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Affini Fan Server For Extraordinary Florets #4270

by Doeposting

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #Human_Domestication_Guide #petplay #scifi #transgender_characters #anxiety #D/s #dom:internalized_imperialism #exhibitionism #forced_fem #humiliation #messageboard #petting #pov:bottom #second_person #sub:capitalism #sub:female #sub:reader #wholesome

"Affini Fan Server For Extraordinary Florets #4270" is a satirical, exploratory piece with a hint of realism alongside the whimsy. Petal_To_The_Metal and Curiodroid are exposed to the wonderful world of Affini-controlled IRC. 

Cw for simulated anxiety attack.
“Petal_To_The_Metal” has joined the server.

Petal_To_The_Metal: WHATS UP BITCHES

Pawbtacular: *waves*

XenoSaucy: Oh, hello there. :)

Petal_To_The_Metal: Buncha floret NERDLINGS in this server I see

YellowLove147: (^w^)/)

YellowLove147: welcome to the Local Hydros Cluster Affini Fan Club >w<

Petal_To_The_Metal: me and the mistress just moved in

Petal_To_The_Metal: the habs here rule

Petal_To_The_Metal: everything is purple

XenoSaucy: Well, purple is the best color. 

XenoSaucy: I may be a little biased, since my very lovely Meadrow, Esteemed Eight Bloom, is in charge of ecology here.

Pawbtacular: *barks in approval*

Petal_To_The_Metal: puppy!

YellowLove147: Ya!! Normally we have more in chat but everyone’s still waking up. We’re the early morning crew >u>

XenoSaucy: you know how it is. Where are you coming in from?

Petal_To_The_Metal: Derelict rebel ship. The Xanadu. got captured just a week ago

Pawbtacular: *low whine*

XenoSaucy: Goodness!

YellowLove147: I’m sorry to hear that!! Oh my gosh

Petal_To_The_Metal: it’s all good. Mistress Dinah broke me out of a tough spot. She was a real hero

YellowLove147: I’m so glad to hear that

XenoSaucy: Indeed. We’re very glad that you’re here.

Pawbtacular: *agreeable bark*

Petal_To_The_Metal: Yeah, for sure. Me too

YellowLove147: I didn’t even think that rebel ships were still a thing. Didn’t the war end, like, ten years ago?

Petal_To_The_Metal: So like

Petal_To_The_Metal: it’s a long story

Petal_To_The_Metal: the commander was a real brain wiz

YellowLove147: Some xenodruggies will fix that right up good and proper ^w^

Petal_To_The_Metal: Oh, I’m sure they will

Petal_To_The_Metal: have you bitches heard of time dilation?

Pawbtacular: *affirmative arf*

Petal_To_The_Metal: Yeah. So the cap was like

Petal_To_The_Metal: “I’m gonna totally gonna put us as close to light speed as possible”

Petal_To_The_Metal: “they can’t catch us if we end up in another timestream”

Petal_To_The_Metal: Anyway long story short we were only really on the run for a year

XenoSaucy: Still… I’m shocked that it took the Compact that long to catch up

Petal_To_The_Metal: Mistress Dinah told me they didn’t want to decelerate the ship too quickly or something

Pawbtacular: *Pawbs nods, as a puppy with first hand experience with Terran ship engines. They are a dangerous quantity. Pawbs is sure the Affini did not wish any harm to come your way, and had several countermeasures at their disposal.*

Pawbtacular: *arf arf arf*

YellowLove147: hehehe

YellowLove147: *pets teh smart doggie*

Pawbtacular: >///////<

XenoSaucy: Well… we are pleased that you’ve made it to our humble little club.

Petal_To_The_Metal: thank you thank you!

Petal_To_The_Metal: I actually got, uh

Petal_To_The_Metal: I got a request, if y’all don’t mind

YellowLove147: We’re all ears ‘w’

Pawbtacular: *cocks head with a quizzical arf*

XenoSaucy: What the issue, dear?

Petal_To_The_Metal: Soooooo I have an old friend

Petal_To_The_Metal: A comrade, if you will

Petal_To_The_Metal: he’s still trying to figure out this whole floret thing

Petal_To_The_Metal: so im gonna let him into the chat and help him figure some stuff out

XenoSaucy: We would be delighted to assist him with acclimating to all things Affini, if he is receptive.

YellowLove147: Yeah! Morning crew’s got you covered

Pawbtacular: *RUFF*

Petal_To_The_Metal: Perf. Alright here he comes

“Curiodroid” has joined the server.

Pawbtacular: *doggy wave*

XenoSaucy: Welcome, Curiodroid. :)

YellowLove147: (^w^)/)

Curiodroid: Uh

Curiodroid: hey

Petal_To_The_Metal: hey buddy

Petal_To_The_Metal: It’s me

Petal_To_The_Metal: Tea

Curiodroid: Oh, hey!

Curiodroid: So…. you’re all florets, aren’t you.

YellowLove147: *nod*

Pawbtacular: *doggy nod*

XenoSaucy: Yes. We are. How may we assist you?

Curiodroid: I’m really nervous about all of this. 

XenoSaucy: Oh… you poor thing.

Curiodroid: I know the drugs they used on me are making me feel less woozy I just

YellowLove147: hey, it’s gonna be okay

Curiodroid: I’m so sorry I shouldn’t be here right now

YellowLove147: No it’s okay! No you’re exactly where you should be

Curiodroid: I’m sorry I’m sorry itsj ust

Curiodroid: i feel this gross feeling in my stomach when i think about everything

Curiodroid: im calm but it’s this gnawing dread

Curiodroid: am i about to be eaten

Curiodroid: please, I need someone to tell me I’m going t obe okay

XenoSaucy: Oh. Honey. 

XenoSaucy: You’re going to be just fine.

XenoSaucy: If I had to guess, a mix of Class A’s and Class E’s are currently coursing through you. It’s a potent cocktail… but there shouldn’t be any adverse reactions, unless you were taking any anxiety medications beforehand. 

Curiodroid: oh

Curiodroid: oh this makes a lot of sense all of a sudden

Curiodroid: oh stars

XenoSaucy: you've been through a lot. Why don't you slow it down a little.

Pawbtacular: *offers flank as pillow* 

Curiodroid: okay 

Curiodroid: okay 

Curiodroid: alright I think I am feeling better now

Curiodroid: thank you Pawbs 

Petal_to_the_Metal: Curio is living with the Free Terran still being processed on planet. It's crowded here

YellowLove147: oh no! They must not have enough Affini to handle the poor Terrans

XenoSaucy: I see. So they're enlisting our help from us as well.

Curiodroid: Petal is right 

Curiodroid: everyone is a little scared

Curiodroid: so I wanted to ask some qs about being a floret

Curiodroid: so I can calm myself and my friends

YellowLove147: Hydros Cluster Affini Fan Club is here to help! ^w^

XenoSaucy: Tell us the rundown. Why ask us instead of Petal?

Curiodroid: well… to be honest…

Curiodroid: Petal is so obviously high on xenodrugs 

Petal_to_the_Metal: damn you called me out

Curiodroid: so of course she would have nice things to say about the Affini 

Petal_to_the_Metal: oh yeah I'm absolutely vibing rn

YellowLove147: yeah that makes sense :3

Curiodroid: what about you all? How long have you been florets? 

YellowLove147: oh! Yeah. 

XenoSaucy: I only recently chose to become my mistress's pet a year and a half ago. It was a voluntary decision.

YellowLove147: former rebel! Five years ago. >:3

Pawbtacular: *whines in a way to indicate that it is going on 9 years with it's mistress*

Curiodroid: haha 

Curiodroid: thank you for the answers

Petal_to_the_Metal: as you know I became a pet a week ago!!! 

Petal_to_the_Metal: also heads up Dinah wants me so I might be afkkkkkkkk

YellowLove147: *waves* have fuuuuuuuunnnnn /)

XenoSaucy: As you can see, you have a range of experiences for you to get answers from. 

Curiodroid: so what made you choose to be a floret, Xeno? 

XenoSaucy: me? 

Curiodroid: yeah. I mean, you were a free Terran, but you picked, right?

XenoSaucy: Simply put, it was a decision made out of love and respect. Mistress Meadrow and I had common cause, as my degree in colonial habitation meshed intellectually with her interest in terraforming the planet. :P

Curiodroid: oh wow

Curiodroid: what about you, Yellow

YellowLove147: oh I absolutely did it for the druggies

XenoSaucy: Yellow!

YellowLove147: what, we're not supposed to admit the truth?

YellowLove147: god I was such a fighter

YellowLove147: "mistress you'll never stop me I'm going to rebel and there's nothing you can do to stop me"

Curiodroid: wow

YellowLove147: and then I was stopped

YellowLove147: it was so hot

Curiodroid: wow

Pawbtacular: *slightly horny whine*

Curiodroid: you all are so

Curiodroid: so open

Curiodroid: about this stuff

XenoSaucy: well, some of us try to have more restraint, but yes. We try to be open about what and who we love.

Curiodroid: I just… I'm so confused

Curiodroid: are the Affini really that amazing?

Curiodroid: I heard rumors they can change your body

YellowLove147: absolutely!! I have honkin tiddies now ^u^

XenoSaucy: Yellow!

YellowLove147: they have class-Gs to help too if you need that kind of thing

XenoSaucy: the Affini want all sophonts to be comfortable in their skin and as their best selves. :)

Pawbtacular: *affirmative yelp*

Curiodroid: It just feels like… too good to true

XenoSaucy: Oh, honey.

Curiodroid: I know, i know

Curiodroid: I mean i can see it, you know

Curiodroid: even in this small shelter

Curiodroid: food, water… basic amenities covered for decades to come

XenoSaucy: Affini are notorious for taking good care of refugees. We don't like to leave people behind.

Curiodroid: so obviously we don't need to be pets but

Curiodroid: how did you know? When it was the right choice

Pawbtacular: *serene growl*

YellowLove147: well for me I didn't have a choice! But I learned to love it so much 

Curiodroid: the drugs really work that well huh

XenoSaucy: Yellow has made peace with their past. It's not just about mind-altering substances. 

Curiodroid: Petal seems to think otherwise

Petal_to_the_Metal: whqhht are y iouu talkkkihbg abouuuut ummm Soo isober rn like you wouedkdlntn vekivieifiv

YellowLove147: what a cutie! She's going to fit in so well x3

Curiodroid: so what about free will? What about being independent? We're sapient just like them. 

XenoSaucy: independence has always been a big sticking point for feralists. I get why. And ultimately the decision to become a pet is yours.

Curiodroid: i know. it all sounds so good but I'm worried if I try to be with 

Curiodroid: I mean what if things don't work out

Curiodroid: what if She picks me but theb doesn't like me and just tossesme the moment she finds another person

XenoSaucy: I see… :/

Curiodroid: what’s stopping Her

Curiodroid: whats stopping them from just treating us as disposable 

Pawbtacular: *Pawbs assures you that they will do no such thing.* 

Curiodroid: okay but 

Pawbtacular: *Pawbs explains that the Affini are very strict about documentation, and ownership becomes very permanent. It is a cherished, mutualistic connection between Affini and pet. Permanency (to certain ends) is also a core tenant within the Affini Compact, and enshrined in their basic codes of conduct. The very concept of disposability is something that the Affini abhor, and although feralists may cling to old decaying societies where scarcity was a real danger, this philosophy and mindset has absolutely little bearing on the kind of society the Affini have built.*

YellowLove147: O.o

YellowLove147: Pawbs, I had no idea how eloquent you were! OuO

Pawbtacular: *bark*

XenoSaucy: Pawbs tells it how it is. Some Affini may vary; they’re sophonts, like us. But if you have your heart set on a mistress, I think you should move forward with full confidence. The Compact will ensure that you will be cared for, for as long as feels good for you.

Curiodroid: wh

Curiodroid: I’m not 

Curiodroid: i never said I had my eyes on anyone

XenoSaucy: Oh sweety. Bless your heart.

Pawbtacular: *giggly gruff*

YellowLove147: even I can tell you’re head over heels, silly X3

XenoSaucy: In all seriousness, no matter what (or who) you end up pursuing, whether it be free individuality or the arms of a mistress, know that we support you no matter what. You can always come back to the Affini fan club and chat with us… or even PM us. 

Curiodroid: that means a lot to me

Curiodroid: thank you

XenoSaucy: Pay it no mind. You’re in company with friends. :)

Curiodroid: Okay they’re bringing new transports to the shelter

Curiodroid: oh gosh She’s here

Pawbtacular: *supportive bark*

YellowLove147: SHOOT YOUR SHOT >.<

Curiodroid: I think

XenoSaucy: You’ve spent enough time chatting with us. You’ve got someone else to talk to. ;)

Curiodroid: yeah 

Curiodroid: okay i think im gonna go

XenoSaucy: take care, sweetheart.

Curiodroid: see yall! Maybe i’ll meet you in person one day

YellowLove147: put in a request with your mistress and you might!!!

Pawbtacular: *barks salutations and farewells*

Curiodroid: okay bye

“Curiodroid” has left the server.

XenoSaucy: Another day, another sophont helped. This fan club is really important to me. :)

YellowLove147: me too

“BomberBug” has joined the server.

Bomberbug: YOOOOOOOO

YellowLove147: YOOOOOOOOOO

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

YellowLove147: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

YellowLove147: -buzzchamp.aff-

XenoSaucy: Oh, not this again.

Pawbtacular: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

YellowLove147: -buzzchamp.aff-

YellowLove147: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

XenoSaucy: Ugh. I need a break anyway. I’ll be back.

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

YellowLove147: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

YellowLove147: -buzzchamp.aff-

Pawbtacular: -pawchamp.aff-

Bomberbug: -buzzchamp.aff-

“XenoSaucy” has left the server.

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