Chapter 3

by CuyahogaKingKong

Tags: #college #dom:male #f/m #friends_to_lovers #happy_slaves #sub:female #Consensual #pov:first_person

Crutch: Chapter 3

“Oh, God, Tom, please, fuck me. I—wait, why didn’t I call you Master?” Steff was stunned enough to stop making out with me. She seemed confused, even scared. Gently, I rubbed the back of her neck.

“I changed some of the rules while you were under,” I assured her. “I want more of a distinction between girlfriend-Steff and slave-Steff. Slave-Steff is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a time for her. Not now, though. Now, I’m going to take my girlfriend’s virginity.” Steff visibly relaxed. She seemed less nervous about sex than the idea of not being hypnotically controlled. I could take that a couple of different ways. Steff started kissing me again; I lost my train of thought.

“Whatever you want to call me, whatever you want me to call you, you own me. Use me, use my pussy, my hot wet cunt, fuck my body like you fucked my mind,” she whispered in my ear. I reached blindly for the package of condoms while Steff went back to making out with me like a woman possessed.

Opening and putting on a condom is a simple task. Until you’re trying to do it without looking, using only about half a percentage point of your total brainpower because the rest is overwhelmed by the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met acting out your secret fantasy. Then it becomes quite difficult. But I didn’t get into RBIT by giving up easily; I managed it eventually. Triumphant, I rolled her onto her back and maneuvered my way between her thighs. With one hand I rubbed my cock along her slit. Steff mewed, spread her legs even wider, and said, “Please.”

“You tell me if anything hurts,” I told her. My tone was firm. I felt surprisingly calm. I wasn’t a nervous wreck, nor was I overwhelmed with frenzied lust. Horny and eager, sure, but not so much that I couldn’t keep my head.

Steff smiled. She started to laugh but it turned into a moan halfway out her mouth. “My new boyfriend-slash-master has a high opinion of himself.” She ground her hips up against me, trying to get me inside her. “F-Fuck me as hard as you want,” she panted, “I won’t break.”

“I mean it,” I said, lining myself up. “I don’t want you to endure this; I want you to enjoy it.” Steff messed up her knee by hiding a minor injury and playing volleyball on it for over a month. I didn’t want her pulling anything like that now. I’d heard plenty of girls had painful, awkward, or disappointing first times. Ours wasn’t going to be like that if I had anything to say about it.

“I will, I will. I swear. Now please, stop caring about me so damn much and fuck me!” she pleaded. I eased inside her. We both gasped. She pulled me into a searing kiss.

It was everything I’d hoped it would be and then some. Her pussy was so hot, so tight, so wet. I’d planned to go much more slowly, but her eager hips kept rushing up to meet me. Tight as she was, I never did hit a barrier. I’d heard playing some sports could pop a girl’s cherry, or maybe she’d gotten adventurous and done it herself. So much the better as far as I was concerned. On my third slow stroke I bottomed out. Steff made a sound that was half whimper, half squeak.

I rested my brow on hers. Our eyes filled each other’s view. “I refuse to stop caring,” I told her as I started to rock back and forth in shallow strokes. “If I want to be gentle with you, I will. If I want to get rough, I’ll -oh God that’s good!” Ever the scientific thinker, Steff was experimenting with small changes in angle and force as she ground her hips on mine. Early results were very promising.

“So good,” she agreed. “So fucking good. Fucking. So. GOOD!” I picked up my pace, bringing my hands to her breasts and my mouth to her neck. She wrapped her legs around me, wincing slightly when she squeezed too hard. All the while she kept encouraging me.

“Fuck me, oh, I love it, don’t stop, use me, use my cunt, oh, more, please, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH!” In general, when Steff got excited about something, she talked faster and louder. Steff was getting very excited at this point. It was great for my ego but a little less great for my ears. I decided to try something new.

“Hush, Steff” I whispered in her ear, slowing my pace slightly.

“Sorry,” she whispered, “I can’t help—oh!” Her eyes went wide, and her jaw dropped. “Oh my god!” Then she grabbed me and kissed me hard. I hadn’t been sure that this trigger would work, as it hadn’t been one she had given herself. But it had, so until I told her “speak up,” she could only whisper. I was even less sure of her reaction. Steff wasn’t one to let anyone silence her.

“Oh, God, Tom. Can I cum? Please?“ she pleaded softly. “I’m so close. It feels so good, and then you—you really can do anything to me. God help me, I love that. Please, can I cum for you?” She trembled with need under me.

“You’ll cum when I do. Don’t worry; it won’t be long,” I managed to get out between heaving breaths. “God, Steff. This is, it’s—” I wasn’t able to find an adjective, so I just kissed her again.

“It is, isn’t it?” she whispered. “It can be like this whenever you want.” She feathered my ear and neck with quick, soft kisses . “My pussy, my whole body, it’s all yours.” More kisses. “You own me, and I love it.” She nibbled my ear. “I,” she hesitated for a second, “I love you, Tom. I do. I do. I do.” She squeezed me tight with her arms, her legs, and most of all with her cunt. Thankfully, she clipped her nails short, so I wouldn’t have huge bloody scratches on my back. It was too much for me, and I came hard. But nowhere near as hard as Steff.

She was a wet, writhing mess beneath me. She arched her back, pressing those soft breasts of hers into my chest. Her hips bucked and twisted. I don’t doubt she would have been shrieking if she was allowed. As it was, she could only moan softly. She might have been trying to say something; I think I heard my name and God in there. It was hard to tell with her face buried in my shoulder. I think I got the gist of it. She was enjoying herself a little.

I rolled onto my side so I could collapse without completely crushing her. She wouldn’t relax her leg lock on me. Forming words was still beyond her at the moment, so she was making it clear that she intended to keep my softening cock in her as long as humanly possible. When she unburied her head from my shoulder and looked at me with transcendent bliss, I caught on to why.

“’Profound joy and contentment,’” I managed to pant out. I needed to get in better shape, I was so winded. “Is that as good as it sounds?” Still struggling for breath herself, she nodded, smiling.

“You know my cum,” heaving breath, “is in the condom,” pant, “not in or on you, right?” She nodded again.

“Tran—,” she whisper-panted, “Transitive property.” Right. Cum was in the condom, on my dick, which was in her. Ergo cum was in her, so she felt profound joy and contentment.

“Rules lawyer,” I teased her. Not that I had any objection to her interpretation. Seeing her that happy added an extra layer to my own pleasure.

It took a long time to sink in. Steff and I had just had sex. In fact, we’d completely blown each other’s minds. She’d given me power over her mind, and she loved it. She said she loved me. That was a lot to handle. Of course one of the Truths was that she ‘loved, admired, and desired’ me. That didn’t really matter. Even though she couldn’t accept it yet, those Truths all came from her. It’d have been interesting to know whether she had felt that way before the night her crutch broke, or whether loving her master was part of the whole hypnoslave experience for her.

Whatever the reason, Steff loved me. So, I had that going for me. Obviously, it begged some serious questions. I was pretty sure I loved her, but I didn’t have prior experience to draw from. I thought the world of her as a person, she was one of my closest friends, and I wanted to do everything I could to make her happy. That sure sounded like love. And if the way to make her happy was to cum in or on her?

Yeah, I could do that.

We just lay like that for a while, with Steff wrapped tightly around me, before she was willing to relax her leg lock on me. I hoped she hadn’t re-injured her bad knee clamping down on me that hard. I slid out of her and tossed the used condom. Her happiness didn’t seem to diminish much. It was more like she stopped looking down on me from a celestial plane, and now she was just in the afterglow of an intense orgasm. Though from her wistful glance at my trash can I think she considered digging out the condom.

Instead, she shifted her position to be more of a cuddle and less of a clutch. She gave me a kiss that was affectionate instead of amorous. “That was... perfect,” she whispered, her head on my shoulder.

With the arm that was trapped under her, I squeezed her side a little. “Yes, you are,” I whispered to her. She quietly groaned, amused.

“That’s the sweetest bald-faced lie ever, thanks,” she looked at me with those phosphorescent green eyes. “I’m pretty good. You know, overall. But you had to put in a mute button. Not complaining, mind you, I know I get carried away.”

“I think it’s cute. You get so excited about things.” I absently cupped her breast. I wasn’t trying to get her going again. My hand was just near her breast and I wasn’t going to pass up any opportunity to get my hands on her. “But I try to be a good neighbor. Chuck might be trying to study; letting you give him a hard on would be rude.”

“Hmm. Well, for the record, I saw him on my way in. He’s got his N64 down in the lobby. Everybody’s down there playing Mario Kart on the big tv. So you can un-mute me whenever you want,” she said quietly. “No rush though, I’m actually starting to like this.”

“Oh?” I said, mock surprised. “You like that I can take your voice away?”

“Yeah, I like,” she whispered. “Also, it’s like everything I say is a big secret I’m letting you in on. You want to hear another one?”


“I’ve got a little bit of a crush on you,” Steff teased. “Shh! Don’t tell anyone!”

“Oh, I’m telling everyone. That’s super embarrassing for you. Just shameful.” We both laughed. “Do you want to know one of my secrets?” I asked her softly.

“Desperately,” she replied.

“I love you. I do, I do, I do,” I kissed her.

“Oh,” she breathed in my ear after. “I thought it would be something I didn’t already know.” She sighed happily and closed her eyes. We lay there in silence for a while.

“I don’t want to kill the mood,” she eventually whispered, “but I’m fucking starving. Do you want to order a pizza?”

“Mama Maria’s?” I asked.

“Obviously,” she answered. For Steff, as for all right-thinking RBIT students, Mama Maria’s was the only pizza worth buying. Mama Maria has fed the student body of RBIT (along with RSU and RAI, but who cares about them?) for at least sixty years. “I’ll buy if you drive.” Mama Maria’s attitude towards delivery orders was “Fuck you, we work hard making the best pizza in the city! You can get off your lazy ass and come pick it up, you spoiled college kids!”

“Deal,” I said. “You order, I’ll take a shower. Anything but mushrooms and anchovies is good with me.”

“Right,” she said. “Six Hawaiian pizzas it is!”

“Oh, clever girl! You’ve figured out how to escape my evil clutches,” I did my best mustache-twirling villain voice. “Have me hanged from a lamppost in Little Italy!” She gave me a light shove with her shoulder and laughed. For the record, I actually enjoy a nice Hawaiian pizza, just not as much as I enjoy not being murdered by Riverburn’s numerous and proud Sicilian-American population.

“If you make it back alive, I’ll meet you downstairs,” she said as I reluctantly stood up. “We’ll eat pizza and play video games. It’ll be like we’re still just friends. Oh, I’ve got a really important question first?”

“What’s that?” I asked her as I hunted for my bathrobe and a clean enough towel.

“Now that you own me, do I have to let you win?” Steff asked.

“No,” I answered. “Now that I own you, when you win, I win anyway.” I leaned down and gave her a kiss. I shrugged on the robe and reached for the door.

“Um, I think you’ve forgotten something,” Steff whispered urgently.


“My voice, Mr. Sea Witch.” she looked at me with a ‘dumbass, how did you not notice that’ look I knew quite well from losing games to her. “I kind of need it if I’m ordering pizza.”

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