Fearful Heart of Wood

Chapter 6- The Talk

by Crowhaven

Tags: #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #monster_fucking #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #bondage #D/s #dom:plant #drug_play #eventual_smut #fear_play #transgender_characters

These two need to have a talk if they are going to make this work. Slight warning for anxiety thoughts and some harsh language towards themselves.

Dahlia is sitting on the couch in the living room staring a hole through the wall of her hab. After the shower… incident, she swaddled Amelia in a towel and carried her to the bedroom. She looked so beautiful, laying in my arms completely slack with a dopey smile on her face. After laying Amelia on her bed, Dahlia fetched a datapad and showed her how to use it to request clothes for the compiler to generate. She had time, Dahlia had to figure out what happened to her back there. Dahlia’s never lost control like that before, despite how much of a monster she plays up for naughty sophonts she’s always had complete control. Dahlia didn’t have control earlier, every cell in her body was screaming for her to take Amelia. CLAIM her. What if she had hurt her? Would she have even cared?

With a shuddering sigh Dahlia realizes that her mind is working against her at this time. She needed input from someone else, and for Dahlia that means only one person. Relaxing her mind Dahlia activates her neural uplinks and connects to a chat with her best friend.

>>ShadowInTheDark: Hey Vi, I need to talk to you. Quickly.
>>PlantMommy<3: What’s up? Did something happen with Amelia?
>>PlantMommy<3: Ugh, wait one moment. Those girls. They changed my username again, little rascals.
PlantMommy<3 changes her name to GardenOfHealing
>>ShadowInTheDark: Well tell the girls thank you. I really needed a laugh right now.
>>ShadowInTheDark: Something did happen… She needed help washing because her body is weak from all that she has been through the past few days. She just kept teasing me over and over, those insidious little compliments. I loved every second of it, but when she was finally ready to go she asked me to please carry her to the shower and gave me this most pitiful look.
>>ShadowInTheDark: Something happened Vi, I felt like something flipped in my mind. I couldn’t help myself. I ran into the shower, dropped her, restrained her and massaged her with the Class-A products until she almost fell unconscious. I didn’t feel like I had control, I ALWAYS have control. I’m just worried about what I could have done with no control, I’m really freaking out here.
>>GardenOfHealing: Well my first question is, did she want that? She’s obviously quite enamored with you, you two have bonded faster than I’ve seen you bond with anyone, even me. I know you Dahlia, you would have stopped if it’s not what she wanted.
>>ShadowInTheDark: I… I feel like she did. I just worry about what’s happening to me. What SHE is doing to me. What if whatever was in control wouldn’t have stopped even if she didn’t want it. I just don’t want to hurt her, Violetta.
>>GardenOfHealing: Steady yourself sweetheart. Everything is okay. In the end it’s all you Dahlia, you may have felt like you lost control but you just let your desires run away from you. Dahlia Senari would never harm a sophont under any circumstance. I know this, you have to know this too. Besides, I think I know the issue.
>>ShadowInTheDark: What?
>> GardenOfHealing: Dahlia, I don’t know how to say this. You have existed to your fourth bloom, despite that this entire time you’ve never once taken a floret of your own. To be blunt, you have your entire lifespan worth of need for a floret and… desires all coming out now. Your being finally has an outlet for it and it’s playing catch up. It will even out over time, you just have to grow used to feeling this need.
>>ShadowInTheDark: …
>>ShadowInTheDark: You are saying I’m pent up.
>>GardenOfHealing: For lack of a better term, yes. All perfectly normal.
>>ShadowInTheDark: That… that makes sense. I hate how much that makes sense.
Dahlia is pulled out of her conversation momentarily as a chime echoes through the hab. An outfit deposits itself into the tray below the compiler as it finishes printing off Amelia’s new clothes. Dirt.
>>ShadowInTheDark: FROST, Vi I’m out of time. I have to go give Amelia her clothes. What should I do?
>>GardenOfHealing: You should talk to her, communication is always key. Take it from your superior in this department. Also feel free to ask me anytime if you need floret advice. <3
Dahlia’s mind is assaulted with dozens of images of hearts and kisses.
>>ShadowInTheDark: SHE IS NOT MY FLORET. Bye… thanks for the advice.
>>GardenOfHealing: Love you too Dahlia.

Dahlia disconnects from her uplink and centers herself. It’s just a little talk, how hard can it be. Rising from the couch Dahlia quickly gathers up the tiny pieces of clothing. Giving herself one final moment to calm her nerves, she moves towards the bedroom.

Amelia is still laying in bliss on the bed fumbling with the datapad still in the towel. Upon seeing Dahlia a giant smile breaks across her face, she sets the datapad aside and sits up. “Hey there. It’s so nice to see you, I missed you!” How is she so effortlessly adorable? Dahlia stares for just a moment too long and Amelia notices “Is there something wrong? Oh no, is that too clingy? I’m sorry…”

Before Amelia can start frowning Dahlia responds stammering “N-no! Not at all dear, your hair just looks very nice now that it’s all clean. Is your fatigue doing better? I hope I did not overpromise on the massage.” Dahlia takes a seat next to Amelia and passes her the clothes.

“Definitely! I feel like I can get around on my own pretty well for now, I promise I won’t try to push it though.” Amelia rests her hand against Dahlia and starts caressing her, not able to look at the Affini. “I mean… how could I not feel amazing after what you did to me. I’m gonna be honest Dahlia… nothing in my entire life has felt as good as that massage. Nothing even comes close.”

Dahlia's core swells in pride at that admission, she tries to hold back but her vines start to shift to red as they warm underneath Amelia’s touch. “I’m glad to hear that. I feel like we should talk about that.”

Amelia flinches for a moment before taking a deep breath. “Yeah, yeah we should.” Amelia looks up at Dahlia staring at her face before looking away with a look of pain in her eyes. Is that regret? Before the worry can overwhelm her Amelia begins to speak. “I feel like I should apologize to you… I felt a lot of things during that. Probably a lot of things that you noticed, and honestly I’m ashamed of it.” Ashamed? What could she possibly have to be ashamed about? “I have something I need to admit. I feel like I’m fetishizing you like some kind of creep...”

Amelia looks back at Dahlia with tears starting to form in her eyes “I-I’ve always been a bit odd, I’d watch scary movies with monsters and get excited. I’d write little fantasies about what it would be like if some big scary creature took me away. When you showed up, it felt like heaven had come to me. I was SO attracted to you, so much that I could barely think talking to you but…” Amelia grip tightens on Dahlia’s vines as hard as she possibly can as she looks down in misery. “Y-You aren’t some fictional monster! You saved me, you’ve cared for me. You’ve made me smile so much, I’m really not used to someone being so overtly kind and caring of me. I’m really starting to like you but I can’t stop thinking about my sick, perverted fantasies! When you did all that stuff to me and I felt like the happiest girl in the world. Afterwards I just couldn’t get over how disgusted you would feel with me once you found out why I was so excited by you dominating me. I feel like I took advantage of you.” The tears are pouring down Amelia’s face as her eyes start to puff up and her nose grows stuffier. “I understand if you hate me now…”

Dahlia is stunned into absolute shock, she can’t even begin to think of how she’ll respond but she knows she needs to act fast. I need to be there for Amelia. Dahlia’s fingers gently grab Amelia’s face as she bends down and gives a deep kiss to her cheeks. Just say what you feel, no overthinking. “You have nothing to apologize for, my darling, wonderful girl. W-while your tastes are a bit eccentric, I can’t say I can complain when it makes you desire me so. As much as you might be unused to kindness I can assure you that I am even less accustomed to people desiring me. You’ve given me that gift and I can’t thank you enough for it.”

Dahlia gives another kiss to Amelia’s cheeks as the crying slows. “Y-You don’t hate me?” Amelia looks up at Dahlia with a mix of relief and uncertainty, her face red and covered in tears. The universe will sooner end than I come to hate this wonderful girl.

Dahlia gives her most reassuring coo, “Of course I don’t, peta. You’ve worked so hard to consider my feelings. There may be a part of you that is interested in me for what I am, but you said yourself how much you see what is inside me. You know I am not the monster that you desire and yet you still want me close. Please banish those thoughts of doubt from your mind, know that you may desire me as much as you wish. I am not disgusted by you, I couldn’t imagine feeling that way. Not ever.” Dahlia gives a shudder, “Now I have my own sins to confess.”

Amelia gives a look of utter confusion that looks cute on her tear streaked face. “What could you possibly confess? You’ve done nothing wrong.” The certainty in Amelia’s voice calms the discord in Dahlia’s core. “When I did what I did with you… I was not completely in my right mind. Something about your teasing, something finally burst from within me. Instincts I never even knew I had took over.” Amelia gives an affectionate sigh in response as Dahlia continues, “I told you before, I’ve never taken a floret or cared for another before. Vi said because of all that time I’ve avoided it my body is now desperate for that feeling now that it finally has a chance to indulge.” Dahlia cringes in embarrassment at her confession.

The air is still for a moment before Amelia starts laughing. “You, oh my stars, you are telling me you are like some hormonal teenager! That my teasing awakened the beast within?”

Amelia’s uproarious laughter only grows stronger as Dahlia pouts and shouts back at her “It’s not funny! What if I had hurt you!”

Amelia's laughter continues as she rolls around on the bed trying to get control of herself. After a minute Amelia rises up finally beating back the laughter, she wraps her arms against Dahlia in a hug. “You won’t.” The confidence of the statement pulls Dahlia out of her indignant pout.

“You don’t know that.” Dahlia frowns as she imagines how easily with a flex she could have snapped Amelia in half. She can tear apart an armored vehicle with her strength alone. How can she be trusted to not hurt her?

Amelia only nuzzles harder into Dahlia. “Even in the heat of the moment you asked me if I wanted it, you assured me that you would stop and I know you would have if I had asked. Every squeeze of your vines against me felt amazing and when it began to even hurt a little you loosened your grip. I think even unconsciously you were trying to protect me…” Dahlia didn’t even realize she had done that, everything from the shower just feels like a blissful blur in her memory. Everything happened so fast, but she was still being that careful?

Amelia gives a hard but playful slap on Dahlia’s body before continuing. “You need to just let yourself feel, I think both of us do. How about this?” Amelia sits up and wraps a pinky around the smallest of Dahlia’s vines she can find, it snakes around her and squeezes. “I promise that I won’t feel ashamed of how excited you make me, will you promise me that you’ll trust yourself not to hurt me? I know I trust you.”

Dahlia can’t hold back a small amount of tears that slide down from her sunken eyes. How could I have been so lucky to find her? A little one that is so gentle and patient with one such as me. If she can trust me then… “I promise.”

I promise these gays are going to have some more fluffy fun next chapter! They deserve it for being so open with each other. <3


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