Bible Study

Chapter 1

by EbonCaine

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #corruption #multiple_partners #NTR

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Tiffany watched her brother James roll down the window and let his arm dangle in the warm summer wind. The sun shined brightly as he drove them in his SUV down the lightly wooded suburban street towards his home. A soft Christian Rock ballad played on the car stereo. She knew James wasn't a fan, but he had it on for her, anyway.

It was just one more example of how awesome her older brother was.

"I can't believe so many people came to my bridal shower!" she said, feeling the silly smile on her face. She rested her forehead against the window, her fingers teasing the hem of her favorite Sunday dress. "It was just... so much, you know?"

James nodded. "Naomi figured if she put it in the church basement right after service, no one would have an excuse not to come. Our sister is a sly one." He glanced in the mirror to the rear compartment, stacked almost to the roof with presents. "Although, what you're going to do with three toasters is beyond me."

Tiffany giggled. "Maybe Marc will be really into bagels."

Slowly, they turned into the driveway of his two-story home. "Ah, the joys of matrimony. Learning what your spouse loves. What he hates. How he likes his toast."

Laughing, the two stepped out of the vehicle and a few seconds later, a red sedan pulled in behind them. Naomi jumped out first, followed by her husband, Patrick, and Tiffany's fiancée, Marc.

Marc was tall—almost as tall as James—and had a wide, welcoming smile on his face as he stepped out of the car. Tiffany's heart did a little flip as their eyes met.

"You were radiant back there," he said, taking her hands in his.

"Of course she was," Naomi said with a grinning wink towards her. "She had her older sister planning everything for her."

She went over and gave Tiffany a long hug, her hands running gently up her back. "Seriously though, sis. You were beautiful."

Tiffany blushed. She always felt a little inadequate next to her older sister. She didn't have Naomi's hourglass figure or long chestnut hair that fell in ringlets about her shoulders; her build more on the slender side, with short, easily mussed hair. James had a habit of calling her "their little blonde pixie".

"Say, James," Naomi's husband Patrick said, his hands in the pockets of his slacks. "Now that Tiff's up and ready to get hitched, we just got to find someone for you, now."

Tiffany and Naomi grinned at their brother, who rolled his eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about. Keeping my sisters out of trouble is a full-time job!"

They all laughed, though Tiffany could tell Marc's was a little more forced. "Hey now, James," Marc said, trying to sound playful. "I'm pretty sure that's our jobs!"

Tiffany squeezed her fiancée's hands lightly. He was still getting used to how close she and Naomi were to their brother. James had looked after them when their parents had passed away so many years. He had been their support during those rough times. He helped guide them and shape them when there was no one.

*James was perfect. James was always right.*

Tiffany blinked. She wasn't sure where the thought came from. It sent strange shiver through her.

"Oh, don't worry," James said with a wide smile. "Tiffany's going to make plenty enough trouble for you, too!"

Tiffany stuck her tongue out at her older brother. She let the weird thought pass out of her mind. No point in dwelling on it.

"I can only imagine!" Marc said, and then turned to Tiffany. "Well, you ready to go, hon?"

"Oh, not so fast, lovebirds," Naomi said, resting her hands on her sister's shoulders. Tiffany felt her sister's soft, full lips draw close to her ear. "Now sis, we still have our Sunday get together. You know. Our *Sunday bible study*?"

The words did something to Tiffany. Something sudden and immediate. She took a sharp breath as it felt like someone had poured molasses over all the thoughts in her head. "What?" she said, feeling confused. "You mean... Oh. Bible study. Right."

*Family time is the best time.*

Marc stared at her. "Tiffany?" he said, his brow furrowing. "Are you ok?"

"I... I—"

*Brother and sister know what's best for me.*

She heard James's voice behind her, and it sent a strange fluttering in her stomach. "Tiff was telling me on the way over how overwhelming things were today. Church service, then being the center of attention at the shower. It's a lot."

She felt a hand—her brother's hand—rest on the small of her back. It sent a heat rising in her core, a heat she didn't understand. "She just needs to relax a bit. Isn't that right, Tiffany?"

*I always listen to my big brother. Big brother knows what's best for me.*

She blinked several times, trying to clear the pink haze in her vision as a warm tingle spread through her chest. His fingertips rested on the spine of her dress, urging her onward. She smiled. "Yeah, I just need to relax some. Family time is the best time for that."

Marc looked like he wanted to say something; she could see the concern on his face. Tiffany tried to organize her thoughts, to figure out why he seemed upset, to figure out why she felt this way. But her brother's touch was so distracting.

With the angle blocking Marc's view, James ran his fingers down her dress, running along the curve of her butt.

*Big brother **always** knows what's best for me.*

Naomi stepped forward, smiling wide and putting her hand on Tiffany's shoulder. "Marc why don't you go spend some time with Patrick? You two will be in-laws next week, after all!"

Marc seemed about to say something, but as if on cue, Naomi's slender husband stepped towards him. "Come on," Patrick said with a smile, "I know a place where there's a great ribeye back in town. You like steak?"

"Well, yeah," Marc said hesitantly, his eyes lingering on Tiffany and her two siblings.

Patrick gestured to his car. "Then come on along with me. It'll be my treat. It'll give time for our girls to do their family stuff." He leaned in, speaking what he probably thought was more quietly. "You have to let them do their thing. Trust me. You get used to it after a while. C'mon."

As the two men walked towards Patrick's car, Marc gave a last glance back at the three of them. Tiffany smiled and waved. She knew something was wrong, though. She just couldn't figure out what.

It was just so hard to think with her sister and brother both squeezing and caressing her butt over her dress.

"Oof, so glad to be done with all that," James said, tossing his bible onto the counter where it slid into the corner with a small 'thump'.

Tiffany sat on the couch with Naomi, her dark-haired sister idly rubbing her shoulders. It was still hard to think, but Tiff *did* feel more relaxed now that she was alone with her siblings. Maybe James was right?

*James is always right.*

"Umm, Naomi?" she said, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "How long have we been doing bible study together?"

Her sister's laugh was soft, low, and throaty. "You're lucky to have us with a memory like that, sis. We've been doing it together every Sunday for a year now, remember? Of course, before that your brother was studying with just me for... oh, how long was it, James?"

"Oh, since about when mom and dad passed," James said, loosening his tie.

Naomi smiled. "That's right. You were younger, then. James didn't think it was... appropriate to have you join us back then."

James took a seat on the couch on Tiffany's other side. "And it was good to focus one on one at the time. I had a lot I had to teach your sister."

Tiffany shook her head. A whole year? She tried to remember their bible study sessions. Last week, they had left church together like they always did, laughing and joking like they always did. And then...

A pain flared beneath Tiffany's eyes. It grew as she tried to recall what happened last Sunday evening, or the Sunday before that. Left on its own, the Sunday just jumped over into Monday.

How had she never noticed that before?

*Brother and Sister know what's best for me. Brother and Sister know when I need to forget.*

Tiffany jumped at the thought rising unbidden in her mind. It was as if it just registered to her mind. They had been fondling her ass earlier!

"Wh-what's going on?" she said, backing away from her siblings. "Why were you touching me like that?"

"Hey, sis, it's ok," James murmured. His tone was strangely unconcerned.

"OK?!" she said, feeling her heart hammering in her chest. "You two were feeling me up! You're... you're... you're my brother and sister!"

The two of them grinned at each other in a way that only left Tiffany more disturbed. "This is so messed up! I'm getting out of here. I'm going to call M—"

"I'm afraid not. It's *study time* Tiff," Naomi said, patting the ottoman in front of them. "Come, take a seat."

Tiffany tried to ignore her sister. Tried to walk out the door, but her legs had turned to lead. Her mind was awhirl. Her heart raced. She thought she was about to faint.

But as she turned and walked back to her seated siblings, all the negative sensations just melted away like fog in the morning sun.

She grasped the hem of her dress as she looked at them. "What's going on?" she said in a small voice.

Naomi sighed. "I know it's confusing, sis. It was hard when James started with me." She looked lovingly at her brother. "But he finally helped me understand, it was—"

"—Wonderful," James finished, leaning in to kiss his sister. Their lips locked, their tongues exploring one another. As they kissed, Tiffany's head felt light. She closed her eyes, but the image played in her head. It was disgusting.

But despite knowing that, she couldn't stop the heat from rising between her thighs.

"Stop! You're my brother and sister!" she blurted, trying to escape her own thoughts. "And you're married, Naomi. How can you do that? It's abominable!"

They broke their kiss, lines of saliva connecting their tongues. She paused, savoring the kiss for a moment before looking at Tiffany. "It's what we've been studying, sis. Every week. We know it's hard at first, so we took steps to make you forget each time."

"Yeah," James said, grinning as he reclined against the couch. "It wasn't exactly the 'bible' you had in mind when we first invited you, but we think it's pretty holy, all the same."

"It's not holy!" Tiffany said, trying to get up but finding herself unable. "It's profane! Please don't tell me you two have been... have been..."

Naomi's smile widened. "Fucking?"

The word made Tiffany squirm. She didn't want to even think about it.

*Brother and Sister know how to make me feel good.*

She tried to shake the thought, make it go away, but it echoed in her head again and again, teasing her and making her nipples grow hard under her dress.

"Wanna show her, sis?" James said, cocking his eyebrow from the corner of the couch.

Naomi giggled and put her hand to her cheek. "Oh, James. You're going to embarrass me."

"And I think there are times you need that," James said, rising from the couch. "Bend over, sis."

Biting her lower lip slightly, Naomi leaned against the back of the couch as James approached. He slid up her red flower-print dress, caressing her thighs as he did. Tiffany gasped at the scandalous realization that her sister hadn't been wearing any underwear.

Leaning forward to kiss her neck, James spread her cheeks, revealing to Tiffany's shock a tiny red cord poking out from her butt.

"Naomi, no..." Tiffany said, aghast.

But her protest was ignored as her brother took hold of the cord and, after murmuring something into his sister's ear, slowly began pulling on it. A lewd moan spilled from Naomi's lips as a red bead slowly emerged from her rectum. Tiffany squirmed as she watched, unable to rise, unable to look away.

Naomi groaned, "James, oh fuck..." as he continued pulling. Another red bead came, then another. Finally, the last one came free with a small little "pop," leaving Tiffany's sister panting against the couch, her rear still in the air.

Tiffany shook her head in disbelief. "You... you had that... in you while you were in *church*?"

"She has it every Sunday," James said, letting the string of beads fall to the floor. "Do you think Jesus was offended?"

"I like to think of it as my own, personal 'Holy Spirit,'" Naomi said with a giggle.

Tiffany stared at the sex toy laying on the floor. She couldn't believe the sheer blasphemous gall it took to do something like that. And to his married sister! It was so disrespectful. So lewd.

*So fucking hot.*

A small whimper escaped her lips as the thought sizzled in her mind, unbidden. She hated the feelings it was drawing from her. The dirty images it conjured.

"Why are you making me watch this?" she said, trying to make sense of what was happening.

Naomi reached under her dress to pull off her bra as she sat back up. Tiffany felt her breath shudder to see her large, perfect breasts strain against the fabric of her dress. "Well sis," she said. "We know it's hard to believe, but you are quite emphatic about asking for it at the end of our weekly study sessions."

"You're lying."

James caressed his sister's chest as he looked at Tiffany. "We're not. Especially these last few weeks you've started asking for your own toys."

Tiffany felt the color drain from her face. "No," the word came as a halting breath.

"Aah," Naomi cooed as James pulled down her dress to expose one of her plump, milky white breasts. "May I show her, James? I want to show her so bad..."

"Go ahead, sis," James said with a chuckle.

From around her neck, Naomi pulled up a simple golden chain. From between her breasts rose a small silver key hanging off it.Tiffany gasped when she saw it. She felt something deep inside her stir as she watched it dangle in the air, the low light glinting off its smooth surface.

"James used this on me years ago, a key to unlock my secret self. My true self. After he had... perfected me, he gave it to me to keep." Naomi's fingers touched the key reverently, as if it were some kind of holy icon.

Tiffany could feel the power in it. Feel her eyes drawn to it like a magnet.

*Big sister can unlock the door and let me out. I want out, big sis! I want out to play!*

"Ooooh," Tiffany moaned as a deep ache arose between her thighs. A feeling like she'd never had before. She tried desperately to hold it back, to deny it, but found herself unable.

Naomi leaned forward, dangling the key in front of Tiffany. "James was thinking of leaving you out of our... situation. He thought you might be happier. But I... I just couldn't stand to not have you with us any longer." She ran a finger down her sister's cheek. "I begged James to teach me how to use it. I pleaded with him for permission to use it on you."

Slowly, Naomi let the key sway back and forth. Tiffany tried to look away, but she couldn't.

Except that wasn't right, she realized with mounting horror. It was because she didn't want to.

"I told her no for a very long time, but your sister is very persistent when there's something she wants," James said, watching them intently. He sighed. "And, the truth is, I just can't help indulging my two sweet little sisters."

Tiffany watched the key move left and right, its glimmering movements leaving trails in her mind.

Behind it was her sister's face, smooth and smiling and serene. "You feel it, don't you, sis? The key unlocking all the time we spent together? All our special 'family moments?'"

She did. She felt them fluttering in her mind, tickling and flashing and bubbling as they rose. "It's wrong. I know it's wrong," Tiffany whimpered.

"That's what makes it so much fun," Naomi cooed.

The key swished by, and she remembered the taste of her brother's lips. The feel of his tongue. Not just on her mouth. But on her neck. On her arm. On her nipples.

*No! I'm saving myself for Marc!*

She remembered her moans as her brother and sister sucked on her perky little tits. It was so strange. So *good*.

Seeing her squirm, James sidled closer to her, running his hand up her leg. "We know it's been so long, sis. But today's a special day. You know, with your bridal shower and all."

Naomi's smile turned devilish behind the swaying key. "The timing was *perfect*."

*I love Marc. I'm meant for Marc. God wants me to be with Marc!*

"I wonder," James said, pushing up her white cotton dress. "Do you remember this?"

Tiffany tried to recoil as her brother pulled her dress up, but as she did, she looked down to see that, just like her sister, she wasn't wearing panties.

And also like her sister, and perhaps more startling, her privates were shaved and smooth.

"No, no, no... how?" she breathed, as her eyes snapped back to the key.

James laughed. "You're a good, obedient sister. That's how."

*Good girls shave every Saturday so they can be nice and smooth for brother and sister.*

How did she not notice? How did she not feel?

Naomi reached down, and Tiffany felt her legs part without resistance. Her face went red as they admired her shaved sex. James shook his head, smiling. "It gets more beautiful each time I see it." He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her thigh.

*This is wrong. It's so wrong.*

Her entire body shook as she felt her brother's tongue move along her dripping wet labia, humming with pleasure as he tasted her.

*It's wrong, and I **love** it.*

The key kept swaying, slicing open memory after memory as they mixed with the pleasure flooding her brain. "What else do you think you do that you don't think about, sis? We go over them every week. Every week, seeing the compulsions get stronger and stronger. How strong do you think they are now, after a year?"

As James kissed and sucked on her clit, his fingers teasing her threshold, Tiffany felt an intense rush rising in her, a surge of sensation and emotion erupting faster than she ever thought possible.

"What's happening?" she moaned, her legs shaking as James continued to lick her.

"Oh, my cute little sister. You're cumming, is what's happening. It's so *cute* watching you experience it for the first time over and over again. Especially now that your body is *so* good at it."

*I edge myself to sleep every night. Edge myself over and over again so I can cum nice and hard like a good little sister.*

"No! I'm not like that!" she moaned, trying desperately to hold back the tide of pleasure crashing over her. "I won't! I'm not! I'm AAAAAH"

But she could barely hear herself over the rushing waterfall of her own orgasm. She moaned and cried her pleasure, her hips bucking into her brother's tongue. And all the while, the key kept swaying back and forth as she came, flashing the hidden memories from the past year as they brainwashed her to be as dirty and depraved as they were.

*They made me this way. They infected me with their sin right under my nose. God. Oh god.*

She came again to the thought. The deep ache in her groin only grew, each orgasm only making her want more.

"Mmmm," Naomi said with satisfaction. "That's it. Cum for us, sis. Cum for your big brother and sister."

"Pleeeessse," she begged. "This isn't me! I don't want to be like this!"

Naomi began unbuttoning her dress, handling it easily with one hand while she continued to sway the key. "You already *are* this, sis."

"But I'm marrying Marc next week! I belong to him!"

"You'll still marry him, silly," Naomi said, her breasts now fully free from her dress. They were almost as hypnotic as the key. "You'll just really belong to James. Just like I do. Things are so much easier when you have a husband to help hide things." She arched her eyebrow. "Especially after I teach you how to use the key, just like James taught me."

Tiffany tried not to cum again. Tried with all her might to hold it back. She didn't want to cum to that thought. The thought of controlling her husband. Of twisting his mind up so bad that... that...

*I could suck brother's cock in front of Marc and he wouldn't even notice if they show me how to use the key.*

It wasn't a new fantasy. It was one she edged to. Every night.

She came harder than ever, her pussy flooded, gushing hot juice onto her brother's face as her brain short-circuited from the pleasure.

"Good girl," James said softly as he licked her sopping pussy.

And so, that afternoon, Tiffany's true bridal celebration started.

Moaning and shaking, wracked with wicked memory after wicked memory, Tiffany was led back to her old room, still equipped with her old bed. Naomi kissed her sister softly, whispering dirty things into her ear that drove her lust ever onward, even as she battled inside with herself.

She didn't resist; her body ached for it. It was inside that her feelings churned and roiled. The part of her that was the good, pure Christian girl, and the part that her siblings had brainwashed into an obedient, incestuous slut. She felt both sides fighting within her. Her heart yearned toward Marc, her body ached for her siblings.

"Open your legs, sis," James whispered in her ear as they took her to the bed.

*Big brother knows what's best for me. Big brother knows what my naughty cunt needs.*

She begged her body to resist, but without hesitation, her thighs parted wide. She groaned as she felt her brother's fingers spread her labia and tease her opening, feeling her wetness coating them up and down her slit.

"Let's get this off you, now," Naomi said, pulling her sister's dress up and over her head, leaving her lithe body naked before her siblings.

"So fucking sexy," James said, his eyes devouring her.

Naomi laid her naked sister and curled curled against her, letting her heavy breasts press against Tiffany's arm. She ran her fingers back and forth across her silky clit. "Do you ever wonder why it was so easy for you to diet, sis? Why you exercise every day? Why you feel awful if you don't?"

With a giggle, she kissed Tiffany's ear. "It's because of me. I wanted you sexy for James. It was one of the first things I trained into you."

*Sister knows best. I'm a good girl. I obey.*

Her brother stared down at the two of them. "God damn, do I have two of the cutest sisters ever."

Tiffany looked up into his eyes and saw the dark lust in them. It was the most intense, sensual look she'd ever seen.

*Marc will never look at me like that. Marc will never make me feel like this. And I need this. I **need** it.*

"So, Tiff," Naomi said, giggling as she ran her heavy tits up and down her sister's body. "Do you remember yet? What you wanted for your special day to celebrate your new marriage?"

Tiffany felt it in her head, like a burning ember, ready to ignite. She knew that if she thought it, she could never *unthink* it. It would driver her mad until she got it.

"No," she said with a shaky voice. "I don't want to remember. Please don't make me. Don't make me into this."

"Ooh," Naomi cooed. "I wonder if you'll feel that way once you remember."

Tiffany could feel another climax coming. Her sister was going to make her cum on her own childhood bed. She fought it, writhing and moaning. She tried to keep it from coming, but her sister's skillful fingers knew Tiffany's body better than she did. They teased her slit and pleasured her little button, while her lips kissed and sucked on her sensitive nipples.

And all the while, James watched.

*Brother's watching me turn into a slut. Watching me turn into **his** slut.*

Tiffany came again. Came to the awful thought. Came for her brother and sister.

And with it came the memory, shattering into her mind and threatening her sanity along with it.

*No. I won't think it. I won't say it. I won't.*

"I think she's remembering, brother," Naomi said in a playful tone.

"Maybe we can help her out," James said, unbuckling his pants.

Tiffany's mouth fell as James let his jeans fall to the ground, slid the flap of his briefs open, and let free his hard cock. It was long and girthy and smooth with veins running up and down its length.

"Does this help, Tiff?" he said, stroking it as he watched her.

*I want brother's cock. I want to be fucked. I want to give my brother my virginity.*

The strained for purchase in her mind, desperate anything to keep hold of who she thought she was. "Marc," she said, teary-eyed. "He'll know..."

Naomi giggled, wiping a tear away from Tiffany's cheek before rising to stand with her brother. "Your future hubby's not that bright, sis. I had a friendly chat with him. Told him you had a tiny accident during a horseback riding trip last year. He was very understanding."

James sighed as Naomi began pleasuring him, her hand running up and down his shaft. Tiffany could see it growing slick with his pre-cum. It was beautiful, and she wanted it inside her so badly.

"So no issues there, then. OK, sis," he said, grinning down at her with his sister. "Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it."

Looking up at her siblings, she saw the dark lust in their eyes. The deviant pleasures promised in their smiles. They were like beautiful fallen angels, beckoning her into delicious sin and blissful damnation. Tiffany felt her mind slipping. She felt like she wasn't just losing the ability to resist; she was losing herself entirely.

Her words tumbled out before she could stop them, and with them, what felt like that last bits of who she thought she was.

"I want to feel your cock in me, brother," Tiffany moaned. "I want to be your slave with my sister. Make me yours. Fuck me. Own me. Please. I need it."

Tiffany watched as her sister sank back to the bed. Naomi rested her hands on Tiffany's thighs, holding them nice and open. As she looked at her swollen, hungry pussy, she laughed—a cruel sound of amusement. "Look at how eager she is!"

James smiled down at her; his lips parted in a leering grin. "This is what you wanted, sis. This is what you asked for."

He kneeled down, letting Naomi guide his throbbing manhood against her quivering threshold. She arched her hips upward to meet him, whimpering like a bitch in heat.

"No more training. No more forgetting. You're mine, Tiff. Mine forever." James pressed forward slowly into her tender folds.

"Please... Yes, please!" she gasped as he pushed through her hymen—painful, but only momentary. She clutched Naomi's waist, clenching her eyes as he entered her. Then she was screaming as her body became overwhelmed by sensations too strong to withstand: pleasure, pain, lust, fear, excitement; all the things she never knew could be experienced at once.

She felt her brother's firm hands on her tits, squeezing them. Teasing her nipples. With each second he pushed deeper, filling her until their hips touched and she could feel his tip against her back walls. It was so good. So right. There was no greater feeling than being full like this. Than being owned.

"I'm so glad it was you," she gasped as he slid gently in and out of her, her sister holding her hips steady. "So glad you were my first and not Marc. I'm meant for you. Not him."

"*We* are meant for him," Naomi corrected, moving her hand to tease her sister's hard nubbin.

She came for them, her mind exploding—sending shock waves of pleasure through her body that made her jerk around like a puppet with invisible strings. The world around her disappeared; all that existed was the sensation of James' thick cock fucking her, of Naomi's soft fingers caressing her, and the desire burning away all doubt inside her.

Her body came for him, over and over again. Naomi laid herself atop her sister, making it easy for James to fuck them both. Naomi teased her anus while they fucked, a dark promise for future delight. She wanted it. Wanted everything.

There was nothing left in her mind except for her brother and sister—Naomi’s tongue lapping at her swollen pussy, James’s hands cupping her toned ass as he plunged himself deeply inside her.

All that remained in her head was the joy of her brother taking over her life, claiming her soul. Nothing else mattered. School. Church. Friends. Marc. All were games for their enjoyment. Toys for their pleasure. She was perfect now. They were perfect.

And she couldn't wait for more.

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