A New Life

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/nb #fantasy #microfiction #pov:bottom #breast_expansion #dom:vampire #growth #transformation #vampire #vampkink

You seek shelter in a manor whose doors were wide open for you. You didn’t have reason to suspect that it belonged to someone else until it was far too late…

The sound of rain pounding against the roof was enough to muffle your footsteps as you made your way through the old decrepit mannor. Its corners were dark and webbed with barely visible threads of sider silk, and each step was taken in fear that the floor might collapse beneath you. Still, it was the only shelter you'd been able to find in miles. Almost all of your clothes, damp from the downpour, had been left by the door, and the simple tunic you still wore was still heavy with water. 
It did help that the halls were still lit with torches, small sources of comfortable warmth to combat the cold of the outside world. The rooms of the mannor were neat and tidy, leading you to believe that they were either occupied, or had been cleaned before being abandoned. You looked around, taking careful steps as to not draw unwanted attention to yourself, but your footsteps weren't the only ones muffled by the downpour.
To you, the rain was the only sound worth taking note of, and only your shadow was traced along the floor. You had no reason to believe you weren't the only one walking about, not until you heard the voice of a woman from behind you, a voice that offered nothing more than a simple greeting that made your heart freeze.
"Welcome to my mannor, little one."
You spun around, stepping back as you did so, but you were quickly stunned by the woman who now stood before you. She was tall, pale, with a wide figure whose curves were barely contained in a midnight dress that pushed her breasts forward and revealed almost all of her legs; a dress the same shade as the hair that tumbled down to her lower back. Her eyes were a deep golden, her lips were bright red, and the teeth that shone from between them were more pure than pearls. 
Immediately, you began to appologize, informing her that you only sought shelter, that you weren't aware that anyone was even living here, but she inturrupted you with a laugh that echoed through the empty hallways. It was warm, smooth, almost motherly even. 
"The door was left open for a reason. I often get visitors seeking shelter from the elements, you are no exception. And you look as though you needed shelter more than most, I could fill a pond with the water in your tunic." She stepped forward, crossing the distance between the two of you with only two steps, and effortlessly tore you free from the waterlogged clothing, leaving you baren of any covering. You tried to hide yourself, but the woman laughed again, removing your arms and looking you straight in the eye.
"There's no need for that, my dear, you needn't hide from me" She said, and somehow you knew she was right. You allowed yourself to relax. "That's a good dearie." She cooed. "Now come, I will make you comfortable for the evening."
She walked ahead of you, and you followed. The skirt of the dress showed not only the front of her legs, but the back of them as well, not even bothering to hide most of her ass from view. It moved with each step, especially with the deliberate movements she made as she walked. Normally you might've looked away, but she had said that there wasn't any need to hide, not you from her, or her from you. You accepted this as you followed her.
She eventually led you, not to any guest room, but to the master bedroom itself, the only room in the house that had been meticulously cleaned. It's wallpaper looked brand new, the wood and metal alike were polished to perfection, and the lights chased away every potential shadow.
"This room should make you very comfortable tonight." She said, closing the door behind you. "It's been so long since I've been able to share a bed with someone. You won't mind that, would you?" This stunned you for a moment, but when you looked to her in suprise you were once again caught in her eyes. The words 'no ma'am', formed on your lips, and she smiled at you. "I thought not. Now come, human, let's get you some proper clothes." Up until the word 'human', you'd been feeling more and more comfortable, but that word flicked a switch in your mind. You took a step back, but the floorboards croaked beneath your weight. Her head didn't turn towards you, but you saw her eyes dart in your direction. "Don't leave yet, my dear, I've yet to put you into more comfortable clothing." She was turning to you now, her figure becoming taller and taller as she approached you. Your backwards steps weren't enough to escape her, and when you decided to make a run for the door, she was easily able to grab your arm and keep you still.
"None of that." She snapped. "I offer you warmth, and you would prefer the rain? I offer you kindness and this is how you thank me? Unacceptable." She yanked you towards her, grabbing you by the shoulders and lifting you off of the ground. Despite her tone, she was still smiling at you with a gentle expression. "I only want you to feel welcomed, dearie. Won't you let me welcome you to my home?" You were forced to stare directly into her eyes, but even as you wanted to say yes you were still able to struggle. This didn't last very long. You were starting to get fatigued the more you were forced to look at her, and even closing your eyes didn't remove the image of her golden eyes from your mind, it was as if they had burned themselves into you. When it was clear that your resistance was failing, she did release you, and she didn't make an effort to stop you from opening the door and running out.
You ran back along the path you remembered walking minutes before, but your legs stumbled into each step, every blink forced you to see those eyes behind your eyelids. Strength was leaving you quickly, but as long as you could escape the mannor, you would be free of her.
The exit was found minutes later, but your legs were beginning to falter. Your mind was begging to return to her, but you body knew well enough to keep going. The door drew closer and closer, but the screams in your mind were only becoming stronger as you reached your arms out to pull you through the door. Your fingertips were only an inch from grabbing the doorframe when you stopped completely.
Every thought that passed through your mind was foggy, strained, like lifting a heavy load you wouldn't be able to carry for long. Your body tried to take a step forward, but it failed; you were glued to the spot, until the voice of the woman came to you again.
"Come here." It was a quick, snappy order. Your leg tried to take a step forward, but instead it went backwards, turning your body towards her and bringing you right back into her pressence. 
Now, you weren't able to tear yourself from her. Her form towered over yours with ease, and she used her hands to gently wipe your face clean of sweat and strands of hair, holding your chin and cheeks with her cold hands in a way that made you feel oddly warm.
"Oh human, I know you're frightened. Vampires like myself are often regarded as creatures of the night, as demons. But all I want is someone to love." She knelt down, her eyes now on the same level as yours. "And you will let me love you, won't you?" Your mouth opened, sounds of resistance and defiance forming on your lips, but they would never be anything more than that as your head slowly nodded up and down. The woman smiled at you, and pulled you into an embrace that set your head to lean upon her wonderful breasts. You felt your own arms reach up to wrap around her in turn, even as your thoughts were screaming at you to run. They were begging you to flee, screaming at you, at her, trying to resist the haze, but the moment her fangs slipped into your neck, you knew deep down that it didn't matter anymore.
She took you back up to the bedroom, and you watched her as she walked, bouncing her hips back and forth as if to tease you. You felt a sense of despair as your body walked behind her, but you were now struggling to remember the source of the feeling.
She brought you back into the room, closing the door behind you and waltzing over to the wardrobe on the far wall. She beckoned you over with a wave of her hand, and you did as you were told. She began to pull a few outfits  out, one after another, all of which were small, tight, little skirts beneath a top that looked as though it would barely cover anything at all. 
She eventually pulled out an outfit that looked as though it were a collection of ribbons, rather than an article of clothing. It was two pieces of cloth meant to go around ones hips, while the strands of fabric that crossed over one another formed a lattice over the wearer's chest. It was an outfit that would leave you far more exposed than the mistress was. Still, when she held it up against you, telling you that it would look wonderful on you, you had a very difficult time disagreeing with her. She handed it to you, ordered you to put it on, and you did so with less resistance than you thought you would have.
It was more comfortable than you thought it would be, and you couldn't deny that the feeling of such exposure was something that you felt a sense of satisfaction from. The old tunic you'd been wearing before was fine to keep you warm, and for common decency, but you wouldn't need such tacky looking clothing in the mannor. You weren't certain how long you would be here, and you did feel a pull to the outside world, but you would enjoy this while it lasted.
The mistress looked down on you with a wide grin before setting a small hairband on your head to keep your hair back. You had a feeling that it hadn't been this long before, and you could see the black strands out of the corner of your eyes. In fact, looking down, you felt a bit of confusion towards the two lumps on your chest, a tiny, and admittedly cute, pair of pale breasts. You wondered to yourself why they were so small, and the mistress seemed to sense your confusion. 
"They will grow, give it time, my child." This was a satisfying answer, as you reached up to massage your slowly growing breasts. You allowed yourself to become lost in the sensation for a moment before the mistress caught your attention again. "My child, it has been so long since I've had any company in my home. The halls, the rooms, they've grown to become quite the mess. Won't you take care of them for me?" You smiled and nodded, the words 'yes mistress', leaving you as you did so. She smiled to you again, and you felt a sense of pride in making the mistress happy.
The next few hours were overtaken by your tasks, the house had to be cleaned, and you felt as though you had all eternity to do so. Every once in a while, you would stop to enjoy the sensations of your body. They felt so much more wonderful than they had just hours ago, and you were able to lose yourself to those minutes you spent in raw pleasure before moving back to your task. 
As you cleaned, you felt slightly disheartened as you failed to see any reflection in any of the cracked mirrors you passed. All you had to do was look down to see your beauty, you were frustrated that you couldn't see it in full. Still, you knew what you were turning into; a relfection of your perfect mistress. 
A few times, you knocked your head against surfaces that you felt you shouldn't have. Your strides felt longer, and your legs looked longer than before, too. Bumping your head was frustrating, but it was more than balanced by the fact that you were able to see more of yourself in the beautiful radiance of your mistress.
It took a few days to clean the mannor properly, and those few days had filled you with a certain hunger. It wasn't for food or water, in fact you had been feeling constantly satisfied  over the past few days. No, you wanted something more.
When you returned to mistress, you wore a long smile, beaming with pride in the afterglow of accomplishment and obedience, and the smile she returned to you only made the feeling more intense. She showed her appreciation with a deep kiss on your lips, one that, when broken, left your eyes half open and fluttering as a giggle formed in your throat. 
"You've done very well for mistress." She said. "But you deserve more than a kiss for a job well done." You took your hand and led you back to the master bedroom. "Kneel." She said. You obeyed without hesitation, kneeling with your eyes turned to the ground until she would tell you otherwise. When she allowed you to look, her legs were spread wide, giving you a proper look at mistress' pussy. You felt your mouth was hanging open, your tongue hanging out with your eyes wide. You felt an urge to lunge forward and indulge yourself right then and there, but you hadn't yet been given permission. She was making you wait, and you did wait, for three entire minutes. You were aching, looking up at her with your eyes begging to be allowed to bask in her perfection, but she smiled down at you without a word, without giving permission, until eventually, she spoke.
"Go on, my love." She said. "Enjoy your mistress."
Within seconds, you were lost in her wonderful folds, your tongue flicking in and out of her, its length wrapping around her clitoris before shoving itself deep within her, moving about in a wide circle around her walls. It was intoxicating, each moment spent between her legs was another moment you were able to smell her, to taste her, and lose yourself in the motions as her taste and scent erased the flow of time within your mind.
She was laying down now, and you had moved further in, rubbing your hands along her thighs in a more desperate attempt to pleasure her, and with each moan she released your body quivered and shook. Each minute felt both longer and shorter than it should've as dove between mistress' legs, occasionally using your hands to please your own aching and burning body. Then you realized that you could please more of her in the same way.
Your body begged for pleasure, but it was far more important to please mistress, and your hands reached up to her breasts and massaged them, pinking and twisting the nipples to illicite more musical pleasure from her lips. It was ironic that a vampire such as yourself felt as though they were in heaven, but between the legs of your mistress, there was no other word to describe it. You felt the hair above her pussy tickling your nose as you tried to dive even deeper, using your fingers as well as your tongue to satisfy her, and she was growing louder as a result. Her hands moved to your head, locking your nose in her folds even though you weren't about to lose the chance to taste and smell her. 
You weren't even aware of the growing puddle beneath you until it started to run down your thighs, and even then you didn't care enough to take any pleasure away from mistress. 
She grew louder and louder, until her muscles began to rock her body with involuntary movements. Her fingers wound themselves into your hair, tugging at your scalp with enough force to make your own body shake with glee. 
Finally, you felt something growing within her, a force that caused her body to lock into place for a moment as she prepared for release. When her orgasm burst from the lips of her mouth and her pussy, its force overcame you as well. Your body continued its work, but your limbs shook, your eyes rolled up into the back of your head, and even your tongue went rigid as your mind was rocked with the earth shattering sensations that raced to all of your nerve endings and back.
It lasted more than a full minute, for the both of you, and you left panting on the floor, limbs strewn about and mind nearly shattered. You weren't even fully aware of the fact that your body was being lifted off of the ground, or the fact that now both the outfits of you and your mistress were now on the floor. Mistress pulled you into the bed, gently setting you down atop the matress. It gave way to your weight, surrounding you with its softness as mistress climbed into the bed as well. Her thick arms wrapped around you, her face drew close to yours to plant a small kiss on your cheek. You felt happy, even if a tiny part of you felt as though it shouldn't be. You cast that feeling away; you'd earned this. You'd earned a life in the mannor, you'd earned the love of mistress, you'd earned your wonderful body.
You didn't need to sleep, you hadn't done so for days, but you accepted it into you anyways. The last thought you had before your eyes slid closed was that you couldn't wait to serve your mistress more when you woke up.

This is my longest story yet, over 3,000 words!
If you enjoyed it, donations are always appreciated~ I don't want to keep anything behind a paywall. Writing these has honestly been a pretty big part of my self care recently, and I hope that you all have been enjoying them too <3
Also, does the non-con tag apply here? Most of the people I write about don't want to be mentally manipulated (which, being a hypno kinkster, I do not relate), but I don't want to use a tag if it's not appropriate. 

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