Train of Thought

Chapter 5 - Going to a vet shouldn't feel validating

by DemonAzure

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #hypnosis #pov:bottom #scifi #drone_adjacent #growth #Human_Domestication_Guide #mind_control #multiple_partners

I slowly come to the feeling of being tangled up in something, heavier than my blankets, but way thinner. Oh. Yesterday’s drug trip comes back to me and the overwhelming urge to hide my face wakes me right up. I’m inside of the affini who abducted me, in some kind of stupidly massive for me bed, but makes sense because she’s a stupidly sexy- EVIL giant lady. If it wasn’t for the brainwashing noises all around me, I might have just thought affini slept in plant beds.

“Good morning, cutie. How did you sleep?”

Amaryllis asks while slowly climbing out of her bed as a monstrous mass of pretty vines. My anxieties are all accounted for as she carries me from her bedroom, never actually setting me down.

“Y-Your drugs are insane.. I don’t feel a hangover at all?”

She laughs at me like I said something silly, and some of those vines stroke my head. I’m an actual prisoner, being treated like some kind of animal, and I’m just taking it. My brain handily supplies me a list of reasons to be afraid, ranging from being politically silenced worse than the accord, to bad ends in my hypno smut but real life. Thanks brain! Super helpful!

“Yes, dear. You were the cutest thing, and made all sorts of sweet mewling noises.”

Affection and affirmation are probably my biggest weaknesses, handily dispatching my red flags to replace them with a silly joy, topped with embarrassment. My favorite. The plant monster sets me on the massive couch, and I lazily drop to my side while she begins twisting herself into that ethereally beautiful plant woman. I am not gay for my captor, this isn’t allowed!

“We’re taking you to the vet in a few hours, so let’s get you fed, Enya. What would you like?”

Another question! If she was a nice person doing it out of the niceness of her plant heart, I’d ask for something simple.. But I plan on being a problem! She said I should see a vet!

“I want a burger with lots of bacon!”

Amaryllis laughs at me again, “Cheese too?” She’s already taking something out of her refrigerator, and pulling dishes out of a box with a screen on it. Is she for real?? I can only nod a bit, feeling myself go nonverbal from my watching her season and mix beef. I’ve never actually seen the raw stuff before, and she’s pouring in different kinds of salty stuff. I feel myself start to drool, and when Amaryllis calls and looks at me, I give her a lot of nods. My abductor’s making me food from scratch?

“Enya, dear, are you non-verbal again?”

Another nod, and one of her vines from her dress extend out with a data-pad in its grasp, dropping it on the floor a few feet in front of me. That smile expression on her is predatory again..! Feeling myself blush while I try to climb down the couch in my nightgown and then go to grab the data pad.

“Please go get dressed, I have some cute dresses sized for terrans loaded in my compiler.”

Hugging the data-pad in my arm, I think about sitting down and shutting down again, but.. She’s making me really nice food! Guilt starts to take me for even daring to think that, and my brain politely decides she’ll hate me. I hurry over to the room she carried me from and look around until I see a chest with a screen on the top, and open it up. Empty! Aside from a full book shelf, I see some photos of strange xenos on her wall, some with an affini mimicking their shapes!

Frustrated, I type into Amaryllis’ data pad ‘Where’s the dresses’, but before I can go back and hold it up to her, the penthouse speaks,

“Hiya cutie! Would you like me to show some dresses on the compiler?”

Okay, cool, surveillance state. It’s just like those stalker cubes that let you turn on your lights by talking to them – Focus! I type in ‘yes’, and the voice chirps,

“I’ve displayed some styles for terrans with your body type!”

I don’t know if they’re being mean or helpful, but I go back to the screen on the chest and see a few pictures. A black dress, a floral print blue dress, and a shorter green dress with matching stockings. I touch the black dress, because it is the coolest dress and I am very cool! All of the options on the screen vanish to be replaced with a green checkmark, and the condo tells me to open it. Aside from being condescending as hell, it’s kind of helpful.

Inside the box is the dress I picked, folded like it just came from a store! I take it out and take off my nightgown, swapping into the dress. After a few test twirls, I’m happy with how spinny the dress goes and go back to the living room to see Amaryllis cooking patties. Fuck, affini are competent. I shouldn’t be appreciating that in authoritarians, but she’s so nice.. I’ll sort this conflict out later!


I learned my lesson from yesterday and ate my food a lot slower, even though I haven’t ever had something this good in my entire life! Any time I don’t chew enough, Amaryllis gives me this look that makes me slow down so she doesn’t get mad at me and brainwash me again. I try to ignore the horny thoughts about such an overkill punishment, which distracts me from her taking the plate and putting it into the box without washing it! She’s competent, so I won’t correct her about her dishes, or the screen she’s pressing on her dish box.

There’s a few dribbles of sauce on my dress, but Amaryllis wipes it off with a cloth before I can do anything about it! The dress is so smooth that it doesn’t even leave a stain. She makes things a lot easier, one of my intrusive thoughts adds. At least, I tell myself it’s intrusive.

Once I’m cleaned off, part of Amaryllis’ hand untangles, freeing a vine about as long as me to loop around my collar. I stare down at the plant leash for a good ten seconds before melting into blush and fumbling with the data-pad until it lets me type.

“Why am I in a leash??”

The affini laughs, either at me, or my question and gives me a big condensing head pat as if I asked something silly. I do say a lot of silly things, but humans don’t go in leashes!

“Because, sweetie, we’re going to be taking the tram to see the vet, and I don’t want your adorably distract-able head to get lost.”

I look back at the ground as my focus problems accidentally cause one of my kinks to manifest in the real world again, calming myself by stimming on the data-pad. This is fine, this is fine. I’ve seen affini leashing up terrans before, it brought complicated thoughts, but those are florets.. I’m not a floret! I feel like I should tell her that, but I don’t want to give her any more awful ideas of things to do to me. I might be scared that I’ll like them.

Amaryllis is already leading me out of the condo, the leash going taut forcing me to stumble after her. I’m naturally a slow walker because I’m clumsy, but the affini thankfully goes my pace. Once we’re out the door, I’m greeted with the stupidly bright sun, devoid of the cancer causing rain clouds today. I look at the data pad to see what time it is, it’s only nine AM! I feel cheated! Grumpily, I stay close to the affini’s leg so she doesn’t trip me on the leash, but all this does is punish me with more headpats!

We’re stopped several times before we get to the tram by several affini and one floret who want to pet me, their new rhythms stunning me when they touch me. They all get the typical whine-babbles from me, and they all agree – It’s very cute. I feel like I could die, but Amaryllis seems to pick up on that and carries me for the rest of the way, keeping me close to her chest and submerged in her perfectly stimulating rhythm. Her eyes meet mine, and..


Enya Tailor, please.”

I find myself and Amaryllis in some kind of hospital or clinic waiting room, my affini was seated, but already getting up and approaching one of the doors. By now, I’m used to this sort of treatment, so all I can really do is whine and hide my face in Amaryllis’ flowers. Once she goes into a doctor’s office looking room, the door closes behind her and she sits down in an affini sized seat.

“Hello there, Amaryllis and Enya. I’m Conifer Birch, Sixth Bloom, she/they. What brings you two in today?”

Some kind of pine tree looking lady affini says, as I turn to look at her. She looks like she’s a little shorter than my giant abductor, and wearing some kind of flower cloak or cape. I wait for Amaryllis to tell them, but she puts her data-pad back in my hands and whispers for me to introduce myself. Ugh. I type it out slowly, keeping my body pressed into Amaryllis’.

“I’m Enya, she/her.” I type and turn the data-pad around, the pine affini smiles at me after.

“It’s very nice to meet you, cutie.” She gently says before turning to Amaryllis who begins talking in some kind of language I’ve never heard before. It’s easy for me to zone out and stim on her flowers, gently running my thumb through the petals, but careful not to hurt them. After the two talk for a long time, the ‘vet’ looks back at me and says my name.

“Enya, I’ll be updating your prescription for some Class - E xenodrugs that will help with your anxiety, keep your Class – G’s unless there’s something you’d like changed about them, and take you off the Class – C-F anti-bonding agent blend, since you look like you’re already packbonded with Amaryllis.“

She just said a lot of stuff that was confusing, so I nod slowly at the pine tree lady before going back to play with my affini’s flowers.

“I’ve also given Amaryllis some Class – H’s to help give you some hypnosis triggers that will help you cope with your adhd, since she said you didn’t want to change anything about yourself. And, some anti-carcinogens, plus something to help filter microplastics out of you. ”

THAT gets my attention, my body begins to squirm in Amaryllis’ grip, but she strokes over my back and keeps me pinned to her body. Evil affini, wanting to brainwash me! Before I’m allowed to counter-plot against these villains, a pokey pine-vine gently pokes my lips and makes me let out a confused noise, only to get a sweet thing put in my mouth! Before I can spit it out, I realize it’s really good. I haven’t had candy in a long time.


When I wrote this chapter I was really sad about rain

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