Pet & Parcel

1.1 - Prisoner of War

by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnosis #sub:female #body_modification #drug_play #multiple_partners #oblivious_conditioning #ownership_dynamics #petplay #scifi #trans_egg #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #mediated_reality

the first chapter of a story I wrote for anna//bool it also features the cubeship!
Despite the noncon warning this is on the lighter end of what I've written (like Wellness Check or Lost & Found but with less emphasis on trauma, and more on adorably missing the point)
CW for forced domestication(noncon), oblivious hypno(also noncon), paranoia, panic attacks

"Morning, starshine!" came a voice far too chipper—like, it was too early to be this lively! My mind reeled cause I didn't remember anyone aboard the Astral Tempest sounding that lovely and alien… Fuck.
My eyes fluttered open to find I was trapped! Imprisoned in some pod of petals and vines; held close and snug! Aaaah!!! I had been taken by the vile man-eating slavers! The vines in the pod restrained me as I attempted to wiggle with all my might.

I was too weak from living in microgravity to free myself. Also, I skipped out on the mandatory exercise. Too many crew members were there! And taking off my clothes in the men's changing room was awful and awkward and I realized I had such little presence that I could just not go and no one ever called me out on it.
The sound of a forced throat clear brought my attention back to the towering 12-foot tall alien. Like 3.5 meters for those from that side of the Accord. It was giant. Its eyes rippled with a blue hue. Plus it held a big clipboard. The horror from beyond the stars that was to unleash endless torment upon me… held a clipboard.
Like the true free terran I was, I raised my voice so tremendously loud that I might actually be heard for once. "Y-You'll never take me alive… weed." The insult was very necessary. Everyone called them weeds because weeds were bad plants and they were all plant aliens and I was about to be sent off to the mines. As a free terran and rebel I needed to hurt them in any way I could.
A rustling of leaves preceded the sinister creature mimicking a terran noise, a laugh. "Oh starshine, we've already done that. I'm just here to ask you a few little questions to clear up our records. Name? Pronouns?"
The creature of woven vines, radiant yellow petals, and a disturbing simulacra of a terran face carved into wood awaited a reply. My name. It wanted my name. Okay, I was going to the mines. They wouldn't ask a terran what their name was only to eat them… right?
Fuck, it was right. I-I was captured and doomed! Ah!!! Doomed to a life of hard labor and toil for some unfeeling system that would discard me when I ran out of use. There wouldn't even be the ability to try extra hard and make enough money to not suffer. No military to sign up for so I didn't starve on the streets. The Compact was beyond heinous. I-I needed to stay strong in the face of all that awfulness.
"Little starlight, you don't have to be sad. If you don't like your name I can put down a different one." The xeno waited. The kindly tones of the creature running against everything I knew about the vile things. The creatures that scourged planets of life to abduct and feed on terrans. The sinister conquerors that instilled a puppet government and turned human beings into slaves.
I refused to answer. Mostly because the words got stuck in my throat. After a moment, I steeled my resolve and I spat on the plant. H-How dare it think I'd cooperate with them! I could be tough and stuff.
The affini smiled as it wiped away the small speck of saliva with a leaf. "Oh so you're one of those terrans. Hmmm, let's see. If you don't give us a name and pronouns I'll be forced to name you myself. I even have a list of adorable terran names. I think I already used Belle so the next would be… Vivian. You do seem like a cute little she/her Vivian."
My cheeks flushed a little. I-I didn't look like a Vivian! I wasn't even a woman. The name was really cool and I'd love to have it, but I-I was a man! I was a rebel. This must have been part of its evil plot. Strip me of my masculinity to make me weak so I'll just work in the mines willingly. Well jokes on it, I wasn't even very masculine to begin with! At least not in personality.
Resuming my rebellious thoughts I searched around for anything that could free me and… I started gnawing on the restraining vines. If I didn't break out quick the rest of the crew might leave me behind when they escaped.
"Alright , Vivian it is! Hmmm, since you don't seem cooperative I'll just fill out the rest on my own." The giant then spoke to itself in muttered alien words as it scratched away on the clipboard. The creature said the last bit in a way I could actually understand. "Maybe some class-Gs… and don't worry, I'll make sure you have a little chew toy in your carrier."
My gnawing ceased as the membrane over the pod sealed shut. "H-Hey let me out of here you-you weed!" My vision became blurry, I smelled something purple, and none of my other rebellious words ever made it past my lips. My body felt heavy and my thoughts drifted off to sleep.

My arms squeezed a soft slowly vibrating object. Its scent was subdued but pleasant. My whole body laid upon the softest plush bed I'd ever had the pleasure of napping in. A cozy weighted blanket held me down making me feel extra snug. My thoughts were slow and groggy as I cuddled up tight.
It didn't help that everything felt so vibrantly soft. The intensity of the coziness I found myself trapped in almost overwhelmed me. How was I supposed to think when shifting under the blanket made my thoughts go fuzzy? Impossible. Thus I spent some extra time sleeping.
My true awakening came in the form of jolting upright. The panic of being late for my duties stung me to rapid awareness… Only for me to realize the affini captured us. It took a moment for my breathing to calm down. My arms constricted the object of softness so much it could strangle a person. My eyes peered at my pale thin arms… Okay maybe I couldn't strangle a person.
I took stock of my surroundings after the panic finally released me from its clutches. The small barred door to my cage stood across the small space. A recess off to the side showed a small pool of water under a clear membrane. A collection of colorful berries sat next to it similarly covered. The commode was over there.
Lastly, there was the plush bed of softness I was on. Not a terran bed, no. I sat in a cat bed sized for me… Gah!!! It wasn't enough to name me Vivian she/her, but the vile aliens had to try and crush my dignity further with a pet bed!? At least I could ignore the completely incorrect name and pronouns. Honestly, it goes to show how evil the affini were if they'd misgender me like that. Sure being called that didn't hurt me because I wasn't insecure about my gender, but intentionally misgendering anyone was vile and cruel!
There I was, the terran sitting alone in this prison cell awaiting whatever cruel fate the affini menace had in store for me. In my arms was this cute fox plushie. The object I had been hugging this whole time that smelled so subtly sweet and vibrated gently… was a fox plushie. I kinda liked it. My snap rifle would be infinitely more useful in my escape but the plushie helped. Yeah, I was going to take it with me.
My attempt to stand up was thwarted by the low ceiling of my prison. The space seemingly designed to strip me of my dignity and humanity further by making me either hunch over or crawl. Obviously crawling was the less back breaking solution, and my spine was still recovering from microgravity.
Clutching the fox close I began scooting my way over to the water because I needed it. I couldn't break out if I was dying of dehydration! The basin of water was covered but as I poked it the thing retracted enough I could sip… if I bent over and lapped it up like an animal… I was really really thirsty okay?!
My eyes drifted over to the colorful berries… a tap opened the membrane and I hesitantly tasted them. The intensity of the flavors overwhelmed my tongue that was adapted to navy rations. I spat it out into the commode.
So bad food, degrading means of drinking water, and a living space almost as cramped as my space aboard the Astral Tempest… The vile affini needed to be dealt with. I approached the cage door and looked out to see a bright flowery mural on the wall. All my attempts to pry the door open failed horribly.
Actually my attempts to open it were worse than useless, I caught the attention of a jailor. An affini tyrant with a cloak of red leaves and a hint of thorns behind its maw perfect for devouring human flesh. "Hello little-" The creature looked at something under my prison's door. "Vivian. Did you need something?"
Did I need something?!?! "Yes! I need to be freed, you-you vile weed."
The thing reached its vines through and patted me on the head. It happened fast enough I failed  to recoil away. For a moment, the touch felt wondrous and divine. I lost myself in the gesture. "Aww, such a good girl you are."
"Fucking weed, he's a man." came the familiar voice of private Hawkins. My lip quivered. He was right. I wasn't Vivian she/her, I was private Sullivan he/him. That knowledge was enough for me to pry free of the affini's grasp and kick its vines away.
The affini looked hurt at the gesture and it should be. The slaver should be upset. It could cry for all I cared. That it would demean me and misgender me. The giant cloaked in red leaves turned to where Hawkins' voice came from. "Well naughty little Belle, I think that's enough words from you for today. If you stay on good behavior you can have speaking privileges tomorrow."
A torrent of curses and shouting from my shipmate occurred causing me to squeeze the fox tight. I hated the yelling. The rage. I rocked back and forth a bit in my cell. It didn't have to be directed at me to feel like it was.
A moment later the curses turned to bleating noises. Wordless inhuman noises. The rage left me trembling, but the bleats sent a chill down my spine. The knowledge they could take a person's words away was shocking to say the least.
The red cloaked affini looked back up and through my cell door. "It's okay little one, it won't misgender you anymore." It and Belle, they did the misgendering thing with Hawkins too. I guess he also didn't give them a name and pronouns. Then again Hawkins was kind of… an awful person. His personal politics were unpleasant. Maybe he'd learn a thing or two about misgendering others before he met an actual trans person. He wasn't trans… probably, and I definitely wasn't. I was just a boring awful stick in the mud guy and not a cute girl.
I hid in the back of my cell while I processed… all of that. Right on the soft curled up pet bed. The sounds of angry bleating echoed out. After a while I actually felt less scared and more just… amused. Getting turned into a bleating mess certainly made him more pleasant.
The affini closed this shutter thing and soon after my cell was filled with light music. For so long all I heard was sailors shouting and the whistles, hums, and buzzing of a Cosmic Navy ship. It was a nice change of pace even if I much preferred silence, or as much silence as my tinnitus allowed.
Escaping was going to take a lot of cunning and ingenuity to get around the obvious physical and technological superiority of the vile plants. Unfortunately, thinking was hard in the warm soft bed with the light music playing. The sound felt familiar like I had heard it before. I hugged the vibrating plushie close. My thoughts kept getting distracted by sensory information. Everything was too vibrant and lively. My thoughts strayed a lot more than normal.
Enraptured by sensory information, I finally noticed… it. The large orange flower burrowed into my flesh dead center on my torso. It lay flat under the loose soft pajamas I woke up in. A deep sinking feeling in my gut coincided with the first notes of panic from my lips. My hand went to tug on the plant matter burrowed into my heart but grew weak as it approached.
Calm relaxing weakness flooded through my veins blossoming out from the flower. My muscles got too soft to do more than flop in the cushy little bed I was curled up in. I lay there. All I could manage was to remain in a cozy relaxed position. I napped. Without thoughts or movement I napped.

The only sound that filled my cell was the sound of my stomach rumbling. I didn't feel hungry. My stomach acclimated to the strict rationing needed on a rebel vessel. After a point I'd get a bit light headed but hunger and I parted ways a long while ago.
The weeds thought I'd eat random berries. Stars, those could have been poisoned or drugged! I really needed to think things through more or I was going to die before we escaped… Gah! I needed a plan! I'd spent too much time napping. Attempts to remove the flower all failed. I'd just go limp again.
Plan. I needed a plan. I set the huggable fox plushie down in front of me. We sat facing each other. "Hey little fox uh, I need ideas. On like- "I leaned down to whisper to the plush. "escaping." I then sat back up. "So yea, help?"
The bleating of a crewmate responded… I tuned it out in favor of the fox. Now what would the fox say? I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and had fox thoughts. First locate all possible physical exits. Probe the walls for any openings. Find exploits, overlooked stuff.
Contractors always cut corners, that's why I got assigned permanent maintenance duty. I didn't even have training on it! The captain just handed me over to the bare bones maintenance crew. I picked up on stuff over time. How to spot faulty screws. How to tell which bits of paneling were in need of replacing.
I patted the plushie on the head. It gave good advice. Rather I gave myself the advice because that was all stuff I knew… Anyway, the plushie was helpful.
I snooped around the confines. Checking under and behind everything. The dumb plants didn't even use screws or paneling. It was like this whole cell was grown as one solid thing. And a tough one too. Not that I had stuff to test against it other than my hand, a blanket, some berries, and the plushie. All of it was far too soft to damage or chip away at the cell.
So much of my time was spent just poking and prodding the walls. The bars of the cage were wooden but stronger than steel. There wasn’t even a proper hinge to wiggle the pin out of. Hinge pins coming loose was always a problem on our ship. The commode was grown into the floor so I couldn’t break into the plumbing and wiring gaps. Not that I wanted to dig into a ship’s plumbing again, but a good rebel tried everything!
Before I could go round two with communing with my plushie, it came back. The affini’s red cloak swayed dramatically. It did have style. The menacing flesh devouring creature peered in and took in the sight of me sitting in front of my plushie.
"Flower, you need to eat and drink to stay healthy." The thorns glinted as the creature spoke. It wanted to eat me. I knew it wanted to eat me. Aaaah! This cell was to let them fatten me up first! I was too skin and bones for the plants to eat so they wanted me to fatten up in a cage! I heard people used to do this with animals back before synthetic meat and meat substitutes.
My picky eating saved my life! I just needed to stay my normal lithe frail self and they wouldn't eat me. Stars, that's why no one else from the crew was in here! I mean private Hawkins was more muscular than I was, but extended microgravity time and rationing had worn on him too.
The affini cleared their throat. "Flower, if you don't eat I'll have to feed you myself. I know little rebels like you really don't like that, but I can't let you starve yourself."
"Y-You can't make me! You uh… weed?" I needed a new insult! If I kept using weed it'd lose its punch. I wracked my brain for another insult.
They gave me an unamused look. "Vivian, I could very easily force feed you. The only reason I'm not is because I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. Tell me why you aren't eating and I'll do my best to accommodate you. Otherwise, it won't be a fun experience for either of us."
I-It was going to force feed me?! Stars and fuck! My mind ran through every horrifying possibility of what could happen. I retched at the horrors my brain concocted. These plants were beyond cruel! That they would do all of that just to fatten me up to be eaten.
My arms scooped the fox back up and I fled to the back of the cell. My heart raced alongside my hastening breath. Anxiety and terror swirled around in my chest… right beneath the flower!
The affini's face twisted into a mockery of concern. The giant spoke several words in its xeno tongue. All of them entirely lost on me. "Little one, I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Your feelings are valid, and I'm here if you need to talk okay?" The creature's words didn't make any sense. 
My emotions drowned out my thoughts. I hugged the plushie close. The tighter I held it the more I felt it vibrate, the more I smelled its scent. It helped. Focusing on the fox took me from unthinking terror down to highly anxious. I breathed along to the foxes vibrations until I got a hold of myself.
The affini was still there. Trying to look like anything other than a horrifying monster. "When you can talk I'd love to hear what set this off so I can avoid it in the future, okay?"
I-It didn't like me cowering so far out of its reach. The monster was trying to sooth me with lies of concern. I saw through it. I knew it was just another enslaving man-eating affini. I-I'd make it regret trying to eat me!
Y-Yeah! Just remember the captain's words. We'll never give up because we carry the spirit of free terra. Something like that. Admittedly, I didn’t exactly pay attention to the big crew wide speeches. Still, I had the spirit of Terra!
I needed to take action. Do something. The fox was smart and cunning and had good ideas. I waited until I was calm to pull it away from my chest and face it. "W-What should I do?"
The affini issued a background 'aww' noise.
The fox responded with its great wisdom. I needed to play along with the affini. It needed to be lulled into a false sense of security. Once I got it making mistakes then I could do more! Yeah, if I ate a bit then maybe I could get strong enough to resist. With good enough pretend behavior I might even be let out and then I'd be able to escape properly. Such a smart fox. I gave it a head pat.
Right so uh, actually following through meant like, talking to the horrifying monster and pretending to be friendly. Like in a fake way, same as how strangers treated me way back when I had a nonmilitary/rebel life.
I took a big deep breath holding the fox close again. "Uhm, what did you say before?"
The affini faked a human smile. "I was asking what set off your little panic attack so I could avoid it in the future."
Right, what it said set me off. "You said force feed…"
"Did you hear my words after that?" the red leafed jailor asked. It was met with the shake of my head. "I asked if there was anything I could do to help you eat on your own. I could cook or compile anything you like. We can't have an adorable woman like you starving to death."
My cheeks reddened a bit. I'd never been called adorable before. Stars, the tone it used to call me an adorable woman just… Gah! It was a big evil vile plant! The creature just misgendered me. I shouldn't feel sorta, maybe happy about it.
Words. I needed to focus on what it said. "Anything?"
Fuck, there was a lot of food I missed. Obviously I couldn't ask for any of that since I doubted a plant knew how to fry chicken substitute. That stuff that tasted like everything. "Can you get me some rations like from aboard our ship? Unopened!"
The creature’s carefully terran mimicking face froze while it processed my request…or rather my demand! I was making demands now. That's what a good rebel prisoner would do.
"I'll go get you some, but before I do can I ask why?"

I felt like I shouldn't answer. Giving away too much information to the enemy was dangerous. I glanced at the fox. Fox thought I should play along so… "I-I'm used to the taste, and I know you won't have poisoned it if it's sealed and from the ship."
The creature lit up as if everything suddenly made sense and left. I didn't give away too much information did I? My hands moved the fox to shake its head. The fox assured me I said the right thing.
I was left alone. Alone with the fox. Alone in this short prison cell of plant matter that was clearly too well made. I did another sweep just in case I missed something. Lo and behold I did miss an object, a small soft plant ring. I stared at it. It was kinda small. I poked, prodded, and pulled the thing. It had a nice texture.
Without much else to do I fiddled with the object. Fox stayed with me. I mean I know I was just using it to think more clearly but it felt like a little friend. If anything happened to it I’d probably cry. Yeah, I admittedly didn’t really have much in the way of friends. So few that I could apparently bond with a plushie really easily. 
The terror in red returned to find me still fidgiting with the object. "Oh, I see you found the chew toy." 
I paused. "Chew… toy?" I stared at it. Right, the vile creature from the pod mentioned a chew toy. Now the monster got thoughts of chewing on it stuck in my head.
"Indeed. Now I have those rations you asked for. Nice and sealed. I also brought you these berries that should be more mild and palatable. The rations are absurdly poor nutrition wise, so these will make up for the difference." The jailor’s vines slipped the rations through the bars. Then it scooped out the old berries and replaced them with the new ones. The foolish thing thought I'd eat the drugged plant food. "They aren't poisoned. I am very interested in keeping you alive and healthy, poisoning your food would undermine that."
Okay, I saw the point it was making, but it could be lying. Obviously, it wanted to lull me into a false sense of security and then poison me. It'd underestimate me at its own peril.
"Vivian, please make sure you eat. If you can't take care of yourself I'll be forced to handle your care for you." There were the xeno's threats. That felt like normal jailor-prisoner interaction. The affini turned away with a cloak billowing flourish and left me to my new food. 
I spent entirely too long inspecting the rations for tampering. Any tiny holes it could have injected stuff into. Any marks for resealing. It gave me ten of them so I'd have to use them sparingly. I didn't know when the creature would give me these again. I consumed one and left the others in a neat pile for later. The familiar bland goop slid down my throat.
That left me with the ration bag. We were forced to recycle them on the ship but I didn't have that option. Hmmm. I peeked at the cage door. Tossing it outside and forcing the affini to pick it up would be rebellious.
I balled up the bag and ejected it out of my cage. A mess created to torment my jailor.
With that act of resistance completed I looked back to that chew toy. Chewing on it would be demeaning, but also oral stimming…
Gah!! I definitely caved and gnawed on the thing for like an entire hour. How could I not when the toy begged me to chew on it with its perfect level of soft/firmness? My autisitc brain couldn’t not stim. At least the bleating stopped. The loud noises were a no. 
My eyes caught the sight of the affini looking into my cage. I quickly removed the chew toy from my mouth and hid it. My cheeks flushed. I-I hadn't noticed them watching!
"You are too cute~" It made my face go redder. "It's medication and hygiene time little one." Medication?! I wasn't on medications. I was a perfectly healthy terran adult!
The creature didn't wait for my rebuttal and insult. The cage door opened and vines rapidly coiled around me and pulled me out. The plushie came with me. I wiggled and struggled to no avail. Unyielding warm vines defied my attempts to move them. The affini tyrant left me entirely helpless and at its mercy.
Looking around I spotted my crewmate in his cell. There weren't any other cages in the walls. It was like they were slots for removable containers. At the far end of the room was a desk with paperwork strewn about. Plus a few oversized doors. 
We entered another room despite my protests. A warm golden light bathed the otherwise colorful doctors office. I was set down and held against a soft patient bed. The vines held my fox close.
The affini grabbed a few vials and protruded a needle from one of its flowers. My desperate cries turned to pleas and eventually whimpering. "Shhhh, it's okay, flower. This won't hurt a bit… would it help if I explained what they did?"
The things my mind assumed were outlandish and making me panic. I let out a small. "M-Maybe."
The affini tapped the needle loaded with something horrific. "If you are familiar with the terran concept of HRT this is similar. It'll help you look and feel like the beautiful woman we know you are."
That was… a lot different than the horrible torture truth serum I thought it'd be. Like I'd love to look like a woman, but also HRT causes dysphoria in cisgender folk like me. I did a lot of research on the topic… so I could be a good ally. "B-But I'm not a woman!"
The affini paused, raising a lone eyebrow on its wooden face. "I could have sworn you were a very good girl, and a beautiful woman." The words had my eyes looking away from the creature. My face became the same color as the affini's cloak. "If the documentation on your intake papers is wrong then I'd very much like to know little Vivian. Otherwise, these medications will have you looking like an adorable woman before you know it."
Gah! I was being tempted! This vile creature tempted me with sweet nothings. It was probably lying. Yeah! That was probably some drug to make me suffer or something. Like a bunch of xenos would just have a fancy alien HRT that works on humans lying around. A completely farcical concept.
I refused to dignify the affini with an answer. The affini smirked and injected the center of my torso flower. The trickle of alien torture juice snaked its way through the implant’s vines and into my veins. Any minute I’d start screaming in agony or spilling classified military secrets that I totally knew…
Nothing happened. I got injected with something, and other than a slight warm tingle nothing happened. It'd probably kick in soon.
The affini got another vial. "This is a class-A. You might have noticed the pleasant sensitivity to touch." My jailor ran a red vine down my cheek and the tingling electric warmth had me gasp a bit as I attempted to squirm. "That's what this one does." I got injected, spreading increased warmth all around. The touch of the creature's vines drove my thoughts away.
"and here's a class-E for your anxiety." From my core outward all of my muscles loosened up. Tension got released from body parts I didn't even know could feel tense. All until I was a limp touch desperate mess held in soft vines.
The affini then carried me through another doorway. "Well aren't you the cutest little rebel."
"mmm not cute." The words slurred out of my mouth.
"Vivian, you're positively adorable. Your owner is going to love you." The entity of warm wonderful touches stripped me of my clothes. The creature took the fox away from me! I reached my arms out for it and was about to cry. A vine patted my head. "Shhh, it'll be waiting for you when your bath's over." I still whined for the fox.
Leaves covered my nude form as I was plunged into warm soapy water. I barely managed to collect my thoughts on what it said. "O-Owner?" I-I was going to be a slave. Vile xeno…
"Why of course. Per the Human Domestication Treaty, rebels get assigned owners. Mistresses, Masters, and Mxtresses to take care of you and make sure you don't get into trouble." Leaves started scrubbing the soap in and I squirmed. Vines tickled my scalp causing moans and whimpers to come out.
The affini menace never relented with the onslaught of mind numbing, thought shattering touches. I failed to resist. The creature left me a twitchy blushy flustered mess. To add insult to injury it called me a good girl. The euphoria threatened to break me into a million pieces.
But I couldn't process that. The only thing I managed to process was getting my fox back and getting something put over my eyes. A visor that showed pretty colors. The affini whispered something about a class-H, maybe a C.
The colors took me away as I hugged the sweet leafy smelling fox. Vines nestled me in a soft warm cozy spot. No thoughts, only soft.

Vivian loves her cute *totally normal and not at all suspicious* plushie! Also who needs pacing, I have fluffy mostly comedic angst!
This is gonna be released uhm not weekly or regularly, I've got a lot of words written for it but well... I like having a back log!

again this one is a flirtfic for anna//bool and I got suggestions and advice throughout my writing of it from her! <3 (Divaricated and Black Start are like required reading for this because uh... I just arbitrarily decided that right now :p) (really you should just read them because anna//bool is an amazing author and her words are very good and gay)

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