Anthology Domestication Guide


by Darkfalli

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #scifi #sub:female #transgender_characters #anthology #body_modification #dom:internalized_imperialism #drug_play #ownership_dynamics #petplay #sub:capitalism

CW for uhm... the MC gets angry? IDK if this needs any specific ones

Looking over the chart for the new rebel, Verdurea knew it could break the girl in record time. Stars, everyone else took their time building these elaborate relationships but that took so long. It knew it could do better.
Some of the gamer florets explained the concept of a speed run to it, and Verdurea found it to be a fun idea. Trying to do something as fast as possible as a challenge. However in most speed runs, there existed rules prohibiting the use of some exploits. Deep in thought it pondered what would ruin the speed run. Anything that'd make the floret too uncomfortable absolutely was off limits. No grappling her and pumping her full of drugs until she'd do whatever it said… not unless she asked.
It also would be perfectly honest. While the Compact's culture encouraged honesty, affini could lie. Verdurea would not utter a single falsehood. Hmm anything else? Verdurea still thought it could easily do this so it came up with one last rule. It couldn't mention horses. Every affini on the overnet said mentioning horses always confused terrans enough to get them to calm down, and that sounded like far too big of an exploit for it. Perfect.
With all of its rules in place, it walked up to the holding room containing one Leona Aeris, First Floret, rewove its body, switch its pronouns over to she/her, and set a timer on her comm unit.
With the clock running, she pushed open the door and cheerfully said, "Hi flower!"
The rebel screamed.
*     *     *
Leona took a while to stop screaming but the affini just sort of flipped a large chair around and sat there patiently until she stopped. Finally out of screaming energy, she eyed the creature. Another plant set to conquer humanity. The weed would what? Eat her, turn her into a pet, maybe throw her into the mines. Leona knew what vile things they were, and refused to cooperate. Death seemed preferable to imperialist slaving space plants.
The plant spoke first. "So dear, I'd like to quickly explain a few things to set your mind at ease. First, I'm Verdurea Aeris, and basically our Compact assigns rebels into—"
"Slavery. I know you stupid fucking weed." Leona knew what horrors these plants concocted; she'd seen the broadcasts of drugged up dolls spouting propaganda. Disgusting. A true terran never gave up. Eventually they'd win they'd—
"Okay, I'm not going to lie to you, there is some ownership of persons involved, but—and here's the fun part!—it's less like slavery and more like… are you familiar with terran kink relationships?"
What? Leona paused, looking up at the affini sitting casually across the room. Kink… relationships… wait… "You can't conflate owning someone, with-with BDSM, that's disgusting!" Everyone knew consent was the most important thing in a BDSM relationship, and even CNC relationships grew out of mutual understanding and consent. Nothing here would ever have Leona's consent; she knew that for damn sure.
"Okay, yes I'll agree that in the case of rehabilitating rebels, it violates a bit of the principles of consent, but I've never met a floret unhappy with the arrangement. We are very good at giving you exactly what you want and need. Like HRT!"
Leona squinted. This plant thought it could fucking bribe her? At least it wasn't fucking lying to her. It just believed all the fucked up shit it spouted. Unfortunately, a lack of hormones had been one of her biggest fears upon getting captured… "You've got hormones?"
The weed practically lit up in joy, like a kid being given a surprise present. "Yes! Better than hormones actually! Between gene editing and nano bots we can vaguely reshape you to look however you want! Stuff that was impossible for your Terran Accord. I only have some basic accelerated conventional HRT xenodrugs, but I can get you whatever you want! A new eye color, hair color, fur, we can surgically give you a tail! Just tell me what you want and I'll get it for you."
Okay, that was a fucking lie. It had to be. Leona knew it had to be… it just wanted to drug her and force her into compliance. "Don't you dare fucking toy with me about that you fucking weed!"
The plant looked upset, worried. "Dear, I promise I'm not—"
"Shut up!" Leona had risen to her feet in righteous anger. "Don't come in here trying to bribe me with some miracle designer drug. You just want another peaceful servant. A slave in some forced D and s relationship. Unless you're lying about that too. Shut up you stupid—"
The affini rose to her full height, towering over the small weak Leona. Pulling a data pad out from within her torso, the affini tapped away and shoved the device in her face. "Read."
Refocusing her eyes, Leona nervously took her eyes off the giantess and peeked at the screen. Class-G xenodrugs… Transformative… for those with dysphoria… takes weeks to several months… The rebel then saw the pictures. Furries, catgirls, a guy who looked like an actual incubus. The images could be faked, but they looked so real. "This is fake."
The affini groaned, taking back the device and tapped a few times. "Hi, Flora, I'm with my new ward, and she's still a bit agitated but I'd like to show her Olivia, if that's alright. She doesn't believe me about the class-Gs."
From the device, Leona heard another strange alien voice respond, "Alright, but if she starts cursing I'm hanging up."
The giantess still intimidatingly towering over the small terran turned the screen back around and showed another plant with a catgirl in her lap, eyes unfocused and drugged out of her mind, she sat smiling in the plants lap.
Worse, Leona watched the movement, the tail, the ears were real… and the purr that started when the affini scratched behind her ear… Oh stars, the weed wasn't lying.
The plant on the screen looked unamused with the rebel. "Seen enough, dear?" The plant picked up the cat girl like a stoned out cat and wiggled her in the air, and the catgirl purred louder. "Olivia, say hi to the nice rebel."
The stoned out cat waved and chirped a cute little miaow-miaow, before saying, "Hiiii, you're cute… want to go on a date?"
Pulling the cat back in, the plant chided the woman. "Kitten, you aren't allowed to date ferals."
"Yes, Mistress!" And stars, there went the light D and s stuff.
Verdurea, the affini holding the device, retrieved it and went back to her chair. "So, still think I'm lying?"
Leona pouted. That… okay so maybe it told the truth about the drugs and the compelled kink. Maybe she was interested in the HRT. "You're just going to withhold the HRT until I do what you want."
To say Verdurea looked shocked would understate the sheer horror, the rebel saw cover the face of the xeno. "By the Everbloom, no! We'd never withhold necessary medications for what, compliance? Leona, your well-being is my highest priority. Mental and physical. And so what if I ignore your consent to make sure you're fed, and you receive your medications. Your life and happiness is important to me."
"THEN LET ME GO!" Leona screamed at the plant. "If you care then don't force me into some fucking weird relationship and let me decide how to live my life! Stop enslaving people. Stop eating them. Stop destroying their homes. If you want to fucking help, don't take away my fucking freedom!"
Verdurea stilled her vines and shut her eyes a moment before opening them once more. "Flower, our priority is the health and safety of all, and freedom is something offered to those we don't have to babysit into not causing harm to themselves or others. We are plants. We don't eat people—unless they are into that. We do not destroy, we build and create and have given homes to every single homeless terran."
"Flower, would you like to see the rest of the ship? See how every terran is living. See what we actually do rather than whatever it is you seem to misguidedly imagine."
Leona knew an opportunity when she saw one. A chance to escape, to slip out of this prison and back to her ship. With a frown on her face she played along. "Fine. Show me."
"Gladly!" The plant got up and approached the door… "Coming?"
Leona leaning against the wall, hesitantly crossed the space to the plant at the door. Her eyes suspiciously watching the creature who hadn't yelled or shouted, or attacked, or even threatened her beyond just being tall.
In fact standing next to the beautiful giant woman woven of plants, she felt a bit… nervous. Like the size difference intimidated her before, but now… Now she noticed her beauty. Leona noticed Verdurea's massive boobs. Yup. Leona finally calmed down enough that the gay started seeping in. Nope. Leona absolutely wouldn't go all stockholm on this plant.
Then the affini held out a vine towards her. "So," the gorgeous plant looming over Leona with a smile, said. "As I explained earlier, there is… a resemblance to terran kink, but also leashes are good for keeping you from running off. I will need to leash you or drug you to take you out of here. May I?"
Oh stars the plant wiggled her eyebrow leaves suggestively with the dorkiest face and the rebel just could not even. "No."
"Would you prefer xenodrugs then? Or shall we stay and chat for the next few hours until I convince you to eat so I don't have to force you to eat for your own well-being, because I'd very much dislike having to make you uncomfortable with a force feeding but you clearly haven't eaten well on your terran ship and most terrans work best with two to three meals a—"
"I get it! Just… just leash me, okay?" Leona, felt like she was starting to piece together what was going on with this plant and she'd rather not hear more and somehow believe the plant was a kinky gay dork trying to help her out. Obviously that'd begin to undermine most of her beliefs that hinged on affini malevolence because if the affini were nice then her treatment so far would be a kindness compared to the Accord's for profit incarceration system.
Nope. Definitely just some weird confusing ploy and all of her arguments definitely were rock solid. Consent was important… though she began to understand that the affini placed it below happiness and health. While personally she disagreed with it, she could maybe see their side of things? Like she did attempt to murder everyone aboard this ship several hours ago, but war… war was fucked up like that. Leona fought for the survival of her species. What higher calling to violence could there be than that?
Slipping a vine through the loop on Leona's collar, the giantess winked at the gay terran and said, "If you insist." The door opened and she strode confidently out of the room, with a light tug on the collar.
Blushing, the rebel followed. She kept as much distance as the leash afforded. Eyes darted around looking for an escape. Definitely for an escape. Definitely not trying to hide her fluster from her captor.
What the rebel saw as she walked was large clean hallways bathed in golden light. The walls looked ornately decorated, and they passed a large kitchenette. It all felt too homely. To ornate. Too good for a place to keep a prisoner of war.
One thing Leona noticed not seeing was anyone else from her crew. "What'd you do with the rest of the crew?" Verdurea answered all of her questions, surely she'd answer that too.
"Most are in these other rooms meeting their own caretakers." She gestured to a passing door. "Some are already out and about. After all, some surrendered peacefully and demonstrated they aren't trying to indiscriminately kill everything that looks green. Good behavior goes a very very long way with us." The affini peeked back at the blushing terran that swiftly averted her eyes. "In fact, if you're a good girl I'll have to spoil you rotten."
Leona gulped. As a trans woman and a massive sub with a praise kink, this affini just started laying it on thick. That initial, this plant is an enemy, mood got dismantled with a patient honest conversation and evidence to back up any and all claims.
In her fluster, she almost walked into the flirty plant. Halting with the still plant before a singular large door, she caught Verdurea peeking at a comm unit before tucking it away in her vines. "I'll catch you if you fall okay?"
Confounded by what that could possibly mean, the door opened and the world opened up to the rebel. She saw blue skies, green grass, and so many people. For a moment, she got confused as to what planet they were on… until she noticed the curvature. No, not a planet. A station? A massive station at that. Utterly gargantuan. "When did we get on a space station?"
Verdurea tugged her collar and kept the terran walking along with her. "Station? Dear, this is a small warship. We won't be visiting a station for at least ten days."
In her frozen confusion, Leona stumbled and fell—right into the waiting vines of the affini. A thorny grin looked down on the gay woman. She whimpered.
"Leona, flower, you need to be more careful. You could have hurt yourself." The flirty giantess set the blushing rebel back on her feet. "Now, where should we go first? A restaurant, an arcade, to get ice cream, walk in the park, maybe a massage parlor, a VR café…" Verdurea slapped her forehead in mock self-chastisement. "I forgot to explain that we got rid of currency. Every amenity on this ship is of course free, so please don't feel pressured by finances, they simply don't exist anymore."
"War… ship?" This large… ship was a warship and it had… parks? Leona's mind got so utterly confused she entirely missed the part where she was being taken on what could be considered a date.
"Yes flower, a small warship." Verdurea slowed her pace but resumed walking, giving her rebel time to catch up. "Now if deciding on a place to go is too hard I could pick one you might like… oh we could also go to the vet and get you some specialty class-Gs!"
Constantly bombarded with new information, Leona got a bit overwhelmed but tried her best to keep track of everything. It'd been a long time since she'd been in a space that large and open and her anxiety reared its ugly head. Sticking close to her plant she parsed that last bit. "Vet? What do you mean vet?" Leona did want some fancy transformative drugs… that wouldn't make her a plantfucker would it? No. Clearly she'd only be uh, making the best of her imprisonment?
Meandering down the path towards a dense cluster of overly ornate and large buildings, Leona's escort said, "So, I explained that our relationships with our wards resemble kink relationships, yes?"
"Yeah." Leona eyed a very high man being led around on a leash. Her cheeks flushed.
"And I'm walking you around on a leash, yes?"
Leona, distinctly became aware of the collar around her neck. The tightness. The leash. "Mhm."
"Tell me what style of terran kink relationship involves walking sophonts around on a leash?"
A burning fire lit itself on the rebel’s cheeks. She knew. She fucking knew. Oh stars, the aliens treated everyone like- like… Nearby a terran begged an affini for what looked like a treat. Fuck.
Verdurea looked down at her. She knew. That smirk oh stars… Leona's lip warbled. She knew what the plant was doing and it was working. "Well?" Stars, that eyebrow raise just…
"Petplay…" The dedicated rebel mumbled.
A hand patted her on the head. "Good girl!"
Leona wanted to die. She wouldn't sell out for a kink relationship with some giant plant beautiful patient kind plant woman, in what looked like a verdant paradise… She wouldn't. She believed in a free Terra, not suffering under the vines of these affini… In her attempt to look anywhere but at her escort, she failed to find any terran, free or a- a pet, that was less than more happy than she'd ever seen anyone ever.
"I'll definitely take you out for ice cream later for that… assuming you want to. I'm sure a bold brash rebel like yourself wants to make her own decisions." Now the affini was just humiliating her. "So did you want to go see your veterinarian about getting some custom class-Gs?"
Veterinarian. Vet meant veterinarian and now Leona really started to understand what her captor meant when she talked about it all being kink. "The vet."
A tug on her leash got her to change direction and follow the affini off to presumably a vet for terrans. Stars, this felt wrong to her but she also felt really flustered by it all. Leona tried to muster her initial outrage… and failed. The subby trans woman just felt too kinky and gay to shout and yell again.
Not being one to waste a moment of silence, the affini then said, "So Leona, you are legally my pet, or floret as we like to say. However, once you demonstrate good behavior, I'd be perfectly fine with letting you live an independent life. I'd rather not force you into anything I don't have to."
"Uhm… thanks…" Leona felt a bit… disappointed at the notion. Like sure this was wrong… but it was hot? Her plant seemed really nice and understanding… and hot. Slapping herself on the face, the rebel reasserted her desire for a free Terra not begging at the heel of big beautiful plant women.
"Oh, and just to be clear. When I said this was a small warship I meant it. We have starships the size of small moons, and stations the size of planets. We have structures the size of solar systems. And our Compact spans galaxies… or what I'm trying to say is that, your rebellion never stood a chance. We've lost less than ten ships conquering the entire Accord. We brought thousands and we have trillions more outside the borders of terran space."
The terran woman stopped walking and rather than tug on the collar, the affini stopped too. The plant hadn't lied yet, it hadn't and it'd treated her nice and then it just spouts off how out gunned the rebellion was. How actually outgunned they were. Leona took a look around. Blue eyes swept across the ship's interior, the lush paradise larger than any terran ship. One that easily defeated her own ship. "We never stood a chance?"
"It was all pointless?"
"Unfortunately, yes."
"I- I suffered for two years aboard that ship in cramped quarters, over worked, threatened with being shoved out an airlock when it never even fucking mattered?"
Verdurea knelt before the now teary eyed woman. With one of her massive hands she cupped the face of the crying woman. A viney thumb wiped away a salty tear. "Leona, what matters is you're here now. You're safe. Work is gone, you're free to pursue whatever passion you wish, and I'll be here to support you. Okay flower?"
She sniffled. Leona sniffled and looked up at the affini, and saw not the terrifying devourer of terrans but a beautiful woman who wanted to take care of her. One that was dorky and flirty. An affini that never raised her voice or got angry. Never lied. "I-I don't want to be a rebel anymore."
With a big smile full of mirth and love, Verdurea replied, "That's okay, dear. I'd never let you go back to those horrible conditions. You deserve better, okay?"
"Okay." came the soft weak whimper of a broken woman.
"Permission to hug?"
Leona just nodded and got swept up into a big hug. She cried and cried and cried into the plant's shoulder. Cried her soul out to what had been only an hour ago, her sworn enemy. Sometimes a girl needed to cry. They remained like that for a long long while. Longer than it took for Leona to become a plantfucking traitor to her former cause. She'd broken out of her rebelliousness and into a sensitive emotional mess with an uncertain future, clinging to the sole source of comfort around.
Crying left the former rebel entirely too tired to continue the long walk through the massive ship. A pair of arms scooped her up into a bridal carry and continued on their way. Leona blushed further. Her sensitive emotions switched back to focusing on this affini, this plant. Her plant.
She whispered, "Uhm Verdurea… I'm your uh… what was the word?"
"Floret?" The beautiful plant offered a beat later
"Yea, I'm your uhm floret right?" Leona's blush consumed her. Her hands flapped a little, no longer too scared to not mask in front of the affini.
"Indeed you are my beautiful little floret." The woman proudly smirked as her shimmering golden eyes met Leona's own. "What are you thinking about in that adorable little head of yours, my dear?"
With a big gulp, the former rebel got nervous, she felt really nervous but that rippling effect of Verdurea's eyes dislodged the words from her throat. "What if you and I uhm, what if you t-treated me like your pet more and- and-"
"You want me to make you a happy pet like all the other florets?" The affini practically read her mind and then organized it into something other than a gay flustered stammering mess.
Leona nodded bashfully in the arms of her captor. Her subby gay heart collapsing in on itself into a singularity of fluster.

turns out subbytransgirl% speedruns are really quick if you try hard enough, just gotta establish trust first and then flirt aggressively

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