Chapter 2

by Creirwy

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #sadomasochism

Bel rested her head against the leg of her bed as she chewed her bottom lip. "I don't know. Isn't black the hottest colour? Like... temperature-wise. A black outfit would trap heat during the summer and make you all sweaty." She finished with a shrug, crossing her legs under her.

"Right, but it's for a party, not for walking around in the sun," Gina clarified, looking at each of her three companions. "Black dresses go down pretty well at formal occasions, don't they? They make you look more mature." Bel's best friend, Gina sat closest to her, leaning against a desk of drawers and restlessly bobbing a bare foot as she spoke, tucking the other under her outstretched knee.

"White is more pure," Amy cut in. "Black just seems... vulgar, somehow. Like you're there to be stared at."

"Is that a bad thing?" Danielle asked, smiling wryly. Gina and Bel giggled, though Amy scowled mutely. As the daughter of a pastor she tended to take impropriety more seriously than her friends - not that Bel was too different, in part thanks to her strict father’s political aspirations. Still, Danielle was largely apolitical and, as the daughter of a successful business owner, had a bit more confidence in teasing Amy for her prudishness.

The foursome sat in Bel's bedroom in pyjamas, enjoying a night-time chat after dinner and a movie. It had been years since they had even thought the word 'sleepover', but with their parents all attending Bel's father's fundraiser tonight inspiration had struck and they had decided to embrace their youth one more time, just in case any had to move interstate before they had another chance.

It had taken a bit of wheedling to get Bel's dad to let her stay home, but she really hadn't wanted to be used as a campaign prop, and her mom was easy enough to get on her side. "As long as you behave. No drinking, no boys," her dad had instructed.

Seriously, Bel rolled her eyes. None of us have boyfriends and one of us probably doesn't even have fantasies. Even if I wanted to mess up his campaigning I wouldn't let any strange guy have their way with me to do it.

"Well, what colour do you prefer?" Bel asked Danielle, jumping as the doorbell rang at the end of her sentence. "Oh, for goodness' sake," she tutted. "It's nine at night, who bothers people this late?"

"Were you expecting anyone?" Danielle asked.

"Would I be complaining if I did?" Bel glared at her blonde friend, who grinned innocently. "I suppose I'll go answer it myself, since it's my house," she sighed.

Amy frowned and swirled a finger. "You shouldn't answer the door with your top undone so much, Bel. They'll think you're a whore."

Gina laughed. "It's one button, Amy, you can barely see her nape."

"Hey Amy," Danielle purred seductively, reaching up to take hold of her own top button. "Is it hot in here for you, too?"

"Shut up!" Amy blushed and scowled again as her friends laughed. None of them would seriously creep her out, but it was sometimes fun to tease her strict hetero worldview, even if none of them felt particularly deviant.

"Sigh. I'll be back once I've got rid of them," Bel grunted and rose to her feet. "Try not to debauch the pious while I'm gone, Danni."

"I won't even cuss," she replied, holding a hand up in oath. "I'm sorry, Amy, it's just funny seeing you react."

"I'm glad you think so. And... I accept," Amy sighed, scratching her auburn hair. "Though it feels like I forgive you a lot."

The discussion faded into the background as Bel left the room and walked down the winding staircase, past photos of her younger self at political functions, parties and press conferences. Always a prop. Still, she did want her dad to do well - the donations he received had a habit of finding their way into her own hands eventually.

She reached the heavy wooden door and peered through the peephole. Outside on the dark porch she saw a woman in a black, figure-hugging shirt with matching tights. Red hair? Bet it's fake.

"Can I help you?" Bel asked through the intercom. The woman, a few years older than her, started, looking around nervously.

"Hello?" The woman's voice was barely audible through the door.

"Press the button next to the door," Bel explained impatiently. "Don't you know how to use an intercom," she muttered as she let go of the button on her end.

The woman studied a space to the left of the door and leaned over, reaching out. Her mouth moved but Bel could barely hear.

"No, push the button, then speak," she scowled. "I can't hear if you don't -"

The stranger's mouth was still moving as she looked straight at the peephole with sharp blue eyes. A shiver ran down Bel's back even though she knew people outside couldn't see her through it.

"Oh for..." She unlocked the door and pulled it open to address the caller directly. "Listen, you need to push the - ow!"

Bel gasped in shock and slight pain as the woman lashed out with a foot and kicked her in the knee. She almost lost her balance, falling sideways and found herself collapsing into the stranger's arms.

"Sorry about that, doll. Need to make sure you can smell me." The woman's confused expression was gone, replaced with calculating, mischievous glee. Upon seeing the stranger smirk Bel couldn't help but smile.

"Oh... Well, that's okay, I suppose," she admitted, rubbing her knee and getting back on her own feet. She had smelt something as she gasped. "Is that a special perfume? It smells... interesting."

"Don't worry your brainless brunette head over it," the woman responded, barging past her into the foyer. Bel giggled to herself.

I'm not brainless! She's silly.

"Well, miss, I'm in the middle of a sleepover, right now. Can I help -"

"Yes, you can bring my luggage," the woman gestured back to the porch as she inspected the trophy case, strategically located so it was the first thing visitors saw when entering the house.

Bel ducked outside to find a large suitcase on wheels she had missed in the darkness and helpfully tugged it inside, shutting the door behind her. Make sure to lock it so no one dangerous can sneak in, she reminded herself. "Um -"

"Nice collection," the visitor cut her off. "Does your family have any trophies for being a stain on society?"

Bel blinked and laughed, slightly confused. "Um, no, just the usual merits and rewards for donations, and... sports, and stuff. Dad actually does a lot for the country, you know."

"Oh, I'm sure," the woman replied, deadpan. "I've been paid a lot to fuck him over."

Bel was a little surprised at the casual cursing, but a little more amused than anything. "What do you mean?"

The stranger turned her back to the trophy case, leaning against it and grinning as she folded her arms. "Some people with money don't want him to win. I'm here to help them get their wish. That's all."

"Oh," Bel smiled. "Well, you're free to try, but he's leading in the polls, so I doubt you'll have much luck."

"Yeah... I suppose you're right," the woman sighed dejectedly. "The man has a perfect family, traditional, neat and tidy. It'd be hard ruining that image. I don't know why I took the job... Sorry to bother you," she mumbled, turning for the door.

Bel felt a spike of guilt. "Oh, I didn't mean to make you feel bad! Please, why don't you join us? Maybe if we get to know each other we can work something out?"

The stranger paused and looked back with a smile. "Join you? For a sleepover? I haven't had one of those in... years."

"Why not? You'll love the girls."

"Girls, huh? No boys?" The stranger joked, her worry evaporated. Bel giggled.

"No, we aren't those kind of girls."

"What kind of girls? Sluts?"

Bel blushed. She's so blunt. "Yes, that's right."

The woman mulled it over for a few moments. "I do like spending time with the pure of heart. I'd be happy to stay, why not?"

"Great!" Bel pulled the suitcase over to the base of the stairs. "Oh, my name is Belamy, but my friends call me Bel."

The redheaded visitor grinned back at her, narrowing her eyes cheekily. "You can call me Pollyanna."

"I'm back," Bel sang as she entered the room. "Girls, this is Pollyanna. She's joining our sleepover."

Her three friends blinked in surprise at the new arrival. Amy stammered. "But... my father only agreed to let me come if he knew everyone who would be present."

"Don't worry about it," Pollyanna smiled as she walked across the room, taking a seat on Bel's bed. "Your father can get fucked for all I care."

The quartet giggled, Amy gasping at the crude word but feeling strangely taken by the stranger's confidence in using it.

"I mean, he would have had to for Amy to be here," Danielle grinned, prompting another round of giggles.

"Please," Amy smiled. "Don't talk about my father like that, I don't want to think about it."

"Indeed," Pollyanna agreed, crossing her legs. "Who wants to think about her daddy's cock ploughing her presumably fuckable mother. We're here for girls stuff, aren't we?"

Amy blushed at the mental image as the other girls tittered. "What did you have in mind, Miss Pollyanna?"

"Just put it down over there, whatsyourname," Pollyanna flicked her wrist at Bel, who rolled her case into the room behind her. "No, on its side, you idiot."

Danielle and Gina laughed as Bel grinned abashedly, lowering the case to the floor. "Sorry!"

Pollyanna shook her head. "Socialites." She looked over at Amy with a frown. "You don't have to call me miss. I'm not that much older than you."

"Really?" Gina giggled as she flicked through her phone. "I thought you were like thirty."

Pollyanna's eyes widened. "Wow. Hey, can I borrow that?" She held a hand out expectantly as Gina nodded and passed her phone over. Pollyanna rose, stomped over to the bedroom window and pulled it open, tossing the phone out into the night. The girls heard a splash as it landed in the backyard pool, gasping and giggling at the overreaction.

Pollyanna closed the window and resumed her seat, smiling sweetly at Gina, who grinned back. "I wanted a new phone anyway," she admitted.

"Of course you did," their guest chuckled. "Everyone always seems to realise they want new shit when I'm around."

Bel sat back against her bed, next to Pollyanna's leg. "So, we already watched a movie and ate... Anyone got any ideas?"

Pollyanna raised a hand. "Oh, how about a classic? Truth or dare?"

"Seriously?" Danielle laughed. "That's so... kiddy."

"Nostalgic," Amy admitted with a smile. "As long as it's nothing embarrassing."

"I'm game," Gina shrugged, reaching for her phone instinctively only to drop her hands in her lap with a giggle. "Oh, right."

"Who goes first?" Bel wondered. "Just go around in a circle?"

"How about this," Pollyanna proposed, crossing her arms on her knees and leaning forward conspiratorially. "As your lovely guest, I'll ask all the questions, and you four can play along. That sound good?"

Four murmurs of agreement met her ears. Pollyanna grinned and leaned back.

"That's what I thought. Now... Blondie, truth or dare?"

"My name is Danielle," Danielle grinned.

"I don't care,"

"Fair enough," she giggled. "Hmm. Truth."

"All right, blondie. Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"No!" Danielle laughed. "Never."

"I should hope not!" Amy gasped. Pollyanna fixed her with a glare.

"Oh? Why's that?" She asked monotonously.

Amy shuffled awkwardly. "Well, I mean... It's natural for men and women to... Not men and men or women and women... That's what father says."

Pollyanna stared for a moment, then spread her lips in a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "You're very prim and proper, aren't you, church girl?"

"I'm just... a good member of the community," Amy defended.

"I'll bet. Truth or dare?"

Amy pursed her lips as she thought. I wouldn't want her to ask me anything embarrassing, so... "Dare."

Pollyanna grinned and winked down at her. "I dare you to swear. Every sentence for the rest of the night."

Amy's eyes widened as Danielle jeered. "Ooooh, do you even know any curse words, Amy?"

"Of course I know curse words! I just... don't know if I should?" Amy looked up at Pollyanna and flinched slightly at the frown she was getting. "I mean... F... Damn you, Danielle?"

"Hm. That was pretty tame, Amy. Use one of the bigger ones," Pollyanna instructed, her gaze piercing Amy's soul.

"F... Fuck." Amy said, shivering as her friends cheered - she wasn't quite sure how it made her feel, but she smiled hesitantly at the praise. "That feels... fucking... weird."

Pollyanna smirked and looked Gina's way. "All right, phone girl: truth or dare?"

"Hmm... Truth," Gina shrugged.

"Have you ever fantasised about a woman?"

Gina blushed and looked at Bel. "I, uh... Once or twice." Bel blushed back as Amy gasped in horror.

"Gina?! Um, what the shit?"

Pollyanna grabbed Amy's cheeks between her fingers and squeezed. "Shut it, church girl, it's not your turn."

"Right," Amy mumbled, rubbing her cheeks as Pollyanna took her hand back. "Oh, uh, fuck."

"You," Pollyanna clicked her fingers at Bel. "Chesty, or whatever. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Bel answered without hesitation. She smiled: she had the guest's number now, and she wasn't prepared to talk about her secrets to her best friends.

"I dare you to sit in phone girl's lap."

Oh... Drat. Um, Bel thought as she made eye contact with Gina, who returned her blush as she lowered her hands to her sides. Bel swallowed and haltingly crawled across the floor, sitting herself on her childhood friend's lap and clearing her throat.

This is so weird but it is kinda fun, she mused with an embarrassed smile.

Amy stared at the two with her mouth hanging open, palm against her heart. Pollyanna hummed a moment and returned her attention to Danielle.

"Blondie. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," she shrugged.

"I dare you to peel church girl's panties off with your teeth."

Danielle giggled and got to all fours, but flinched back as Amy gasped and recoiled.

"Fucking what? No, I - I don't agree, damn it!" She stammered in a panic.

Pollyanna frowned and looked around at the other three girls. "Out of idle curiosity, can you girls smell anything?"

"Yes," Danielle and Gina confirmed as Bel nodded.

"I can't smell very well, my sinuses are shit," Amy responded distractedly. "Look, I -"

"Ahhh," Pollyanna sighed in understanding and slid off the bed, sinking to the floor and pulling Amy into her arms in embrace. "Poor thing. Trouble smelling, that explains a lot. Just take a few deep breaths, sweetie, you're overreacting."

"I'm not fucking overreacting, I'm..." Amy took a deep breath to ask to be excused, pausing as a slight sweet scent registered at the edges of her awareness. "Wait, I think I can smell it... fuck," she clarified.

Pollyanna grinned and put her forehead against Amy's, blowing air directly into her face. "Good, keep breathing."

Amy did so and slowly calmed down, a dazed smile spreading on her lips. "I'm, um... I'm not fucking gay," she insisted.

"You don't have to be gay, you idiot, you just have to let your friend take your panties with her teeth. What's gay about that? It's just a party game," Pollyanna grinned.

Is that... right? Amy looked around the room at her nodding friends, feeling more comfortable by the minute. "Okay... I suppose, but keep your eyes closed, Danni, you slut," she compromised.

"You got it, boss," Danielle grinned and crawled closer. She closed her eyes theatrically as she lifted the hem of Amy's nightgown off her ankles and began crawling up the inside of the fabric.

Amy felt panicked again, but as she took rapid breaths Pollyanna soothed her and whispered in her ear, and Amy gradually relaxed again. By the time she felt Danielle’s teeth grip the waistband of her underwear Amy was almost giggling as much as Bel and Gina were.

"You better not be fucking peeking, Danni," she warned.

"I'm not!" Danielle laughed before tugging gently and crawling backwards. "Uh, hang on..."

"You might need to lift your ass off the ground for her, church girl," Pollyanna grinned, "unless you want her to tear them off."

"Oh, shit, no," Amy giggled and braced her hands against the floor, lifting herself just enough to let Danni slide her panties over her hips. She watched the blonde back up out of her loose nightrobe until she was finally free, triumphantly holding Amy's underwear in her grin.

"Ta-da!" Bel and Gina clapped and cheered while Amy went a brighter shade of read, wishing she had worn something less embarrassing as Danni dropped it at her feet.

"Well done, blondie, we're all very impressed," Pollyanna smirked. "Now, who's next? Actually, I don't care. Chesty," she looked to Bel. "Truth or dare."


Pollyanna's smirk widened. "I dare you to kiss phone girl." She heard Amy gasp and frowned a little, trying to ignore her and enjoy the show.

Bel stammered, embarrassed, as she looked at Gina as if asking permission. Gina just grinned at her. "It is part of the game, Bel~"

"Right," Bel smiled awkwardly, closing her eyes and leaning in to kiss her lifelong friend's lips. Gina pressed back unnecessarily, obviously enjoying herself.

"No, fucking stop," Amy insisted. "That's not fucking right, you can't..."

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Pollyanna sighed and stood, walking over to her suitcase and kicking it open. "You're more trouble than you're worth, church girl. Dare or dare?"

"Uh... Don't I fucking get to choose truth?" Amy squeaked.

"No, you're annoying me so you don't get a choice. Which will it be?"

"Um... Dare?"

"Excellent," Pollyanna smiled, producing a rag of cloth and a bottle, which she poured into it. Walking back over to Amy she pressed the cloth into the girl's face. "Breathe that nice and deep, we need it to get through your system."

"Wh-what are you... the fuck is..." Amy's muffled, confused voice pled from behind Pollyanna's hand, but she couldn't bring herself to cause a scene. "I'm not... fucking..."

The girls watched as Amy's eyes fluttered more with each breath she took, rolled back in her head and she slumped to the floorboards asleep.

"Oh, cool, is that chloroform?" Danni gushed. "I've never seen it in real life, can I try?"

Pollyanna stared at her for a moment before tossing the cloth aside. "Maybe later. I'm getting bored here. Let's speed things up. All three of you: dare or dare?"

"Dare," the three awake girls answered with a curious giggle.

"I dare you all to behave as though you are my loyal minions," Pollyanna smiled. The girls giggled again. Danni, ever the joker, shifted to kneel before Pollyanna, and as they laughed in amusement Bel and Gina imitated her.

"Yes, Miss Pollyanna!" They chorused together.

Rolling her eyes, Pollyanna stepped over them and toward the door. "Two of you grab church girl's ankles and drag her into the bathroom. Don't bother being gentle. The third, bring my case." She waited by the door as the girls quickly and excitedly divided up the tasks. In the end, Gina and Danni each held one of Amy's ankles and began to drag her across the floor while Bel followed with the case.

"Ooh, poor Amy," Danni giggled, watching the unconscious girl's loose nightrobe start to hitch higher and higher up her body as she was pulled over it, until it turned inside out around her head and finally came free as her trailing arms slid out of the sleeves, leaving her wearing only a bra. "Wow. She's actually even more stacked than you, Bel."

"She hides it well," Gina agreed, staring back at her sleeping friend. So distracted was she that she took a corner too tight and winced as Amy's lolling head bumped the doorframe. "Oops."

"All right, minions," Pollyanna declared as she sat on the edge of the bath. "Let's play makeover. Girls still do that at sleepovers, right?" The trio nodded obediently, though none had really experienced it. "Good." Pollyanna reached back into her case to remove a few items, passing them out. First, she gave a bottle to Bel. "Dye church girl's hair with that," she ordered.

Bel looked at the bottle of black due and grinned, saluting. "Yes, ma'am!"

"And you," Pollyanna handed Gina a pair of mid-thigh fishnet stockings. "Slide those on her legs. Try not to grope her too much, you closet lesbian."

Gina giggled and accepted the task with equal enthusiasm. This is actually kinda fun!

Finally, Pollyanna turned to an expectant Danni. "I'm ready for my job, Miss," the girl grinned.

"Blondes, I swear," Pollyanna shook her head. "Here. Spray this on her tailbone," she instructed, handing Danni a palm-sized stencil and a jar of red spray-paint."

"Ooh, naughty," Danni's grin widened, and the trio rolled Amy onto her stomach on the bathroom floor to get to work.

Pollyanna lost interest after a few moments and admired herself in the mirror, humming a song to herself as she inspected her own fiery red hair. As always, the sight of her reflection calmed her, and by the time the girls announced they had completed their tasks she was all smiles again.

She passed Bel a pair of scissors. "Here. Dare you to cut her hair to neck length," Pollyanna taunted.

Giggling, Bel took the scissors and without hesitation hacked away at Amy's long hair, not taking particular care as she snipped it roughly. "I've never seen her with short hair."

"I've never seen her in fishnets," Gina grinned. "She looks..."

"Like a whore?" Danni laughed. "Wait til she wakes up. Pity she can't see this," she bemoaned, pointing at the marking she had sprayed on her friend's tailbone.

Just above her buttocks, Amy now had the image of a red skull with a snake crawling through its eyes, surrounded by an upside-down pentagon. Pollyanna felt a thrill just looking at the pious girl looking so... sinful. She grabbed the scissors from Bel and snipped through Amy's bra strap, finally leaving her naked but for the stockings.

"Bring her back to the bedroom. You can carry her this time, I suppose," Pollyanna shrugged. On her way out of the bathroom she tipped the bottle of dye over and smiled as the black ink spread across the floor, spurring the girls to hurry.

"Chesty, blondie, either of you gay or bi?"

"No," they both responded chirpily. "I just tease Amy a bit when I can," Danni expanded

"Good. All of you strip naked and then, chesty, you can sit back against the bed like you were earlier," Pollyanna instructed. As the girls hurried to undress, eager to play the best minions they could, Bel sat back at the foot of her bed, using her arms to give herself a bit of modesty.

"Bit chilly tonight," she joked.

"You'll be warm soon enough," Pollyanna grinned, narrowing her eyes. "Phone girl, blondie, give me a hand with this useless sack."

Under her guidance, Gina and Danni carefully manoeuvred Amy's body onto its knees, giggling as further instructions had them bending Amy forward at the waist to rest her face between Bel's legs, causing the latter to blush darkly."

"Wow, that looks... obscene," Bel swallowed, unable to take her eyes off her sleeping friend's relaxed expression so tantalisingly close to her cunt.

"That's rather the point, chesty," Pollyanna purred, producing a set of ropes and wrist ties from her suitcase. "Make sure her mouth is right up against your pussy. I dare you."

Oh, right... It's just a party game, Bel breathed a sigh of relief at the reminder, spreading her legs and gently moving Amy's face as requested. She shivered involuntarily as she felt the girl's lips brush her nethers. "O-okay, now what, Miss?"

"Now you hold her there while I secure you both. Minions, give me a hand with this," Pollyanna ordered.

Under close instruction, Gina and Danni helped to first bind Amy's wrists in such a way that her hands rested against Bel's thighs as if copping a feel, then tied Bel's knees together to force her to keep her legs squeezed around Amy's head, holding her in place. Several more ropes were used to bind Bel's hands to Amy's shoulders to create the illusion holding her down, and another around Bel's waist tied her to the back of the bed, keeping her from doing little more than squirming.

"Wow, I can't move," Bel stated, surprised at the intricate knots' strength.

"That's the point, you daft..." Pollyanna sighed and forced a smile. "Now... Blondie, I have a special job for you."

"Oh? What is it?" Danni grinned and hopped up, bare chest jiggling almost distractingly - more so from Gina's perspective.

"Here," Pollyanna passed her a particularly scary-looking sex toy, a large double-ended dildo to be strapped around the waist. Danielle laughed and accepted it.

"Wow, you sure are blunt."

"Sharper than you," Pollyanna smirked, motioning to Amy, whose ass was still raised thanks to her carefully bent knees. "Shove one end in her and settle yourself on the other, I dare you."

"Easy," Danni scoffed, moving to her knees behind her friend. "Uh, ass or pussy?"

"She'll probably hate anal more, so put it there," Pollyanna mused.

Danni laughed again. "Can't fault that logic," she joked as she slid the toy inside Amy, then half-raised herself to gently slide onto the other end. "Fuck, that's big."

"Phone girl, help me here again," Pollyanna commanded the blushing brunette.

"Yes, Miss Pollyanna," came the reply. Gina continued to blush as she was instructed to loop rope around Danni's wrists and Amy's hips binding the former's palms to the latter's asscheeks, and then to tie both their knees to each other to keep them, in a manner, joined at the hip. "This all looks very... deviant..." She admitted, admiring her three friends.

"Mmm. And you have a special job," Pollyanna taunted, returning to her case. She produced a similarly large dildo, this one flat at the base, and a bottle of superglue, which she spread liberally on Bel's desk chair before pressing the flat of the toy against it. "Here, hold this," she ordered.

As Gina held the dildo in place, Pollyanna resumed humming and dug around in her case again. She turned back with a wicked grin and winked at Gina.

"Well? Take a seat, I dare you."

Gina gave a half laugh before realising their guest was serious, cautiously standing over the chair, carefully aiming herself and slowly lowering herself. "Oh, fffuck," she gasped as she felt it enter her, filling her to the brim until her bare ass landed on the sticky chair. "Oh, shit... I think I sat on some glue," she looked to Pollyanna.

"That's the intention," Pollyanna grinned. "Easier to keep that thing inside you if you can’t stand up."

"That's a good point," Gina giggled, relieved. She experimentally twitched her hips, just slightly, feeling a combination of arousal at the feeling inside her and the pull of the glue preventing much movement from her place on the chair.

"Now, brace yourself. This will hurt," Pollyanna warned unsympathetically a moment before clipping a pair of nipple clamps to both of Gina's tits.

"Aah!" Gina squealed, instinctively pulling back - which caused a much stronger mix of sensations as the glue pulled at her backside and the unyielding dildo kept her effectively nailed in place, serving only to stimulate her. "Fuck," she giggled in confusion, gasping in Pollyanna’s comforting scent. "What was that for, Miss?"

"One last little fuck you to your parents," Pollyanna smiled, pressing a video camera into Gina's hands. "Hold this up so your friends are in the shot."

Gina did so; she was sitting side-on to the trio, the awake duo grinning and waved with their heads back at her after twitching their bound hands. "Like this?"

"Perfect. Hold it there," Pollyanna instructed and fed a thin wire between the camera's casing and a hole at the end of each nipple clamp. She pulled the wire tight, experimentally, until Gina gasped in pain and pleasure again. "Perfect length," Pollyanna chuckled as she tied the wire in place, effectively keeping the camera held just below Gina's bustline. "Now," she purred. "I've got this set up to live stream to a couple of sites, so you girls make sure to put on a good show, okay?" She gestured to a small laptop on the desk next to Gina, positioned so the brunette could see an empty streaming room - and herself in profile on the player cam.

"Yes, Miss Pollyanna," the three giggled, Danni cheekily giving Amy's rear a couple of gentle thrusts and moaning at the feedback.

"That reminds me," Pollyanna reached into her case one more time and produced a pair of items. The first was a remote, which she pressed a button on. Gina and Danni gasped as the toys buried inside them began to vibrate. "A little gift from me to you."

"Th-thank you," Gina moaned, trying to keep her hands steady - whenever the camera dipped or moved away from her friends she felt the clamps tug painfully at her nipples. I bet that's the joke?

The second item, Pollyanna revealed, was a set of smelling salts. She crouched to wave it under Amy's nose - a difficult task with Bel's thighs in the way - and immediately stepped back as the girl moaned and began to stir.

"Now, you girls enjoy what minutes of a normal life you have left," Pollyanna smiled, stepping past Gina and pausing only to hit the record button on the camera. "Perhaps I’ll check up on you sometime," she concluded as she left the room and shut the door.

"Mmmnn..wha..." Amy groaned and stretched - or tried to. She found her legs and her arms were pinned in place, and the second sensation she felt was that of warm skin surrounding her face and pressed hard against her rear. The third was a curious buzzing sensation deep within her... well, where it shouldn't be. "Huh?!"

Bel giggled and used her thumbs - her only mobile joint on her hands - to stroke the top of Amy's ears. "Morning, sleepyhead~" she cooed. "Miss left us in quite a predicament."

"I'll say," Danni giggled, giving a teasing thrust. This seemed to snap Amy back to alertness, and she realised what position she was in a panic.

"Lemmego! Lemmego!" She began screaming into Bel's pussy, trying to pull away, but this only forced her harder onto the dildo Danni had buried in her ass. Her friends laughed at her terror for a couple of moments, first in glee and then in confusion.

The panic spread through the room like a way. Bel shrieked and tried to push Amy's head back, but the ropes made it impossible for her to do so - and Danni could only bring the strap-on half an inch out of Amy's rear before any amount of relaxation had her slide it right back in. The girls' struggle, especially Amy'a increasing panic, were reflected on the camera Gina held before her.

"Gina, put the camera down!" Danni yelled.

"Cmrah?!" Amy sobbed, her terror flaring up another level.

"I - I can't!" Gina insisted. The record button was too far for her fingers to reach, and any amount of moving the camera caused the pain of the clamps to redouble. She could already feel her forearms getting tired from holding it up - dropping it wasn't an option. She desperately looked at the laptop to her side and saw herself looking into the stream's camera while the larger, main video showed her three naked friends jiggling and squirming and struggling. To her horror the view count was steadily rising, and while she couldn't read them at this distance she could see comments beginning to flood in.

"Please, help us! Call the police," she begged, hoping someone would. "Please!"

Pollyanna hummed as she paused at the trophy case, picking out a couple of gold statuettes as the sound of screams and fear floated down the stairs. "Hm. I wonder if I unmuted the microphone," she mused idly as she walked out the door. "Ah well, her dad will be home in a couple of hours."

With a satisfied smile she brought a phone out of her pocket and dialled. "Hello? It's me. I've done what you asked, as I'm sure you can see. Enjoying the show?" She paused for a few moments as she walked across the front yard. "Pervert," she muttered under her breath. "Yes, well, as you can see I'm very good at what I do. Now you'll hold up your end of the bargain, yes?"

She looked across the road at a parked car, spotting a woman sitting in the driver's seat, distraught. Pollyanna waved and blew a kiss, smiling as she continued her conversation.

"I'm glad you agree. I'd hate to have to go after your own family," she drawled in a deadpan, crossing the street and leaning against the driver's door. She tapped the window and grinned as the woman inside sobbed mutely, clutching the steering wheel and gagged. "I understand you have a daughter; it would be quite bad for your own campaign if she got herself knocked up by some strange boy, wouldn't it?"

Her smile widened as she listened to the hesitant response and walked around the car. "Yes, hopefully it won't come to that. Just keep your end of the deal and enjoy a life of success." She hung up, grimacing. "Politicians. Maybe I will get his daughter pregnant anyway."

She opened the passenger door and slid calmly into the seat, closing the door as she leaned over to kiss the driver's tear-stained cheek. "Hello, Lisa, I'm back. Thanks for waiting. Did you miss me, baby?"

As the gag was pulled from her mouth Lisa took several instinctively, terrified gulps, her expression slowly relaxing into a smile. "Ah... yeah, I guess I did..." she giggled. "I always get anxious when you're not around, Pollyanna."

"I know. It must be love," Pollyanna joked, turning Lisa's face toward her own and sharing a kiss. Lisa giggled again as she reciprocated eagerly. "So much for not being into women, hm?"

"I'm not," Lisa insisted with a snicker. "I just know you are, so I'm willing to play along!"

"You're so sweet," Pollyanna smiled. "Now, you want to drive us home before the cops come around?"

"I'd love to, Pollyanna, but..." Lisa nodded at her hands.

"Oh, silly me," Pollyanna grinned and leaned over. "Yes, we wouldn't want those to go off, wouldn't we? Close your eyes, we wouldn't want you seeing my secret password," she finished in a dramatic whisper.

Lisa laughed and obediently shut her eyes, listening to the beeps as Pollyanna pressed a keypad hanging in the middle of the steering wheel. A rapid chime of high-pitched beeps heralded a successful code.

"Alright, the switches are disabled," Pollyanna purred. "Your hands are your own again."

Lisa sighed and tool her hands from the circuit breaker switches Pollyanna had rigged to the steering wheel, rubbing her fingers. "You were in there for like an hour, it gets pretty tense holding the same position!"

"Sorry, love," Pollyanna chuckled as she removed the explosive charges from Lisa's lap. "Just seems like the best way to keep you trying to get away."

"Why would I want to get away?" Lisa grinned. "I'm never as happy as when I'm with you!"

Pollyanna grinned wider and squeezed her victim's shoulder. "You're a gem. Now, get us home. I'm in the mood for some rough sex tonight."

"Ooh, my favourite," Lisa giggled, starting the engine and driving off, wiping the remnants of her tears on her wrist. Pollyanna admired her from the side for a moment.

"You ever thought about getting a boob job?"


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