Chapter 1

by Creirwy

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #sadomasochism

This one's a bit darker than my usual fare.

"What a day..." Fiona groaned, dropping onto the couch and closing her eyes. Work had gone poorly, the commute was terrible, and when she finally got home she found her microwave wasn't working, which really messed with her dinner plans. "At least it can only go up from here?" She asked herself sarcastically.


She screamed in surprise at the sound of breaking glass, then again in frustration as it registered in her mind as coming from the window at the back of the house. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Fiona stormed out of the living room, down the corridor and into the laundry room where she noticed two things: a very broken window, and a very pretty young lady, about her daughter's age.

Who is this? She wondered, momentarily forgetting herself as the red-haired girl grinned, wiping her hands on her trousers.

"Sorry about the window. It was in my way."

"Huh? Oh, don't worry about it," Fiona responded. "This room could use a bit of a breeze." She smiled and looked around awkwardly. "Um, can I help you? What are you doing in my house?"

The redhead hooked a lock of hair behind her ear as her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. "I was just passing by and thought this house looked pretty well off. Figured you might have some expensive stuff, so I broke in to rob you."

"Ah," Fiona laughed. "You didn't have to break in for that! That sounds reasonable. You didn't hurt your hand, did you?" She frowned, turning to more important matters and inspecting her guest's fingers.

"I'm tougher than I look, love, don't worry. What's your name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Fiona. And who are you?" Fiona took her robber's offered hand and shook.

"You can call me Pollyanna," the vixen said with a wink.

"That's a really pretty name."

"Thank you," Pollyanna smiled and retrieved her hand. "Now, why don't you show me some of your valuables?"

"Oh, of course!" Fiona turned and ushered her guest through the house. It'll be fun to show off some of my prized possessions, I guess!

"Oh, would you mind showing me to the kitchen for a moment, Fiona?"

"Mmm? Sure!" Fiona nodded and made a beeline for the room. She watched Pollyanna fetch a glass, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. "What's all that about?"

"Nothing to worry about." Pollyanna smiled as she turned around and leaned a shapely hip against the fridge.

Fiona giggled. "I don't feel capable of being worried around you!"

"Oh, that's my super power." Pollyanna grinned wolfishly, twirling her hair with a finger. "People around me always interpret events in the best possible light. Made it real easy to become a villain, let me tell you."

"And you picked me as a victim?" Fiona gasped. What are the odds of that? I'm so lucky!

"Completely random, I assure you, aside from the upper-class house. Now, back to the robbery?" Pollyanna clapped her hands, all business.

"Oh, yes." Fiona turned and opened a cupboard, removing two ornate crystal glasses. "My great-aunt passed these onto me when she died. They've been in the family for about three hundred years? I loved her, so they mean a lot to me," Fiona explained.

"Mmm..." Pollyanna nodded as she took one, inspecting it in the artificial lighting of the room. "Does look pretty antique."

"It is!" Fiona beamed proudly. "You could fetch quite a prize with –“

She flinched slightly as Pollyanna threw the glass at the floor, shattering it across the tiles. The redhead kept eye contact until the ringing of sliding glass stopped, lips quirked cheekily. "Oops, my bad."

"Don't worry about it," Fiona insisted, pressing the surviving glass into Pollyanna'a hands and fetching a broom. "It's more valuable when there's only one, right?"

"Right you are, Fifi," Pollyanna chuckled, admiring Fiona's rear in her office skirt.

She makes it sound so cute, Fiona mused as she cleaned. If only the assholes at work could pull that off.

"You should try it." Pollyanna's voice broke into her thoughts.

"Try what, sorry?"

"Breaking something. Like... Here." Pollyanna pointed and guided Fiona over to a tall standing mirror in the hallway, framed with ornate golden patterns. “What is this, fifty years old?”

“Closer to a hundred and fifty, actually!” Fiona beamed proudly.

Pollyanna nodded.  "Very nice. Grab something heavy and give it a whack!"

Fiona grinned. "Really?"

"Really," Pollyanna smirked.

Fiona ducked back into the kitchen and found her tenderiser, joining her guest in the hallway just in time to see her slice a pocket knife through the power cable of an old phone next to the mirror. "What was that for?"

"At some point I'll need to leave, might as well make it hard for you to call the cops, right?" Pollyanna smiled and slipped her knife into a pocket.

Giggling, Fiona stood in front of the mirror, admiring her reflection one last time. "You really think of everything," she quipped.

"I've been doing this a while."

"Ah. So, just whack the mirror anywhere?" Fiona looked the antique over for a weak spot.

"Anywhere is fine. Why not make it your reflection? Take out your frustration with yourself and just," Pollyanna drove a fist into her palm with a satisfying slap.

"Oh, good call," Fiona laughed, looking to her reflection and raising the tenderiser.

All right, you dumb... Lazy... doormat, she thought, staring into her eyes. You need to stand up for yourself, stop being so damn responsible and live a little!

Fiona yelled as she swung her hand and the mirror exploded into a shower of glass, leaving her panting. "Wow, that felt... really cathartic," she giggled. "Thanks for the advice.”

"My pleasure, Fifi," Pollyanna laughed. "Oh, your arm... Are you okay?"

Fiona glanced down at her forearm and noticed a few small cuts between her wrist and elbow. "Oh, yeah... It's fine, it's not near any veins. Plus if it scars it'll give me a nice reminder of this feeling," she finished with a grin.

She noticed a faint blush on Pollyanna's cheeks as the redhead beamed back. "I've just decided I'm feeling pretty hot," she mused, stepping forward and tugging Fiona against her by the hips. "How about you show me your bedroom next? There's another little crime I'd love to commit while I'm here."

"Sure," Fiona smiled. "Just follow me!"

Lisa walked around the side of her mom's house. While she had a key to the front door she usually preferred coming in by the laundry so she could drop her clothes in the washing machine on the way through. Only tonight she found the window next to the back door was broken.

"What the hell!" she gasped, inspecting the damage. "Mom?"

Opening the door quietly, she entered the house and crept into the corridor, sensing the worst. Lisa gasped again as she came across the splintered remains of her mom's favourite mirror and a few unrecognisable shards of glass on the floor outside the kitchen.

Oh shit, she thought, starting to panic. Where's mom?

A scream from upstairs shook her from her paralysis. "Mom!" She screamed back, all sense of preservation forgotten as she tossed her bag on the floor and rushed up the stairs. "I'm coming!"

She heard noises coming from her mother's bedroom and almost broke the door down, shoving her weight against it as she twisted the handle. She stopped dead.

Inside she found a red-haired stranger in black underwear standing between her mom's spread legs, Fiona lying back on the bed and moaning as the stranger's hands roamed her hips.

"You won't be the only one." The stranger smirked, leering at Lisa as she gave her mother another thrust.

Lisa's brain took a moment to catch up to the sight in front of her, and when it finally did she laughed. "Oh, I thought... Sorry, I didn't realise mom had a girlfriend," she smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, I don't think she does." The stranger smiled back, groping Fiona's breast.

"Ahhh... No, I've never... met this woman before." Fiona groaned, bucking her hips and arching her back blissfully. "Fuuck..."

"Oh," Lisa giggled. "Well, I had been thinking it’s been a while since you got laid, mom, so good for you. One-night stands are cool, too. Hi, I'm Lisa."

The stranger grinned maliciously as she shook Lisa's hand, bucking against Fiona as the woman mumbled.

"One-night... no, honey, we aren't.... mmm... Pollyanna is here to rob me, she just wanted to fuck me, too." Fiona smiled up at her tormentor.

Oh. Well, that's what I was worried about, but she looks like she's having fun!

"In that case, I'll leave you two to it?" Lisa asked, half turning back toward the door. Pollyanna pulled back from Fiona, allowing Lisa's wide eyes to behold the monstrous strap-on she had apparently buried to the base in her mom's snatch.

"Sorry, Fifi, I'm suddenly quite bored of you. I know I didn't manage to get you off." Pollyanna smiled.

"Mmm," Fiona shook her head, gasping. "You got me real close... Closer than I've been in a long time!" Her hand found its way between her legs, but Pollyanna was already approaching the black-haired daughter.

"I'll finish my fun with you, Lisa." Pollyanna placed her hands on the younger woman's sides and slid them up toward her breasts.

"Oh, I’m afraid I don't really swing that way." Lisa smiled in apology as she felt Pollyanna's fingers slide between her buttons. With a strong tug, the shirt split open, buttons snapping off and falling to the floor as Lisa's bra was exposed.

Guess I'll get to go shopping sooner than I expected, she mused to herself.

"I don't really care what way you swing, Lisa, I'm having you anyway.”

Lisa's smile widened. Oh, good, I didn't make her feel bad!

"Well, if my being straight isn't a problem for you, I'm glad." she said in response, allowing Pollyanna to lift her by the backside, spin her around and dump her back on the bed next to her panting mom.

Fiona's free hand found Lisa's and their fingers interlocked, mother and daughter gasping on the mattress as their guest rutted away. "She's pretty passionate," Fiona warned her daughter. "She was fucking me for an hour and didn't slow down."

"Nngh... She goes in pretty hard, too." Lisa whimpered, spreading her legs.

"She has a name, you know," the voice above them taunted.

"Sorry, Pollyanna," the women giggled.

Pollyanna’s hands gripped Lisa’s hips as she leaned down and bit the young woman’s neck, grinning against her skin as Lisa squirmed and whimpered.

“Oh, fuck, that hurt... you really are passionate!” Lisa moaned, wriggling to drive the strap-on deeper inside her.

“Can you really say you’ve taken someone without a little bit of wounding?” Pollyanna’s grin widened as she lifted her head to look Lisa in the eyes, licking her lips.

Fiona giggled, playing with herself as she watched her daughter, only slightly envious. “Not from where I’m lying,” she quipped.

She found Pollyanna’s hand around her throat, gently squeezing, almost ironically. “No talking, I’m fucking your daughter now, my little appetiser.”

Smiling widely at the pet name, Fiona nodded and closed her mouth, sharing a happy look with Lisa. I’m so proud of you, she thought.

If Lisa had somehow picked up on the message, she was distracted with pleasure as Pollyanna’s fingernails scraped their way down her side from armpit to hip, leaving a stinging tenderness in their wake.

Pollyanna lifted herself up, staring down at the panting Lisa, hair perfectly yet wildly hanging free. “I’d quite like to get a bit rough, but I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable,” she mused in a sweet tone.

“Oh, no! Please, go ahead!” Lisa gushed, subconsciously spreading her legs wider and letting her upper body go limper. “You’re a guest here!”

“Well, if you insist.” Pollyanna licked her lips again and growled gently. “If you feel like screaming a little, please do. It amuses me.”

Lisa giggled and nodded eagerly. “Will do!”

When she was done and satisfied, Pollyanna pulled away without a word, fixing her clothes up and smiling.

"Very fun, Lisa. I've made my decision; I'm going to kidnap you."

Lisa looked excitedly at her mother, who beamed back. "Wow, really? That's an honour," she whispered, rubbing her throat.

"Definitely a fun story to tell at parties," Fiona nodded in agreement.

"Of course, we can't have mommy dearest calling for help too fast, can we, girls?" Pollyanna bent to retrieve her bag from where it had been dumped earlier. The women shook their heads simultaneously. "Lovely. In that case, Fifi, lift a leg.

"Like this?" Fiona wondered, raising her right leg off the mattress.

"Perfect," Pollyanna purred, clasping a manacle around the offered ankle and locking the other side to the bedpost.

"Oh," Fiona giggled. "I've never tried bondage before!"

"This isn't for sex, you dumb slut, it's to keep you from ruining my fun as I kidnap your lovely daughter," Pollyanna chided with a grin, and Fiona blushed.

"I'd never dream of ruining your fun!"

"Good. Now, excuse me, girls, I need to fetch something from downstairs."

Lisa and Fiona waved happily at Pollyanna's retreating back, then turned to smile at each other. "She seems nice," Lisa offered.

"Yes," Fiona sighed. "We really are... lucky... to..."

Like a fog lifting at the sound of Pollyanna walking down the stairs, both women's eyes snapped wide open and anxiety burst through their chests.

"Lisa, run!" Fiona begged, but her daughter launched forward to try and pull the manacle open.

"Fuck! It's locked." Lisa whimpered. "Mom, what did she do to you?" She touched the dry blood on Fiona's arm gently. Fiona snatched her hand away and shoved Lisa back from the bed.

"Lisa, get out of the house! Please!"

"I'm not leaving you here with her, mom!" Lisa sobbed, pulling her phone out of her pocket and fumbling with it. "I'll call the police -"

"She's got super powers, Lisa, they can't help!"

"Then I'll get them to call the Bulwark!"

"Lisa, baby, please, get out! There's no..." Fiona faltered. "There's no..."

"What's this?" Pollyanna smirked as she re-entered the room. "Taking one last photo of mommy before you say goodbye? That's a good idea, Lisa."

"Yeah..." Lisa smiled. "Yeah! I'd better do that, huh?"

"Well, it's not like you'll ever see each other again. Smile, Fifi, give your daughter something nice to look at each night."

Fiona beamed proudly at her daughter, reaching her arms out in a hug, heedless of her nakedness. "I love you, Lisa. I hope you have a good time as her hostage!"

Lisa snapped a photo of her mother then leaned in for a tight, tender hug. "I love you too, mom. Thanks for everything," she finished with a kiss on the forehead.

"Appropriately sappy," Pollyanna chuckled as she approached and put something cold in Fiona's hand. "Take care of this, sweetie."

"Hm?" Fiona inspected the object; a glass of ice with a distorted shape inside.

"That's the key to your shackle. Once the ice melts you'll be able to free yourself. It'll give me more than enough time for a getaway and you won't need to hurt yourself getting help. Isn't that kind of me?"

"That's so sweet," Fiona grinned wide. "Thank you, Pollyanna!"

"Lisa, grab my spoils, won't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," Lisa giggled, straining to lift the heavy duffle bag Fiona and Pollyanna had filled with valuables.

Pollyanna leaned in close and kissed Fiona on the cheek, whispering in her ear. "Just so you know... I'm going to fuck your daughter every night, chain her up when I need to go out, and I'm going to make her my partner in crime. You'll be able to see her on the news soon enough, so you'll still know how she's doing."

"Aww... Thank you," Fiona was touched. She had been a little concerned she'd miss her daughter, but Pollyanna's thoughtful offer would go a long ways to making her feel connected. "I hope you manage to teach her some good tricks of the trade."

"Oh, not really," Pollyanna laughed. "She's just going to take the heat for when I get bored of her." She winked and backed off. "One last thing."

Pollyanna picked Lisa's discarded panties off the floor, rolling them into a ball and tugging Fiona's mouth open. She stuffed them between the woman's teeth then forced her mouth closed. "Enjoy that last taste of your daughter. Goodbye, Fifi. Come along, my little abductee."

"Bye mom," Lisa waved as she left the room. "I love you!"

She heard her mom make a muffled noise she was sure was "I love you too!" as she left the room and closed the door. Slinging the bag over her shoulder she skipped over to the stairs and started down them with her kidnapper.

"So what do we do now?"

"Now we take your car, go somewhere quiet... burn it, then steal another car," Pollyanna replied dryly. "Gotta make sure we don't leave an easy trail, after all.

"Ah," Lisa nodded. As they reached the bottom of the stairs they heard a muffled scream and thumping from upstairs.

"I need to work on expanding my range," Pollyanna chuckled. "Until then you'll need to be joined with me at the hip, as it were, okay?"

"Yes, Pollyanna," Lisa smiled as she paused by the front door.

"Lisa!!" Her mom screamed from upstairs. "Lisa!!"

"Good to know she's got more than one bedroom scream," Pollyanna joked, opening the door. Lisa laughed as she left the house and walked into the night.

Pollyanna took her head, white teeth glimmering in the moonlight as they made their way to the car. As her mother's distraught yelling faded with the distance, Lisa's smile widened.

It's good to know mom cares about me so much.

Pollyanna started the car's engine, then leaned over to kiss Lisa on the lips as it rolled backwards down the driveway. "By the time I'm done with you, you're going to truly loath me," Pollyanna promised confidently.

Lisa giggled. "I find that hard to believe!"

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