Breaking Sam

In Your Room (Unfinished)

by Darkling

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #corruption #covert_brainwashing #covert_conditioning #covert_hypnosis #degradation #emotional_manipulation #fantasy #forced_masturbation #masturbation #mind_control #sadomasochism #scifi

I am only halfway done with this chapter, but thought I should share anyway.

As the drawn curtains allowed slivers of sunlight to seep in, Sam began to stir from her slumber, slowly reclaiming a semblance of wakefulness. A strange comfort enveloped her, her body sinking into the plushness of the mattress. Ginger strands of her hair, once tightly bound in a high ponytail, now sprawled untamed across the pillow. Wiping away a trail of drool, she groggily took stock of her surroundings.
Something was off.
Her clothes had been replaced by a white lingerie dress that clung to her like a second skin, its silk caressing her flesh. No bra restrained her ample breasts, allowing the fabric to tease and tantalize with every subtle movement. Her underwear, no longer damp, matched the allure of the nightgown, their sleekness inviting further exploration.
A scent both fresh and intoxicating permeated the sheets, beckoning her to surrender in a dazed, complacent comfort. Sam couldn't recall the last time she had felt so serene and at ease. A wry smile curved her lips as she thought of Lord Theron, recognizing this as his domain. She had entered his realm, willingly or not.
Taking in the room, her eyes were drawn to the imposing ebony bed frame, adorned with intricate carvings depicting mythological creatures engaged in hedonistic pursuits. Centaurs and satyrs, luring unsuspecting maidens with promises of pleasure and libations. Beautifully twisted, the bed frame stood as a singular masterpiece.
Above, the ceiling soared to impressive heights, hosting a crystal chandelier that twinkled as it caught the light. The walls, painted a seductive shade of red, bore elaborate black patterns resembling tangled vines. In one corner stood a desk, while in the opposite, simultaneously captivating and unnerving, a statue emerged from the shadows. Imposing white marble, depicting a woman, completely mesmerized, constricted and consumed by a giant snake. Absorbed by the sight of it, her mind conjured a haunting replay of her own demise, a raw cocktail of embarrassment and helplessness. 
Her vulnerability had been laid bare, a spectacle of weakness that she could not escape. The sting of humiliation seared deep within, the shame of her surrender etched upon her identity. In the darkness of her recollection, she was gripped by the relentless truth: she had willingly offered herself to the very forces she had sworn to oppose. The illusion of control had crumbled, revealing the gaping void where her self-assurance once resided. 
Agent Sam found herself a casualty of her own desires, and in her solemn contemplation of the fact, her cheeks flushed with a familiar warmth and her hand slipped down her panties once more. A tiny slither of reason inside her head screamed "no", but it was futile, and realising that only made her hotter. 
Her breath quickened, becoming shallow and rapid as her heart pounded in her chest. A euphoric heat coursed through her veins, intensifying the fervour of the moment. Overcome by lust, her hands worked their way faster, chasing the thrill of the peak. Her body convulsed with pleasure, and her eyes rolled back into her head, disappearing beneath her fluttering eyelids. 
In the dimly lit room, the presence of Lord Theron loomed like a sinister specter. His eyes, gleaming with a twisted delight, remained fixated upon Agent Sam's every move. A deeply unsettling amusement stretched across his face like a malevolent grin, as he revelled in the power he held over his new plaything, and the unravelling of her will. Each tremor and flicker fuelled his twisted pleasure. A sadistic satisfaction burned brightly within his gaze like a wicked ember. 
He approached, his footsteps silent against the backdrop of her delirium. Her eyes, heavy with pleasure, fluttered shut, willingly succumbing to the relentless waves of sensation that swallowed her whole. In that hazy realm between consciousness and surrender, she was vaguely aware of his presence lingering.
With a calculated tenderness, he leaned in, his voice a mere breath against her ear. His words dripped with encouragement, weaving a seductive tapestry of praise. They caressed her mind, coaxing her deeper into the pursuit of pleasure, validating her acceptance of the inevitable, as each syllable urged her to embrace her desires without remorse. 
She lay there, a dishevelled mess of limbs and tangled emotions, a survivor of her own ecstasy. She had stared into the abyss of desire and found something beautiful, something dangerous.
The rest was a blur. 
Once she opened her eyes, her senses were assaulted by the oppressive darkness that cloaked the room. She had slept through the day, and it felt like time had slipped through her fingers, leaving her trapped in a perpetual state of lethargy, an unyielding fog that refused to dissipate.The flickering candlelight cast grotesque shadows on the walls, transforming the room into something sinister, a stage set for clandestine acts. Once a haven of comfort, it now radiated a menacing aura, as if every corner held secrets too disturbing to be unveiled.
With a sense of urgency and confusion, Agent Sam's eyes darted around the room, searching for any trace of Lord Theron's presence. She longed to find him, her heart's desire extending far beyond the mere search for answers amidst the unsettling revelations that had unfolded. No, her yearning went much deeper, rooted in an insatiable craving for his control, for the intoxicating dominance he wielded over her. It was a longing that consumed her, gnawing at her very core, a dark and twisted hunger that demanded to be fed, again and again. 
 In a brief, disorienting moment, she became briefly aware of a faint echo of reason residing somewhere in her mind, a timid voice beckoning her to regain her senses. She blinked a few times, as this a feeble cry, barely audible over the roaring chaos of her desires, carried an urgency that couldn't be ignored. She blinked again, a part of her fighting still against the hypnotic pull that had ensnared her, desperately hoping to break free from the grip of her captivation. But the voice of reason was drowned out by the seductive whispers of submission, its plea swallowed wholly by the overwhelming power of her yearning.
He was not there. And she missed him, terribly. Him, and all the terrible things she wished he would do to her.

More to come soon...


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