Lost & Found

Chapter 7 - Disaster (gay)

by Darkfalli

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Are you ready for pet Evie?

"Welcome back little one." Paeonia greeted me. She had me sitting in her lap, just the two of us in a side den of their, uh our, habitation unit.
"Uh… thanks…" My hair got ruffled. I was thanking her for… attempting to fix me. She explained it all twice so far and I still kept asking every time she went to do more. My uh, owner was tweaking my mind to make it less…  the word wasn't there. Paeonia took the word from me.
I looked up at her face. "It's sort of noticeable. My thoughts just stop when I think of how… I am."
The affini looked over me. Studying me. She apparently was the best at tinkering with intrusive and traumatic thoughts. Best of the three. Of course she was doing more than just locking me out of thinking bad things about myself. I was also getting talked through other stuff.
Her assessment finished. Her vines pulled out her clipboard and paper and scribbled a few things. "Then we move to the next step, replacing the gaps with happy thoughts. Just remember-"
"-If I notice any other negative thoughts to tell you immediately." We made a list. A list of every self-deprecating line I could think of and she jotted them down and individually started plucking them out. Apparently, it was more effective to do them individually than broadly. At least it was with her methods… According to her. "I remember… M-Mistress."
Her hand came down on my head. "Good girl~" My face felt warm. "Talk to you in a bit, hon. Now Relax~"
My eyes refocused. "Uh…" Thoughts were reconfiguring. I was getting my thoughts modified… I was worthwhile, smart, good, and pleasing. Uh, I was what? I thought about myself again. Evie Glacialis-Fir was a beloved, desired, adorable, and deserving pet. I was a cute sweet floret… The words were in my mind. I thought them. They were off somehow but barely. I couldn't tell what was different, only that my thoughts felt different. I was a good girl. Evie was a good girl and deserved love, attention, and care.
"Do I spy a smile on my little floret's face?" Her words were blush inducing. Stars, she was right. I was smiling. I, Evie, was smiling just from thoughts… thoughts that used to make me break down crying. The old ones did. They were replaced with new good happy working functional thoughts. I had functional thoughts… sorta.
Paeonia, my Mistress, was awaiting an answer from me. I got flustered and now was expected to answer like this. "M-Maybe."
"So you're telling me this adorable little expression on my sweet little pet isn't a smile?" Two vines poked the corners of my smiling face.
I deflected bashfully. "Mmhmm."
"I see. In that case I'll have to manually put a smile on your face." She started tickling me. Her hands and little vines went at the small bits of exposed skin I had. She had me laughing and giggling. "Are you smiling yet, little one?"
"Yes! Yes! N-No more." My pleading caused her to relent. I couldn't imagine how much worse it'd be if I had more exposed skin. Even on light dose the xenodrugs were… asdofhjsadojgh
Currently, I was in a big hoodie, and wearing some comfortable pants. All of my owners made it clear that this was temporary. I was allowed to hide in concealing clothes until the dysphoria was dealt with. When it was gone… I was no longer going to be permitted from hiding my 'wonderful, beautiful, and adorable' body. I still had time. Even with class-G's being significantly faster and astoundingly more effective, they still took some time. They could do in a number of months better than terran HRT could do in years, but months were long. They took days, hours even. Time! "Bleh."
Paeonia hummed and scratched her chin. "Let me guess. That was you lamenting how long it'll take the class-G to work." She was starting to get scary good at that. Apparently, she needed me to be a floret to do the really deep dive stuff she wanted. She was currently mapping out my entire mind. Not brain, mind. How my thoughts formed and interacted and uh… all the trauma I had. Turns out I had trauma, which surprised me. More surprising was that I had multiple traumas. They made me think things like how wonderful and pleasant I was… wait. That didn't seem right…
"And just now you unexpectedly thought something good about yourself."
I squinted and looked at her. "How?"
A pleasant giggling rippled through her flowery form. "Hon, your smile slowly fell to a frown and then jumped back up to a smile. Not to mention all the other little tells. Of course, there's also all these notes I have on exactly how your mind processes thoughts." Her hand waved the clip board with a lot of pages attached. Paeonia wouldn't let me look at them. She had a map of my mind and I wasn't allowed to see it.
I pouted only to realize I shouldn't pout… She was doing a lot for me and even mock unhappiness about it was me being a good girl. I needed to stop being needy and wonderful and-and adorable and cute and… My thoughts halted. I shifted in her lap and started nuzzling her face. Little whimpering sounds came from me as I got all physically affectionate.
My owner's hand started petting me. Her vine scritched under my chin. "Awww, such a cute little pet." Her pen scribbled something else into her notes. "Who's my good girl?"
I paused my happy pet-ness to-to think…"Nilla?" Nilla was definitely a good girl and hers. Nilla and I spent bits of time together, but not really much talking. Still she was definitely a good deer and a good girl.
"She is, but that's not the answer. Guess again."
"Synna?" Synna had bad girl vibes, but like in a good way. Like a hot bad-girl. She kinda intimidated me and we hadn't talked much, or really at all. I was too timid and unlike Nilla she went outside a lot, even spent the night elsewhere.
"Synna is a lovely woman and pet, but she's not who I'm asking about." She paused.
"What is Evie?"
What am I? "I'm a good girl… Oh, I'm your good girl!" I knew that… Why was that so hard to remember?
My owner scribbled notes as she gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Yes you are. Such a lovely good girl, and my lovely good girl deserves a little snack."
"W-Were we not going to do more talking stuff?" We'd been talking about stuff outside of the hypnosis bits. We didn't even do that today.
"Did you want to do more talking stuff?" She expertly countered. We hadn't gotten up yet, she was waiting for a response. Right, she was trying to get me to voluntarily talk about stuff.
I mean I did want to talk about stuff but I also didn't. She was nice and a really good listener and everything. The hard part was getting myself to say stuff. Talking about painful topics was hard… Talking at all was hard. I didn't even know which topic to talk about. I was supposed to say something but nothing came out… Silence was a type of answer.
Paeonia carried me out of the den and through her, our home to the kitchen. I could see Nilla and Dianthus over in the living room hanging out. Synna was gone… again. I wanted to ask why, but asking felt rude. Like it was her business and we didn't even know each other. I stayed silent.
The pink flowered affini placed a large chocolate chip cookie in my hands. It was a very delicious looking cookie that affini food science miraculously kept at that perfect fresh out of the oven consistency despite being obtained in a grocery store. Not that they needed to do grocery runs. They, er, I mean we had a compiler in the habitation unit.
Discovering the affini had atomic compilers in every home that could 3D print basically any object to atomic perfection was wild. It was more wild that they barely used the things. Really. They went out and got handmade and fresh grown stuff. They could copy and print every nonliving thing within this habitation unit in minutes, yet… Yet, everything in here was made by hand or vine or something.
My eyes were still on the cookie. I-I wasn't allowed to eat it unless she said so. I was waiting. She made me wait.
"What an exceptionally good girl." She cooed. "You may eat it."
It tasted as good as it looked. Sweet but not too sweet. The chocolate was real chocolate rather than the substitute that almost every accord citizen had been eating for centuries. I was eating it. I was allowed to eat it. I didn't deserve to… I looked up at the affini's eyes. At Paeonia's eyes.
She immediately knew why I looked up at her. "Finish swallowing that bite and then tell me exactly which thought it was."
I gulped down the bite and obeyed. "I-I don't deserve-deserve… uh I-I uhm…" I couldn't finish the thought. The feelings were there, but the words to express them weren't available.
"It's okay little one. I know what's wrong. Finish your little treat and we'll head back to the den to make a few more adjustments."
I just stared at the cookie. S-Something was wrong. I was g-good. No. I didn't deserve… and-and I-I uh "aaaaaaAAHH." Head thoughts. Error. I-I-
My feelings slipped away as something got injected into me. My thoughts followed my feelings into nothing as we entered the den…

A familiar sound roused me from my cuddly hold of Nilla in the vines of our four-eyed Mistress. The sound was of a rustling pine creature entering the habitation unit. He was here. They were here and-and I was getting to see my other owner!
Nilla giggled. "Wow, you have it bad for them. It's so cute how hard you're crushing."
I blushed. My checks were on fire as my mind scrambled to form a coherent counterargument. "I- I'm not- I don't have a crush on Abies! I'm a lesbian!" Yea, lesbians only like women and femme enbies and stuff. Abies wasn't like that. I mean Abies was great and I liked it when Abies held me and spent time alone with me and I felt really close to them and-and aksfgaksjghaksjgf.
"Yup. You’re a cute lesbian, but you still have a crush on them." This deer made nooo sense. Like none. Lesbians liked women. I only liked women. Looking at women made my heart do things. Like pretty girls made my thinks stall and uh girls hot and cute and I was definitely gay. Besides, Abies wasn't femme. Abies wasn't even butch! I didn't get that fluttery gay feeling looking at Abies… but when I thought about them I did sorta, er… Nope, not into Abies.
"But lesbians only like women?!" I knew lgbt stuff. Sorta… Okay not actually that well. I didn't like really know any gay sophonts except uh whatever this weird group I got inducted into was.
"…Yup." uh Nilla seemed to pause like I was wrong…
"Abies isn't a woman." Like that was an established fact. Or at least I thought it was.
"?!?!" She wasn't making any sense!
Nilla giggled and naaaaed at me. The teasing scheming deer was laughing at my expense and I didn't know if she was making fun of how smart I was or if this was just a 'confuse Evie' sort of thing.
"Beloved doll, and darling dearest prey, enamoured by her gentle, quiet gay, to whom she can't confess, or bear to say, she did already give her heart away." kjasdfhajdsfajhsdfajdsfljds Not her too! internal screaming!!! Dianthus wasn't supposed to back her up! I-I hadn't like given my heart away. Especially not to Abies! Maybe Paeonia, but not Abies!
I whimpered in her vines. "B-but I'm a lesbian!"
"Yup." The deer taunted. "Wait, until you see his feminine form, or Mx Dian's humanoid one." What?!?! My face was burning up and I squeaked as I curled up in a ball of Evie.
A vine came and shushed the deer cuddling me. "Do not spoil our secrets, oh dearest deer and darling doe." A knock on the bedroom door meant Abies finally found us. My Mistress called out to him. "You may enter, oh tree of merry."
I may have shifted Nilla to block the line of sight to my owner. My mouth was sealed shut to prevent any flustered noises from escaping. I-I didn't have feelings for Abies. He wasn't a woman. His form wasn't even attractive, it just looked like ole reliable bland Abies. A vaguely male-shaped humanoid affini that had pine tree bits. Besides, they didn't like me like that. I was just a pet to them.
"Oh, is my first floret hiding from me? Hmm, Evie, come out and present yourself to me right now." A-Abies ordered me and-and I started crawling out of my hidey hole while I could feel my Mistress ruffle with insidious glee and my connivent giggle.
I scurried up to the edge of the bed and covered my blushing face with my black hoodie's sleeves that were long enough to cover my hands. Abies wasn't allowed to see me like this. I'd die of embarrassment. I wasn't even attracted to them! Sadfgndsfajdsdjsafjksdafjk
Abies's aura of command could be felt very strongly and I was shaking like a leaf on the vine. "I said present yourself. That means show me your beautiful face." His words collided with my soul and my hands dropped, but my eyes were sealed shut. Their hand landed atop my skull and rubbed. "Oh and what's my good girl blushing about?"
"jhadsfhjdgsajhdsgdh" AAAaAAaAaaaAhHHHhh!!!! Please don't make me say it. Please don't make me say it.  Please don't make me say it. I chanted in my mind.
The sound of a mischievous deer behind me started. "She has a cr-" Mistress must have silenced her. Thank you Mistress!
"Evie, tell me what your connivent was about to say." Abies turned the internal screaming into external flustered noises. Why did my owner have to boss me around like this?! I'm weak. I-I can't just not obey.
"ShewasabouttosayIhaveacrushonyou!" I blurted out, tripping over my own words. My eyes were still shut. I was terrified. Mortified. Embarrassed. "B-But I don't have one because I'm gay…"
"I didn't ask for any other words, little Evie."
"I didn't ask for that either."
"S-" I covered my mouth with my hands. I'd failed. I was a success. Just a worthwhile, wonderful, and sweet sophont. I-I should stay and continue to exist… My thoughts halted, and my eyes opened. I saw my owner before me. I went up and nuzzled them for attention and pets and pats and pawed at them.
"Ahhh, such a good girl. Such a good obedient little pet~" My owner gave me pats and scritches and pettings. "Paeonia really ingrained this one deep. Sorry for triggering it by accident, flower. You're such a sweet wonderful good girl~"
I rolled onto my back and pleaded for belly rubs. My big fuzzy owner indulged me. My clothes got in the way so I pulled them up and exposed my belly and…
"Evie, are you actually comfortable with me petting you like that?" Abies asked me a question. They engaged my executive functions and I started thinking again and-and I thought about it…
"afgsdjkgajk" My hands pulled my shirt and sweatshirt down to cover me so fast it left skid marks. Ah!!! S-Something came over me and I started… adsgfaskjfgkjasdgfhajssd. I curled up into a ball of Evie and softly screamed into my sleeve covered hands. I wanted to curl up so tight I'd continue to exist. Wait? I-I wanted the embarrassment and shame to stop!
The evergreen affini picked me up and held me. "It's okay, flower. You were just acting cute and adorable. You are a good girl. Everything's fine." Their words really helped me calm down. Well sorta, I was still really flustered, but they took away the shame. The shame was the part that hurt. "Good girl~ Good Evie~" Vines patted my head. "Ready to leave?"
I nodded in my curled up position.
Abies took me away from the bedroom and hab unit. "You know little one, it's okay to have a crush on me."
"I-I don't have a crush!" I didn't!
He chuckled. "You have several crushes from what I can tell. My first floret seems to get attached easily." What was he talking about?! I didn't have a bunch of crushes! I maybe sort of had a possible crush on Paeonia b-but I wasn't even sure!
My hand felt the spot where my mark was… Okay maybe I sort of had a weird thing for my other Mistress too. It wasn't a crush. It was like uh… fluttery heart feelings… She was my owner! I had a thing for being owned. Yeah, that was it! I didn't have a crush on Abies or Dianthus, I just liked being owned. "I don't have crushes, I just like being owned."
"I wasn't aware that Nilla owned you." asdjkgsdjkasdgja They had it all wrong I-I wasn't crushing on my connivent! I barely knew her. We just cuddled together a lot in our Mistresses' laps. Plus, I wasn't a furry. I hoped that wasn't a rude thing to think about Nilla. It felt rude. Nilla was sweet and soft and cuddly and nice and cute and-and we bathed naked together… askfashgfhaghkkjsdg
"I-I'm not crushing on Nilla either!"
Abies scritched under my chin and drew me out of my defensive curl. "Such a cute little gay. Why can't you be crushing on any of us?" Words. I was being asked to words and-and I was already wording so much lately and I hated wording a lot. "You need clearer instructions, don't you? Let's see. List one reason why you can't be crushing on that sweet little doe."
"I-I'm not attracted to animal sophonts." I mean she was still a woman and-and there were parts of her I found attractive… I mean she was cute and adorable all over… I mean she was great and anyone who got to date her would be super lucky… asfhdshjdafhdsj
"That is an odd thing for my little kitten to say." They called me a kitten just like Dianthus did. I-I wasn't a kitten. Nothing about me was kitten-like. I was closer to a robot or a doll than a kitten. They brought my attention back from kitten and doll thoughts with words. "Name one reason you can't have a crush on me."
Asdfgkgjkajkjhajds They can't just say that… Okay, I guess they could because they were my owner, but that command was super unfair! "Because you're not a lady and I'm only attracted to lady and lady adjacent sophonts"
Abies Fir, Fourth Bloom contemplated my logically sound argument… and dismissed it. "You are physically attracted to femme presenting sophonts, but there's more to attraction than an aesthetic attraction. There's sexual attraction, romantic attraction, sensual attraction, emotional attraction, and even intellectual attraction. You can have one without the others. Hmmm how to put this… have you ever looked at someone and thought 'I want to have sex with them'?"
"No! Stars no. Maybe if I was like really close and dating someone I'd consider it but no. Sex is gross." Thinking of interacting with any below the belt stuff was just… shudders
Before I could think more on that Abies continued. "And how often have you looked at someone and thought ‘I want to cuddle or hug them a lot’?"
"Uh… lots?" I definitely wanted to cuddle and hug and hold Abies, Nilla, Paeonia, Dianthus, even Synna. Even with strangers and acquaintances I sort of wanted to like hug them. Stars, I wanted to be hugged and cuddled by lots of sophonts. The cuddle pile from before with everyone was just… I really liked cuddling. I, Evie Price… Evie Glacialis-Fir, First and Third Floret, was in fact a massive cuddle slut.
"Flower, that's sensual attraction. Now for the fun one, have you ever wanted to date someone? To have them take you on a date, and hold your hand. Have you ever wanted to be someone's partner? To receive and give affection with them in a way that's more than friendship?"
Uh… That one took lots of thought. I mean yea I definitely wanted to get to know someone and go out on a date with them and-and jsadhfasklhf hand holding, and telling each other we're cute and beautiful and maybe a candle lit dinner…"Ahhh M-Maybe… Yes."
Abies guided my head to look up at them. "And would you little Evie be interested in going on a date with me? And so you don't wiggle out of this, answer me honestly."
"Yes! Yes, I would like to go on a date with you… I-I think you're nice and sweet and uh I like you but like in a weird romantic way that I don't understand and-and afjkshdgkasdhgsakaskjdghaslkj." I curled up extra tight and hid and I probably just ruined things with my owner and I'd be-
A hand ruffled my rapidly growing and thickening hair. "Then it's a good thing I'm taking you out on a date right now." They were WHAT?!!??! A-A date with me?! And them? I-I-I-I didn't words think good… internal screaming
My thoughts ran in wordless circles as feelings drowned internal discourse. Evie's defective emotional processor was not computing whatever just occurred. There was an emotional clog in the Evie. Evie was failing to function and I was Evie and-and…
An injection of a xenodrug brought the feelings down to manageable amounts. The tightened emotions were smothered with a feel good relaxing chemical soup. The drugs were in the soup. The xenodrugs were the soup and they souped my thoughts.
A second injection de-souped my thoughts just in time to notice we entered a restaurant. The collared dopey chipper host greeted us. "Hi and Welcome!"
"Hello to you too darling. I'm taking my little one here on a date, could we get a table for two?" Abies deftly asked the floret hostess. Right. Date. I was being taken on my very first date and by an alien I wasn't even attracted to physically but was attracted to emotionally and romantically and none of this made sense!
"Awwww! Of course, we have a table right over here that'll be perfect for your date!" She escorted us over and we sat in a private nook of the bright flowery restaurant. Another floret woman walked up beside her. "This is Daisy, she'll be your server. Daisy, these two are on a date!" They both squeed and jumped up and down and it was all super excessive and stuff. Like how could anyone have that much happiness and joy in their body… I wasn't like envious of that…
The hostess left us with Daisy after they both calmed down. "Hi! I'm Daisy and I accept payment in the form of complements, flirting, and head pats! Can I get you two love-flowers something to drink?" She was looking at Abies and only them.
Abies didn't even give me a chance to think or decide. They handled it for me. "We'll both have water. Thank you, cutie." They then gave the waitress a head pat that made her do a happy dance before she left to get those. Gosh, she was adorable… I wanted to hug her… Stars, I was gay.
I was currently sitting across from Abies. There was a gap, but they still had their fuzzy vines curled up holding me from under the table. The evergreen affini towered over me even when seated. My eyes couldn't bear to even look up at them as my now permanently flushed face was angled downwards. My owner slipped the fidget cube into my hands.
After drinks were placed on the table and Abies flirted a little with the waiter, I finally was spoken to. "So little Evie, what can you tell me about your adorable little self? Or to narrow it down for your cute little mind, what hobbies do you have?"
"I-I don't really have any… I just sort of struggled to get by after my family kicked me out so I didn't have time for stuff…" Stars I was bringing the mood down. I couldn't even date right- "Eep!" A vine brushed my leg and the xenodrugs made my thoughts do a stop it.
"Hmm, I guess we'll have to frame this more positively. Are there any hobbies my first floret would like to try?"
Hmmm, that took thought and thinking… Hobbies. I had lots of time now that I was mostly spending either cuddling and/or getting my thoughts played with. What did I want to do with my time other than that… "Uh I'd like to get into like art… maybe sculpting? I like doing touch things…"
They didn't give me time to doubt my words. "Oh my little Evie is an aspiring artist! When we get home I'll set up a little space in my art studio for you."
"You're an artist?" I mean I'd seen their habitation unit, all the colors and paintings. I guess I just assumed they like bought them or whatever the post-scarcity equivalent of buying was. Stars I wasn't observant. My hands fiddled with the cube.
"Indeed my medium is painting. Expressing the beauty inherent in all things has been a passion of mine since the start of my fourth bloom." Right the blooms, the affini rebirth cycle. Affini were weird and my owner was no exception to the dorky strange alienness.
I pondered the appropriate response to being told Abies was a painter… "Uh, that’s cool…"
"Indeed it is, perhaps I'll do a few paintings of you, kitten." They, er, can't like say that! And the kitten stuff too. Also I didn't like my- "Though it'll have to wait until after you've had more time on your class-G. You are going to turn out so beautifully. Not that you aren't resplendent right now."
"gkjdfshgkadhfkjashgflakjsdhgkljashfklasjdfhkasjskadj Abies!" They were just complimenting me sooo much! Aaaaaaaahh!!!
Their eyes were on me. I could feel it even if my eyes were down looking at the cube wishing I was permitted to hide my face. Of course in true Abies Fir, Fourth Bloom fashion, they had to up the ante. "That reminds me. Evie you are to refer to and think of me as Master. That's an order, my little pet."
My head fell to the table. Abies, er Master was the most power flexing tyrannical affini ever and Internal screaming!
"And when I give you an order you are to respond with 'Yes, Master'." sdrajvdsabjhdsafjhdfsadsfahgdsafhdsahkdsajfh
"Y-Yes, Master…" I mumbled into the table.
Their hand pet me on my head and they said those words. "Good girl~" Master was bullying me. This whole date was me getting flustered by this alien and-and…
"Is this what dates are like?"
"This is what our date is like. Tell me flower, are you enjoying yourself?"
My mind had to spend a lot of time processing that. Was I enjoying this? Uh… well er, uhm… "I-I don't know… Master. I can never tell how I uh, feel…"
A peek at their expression showed a smug smile. "That's okay, flower. From what I can tell, you are very much enjoying this." Oh gosh… I-I might be. Stars, I was on a date and enjoying it and-and they weren't even a girl and that was super confusing. "Evie, what are you thinking?"
"I um was just uh thinking about how weird it is to be on a date with a not girl?" That was the exact moment I thought back to Nilla's slip up. Master had a female form… C-Could I ask to see that? That felt rude to ask.
"You are so hung up on the gender of those you target with affection." Master commented before continuing. "I know that you hold your identity as a lesbian close to your heart, but going on a date with me won't change that if you don't want it to. Besides, there is nary an affini who truly fits into your terran conception of gender. I am not a man nor woman, I am myself and my expression using terran gender is fluid. Surely you've noticed how often I make adjustments to my shape?"
Right, Master Abies was rather fluid. Today was a more uh masculine form but like a sort of twink rather than the more macho form he had when we first met. Gosh, he was saying that a lot of affini basically pretended to gender… I mean they were shapeshifters. Dianthus didn't even have a humanoid form, or at least not one I had seen. Then there was Abies's mysterious femme form…
Master noticed my thoughts. Paeonia could read me like an open book, but somehow Master could read me well too. "You just thought of something interesting. Spill it Evie, what's on your mind?"
"Uh, Nilla mentioned you uhm, had a feminine form that you could take on?"
"You want to see one of my femme forms don't you?" One of?! There were multiple?! I nodded sheepishly. "Use your words, and beg."
I took a deep breath, my head lowered before my master. "Please please master, may I see one of your feminine forms please??"
I could feel the motion through the vines wrapped around my legs. They were shifting. Re-sculpting themselves into a new form… I was terrified to look up. Gosh stars I wanted to look up, but they weren't done yet.
A voice that held my Master's rhythm and yet was distinctly different and uh intentionally feminine spoke. "You may look up now my little gay flower."
My eyes looked up and afjhahgfghadfgdafsggldsafghdsfaghdsafghadsfghadfsgdsafhdsfagdsfahdsfakfdsakgfdskhfkdhskdgsakgdsakhgdsafhkdasfkhdaskjdasfkgjdasfkjdaskgjdasfkgjdasfkghadsfghdasfhkgadsfvgfvyfeawvyadyabcasboicadbidsbkhzdvsfmvzdvmzmbzbhvbhladsfefbgiufbierbioufewibufbvibalvewrbavreb,dsvfdhzvbaobijhrbeahjifvdaesnjkvfweojkhgvbaoihbvoawiusehvcoaaeihsvboieaswlhybdfilhvasnbgihfvnoaoishcbkshAVBFcnskbgoiusfbv
Stars, Master was hot! "ihjasbdgfkoasjhgkaosjduhaiosjfgasikdhasihkjasdihgf" M-Master rewove their fuzzy pine needle exterior vines into a big soft fluffy womanly shape… I was gay. I was sooooo gay.
Then the smirk. Their smirk made my heart stop. "I take it you approve, my little first floret?"
"I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I gayyyy"
Master giggled and I melted on the spot. "I am aware of how gay you are my little flower. Just remember. This is a form and not one I’ve taken often… Though I might use it more if I get to see your adorable gay little face light up like that."
My heart was imploding and my face was probably about to set off a fire suppression system. My hands were shaking too much to even properly hold onto the fidget cube. A vine moved right in front of my mouth and with a few taps had me start nibbling on it.
Daisy chose that of all times to return. "Gosh, you two are so CUUUUTE!! Have you decided what you both want to order?"
"I'm fine with some nutrient water, and my little one here will have the chicken tenders meal." Master was ordering me my favorite meal… Why was I cursed with such immature food preferences?!?! At least I didn't order it. I didn't get a choice, so *I* wasn't embarrassing myself. Nope. Master was the one embarrassing me, and they loved doing it.
"Got it! Also, gosh the nibbling!!!" She squeed before skipping off to the kitchen. Daisy was too cute. I wished I could squee and act that cute.
Master then used their vines to move one of my hands up, and grasped it in their big hand.  "This is such a lovely date so far. Thank you for coming with me, little Evie." My heart stopped…
I let out a muffled, "Eeeep!" from my nibble hold. It was all a ruse. Master didn't give me the choice in this! He just wanted to make me fluster and squeak and squirm and-and ajkhsgfiousahgijsdhgkjashfksahbfg!!!!
"Roots, how am I supposed to resist you when you act so astoundingly adorable. Come here." Master picked me up out of my seat and placed me into their lap. My head was pulled back to rest against their fuzzy plush busty shape. They held me like a doll, like a pet, like a little kitten in her owner's lap. Master began playing with my hair, while I nibbled his vine.
He was still a he/they despite the intentionally feminine appearance. The same hypnotic rhythm that they had been instilling in me since we met was there. The same personality was there. Just a temporary tweak to their gender expression, and yet it made everything click. I was head over heels infatuated and smitten with my owner. The form wasn't important, though gosh if my Master didn't look hot like this, I liked them. I liked my Master a whole lot, and I was happy to know I was theirs forever.
Daisy arrived with the food and Master paid her in flirty compliments. Of course that led Master to doing the unthinkable.
"M-Master, uhm chicken tendies are like finger food. You don't use utensils." Stars, I accidently called them chicken tendies. I wanted to curl up, but Master's vines held me in place.
"Oh, you want me to hand feed you, kitten?" That tone. Gosh, Stars, Gosh.
"Y-Y-Yes, Master." The stammered words replied from my mouth.
That didn't stop my owner from using those tapping gestures to guide me through eating. Every meal I had since becoming a pet was like this. Whether it was Paeonia, Master, or once Dianthus. The whole thing was super good for slowing me down, settling my thoughts, and just letting me exist as a momentary experience while completely and utterly controlled.
As I finished the last bite, Master brought me up from the trance-like state with a head pat, a "good girl", and a kiss on the head.
Daisy was fast and silent, taking the plates away before retreating behind a large flower pot to spy on us. She noticed me notice her, and motioned for me to do… something with Master Abies. She pointed to her lips. I didn't underst- oh OH.
I turned around to face my owner, unable to meet his eye. "Uhm uh er M-Master… may I like uh kiss you?" That was the most painful and stressful thing I've ever said and I once spilled my emotional guts out like five times in one morning before I got domesticated.
"No, but I'm going to kiss you, my wonderful sweet little Evie." And Master's finger under my chin guided my mouth up and met their own with a kiss… They stole my breath and I passed out.

Evie is very very gay. Her first date was really fun to write but hmmm we can go gayer, *glances at the next chapter*

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and provided me with good feedback on all 12 chapters
And more!

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