Breaking Sam


by Darkling

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #corruption #covert_brainwashing #covert_conditioning #covert_hypnosis #degradation #emotional_manipulation #fantasy #forced_masturbation #masturbation #mind_control #sadomasochism #scifi

This is agent Samantha Sparrow, I repeat, agent Samantha Sparrow, reporting one final time. We have lost. We did our best. If you can hear me, do not send for help. Do not approach, and do not try to save us. It is too late. Please save yourselves. Please, stay away. Tell my family I love them, and that I'm never coming back. It's been a pleasure to serve alongside you. Over.

A single teardrop swiftly brushed away, still burning on her cheek, as she compulsively gave her best smile for Lord Theron, who stared down into her eyes intently, having witnessed the whole scene. His presence was overwhelming and made her feel weak at her knees, which quickly gave way as she found herself kneeling before him, staring back in dazed awe.

"I didn't know you still had a mind to contact them. I thought you'd be completely gone by now. How touching, how noble, how heart-wrenching... You must have been a real hero. If only they could see you now", he chuckled.

It was almost as if his words could stir something in her, for no more than a split of a second, before her eyes glazed over once more, empty and complacent as they should have been.

"Oh what's this? You're not gonna fight anymore? I didn't think you were going to give in so easily after what you just did... Perhaps, I overestimated you. Perhaps, you are in fact weak and broken. Perhaps, I did this to you. Perhaps, it was always so."

His words resonated into her as if she were a hollow shell, an echo chamber hosting nothing but the sound of his voice.

"Perhaps you already knew you'd give in. Perhaps, you really wanted to give in, but were burdened by pooling shame and guilt. Well, you did a good job back there getting rid of it. You have warned your friends, and now there is nothing further hindering your complete surrender to me. In fact, notice how euphoric that sensation can be, as it envelopes every inch of your skin, crawls all the way up your spine, and shoots through the nervous system straight into your mind. Notice how it makes you smile even wider for me, as the coat of bliss sets in deeper in what little is left of you now."

He spoke and spoke with an amused, sinister smile, and all she could do was listen, completely enraptured in every word, feeling her body responding automatically in ways she wasn't aware of.

There was no thought left, no hesitation. She knew how he was right, how he had always been right. She was weak and broken, and needed him desperately to tell her exactly what to think, to fill her empty head with his will.

"Doesn't this feel so much better now?", asked Theron with the smug air of impending victory.

"Yes, my lord", she whispered dreamily.

Pleased at her response and visibly excited, he continued, "It's alright if you need to go completely blank now. I'll understand perfectly if this is too much for your broken mind to process. How I will take you, and use you, like a mindless object solely intended for my pleasure."

Upon hearing these words, her eyelids fluttered, as her face twitched once with discomfort and then settled into a placid smoothness. Her lips parted, and her jaw hang slack. He thought her even more beautiful than he had before, in her irrefutable surrender as her body slowly went limp, watching her slowly collapse on the floor by his feet.

With her body loose, everything felt completely out of her control and into his, and there was a part of her that relished that. A deep, denied, suppressed part she always sought to hide, even from herself, in the recesses of her unconscious, which was winning now. A part that was now stripped naked, and exposed, and magnified for the sheer amusement of a stranger, a despicable enemy violating her will.

She had never felt so helpless and humiliated in her entire life, or so hot, as desire and instinct overpowered all reason and restraint, leaving her flushed and panting on the floor, right next to his feet.

Looming over her as an amalgam of salvation and doom, he could sense her desperation as their eyes locked, while his stern gaze betrayed his ruthless hunger for her. Staring down at her splayed body, and bearing his teeth in a sly smile, he stated: "You are going to have to do better than that. Simply lying there, begging me to take you with your eyes. I am not convinced you want this enough. Not yet."

"P-please...", she muttered under her ragged breath, the word escaping her mouth before she could think to react.

"Please what?", he prodded for more.

"Please use me, my lord. Please, I need you so bad... Please, take me now."

A deep chuckle, followed by a series of condemning questions: "Are you really that pathetic, agent? Do you have no dignity, no pride? Even though you know, I did this to you, you'll happily spread your legs for me, won't you? You'll touch yourself before me, for no other reason than my entertainment, and bring yourself to a climax strong enough to shatter your entire existence, just because I said so. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, my lord...", she muttered, simultaneously aware of the implications and not. Overpowered by her own arousal, she felt her hand slide down her panties, while her fingers worked their way fast to offer relief to her plight.

In a brief and rare moment of clarity, followed by slight hesitation, she became aware of how she had no control over this hand that offered such delight, this foreign hand, guiding all her actions. That no matter how deeply she resented him for what he had done to her, she'd resent him even more had he stopped now.

All she could see was his face, and all she could hear were his words: "This is how it feels to be truly broken. This is how it feels to give in. This is how it feels to cum your brains out for me. Good girl."

And in that moment she needed not struggle more, to maintain awareness, to cling to her senses. She let go, as her mind fractured into a thousand pieces, all dissolving into thunderous waves of rippling pleasure washing throughout her entire body, hollowing everything out, until there was no one left, and she was gone.

"Who are you, agent?", he asked her softly.

With a faint voice that was barely audible she mustered, "a good girl, my lord..."

And then there was dark, dreamless, sweet and all-engulfing oblivion.


Chapter 1 is coming soon...

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