Lost & Found

Chapter 8 - Demons

by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #autism #biting #cuddles #depression #disassociation #dom:imperialism #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:nb #dom:plant #drugs #f/nb #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #hypnotic_eyes #multiple_partners #ownership_dynamics #panic_attacks #scifi #sub:the_horror_of_existence_in_a_caring_universe #transgender_characters #trauma
See spoiler tags : #amnesia #blood #bondage #exhibitionism #hunted #parasite/symbiote #predator/prey #robots #sadomasochism

CW blood in the beginning(in like a kinky way), and mentions of past abuse and trauma in the second part (after the break), discussions of memory erasure

The huntress had me bound tight and restrictive in her vines. My movement was entirely restricted and under her control. I was caught. I was held. The vines adorned my form as if I were a living work of art. An immobile object to be observed and possessed.
The bindings were tightened right above and right below the threshold for pain, but blood still flowed to every limb. Mistress might hurt me, but never harm me. The pain and the wounds were inflicted with trust, care, and skill. Also, I was a weak bitch and couldn't take much serious pain. This was about my limit. Well, plus the biting. A shiver tried to resist the immobilizing vines and failed. A shiver from the memory of my mark. The thorny puncture ring her maw left. It scarred over. She made it scar to keep it forever.
"The little doll beheld her owners light, just shivering with hopeful gay delight. My little prey, my darling lovely gay, my bound and helpless doll under my sway." Its words held me as hostage as its vines. My body, heart, and soul belonged to Mx Dian. My thoughts couldn't drift from my Mistress. In that moment, she was everything and all of myself existed for her. To please the blood thirsty huntress with my body.
Her thorns sank into my back and I managed a gasp. The piercing pain of drawing blood mixed with the raw ecstasy of being her meal, of being tasted. She withdrew from my body and planted a bloody kiss on my neck. "Beloved prey~"
A whimper danced on my lips behind the vine in my mouth. Prey. Evie was prey. Evie was hunted and claimed. The huntress tasted Evie. Her vines enthralled my body and mind. A rhythmic dance of pressure, pain, and pleasure came from her hold sending me spiraling into a hazy bliss.
By the time I came to, the blood had been cleaned off, and my wound cared for. Little flower band-aids were all over my back and a few more placed elsewhere for fun. Mx Dian only let the first bite scar. Drifting my unfocused eyes up to her four golden glowing orbs, I whispered, "Thank you, Mistress."
Her vine stroked my cheek. "I return thy welcome in kind. The dance of vine and prey was a delight?"
"Yes Mistress." Stars… Ever since she claimed me, a lingering desire to be bound and bit wormed its way up. I even exposed part of my body to her. An exposure that the affini corrected after we finished. I was draped in her leaves and vines, concealed from prying eyes that weren't even there.
We lingered, murmuring a few words back and forth about what happened. Mostly, I was cuddled and adorned in warm soft vines. Just a chance to come back down to myself. Gosh, I needed that after it all.
My mind started flirting with the ideas of attraction that Master had told me about. I had trouble sorting out what this was. Like I guess sensual maybe? It didn't seem quite right. Labels could be useful, but sometimes they constrained things. I simply desired a label of what happened for its own sake. Whether I'd be happy with the label I chose was left unthought.
After the recovery cuddles, we moved to the living room to normal cuddle only for the demoness of this hab unit to return from… somewhere. Miss Nia and Nilla were out and about today. Synna walked in and saw the two of us cuddling on the couch.
"My demon of pleasure, do watch over the kitten while I prepare a feast." Mx Dian called out to my most mysterious connivent. I mean it was about lunch time, but it kept calling me kitten and I really should ask why. It even got the others to call me kitten and doll sometimes…
"I smell blood, did you two fuck?" Stars, she was blunt and also way off base. Like we didn't have sex. I didn't sex. Why would she think that blood meant sex? Synna was weird and incomprehensible.
I shook my head. I already used up my twenty words for the day. Some days I used more than twenty but words were a pain. They were to be kept to a minimum of usage. Evie was a silent pet, at least verbally. When I was permitted overnet access, I started pestering Master and Miss Nia relentlessly.
"The doll experienced a bloodletting by my thorns. An elegant affair your crude language fails to capture my fiery fornicating fiend." Mx Dian corrected. I guess bloodletting was a word for it, even if it seemed strange. Getting clear answers out this Mistress of ours wasn't an easy task. It delighted in its quirky manner of speech. It then added, "Now keep the doll company while I prepare a feast fit for prey."
The succubus looked down at her phone, tapped a little, and then walked over to us on the couch. The vines placed me in the hold of the rather tall demon woman. She held me. Mx Dian got up to make food and left me alone with Synna, a person I had basically no interactions with. Her first words to me hiding in my fashionable oversized hoodie were. "Wow, you've gotten pretty small."
I-I was left, unheld and untouched by any owner of mine… I tightened my hold on the demoness I barely knew. My glasses pressed into her red skin. My hands desired something to fidget, and my teeth demanded nibbles.
Mistress called out from the kitchen. "Mewling kittens and docile dolls both look up at all, do they not?" It took me a second to realize she was calling me small in a roundabout way.
"Depends on the doll." Synna called out in response. She then turned to me. "Seriously, how small are you going to get? You might be smaller than Nilla." This was not at all how I envisioned my eventual interactions with my red connivent to go. She was just asking about my height? Weird. She was weird. Or maybe I just spent too much time around dorky affini and another autistic girl like me.
"Short stuff you there?"
I mean, I was here. Whether I was capable of speaking or not was… no. I nodded without other means of communication.
Synna didn't seem to get it. "You being shy or something?"
I shook my head.
From the kitchen Mx Dian came to my rescue. "While the kitten mewls, the doll is silent. You hold the doll."
The woman holding me got big eye roll vibes even if I didn't look up to check. Instead of a reply to our owner, she whispered to me. "Stars, she's so extra isn't she?" Yea, uh sorta. I think I understood what she meant but not really. Words were hard. "Anyway, let me know if you want to adjust positions or something… Actually, I'll just do it."
The demoness elicited a yelp from me as she adjusted my seating in her lap. She positioned me leaning into her on my side. I was sitting in her lap. My head rested on her chest. Her tail wrapped around my waist, and her arms around my torso. "You all snug?" I nodded. "Great. My lap felt empty without a gay girl in it."
sdgkvahsdafghdsafjdsahdshkdsfjkdsf!! Synna just had to say something like that. I flapped my hands a little.
"Stars, you're like Nilla with the stimming too. Okay here, you can play with my tail." She slipped her soft red spade-tipped tail into my hands. The red tipped tail was soft and warm and I twirled it. "Play with it, bite it, do whatever. All the neurodivergent girls love the tail. You bunch of dorky cuties."
I-I hesitated. Bite her tail? I blushed. I mean I was already blushing, but I blushed more. It was impossible to cuddle a hot woman like Synna and use her chest as a pillow without blushing. She was just letting me fiddle with her tail too. Tails seemed kinda cool…
A moment passed of me doing nothing before she poked me in the face with her tail. I gently grabbed it in one hand and moved it towards my mouth slowly so she could like pull it away if I misheard her. She didn't stop me. I started nibbling and she started shifting a tiny bit. Squirming really.
"And the new girl is a biter." She brought her hand up my neck and ran her fingers through my hair. A whimper slipped out of my lips. "I can see why Mistress calls you kitten." I pouted or did the closest thing I could while rhythmically nibbling her tail. She moved to the same rhythm. That same alien cadence instilled into all of our actions. Feeling her move like that made me almost feel like I was still being held by one of my owners. It was mildly calming.
Synna started making weird noises after a bit. Like mildly horny noises and I realized I started poking her tail with my tongue. I pulled the tail out of my mouth immediately. "Kitten, why'd ya stop?" She waited a moment while I got about as anxious as I could about being a good girl while on my xenodrugs… The disappointment in her voice had me curl up and get a bit shaky. I-I-I-I was being a good girl… I noticed her moving her tail to poke me and I flinched.
"Shit, kitten, I'm not going to hurt you. None of us are like that…" She then addressed our owner as I cowered like the worthwhile sophont I was. "Mistress she's uh… I think whatever her name is needs help!" I-I didn't need help. I deserved help because I was a good Evie… My altered thoughts were clashing with my feelings really badly. I couldn’t think my feels.
Vines grabbed me from the demon and pulled me into their tangled den. A needle slid into me. "Shhhh, my beloved little morsel. You have found sanctuary. There is peace. Gone are the days of harm and toil." Another soft injection. "Speak that which happened so the shepherd may mend it."
"I-I-I-I did a bad th-thing. I upset her and I-I don't know?" Thoughts and feelings warred and wrestled and words were insufficient.
Synna the demon chimed in. "Kitten, you didn't do anything wrong." The words sounded off. A lack of concern was in there. About my actions? About me. She hated me and-and- I curled up into a ball and started crying.
Vines wrapped me into a nest and sang loudly over my tears. The echoes of her rhythm filled my mind and then shifted imperceptibly. My feelings followed transitioning from sorrow into calm safe contentment.
Mx Dian, placed me gently back into the hold of the demon. "My flippant fiery fiend, give her joy and praise until the shepherd returns to this pasture."
"Yes Mistress." Synna responded while adjusting my limp body in her arms. "Girl, you're cute. I swear every time I see you you're a little cuter than before. Prime girlfriend material in my arms right here. Like I could always use another babe to hang out with. Hmmm, what's that phrase that always makes cuties like you go weak in the knees?" My mind was trying to catch up with all of her words while my thoughts came back to me. Synna didn't give me a chance. "Good Girl~" She purred huskily right into my ear.
"fakjsgdfkjasbkhfsajkbafskbdskabjdsfakjdsfkjaldksfjakdfjsakjbdsfkjfsdkjfsda" Sh-She couldn’t just say that! That tone, right in my ear… My heart is already dealing with like three crushes I-I don't have room for more. Stars, Master said I got attached easily and was right. I was so weak to positive attention.
Synna brushed the back of her clawed finger down my cheek and I shivered. "Do you make those cute noises for every demon, or is it just me?"
I was rocking back and forth a little while leaning against her ample chest. My hands did little repetitive motions. "Aaaaaaaaaaaa." My face must have been as red as hers. I didn't even know her! She was never around and-and the xenodrugs were messing with my head.
It was definitely the xenodrugs. Like and the fact hugging her felt like hugging Miss Nia and Mx Dian. I-It was one of the letter class things that made me get attached easily… Yup, it was definitely the drugs and not just me being desperate for attention. If I was so desperate for attention, then I wouldn't have spent so much time being alone and mopey and-
Her clawed fingers lightly scritched under my chin. "I can't leave you alone to think for a moment can I? Wow, a girl needier than Nilla. It's okay kitten, I'll give you scritches until lunch." Her hands started playing with my hair too and I just melted into thoughtless bliss in her lap. The scritches held my attention, but her fingers running through my hair and along my scalp stole my thinks.
"Yup prime girlfriend material right here in my arms. Likes cuddles, cute, stims, and queer as fuck. Heck, I could always use another girlfriend." saebkjasjjasdgdssdkfuhdfkjkhsadkbjs! Did she just ask to date me?! Synna wanted to date me? I mean I had a thing with my owners but uh, I didn't have a girlfriend… Was I allowed to have a girlfriend? Synna apparently had a bunch, so logically I should be allowed, but I'd have to ask my owners first…
A sudden unexpected kiss on the cheek got me to verbalize something and it was excessive flustered gay noises followed by a squeak. "Eeep!"
"Shit did you just beep like a robot? A gay robot." She misheard my noise as a beep?! Could I beep? Should I beep? I kinda wanted to beep. Evie was a nice wonderful kind good girl who deserved to beep. Wait… No, Yes? I think that sounded right.
She poked my nose. "Boop." Aah! Sh-She couldn't just do that! In retaliation I placed her tail in my mouth and nibbled. She moaned a little and I stopped cause I got scared. "No stopping. Nibble." Synna wanted me to keep doing that?! She poked my mouth with her spaded tail.
I nibbled again and uh, she made even gayer noises than I did. A tail tip was in my mouth being nibbled on as the demoness squirmed underneath me, and I rested my head on her chest… AAAHH! Gay, this was gay. Were we girlfriends now? I-I-I just kept nibbling and she just let me. Her boobs sort of wiggled in my face from her movements… Ahhhh!!!!! Jskhedfkalsjhglkasjdhgklasjdghklsadjhklsadjhksadjhskajdhskaldjfhkjas
I whimpered when vines finally took me away from confusing gayness. I wasn't ready for it to end. My mind hadn't even fully processed all the gay! Instead, I was set down at the dining table and I saw steak. We didn't have much meat in our meals until Nilla left. Then we got stuff like this.
Synna ate on her own, while Mx Dian once again fed me. Her taps and vine motions controlled every muscle in my mouth and throat. No thoughts, only food.
A ruffling of my thick black hair marked the end of the meal. and I started paying proper attention as Synna said, "When's she getting implanted? I didn't see a scar for it." Wait, what implant? 
"In several days' time we'll plant the seed of our roots." What was Mx Dian talking about? I was sooo lost. She had swiftly finished putting the dishes away and brought Synna and I back to the couch to cuddle as we did before only in her vines.
My mind was still stuck on what they just mentioned. "Uh… Uhm… Imp-plant?" I got a whole word out.
The demon's dark eyes narrowed into slits as she observed me. My own eyes darted away from the eye contact. My connivent then stated, "You told her about the implant… right?"
Mistress's four metallic shimmering rippling eyes glanced from the demoness to me and back. "Did neither the shepherd nor the tree of merry explain?"
"You all assumed the others told her, didn't you." Synna accused.
For the first time ever, Mx Dian looked… sheepish. The predator and dominant affini vanished to be replaced by a physical admittance of fault. "Through the cracks it did fall. Inform her in our stead oh demoness of mine."
"Uhhh…" My owners forgot to tell me something important, about an implant? My head fell back in a slump against Synna's chest. Did they forget about me? I-I was forgettable…
The demon played with my hair again and poked my hand with her tail. I grabbed it and relaxed into her cuddle. Her other arm was securely holding me in place. "So uh, yea you seem bummed. Look, it's not that big a deal… okay it is but it isn't. You're definitely getting it. So knowing about it is more just being informed. Basically they put a plant in your spine and it grows over everything to like control your body and stuff."
"I-I'm going to be taken over by a plant?"
Synna laughed at me because I was cute. "Girl. Kitten, we all got taken over by plants. Like the whole Accord did… but you've got it wrong. The implant sorta takes over the unimportant bits, not your thoughts, unless you're into that. Mad respect if you're into that. Also, if you're like going to hurt someone it'll stop you. Plus any stuff the Mistresses decide to have it control. Plus Abies since you’re his too."
That left me with many questions, but before I could compute any of them the demoness continued.
"Basically, they are going to shove a piece of themselves into you to watch over you at all times. Yea, it's as gay as it sounds. Oh and it just makes the xenodrugs you need inside you so that's cool too. Plus, there's the whole week or two of being blissed out on drugs while it grows." That… was actually a good explanation. I mean I was definitely asking Miss Paeonia or Master about it later, but I thought that was good for now.
Stars, a little piece of my owners growing inside me watching over me always… Gosh, that made my heart flutter. I really did like the idea of being owned, and that was just… ajfhsadkjaskjfhaskdjfhaskjkdjfash Gosh!
The demoness's hand patted me on the head. "Kitten, you are so pet brained."
I was pet brained? I mean I liked being a pet. Being a pet was great! I loved it. Who wouldn't want to be owned? I mean other than my past self but that was more trauma… Everyone should be a pet, cause it's the best… Okay maybe I was pet brained.
The conversation kinda died to gay cuddling. I curled up in the vines to just sort out sooo many new thinks and feelings. Including some gay thoughts about Synna… The huntress held tight while the demoness curled around me in a hold. Even through my layers of clothing I still felt Synna's chest squished against my back. Tiny flustered noises escaped. Both Mistress and my connivent laughed at me because I was cute. They kept doing stuff to make me fluster noise more. These two were just adsjkhfaskjldhfgslakjdhgjahsdkgjahsdgkjasdhgkjahds
Miss Nia needed to save me from these demons. Maybe Master… no Master would just fluster me worse. Miss Nia chased all the demons away for me. Especially the ones in my head. Mistress Paeonia wasn't home yet to chase away real and imagined demons and thus I remained at the mercy of a fiendish connivent, and our shared Mistress.

"And he'd yell and yell and then I-I'd cry and he'd yell at me for that too. He never hit me. He wasn't the one that hit me. But it still hurt and-and-" A vine silenced me before I could say more. One of Mistress's pink furling flowers was on the vine. I was draped in her vines, and leaves, and flowers. Her warmth surrounded me.
"Shhhhh, it's okay. You're okay now. I understand." Miss Nia made me feel her understanding. Every bit of focus I had was drawn to her. My owner who held me in her lap. "You didn't deserve that, any of that. Just because he wasn't the one who'd hit you didn't make his abuse any less severe. None of the actions any of them took was because of you. You did nothing wrong. You are a very good girl, and a very lovely sophont. Mistreatment does not change that." A leaf of hers brushed aside a stray tear of mine.
She kept saying I was a good girl but I wasn't. I was a good girl… Th-The thought didn't match the feeling.  The feelings were off and bad and-and- "But I-"
Mistress's vine tapped under my chin and my mouth shut. "No buts. The reason you feel you’ve done something wrong is a coping mechanism. A maladaptive way you justified their treatment of you. You beat yourself up over perceived wrongs you concoct from the most minute of details, because that's how you kept yourself from doing anything that could set off your abusers. You took their feelings as your own responsibility and adapted yourself to pleasing them and managing their emotional states the best you could. The reason you crave constant praise and positive interaction is because that was the only way you ever knew that you weren't about to be punished. The absence of interaction leaves your mind to search for new things you think you did wrong and subsequently beat yourself up over. The trauma shaped your mind to torture itself, that's not your fault. You are wonderful, lovely, kind, sweet, curious, smart, and deserving of everything that has been denied to you. You deserve the constant attention you were deprived of. Most importantly you don't deserve to bear the weight of that pain any longer."
My owner couldn't be-be right. If she was right then all that time they-they hurt me… They didn't care, and it had to be because of me. It had to be my fault that I— My thoughts halted. "Miao~" I brushed my soft teary face against the big nice plant lady. I nuzzled and pawed her and she gave me lots of pets.
"What a lovely little kitten, so soft and sweet. Such a good girl~" Paeonia cooed. I got scritches and pats on my head and little rubs on my tummy, and- "Evie do you want to stop?" She engaged my executive functioning and…
"Oh uh… I-I think so. Um thank you Mistress. I just-just wish that it all never happened. I wish that I didn't keep feeling like that." Not the weird cuddly cat stuff, the-the deep thoughts. The memories. The pain and heartache.
Miss Nia patted me on the head again. "Do you remember what I said I wanted to do to you the day we first met?"
It took a bit but I quickly remembered. The line was pretty stand out for me among her words. "You wanted to rip all of my trauma out by the roots…"
"And that's exactly what I'm doing, this has all been to help me learn the shape of what needs to be removed and I finally understand. Hon, I'm going to take all your memories away. The pain and suffering is ingrained so deeply in everything you are and have done, that I'm going to wipe your slate clean so that you can grow and bloom from healthy soil, tended to with love and care." All of my memories. Mistress was going to take all of my memories away. My heart stabbed itself. The sharp pain of anxiety battling the class-E.
"W-What if I don't want to forget?" I knew the answer.
She said it anyway. "You don't get a say in that, flower. I told you that right before you signed your little contract. I'm not going to hold back in helping you." I did remember Mistress telling me that. I was bloody and bound at her feet. "Now you'll remember some. You'll still have every memory since you met Abies. Your knowledge of speech and a number of basic tasks will remain. Everything else is to be pruned away. Now tell me my little pet exactly how that makes you feel."
My mind immediately attempted to follow the order and began picking itself apart in search of my feelings. Those things I had but couldn't see. I could barely feel them despite them being evident for my owners and even my connivents. It was like I was the last one to know what I felt.
"I feel… scared, relieved, sad, happy, uh… lots of things I don't have words for…"
"That is your mind stuck between the thing you want most, and the maladaptive behaviors that convince you that you aren't allowed to have it. You are allowed to want your memories erased. Evie, this is an order, let yourself want it." Mistress gave an order and the affini's authority brushed aside my thoughts as I became eager to obey.
My thoughts of undeservedness were crushed by her will. The Mistress who owned my thoughts and could permit some and take away others. I deserved to have the pain taken away. I was Paeonia's good girl and pet and I was wonderful and great and amazing and she placed every one of those thoughts in my head. My owner knew best, even when I didn't.
Then the phrase bubbled up in my throat the proper response to my owner's orders. "Yes Mistress!"
Her hand came down on my head in a loving gesture and I was affirmed with my favorite two words. "Good girl~" She continued adoring me and giving me praise and attention. I nuzzled her and cuddled her. I nibbled her vines the whole time.
She didn't stop with the praise and attention but she did take us out of the den and into the living room. My other Mistress was there along with my connivents. Miss Nia informed them. "Evie's being a very good girl and it's time for a cuddle pile."
Nilla practically shouted, "Cuddle pile!" Thankfully leaves covered my ears bringing down the volume to not spook me.
Our Mistresses wove their vines together into a nice warm loving bed to hold all three of their pets. I felt a few more needles slide into me and my thoughts got all happy, cuddly, and not very thinky. This time I was tinier and got to be the littlest spoon sandwiched between two bigger spoons. The spoons were pets like me. My face was up against demon's boobies while a fuzzy deer held my back.
I was a happy dopy Evie held by two happy dopy pets and we all kept getting squirmy. Synna moaned when I nibbled her boob. I had two nubby little fangs forming and they tasted demon boob. Deer snaked her hands over me and started grabbing the demoness in places.
Vines of two affini entangled us, "Such good girls we have."
"Good little morsels, little darling pets." Replied the other.
I was safe. I was finally safe and held and cared for and loved and allowed to let myself have those things. I had so many wonderful sophonts telling me such lovely things. Soon enough all the pain and hurt would get taken away. Mistress promised.
They all loved me. They promised.

Evie is gonna remember stuff, just not like the baggage from before the big gay plants. the little cutie has had enough hurt, time for some comfort.

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 12 chapters
And more!

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