Train of Thought

Chapter 6 - Anarchy is when you let giant plants brainwash you

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

A little content warning for this one! There's like a snake description, actually this story has lots of that so like keep that in mind if snakes are a problem!

We both got off the tram with my lucidity intact, because Amaryllis said I did good at the vet! Even though I zoned out for most of it, I didn’t really want to argue for something against my interest to my really hot abductor, especially while nonverbal. I’m gonna take advantage of the good stuff!

Some of the construction worker affini pet me a whole bunch and called me a floret, but they only laughed when I told the truth! They didn’t even take my ramble on their authoritarian abuse seriously, Amaryllis carried me the rest of the way to her “hab unit” because of that. It turns out everyone just has a pent house now?

When we’re back at her home, Amaryllis sets me on the floor and loom-crouches over me with a patient smile and hands me her data-pad again.

“Enya, dear. We have to talk about your feralist sentiments.”

I feel a pit in my stomach when she says ‘feralist’, last time I heard her say that, all of my cool anarchist flags were taken down and then I was abducted! All I can do is type on the data-pad “I’m not a feralist..” That earns me a laugh and some head pats, I don’t think I’m being taken seriously at all.

“Mmm, No little one. You’re an Affini Compact citizen, which means you’re first and foremost safe. Your feralist views might have helped you stay safe under the Terran Accord where trusting authorities earned.. Awful things.” The affini shudders before she pulls me onto her lap. Her rhythm alternates between threatening to take me all for herself, to going slower and quieter. “The affini are here to stay, and terrans will never be in danger again, especially from their selves.”

I can’t help but stay limp in her grip while she talks about me the exact same way I’ve seen affini talk about the fascist rebels, like there’s no difference between our views – Or that the differences don’t matter at all in their all consuming eyes. After I write “I just want to help people.”

Amaryllis smiles and hugs me close to her chest, and the feeling of her rhythm bombarding my soul makes my mind scream for her while I bury my head into her. She emits an ‘aww’, before saying something either really tone deaf, or incredibly spiteful -

“You’ll make the most wonderful floret, Enya. You are one of the most submissive sophont’s I’ve ever been around in my recent blooms, and that is one of the greatest gifts an affini could ever receive.”

I should struggle, I should protest, I should bite her. My heart thumps in my chest like it’s trying to get out and dance for the stupid plant lady, and all I can do is hug her tighter, which rewards me with more of her wonderful noises. The evil affini only gets my vulnerable tears, and I’m punished with long strokes along my back.


The data-pad tells me it’s almost noon by the time Amaryllis stops squeezing me to make some lunch. I’m hiding under her giant blankets in her giant bed, trying to run a virtual machine on the data-pad so I can use my special chat app. It takes a lot less struggling than a regular accord tablet, the stupid floret interface doesn’t stop it from having insane processing power, like someone with an expensive gaming computer only to use it for lame random corpo-algoroithm games. The anarchist forums are blocked for “Content unsafe for floret eyes!” and that I need to “Ask your owner, cutie!”. I groan, but a little bit of struggling with the interface lets me open up the website’s raw text or whatever it’s called and I navigate that to the latest chat client my community uses. Downloaded. Installed. Opened!

Welcome back, DazedandConfused!

DazedandConfused has logged in!

Unwaver: Enya!

RattleBattle: Hi Enya!

Both of my friends are online at once, I haven’t been happier to see them in a long time. A big smile forms on me!

DazedandConfused: Hiii!

Unwaver: Girl, did you sleep all day or something?

DazedandConfused: Noo, I got kidnapped by the plants!

RattleBattle: XD

Unwaver: Not funny, Miss root licker.

RattleBattle: kfgjhsdkjlhg Unlike you, Syndicalism isn’t compromised!

Unwaver: Sure, sure. Enya, are you okay? Do you need help?

DazedandConfused: Noo. I’m on data-miner hardware, so be careful. Really big plant stole me while I was grocery shopping, said my home was messy and that I’m a ward now.

RattleBattle: 😂😂😂😂😂

I roll away from the data-pad for a second and whine into one of the me sized pillows. Rattle’s one of my friends who found a lady affini and wrote a massive floret contract within the first week of the invasion. After I stim on the pillow and regulate, I roll back to the tablet and read the small backlog.

Unwaver: I wish you’d let me help with your home. The soup kitchen hasn’t got any non-fash visitors in weeks. I broke my broom on them twice!

RattleBattle: Two of them got domesticated and won’t come back!

Unwaver: Cool, but NOT COOL.

RattleBattle: Okay, but have you seen some of the ex-rebel florets? They come out really cute!

Unwaver: Keep your brainwashing kink to yourself and Enya.

Unwaver: Wait, Enya, please tell me you didn’t go with the affini to get brainwashed.

RattleBattle: sadkjl;fsk;ghsdlfkjghdglks

The sound of Amaryllis walking hits me, her rhythm becoming louder. Suddenly, the blankets are pulled off, I struggle to close the chat window before she picks me up!


I protest before eventually melting into her shoulder, earning me some more punish-pats and bullying laughter.

“Little one, I called you for lunch but you didn’t hear me. Were you having fun?”

The smell of pizza in the living room distracts me, and as I’m seated on the couch, I huff.

“Depends.. Is fun illegal in the Compact?”

Amaryllis laughs at me again and doesn’t answer that, getting a frustrated blush from me! I try to slowly eat the pizza while she pets me, focusing on the affini for stimulation so I don’t get bored and choke on food.

“You’re eating much slower now. Good girl!”

I can feel my thoughts freeze up like a terran laptop, it takes me a minute to recollect my braincells and line them back up. Oh! Pizza! Yum! The affini seems to really like the ‘show’ I put on, and after I finish my three slices, I lean back on her plant-rib. I need to go back to the data-pad before my friends worry more, or Rattle writes me off as a seed again, but before I can ask, I feel a few injections on my neck. Amaryllis explains before I can even ask.

“There’s your Class-G’s and E’s, microplastic and carcinogens filters.”

She pets me after, and I’m gifted with feelings of joy, without having to address complicated thoughts like ‘How do I negate this hierarchy”, or “Are my friends gonna worry about me?” I can just relax and enjoy my time, idly stimming on Amaryllis’ pretty flowers. It feels like relief.

“Little one, we’re going to be setting up some programming for you to help guide you in interacting with the world now.”

That gets my brain cells arguing, but instead of waving red flags, I’m left with horny thoughts and some genuine concerns.

“I don’t want to be changed.. Much.”

I’m startled by how easy that came out, especially that last part! It’s a lot easier to socially navigate when the panic machine is shut down, and since it is, I’m forced to cope with my horny thoughts being free to reign! Stupid kinks, I love you.

Amaryllis doesn’t stop petting me while I squirm, doubling down on what she said.

“For now, I’ll be focusing on giving you a few questions to automatically think about that you might have not had the idea to consider before. The biggest change it’ll do is give you more room to be yourself around others.”

She smiles down at me, using a finger to rub at my cheek. Ughh! I can’t hold back a smile at that, even while she talks about brainwashing me ‘just a little bit!’ Too hot! Too hot to casually talk about!

“If you do good, we can talk about doing a recreational session some time, too.“

Amaryllis smugly says, like she just read my mind! I briefly become aware of my facial expression, covering it with my hands! Stupid alphabet drugs leaving my embarrassment in! I’m secretly glad for that, I think, in case she actually can read minds.

After she casually demonstrated her ability to read me like a book, the affini lifts me up into her arms and cradles me, her golden eyes capturing mine. I don’t even try to look away as I sink into the golden lake, my thoughts bouncing off each of those black specs like I was the one designed to be broken for her. I’m briefly aware of another injection, and the entire world fades to gold and black.


Coils of vines wrap all around me, like some kind of snake toying with it’s prey. A featureless head at the end of the coils with those four golden eyes piercing and reading through my soul. It rumbles at me, something resembling words that I’m too out of it to understand. I only want to stare into those eyes, and sometimes I feel an urge to say things to keep them on me.

“I’m loved..”

I’m hit with a surge of good feelings after whispering that out, the snake giving me a firm squeeze as a reward. I mutter out other nothings, they aren’t the important words but still get me gentle squeezes as if the creature fed off of my voice or admiration.

“Other people’s thoughts aren’t something I can predict.. They can’t predict me either.. They are kind.”

I’ve never thought of people that way before, but it just makes sense. My tangent is cut off by another tight squeeze, and this time I can’t help it, I have to rub my face into the monster’s coils out of pure adoration. It’s eyes never leave my own, out of devotion for it, I give it more of my secrets. I don’t know which I give, just that they’re safe in those eyes. I want her to have them all..


I open my eyes to a tangle of vines around me, several of them gently petting me all over. She probably did something to me. The window nearby tells me it’s sun-set o’clock, my friends are probably worried waiting for me, I’m excited to talk to them later! Utterly satisfied as if I had a twelve hour nap, I gently tug on one of the vines.

“Can I go see my friends tomorrow?”

I ask, I should have demanded. The Amaryllis giggles at me from something cute I must have done, getting me to smile as well!

“What a lovely idea, cutie. I’d love to meet them too.”

My face turns red again, because my friends will laugh at me for bringing my abductor with me because I’m so cute! I feel some kind of weird blankness next to my thoughts. Hmm! Not important, probably. Once my energy comes back, I try to climb out of Amaryllis’ vines with little luck, before I’m forced to ask her to let me out. I shouldn’t tell her that I want to tell my friends!

“Can I use your data-pad to tell them? I was talking to them before you stole me.”

For some reason, my abductor seemed really happy about my questions, like she’s proud or something! She doesn’t release me from her vines, but she does smile and goes to her bedroom door and sends a vine out to grab it, but holds it just out of my reach.

“You can have it after you take a bath, or use it while I give you a bath, sweetheart.”

That activates something in me, I look down at the ground while my thoughts try to fend off the fluster. The idea of talking to my anarchist friends while an affini gives me a bath sounds efficient but absolutely humiliating.


Amaryllis gives out a satisfied, predatory rumble before she gives me the data-pad, and then scoops me out of her chest-vines, in her untangled arm-vines. Affini bodies are confusing, but I won! I got the data-pad! Looking down at the backlog, I notice it’s almost eight pm. Uh-oh, that’s been like maybe ten hours? The two talked about me, Rattle gushed about what my affini might do to me and Unwaver wanted to go find me before descending into keyboard smashing. While Amaryllis undresses me and gently prepares the bath, I try to ease their panic and stop Rattle’s hornyposting!

DazedandConfused has logged in!

Unwaver: Oh stars you’re back. Are you okay??

DazedandConfused: Yeah! It was lunch time and then she had to do some kind of programming on me?


Oops. I didn’t expect that response! It makes me giggle a bit, which gets Amaryllis’ attention. She pats my head before lifting me into the warm water, starting off with scrubbing my body! I should be bothered by being naked and touched all over, but after the alphabet drugs she’s been using on me, I can’t really be bothered to care aside from enjoying some of that embarrassment. I think something’s awakening in me again.

DazedandConfused: No but kind of yes?? She didn’t really give me a choice, plus I still hate authoritarianism!!

Unwaver: That’s good. They shouldn’t just be going into your head though!

Unwaver: It gets really lonely at night because Rattle has a ‘bed time’ now. I can’t believe she went along with it.

DazedandConfused: I got put to bed early too yesterday after I tried one of the drugs.

Unwaver: They’re drugging you like a floret too??

Amaryllis moves on to my hair, muttering something about how tangled it is. I forget to brush it all the time, and now she’s shampooing it or something! It better not be the brainwash soap.

DazedandConfused: No! I didn’t have my edibles and she mentioned them so I tried some!

DazedandConfused: It was one of the touchy drugs, ANYWAY, I want to hang out with you and Rattle tomorrow!

Unwaver: Oh, you’re just allowed to go?

DazedandConfused: Yeah, I guess? Amaryryrylss wants to meet you two as well!


DazedandConfused: Okay do you want to come to her place?

Unwaver: fine. I’ll bring Rattle, they BETTER NOT have brainwashed you.

DazedandConfused: No they’re just regular washing me


I don’t really know what to say or think after that, and Unwaver doesn’t really say anything else. Amaryllis finishes with my hair and rinses it off before she goes to brush it, and I give the data-pad back to her.

“My friends want to come here to make sure I’m okay.”

Amaryllis smiles while she works on salvaging my hair. “That sounds lovely. I’ll make some extra breakfast for them.”

I let out a big sigh and lean into her, it doesn’t take long to straighten out my hair and it didn’t hurt at all like when I brush it! She’s already taking me out of the bath and wrapping me in a towel, gently drying my hair off with a second one.

“She thinks you’re brainwashing me and making me into a floret.”

The plant lady raises a mimicry of an eyebrow while she carries me to her bedroom, “Do you think I’m brainwashing you?”

That question locks my brain up for a few seconds, and I get a glimpse of my blush in the mirror. Heckheckheckheck. “Yes..! Not like, a lot.. But I can feel it when you’re near me!”

Amaryllis turns me around to face her while she sits on her bed, giving me a big, predatory grin. “So I’m brainwashing a cutie sophont into wanting to be my floret. What will you do?”

I promptly cover my face with my hands and begin whining, squirming and fidgeting in the affini’s grip while she takes the towels off of me and puts them into that clothes chest, closing it and opening it with a nightgown in it in the towel’s place. She gently puppets my arms and helps me into the gown before carrying me back to the washroom.

“I-I-I umm..!! Umm! I-..”

I’m suddenly muted by something bristly being stuffed in my mouth with a minty flavor, and it doesn’t take me long to realize she’s brushing my teeth! Amaryllis holds me down tightly so I can’t struggle at all, properly brushing them for the whole hellish two minutes! She even tilts me and commands me to spit, my empty headed body obeys without question.

The trip back to the bed hardly even registers in me, one moment I’m upright, the next I’m tangled in even more vines, laying down. All I can do is hug on a bundle of vines, close my eyes and quickly drift off.


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