touches keeping her passion hot, wet, and burning. "Who a-are you?"

The voice seemed to run up and down her neck, caressing her like a cherished pet. Just someone taking care of her home; and of the poor souls who make their way here.

"I... I don't understand," she said, her skin tingling from the invisible touches on herself. "How is this possible?"

If you're searching for answers, you won't find any that satisfy you. The voice laughed. I know what would, though. I can taste it in you.

The image of her sister flared brightly in her mind. Her eyes—her lovely hazel eyes; her smile; that perfect body; the delicate junction of her hips. She could almost hear her voice, teasing her ears with the words she yearned for. Take me, sis. Please take me...

She let out a sad moan. "Nooo. Please stop it! You're torturing me. It's not real. She's not broken like I am. She doesn't... doesn't want me."

The voice that whispered in her head grew hot, almost like it were right against her ear. Then maybe what you need to do is... break her.

Nina let out a low, shuddering breath. The idea, the very thought, made something slip in her gut. Her thighs clenched against the sudden rush of arousal. "What? No! I... I don't—I won't do that. I mean, I can't..."

The feathery touches were all over her body now, running under her clothes. Tickling the soft flesh of her belly. Teasing her breasts and nipples. Sliding gently back and forth across her sopping wet lips. It made it impossible to think.

To think about anything but her sister, anyway. Her sister, and the dark, twisted chance of seeing her forbidden dream fulfilled...

"Please, stop..." she begged, her voice quavering. "It's wrong... I shouldn't be like this! Neither of us should be."

Could anyone hope to love your sister like you do? the voice whispered into her mind.

Nina whimpered; her thighs clenched tighter. She could feel her pussy spasming with every touch, every brush of the voice. The word danced on her lips; the truth that was roiling inside her. "No... No one."

Could anyone make her as happy as you could?

Her mind felt like it was on fire. Everything buzzed. Everything tingled. "No one."

The voice seemed to push into her very core; the words seeming to vibrate from within her very soul. Then maybe you're not the one who needs to be fixed.

"But... but..." she sobbed, sliding to the ground. "I don't know how!"

As her hand pressed flat to the ground, it brushed against her mocha from the café. Nina glanced down at it, not remembering bringing it in with her. Oh, yes you do, the voice teased.

Nina's mouth slowly fell open. She remembered the way the sweet drink had tasted. How it had tingled her mouth. How the strange sensation had sunk into her stomach and spread throughout her.

She gasped, sliding away from the tiny beige cup. "You... you drugged me!"

Oh, it's a little more than that, I promise, the voice laughed. I'm just letting you feel all the things you locked away. All the things you denied yourself. I made it so you couldn't not feel them.

Nina blinked, and in the afterimage she saw it, a mass of tendrils running along the floors, wall, and ceilings. She blinked again and could see them running over her body. Twined around the cup. A shiver of fear ran up her spine.

"W-what?" her breath coming in sharp gasps, threatening to hyperventilate.

Do what you wish. Buy your books, leave, and in a day or so, you'll go back to normal.

Her eyes shot wide as the cup slid gently across the floor towards her. But if you wish to truly... share your feelings with Claire... well, you know what to do...

And with that, the voice faded, and the pressure on her mind seemed to relent. Her body still ached, however, and she couldn't think of her sister without squirming. She stared at the cup on the ground, a sweet mocha spiked with... whatever had excited these feelings inside her. Shivering, she forced herself to look away.

After washing her hands and cleaning herself up as best she could, Nina left the bathroom and made her way back to Claire. She found her sister holding three books under her arm, pulling another from the sleek, violet colored shelving.

"Looks like they actually had them," she said, waggling the book at Nina as she approached.

Nina's heart raced. She tried to ignore her racing heart as she looked at her lovely sister's face. "Can... can we just go? Right now? I just... I don't feel very well."

Claire looked at her little sister, the concern clear in her hazel eyes. "Sure, sis... Do we want to get the books? You still need them, you know?"

"No," Nina said, closing her eyes, but still seeing the squirming afterimages writhing along the floor and up, up the shelving, and along the bodies of the patrons and staff. The only place she didn't see them was on her sister. "I... I just want to go. Please?"

Claire stared at her for a second, her eyes searching Nina's face. "Yeah," she said, putting the books down. "This place is weird now, anyway. Let's get the hell out of here."

As they stepped outside into the cloudy afternoon air, Nina felt the pressure in her head slowly let up, pressure she hadn't even been aware was there. When they got into Claire's car, Nina closed her eyes and let out a long, shuddering breath. Her heartbeat was finally slowing.

"Seemed like you almost had a panic attack back there, sis. Did someone... do something?"

Nina opened her eyes to look into her sister's calm, loving face. Eyes like the richest earth. Lips perfect and pink. "No—no, nothing like that." She shook her head. "I'm sorry if I was weird. I just need to work through some stuff. Get my head right."

Claire nodded; her warm smile seemed to be saying, "That's okay."

She gave a small sigh and looked at the Ivory Pages through the windshield. "I don't know what they're going for in that place. Kind of gave me the creeps, you know?"

"Yeah..." Nina said, running her hand along her face, and finding it moist with sweat.

Claire chuckled. "At least the drinks were good, though. Right?" she said, reaching down for the cup holders.

Nina's breath caught in her throat. Her eyes shot down and saw that both drinks were there, Claire's, and Nina's. She hadn't remembered grabbing it from the restroom floor. Just like she hadn't remembered bringing it into the car.

She blinked, and the afterimage flash showed the tendrils—just a few—gently nudging her sister's hand away from her cup, and towards Nina's. Her hand closed around it, not noticing the misdirection.


Nina reached forward, but her movements felt like they were in slow motion. Like she was in a dream. She watched her sister—her perfect, beloved sister—put the drink to her lips. She watched her throat move as she swallowed, her eyes fluttering lightly.

No, no, no, no!

Nina's hand slipped around the cup, but instead of pulling it away—throwing it out the window—she watched her own hand tip it further up, pouring more of the tainted drink down her sister's throat.

Claire jerked, but to Nina's surprise—to her horror—she didn't resist. She let the drink flow into her mouth, some dribbling down her chin to darken her red blouse. Her fingers twitched as they fell away, leaving only Nina to hold the cup. To drug her sister. A voice—soft as velvet and sweet as sin—laughed a gentle, purring laugh.

Her sister coughed, then moaned softly; her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at Nina. Their gazes met, and Claire smiled, her expression filled with love. She laughed. "Nina, why are you looking at me like that?"

Nina looked down at the cup, shaking in her hand. It was empty now. Claire had drank it all.

"Oops," Claire said, her voice lighter. "Did I accidentally drink yours?"

Nina shook her head quickly. "No, that's... that's fine. Are you OK?"

Claire looked at her sister, her pupils dilating. Her tongue slid over her lips as if unconsciously gathering the last traces of the ensorcelled drink. "Yeah." She looked away with what appeared to be some effort. "I guess I wasn't expecting it to taste that good." A grin spread on her lips. "I might have stolen it earlier if I'd known."

Nina felt her heart pounding in her chest; her breathing quickened—but not because of the sudden rush of adrenaline. Something else. Something deeper.

Claire reached out and took Nina's hand, holding it gently in hers. "Let's get you back to your dorm," she said.

"I, uh..." Nina's lip quivered. "How about we go back to your apartment instead?"

Claire paused, a blush rising in her cheeks. She let out a breath and nodded. "Yeah. Sure. Why not?"


At first Nina thought she really had been going crazy. That her incestuous mind had finally snapped under the weight of her desire. But as they rode back to Claire's apartment, she could see the change happening. The change in her sister.

It was almost like she was drunk. Claire giggled; her eyes glazed over, and she swayed a little in her seat. Her driving was fine, though. She didn't seem actually impaired.

Nina's heart pounded in her chest as she watched her sister. Watched what she had done to her. The guilt. The shame. The anticipation. The excitement. They all boiled inside her.

Claire let out another small giggle as they parked. "I feel a little strange," she said, her fingertips against her cheek.

"Yeah?" Nina said, biting her lip. She got out and waited by the door of Claire's apartment. She could see the confusion on her sister's face.

It'll wear off, she said. It'll wear off and everything will be normal...

As Claire unlocked and opened her door, she looked at Nina. "Hey, maybe... Maybe it would be better if I..."

She'll get to stay normal, and I'll stay the broken one.

"...I don't know. Go lay down or something." Claire shook her head. "I don't feel bad, but I just feel..." she shivered. "Wrong, you know?"

She gets to be fine, and I get to be miserable.

Nina stepped forward, her whole body trembling.

I can walk away and let her go back to normal. I can be a good sister. I can...

She took Claire's hand. Both of their hands were trembling.

I can fucking break her.

Change her.

Infect her.

Claire gasped as Nina pushed her against the wall, their chests pressing into one another.

"Nina, what are you—"

Before she could finish, Nina kissed her, her tongue tasting her sister's perfect, beautiful mouth. Claire's eyes widened; her hands rose to grasp Nina's shoulders. Nina could feel her own heart pounding in her chest. She could feel CLaire push against her, but there was no force in it, like something had sucked away her strength.

She heard a soft moan from her sister's throat, and it made something inside her brain snap. Her hands grabbed onto Claire's slender waist, her fingers sliding under the blouse to find her smooth, supple skin.

Nina broke the kiss with a joyful gasp, her body on fire with desire. Her sister squirmed in her grasp. "Nina, no... we, aaaah, talked about this. You can't..."

She could hear Claire's words—but she didn't care. She was already pulling her sister's shirt open; the buttons popping as she pulled at the fabric. She could smell the perfume on her skin. Her breasts were firm and round and hypnotic. Her nipples hard and pink. She groped her sister's lovely mounds, drawing an deep, involuntary moan of pleasure from the older sister.

"Do you want me to leave, sis?" Nina hissed into Claire's ear as she teased her nipples with her finger. "Do you want me to go? Then say it. Tell me to stop."

The sounds of pleasure rising from Claire were like Nina's darkest fantasies. Her fingers dug into Nina's arms; her breath came in short, panting bursts. "Nina—Nina, I just..." she shook her head, her voice cracking. "I want you to... oh god!"

Nina tore her own shirt off, flinging her bra to the ground. She pressed her bare tits against her sisters, reveling in the delicious sensation. She was smiling, smiling so wide that it hurt.

"What's that, sis? You've always been so clear. So firm," she slid her hand down the back of Claire's dark slacks, squeezing her ass. "Why are you wavering now?"

Claire whimpered; her legs trembled. "It's never... it's not... not supposed to feel like this!"

Nina giggled. She felt insane. Broken. She felt right. She kneeled forward and took her sister's pert little nipple in her mouth, drawing a sharp cry of pleasure from her—the sweetest sound she'd ever heard.

"No, Claire. This is exactly how it's supposed to feel."

She stood and took her sister's hand again, leading her to the couch, guiding her to sit. She squirmed, murmuring her resistance, but otherwise acted in complete compliance.

"Please, please," she whispered, her nipples hard as pebbles, her face flushed. "We can't... we're... we're sisters..."

"I know," Nina said into her sister's ear. "And I'm tired of pretending that doesn't just make it hotter."

Her sister arched and squirmed against Nina's teasing caresses, each pleasured noise and shuddering movement pulling her soul deeper and deeper into darkness. Into depravity.

"You know, they gave me a gift at that book shop. I think I understand it now. They took away my stupid resistance. Took away the blocks in my head. The shame and guilt." She slid her hand down Claire's front, her fingers teasing just below her lace panties. "This is what was left, sis. What I am right now."

Claire shook her head, her breath coming low and hot. "But it's... Nina, it's—"

"Shut up, sis," Nina said, sliding her fingers down to her sister's clit, making Claire's whole body shake. "Just like that; just listen to me. I want you to tell me, sis. If that's what their gift did to me... why is it doing the same thing to you?"

Her fingers slid back and forth along Claire's sex, finding it slick as she squirmed and writhed beneath her. "Tell me, Claire. Tell me what's happening to you."

"It's not real," she gasped. "It's not real."

"It's not? I know it was for me. It changed nothing inside me, only removed my own moronic need to be something I'm not. Did it do something different to you, Sis?"

She slid her fingers inside her sister. "Or have you just been lying to me this whole time about what your feelings are for me?"

Claire cried out; her hips bucked up against Nina's hand. She spoke between desperate moans of hesitant pleasure, "No—no, no, no—it's not like—"

Nina pushed her sister back, pinning her to the couch, her lips hovering above hers. "Don't fucking lie to me. Not now," she slid her fingers in deeper, finding Claire's cunt hot and wet and inviting. "Not when I can fucking feel the truth."

She pushed her tongue between her sister's parted lips; her sister groaned. "I'm not lying to you, aaaah, Nina. Please. Please, please, please. Don't, ahh, don't make me—"

But it was too late. Claire's back arched up sharply, her body jerking as her orgasm erupted through her. Her pussy gushed, covering Nina's hand with her juices. She cried out. Her thighs clenched around Nina's wrist. "Oh fuck," she whimpered. "Nina. Oh god!"

Nina felt a euphoria like nothing she ever thought could exist. Feeling her sister cum under her touch; hearing her scream; feeling her own release building. "Tell me, Claire. Tell me what you want."

"Aaahh, ooh, ahhh, please, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop—"

She slid her fingers deeper inside her sister, stroking the walls of her pussy where she knew would be most sensitive. "That's better. Honesty, sis. I want honesty. You're a deviant, incestuous slut, just like I am, aren't you? I thought I was alone. I thought I was the broken one. You made me feel like I was freak, sis. Like I was some kind of monster."

They looked into each other's eyes, a flood of emotion passing between them. Hurt. Love. Longing. Need. All drowning in a seemingly bottomless ocean of lust. "I'm sorry, Nina. Sister. I'm sorry." Her voice was half a sob, even as her body writhed from Nina's touch. "I didn't know... I was trying to help us. It wouldn't—hngg—wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be normal..."

Nina stared into her sister's eyes as she slid her jeans down. As she peeled off Claire's slacks. "I don't give a shit about normal, sis. I don't give a shit about right. All I've ever wanted was you. And it's been torture without you."

She cupped her sister's face, her fingers sticky with Claire's sweat and girlcum. "What has it been like for you? What have you been hiding from me?"

Tears fell from Claire's face. "It's been..." she tried to look away, but Nina forced her to keep eye contact. "It's been hell," she admitted. "I... I've wanted you every day. I... I touch myself thinking about you every day..."

Nina slid her hand down her sister's body; her fingers slipped back between her legs—feeling her wetness. "We're the same, Claire. We're exactly the same."

With tears flowing, Claire bit her lip as she looked up at Nina's naked body. "Take me, sis. Please, take me."

The last bit of who Nina had been—the Nina who tried to fight her incestuous, lustful nature—dissolved in that moment. Her fantasy had come true. Her entire existence had been upturned.

She was a broken, dirty, filthy degenerate. And so was her sister. It was perfect.

Nina spread her sister's legs wide and slid her own in between them. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, sis. And I'm never going to stop."

Claire spread her legs wider to accept Nina's movements, her hands rising to take Nina's. "Good. Please. I'm sorry, sis. I'm so sorry."

Nina kissed her sister's neck; her fingers teased Claire's clit, rubbing the sensitive bud as she moved closer to her—until their bodies touched, until their sexes pressed together, the tender, slippery flesh of their pussies touching and rubbing and sliding against each other. "I love you, Sis. I love you so much."

Claire moaned. "I love you too, Nina."

They were both panting; their hands roaming each other's bodies. Their mouths locked in a hungry kiss. They were both so close; their orgasms ready to burst.

"No going back," Nina moaned, her voice thick with the urgency of her rising climax. "Promise me."

"I promise," Claire whispered. "I promise—I won't go back."

Nina pulled her sister's body closer, kissing her harder, their tongues dancing together as they ground their pussies together; their sex juices mixing and intermingling into one another.

"I'm going to cum, sis," Nina moaned, her fingers digging into Claire's hips.

Claire moaned. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Then prove it!" Nina cried. "Cum with me! Cum with me and don't fucking stop!"

The sisters screamed; their orgasms exploding like bombs. Claire's body bucked against Nina's—her pussy twitching as their clits rubbed together. Her mouth opened in a silent cry of pleasure. Her hands clawed at the couch cushions as her body spasmed against Nina's.

It lasted minutes, and felt like a deep, dark eternity. Nina finally collapsed onto Claire, forming a moaning, whimpering heap. For so long they simply lay there, murmuring and nonsensical amid the bone deep aftershocks of their illicit sex.

Eventually, Claire rose on her elbow, her hand sliding down Nina's body; her fingers tracing the younger girl's skin below her navel. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Nina turned over to look at her. There were tears running down her cheek. "Yeah—yeah, I'm okay. Just... just happy."

Claire smiled, wiping the tear away. Nina could feel her naked body, warm and lovely and soft, pressed against her. It felt so good she could burst. "Was it everything you wanted?"

Nina nodded. "As long as it never ends. As long as I have you forever. Then yes, it will have been everything. Will be everything."

Claire shuddered. Nina could see the emotion in her eyes, the feelings roiling inside.

But for once, she was not afraid. Smiling up at her sister, she slid her hand around her neck and drew Claire's face down to her.

"You're mine," she whispered, seeing her sister's trembling lips.

"And you're mine," she said, her eyes wet.

Their lips met, their tongues danced. Two bodies aching to become one; their love—their lust—mingling like two streams merging into one river.

"Forever," Claire said, breaking the kiss with a naughty grin.

As she slid down, trailing kissed down her body, Nina cooed her pleasure. And when her sister's lips pressed against her delicate bud; when her tongue flicked out to lick her most sensitive of places; when her fingers slipped inside her, running along her delicate walls; her orgasm came in a blinding flash of light, a thunderous roar of lightning pleasure.

"Forever," Nina cried with a shuddering moan, her heart swelling with such joy that she felt it would burst. "Forever, and evermore."



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