A New Daughter

by DitzyDoll

Tags: #cw:incest #breast_expansion #fantasy #growth #lactation #microfiction #multiple_partners #cock_growth #futanari

While checking to see if the Silthies are alright, you end up giving quite a bit of help to the mother.

The Farm was an odd place, resting outside the normal bounds of space and time. Here, reality was fragile, moldable, to the point of being dangerous. Nobody knows who created it, or if it was even created at all, and the only one capable of controlling the maleable isolated realm was The Owner. Everybody had their own responsibilities on the farm, and out of the thousands of people who worked in the odd broken reality, none of them had ever met each other before.
Your job was to ensure the psychological stability of the more... advanced, lifestock. Of course you could find chickens and cows and horses on this farm, but there were hundreds of other species here that you'd never heard of before coming to work. One of these species was known as the silthies, an odd community species known for their intense love for their pack. 
There were plenty of creatures that had burned their images into your head for various reasons, but for the silthies, it was their beauty. Agendered creatures both male and female anatomy, semi translucent glass-like skin, long dark claws and four equally dark eyes with long flowing hair on their heads, backs, and arms, as well as a pair of pointed fairy wings on their backs. You would never forget your first encounter with the silthies, the grand mother had made sure of that. But now wasn't the time to dwell; you were there to check on them.
Their dwelling was a massive room contained within a glass archway that could only be entered from the front. The entire chamber was a tall domed cylinder that nature had long since overtaken, and decorated with flowers and leaves, as well as entire trees for the silthies to make their homes from. 
As usual, the smaller ones fled at your arrival. They were still shy of you, and probably would be until you'd been working there for at least a few years. The grand mother, however, was unafraid. She drifted down from the tallest of the trees, the light that came from everywhere casting itself through her sea-green skin to create a light show on the ground beneath you. She smiled at you, and when her feet hit the ground she effortlessly lifted your form into the air, suspending you in her arms very tightly against her chest.
"Welcome back my dear." She said, setting you down once she'd had her fill of the embrace. Her skin only looked as though it were made of glass; it felt as though it was made of the softest pedals of flowers. "Do you bring news?" She asked. You shook your head, explaining that you were there to see if everything was alright with her and her kin. The smile she'd just had on her face slowly dropped as her wings sank.
"I wish I could say we were all well." She said, then reached down to grab your hand as she began to walk around the circumferance of the chamber. You'd tried to escape her grasp before, and since then had decided that it was best to just let her hold onto you. "My children and I are greatful for the refuge, but outside of our world we have been unable to seek more sisters. It is a dull feeling, wanting to bring more to your family, yet being unable to." You asked her if she was allowed to go out and look for some more sisters, to which she shook her head. "Our world is still under quarentine. The Owner has demanded we remain here." She paused. "I hate to ask this of you, but would you help me? Would you help to ease the weight of my heart?" You looked to her and gave an affirmative nod. There wasn't any reason not to help them, they'd been a huge help in ensuring the farm was secure, and they'd never once tried to rip your arms off. It also did help that they were hot as fuck.
The smile on the grand mothers face grew.
"Truly? You would offer yourself to our blessing?" Again, you needed, even if that was a weird way of wording it. You were about to voice your affirmation as well, but before you could do so her arms wrapped around you again, hoisting you from the grass and forcing your body to rest in her cradled arms. You opened your mouth to ask what she was doing, but she slipped a finger over your lips.
"Shhh," she said, "do not worry. This will only feel good." You didn't have time to ask what that meant. Her finger left your lips and tapped against your forehead, and a feeling of fatigue quickly washed over your body. You were too weak to push yourself out of her grip. She readjusted you to face her chest, and placed one of her breasts against your mouth.
"Drink, my darling. Accept our blessing." You tried to resist, moving your head away, but she skillfully managed to squeeze her breasts together hard enough to leak a soft blue liquid from her crystaline nipples. It slid down onto your face, and as much as you turned it about, you were unable to get all of it off of your lips. The next time you opened your mouth, it fell onto your tongue. 
It tasted wonderful, a taste you couldn't even begin to describe, but you knew that you shouldn't take in any more of the strange liquid. You turned away again as the grand mother gently ran her fingers thought your hair, gently rocking you back and forth. It had no true effect on you, but you felt your throat become dry. In a matter of seconds, it was drained so completely that it felt like sandpaper. You tried to swallow, but at this point there was nothing too swallow, nothing but what the grand mother was offering you. You didn't give in right away, but your throat was begging, it felt as though you hadn't had any water in days, maybe even weeks, and somehow the feeling was becoming worse by the second. It was hopeless; you caved, turning to her breast and locking your lips around it.
A single drop of the liquid was enough to wash away the discomfort from before, but rather than taking in a drop only when it became uncomfortable, you drank a steady stream of it. 
The grand mother cooed and whispered to you, running her hands through your hair and petting you gently. It was starting to get to you now, the feeling of your head being massaged, making it feel relaxed and calm.
The liquid continued to stream into your mouth, and the more you drank, the less you wanted to disconnect from her nipple. In fact, you could feel your hands reaching up to grab it, pulling it further into your mouth in an attempt to coax more of it into you. You heard her laugh, a motherly chuckle as she continued to rock you back and forth.
"There you go," she sang, "drink without worry; I will never run empty. Take what you desire, my dear." Even if most of her words were now lost in a haze, you understood what she was trying to tell you, and you accepted. Continuing to suckle away at her, you were almost too lost to feel the changes start to change place.
First, the other sisters began to gather around, stripping you of your clothing while giggling and taking turn laying their hands on you, stroking and rubbing your skin, their contact amplified by the haze and the liquid. Your eyes slid closed, but you could feel your chest expanding, and shortly after you could feel hands massaging them. Moans escaped you before you could stop them, resulting in even more giggling from the smaller silthies.
Your body continued to change; you now felt something growing between your legs, as well as something splitting open. Once again, hands flew to your body and began to touch without caution or care. 
Suddenly, you felt your body shift; the grand mother was now setting you down on the ground, seperating you from her breast. In a slight panic, you reached up for her, hands splayed, trying to grab onto her again. You felt small, being down on the ground like this, you felt weak.
"You will have your fill once we are done, my dear." She assured you. "It is almost complete, look at how far you've come." You obeyed, and looked at your hands and legs. The color was different. You could see the grass beneath you, refracted through your skin, but whatever had been there before were now gone. You felt confused. There had been something there, you knew it. You'd learned about it in the outside world, internal systems that kept your body together, but you couldn't spark the memory of what the systems were called. 
The feeling of smallness and weakness began to climb in your throat, but now your sisters were gathering around you, laughing and singing, sitting next to you and kissing your cheeks and nose, your hands and legs, and each kiss sent a stimulating wave through your body. There wasn't even an attempt to hide and moans at this point, you released them with no resistance, and your sisters seemed to love listening to them. You saw a few of them close their eyes and softly touch their bodies as the noises continued to escape you. There was no way to stop them, and you were now having a hard time figuring out why you should even try to hold them back.
Mother's eyes traveled up and down your body, her smile growing wider and wider.
"Look at how beautiful you are, my daughter. Chosing you was a good choice." You couldn't understand exactly what she meant. "Now, my daughters, help your new sister complete her transformation."
All at once, your sisters swarmed you. Two of them stood at your side, hands sliding up and down their erect cock. Another hovered above your stomach, another stood behind her, resting her own cock right beneath yours, and one more managed to fit in right next to you, your lips mere inches away from her length. As if it were second nature, you took all of them at once. Your hands gripped two of your sisters, your new pussy took in a third while a fourth began to bounce up and down on you, and the final sister stuck herself into your mouth.
You took all of them eagerly, greedily, stroking with a tight grip and wrapping the full length of your tongue around the cock in your mouth. Your entire lower body was nearly numb from the pleasure of fucking and being fucked at the same time, and your hips moved up and down, back and forth, trying to extract every last bit of pleasure that you could from your sisters, who seemed as though they were feeling just as good as you were. Then, you realized that they DID feel as good as you did. You were stoking two cocks back and forth, and even while vigerously fucking your sister, you felt two hands on your own cock stroking at the same speed you were stroking your sisters. As one of them came up behind you to fondle your chest, you knew that all of your sisters felt the same pleasure in the same place, and all of it was amplified by the other sensations all of you were feeling together. You began to stroke and thrust harder, loud moans racing from your lips while you continued to service your sisters. 
When they finally came, they came all at once. It splattered over your chest, face, and mouth all at the same time, and you'd felt yourself explode inside of your sister at the same time as well. There was a brief moment of exhaustion as all of you uncoupled yourselves, then came together with small kisses and tight hugs before laying on the floor all together, using the hips and breasts and butts of their sisters of pillows. You were all exhausted, but mother was beaming at you.
"You turned out beautiful, just as I knew you would." Your eyes turned to your body in confusion. Pale blue crystaline skin, sharp nails, flowing hair;  you looked the same as you always had. Mother sensed your confusion, and leaned down to plant a deep kiss on your lips.
Confusion fled from your mind, and you understood everything perfectly. You smiled back up at mother, flicking your tongue affectionatly. Mother had always been so good to you, protecting you, bringing you more sisters to love and play with. Your heart was already becoming jumpy at the thought of a new sister joining the family. 
You left the ground, wrapping your arms around mother and embracing her deeply before moving down to her breast to feed on her wonderful nectar. 
Still, in the back of your mind, you began to wonder who would be invited to the family, who would become your new sister. There was that... what was the word, mental care person? Psychologist! That was the word! The Farm psychologist did come around every once in a while, and you already knew that they would be a perfect fit for a new sister. The name, psychologist, it did sound strangely familiar, but another mouthful of mother's nectar washed all of that nonsense away. Whatever it had been, it couldn't have been more important than the mother's breast leaking your favorite food into your mouth. You cast it away, and never thought about it again.


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