Fearful Heart of Wood

Chapter 5- Instincts

by Crowhaven

Tags: #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #monster_fucking #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #bondage #D/s #dom:plant #drug_play #eventual_smut #fear_play #transgender_characters

This chapter gets really SPICY! No explicit sex yet but this becomes pretty much smut.

Amelia’s body shifts as she wiggles around the taut bed of vines beneath her. She feels so safe right now, this might be the safest she’s ever felt. The adrenaline has finally worked itself out of her body, leaving her completely exhausted. Not sleepy at all, she feels like she just got the best sleep of her life. Just completely and utterly exhausted. Her body is finally paying the price of the trauma of getting arrested, barely eating, and having the most interesting day of her life. Wow I’m having a lot of best experiences lately, pride cometh before the fall. As quickly as the anxious thoughts came they blew away. Just so warm and safe. I should probably get up though, I’m grimey as hell. I need Dahlia to show me how I can get clean. With immense effort Amelia flutters her eyes open and gazes upon the still face of the goddess before her. Perfectly formed lips of wood, a powerful nose, and large sunken eyes. With sadness in her heart that she can’t just stare any longer, Amelia throws what little strength she has left in her arms to lightly slap Dahlia’s cheek.

“Huh, wha-, Oh! I hope you haven’t been waiting on me to get up. Sorry about that, I didn’t notice you awoke.” Dahlia slides up the bed and braces against the headboard so she can talk to Amelia face to face.

“Not at all, I just woke up a second ago. You make a very nice bed, and are nice to look at when I wake up.” Amelia flops back down and wraps the small section of Dahlia’s chest into a hug.

Dahlia’s dark vines shift in color as Amelia can feel the excitement in the Affini’s core. “You are too much, little one. Do you intend to charm me every time you speak? If you keep this up I might die of a cuteness overdose. Ah, wouldn’t that be something, you’d be the first human to ever kill one of my kind.” With a laugh Dahlia digs her large fingers into Amelia’s back and pets deep into her muscles.

Oh, OH, Oh fucking stars that feels good. No no, focus, get clean and then you can have fun no more flirting. Amelia can barely stifle a moan before speaking. “May-Maybe I do, but I’d be a lot more charming if you could help me figure out how I’m gonna get clean. I’ve been wearing the same pajamas I’ve been wearing since I was arrested, I’m kinda gross.”

Dahlia gives a small startled noise, “Dirt, I knew I was forgetting something last night! I’m sorry Amelia. I have a shower in the other room. I could get you some bath supplies and let you clean yourself.” Dahlia bends forward and wraps Amelia in an embrace before pulling Amelia into her arms and starting towards the living room.

Amelia pulls her face out of Dahlia’s chest and yanks on a vine to get her attention. “Actually… about that. My body has finally burned off all that adrenaline from all of what happened. I can barely move to be honest… Could you help me shower?” This is mortifying, I’m crushing on this woman so hard and now I have to shower with her. Have her wash me like some kind of stray… nope, not going down that line of thinking before I get myself too worked up again.

Dahlia just gives a warm reassuring smile that makes Amelia squirm. “Of course I can darling, I was hoping you’d ask me that. You deserve to be pampered today with how much of a good girl you were for me yesterday. ” A few of Dahlia’s stray vines comb through Amelia’s hair and rub against her as she’s sat back down on the couch, a blushing mess. “I just need to get those cleaning supplies. Be a good girl and stay still for me. Don’t strain your body anymore than you have to.”

T-This is revenge. It has to be. She must know how much this is affecting me. Getting called a good girl by that soothing voice of hers is going to break me. All of that bravado with the flirting has been shattered in an instant. Just… just bide your time, I can get revenge later for now just persevere. Amelia follows Dahlia’s orders and relaxes as best she can on the couch. The soft material soothes her aching muscles.

Dahlia pipes up from across the room as she types on the console embedded in her wall. “Say, I know what would help that soft little body of yours recover.” A few more taps on the keypad and multiple soft canisters are spat out of the machine. Dahlia carries them over to Amelia and presents them to her.

Amelia squints her eyes but the strange patterns on the bottle make absolutely no sense to her. Closest comparison she could think to make is old earth runes but that doesn’t even do them justice. Oh this must be the Affini language, it’s pretty but I don’t even know how I would begin to read that. “Can’t say I’m fluent in this Dahlia, care to give me an explanation?”

Dahlia smirks. “Of course dearest, It’s your typical shampoos, conditioners and body washes. The fun part is they’ve been laced with Class-A.” Amelia gives a confused look. “Class-A is a xenodrug we use that augments sensitivity. I'm going to give you a massage in the shower to work the pain out of those muscles.” Dahlia drags a vine down Amelia’s back who can’t manage to hold in a low groan. “You are going to feel every, single, tiny, touch. This is your actual reward for yesterday. Vi’s florets love stuff like this so I figured you would too.”

Amelia can barely catch a breath to respond. I can feel better than this? How in the fuck is that even possible? I feel like I’m being offered drugs in college all over again. Except this time it’s a beautiful woman who makes me feel safe and not some grody accounting student. “That… That sounds fantastic. We should get going. Please?” Amelia tries her best to give the most pitiful pleading face she can.

Dahlia is taken aback, her eyes seem to laser in on Amelia. She quickly gives in to her demands. Arms wrap around Amelia while vines pick up the bottles as Dahlia power walks into the bathroom. Vines start to strip away at Amelia’s clothes as they approach the shower. Fuck. Of course she would have to undress me, I can barely move. Just stay calm, she’s just helping you this isn’t sexual. DO NOT MAKE IT SEXUAL. You can’t blow this, just keep it cool and let yourself enjoy it for what it is. Amelia miraculously manages to hold in her moans as the last of her pajamas comes off. Dahlia pulls her into the oversized shower and lays down on the massive seat built into the shower. “You just looked so pitiful that I couldn’t have you wait a second longer. Now, let's get you cleaned up shall we?” With a quick boop on the nose Dahlia turns the faucet and points the head towards the both of them.

The water cascades down onto Dahlia and through the petals of the black-red flowers that make up her hair. The warm stream of water breaks apart and falls like rain all over Amelia’s body. She feels like she’s caught in the soft spray of a waterfall, underneath a floral mountain. Amelia’s heart can barely take this, the sight is too beautiful. The awe is immediately cut short by the sudden realization that Amelia is completely nude splayed out on her back before Dahlia. In a panic Amelia moves to cover her chest and crotch but vines suddenly wrap around her arms and legs. The vines tie her legs against themselves, her knees bent and her legs spread as far as they will comfortably go. Her hands pinned effortlessly underneath the strength of the soft vines stretch above her hand as she’s left totally exposed. “D-Dahlia?” Amelia says with a look of confusion and want in her eyes. Her heart really is going to explode.

Dahlia merely smiles down and croons in her beautiful, icy voice. “No, I told you, you shouldn’t be moving much so you can recover those delicate little muscles of yours. You are going to lie there and enjoy this.” Dahlia’s vines flex to punctuate her statement before bending down close to Amelia’s face. “Tell me to stop, if you don’t want this I’ll stop immediately. I won’t tease you anymore.”

Amelia can barely speak but she needs Dahlia to know that she is more than okay with this. A tiny whimper escapes her lips, “Please…”

Dahlia gives a deep growling chuckle “Such a good girl you are. There is no reason to hide an exquisite body such as this. Now let me take care of you, like you deserve.” Dahlia grabs one of the bottles and squeezes globs of shampoo into Amelia’s hair. Her thumbs go to work kneading the solution into Amelia’s scalp.

The second the shampoo starts to seep into Amelia’s skulls it steals her breath away. It feels like tiny bolts of electricity are going down every hair follicle. The most pleasant heat imaginable fills every nerve in Amelia’s head to a degree that she’s afraid it’s going to seep into her brain. The breath comes back in quick pants as she tries to regain control of her senses. If I were standing I would have fallen down. “H-Holy F-fuck. Dahlia, w-what?”

“I told you that you would feel everything. I do not lie little one. Also I must say, my name sounds so wonderful on your tongue when you are a mess like this.” Dahlia’s fingers work their way through Amelia’s hair as the tiny terran tries her best to stay still. After another minute of scrubbing, Dahlia pulls her fingers out of Amelia’s hair and cups her hands towards the water. A warm stream of water begins to fall from the pool in Dahlia’s palms and rinses the rest of the shampoo from Amelia’s hair.

Dahlia repeats the process with the conditioner and Amelia’s left a dazed, blushing wreck. Her tongue is hanging slightly out of her mouth before she comes back to herself and looks up at Dahlia with a start. “W-wow.”

“If you liked that, then you are going to love this sweetie. It’s time for the main event, that massage I promised you.” With a sadistic grin, the Affini grips the final bottle of body wash and sprays a more than generous amount all over Amelia’s body coating her neck to toe. Dozens of small vines snake their way above her body and start to press and knead the body wash into her skin. Another gasp of air is stolen from Amelia’s chest as she presses against the vines, her brain exploding into a fireworks show as the Class-A seeps into her body more and more. The soft vines press down with more intensity and pin Amelia down to the shower seat. Dark whips dig deep into the muscles and start to work their magic. Dahlia gives a light scoff. “You sure are quieter. Is this all I had to do to quiet that pretty little mouth of yours? All of those sweet little compliments you gave me and now you can’t even say my name.” The vines stop their movement and a desperate pleading Amelia looks up at Dahlia. “Say it, sing for me Amelia.” The vines resume their massage with increased ferocity.

Amelia’s mind can’t take it any more, the floodgates break. She can’t bring a single thought to care about how pathetic she must look, how incredibly and obviously turned on she is. All she can be now is what Dahlia wants. A pleading bitch. “D-Dahlia! Please, don’t stop! I’m b-begging you, please don’t stop! Dahlia. Dahlia. Dahlia. D-D-D-” Amelia’s brain fizzled out before she could say anything more, just devolving into ragged, needy moans. She just wants to make Dahlia happy, she hopes that was enough.

Amelia gets her answer quickly as she can feel vines pulse around her in glee. She has no idea how she can tell that but she can feel it deep in her soul. Dahlia looms over her and speaks with a coarse voice. Stars, she sounds nearly as desperate as me. “Such a good girl, thank you for allowing me to hear such beautiful music. I’m not stopping until I feel every last bit of tension leave your body.” The vines pulse again as they only get more intense.

Her arms, her legs, her neck, her soft, chubby belly, and even her breasts are all buckling underneath this assault of pleasure. Dahlia even has vines lifting up and massaging her ass and hips. Every part of Amelia’s body explodes with euphoric pleasure from the vines that continue unrelenting. Amelia only lasts a few more moments before she can take no more. This isn’t even an orgasm and it’s felt better than she could even fantasize sex being. She collapses with a heap into Dahlia’s vines as she’s pulled slowly back down to the seat.

Vines start to unravel from Amelia’s body until she’s left untouched to recover. Dahlia immediately bends down to run her finger through Amelia’s hair as softly as she can. “You did so well, petal. I am so very proud of you.” Amelia flinches slightly at the touch but presses into it happily after a moment to adjust. Dahlia’s vines wrap around the faucet and turn the water off.


The two of them rest in silence, Dahlia can hear Amelia’s heartbeat as it slows down bit by bit until it’s nearly back to normal. In turn Dahlia’s core and entire body starts to come down from the thrill she just experienced. W-What came over me? I was just teasing her a little bit but… that pleading expression. It changed something in me. I needed her, I needed her to NEED me. Are these my instincts? They’ve never been awake like this before.

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