Escape from the Cursed Warehouse

by DaceMcGraw

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #bullying #dubious_consent #fantasy #m/m #straight_to_gay #thriller #transformation #anal #cumdump #curse #foreskin_regrowth #growth #happy_ending #multiple_partners #muscle_growth #oral_sex

Levi and his friends wake up with crushing hangovers in a strange warehouse full of cursed items. They have to play some sort of sick game if they ever want to get out - but what does it even mean to be cursed, down here?

Levi had never woken up with a pickaxe through each eye, but that was the only thing he could imagine causing the hangover he felt. He groaned miserably, rolling over to try and shield his eyes from the warm light above, until he ran into another warm body to his right.
"Fuck off Greg." Warren moaned next to him. "It's too early. Lemme sleep."
"Fuck you." An aching groan came from somewhere to his left as Greg shuffled around. "I was asleep."
Risking the agony of sight, Levi opened his eyes. He was planted halfway into Warren's side, awkwardly splayed in a way that would probably leave him sore later. The floor was some sort of concrete, cracked and dusty, and was pleasantly cool against his skin even though it was gritty and uncomfortably hard to lie on.
"What the fuck." Levi managed to croak. "If this is some sort of prank, Victor, I'm gonna kill you."
"Wha?" A confused whimper sounded somewhere near his feet. Victor played innocent all the time but he was clearly still more asleep than awake. "Huh?"
A dull thread of alarm pressed against his skull. Had they been drinking last night? Did they wander into an abandoned building or something and crash out? Why couldn't he remember?
"Dude. Getthefuckoffme." Warren slurred unevenly. A rough, halfhearted shove later, Levi was on his back, watching Greg try to get comfortable again. Over Greg's shoulders a bunch of weird shit hung from threads like the pull strings for old-school ceiling fans. Levi stared at them vacantly, his head still blazing with pain as the odds and ends drifted back and forth.
"Guys?" A concerned voice said from the other side of Warren. It took Levi a second to place it but then it clicked. Victor's kid brother, Mikhail, aka Mickey. They'd let him hang out with them now that he'd finished high school and wasn't an embarrassing puppy following them around as they got drunk and tried to score chicks. "Guys, uh. This doesn't look right."
"S'fine man, go back to sleep." Warren rumbled, his linebacker arm slumping over his eyes to block the light. The huge guy had let himself go a little since graduating but his job at the lumber mill kept him bulky. It was weird to see him shirtless though. The dude was so pale he burned red as a lobster every summer when they were growing up and everyone knew he hated the freckles that covered his back like a minefield of spots.
That thought led Levi to realize he was shirtless as well, and barefoot to boot. He wasn't big like Warren or ripped like Victor but he usually kept a shirt on out of modesty, even in the balmy summer. What the fuck had they got in to last night? Had Greg finally convinced them to try some party drugs his college buds were always on about? If so, they were gonna kill him, assuming they survived these monstrous hangovers.
Wincing in pain, Levi levered himself up to look around the room. There were little tchotchkes hanging in the air everywhere, just above shoulder height, and a bunch of things on stands or racks, hanging from the walls or just casually leaning in piles. It looked like the set of a slasher film, or an old shed full of shit nobody had the heart or interest to clean out after an estate sale. Now that he was upright he could see Mickey looking around anxiously, obviously less outrageously hung over than the rest of them.
"The fuck did we do last night?" Levi asked. "Do you remember, Mickey? Anyone?"
"Weren't we at Angela's? That ... fuck, that weird rager thing? With the rave and the smoke machines?" Warren croaked from under his arm. "Turn off that light, asshole."
"I actually ... Huh." There were actually a lot of lights, casually strung around, with no clear light switch - like little fairly lights or some shit that people put up at Halloween or Christmas. "I don't see a switch."
"Fuck off and lemme go back to sleep." Greg barked, clearly annoyed. "Fuckers."
"Dude. Why are we shirtless? Where are our shoes?" Victor rubbed his eyes and blinked up at Levi and Mickey slowly. "Where are we?"
"Uh, more important ... I don't see a door, guys." Mickey gestured. "How do we get out?"
A speaker crackled to life somewhere with a feedback whine that left them all wincing. Warren sat up abruptly, roaring "what the fuck!?" and Greg curled in on himself in a ball, clutching his head. After a second the feedback loop died off and a squeaky, high voice came over the speaker.
"Uh. Sorry about that." The voice cleared its throat - no, *his* throat, it was a guy's voice, just reedy and high-pitched. It sounded familiar but Levi couldn't place it. "You'll notice there's no door in the room. That's because you'll need to play the game if you want to get out."
For a second the room was dead still, then a dozen questions poured out of them, yelling over each other and covering all the basics, with a lot of profanity as punctuation.
"You can be as pissed as you want, but nobody can hear you in here and there's no other way out. So shut up while I explain, OK?"
The guys grumbled and bitched a little more but eventually they all quieted down to listen.
"Everything you can pick up in the room can be cursed. Each of you has to accept the curse of at least one artifact before you can leave."
"Cursed? The fuck are you talking about, some faggy faerie shit or something?" Greg yelled. The college business major and semi-pro badboy had always been a little unnecessarily homophobic, Levi thought, and this probably wasn't the best time to be indulging in it, but he couldn't argue with the question. Cursed? What the fuck would that mean?
"Kind of exactly that!" The voice cackled through the speaker. "God, you're such a shithead, thanks for reminding me how much you all deserve this."
"The hell ... wait a second is that you, Ollie, you little shit?" Victor was standing unevenly now, looking for the speaker. "I could have sworn I recognized your voice you -"
Another loud blast of feedback noise cut Victor off as they all clutched their ears to block out the noise. There was no question the sadistic little queer was doing it on purpose this time. After a minute the sequel died off and Ollie's disembodied voice returned.
"Yep. It turns out all those times you shoved me in a locker or flushed my homework down a toilet or dumped water down my pants before class, I was marking time until I could pull this off. I'm pretty proud of it, I gotta say."
"Look, Ollie, you had your fun. Let us out." Levi pleaded. He wasn't sure if he could stop Victor and Greg from tearing their class nerd apart once they all got out of here but that was Ollie's problem, not his.
"You know the rules. I'm gonna just lean back and enjoy the show." There was a click, and then silence.
Levi stood, helping Warren up as Mickey hauled Greg to his feet. They looked around to get their bearings - yelling through the unfinished rafters, poking at the fairy lights that didn't seem to be plugged in to anything, and gingerly moving the dangling artifacts out of the way by their strings.
"There's got to be a door, right?" Mickey asked, carefully nudging a shiny sheriff's badge dangling on a fishing line out of the way as he scanned the ceiling for a trap door.
"Or a chute or something." Greg grumbled. He was knocking on the walls, looking for a hollow spot, secret door, or anything else that could get them out of here. Warren and Victor were dragging things aside looking for the speaker, wiring - anything that could show them where Ollie was hiding. Levi found himself drifting uncertainly in their wake.
He'd never been especially *cruel* to Ollie when they'd been in school, but the kid had made himself a target. Warren and Greg had bullied him and Victor had harassed him, stole his homework, and otherwise made his life hell. The reedy teen had been mostly in classes with them even though he was a year after them, in Mickey's year. He'd been smart, mousy, and a walking target for anyone to dunk on at any time. Sure, Levi had thrown his homework in the toilet, after he'd refused to let Levi copy his answers. But he hadn't hurt him, like Warren had, or pantsed him in front of the cheerleaders like Greg. Hell, from what he'd heard Victor and Mickey had flung water balloons at him in winter every year since they'd turned eleven. When the water hadn't frozen and nut checked the teen, his pants would be wet like he'd pissed himself, all day.
Still, it didn't warrant kidnapping and whatever sick game he was playing with these "cursed" things, whatever that meant. Or dosing them with whatever it was that had left him with a splitting headache. That was a crime right? Date rape or whatever?
"We can just grab one of these things each and go beat the fucker to death with them, right?" Greg growled from behind a pile of old, leather bound books.
"I mean, who knows what he means by 'cursed' right? It'd be just like that creep to have shoved some of these things up his ass and just piss himself laughing." Victor answered, clawing at a loose board on the wall. He yanked it off and revealed ... bare concrete. "Mother *fucker* where the hell are we!?"
"Found you, fucker!" Warren yelled, pulling a speaker out from a book between the rafters. He clutched it triumphantly as the others turned to look, then stared dumbly at them as he took in their shocked faces. "What? I shut him up. He was just using a Bluetooth speaker."
"Dude, look at it." Mickey murmured softly into the dead silence.
Warren looked up and followed the eyes of his buddies to see the little speaker decaying away in his hands, rust cracks spreading from his fingers into the cursed material like acid eating through cloth.
"Shit shit shit shit -" the bulky lineman flung his hands down, obviously trying to throw the speaker away, but it stuck to him as if magnetized, wobbling off his fingers even as it flaked away into nothingness.
"Ohhhh shit it's real what the fuck," Victor whispered, even as Warren dances around trying to get the last flakes off him. "They're  fucking cursed like my old Baba's stories and we're all gonna die or be eaten by witches or something."
"I'm cursed!" Warren pointing at Victor angrily. The group all stared at him for a second. "I'm *not* - I'm *not*...."
The linebacker stared at the air, obviously trying to say something and failing. "I'm not *not* cursed, mother *fuc-*"
As the linebacker cursed up a storm, the others huddled up in the biggest space they could find without dangling curses on strings.
"Holy fuck." Greg stared at them, wide-eyed. "What the shit is going on?"
"He's in on it, that's all." Mickey' s voice held no conviction - clearly grasping for an explanation that made sense, but ignored the strange disintegrating speaker Warren had grabbed.
"Dude, it looks like it's real." Levi found himself saying. "I don't know how it's happening, but Warren can't act for shit."
"Does that mean the rest of it is real?" Victor asked, looking around the room at the dangling artifacts. "That he won't let us out unless we each ... pick one?"
"Fuck." Levi looked around as they all fell silent. There were too many things to really take them all in. Lawn ornaments, jewelry, swords, tools, books, and baubles.
"Guys." Warren said to the group, with a pained expression. "Guys. I can't lie. I can't lie because of the curse. The curse is -"
"Shit." Greg stared at their buddy. "Look, not lying isn't like, great, but at least it's not worse."
Warren started to say something, then snapped his mouth shut, wide-eyed, and nodded. Mickey stared at him curiously.
"Wait." Levi said, narrowing his eyes at the freckled linebacker. "What were you going to say?"
"I don't want -" Warren stumbled, obviously trying to construct a lie, and failing. "It's not impo- ... impo.... impo. Fuck! ... Imp-o-tence?"
"You're trying to lie to us?" Victor stared at him, wide-eyed. "There's more to this curse shit and you're trying to cover it up?"
"That *would* be funny through. Can't get it up and can't explain it away when a girl asks why? Legendary!" Greg cracked the joke, before realizing the rest of the room wasn't having it. "Ok, *I* think it would be funny."
"Shut up, Greg, this is serious." Levi gave him a warning look before turning back to Warren. "What were you going to say, before you tried to lie to us?"
"I'm not a -" Warren started, then stopped and thought for a second. The big guy wasn't hugely bright, beyond the kind of predator cunning that worked well on the football field and not at all in a classroom. Watching him try to construct a believable lie that wouldn't give away the game was a bit like watching a dyslexic child try to sight-read a poem.
"I wasn't a fag, I'm still mostly - fuck, no. I'm still just a dude like you guys!" Warren finished proudly, not realizing he'd given himself away entirely while trying to construct a believable misleading lie. The freckled giant caught their stares and looked confused. "What? I'm just a regular guy, like everyone else."
"You *weren't* a fag?" Levi said crisply. Greg's eyes widened with realization. "You mean the curse turned you gay, too!?"
"N- n- n- ... FUCK!" The big guy roared, tears glistening at the corner of his eyes. "GODDAMNIT!"
"Wait, how do you know?" Mickey asked, probing. It was clear the skinny punk didn't fully believe the situation was happening to them, but it was clear Warren, at least, was cursed.
"I don't know!" Warren sobbed, clearly on the verge of collapsing into a blubbering mess as he sank to the floor and cradled his face in his hands. "I just know it now and I don't like it or want it and it scares me. Fuck, I don't want to be sacred in front of you guys but I'm terrified. What the fuck am I gonna *do?*"
A squeaky whine announced the return of Ollie's voice over the intercom, and while they all winced at the noise, they all went still with baited breath when the sound stopped.
"I guess I finally have your attention now, don't I?" The little fucker laughed confidently into the intercom.
"Don't fucking brag, man. Come out here and talk to us like a man if you're gonna taunt us." Victor shot back, still craning his neck around to look for the speaker that *had* to be hidden in all this junk somewhere.
"Nah, I'm good." Ollie's answered, clearly enjoying himself. "Now. As Warren had already discovered, once you bond with an artifact, you will instinctively know the nature of its curse. Each is a little different, but they're all wonderful."
"Fuck you, Ollie!" Warren moaned through his hands, his skin a bright, mortified red. "I fucking hate you!"
"Well, they're all wonderful for *me,* I guess." Ollie's chuckled. "Anyway, good luck! My only other bit of advice is that not everything in there is cursed ... but the only way to know for sure is to pick it up."
The intercom cut off with a little click, replaced only with the sound of Warren crying quietly on the floor.
"Look, so what if he wasn't lying about the ... curses ... but there's still got to be a way out of here, right?" Mickey was clearly desperate. "Not gonna lie, man, the idea that these things can do stuff like turn us gay makes me worry what other perverted, kinky shit they can make us do or believe."
"This is all seriously fucked up." Greg said, rubbing his hands over his face. "I'm still hung over as fuck and can barely think, much less figure out a way out of here."
"It's getting better but I'm not at 100% either." Levi agreed. His headache had receded to a dull throb somewhere between his temples, but if he moved his head around too quickly the room started to spin.
"Look, do you remember anything else about last night or how we got here or anything?" Victor asked his brother. "It's all we've got to go on, but all I remember is pouring the punch at Ashley's party and coughing when the smoke machine turned on."
"Wait, isn't Ashley related to Ollie or something? Cousins, right?" Greg broke in. The business student was still obviously freaked. "I bet the bitch was in on it."
"Doesn't help us either way." Levi grimaced, gingerly scanning the room for something - anything - that could help them get out of this mess. There were plenty of tools and things around, but ... how many of them were cursed? All of them? None of them? Was there really no way to find out without risking being cursed with whatever sick shit Ollie had dreamed up in revenge?
"Look, there's somewhere above us, right? We can see it through the floorboards." Mickey reached up to pick at the unfinished wood, peeking carefully through the rough floorboards above them.
"Who fucking knows?" Victor groused. "No chance Ollie has a huge basement the size of a damned warehouse just lying around."
"Yeah, where the fuck are we?" Greg looked around.
"Who cares, let's just try to get out before we ... get cursed." Levi shrugged, still picking at the ceiling. "There's *got* to be a way ..."
"There's an axe over here, maybe we can - " Victor said, reaching for the polished wooden handle.
"WAIT!" Greg, Mickey, and Levi yelled in unison. The lean prankster jumped back, looking at them in surprise.
"It's probably cursed, dumbass." Mickey explained. "Unless you want to wind up like Warren ..."
The burly ginger sniffled from down on the floor as if on cue. They all paused, thinking through the situation. Ollie hadn't lied to them yet, but he clearly was omitting information until it served his purposes. Warren was already cursed, and he knew what his curse was - honesty, with a side of queer.
"Maybe ..." Levi realized, seeing a tiny route out of their predicament. "Warren, buddy. Want to help us get out of here? Be a real bro?"
"Yes." Warren sobbed. "But how?"
"You can't lie." Levi explained. "And you're already cursed. If you pick something up and say it's not cursed, we know it's true, and you just said that you immediately knew what the curse was when you got it."
"Genius, man!" Greg slapped him on the back. "C'mon, man. Ollie's already turned you - "
Mickey slapped the older man before he could rub the big guy's humiliation in his face. Levi silently thanked whatever gods would hear that the youth had a good head on his shoulders, even if he was having trouble wrapping his head around the situation in its entirety. You couldn't blame him much for the latter - Levi could really only deal with it by not confronting it head on. Seriously contemplating curses? Whether they deserved to be subjected to this sick game? Better to focus on what you could actually do to get out of it.
"All right, buddy." Levi hauled Warren to his feet, helping him brush off the dust a bit. "You can do this. You're gonna be a hero if you help us all get out of here."
"Sure." Warren's face was still grimy, and tear tracks were slightly visible making lines down his face and his pecs. He was still obviously bummed, hurt by the way Greg was treating him as a disposable tool, but he was on board. Levi sighed with relief - getting Warren to act as a dowsing rod for cursed items was the only play he could think of that let them escape. "Yeah. Yeah, I can do that."
The big guy lumbered over the axe and scooped it up carelessly, obviously indifferent to whether it was cursed or what fate it had in store for him. The others held their breaths as he looked it over, examining the polished wooden handle and the shiny-bright curve of the blade. Warren turned it over in his hands slowly, letting them all get a good look at it as he did.
"Here you go." He offered it up to Victor, handle first. "It'll help you get out of here."
Victor shrugged and took the handle, looking for a place to cut at the raftered ceilings. Mickey pointed to a splintery spot in the ceiling, leading his brother over to it. Greg slapped Warren on the back, skin against skin. The big guy gave a grin, and it was only out of the corner of his eye that Levi caught the sly smile on his face.
Levi wasn't kidding when he said that Warren couldn't act for shit. That wasn't the smile of a someone chummy with his buds, having a good time. It was the grin of a guy who gets one over on people when he's usually the one being conned.
"Oh *fuck*, Victor, drop it!" Levi shouted, turning to the Russian brothers as they turned in surprise. Victor's hands reflexively opened, and the axe rolled down his fingertips ... and stuck there.
"Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit." Mickey whispered, stumbling away from his brother. "Warren! What the fuck!"
"It'll help you get out of here." Warren shrugged. "And fuck you for using me and throwing me away like a spent condom."
"Warren, man, no - it's not - it's not like that I swear!" Greg raised his hands up and backed away.
"Yeah it fucking is!" Warren jabbed his finger at him, furious. "I got cursed, now I'm gay and I can't even lie about it any my life is *over* and you just want me to fucking lie down and help you as if it's a good thing?! Fuck you!"
"Fuck, fuck, fuck it's falling apart I can't let go of it get it off me get it off me - " Victor was pitching and and spinning, the axe eroding away into flakes of rust-red dust before vanishing into thin air. "Oh fuuuuuck."
Warren knocked over a rack of knick-knacks and stormed off into the warehouse, cursing and yelling. Levi lost him in the clutter as he stepped to keep Victor in front of him. The slender Russian was looking at the last bits of the axe dissolved away, eyes vacant and wide.
"Shit. I'm cursed." Victor groaned. "Aw, fuck."
"What - what is it?" Greg asked, trembling. "Do you - I don't know are you like an axe murderer now or something?"
"No, I ... it's changing me." Victor murmured. And as he said it, Levi could see it was true.
Victor had always been a skinny, ripped bastard, tempting the ladies with a trim waist and washboard abs. Now a dense thatch of hair was growing on his abdomen, muscles bulging from his side and a dense, dark beard growing along his chin and lip. His shoulder muscles popped out as if strained, then subsided as his pecs heaved out with every deep, uneven breath. In the space of thirty seconds he went from slender youth to muscular, overbuilt adult.
"Holy fuck, dude." Greg murmured in awe. "If it's gonna be a curse, let mine be like that."
"Heh." Victor laughed, the sound odd and deep in his chest like he'd gone through puberty all over again or something. "Not so bad, all told."
"So they're not all - like, fag shit?" Greg said, looking around curiously. "Some of them can be good?"
"Well, I didn't say that." Victor rumbled. With a tense of muscle the now-massive Russian's pants split at the seam, showing tree-trunk thighs and calves bound in muscle. With a casual movement Victor ripped the rest of his pants away and revealed boxers straining at the seam - and a thick, leaking cock pressing through the fly.
Levi gasped as Victor loomed over Greg. Greg and Warren had always been the biggest ones - first through puberty, then with hours in the gym to put muscle on their frames. Now, Victor was taller, and even though Greg had wrestled in school the big Russian easily grabbed him and grappled him to the floor. Bare chest and muscle flexed as they struggled and as much as he was terrified by what was happening - he had to get away. He had to get out of here, away from that and away from these cursed things and -
He stumbled, half blind, through the clutter, tripping and falling, pulling himself up again and jerking away from the piles of cursed items he knocked over. The walls were closing in, the ceiling kept getting lower and he was *trapped*, there was no way out and he couldn't breathe and he was going to be crushed to death and Ollie would kill them all in revenge and they shouldnt have bullied him and oh god oh god he couldn't *see* and -
Levi crashed into something huge and warm and he screamed, fully terrified, his mind in a panic. He was kicking and punching and struggling until the words penetrated and he understood what was happening.
"It's ok man it's OK. Take deep breaths, slow breaths, you can breathe. It's just a panic attack, you've had them before." Warren was saying, letting Levi hit him and struggle while he patiently absorbed it and kept calling him down, gently stroking Levi's back.
"Fuck fuck fuck." Levi panted, feeling the panic subside bit by bit. "Fuck, Warren."
"Hey buddy, it's OK, you're OK." Warren said softly, almost crooning. "I can't lie right? It'll be OK and we're getting out of here."
"Thanks. Thanks, Warren." Levi sighed. "Fuck. Haven't had one that bad in a long time."
"Yeah, but it certainly makes sense." Warren rumbled. "It's a scary situation."
"Victor turned into a huge lumberjack guy and he started - he attacked Greg and he was gonna -" Levi felt the panic start to rise again.
"Oh. Shit." Warren's face grew crestfallen. "I didn't mean - I didn't want that to -"
"The fuck *did* you mean, man!" Levi remembered, letting outrage replace panic. "You let him get cursed!"
"I ... didn't want to be alone." Warren's eyes glistened a little. Levi was suddenly *very* aware that he was chest-to-chest and skin-on-skin with a much bigger, stronger guy who'd just been turned gay. A big, warm guy whose crotch was firming up under him.
"Fuck, are you coming on to me!?" Levi struggled out of Warren's arms and yanked himself up. Warren had betrayed them, had cursed Victor, had -
"No man it's not like that! Yes, of course, you're hot but you're my buddy and I know you're still-" Warren held his hands out, placating, but Levi felt the walls closing in again. He reached out blindly, grabbing for something, anything that he could use to keep Warren at bay. His fingers closed around a heavy length of metal and he grabbed it reflexively, hauling a length of pipe out of the clutter and pointing it at Warren like a club.
"Stay back! I'm serious!" Levi yelled, backing away slowly. Warren's eyes were wide as saucers, and he dropped his hands, then sighed, his shoulders slumping.
"Dude, look." Warren pointed.
"Better not be another trick you - oh shit." Levi stared at the length of pipe disintegrating in his hand. "Oh, fuck."
"It'll be OK man." Warren consoled from the floor. "Goes quick, at least."
Levi knew what he meant, all of a sudden. The pipe disintegrated away into flakes of weird metal, as if his touch was acid. He knew it was useless to toss it aside but he tried anyway, and watched helplessly as the pipe rolled to the ends of his fingers and then stuck there.
He could feel the curse rolling through him, rewiring something deep in him, wiping things away and putting other things in place like a storm sweeping away loose litter. The curse ripped through his sexuality like a knife through paper, and he felt his desires and interests changing.
Fuck, he loved cock. Fondling, sucking, playing with them, anything. He knew that it was the curse. He knew that he didn't care. How had he not appreciated dick before? His own, his buddy's, in porn - fuck. He remembered the women he'd fucked, of course, and that had been fun, but it was a pale imitation of what he felt now.
"Oh fuuuuck, man." Levi moaned.
"Yeah, right?" Warren grinned sheepishly. "Um. What's the ... what's the curse?"
Levi opened his mouth to say he didn't know, but the knowledge *flooded* in to him. He was gay, and he fucking loved cock. He felt a shiver as his cock trembled, hard and ready in an instant and then ... the odd, *sensual* feeling as the circumcision scar around his cock tingled, then grew, a layer of skin growing and stretching and straining to cover the head even as his dick swelled up and hardened.
"Oh wow." Levi breathed. "I love cock. And I'm always hard. And my cock grew and my *foreskin* grew back."
"Holy shit man." Warren got himself up from the floor. "That's ... well, that's better than being stuck telling the truth all the time."
"Holy *shit* man, my cock feels so *good*..." Levi couldn't resist fondling his junk through the tightening denim of his jeans. His cock was *leaking* precum, a spot forming and rubbing against the helmet of his cockhead.
"Dude, do you ... do you want to ..." Warren's voice was low, husky with desire. "Uh. I want to see it."
Levi lunged forward and kissed him. Full on the lips, hands grabbing the head, tongues fighting for dominance. The big ginger stud groaned with pleasure as his hands grabbed Levi's waist, cupped his ass, stroked his back - it all felt so *good* how could he have missed out on this before?!
Warren's hands moved between them, fumbling at the buttons and belt and stubborn elastic. Levi wriggled, helping him slide it down, gasping as the tension rubbed and pressed on his cock. "Fuuuuck..."
"Goddamn you're so hot." Warren whispered into his ear. "We should have been doing this the second our balls dropped. How did I not know this felt so good?"
"Shut up and take off your pants!" Levi moaned, humping through the trained fabric of underwear damp with sweat and precum. "I want your cock."
"Fuck yes!" Warren shucked off his pants like they'd been made to fall away in an instant. Levi saw his buddy's cock for the first time with new eyes and he felt his heart pulse with *joy*, anticipation running through him like a drug.
He'd seen Warren naked before, in changing rooms and skinny dipping. But he'd never *appreciated* it, soaked in the sight and presence of the thickening meat that descended from the coppery thatch of Warren's pubes, bouncing gently on the slack balls and sticking forward like a torpedo. The ridge of his helmet head was a bright, excited red, and Levi felt pride that *he'd* done that, he'd made Warren horny and big and thick. He marveled at the ridge of veins that traced around it's length, like a river on its banks, and the thick cleft of the piss slit flowing down into the blunt edge of the corona. He needed to *hold* it, to kiss it, lick it, touch it.
Warren finished undressing and caught Levi's gaze, looking down at his crotch. "What? Is everything OK? I know it's not -"
"Can I touch it." Levi cut in, fascinated. Warren's cock was a piece of *art*, he needed it like he needed air or water. "I want to touch it, to kiss it. Make you cum and -"
"Holy *fuck yes*, Levi, you can touch it!" Warren whooped, stepping forward as Levi lunged for his waist, one hand curling around to grab the bigger man's ass and the other gently, *reverently* stroking along the length and breadth of it.
"It's beautiful." Levi breathed, letting the aroma of the ginger stud fill his senses and gently moving forward to kiss it. It was warm, musky and astringent and full and *perfect* and he wanted more. His tongue slipped out once, then twice. Warren groaned as Levi let go of himself, his throat shoving itself on the fuckmeat that had become his obsession. His hand drifted down to his own cock and with a wet, slick noise he started to jerk himself languidly, reveling in the twin sensations of cock sliding into him and filling his face and brain with Warren's being, and at his own dick's newfound sensations rippling through his core.
Warren's thick, working man's hands gripped the sides of Levi's head, at first gripping cropped hair and then stroking down along his neck where his throat muscles bulged with the thickness of the ginger's cock.
"Fuck, man. That feels so good." Warren panted, his broad chest heaving with pleasure. "I've never had a blowjob like that, you're amazing."
Levi slowly pulled himself off his buddy's root, feeling tears form at the corner of his eyes from the usual stretch of muscle and tendon. He looked up at the mountain of a man he'd grown up alongside and marveled at the sight of him. His hand came up from his own cock to slowly jerk Warren's, slick precum mixing with spit in a smooth, even layer as the smaller man stood up and kissed Warren, the taste of cock sliding between them as their tongues explored each other.
"Unf, Levi. You feel so good." Warren pulled them together, leaning into the kiss and groping at the smaller man's ass as their dicks crashed together like hot pokers. Levi groaned with pleasure as his cock slid along the wall of his friend's muscly belly, trailing precum with wet noises as he twitched back and forth into the friction. The bigger guy's hands gripped at him and Levi felt himself tensing the muscles letting Warren feel every contour of his body, reveling in the masculine *joy* of it all.
"Wait. I want to try something." Warren fished a hand between them, gripping Levi's cock with a firm hand and rubbing a thumb slowly along the fold of regenerated foreskin. Levi practically crooned with pleasure, letting the thickness of his buddy's finger filling the pocket of space I overwhelm him. The sensation was on the verge of pain, but he couldn't bring himself to pull away either because of how *good* it felt to have another man touch his cock - how *right* it felt.
Warren's fingertip withdrew, and Levi groaned with relief and disappointment as the ginger gently brought their cocks down to run against each other, head to head. Slowly, Warren rubbed his blunt dickhead against Levi's arrowhead, the slick precum letting them glide alongside each other with ease. Levi basked in the feeling of warm, hard flesh running against the runny flesh of his buddy - then Warren gently brought his new foreskin forward, letting it roll up and over - then slide over Warren's cock too.
"Oh fuck, Warren." Levi shuddered, the sensation of cock rubbing into the membrane driving him insane.
"Holy shit dude this feels so good." The millworker began to gently stroke the skin back and forth, letting Levi twitch in the crook of his arm. "I want to cum in there with you. I want to make you feel good, I want you to love me I want to do this all the time I want -"
Levi felt his balls churning with cum, lost in the feeling of his friend losing his mind with pleasure as their cocks rubbed against each other in the gentle rocking of Warren's cradled hand. He was moaning something in response to the babbling from Warren's mouth and he gave up on words and just looked their faces together with a kiss, losing control and dump his load in a surging rush of ecstasy.
Warren groaned something incomprehensible into his, the resonance of his chest making Levi's whole world shake, then in the slick, messy afterglow, Warren's cock swelled, stretching and straining - then flooded all over Levi's cock and foreskin, cum bursting through the join of foreskin to cock and splattering against their crotches as they crushed into each other, riding the friction and heat against as they bucked and shuddered through the tail end of their orgasm.
Their kiss slowly loosed from a deathgrip of needy obsession to a languid moment of intimacy, gasps breaking them apart then desire locking them back into union.
"Holy fuck Warren, where did you get that idea? It felt awesome." Levi asked as they slowly disentangled.
"No idea man, it just *felt* right. I wanted to know what it felt like and so I just ... went for it." The big guy shrugged, a little sheepish. "I know it seems weird or creepy but -"
"Dude. It was fucking amazing." Levi kissed him again, letting it linger tenderly for a minute. He'd never made out with a girl like this. Feeling the strength and power of another man melt against him? Almost as good as the feel of a cock in his hand. Or his mouth, or .... or maybe even -
"It was so fucking great." Warren broke his train of thought. "I'm ... glad it was you. It felt really good that it was you."
"I never knew you - well, before the curse I had no idea -" Levi stumbled over what he meant. It had been incredible, and the experience made him feel super close to Warren. They'd always been buddies, but this was something else, something *more*, and it was clear Warren felt that way too.
"Yeah. It's kinda nice." Warren smiled, and it was like Levi was looking at his face for the first time all over again. Freckles, the strong lines of muscle and the subtle buzz of hair along his jaw - Warren was *hot*. How had he never realized it?
"We uh. We should find the others. Greg probably needs our help." Levi backed himself away from that train of thought. Yeah, he was gay now. Was he ... gay for Warren? Actually *liking* him?
"Oh. Yeah. Um." Warren looked bashful about it, reminded of the situation he'd caused. "I feel really bad about it."
"Yeah. And obviously it wasn't great or anything but ... I'm sorry everyone was being so terrible to you. It wasn't your fault and you didn't deserve that."
"Thanks." The big guy's voice had a kind of honey warmth to it, and Levi felt a little tickle of something in his belly. It made him nervous, full of anticipation and excitement and possibilities that were all too big to really fix into view, so he shoved them aside to focus on finding their friends. But even as he and Warren picked through the piles of clutter, they kept bumping against each other, leaving little electric shocks of pleasure even through their messy, cum-stained jeans.
"How *did* you avoid getting cursed with that axe?" Levi asked, watching as the big guy shrugged and moved a pile of books out of the way so they could move past a rack of canes and crutches Levi had knocked over in his rush.
"Oh, once you have one, the new ones will ... ask? It's weird. You don't know what the curse is but it's like they're waiting with baited breath to see if we take the bait. I've been too chicken to pick up another one after Victor."
"Weird. So you did know it was cursed?" Levi thought he *should* be more upset at Warren but ... well, it led to him getting to taste that fantastic dick and -
Nope, focus.
Finally they found the place they'd all woke up, with a big pile of stuff they'd knocked over early on. Levi started poking around while Warren stood anxiously among the dangling artifacts, cautiously reaching out and touching them one by one.
Turning around a corner with a stack of samurai swords, he finally found Greg and Victor. The big Russian was breathing slowly, obviously asleep, and Greg was nestled in his arms, stark naked and obviously covered with cum.
"Holy shit, dude." Levi whispered, gesturing for Warren to stay out of sight. Greg's cock was rock-hard, peeking out from between his thighs, and it was all Levi could do not to stare at it and lick his lips. Would it taste better covered in cum from two men? It looked longer than Warren's, how would it feel going *all* the way down his throat? His cock squirted a little precum into his underwear, and he had to blink away the filthy, lusty thoughts crawling in his head to focus on the task at hand. "Are you OK?
Greg nodded, a little hesitant, then more firmly.
"I'm ... I'm fine. It was scary for a minute there but then I grabbed this trash can thing to knock him out and, uh..." Greg blushed furiously, and as his skin reddened it was obvious that *most* of him was covered in cum stains. Had that all come from Victor?! How!? Was Victor's cock that good that it had fucked the cum out of Greg? Was that even *possible?*
"Y're a good liddle cumdump." Victor slurred on his sleep, hugging Greg closer. There was a *squelching* noise and Levi couldn't help but imagine what Victor's cock looked like now, even as the rest of him was overcome by the hilarity of the situation.
"Fuck off, Levi!" Greg cried, very obviously on the verge of laughing. It started Victor awake and the massive lumberjack looked around blearily as Warren stepped into view. "And fuck you too, Warren!"
"I'm sorry guys. Really." Warren said, obviously crestfallen at letting everyone down.
"Don't apologize to me," Victor rumbled, giving Greg's ass a slap. "I'm quite happy with the results."
"I'm ... kinda ok with it too now. Which is probably part of the curse because there's no way I would have liked this until I tried to hit Victor with a trash bin." Greg frowned.
"Weird punishment, that we all wind up OK with it? Right?" Levi asked, fascinated by the sticky, messy extraction of Greg from Victor's embrace. He'd seen Victor naked before but the guy's new cock was *thick*, and he imagined what it might feel like in his hand. He glanced at Warren guiltily, worried he'd fuck up whatever it was they were feeling about each other, but found his buddy watching their naked friends with bald sexual interest. Some part of him wondered if the curse would make sure he'd be *able* to play with dick as much as he wanted. Was that the curse? That he'd figure out how much he loved cock and then *not* be able to enjoy it once they got out of here?
"Where's Mikhail?" Victor asked, wiping himself off with the ruined remains of his jeans. The sight was obscene, with matted fur snagging and clinging with congrealed cum, but Levi was *transfixed* and he could tell Greg was getting hard too as the Russian's pendulous cock wagged from side to side. Levi's cock twitched insistently in his jeans and he let out a grunt of discomfort as he slipped the hardon into a less obviously obscene configuration. This was going to be an ongoing problem.
"He must not have been cursed." Warren said, somehow able to keep his head as the musclebound freak with their friend's name wiped himself down. "Or else Ollie would have let us out."
"Correct." Ollie's voice returned with a click. "Though I gotta say I'm almost tempted to let you four go given the performances you've put on for me so far."
"Ollie," Levi sighed, "be reasonable. Of all of us, Mickey left you alone the most. If you've got a beef, it's with us, right?"
"Hah!" The nerd crowed over the intercom. "If you thought that, you don't know Mikhail very well at all, do you? Why don't you find him and ask what I mean."
The four looked at each other sourly.  Now that they'd all been cursed and worked through the effects one by one, Levi hoped that Ollie would have considered his revenge complete, but apparently there was something else at play here.
Grumbling and bitching they set out to find Victor's little brother, winding between the clutter. Victor reached out and held a little stained glass fairy out as if to give it to Greg, who batted it away with a shy smile. Levi found himself reaching out and touching one or two of them. Some were totally inert, but he held a Bowie knife that seemed to *taunt* him, and he found himself wondering what curse might be lurking, waiting for him. The curses had all been metaphorical, and turned them gay. His and Victor's had also made actual changes to their body somehow. What would a knife do, he wondered? Warren touched him on the shoulder and he set it down to rejoin the others as they started calling out for Mickey.
Levi wondered if it was impossible to find someone in the maze of trash, knick-knacks, and cursed artifacts that filled the basement. After a little while he wasn't even sure the walls they ran into were *real*, or if this place went on forever in an unending tide of cursed objects waiting for Mickey like tripwires. Anytime they hit something that felt like a dead end, they'd find a gap in the wall or a way around, or some other way to keep going. The sheer number of curios, ornaments, hats, and weapons would have bankrupted a small town, he figured, and there was no end in sight. The fact that he was constantly adjusting his cock to sit in his waistband whenever it slipped out made the entire exercise annoying, though. Levi mused that he'd have to explore some underwear options to make daily life bearable. Preferably ones that flaunted just enough to get people to show him their stuff in reciprocity? Something to consider later, he decided.
Finally, Victor yelped in surprised as he turned a corner and was smacked on the shoulder with a plank of wood. The rest of them gathered around to find Mickey, nails bloody, grasping a stretch of wooden paneling he'd clawed off the walls in an attempt to get a tool that he knew wouldn't be cursed.
"Stay the fuck back, Vitya!" Mickey cried, brandishing the length of rough wood like a bat. "I mean it!"
"Fuck, bro." Victor growled, his voice an entire octave lower than it had been an hour ago. "I'm not gonna hurt you, calm the hell down."
"The rest of you too!" Mickey pointed his crude club at them frantically as his eyes darted between them. "I don't want whatever fag curse you all have caught and I'm getting out of here with or without your help! Stay *back,* damnit!"
Mickey whapped Greg's outstretched arms away with his improvised club, then staggered with his back against the wall. Victor gave them a gesture to back off an give his brother a little room. For a second, it was just labored breath and tension as they squared off with Mickey.
"I fucking looked up to you guys all my life and now you're all Ollie's fags." Mickey sobbed, the board wavering a little in his hands. Warren took half a step forward, as if to say something, and the board snapped back up, the younger man's face taking an angry, ugly edge. "I don't want to turn out like a filthy cocksucker like you."
"Jesus, Mickey, calm down." Greg held up his hands, placating. Levi didn't think there was a way for four larger, older men, mostly naked, to appear nonthreatening, but Greg seemed to think it would help to treat Mickey like a spooked dog. "We're not gonna hurt you, we swear."
"No, you'll just turn me into a fag like you are!" Mickey screamed, flinging the board at Greg. The trim cumdump batted it out of the way as Mickey frantically scrabbled to pry another board off the wall. Warren tackled him out of nowhere, pinning him down and holding him in place while looking over to the rest of his buddies while the slender Russian wailed and yelled underneath him.
"Fuck, Misha, calm down!" Victor leaned down into his brother's face and yelled at him. "We aren't going to hurt you!"
"I don't want it I don't want it I don't waaaaant it!" Mickey was babbling quietly under Warren, either fighting or trying to curl up into a ball - it was hard to tell.
"For fucks sake, Mickey, it's not like you aren't already gay." Warren snapped. Then he realized what he'd said and snapped his head around to see Victor, Greg, and Levi staring at him wide-eyed. "Oh fuck. Oops."
A feedback whine announced the return of Ollie's PA system. Maybe it was just the shock, but Levi didn't even wince this time. Mickey was gay? How did Warren know? What the hell was going on here?
"And now we get to the main event!" Ollie crowed, obviously delighted at the turn of events. "I knew, and apparently so did Warren, that little Mickey was a fag like me all along. You was perfectly happy to swap blowjobs behind the bleachers on Friday then shove me into a locker on Monday, weren't you, Mickey?"
The younger Russian just groaned in despair underneath Warren, who looked up at them sheepishly. Victor was flushing red with fury, glaring at Warren as Greg sussed out the situation and tried to calm him down.
"Look, it was just the one time, when we were drunk and I thought it didn't mean anything but then I saw him and Ollie one day in the woods and Victor I swear I wanted to tell you but -"
"I think that's enough, Warren." Levi cut in, before the idiot dug himself any deeper. He rubbed his temples, trying to figure out whatever demented trial Ollie wanted for them now. "What the hell do you want, Ollie? We're all gay now, so you can let us out."
"No, no, no, my little cockhound." Ollie replied. "You may all be gay, but *Mickey* hasn't been cursed. That's the game."
"But he's - oh. You sneaky fucker." Levi gasped with realization. He looked to Victor and Greg, who were staring at him in confusion. "He wants Mickey to be cursed because it means *choosing* to be gay. Which, obviously, is not exactly what Mickey wants right now."
"You fucking sadist!" Victor yelled at the ceiling. "I'm going to tear you apart when we get out of here!"
"Now that Levi's explained what you need to do in excruciatingly simple terms, I suggest you boys get to it. You're not getting any younger in there." A click indicated he was done talking to them.
Levi sighed, then crouched down next to Warren, whose hold on Mickey had been reduced to gently holding the younger man in place while he wailed and struggled, obviously distraught.
"Mickey, nobody's gonna give you shit for being gay. I sucked Warren off maybe half an hour ago and loved every second." Levi looked up at Victor, whose face was full of pity for his younger brother. "Victor and Greg were covered in each others' cum and happy as pigs in shit when we found them. I know you don't want to be gay, but you already are. So are we, now. So fuck it, right?"
Warren nodded along, encouraging him, then joined in. "Seriously, dude. You're plenty hot and you'll pull guys like nobody's business. And now you got four guys to go wingman with you."
"Fuck you!" Mickey yelled from under the big millworker. Warren shrugged, then Victor waved him off. The lumberjack-ed Russian hauled his little brother up effortlessly by the arm, even though Mickey was slack as a bag of rice in his hands.
"Misha, seriously. We're here for you. Ollie's a dick, but all this? This is us, now. I don't even want to go back. Anyone else?" Greg shook his head, his eyes glazing over a little with a dumb smile on his face. Warren agreed softly, and Levi found himself agreeing too - yeah, sure, he'd been a ladie's man, but holy *shit* cock was on a whole different level. "See? And trust me, I'm gonna beat the living shit out of anyone who gives you a hard time, OK?"
Mickey was now gently cradled in his brother's arms, still sniffling and shuddering. He nodded limply and let them guide him back away from the concrete wall he'd been scrabbling at. Levi noticed blood on the synthetic material and felt a pang of concern for the younger man. They'd sort him out though - he was their buddy, even if he was a little high-strung about all this.
They took turns fetching little cursed items for him as Mickey curled up in his brother's arms. Warren was a little crestfallen when Mickey batted away the baseball he'd brought over, but when the Russian did the same with a stopwatch from Greg and the ornate torc that Levi found with cool designs on it, they all learned not to take it personally. Like mother birds trying to feed a fussy eater, they brought things over one by one, speculating about what the curses might be.
"It's lipstick! It's got to be about kissing." Greg exclaimed.
"I'll probably turn him into a drag queen, man. What about this?" Warren hoisted up a bronze anchor, roughly the size of Levi's head, and inspected it curiously. "Maybe it makes him like, a sexy sailor or something?"
Levi let them play off each other, digging around in the piles of trash and discarded thing from their mad flights through the warehouse. Jewelry, knives, hats, books - how the hell were they supposed to make a decision for the kid, when he didn't even want to talk to them?
Then, he saw it.
It was a little raggedy, but with strong stitching and bright button eyes. Levi remembered a decade before, when they'd all been shitty teenagers not sure what to do with their first pubes, and Levi was still a child - who always carried around a stuffed animal when he was at home. He'd cut it out because they gave him shit for it all the time but ... here it was, with the same tear in the right ear he remembered from the time he'd stolen it from Mickey and played keep-away until the tween had broken down and cried.
Fuck, they really had been shithead bullies, hadn't they?
Clutching the teddy bear, he felt the familiar pulse of a curse - one that had no interest at all in him. Levi nodded at it, then made his way over to Victor and Mickey. The younger man was curled up in a ball, looking away from them as his brother murmured something that Levi assumed was comforting if you spoke Russian. Victors eyes grew wide when he saw the little stuffed bear in Levi's hands, then nodded, gently shifting Mickey around. Gently, Levi put the bear on the little guy's lap, then stepped back.
At first, he was terrified that he'd fucked it up. Mickey stared at the teddy bear like it was a poisonous snake, instead of his childhood toy, flinching away from it. Victor whispered something comforting, almost cajoling to him as Warren and Greg padded over to watch.
Glaring at them all defiantly, Mickey reached out ... and grasped the teddy bear by the torn ear. Levi let out a breath he hadn't even known he'd been holding as Warren whooped for joy, clapping Greg on the back with a loud smack of muscled flesh against flesh. Victor gave his little brother a smile, then kissed him on the forehead as the bear flaked away into nothingness in his lap.
Levi grinned, joining Greg and Warren in their horseplay as the creaky whine of the PA system came back and Ollie droned on about something. He didn't give a fuck. They'd helped Mickey get through this. They'd found each other and got over their bullshit. They were getting out of here. He leaned in a kissed Warren furiously, his hand fishing into Greg's shorts to grip a handful of his buddy's ass. After a minute Greg gasped as Victor and Mickey joined them, gently prying the cum-stained jeans off him. Mickey stared at Greg's athletic body with obvious lust, pressing himself against the other man with a moan. Victor grinned, his fingers sloppily sliding in and out of their cumdump's wet ass.
Levi found himself fixated on Greg's slender cock, his mouth salivating as he drifted to his knees. Above him, Warren dropped his trousers and let Greg and Mickey fondle him as he made out with them in turn, kissing along the bridges of their necks and licking at the join of ear to jaw, skulls rubbing along each other as their cocks slapped against each other - and against Levi. Fuck, this was amazing - the scent of guy-musk, the loose droop of their balls and above all, the firm, soft warmth of their cocks. Levi's mouth watered, his cock jumped, his heart raced - there was nothing in his life that had prepared him for this, ever, and he'd never forget a moment of it for as long as he lived. Mickey's rock-hard cock was leaking precum all over his purple-red cockhead, the loose fold of his foreskin like silk across Levi's cheek. Warren's this prod nudged at him insistently as the big ginger groped and kissed their friends, slipping in and out of his mouth as it dueled with Greg's long, slender dick, waggling and slapping across chin, balls, and thigh alike as the college athlete grunted and gyrated.
Behind Greg, Victor's thickened log of a cock slid into place, gently prodding the athletic man in the balls. Levi shoved his face into Greg's taint to play with it, his hands drifting to keep Greg and Mickey close as they moaned above him. They were covered in sweat, the tangy scent of precum, and drowning in each other's moans, reveling in sensation as flesh met flesh and gave way, tensing and yielding and flexing and stretching in waves of pleasure.
In that moment, he didn't give a fuck where they were or what else Ollie had in store for them - this was good, and he was gonna enjoy every sloppy hot second of it.
And who knew? There were a lot of these cursed things lying around, Levi thought to himself, feeling the deep shove of Greg's cock down his throat as Victor fucked the college stud like an animal. Maybe they out to help themselves to a few on their way out of here - after they roughed Ollie up and gave him a round fucking for good measure. The little creep deserved that much for getting them all in this situation in the first place. He obviously had a serious set of balls to pull something like this off, and Levi looked forward to getting a handle on the cock that would match. Then, they could figure out what the rest of these cursed items did, and who would be the best recipients of them. After all, there were plenty of people out there who could do with an attitude adjustment, right?

I hope you enjoyed! You can follow me on twitter at @mcgrawdace or email me - happy strokin' and slidin'!


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