Down in the Dark

by DarkBigE

Tags: #cw:noncon #drool #fantasy #snake #sub:female

Hazel was a seasoned adventurer, someone who found comfort in the darkness of unexplored caverns. Hazel is also an extremely unlucky adventurer, as time and time again she has fallen victim to traps that ensnare the mind. Will things be different this time? Probably not!

Just a little something I threw together for @hypnosalazzle over on twitter. She makes lovely characters and I was inspired to write one of her OCs once again falling victim to someone's hypnotic ways. I hope you enjoy!

The dull sound of stone grinding upon itself led Hazel to believe she had solved the puzzle before her. She had spent months researching, planning, and following leads to get where she was now. After all that waiting, she’d finally have a treasure that would keep her financially secure for years to come. Legends tell of a lost city of unfathomable wealth that lies just below her feet, seemingly lost to time and completely undiscoverable. Until now.

As the series of glyphs locked into place, the sealed doorway that stood between Hazel and her treasure opened with a soft hiss, the telltale sound of any good hidden pathway. Coughing slightly at the assault on her lungs by the stale air of this place, the seasoned adventurer made her way deeper into this forgotten place, a torch handily lit to keep the darkness at bay. After roughly half an hour of skulking through the shadows, ready and waiting to dodge any boobytraps that may lie in wait, Hazel found she no longer required the torch to see; a new source of light flickered just around the next corner, its hazy pink light unfamiliar yet reassuring.

Cautiously, Hazel rounded the corner, fully prepared for any traps that might be sprung. But instead, she was pleasantly surprised to see a mountain of shimmering pink crystals scattered upon a bed of gold coins. She couldn’t believe her luck; the treasure was greater than even the legends had predicted. With reckless abandon, she lunged forward and sank her hands beneath the aurous sea, the weight of her discovery finally settling in her mind. She couldn’t carry this all back to the surface with her, not in one trip at least. She released the gold back into the pile, the coins falling together in rhythmic plinks

Turning from the gold, Hazel took a closer look at the glowing pink crystals. They were unlike any gem she had seen before, and while she could not identify them, she found it difficult to avert her gaze from their beauty. There was something mesmerizing about them, the subtle flickering that lured the eye to attention. As she pondered their use and nature, she didn’t realize her mind had begun to wander.

That’s right, it was rather warm down here. It would be all right for her to let loose a few buttons from her attire. She was alone down here, there wasn’t anyone around to cause a fuss. With her eyes never leaving the crystal in her hand, Hazel slowly but surely began to strip, the majority of her actions bypassing any rational objections she might have had. There was no harm in striping down, after all she’d need to be comfortable for her journey back to the…

An audible and sensual moan was the only sound that escaped her lips. A sudden rush of euphoria caused her now naked body to become flush with heat, a desire crept into her core from a will entirely not her own. But this felt too good to question, after all it had been a while since she’d seen any action. All those long nights spent researching to find this treasure and now she had it all before her. Why shouldn’t she feel good, feel accomplished and content? With her right hand firmly grasping the crystal now, it mere inches from her face, Hazel’s left hand secretly crept lower, rolling a nipple between puppeteered fingers and eventually stopping at its desired destination. Hazel didn’t know it, but she was drooling now, her mind flooded with thoughts of pleasure and accomplishment. How proud she was of herself for finally achieving her goal, for finally finding this fabled treasure. A slight pinch of her left hand shot electricity up her spine, just in time for…

Hazel stood motionless as her fluids continued to drip onto the dusty stone beneath her. But she didn’t care, in fact she was incapable of rational thought all together. That final surge of erotic energy, combined with the rhythmic pulsing of the crystal directly in front of her eyes, provided her observer with ample opportunity to provide the suggestion that would seal this adventurer’s fate. The soft sound of scales on stone slunk closer to the enslaved bovine, her mind ensnared in a feedback loop of euphoric surges that her consciousness lacked the power to process. As the cool coils of her captor wrapped snuggly around her voluptuous form, the programmed words of the crystals played over and over again in her mind.


These foreign thoughts were the only ones that bounced around her newly emptied mind, at least for now. As her new reptilian master snaked a tongue across an exposed nipple, they pondered a better use for these mesmerizing crystals, one that would allow for greater expansion of their currently dwindled servant population. After all, they had an eager and willing ambassador already in their clutches.


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