A Little Self Sabotage

Part 6: No Way Back / Finale

by Doeposting

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #forced_fem #Human_Domestication_Guide #humiliation #petplay #scifi #aftercare #body_horror #dom:female #sex #sub:female #sub:male #transformation #transgender_characters

Cw: Sammi breaks in this scene. Mind alteration; humiliation. Dubcon submission. Transformation… and then just sex.
Here comes the finale. Is everyone ready? I sure am ;)
Sam felt Daffodila’s voice tickle the back of his head.

He refused to turn to face away from his objective, summoned all of his willpower to keep making his way to the console. 

Don’t engage. Don’t look back. She’s not there. She's not there.

[“It is simply adorable how tenacious you are. Pushing through even after your own allies betrayed you, after you had a chance to surrender. You must think yourself a very, very brave girl.”]

Don’t respond, Sam. Don’t do it. She’s just in your head. She’s trying to distract you.

Sam continued to move until he was mere paces away from the console. Each step felt laborious, as if rebelling against his basic instincts. He shivered even as he pulled up the captain’s override commands and began to type in his authentication.

[“How do they say it in terran-speak? You work like a horse… for a cause that’s doomed to fail.”]

Sam submitted himself to the scan; there was a brief moment where he swore he could feel the tendrils of Daffodila brushing up against his shoulders, even as lasers measured his profile. He tensed himself up, clamped down on his throat. 

She will manipulate you. She will crush you. Finish the job. 

[“You are simply put, the most darling terran I have ever met. I sincerely respect the lengths that you would go to deny yourself, deny me.”]

Sam let a retort slip through clenched teeth. “I’m not. Denying. Anything.”

The console finished the scan, and began processing. 

[“You seem so frightened, so hesitant to acknowledge me. I wonder…”]

Remembering the last time Sam made eye contact with the Affini sent shivers down his spine. He couldn’t. It was too risky. He wouldn’t turn. He wouldn’t break.

[“Allow me to ask you this, Sammi: Why do you really want to put all of the resistance's data into your soft, fallible terran hands?”]

A realization flashed through Sam’s eyes. He felt the pit in his gut widen. It couldn't be.

No. NO.

“Oh, yes. But it’s far too late now.”

Sam’s body tensed up. He watched the small, fist-sized black box rise up from the console, the tempting self-incinerate button just on its side. Suddenly it was too far away. Far too far away. He strained, reached, mentally pleaded to his body to snatch it off of its pedestal.


With one fluid motion, the black box was in his hands.



Sam stopped.


Sam felt his body turn.

Seeing Daffodila nearly made his knees buckle. 

The Affini stood at the doorway, vines raised to look even larger than normal, bringing her size to bear. This time, Sam knew that this was real. No longer a dream. Not a vision. The slender, graceful vines that constituted the shape of that nine foot tall deity took precedence over any other sight in the room. Her beautiful gold striations shimmered as she strode towards him with even steps. As he watched her approach, stunned, his eyes were drawn directly into those hypnotic orange Affini eyes.

Sam's will crumbled. 

He felt himself enter a trance, a foggy feeling enveloping his mind and making his arms and legs feel so distant, a pliable mental place where none of his thoughts mattered.

“Walk towards me.”

He obliged, stepping closer and closer. Wait, but why? He tried telling his body to please stop; why was he listening to Her? Why couldn’t he stop-

“Take off your mask.”

Ripping the mask from his face, the scent of airborne xenodrugs flooded into Sam’s nose; it didn’t matter. He could tell that whatever was coursing through his veins right now was stronger than anything present in the environment. It was controlling him! He was being controlled!

“No. No stop,” he pleaded.

Daffodila’s mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth that attracted Sam’s eyes. He couldn’t look away from Her lips.

“Give me the box.”

“N-no… no p-please s-stop…” Sam begged, but even as he did, his arms moved to hand the box over. His body was flushing, straining, imploding. There wasn’t much fight left in him but he had to try! –

A bundle of vines slithered, out of view, snatching the box from Sam’s hands before he could even struggle for it. 

“Nnnnn!” He let out a helpless whimper. 

Daffodila let out a soft chuckle, the vibrations through the air tickling Sam’s skin. 

“Good girl!”

He- no, she felt a wave of ecstasy cascade over her and suddenly she was drowning in it. She felt her resistance fail her. Every wall, every facade dropped away as her final hope for the rebels trailed out of sight, leaving her at the mercy of the menacing, alluring alien in front of her.

Her knees gave way, only for the Affini to scoop the captain into Her arms. The way those vines caressed Sam’s torso was a natural fit; the roughness stimulated her skin like twine rope, tightening, grappling and refusing to let go. Sam’s struggles transformed into sensual writhing as each twist left little shocks, little aches that caused her breath to go hot.

Daffodila’s knowing eyes pierced through the terran. “Sammi, would you like to know something about your last twenty four hours?”

Sammi felt her tongue slowly stick out of her mouth – it was impossible to resist her own instincts. A low, unrestrained moan escaped her lips. She couldn’t help herself. The sound of her own voice, pitiful and weak, drenching her in that honeyed bliss, made every part of her scream in horror- in joy.

Daffodila could only let out an amused laugh. 

“You were our star subject, Sammi. Every affini had their optical sensors glued to the interactions we shared. We all watched you as your inner desires blossomed and the Class-Gs flowed through your entire body from head to toe. Even when your feeble terran brain tried so hard to pretend like you were fighting, you succumbed to us. Even when your fellow humans turned on you, you tried, so hard."

There was nothing but pure terror, nothing but raw euphoria racing through Sam as she bathed in the implications of this. They watched her! They all watched her and her changes and loved it and loved her! Her and her silly little resistance and her silly little act of being a captain and her silly male angst. 

She was mortified.

She loved it.

"Your cute, little floret body proves what you really believed."

A vine reached to test one of Sammi's nipples, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her. When had they gotten so sensitive? It didn’t matter. She was losing herself, her body was betraying her– she was betraying herself! 

The affini pulled Sammi towards Her until Her face loomed over the terran’s.

"I can see it in your eyes. You can't even think of yourself as a boy anymore."

"No! I'm a b-boy," Sammi fibbed blatantly, managing to break eye contact with Daffodila. 

The Affini responded by tightening Her grip, forcing Sammi’s head to turn back to face Her.


Sammi screamed. "No! Sammi would never lie-"

Her eyes went unfocused as she caught herself saying her name. 

"No… my name is Sammi… Sammi… no!"

Sammi’s eyes fully glazed over now… she couldn’t help but shake with delight. How lovely and sweet that name was! Sammi could hardly believe she was named anything else. 

Daffodila's eyes shone with glee.

“You did this to yourself.”

“N-no! No no no no-” Sam mumbled more and more incoherently.

“You liked pretending to resist so much didn’t you.”

Sammi let out another loud moan. She bit down on her tongue to not respond enthusiastically with a yes.

"Every order I gave, you followed down to the last letter."

“M-mistress please-!”

A wave of pleasure crushed even Sammi’s performative rebellion as That Dreaded Word slipped from her lips. What was she saying?! 

She stammered, trying and failing to backpedal. “I! I! d-didn’t mean t-to s-say that! I… s-sstop stop- I’m a rebel, Mistress! I c-can’t- no! Stop! Mis-... m-m-mistress…”

Her mind seared as blissful shame ran through her. She collapsed further. Her little resistance, her credentials, her independence. How could she give in?? What was she doing? The Affini- they were too powerful, too strong, it was the only possible explanation.

Daffodila held Sammi firm.

"I'll bet you think there are xenodrugs going through you right now. I'll bet that's what you want to believe, that you're being manipulated. That the feelings you’re experiencing are alien."

The Affini studied Sammi's frenzied face.

"The truth is that it's just you. Just you, your silly Terran desires leading you to follow my every command, just now."

Sammi squealed. It wasn't true, it couldn't be true... but Daffodila- mistress- the Affini couldn't be lying anymore. She had no reason to!

“When we first met, you thought I was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen.”

Sammi gave in.


“You’ve always wanted to be a soft, sweet girl for a big strong Affini like myself.”

Sammi breathlessly replied, everything on autopilot as she squirmed against the vines excitedly. “Yes.. yes… stars…”

“From the moment that you first saw me, you desperately wanted me to scoop you into my vines, look down upon you, and call you a good girl.”

A single phrase dominated Sammi’s mind, and she let it escape her lips.

“Yes mistress- Yes mistress! Y-yes mistress!”

“That’s a good pet.” 

A floodgate was lifted, and every need she had ever repressed rebounded in full force. 

Sammi wanted this. 

Sammi loved her beautiful, adorable body. 

She needed to be a pet. She needed her mistress to domesticate her, to beat the rebellion out of her. She didn’t care anymore – a feeling of desperation was racing through her. 

Sammi felt the vines entangling her release, dropping her body onto the helm’s cold floor and forcing a gasp of air out of her. Not being tied up by Daffodila was driving her mad with desire. Craven whimpers and squeaks came out with each breath. The captain wasted no time getting on her knees for the Affini – for her Mistress.

“Please-  Mistress! Mistress! Mistress!” 

The Affini shifted her weight, still towering over the terran; her presence alone was almost enough to break Sammi's mind entirely. “What is it, Resistance Captain Samuel Dirkost?”

She couldn’t focus her vision. She couldn’t even think. Cross eyed, words tumbled out of her silly little head.

“I’m not a captain I'm not a captain I’m your pet I want to be your pet make me yours make me yours mistress please I don't want to be a rebel I'm a pet I want to be a good pet mistress please!-”

Daffodila flashed a smile that sent Sammi reeling. Unable to put together words anymore, she babbled incoherently in the Affini’s direction. She was gorgeous and handsome and perfect and Sammi would give anything - she could give everything to Daffodila if only She asked!

The Affini seemed to accept Sammi’s blabbing, and hummed to Herself.

“Allow me to assign you a name.”

Sammi’s heart wanted to stop. 



“Samira Cyprus, First Floret…”

The name sunk deep deep deep into Samira’s brain until she couldn’t remember what had come before.

“Will you take me, Daffodila Cyprus, Third Bloom, as your beloved owner, now and forevermore?”

Samira responded as though everything she had ever said before in her life was a lie.


She felt a series of vines secure her chin, then lift Samira's head up until she was level to her Mistress, until she could gaze upon her Owner with full attention.

“Then drink, little one.”

samira’s eyes widened. A phallic shaped appendage was making its way towards her mouth, and she felt vines yanking her jaw open and insert and– now there was a musk almost like olive oil and her tongue wagged and ecstasy and now the vines were securing her wrists! With each thrust, each jiggle, samira felt her jaw loosen more and more, giving into that pleasure until she was actively suckling, mewling, begging. It thrusted itself deep down her throat, dripping with succor for samira's oral fixation.

That olive taste must have been some ambrosia because now samira was experiencing a burning, intoxicating ache in her loins. She felt the phallus exit her mouth, and she gasped for breath.

The affini brought a finger to tousle the pet's messy hair. “You’ve changed your body this far, dear Samira. I have identified your desires, and have administered to you something that will allow you to… indulge that desire.”

A series of vines tore the pet out of her ill-fitting jumpsuit, revealing her naked body. she watched as the implant in her chest pulsated one more time… something below her groin was shifting, and bringing so much ache, so much pleasure. She felt vines wrap around her cock, teasing, rubbing… even more reached to caress her now uncovered breasts, unleashing a mindmelting barrage of physical stimulation.

"Stars!-" She moaned loudly as she felt herself letting go.

Her manhood gave one last spurt, leaving dribbles across the floor. But the pleasure only ramped further, and the vines teasing her groin began to take on a more aggressive role… pushing… probing... pressing… pressing in… pressing in...

The ache escalated… suddenly samira felt a vine slipping into her body.



“Yes, little one. You now have every part of you that you ever wanted. Would you like me to test it for you?”

A resounding “YES MISTRESS” left her maw.

Nothing samira could conjure up in her head could describe this new feeling of empty need as samira’s legs were gently teased apart to make way for that plant phallus to plunder her depths. There was no remorse in her Mistress’s actions. A second later, she felt herself being entered, being filled. It was indescribable; she had never never never felt so euphoric as her new *cunt* spasmed, wetted itself to lubricate the set of vines fucking her. She was being fucked.

She screamed in joy, screamed Daffodila’s name, screamed mercy.


Just being thrusted into was enough, but the chemicals that tipped her Mistress’s shaft were filling samira with… what felt like the taste of honey dripping through her nerve endings; lightning and ache and pleasure and even pain that felt so good it all felt so good–

–she could feel her legs twitching, her lust unabating, her mind straining, everything, EVERYTHING was dedicated to absolute pleasure. There was no rebelling against this obliterating sweetness that was beginning to envelop every facet, no resistance that could blunt the sensation of her insides getting stretched out.

"To think a captain of the Resistance would fold so quickly," Daffi mused nonchalantly, "it really does make one think. Humanity was born to be domesticated, don't you agree?"

samira nodded as a particularly strong thrust sent her vision reeling again. The taste, the taste! She could taste orgasm on the horizon, she could hear the way her body was tensing up, the way she was ready to offer everything, give everything to her Mistress. 

“Oh stars I’m so close i’m so close my mistress i’m so close i’m so close…”

Daffodila’s vines shuddered, locking Her pet into a position where She could gaze down upon her. 

All samira could see, all samira could understand was her Mistress’s face watching from above, the word hanging from Her lips.

"PLEASE," samira begged, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!"

Her Mistress grinned.



emptiness entered samira’s mind

yes Mistress

fullness, love in the form of fullness in the form of cumming in the form of absolute love absolute bliss

yes Mistress

entering a spiral of bliss a spiral of honey taste and honey feel and honey love

her Mistress was liquid gold and she was a little thing lapping at the waves the edges the everything, going under under under down down down 

golden waves and the stars watching from above, every star's eye trained upon the little thing the little pet she was she was she was




Yes Mistress!

samira’s lust began to ebb as the effects of some antidote finally took hold. her heart still held as firm as it always had – with her Mistress, but at least she could stand instead of being inundated with pleasure.

“Come with me, my floret. Your little self sabotage has come to an end. My scout ship awaits. It seems as though we’ll need some alone time before the official paperwork is submitted…”

Explosions rocked the ship, and samira found herself cradled in her Mistress's arms as they strode down the hallways of the Oklahoma one last time. She let her head hang, let a wild off-kilter perspective be her last memory of this prison of a ship. All of her efforts… all of her struggles meant nothing. Her Mistress was the world. She gazed upon her Owner and all she could feel was joy.

samira let out a tiny whimper. “My Mistress…”

Daffodila looked down at Her little pet, and bared Her sharp, candid smile.

Your Mistress.”
Wow! What a wild ride it's been. I'm so thankful for my readership, and I certainly hope it's been as fun to read as it has been to write.
That's all folks!...
...Perhaps I've just one more chapter to share, but only if you're a sucker for cute and sweet endings. >:3c

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